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Dad on the maiden voyage of his first brand new 79 Kenworth K100 single bunk Kenworth. My name is Toby Doyle and I was born and raised in West Hill, a suburb of Toronto. There must have been something in the water in West Hill because I ran into a bunch of guys from the neighbourhood when I went to work for Trans Canada Truck Lines. We had all grown up within a few blocks of each other, had never met, all became truck drivers and then ended up working for the same company. One guy’s father even worked with my father. It goes to show you how small the trucking world is. When I was real young I would to go on runs with my Dad and Grandfather back when they both drove straight trucks. I would start out in the morning with my Dad and then we would meet up part way through the day and I would switch up and go with Grandpa. I enjoyed the different trucks, the destinations, the deliveries, the people. I was born into a trucking family and I was hooked! When I was 9 years old Grandpa took me out in my Uncles field in his 66 Chev 5 ton. I could barely reach the clutch and I can clearly remember, as I was going through a gate, my grandfather yelling, “Straighten it out! Straighten it out! You’re going to take the mirror off my truck!” When we got back to the house I ran inside


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Toby Doyle and excitedly told my Aunt Kaye that Grandpa let me drive his truck. She turned to him and said, “For God’s sake father don’t infect the boy with the disease.” Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s my Grandpa Jim Doyle owned Doyle Cartage and he had about 30 trucks on the road. To say that Grandpa was a resourceful old guy was a bit of an understatement. Apparently he would go to the wreckers and pick out 5 wrecks and then using the good parts from each truck he would build 2 working trucks. He was crafty too. My Dad, Jim Doyle Jr.,

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CLUTCHAUTHORIZED INSTALLATION SPECIAL REBUILDER PROGRAM! Coast Powertrain Ltd.lbs is pleased to announceEathat sy they’ve been chosen as the only rebuilder in British NEW 2050 Torque Rating Pe da l Rebuilder Program. Columbia to represent Meritor Inc.Warranty in an Authorized Installed - $1795.00 - 2 Year With branches -in$1695.00 New Westminster, Prince George, Kelowna and Surrey, - 1 Year Warranty fleets can maximize uptime guaranteed 24Brake hour delivery anywhere in Includes 8 Hrs Labour, New Clutch, Flywheel Grind,with New Pilot Bearing &Clutch the province. Popular ratios can be supplied for Meritor carrier models 46DRIVETRAIN 160, 40-145 and 14X. INSPECTION Check: - Oil Levels All Meritor Authorized units come with 2 year nationwide warranty - Driveline coverage, $9 so9.fl00 eets can be reassured they that they are getting carriers - Differential Locks rebuilt to OEM standards. Built with 100% genuine Meritor gear - Power Divider components and factory trained technicians, Coast Powertrain Ltd. is committed to delivering the highest quality rebuilt carriers in B.C. DEc 2017 / JAn 2018


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Pro-Trucker Magazine December 2017/January 2018  

December 2017/January 2018 Rig of the Month Featuring Toby Doyle Starting on page 22

Pro-Trucker Magazine December 2017/January 2018  

December 2017/January 2018 Rig of the Month Featuring Toby Doyle Starting on page 22