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from trucking families today and grew up working on their dad’s trucks but unfortunately a lot of the family farms have disappeared so there aren’t as many farm boys coming into the industry anymore. At this point, I was now carrying on the family tradition that included my Grandfather, my Dad, a few Uncles and several cousins who all drove trucks. Now you can imagine every family gathering ended up with everyone in the kitchen telling their stories from the road. My Mom, Jean, always said, “There were more miles driven around that kitchen table than were ever done on the road.” Later on, I purchased my first new truck , a 1988 T600 Aerodyne Kenworth financed over five years. My younger sister, Luanne, did a great job of designing the stripes on my truck. She also designed the ones on my Dad’s truck. The company said we could do whatever we wanted with the design of the stripes as long as the truck was black and the stripes were in the company’s colours. After three years, I was tired of making payments so I walked into Paccar, asked how much I owed, and I wrote a cheque for $62,000. They looked at me like I had three heads. There isn’t nearly as much money in trucking today as there once was so I doubt that happens much these days. With a newer truck and a lot of experience with

general freight, I decided to make a move to Dunford Tank Lines. That was where I learned the value of clean equipment and the prestige that goes along with it. They were a premier company to work for. They even used de-ionized water to wash the trucks so that you would not have water marks. After they lost a contract to a U.S. carrier, I found myself at Forbes Hewlett. It was here that I found my niche, doing LTL freight from Toronto to California. While running California a lot of us guys stayed at the same motel in Los Angeles, The Travel Lodge in Buena Park. You were always made to feel at home and we would all race to get our drops off and then head there. Some nights there would be 14 trucks shoe-horned into the tiny lot - most of them from Canada. We were all from different trucking companies; BLM, Service Star, Pace Marathon, Forbes Hewlett, Paramount. Many a night you would roll in and the barbecues were going and the steaks cooking. If someone was running late there was always a plate of food waiting when they arrived. Everyone looked after each other and there was always a hot meal and good friends. It didn’t matter who you worked for every one helped each other. Guys would give directions for pickups to others who were not familiar with the area. There were even times when guys would do a pickup for someone

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Pro-Trucker Magazine December 2017/January 2018  

December 2017/January 2018 Rig of the Month Featuring Toby Doyle Starting on page 22

Pro-Trucker Magazine December 2017/January 2018  

December 2017/January 2018 Rig of the Month Featuring Toby Doyle Starting on page 22