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Contents September 2013 • Issue 129 Poetry

22 Poem: David Hollywood:

Melancholy. Love & Trust


54 Kelly Armatage: Manifesting Money 56 John Ridley: Letter From Bahrain 72 Rehan Ahmed: Celebrating ‘Ze Day’!


8 Not To Be Missed 14 New In Town 74 Society: Out & About

Exclusive Interviews

30 LOL - Bahrain’s Stand-Up Comedians 58 Dreams Society - Making A Difference 64 How To Make It Big - Bahrain Bloggers 112 Dyro & Danic - Dutch Rising 114 The Noise - Music Band 116 Hotline

Fashion 24 32 38 40

Sheer Luxury Saks Fifth Avenue CH Carolina Herrera Amal Al Mulla

Beauty, Health & Well Being 46 Beauty Buzz 50 Medical Myths 52 Nerd Fitness

Juicy Pickings

18 Art Space: In A Click With Rasha Yousif 60 Competition 62 Readers’ Speak 68 Louis Vuitton Travel Books 2013 70 Travel: Good Times In Gregarious Goa 104 Local Baked Goodies - Review


96 BMW 4 98 Dodge Durango 99 Golf GTI

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LOL - Bahrain’s Stand-up Comedians Dyro & Danic Dutch Rising

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Letter Hello, Dear Readers!

One of our writers recently discovered a certain candy that she used to eat when she was in school; and boy was she overjoyed. Well, it’s an amazing feeling to get back to something that we used to do after a hiatus, isn’t it! Our September issue has two sections that we used to run but then had discontinued for a while. If you want to know the best buys then turn to page 44 for the latest in Shopping News; also read about our icons of the month on page 6. We caught up with some really interesting people in Bahrain and outside for some fun interviews. Read about one of the most happening music bands in Bahrain on page 114 and two of the most popular names in house music on page 112; turn to page 116 for our interview with rapper Hotline. Laughter is the best medicine they say, truly so; three of the island’s most popular standup comedians get candid with us on page 30. Find out what Bahrain’s popular bloggers are upto on page 64.

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Our Fashion and Sheer Luxury pages are abuzz with what’s hot this season right from clothes and bags to accessories and footwear; so pep up that wardrobe! Well, talking about fashion brings us to watching our waistline – that’s something the Confidential team wasn’t doing last month. Why you ask? How could we with Bahrain’s best names in dessert-making, flooding our office with their baked goodies – ah! D-I-V-I-N-E; we tell you all about it on page 104 Once again, thanks so much for all your messages on Facebook. Our inbox has been overflowing with talent and it’s great to touch base with our readers. If you think you’ve got talent and would like us to shout about it then drop us a message on Facebook (BahrainConfidential) or Twitter (@confidentialBAH). We’re on Instagram too (@confidentialBAH). Stay beautiful!

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Readers’ Letters

Dear Editor ... apologies if Many thanks to all who wrote in last month and p us informed and your letter isn’t printed but we get so many. Kee keep us in check by sending comments to info@ArabianMagazi d humour. and remember our response back is said in goo Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

129 Issue


Competition Complaints

I have a problem – I’ve been participating in your competitions for quite a while now but haven’t won yet! Please tell me why. Seriously Irritated

Dear Seriously Irritated – please don’t be! It’s just a matter of luck. Even we’re surprised by the number of entries that we receive for each competition. Keep participating as we’re sure to have many more competitions in future months. If it makes you feel any good – just imagine our frustration as we get to see the prizes but are not allowed to participate!

From a Reader on Facebook Why not put more articles, features, reviews, news etc rather than so many pages of photos? Just a suggestion. Jose Vaquer

Dear Jose, thank you so much for your suggestion. We try to keep all our readers happy – many love good stories but there are also those few who love being featured in our Society pages. Hope you liked the many articles in our August issue!

Mag Makeover


Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

128 Issue


The Spaceman Revealed What’s Inside

The Essential Guide to Going Out, this Eid What’s Jamming this Season!

Looks like Bahrain Confidential gave itself one of its fabulous makeovers! Loved the articles in your August issue; a really interesting range of topics. Kudos for putting back the ‘Lifestyle’ in lifestyle magazines. BC Lover

Dear BC Lover, thank you so much for that pat on the back! And by the way we’re putting back the ‘Luxury Lifestyle’ in magazines!

Copy Cat I noticed that so many of your articles are not original! Don’t you think it’s cheap to publish second hand information; that too, a magazine of your repute? Ethical Police BAHRAIN BD2 KSA SR20 KUWAIT KD2 OMAN RO2 QATAR QR20 UAE DHS20

Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

127 Issue


What’s Inside

Making a Difference Summer in France 2014 JEEP Grand Cherokee


4 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Dear Ethical Police, we’re only too aware of our good reputation and try to maintain it in everything that we do. Didn’t you know that it is a perfectly ethical journalistic practice to source information from secondary sources? It is the value one adds to the secondary information that counts! Now, we take a lot of pride in our writing and there are definitely no Google journalists on our team.

Pet Peeves What is it with you lot? Have you got nothing better to write about other than animals? Growling

Dear Growler, did someone steal your bone? If you look properly you’ll notice that there is plenty to read but congratulations, you must be an avid reader as you’ve noticed each month we have up to two pages dedicated to trying to home unwanted pets. They deserve a good life too. So if you have any more issues regarding this you’re welcome to meet my Doberman and explain to him what a waste of time it is considering he was rescued from a very horrible life. If you ask nicely he may show you his scares too.


Johnny Cash

“You build on failure. You use it as a steppingstone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.”

26th February 1932 - 12th September 2003 Singer and songwriter, Johnny Cash picked up his first guitar at the age of 12 and showed everyone his love for music. Music was certainly one of the ways that cash escaped when times were rough. He formed a band and landed a record label after his service from the US Air Force. Famously known as the ‘Man in Black’, Johnny Cash released his debut album, ‘Johnny Cash with His Hot & Blue Guitar’ in 1957. He was considered as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. He was known for his deep distinctive bass- baritone voice. He also wrote scores for the TV movie, The Pride of Jesse Hallam (1980). In 1975, he published a bestselling autobiograph,y ‘Man in Black’. He will always be remembered as a person and as an artist.

CLASS OF ICONS Impacting millions of lives around the world was definitely their forte! Bahrain Confidential talks about some very special people. Read on!

Dr Seuss

2nd March 1904 - 24th September 1991 Yup! Dr Seuss actually existed. His prescription, though not an official doctor, did crack his patients up for more than 50 years. The famous cartoonist and writer, Dr Seuss published 60 children’s books, including ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote his first children’s book, ‘And to Think That I saw it On Mulberry Street’. This book sent everyone to into a keen imagination of a child. Born a doodler, Seuss often said he never did learn how to draw. But as a child, his notebooks were always filled with bizarre creatures. For over 60 years, his illustrations brought a visual realisation to his imaginary worlds. As a constant reminder to his loving readers, the final line in Seuss’s final book (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!) said the following charge: “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So . . . get on your way!”

6 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So . . . get on your way!”

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What’s On

Missed Not To Be

For more events, gastro, parties & nightlife turn to pages 107 - 111

n i a r h a Bummer S013 2

What is a birthday without a cake? Bahrain City Centre will host a cake cutting ceremony, and mall visitors on the day will receive special cupcakes to celebrate BCC’s 5th anniversary. When: 1st of September 2013

Shop & Win

A month-long anniversary promotion giving away a total of 185 prizes from a minimum spend of BD30 at any retail shop within Bahrain City Centre. For 30 days, an iPhone 5 will be given away and five BD50 Gift Cards daily. At the Grand Draw, five lucky shoppers will each drive away with a brand new car. When: Starting from the 1st September 2013 till the end of the month.

8 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Re-energise your body and soul with Jikiden Reiki Shoden Level course, where you will learn about the objectives of Jikiden Reiki, the History of Reiki and the Goyken – the five Reiki principles and many more from the most precise and authentic Reiki in the world. When: 9th to 10th September, 2013 Time: 9am to 2pm Cost: BD125 includes certification from the Jikiden Reiki institute in Japan. Tel. +973 3697 4444.

The Chuckle Club

Laughter and amusement are what you will find at the Chuckle Club this month! Bringing to you stand up comedians like Stuart Goldsmith and Chris Martin, you will definitely be having the time of your life at one of their shows. So, hurry up and purchase your tickets online. Seats are limited, so buy early to avoid disappointment. Cash bar and snacks available - 18+ only.

Facial C At Felda are Cut & S t y l e Enjoy an a ll inclu

sive pack offering fa age herbal ba cial care and a ll massag e for only BD35 at F e For more lda Cut & Style. informatio n call Tel. +973 1722 407 on 7.

Cake Cutting

Jikiden Reiki Shoden Level

Mystic India – The World Tour

Tickets required With this spectacular performance that transforms the stage into a colourful swirling vortex of movements, you will feel as if you are in the middle of your favourite Bollywood film. Travel across time to reveal the ancient traditions that gave India its identity. Contact: Follow on twitter @BahrianSummer,, Instagram @moc_bh Where: BiECC (Bahrain international Exhibition & Convention Centre) Time: 8pm When: 8th to 9th September

Rania Zaghir

11th September - Rugby Club 12th September - British Club
 13th September – InterContinental Regency Hotel Corporate/group rates available, email: or call, Tel. +973 3666 3509, door sales subject to capacity.

Songwriting Contest

Bahrain City Centre encourages everyone to share his or her innate talents by composing a song that is themed around Bahrain City Centre’s 5th Anniversary. The only requirement is that the song has to have keywords including ‘Bahrain City Centre,’ ‘5 Years Anniversary,’ and ‘Our Centre is You.’ A CD with the composition, which can be accompanied by an instrument and/ or video, has to be submitted to Bahrain City Centre’s Customer Service. The mall will then upload it on its YouTube channel and the entry with most views will win a gift card worth BD500.

Al Bareh Art Gallery

Engage in indigenous and universal stories with an evening of reading by the Lebanese writer Rania Zaghir, suitable for kids aged six to ten years old. Rania will read from a selection of stories from her imaginative and hilarous picture books. The reading will be accompanied by a screening of how books are made . Time: 5pm to 7pm For more information please contact: Tel. +973 1771 7707 or

What’s On

Missed Not To Be

For more events, gastro, parties & nightlife turn to pages 107 - 111

An Exclusive Anniversary Party

An exclusive party for five year olds on BCC’s actual birthday will be held at the Candy Land in the Central Galleria. Children born in September 2008 will experience the exclusive meet and greet with their favourite cartoon characters and take home special anniversary gift packs. Registration will be from 1st to 10th September at Customer Service desk and the first 50 kids to register will be invited to the coolest kids’ party in the Kingdom! When: 18th September 2013

Bahrain Road Runners 2013-2014 Events Season

Toploader at the Dilmun Club Groove to your favorite band; the Toploader performs live at the Dilmun Club with supporting performances by three bands – The Revival Band, Muskillaz and Past Masters.

Cartoon Characters Live on Stage Bahrain City Centre will bring children’s favourite cartoon characters to life! As part of its world tour, kids in the Kingdom will surely be delighted as they get a chance to see some of the characters step off the screen and perform live on stage. When: 18th to 20th September 2013

When: 27th September Time: 7pm onwards Tickets: Available on or at the reception. BD20 for concert only and BD35 for VIP all I nclusive (Food & Drinks included) For inquiries call on, Tel. +973 1769 0926 or email:

Bahrain City Centre

Bahrain City Centre is turning five! To celebrate its birthday, the mall sets the scene with month-long surprises. Throughout September, the mall’s Central Galleria will be adorned by candies in different colours, shapes and sizes surrounding a pathway that leads to a Candy Land. In addition to interactive games, activities and entertainment that will be hosted for the whole family, lucky shoppers can win prizes such as 5 brand new cars, iPhone 5 or Gift Cards!

10 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Date 4/10/2013 1/11/2013 8/11/2013 15/11/2013 13/12/2013 10/1/2014 7/2/2014 7/3/2014 4/4/2014 2/5/2014 23/5/2014

Event Aquathlon Grand Prix 5km Grand Prix 10km Grand Prix 15km Cross Island Half Marathon Full Marathon Al Areen Olympic Tri Sprint Tri Double Super Sprint

For further information, please log on to

MMA Fight Night

Naqsh Gallery

Creativity and freedom is what The Naqsh Short Film Days 2013 is all about. Short Film Days 2013 hopes to repeat and even surpass its success in 2012, which is why this year’s festival will not only feature local productions, but foreign films as well. When: 26th, 27th and 28th September Where: The Naqsh Gallery in Al A’ali Mall, Seef District. Interested parties can visit the website at or call, Tel. +973 3905 5052 for the submission guidelines, requirements and regulations.

Start practicing and get ready for Bahrain Road Runners newest event season, kicking off with their Aquathalon on the 4th October. Registration has started and if you think you are ready for this season’s Bahrain Road Runners then don’t hesitate and check out their other events for 2013/2014, right below:

MMA Fight Night

Get your boxing gloves on and get ready for a night full of action, The Cage Warriors Fighting Championship (CWFC) Fight Night 9, is set to be held at Khalifa Sports City under the patronage of HH Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Athletes from all over the world have jetted in to showcase their talents, but Cage Warriors has also given local fighters the opportunity to shine. When: 25th October 2013 Tickets will be sold at Virgin Megastore, City Centre, in addition to other venues. For more information, email Suha Matar:


New Fun Activities

At The Royal Golf Club

New Junior Golf Programme

Junior Golf

The Royal Golf Club’s ever popular Junior Golf Programme gets underway this month with a new six week long series of one hour classes aimed at creating long-term athletic development and golf improvement. Youngsters will become engaged in challenging but rewarding physical and mental activities appropriate to their biological age and will gain strength, speed, agility, balance and confidence. Families can choose to sign up for Friday or Saturday morning classes or Tuesday evening classes, beginning from Friday 27th September. The six week programme costs just BD80 per child inclusive of all equipment and is suitable for complete beginners through to those with lots of previous experience. For further information and to reserve a place, call the Royal Golf Club on, Tel. +973 1775 0777.

September Dining Promotions Links Friday Carvery Feast at Links Restaurant Classic roast carvery buffet with all the trimmings plus live cooking stations. Special buffet table for the kids. BD18 net per person (Member’s discount applies). Kids under twelve BD9.5 inclusive of selected soft drinks. When: Every Friday from Midday to 4pm Kids Eat Free at Links Restaurant and Prego Restaurant For every adult main course ordered, a child can enjoy a dish from the kids menu free. When: Every Saturday from 12 noon to 3pm Happy Hour at Links Restaurant Discounts on a wide range of selected beverages. When: Daily from 5pm to 7pm

September Golf Events

New This Month Children are invited to sign up for an exciting range of new musical activities at the Royal Country Club, including violin, piano, guitar and singing lessons. The classes will be run in association with Solar Productions and enrolment will begin on Friday 6th September. For more information, call, Tel. +973 1775 0777.

12 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

VIVA Fourball League. Betterball Stableford format. Tee times from 4pm. Open to all. When: 3rd and 24th September Tihama Power Golf Day. 7.30am shotgun. Open to all. When: 27th September Wee Monty Family Day – only BD15 per adult, kids play free! Inclusive of green fee and hire clubs. Tee times from 10am to 2pm. Open to all. When: Every Saturday Ecco Monday Stableford. 1.30pm shotgun. Open to all. When: Every Monday Monday Madness Night Golf Series – different format each week. 6.30pm shotgun. Open to all. When: Every Monday

For further information on all above events and offers call Tel. +973 1775 0777 or visit


Often copied. Never equaled.

The new Golf GTI. Available now at the Volkswagen showroom, Sitra.

o Starting fr


/BD. 12,900

German engineering for everyone.

Sitra – Tel: 17459977 Email:

New In Town A New Online Ticket System to WEC 6 Hours of Bahrain KIDs Club

KIDs Club is the brainchild of Wahid Dahi, General Manager of Elite Seef Residence & Hotel. The brand caters primarily to families who visit Bahrain for a holiday and offers a safe haven for their kids to learn and play and have fun with other kids and a place to develop their social abilities and awareness. A Kid’s Menu is also available. Features: Appropriate for kids aged two to twelve years. Children aged two to four years need be accompanied by their nanny. A fee of BD3 per hour, BD7 for half day (4 hours) and BD12 for the whole day (7-8 hours). Kids Club Child Care Timings: 8am to 5pm ‘Edutainment’ offering: games that encourage learning & entertainment simultaneously, such as: Arcade Area for Older Kids Early Learning Activities Vegetable Garden Drawing Area Puzzles/Lego XBOX

Bahrain International Circuit, “The Home od Motorsport in the Middle East” launched a new online ticketing system that makes it easier to buy tickets to the upcoming World Endurance Championship (WEC). Fans can now buy and reserve their tickets from BIC’s official website and also from BIC’s official Facebook page. Once fans have paid for their tickets online, they will be sent to the buyer’s inbox to be printed and brought to BIC on the days of the events. Each ticket features a unique barcode that will be scanned to give them entry to their appropriate stands. The exciting 6 Hours of Bahrain that takes place on 29th November, is the last fixture of this year’s World Endurance Championship that will feature eight rounds taking place across four continents.

For inquiry: +973 1758 3388 loc. 1119 or email:

New In


Bahrain Confidential fill you in on the who, what, why, when and where in Bahrain!

Floating Market in Bahrain

Bahrain is planning to build a floating market near one of its historical forts if it can obtain UNESCO’s permission to start construction at the world heritage site. This project will be the Gulf ‘s first floating market will include a port, a boat market, traditional cafes and seafront restaurants.

Largest Turkish Hammam at Pure Spa

The largest Turkish Hammam is officially at Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel. A sanctuary of history and tradition, the Turkish Hammam is a definite way to be pampered. At the gentle hands of a seasoned and highly trained professional, enjoy a full-body scrub with the traditional Turkish kese mitt, before being enveloped in delicate foam and wrapped in a luscious body mask to leave your skin supple and your soul revitalised.

Nose Now in Bahrain

Al Rashid Group, a division of Landmark Retail, opened their first Nose store in Seef Mall, Bahrain. Nose is an established ladies footwear and handbag brand in Malaysia with runway styles at real way prices. There is a style for every season with a range of style, chic shapes, luxurious materials and wide array of colours. You will never be short of selection.

14 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Pure Spa

Find us on

3 Months Golf Membership Free! Create unrivalled memories by becoming a member of the spectacular Royal Golf Club where, for a limited time only, we are offering a 15 month golf membership for the price of 12 months on Corporate and Midweek membership categories only.

Members enjoy unlimited access to Bahrain’s only grass, championship standard golf courses*, discounts in the shop, golf academy and award-winning restaurants and a whole host of other exciting benefits, both locally and internationally at other Troon facilities. This offer is available on a first come first served basis and there are only a few places available in both the Corporate and Midweek membership categories. For more information, please call the Membership Hotline on +973 17 750110. * Midweek Members have access to the golf courses from Sunday to Thursday only.

The Royal Golf Club website is available to you 24/7 all year round. Keep up to date with everything going on at the Club, view our latest offers and news, reserve a table in any of our restaurants or book your next tee time.

New In Town

Trader Vic’s Proudly Introduces Their All New General Manager and the All New Boathouse Bar

Everyone’s favourite Trader Vic’s has undergone a renovation to attract and enhance the atmosphere of the bar and restaurant further, while still maintaining the relaxed atmosphere that Trader Vic’s is known for. The new Boathouse Bar encased in glass guarantees a relaxing and beautiful experience for everyone. With the comprehensive Boathouse Bar menu

LIFE-FIT Fitness Centre Relocates

LIFE-FIT Fitness Centre has re-located to its new home in Janabiya. The new location is the original premises of World Beat Fitness Centre, which recently closed down. The move was follows two years of expanding business. The larger location provides greater facilities for gym, aerobics studio and Spa & Wellness Studio and can comfortably accommodate more than 20 participants and a wellness spa with a private shower and changing facilities for clients to enjoy aromamassage, luxurious facials, and slimming body wraps. Managing Director of LIFE-FIT is extremely pleased with the move; “The location is amazing, there is so much space for the company to grow and truly offer the services and facilities our clients deserve.”

LIFE-FIT Fitness Centre

16 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

and the Trader Vic’s specials, the bar now has smoking and non-smoking sections for all to enjoy. In addition to the new bar, Trader Vic’s is proud to announce their new General Manager, Mr Frederic Daudou. With decades of hospitality experience from serene venues like Europe, France and Grindelwald up his sleeves, he hopes to develop a positive and unique experience for every guest that walks in though their doors. Working with his new team, he says, “I am lucky

enough to be working with a very good team here and intend to train the staff further to ensure we are listening to what our guests want. I love interacting with different people. It’s very satisfying when you know you have contributed to a fun experience or a happy memory for a guest. I think Trader Vic’s has a wonderfully fun atmosphere and a unique offering to Bahrain, which is refreshing for me, having previously worked in more traditional establishments”.

New Customer Lounge at YKA Service Centre

Adding to customers’ service experience, the YK Almoayyed & Sons Service Centre has opened the doors of its refurbished service lounge, at Sitra. The enhanced amenities of the customer lounge includes two massage seats at the Infiniti section, a refreshment kiosk with coffee/snacks vending machines, and a Wi-Fi enabled area with computers and reading materials. The interior decoration of the customer lounge gives it a refreshing and contemporary look that adds to customers’ relaxation. The lounge also has an elegantly designed women’s section that provides much needed privacy and comfort for women. For further information call on Tel. +973 1773 2732.

For All Those Who Love Flying with Qatar Airways ….

Qatar Airways has announced plans to extend its Boeing 787 Dreamliner route network to India that includes the launch of services to and from Delhi and Bangalore starting 1st September 2013. With the introduction of state-of-the-art Dreamliner service, Qatar Airways promises the passengers an unparalleled level of service, comfort and travel experience. The 787 Business and Economy Class cabins comes with specially designed interiors. Business Class is configured 1–2–1 with 22 seats, while Economy has a 232 seating capacity in a 3–3–3 layout. All seats in Business Class are fully reclinable. The airline’s 787s are the world’s first fully connected Dreamliners with wireless facilities for passengers to remain in touch with friends and colleagues on the ground through the internet and SMS mobile texting across both Business and Economy cabins. Qatar Airways has so far launched six destinations this year – Gassim (Saudi Arabia), Najaf (Iraq), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Chicago

(USA), Salalah (Oman) and Basra (Iraq). Over the coming months, the network will grow further with Sulaymaniyah, Iraq Chengdu, China and the newly-announced routes of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Clark International Airport, Philippines and Philadelphia, USA.

First Géant Easy Supermarket Opens at Saar

Fucom International’s first Géant Easy Supermarket opened in Bahrain. With an area of 1700 square meters, they opened their doors to the pubic on 17th August. They stock and sell a wide variety of products ranging from groceries, frozen foods, butchery, bakery goods to cosmetics, perfumes etc. In addition, it also has a bakery with a variety of breads and cakes that are freshly baked everyday, and a roaster and delicatessen that offers a fabulous choice of ready to eat meals. With a contemporary design and layout, spacious aisles, quality service at the best prices, it’s a definite for good experience. It is designed to cater to the daily needs of the Saar neighborhood and is conveniently located.

Art Space



When I asked Rasha Yousif what inspires her she replied, ‘people’, not realising that she also is an inspiration! Passion can drive people in different directions and her passion has driven her all around the world. Travelling to different destinations, she has captured moments from the lives of different people and cultures. But it doesn’t stop there, her photos come to life through the music and the sounds she records at the destination; she brings these elements together to create her multimedia masterpiece. Bahrain Confidential’s Ameena Adel interviews the talented street and documentary photographer.

18 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

... In A Click

Art Space

“My experiences have taught me the importance of criticism. It’s always better to share your dreams and plans with people that you trust. That is how you know for sure that you will receive constructive criticism.” Abu Dhabi

Passion Born Out of Interest

Photos have intrigued her since a young age, but it wasn’t until she was sent on a three-week training course to the United States in 2010 that she decided to buy her first professional camera. It was as if fate brought them together. Although banking and finance have been her companion for over ten years, photography stole her heart and swept her off her feet. She came back from the States and immediately started attending workshops. She took her interest to the next level and dedicated the next three years to what soon turned into an obsession. It occupied not only her time, but also her mind, as not a minute would pass without thinking about photography and her next trip. She has never been happier!

Going The Extra Mile … Literally

It was in September 2011 that she first went on a trip entirely dedicated to photography and since then there was no looking back. To the land of macaroons she went and spent four days at a workshop that, for a beginner, was very eye opening. Two months after coming back from France, Rasha was already planning her next trip. She attended another workshop, but this time in Turkey. It was an experience totally different from her first as she stepped

away from the technicalities and began to explore the world of street photography and portraits. Initially, she feared how strangers would react to the request to take their picture and just the possibility of them not liking the picture worried her. She later discovered that through photography you not only gain technical but also social skills. She let go of her shy nature and thereafter a more confident Rasha was revealed.

took some of her best portraits. Then, 2013 Istanbul approached and she started to explore lands not far from her own. She took a trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai; there she shot the beauty of soft sand and the old Souq. Her lens sought simplicity and its attention was turned away from the city and towards areas enriched with culture and ancient stories to tell. In April, a dream of hers was about to become reality! She was close to setting foot

An Expedition

Two successful trips only lead to a greater desire to explore the world through her lens. A classic example of cultural diversity was her next destination; India, where she fell in love with the people. For her next trip she decided to take a twist of adventure and went to Zanzibar for a week, where she says she


September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 19

Art Space

“Every time I’m about to go somewhere new I say to myself, “If you can survive this trip, you can survive anything!”



regardless of their differences.” Recently, Rasha has been giving classes at Youth City 2030. She also has plans to teach at a couple of workshops in Dubai and Bahrain. Along with planning her upcoming trips, she is making a travel website called ‘3yal Batutah’ (Children of on the sacred lands of Palestine and was planning on using the donations she had collected to plant olive trees there. Although they were at the neighbouring country Jordan, they were not permitted to enter. However, she remains persistent and she will have many more attempts to come. Although, she returned from India in 2012, her heart decided not to come back with her. In May 2013, Rasha went back to the land that made her fall head over heels. This time she explored the world of Sufi saints as she visited New Delhi, Kashmir then Rajasthan. She had read frightening things about Kashmir and even her Indian co-worker’s in Bahrain warned her about the dangers of going there but to her surprise it took her breathe away, “Paradise on Earth’, she described it. But her journey didn’t end there. She visited South of France and Barcelona. “My trips have taught me how similar we all are. In a country like India, people would come together and celebrate an occasion

20 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Batutah) where everyone gets the opportunity to share their travelling experiences Visit her website and follow her on Instagram NotJustAPhoto and follow her on twitter: @Notjustaphoto

Photo Apps that Rasha swears by: Snapseed, Camera+ and Vscocam

Rasha Yousif


Starting from

BD 22,495


Infiniti M The best opportunity to experience an ownership without parallel is here. Now starting from BD 22,495, the Infiniti M offers an unrivalled combination of indulgent luxury, intuitive technologies and inspired performance. Drive in the lap of luxury with a host of premium features such as Blind Spot Warning and Intervention, Intelligent Cruise Control, 7-Speed Auto with Manual Shift Mode, BOSE Premium Sound System, Infiniti Advanced Airbag System and Climate Controlled Seats. Visit the Infiniti showroom today for a test drive.

Infiniti.Bahrain Infiniti.Bahrain

Sitra, Tel: 17 732732


David Hollywood


David Hollywood

Love & Trust The poem urges us to ask ourselves, “Have we lost our sense of simplicity and consideration? When was it enough to be surrounded by nature and unaffected friends, who measured you by your heart and smile? When could we share and be content with unfussy things which brought us together under a common bond of friendship without having to impress each other? When could we look at the world and see it as pure and sincere. When did we last stop to allow for easy scenery and stationary moments sufficient time to impress our soul? When were we last graceful, upright, moral and deserving of unsought merit?” What has happened to worn chairs and wooden tables? With a carafe of wine and old oranges, In a garden together with friends, Who greet you with their welcome, And support of each other.

You can talk to David Hollywood on Tel. +973 3920 7624 or email at or

It belongs to some other time! Imagine a walk through a thin wood, To the edge of a rise, To discover the finest of views in the morning, Finding dew in the middle of your thoughts, And the sun has already started to warm. At the end I should love the world to be elegant! To know my friendship was anticipated, Enough to say ‘good day’, Fine manners and virtue’d behaviour, With the best of company, And only that which is true and noble. And nothing of these times!

Image credit:

22 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Sheer Luxury


PASSION If Frédérique Constant stands for high quality manufactured Swiss watches, it is first and foremost an inspiring story of passion. Frédérique Constant is associated with the core values and competences of passion, creativity, care for quality, innovation and exceptional value.

*Prices available on request.

24 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

A Frédérique Constant watch is more than a luxurious timepiece. Behind it is an extensive creative process that involves an inspired design, smart development and unparalleled attention to detail. Each of the gorgeous watches are assembled by hand and extensively controlled with latest equipment to ensure maximum quality.

For more information call, Tel. +973 1758 7888.

Bin Hindi Transport Co.

Hassle free lease on all VW models starting from *

169/ BD

Volkswagen now affordable with Sixt Rent a Car Sales Office

Download mobile application

Phone: +973 36061702 Fax: +973 17400761 Email: Or contact your nearest Sixt office.

Mobile booking allows you to make car reservation anytime, anywhere through your smart phone globally. facebook sixt-bahrain

* Terms & Conditions apply

sixtbh SixtBahrain


Sheer Luxury

George Cleverley George Suede Loafers. Available at


Cerruti 1881 Cufflinks. Available at Asia Jewellers BD308


Foundwell – Gold, Mother-of-pearl and Diamond Cufflink and Shirt-stud Set. Available at


Men want r’s o t i Ed

P O T s! Pick

Jason Statham’s arm-swag, a Bottega Veneta!

26 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Holdall Bag. Available at

Sheer Luxury



or’s t i d E



Go Diva! Rochas

Versace Boots Fall-Winter 2013-14. Available at leading luxury stores in Bahrain.

Versace Bag Fall-Winter 2013-14. Available at leading luxury stores in Bahrain.



Fendi Cuff. Available at

28 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Rochas Metallic Jacquard Jacket. Available at



Baraa Abdulla

Imran Al Aradi

“I’ve always loved making my friends and family laugh.”

“It can be challenging but once you enjoy it you want to do more.” 30 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Charlie Holding

“I also take my cheeseburgers very very seriously!”



Melissa Nazareth interviews Bahrain’s favourite stand-up comedians.

harlie Chaplin once said that a day without laughter is a day wasted; true that! Is there anything that can uplift your mood the way a contagious giggle does? Though standup comedy has been popular in Bahrain for quite a few years now, the recent wave of open-mic nights and the launch of the Chuckle Club earlier this year has taken comedy to a whole new level. Charlie Holding, Imran Al Aradi and Baraa Abdulla are well-known for their funny bone and have had many of us catching our tummies to tears. I’ve been to one of the open mic nights and trust me it’s great fun! In fact, if you think you’re funny and want to give stand-up comedy a shot then this is the platform! Join me as I cross over to the other side of the mic to find out more about these funny men; well, the comedians just got candid! It’s one thing to have a sense of humour but a TOTALLY different thing to actually stand in front of a crowd and make them laugh? How difficult is it and how do you pull it off? Charlie Holding (CH): Being on stage is a nerve racking experience for me to say the least. I get unbelievably nervous, especially if my girlfriend is in the crowd. I calm down a lot after I get my first laugh and I know the audience and I are on the same page. Imran Al Aradi (IA): Yes, making an audience laugh is a totally different ball game. The difference lies in the delivery, making friends laugh doesn’t come with the pressure of being in front of a live audience. The challenge is to provide a steady stream of laughter because that’s what the audience expects.

… I’ve worked as a martial arts instructor, communications technology consultant, product manager, and events manager and promoter!

Baraa Abdulla (BA): It can be challenging but once you enjoy it you want to do more. You need to be in this positive, fun and entertaining mode which is not always easy for me to do only few minutes before a show. It’s also about practice. There is a common feeling around you and some common reactions from the audience; over time you understand better. What inspired you to take your sense of humour to the next level, stand-up comedy? CH: Imran Al Aradi is a friend and suggested I give it a go at his open mic night. I’ve always loved making my friends and family laugh and I’m never happier than when people around me are happy, so I figured why not give it a go! IA: I’ve wanted to be a comedian since high school but back then the idea of getting on stage and making an audience laugh sounded insane; also there were no opportunities. In 2008, I was asked to host the Axis Of Evil comedy tour with international names like Maz Jobrani & Ahmed Ahmed; that was my first gig and thanks to the response, I decided to continue. BA: I wanted to experience something new and it so happened that in 2008, the Axis Of Evil comedy tour came to Bahrain. They had auditions and I got selected! Do you have a serious side to you? Tell us more about it. CH: I take my work seriously but I try not to take myself too seriously, or life either since nobody gets out alive anyway. IA: Yes! I’m an RJ and comedian, and so many believe that my daily routine and past are filled with jokes, laughter and flying unicorns. Before being a full time entertainer I’ve worked as a martial arts instructor, communications technology consultant, product manager, and events manager and promoter! I also take my cheeseburgers very very seriously! BA: I’m a full time father, husband, training technician, and television presenter. I’m also working on being the president of the Afternoon Nap Society; but that is way too serious and classified.

QUICKLY, make a crazy sentence with words that begin with letters 5, 9, 23, 19 and 11 of the English alphabet (in any order) CH: I do comedy, not mathematics and riddles! ‘Everyday I walk slowly Kumquat.’ IA: ‘Imran eats kebab with samboosa.’ This is was tougher than getting my bachelors degree! BA: Was that a question or combination code for unlocking the Pandora Box, how did you come up with that (laughs out loud)! Marriage Proposal to Imaginary Second Wife (hopefully this won’t reach my existing LIVING wife): You’re beautiful like an eggplant from Kazakhstan, you have an IQ higher than a waffle, even though I’m a Blackberry guy and you’re a Samsung person but I’ll still accept you. Will you accept what amount of imagination I have as dowry and be my unreal wife? Share your most embarrassing moment with our readers. CH: I don’t really get embarrassed. I once took my girlfriend to see the Justin Bieber movie ... admitting that was pretty embarrassing. IA: Once, a child accidently ran into me, at the mall and I kindly placed my hand on his head to ask if he was okay only to realise it was a very short bearded man! BA: Going to a funeral and congratulating instead of paying condolences. It was supposedly my friend’s brother’s wedding but they had a funeral in the same family and nobody told me the wedding was off. I didn’t have a Blackberry or a Facebook account back then Watch this space for updates on the next open mic comedy nite!

“I take my work seriously but I try not to take myself too seriously, or life either since nobody gets out alive anyway.”

“I’m a full time father, husband, training technician, and television presenter.” September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 31



TRENDS By Saks Fifth Avenue




32 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Fashion 7



1. Alice by Temperely Jumpsuit BD350 2. Red Valentino Top BD290 3. The Row Satchel BD1,047 4. Alexandre Birman Loafers BD227 5. Manish Arora Top BD379 6. Alice by Temperley Short Dress BD203 7. Biyan Top BD303 8. Saint Laurent Bag BD836 9. Alice by Temperely Long Dress BD350



September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 33

Celebrate 5 Years of Fun and Fashion!

Celebrate Our 5 Anniversary Festival with Fun and Fantastic Prizes! We are celebrating all month long! Spend BD33 and get the chance to drive away in 1 of 5 stylish and dynamic Fiat 500’s and much more! With five BD50 GiftCards and an iPhone 5 to win daily, what’s not to celebrate? It’s our gift to you for making us your favourite destination. September 5 - October 5 *Terms and Conditions apply












Exclusive Interview “I have always loved music, so it was great. It was my first time singing; I didn’t want to give up the mike (smiles). ”

BC: What music do you like listening to? GB: I like listening to Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Marvin Gaye and also Brazilian music by Bossa Nova and other artists like Caetano, Ellis Regina, Tom Jobim, Marisa Monte, and Legião Urbana; it depends on my mood. BC: Any favourite piece from the campaign. GB: I really loved the green blouse, the green pants, the blue short jacket, the coat, and the sweaters. Actually I liked everything I wore!

Candid Conversations Brazilian fashion supermodel, Gisele Bündchen talks to Bahrain ConfidentIal. BC: Who is your inspiration when it comes to fashion? GB: There is no particular person; I feel people in general inspire me. It could be someone walking in the street or a picture in a book. What is always important to me is to feel comfortable with whatever it is I am wearing. BC: How do you decide what to wear? GB: It depends on my mood, but definitely I always choose pieces that I feel comfortable in.

36 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

BC: A cause that is close to your heart. GB: I have a lot of different passions and one of them is mother earth. I believe we are all connected and that our health depends on the health of our planet. For the recognition of my involvement with environmental causes, in 2009, UNEP invited me to be a goodwill ambassador for the environment. Since then I have been helping them to draw attention to these causes H&M will be Launching the Fall/Winter 2013 collection on 12th September. Available at H&M stores across Bahrain.

BC: Any favourite fashion accessory. GB: I love scarves. Also, I’m always a big fan of jeans because it is easy to match with everything; cozy sweaters and sweatshirts are good options too as is a nice light jacket. BD19.9

Bahrain Confidential (BC): Tell us about your experience shooting the H&M fall campaign. Gisele Bündchen (GB): I had a great time on the shoot. We had a great team and it was a beautiful sunny day so it was perfect that we were able to shoot outside. I also loved recording the song; it was such a fun experience. BC: Tell us more about your experience recording the song. GB: I have always loved music, so it was great. It was my first time singing; H&M picked the song and sent it to me. I didn’t want to give up the mike (smiles). Totally loved it!







Carolina Herrera has fun with the new CH Carolina Herrera handbag collection, finding inspiration from Gaspar, her toy poodle, renowned to fashion insiders as her loyal companion and fixture in the atelier.

Carolina Herrera

38 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013




Choose from a range of totes and clutches; this is your must have arm-swag for the season! BD334

CH Carolina Herrera is available at Bahrain City Centre.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 39

Fashion A Bridge Between Luxury Clothing And Contemporary Fashion.

‘You belong among the wildflowers, you belong somewhere you feel free.’

Summer Exclusive by Amal Al Mulla Facebook: Amal Al Mulla Instagram: AmalAlMullaOfficial Contact: Tel. +973 3909 0996

40 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


BD325 Dress: BD325

Blazer: BD130 Skirt: BD150

Woven from the free spirited wildflowers, this collection sets the perfect summer tone. The colours and textures captivate a sense of luxury with pure silk, French laces and soft crepes. September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 41


Top: BD180 Laace Dress: BD275

Top: BD130 Skirt: BD125

42 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


A visual representation of the independent women of today, these pieces are crafted for confidence and empowerment.

Fundraising Fundraising Dinner Dinner For Fundraising Dinner For For Fundraising Dinner on For Archaeological Expedition Archaeological ForExpedition on Archaeological Expedition on the Royal Burial Mounds the Royal Burial Moundson Archaeological Expedition the Royal Burial Mounds the Royal Burial Mounds Bahrain’s Bahrain’s UNESCO UNESCO World World Heritage Heritage Site Site


October 24th - 7pm October 24th - 7pm October 24th - 7pm

• Buffet with live cooking stations. • • Buffet with live cooking stations. Buffet with live cooking stations. • • Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. • Buffet with live cooking stations. Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. • T icket price incl. dinner, entertainment • Buffet with live cooking stations. • T Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. Ticket price incl. dinner, entertainment icket price incl. dinner, entertainment & welcome drink & welcome drink • Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. T icket price incl. dinner, entertainment & welcome drink • T icket price incl. dinner, entertainment & welcome drink & welcome drink

“Every archaeologist knows in his “Every archaeologist knows in his “Everywhy archaeologist knows inthat his heart he digs. He digs... heart why he digs. He digs... that heart why he digs. He digs... that “Every archaeologist knows in his the dead may live again, that what the dead may live again, that what the dead may live again, that what heart why he digs. He digs... that is past may not be forever lost, “Every archaeologist knows inlost, his is past may not be forever is past may not beHebe forever lost, the dead may live again, that what that something may salvaged heart why he digs. digs... that that something may be salvaged that something be salvaged is may not beages, forever lost, from the wrack of that the thepast dead may livemay again, that what from the wrack of ages, that the from the wrack of ages, that the that something may be salvaged past may color the present and is past may not be forever lost, past may color the present and past may color the present and from the wrack of ages, that the give heart to the future.” that something may be salvaged give heart to the future.” give heart to the future.” past may color the present T. Geoffrey Bibby. 1956 from the wrack of1956 ages, that and the T. Geoffrey Bibby. T. Geoffrey Bibby. 1956 give the future.” past heart may to color the present and T. Geoffrey 1956 give heart toBibby. the future.” fundraising) fundraising) T. Geoffrey Bibby. 1956 fundraising)

BD 18/p.p (10 BD go to BD BD 18/p.p 18/p.p (10 (10 BD BD go go to to Tickets and Reservation at the Dilmun Club Tickets and Reservation at Dilmun BD 18/p.p (10 BD go at to the fundraising) Tickets and Reservation the Dilmun Club Club BD 18/p.p (10 BD go to fundraising) Tickets and Reservation at the Dilmun Club The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 Tickets and Reservation at the Dilmun Club The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 PANTONE 871 C C:20 M:25871 Y:60 PANTONE C K:25 PANTONE 871 C C:20 M:25 Y:60 K:25 PANTONE C K:25 C:20 M:25871 Y:60 C:20 M:25 Y:60 K:25

PANTONE 288 C C:100 M:67 PANTONE 288Y:0C K:23 PANTONE 288 C C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:23 PANTONE 288Y:0C K:23 C:100 M:67 C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:23

PANTONE 871 C C:20 M:25 Y:60 K:25

PANTONE 288 C C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:23

PANTONE 871 C C:20 M:25 Y:60 K:25

PANTONE 288 C C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:23

Shopping News

Fate by the House of Amouge

With a floral heart deepened by a dark and destructive accord, resonating the tumult of the unknown, Fate for woman opens with spicy accords to set a mysterious mood of the unexpected. Fate for man first creates a sense of beginning with fresh notes of Citrus, Absinth and sharp Ginger, which pervades to a predestined heart of Rose and Frankincense. The immutable fragrances are presented in Amouage’s iconic clear glass-crystal bottles with a rainbow undertone with gold plated caps accented with an aurora borealis inspired Swarovski crystal. Available at Al Hawaj – Seef Mall, Paris Gallery – Bahrain City Centre.

Bershka – Urban Sports Collection

With a colour palette combining base tones like coral and maroon with raw hues and touches of peach, this collection is proof that sports and fashion are not incompatible. The volumes and cuts of the clothes feature technical finish such as the “be dry” fabrics and heat-sealed pockets, reflective silver details and perforated fabric panels for better airflow. Fun florals are the star of the show! One of the key pieces is an ultra-light down jacket. It is easily portable as it includes a small fold-up bag. The range of accessories covers the needs of any sports enthusiast. this season also presents vintage-style running shoes made of suede and in the collection’s primary tones.

What To Buy Geox-Back-to-School

Bahrain Jewellery Centre

Offering the finest watches such as Tag Heuer, Breguet, Jaeger Le Coultre, and Hublot, the Bahrain Jewellery Centre network also includes a number of luxury mono boutiques representing Omega, Tiffany & Co, Patek Philippe, Chopard, and Piaget, thereby serving those who are loyal to one particular, highly-reputable watch or jewellery house. Bahrain Jewellery Centre adds another incentive to indulge oneself by offering customers the chance to win a brand new FIAT 500. For every BD50 spent at any Bahrain Jewellery Centre branch between 1st August and 1st October, 2013, customers get one entry into the raffle draw for this original vehicle. Customers can enter the raffle draw at any of the 14 branches that are located across the island, including Bahrain City Centre, MODA Mall, Aali Mall, and Bab al Bahrain in addition to Sofitel Bahrain Thalassa Resort & Spa and Ritz-Carlton Bahrain.

44 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

As the scorching summer draws to an end and children get ready to go back to school, Geox’s Backto-School promotion guarantees a successful and enjoyable start into the new school year. By purchasing a pair selected of children’s shoes from the Backto-School collection of the Italian brand’s fashionable Fall/Winter 2013 collection, youngsters will receive an exciting Geox travel bag bursting with essentials exclusively made to fit their needs. Children will feel empowered especially with this season’s superhero theme. The Back-to-School offer is available at all GEOX stores across the region, including UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.


This season Nayomi presents an amazing offer that is sure to please! Now for the first time, the long dress is sold with a stunning classic, pink satin robe that not only matches this elegant long dress perfectly, but can also be combined with other items in the glamour range.

Beauty Smoky Extravagant Mascara by MAKE UP FOR EVER

it’s the one thing that every woman would want, defined and compelling lashes. MAKE UP FOR EVER gives you the transformative everyday clump free mascara, Smoky Extravagant. It gives you instant intense eyes. It is applied to the lashes one by one for a high impact result.

No More Smudges

Bourjois’ latest creation, the erasable liner is just meant to be every make up bag. If all goes wrong, keep calm and just erase it! The Erasable Liner is designed for beginners, but still has all the benefits of Bourjois expertise. The formula provides full coverage right from the first stroke, delivering an intense shade and a 16-hour hold.





BD154 (30ml)

ESTÊE LAUDER Introduces Pleasures Pop

A limited edition fragrance that celebrates the joyful pleasures of pink is out! Unleash the intense pleasure of pink with a playful fragrance that conveys a wild expression of femininity. The limited edition Pleasures Pop is a vibrant blend of floral along with luscious fruity scents.


The ORCHIDÉE IMPÉRIALE Fluid by Guerlain delivers an astonishing sensation from the moment it’s applied; it’s as light as a feather and as evanescent as a toner. It helps smooth and restore finesse to the skin’s texture, enhancing the radiance of the complexion. The ORCHIDÉE IMPÉRIALE Rich Cream is a trio of wonderfully emollient and nourishing plant ingredients to soften and protect the skin. The rich wax, orchid oil and orchid butter makes the cream rich yet ultra nourishing. It’s a definite pick for density, nutrition and suppleness.

BD209 (50ml)

Unless otherwise stated, products are available at leading cosmetic outlets.

46 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

BD32 (50ml)



ithin only six years, Michelle Phan turned from a simple YouTube beauty guru to a YouTube millionaire and one of YouTubes elite top-ten. The VietnameseAmerican star moved her viewers with her ‘Draw My Life’ video as she talks openly about the struggles that she faced throughout her life. Now, Phan not only has over 4 million subscribers, but is also the founder of ‘FAWN’ and has launched her own cosmetics line.

FAWN: Fawn is a women’s lifestyle network that she founded to expand her role as an Executive Producer and develop news shows & programmes for her audience. It’s in partnership with Google as part of YouTube’s Original Channel initiative.

YouTube Star Michelle Phan Tell us a bit about your life before YouTube. The life I lived before YouTube was pretty much that of a struggling artist. I was an art student and worked as a waitress to put myself through college. The first video I uploaded received 40,000 views in one week. I knew there was something there. Though my videos were getting significant views, I was only making 20 cents a day from YouTube. I soon realised I had a passion for filming and editing videos. I decided to take a worthwhile risk and quit my waitressing job to pursue YouTube full time. You’re called an “accidental millionaire”. Had you expected this to happen? Or was it your goal to make it this big? For a long time I have passionately pursued my dreams, I was never quite sure where it would take me. When I decided to go to art school to follow my dream of becoming an artist, I had

no idea I would end up on YouTube or that my videos would end up being seen my millions of people. I am self-taught in every way – from make-up artistry to shooting and editing my videos. It’s been an incredible adventure and I’ve learned a lot along the way.     Which is your favourite video and why? With each new video I create, my goal is to make it better than the last one. So, whenever someone asks me, which one is my favourite video, I always say it’s the last video I made.    What does makeup mean to you? Do you consider it art? Using our face as the canvas, we have the ability to create new looks and alter our appearance. We can wear make-up to match our mood, or to uplift it. Make-up doesn’t define who you are – but it can help show the world who you are. When it comes to applying makeup, a lot of my techniques are borrowed from what I learned in art school. Art is all about self-expression and that’s what I do through my videos and my make-up looks.    What message and advice do you have for aspiring beauty gurus and bloggers? Stay committed to your craft and be patient. Building an audience takes time, especially if you want a loyal following. I’ve seen overnight

sensations come and go, but if you want to avoid becoming a one hit wonder then you’ll need to commit to delivering quality content consistently. It can take up to two years to build a decent sized audience.    What plans do you have for the future? In addition to filming my YouTube videos that I upload every Friday, I have several passion projects that I’m working on, including: em: It’s always been my dream to develop my own cosmetics line. Over the last two years, I have been doing just that and I’m so proud that it just launched this week! I took what I’ve learned from my community and created em as a response to it. Ipsy: Ipsy is a community I created for beauty enthusiasts to explore, experiment and share new beauty looks through a monthly membership programme Instagram: MichelleFawn Facebook: MichellePhanOfficial Twitter: MichellePhan Website:

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 47




Every girl dreams of long luscious locks; we dream of having the perfect hair just like our old Barbie dolls and to that extensions is the answer. However, our simple desire sometimes turns into our worst nightmare when our extensions turn out to harm our natural hair and scalp. We bring to you some problems that may be a result of extensions and how to avoid them. Hair Loss:

Yes, although it’s meant to give you length and volume, extensions could also lead to hair loss. It depends on the glue used and its application, many of the problems that arise are due to excessive tension placed on the hair roots by pulling the hair and permanently damaging the follicles and leading to bald spots. Also, the glue could cause irritation. People with thin weak hair and anemia are particularly at high risk of hair damage from extensions.

Scalp issues:

Extensions that are sewn in too tight can cause friction, which could harm the scalp. In addiction, it could also be very painful and cause extreme headaches. And who wants that? No one! Although along with extensions come many risks, you do not have to sacrifice having beautiful long thick hair. With ‘Hair by Becca’ you can enjoy painless beauty instantly. It’s

easy application that only takes minutes but lasts all day. No sewing, no pulling or gluing required, its as easy as wearing a headband!

Hair By Becca was launched in the USA, to rave reviews, is currently being launched in the UK and is now available here! What makes it different from other hair extensions in the market is that it stays securely on your head with a fine piece of wire and not fussy clips. Simply slip the wire over your own head as you would a hair band and brush and blend some of your own hair over it. You can choose from 21 colours, five different styles including afro and two lengths 16-inch and 24-inch. Voted Best Beauty Product 2012 by AOL and Best Beauty Product 2013 by Shape Magazine. Endorsed by celebrity stylist Frankie Payne, who styles Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Jenifer Hudson among others and. Also featured on the Rachael Ray show.

For free private consultation by appointment call on, Tel. +973 1782 2388 or +973 3618 8122. Email: Visit:

48 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Lana Peters, Osteopath DO. Bsc (Hons) Ost. Med. Osteopath in the Cranial-sacral field N.D. (Dip. in Naturapathy). Grad Dip (Animal Chiropractice) A.A.O.A. (Registered Osteopath). M.A.V.C.A

Relief from back pain, joint or muscle pain, sports injuries

+973 3919 7480 For a map of our location and to find out about osteopathy and how we can help you, visit our website: Email:

Lana advert.indd 1

08/04/2013 22:49

Health Updates

MEDICAL MYTHS We have all heard it so many times. There are many medical beliefs that for some weird

Can you Sweat Toxins Out of Your Body?

Sweat is 99 per cent water combined with a small amount of salt, proteins, carbohydrates and urea. So, its safe to say that sweat is not made up of toxins from your body. Toxins like mercury, alcohols etc. are thrown out of your body by your liver, intestines or your kidneys. The belief that sweat cleanses the body is a myth.

reason have been listened to and adapted over the years. Some granted, are based on facts, but the others are just concepts about the health of your body that are completely misunderstood. So, we have the real deal behind some of those medical myths.

Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away? Everyone has heard the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, unfortunately, that is too good to be true. An apple is definitely a good source of fibre, keeping good colon health and helps keeping your weight in check. But we would recommend not cancelling those doctor appointments. Apples are a good replacement for less healthy foods.

Holding a Sneeze Damages Your Hearing.

Whether you try holding a sneeze by covering your mouth or pinching your nose, stifling a sneeze is probably not a good idea. Before you sneeze, a good amount of air pressure builds in the lungs preparing to be forced out of your nose. This would help clear all irritant in the area. If the sneeze is held in, then the pressurised air is forced back in. The risk of hearing loss due to this is low, but not impossible. Pressure behind a sneeze can cause middle and inner ear damage, including ruptured eardrum. Other injuries may include diaphragm injuries, weakened blood vessels in the brain or ruptures blood vessels in the eyes. So, just let the sneeze out!

50 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Is Migraine All Just a Really Bad Headache?

Migraine is a headache, but its not just any kind of headache and definitely not one to take lightly. It’s a type of headache that causes nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises. Frequent migraines can be a sign to a bigger problem. So, if you have a changing pattern of headaches that are associated with symptoms, that is your hint to visit the doctor. Getting help in time will ensure that they are not being caused by a more serious problem like a brain tumor or vascular malformation.

Health Updates Do People Use Only 10 Per cent of Their Brain?

It’s a common thought that we could be a lot smarter if we used more of our brainpower. Unfortunately, this is not true. Ask any doctor; individuals without a neurological condition use almost all of their brain. Your brain is constantly working and is involved in all activities of your body, whether its conscious or unconscious activities. The brain uses an approximate of 20 per cent od the body’s energy. That means, everything from waking up to throwing a Frisbee requires a good amount of your brain.

Should We Live by the Motto “No Pain, No Gain”?

“The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it are sunshine, water, rest, and air, exercise and diet. These six will gladly you attend. If only you are willing Your mind they’ll ease Your will they’ll mend And charge you not a shilling.”

This is really good motivational slogan, that is true! But, if you feel a sudden sharp pain, that is definitely your cue to stop. It is your body’s way of telling you to give yourself a break. The sign of acute pain is a message to alert the body that there is a problem in the system. Disregarding pain during exercise is not going to get you anywhere. If you really want a motto to live by, try “know pain and gain”. That seems like a more reasonable one.

Feed a Cold and Starve a Fever.

Let’s face facts, not only is it a bad idea to starve a fever, but it also interrupts the ability to recover from your sickness. That just means a lot less days of productivity. Drinking plenty of fluids when you have a fever is important as a fever promotes loss of fluids from the body and this can result in dehydration. At the same time, drinking hot or cold foods affects the temperature of the mouth; it does not any effect on the individual’s overall body temperature. Warm liquids help in opening up nasal passages. So, one thing is true, chicken soup is perfect to feed your cold.

- Wayne Fields

Does Drinking Cold Water Burn More Calories than Warm Water? Will Eating Too Much Candy or Sugary Foods Cause Cavities?

Well, yes but not for the reasons you think you already know. Sugar by itself does not harm your teeth. On the contrary, sugar is naturally occurring in most foods and is constantly used by our body in producing energy. However, there are bacteria in our mouth and it is this bacteria that actually cause cavities. Bacteria feed on sugar from the sweets. They then produce acid and this acid breaks down the enamel in your teeth that form cavities. Brush and floss daily to remove bacteria and prevent cavities.

Our bodies burn calories in various wayscountless numbers of physical activities, digestion and basal metabolic rate (BMR). But, drinking cold water rather than warm is definitely not one of them. Or at least, they don’t burn that many calories. Drinking a glass of ice water rather than a glass of warm water burns only about eight calories. While your basal metabolic rate, you know the one that keeps your organs going, burns about 70 per cent of your calories; physical activity comes up to 20 per cent and digestion to about 10 per cent.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 51



F i t n es S

The rebel leader at Nerd Fitness, Steve is here to help you eat a lit tle bet ter, get a lit tle stronger, run a lit tle faster and feel a lit tle bet ter about yourself. So, here’s your chance to wake up, look in the mirror and love the new you! Let’s get started. I want to lose weight. Eat less and move more. I also want to be healthy. Eat less crap and more real food I want abs. Eat VERY clean and lift heavy. I want to build muscle and get bigger. Lift heavy, eat enough protein, and increase your calorie intake. I want results. Track everything. “That which is measured gets improved.” Do I need a gym membership? Nope. I don’t have time to work out. Yes, You do. I don’t like eating [specific healthy food]. Don’t eat it. Double up on [specific healthy food you DO like]. I don’t like [specific physical activity]. Then don’t do it. I do enjoy [specific physical activity]. Good, do more of that. Should I take [expensive supplement]? No. Spend the money you save on healthier food options.

52 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

It hurts when I do [specific exercise]. Fix your form or do a different exercise that works the same muscles. I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Go for a walk. I need to be healthier. Make ONE decision today that is better than yesterday. I do well for a week and then run out of steam. Do less. Use less willpower. I missed my workout yesterday! Do it today. Do it now. I want to wake up earlier. Put your alarm clock across the room. I want to exercise in the morning. Sleep in your workout clothes. I ate like crap and feel guilty. Stop. Make your next meal healthy and MOVE ON. I need to lose weight. Cut back on sugar. Eat real food. I need to get bigger. Pick up heavy things and eat more. I want to travel but don’t have time. Make it a priority.

I want my [significant other] to get healthy. You can’t force them, only inspire. I always procrastinate. Pick a goal. Pay your friend every time you fail to complete it. I suck at building healthy habits. Not anymore! I want to do [crazy fitness goal] and [unrelated crazy fitness goal] at the same time. “Don’t half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” - Ron Swanson I want to look like [ripped celebrity]. Unless you have their resources, it’s an unfair comparison. Pick REAL heroes to follow. I don’t like my job. Slash your expenses. Start work on something you care about. Choose yourself. Maybe invent your own job. I did. Yesterday sucked. Good thing it’s over. Move on. I’m worried about tomorrow. Focus on today. Follow Steve for more of this awesomeness: Twitter: @SteveKamb, or visit


Manifesting Money Kelly Armatage, our resident Healer, Coach, Speaker & Seminar Facilitator tells you the secret behind making a quick buck!


oney; the paper and metal goods that we need in order to survive in today’s society. Due to this perceived dependence and past traumatic financial experiences, it has been easy for many to create negative thinking patterns towards the supply of money. These types of thoughts are along the following lines: “Money is scarce, I have to hoard and save it”; “Money is something not to be taken for granted”; “Debt is common for me”; “Money does not grow on trees”. When we create cognitive distortions such as these, we follow through with the behaviour and low and behold, our bank accounts start to dwindle. The belief in lack has now materialised into our reality. In all spiritual scriptures, in many CEO autobiographies, in every self-help book; it will bang on about how your thoughts create your realities. Yet many find this difficult to believe, as they have a) not experienced true manifestations or b) if they have tried to carry out a manifestation process, it has failed. Thus their belief in the law of attraction is dashed forever more and sticking with the status quo is the only option left. I write to divulge that we can manifest money and the way we do that is via our positive thinking. In order to start to change your financial situation, it is essential to carry out the following process: 1 Cast away all fearful, financial thoughts. 2 If a financial thought is to be nurtured

within the mind, it has to be one of abundance, of supply, of wealth, of riches. 3 Start to state clear intentions outwardly of

54 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

“We have absolute control over our destinies; this includes health, wealth, love and success.”

Kelly Armatage

money amounts you would like to manifest. 4 Intention is not enough. Raise your deservedness levels, by listing reasons why it is more than ok for you to be rich. 5 Stay in a state of receivership, allowance and excitement energy about the manifestation. The above process will be difficult for a weak mind, so it is essential to work on creating a mind that holds very high positive thought vibrations. We can work on the mind via many methods; NLP, CBT and other deep cognitive re-modelling are the best ones. Lighter solutions such as meditation, prayer and affirmations can assist too. We have absolute control over our destinies; this includes health, wealth, love and success. It is through the consistent creation and maintenance of empowering thought patterns, thus feelings, thus behaviour; that we manifest our realities. Money is just a subject to think about. Yet if you think of this subject in a negative way; watch the negative pop up. A good way to test the law of attraction technique is to think of an area of your life that is wealthy, successful and has no issues. It might be your health, your love life, your body, a successful career. Now, how often do you think negatively about this part of your life? Never! Right? The same applies to manifesting money, not one thought, not one negative feeling, not one anxious action is to occur if you wish to increase your wealth. Best of luck to you and I am sure you will have fun creating more abundance and wealth into your life experience. Remember, there is not a limit on abundance. I like to liken money to fresh air; not once would we question it’s supply. Manifest money or manifest misery? – the choice now is really yours Kelly Armatage. Director of Kelly Armatage Inc. CR 78083. Counselling, Coaching, CBT, Corporate/ Personal Workshops, Meditation Tel. +973 1700 2320 Mob: +973 3993 1399 Email: All feedback on Kelly Armatage Inc’s services/newsletters is always gratefully received.

Your dental health is important. Dr Ali Hussain Al Juffairy Dental Services provides top-notch quality services from the most basic to the most complicated dental procedures you require.

implants orthodontics fillings extractions root canals bleaching etc.


Al Juffairy Clinic es! Now moved to new premis Al Juffairy Clinic 6th Floor, Mashtan Building next to Almoayyed Tower

Book an appointment today.

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Letter From Bahrain


John Ridley talks about the symbolism and significance of pilgrimage.

s pilgrimage still relevant? When I first lived in Riyadh, I purchased a beautiful handmade carpet; an elderly Iranian gentleman and his wife had devoted their spare time over many years to making it - the sale would fund their Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). In times gone by, people would walk for days, weeks, and even months, risking the perils of the road to perform Hajj. The first time I travelled to Mecca, I took a short flight from Riyadh to Jeddah, from where I was whisked to the Holy City by a waiting car. I met many people who had saved for a lifetime, and sacrificed much to make the journey; how could I compare my comfortable travel with their efforts and devotion over so many years? As the fifth pillar of Islam, it’s compulsory for every Muslim who is physically able, and has the financial means, to make the journey to Mecca for Hajj once in their lifetime. The journey to and from Mecca was arduous, and there was a significant risk of attack on the

“Throughout the pilgrimage we come together in one place as different nations, we see that we are joined through a common belief in God, not race, colour, wealth or social background.� 56 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

highways. Even the stay in Mecca was far from easy, there was a high chance of disease, spread by thousands of people who had traveled from all corners of the world. Whilst the difficulties of the past have largely ended, new challenges and obligations face us; material distractions are greater than ever, and our modern world suffers from misunderstanding and hostility between nations. During Hajj, we are reminded that Allah (SWT) has blessed us greatly, and after difficulty there is ease; we are reminded to strive to follow the examples set by the

John R Ridley

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and of our duty of prayer. Bringing together the faithful from every nation, the pilgrimage unifies us, acquaints us with Mecca, and serves as a bridge - linking the modern world with the commitment and struggles of the prophets from ancient history. Throughout the pilgrimage we come together in one place as different nations, we see that we are joined through a common belief in God, not race, colour, wealth or social background. Hajj provides the opportunity to remove ourselves from the intrusions of modern life, and reconnect spiritually with our faith. With the challenges and obligations of the modern world, pilgrimage is as relevant today as it has always been - providing the opportunity to forget our differences and to break down the barriers between us John Ridley, a Bahrain based journalist, writer and broadcaster, can be contacted at or visit his website:


One Dream

At A Time Like each child, each dream is unique and precious says Dreams Society, a charity based in Bahrain with a mission to bring a smile on the faces of children suffering from terminal illnesses. Melissa Nazareth speaks to the team. What sparked the idea for Dreams Society? Dreams Society (DS): Dreams Society was made possible by all of us, the 11 founding members of the charity. Initially, Eman Nooruddin and Mariam AlShekar (two of the founding members) had a wish to help children but were not sure how. After talking to Dr Hala and Dr Heba Abdulwahab (also, two of the founding members) and visiting the children at Salmaniya Medical Complex, they knew that these were the kids that they wanted to help. The rest

Party gifts at Salmaniya Medical Complex

58 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

of the founding members (Mariam Turki, Mashael Fairooz, Sara Nooruddin, Sara Faraj, Latifa Salahuddin, Dana Abdulghani and Mohammed Fakhro) joined soon after, bringing their own expertise to the charity. What exactly do you do; from finding out about a child’s dream right up to making it a reality? DS: We work closely with Salmaniya Medical Complex and most of the time the hospital

tells us about children who are terminally ill or have a debilitating disease. We have a dreams’ application form that the child fills up and once the application is approved and meets the Society’s criteria we interview the child; this is an important exercise as we need to start a relationship with the child and the family. It is during the interview that we try to find out why a dream is important to the child. The dream is always undertaken with the medical team and the child’s doctor (Sometimes medical permissions are needed to take the child out if her/his health conditions are very poor).

Interview Magic Island and gave him his gift there. It was a very touching moment. Yet another instance is that of a 13 year old girl who dreamed of a trip out of Bahrain. She had Leukemia and was blind. Though this beautiful child had approached us much earlier she would fall ill each time we tried to make her dream come true and so wasn’t able to travel. Finally last month we were able to make her dream come true and she went to Turkey with her brother and his family. It was so exciting; worth the effort when we saw how happy she was. Is there any current dream that you are working on? DS: Right now we are working on four dreams. Two children will be going to Disneyland, Orlando. We just obtained their

“During the events and parties that we organise and in the moments when their dreams come true they forget about their struggle.”

Do these children know that they are unwell? How do they deal with the truth? DS: Well, not all kids know the seriousness of their illness though yes, some do. Honestly, we don’t know how these children deal with what they are going through. We look at their strength and learn from it. During the events and parties that we organise and in the moments when their dreams come true they forget about their struggle. The joy that we bring also helps the families of these children to build memories. How do you source funds for the Society. Is there anything our readers can do to contribute? DS: We manage to raise funds through sponsorships, donations, fundraisers and membership fees. We have been very lucky that we have many people that support our cause and want to make a difference in the lives of these children. Your readers can help us through donations or by becoming a member of the Society and volunteer to make the dreams of these children come true. It takes a big team to make one dream come true. Tell us about a few dreams that you’ve made a reality. DS: Dreams Society was founded 2 years

ago and since then we have made 24 dreams come true. For instance, one of the kids, a nine year old was diagnosed with cancer and Down Syndrome. He dreamed to have a bedroom and most importantly his own bed. We gave his bedroom a complete makeover. During his interview we found out that he was a fan of Barcelona Football Club and so we used that as the theme for his new bedroom. Another instance is that of a six year old boy who dreamed to own an iPad. We surprised him with one on his birthday, which was sadly his last. We threw him a party at

USA visas and are now trying to work out the reservation and technicalities with Disneyland. Also, another kid dreams to own a cannon camera and one more child a laptop Find Dreams Society on Facebook: Dreams and Twitter: @DreamsSociety


We also organise events at the hospital and outings for the children. For instance, we’ve taken the kids to the Formula One Grand Prix, Bahrain Air Show and to the cinemas. Basically we try to have something every month.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 59



sing the mystical ‘Portal of Power’, players once again lead a team of heroic Skylanders in an all new adventure to save their world. Poartal Masters will journey through new areas of Skylands, encountering new enemies, solving fun puzzles, overcoming different hazards and obstacles, and finding a variety of collectable rewards and treasure. Skylanders Giants introduces sixteen new characters to build on the magic of Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, including supersized Giants with powers to match, as well as the new Light Core Skylanders. Additionally, the game features new Hero Challenges, more Battle Mode gameplay, and advanced integration across console, handheld, mobile and Skylanders Universe.

About the Game

Publisher: Activision Publishing, Inc. Developer: Toys for Bob (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3) Vicarious Visions (WiiU) n-Space (3DS) Platforms: Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Playstation 3 computer entertainment system, and handheld and mobile devices Release Date: 20th November, 2012 (Wii, Xbox360, PS3, 3DS) Holiday 2012 (WiiU) PEGI Rating: 7+


Giants: More than twice the size of regular Skylanders. Light Core Skylanders: Amplifying the real-world magic of bringing toys to life, Skylanders Giants introduces the Light Core Skylanders that light-up in the game

worldand in the real world as players’ transport them into Skylands using the Portal of Power. Light Core Skylanders feature additional in-game benefits, and require no batteries! Brand New Skylanders: NewSkylanders join the adventure in Skylanders Giants each equipped with their own unique personality, powers, and abilities that kids are sure to love! Series 2 Skylanders: Fan-favourite Skylanders from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure return in an all new way in Skylanders Giants! Each Series 2 Skylander

features an all new “Wow Pow” upgrade power, as well as the choice of more than one upgrade path! Fans can even play with their Series 2 Skylanders in Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure! Forward Compatibility: Allof the beloved characters from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventureare 100 per cent compatible with Skylanders Giants, each of their abilities and upgrades intact. Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure characters can even increase their level cap from Level 10 to Level 15 in Skylanders Giants! Wider Worlds: Portal Masters will see all new arenas and additional gameplay options in Battle Mode for exciting head-to-head play, as well as enhanced Elemental Zones, new Hero Challenges, and other features that encourage players to collect and levelup every character.

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Five Lucky Winners can win a starter pack PS 3 from Skylanders. Just answer this simple question and email your answers to (with your age, nationality and favourite sections of the magazine for internal research only). How many new characters has Skylanders Giants introduced?

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win

60 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


Slender man’s shadow is an epic horror game series. It is based on the indie game “Slender”. Created by Marc Steene, who is only 18 years old! He took some time out to chat with Bahrain Confidential’s Bayan Rashad about his game and the secrets behind his incredible development of such a game. What was the first game you have ever developed? Marc: My first game involved navigating a maze while avoiding a Minotaur-like creature that hunts you down. It was extremely basic and had very poor graphics, so was only played by my close family.

How did you come up with the name for your game? Marc: I opened up Google Maps and took a quick look around the UK for interesting place names, and eventually decided on Blackwater. From there, the Curse of Blackwater seemed like an obvious choice.

How old were you when you started developing games? Marc: I have always had an interest in how video games were developed. At the age of 11, I started researching on how I could create them myself. This led me to a simple point-and-click 3D game engine called “The 3D Gamemaker”.

How many hits have you had for the game? Marc: For our original free set of games, we achieved over 5 million downloads, and have over 4 million hits on our website (http:// The Curse of Blackwater is slowly gaining momentum as more people find out about the game,

How long have you been interested in gaming? Marc: I’ve been playing games since the age of 3, starting out with the Nintendo 64 with classics. After that came the PlayStation, PS2, Xbox, and now I currently own a PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as an Alienware m17x R3 laptop for gaming and game design. What is the story behind your game? Marc: My latest game, The Curse of Blackwater, tells the story of David Jason, a paranormal investigator who is writing a book about his experiences while visiting supposedly haunted locations. His final

location, Blackwater Maternity Hospital, is where the events of the game take place. However, he is oblivious to the horrors awaiting him there. Who helped you in developing the game? Marc: I do all the programming (in C#), story writing, sound design, and self-fund any external assets used in the game. I also have a level designer, Wray Burgess, who is 17 and based in Florida. We communicate via Skype. Tell us more about your game. Marc: It is a survival horror game, where the player is left defenceless and alone without weapons - think Amnesia crossed with Slender. It has multiple levels set in different locations, with a variety of beings who attempt to stop you from completing your mission. We’ve been told it’s scary!

Where can you purchase/ download the game? Marc: The game is available for purchase at for USD6.99 (approx. BD2.6), on the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. Are there any cheats/hints in the game? Marc: No cheats, however if you play stealthily and be quiet, you’ll be safe (hopefully)! Twitter: @SlendysShadow Website:

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 61

Readers’ Speak

A MESSAGE TO SENIORS 2014 Readers Speak: From one reader to another

It’s September and for a lot of you it’s also the last year of school! The 12-year journey is about to end and Bahrain Confidential decided to dedicate a page to the class of 2014 with messages from previously graduating classes.

As a high school senior, the one thing you constantly get is advice. Regardless of the irony, the most difficult part after graduating is the well known strive towards becoming independent. I shall leave you all with this; the boundaries you face are illusive and nothing more than mere traps set to limit your potential ... break free of such illusions & you will surely excel. Noor Bahman Naseem International School Class of ‘12

62 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Taking advice from others is important but your desires are more important. My advice to you is to keep your options open. Also, do your research, ask about the major and look for a place with the best curriculum. Don’t think about where the location of this campus is but where you will find the best quality of education. After making your decision ask yourself: how will I pay for my education? Not everyone is lucky enough to get their college tuition handed to them, so don’t just sit around and wait for someone to hand you a college grant, ask, get up and search for opportunities by yourself. Now you are all set and ready to take the next step, start a new journey, plan ahead, stay positive and dream big. Abdulla Buheji Al-Hidaya School Class of ‘11

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 and everyone else who’s venturing out into the world of Higher Education! Here are three things I’ve learnt over the past nine months in the UK that I’m passing on to you; 1 Track pants are an appropriate choice of clothing for Uni. 2 It is acceptable to consider doing your laundry ONLY when all your clean clothes run out. 3 The only way people will know where you’re from is if you introduce your country as being the one “next to Dubai”, but if you’re really lucky, “Bahrain hosts the F1 in the Middle East!” might just do the trick.

Dear Class of 2014, Congratulations, you are finally seniors. This is your last year in school. During this year you must make the most difficult decision in your life, which is choosing the right path to take. It is a huge decision I won’t lie to you, but the important thing is to set a realistic goal to pursue. This is the year where one must challenge one’s self and test one’s abilities. I wish you all the best of luck from the bottom of my heart.

Nadia Al Jaber Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School Class of ‘12

Hamad Adel Al-Hekma School Class of ’13

American Southern Style Family Restaurant & Lounge Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Serving Real American Food in The Middle East since 1997 We are located in Juffair...Come see us! Grand Mosque Gulf Hotel

Al Jazira Supermarket


Tel: 17725550 email:

Social Media

How To Make It “BIG” Cyber Edition – Blogging.


ompetition is something we face throughout our lives; whether we’re competing for our mother’s attention as toddlers, university acceptance as young adults or even while running our own business. Since the Internet, competition has become more evident; it’s like a large exhibition where everyone is able to showcase his or her work freely. It has brought about opportunities and exposure to some, while others struggle to keep up. Recently, links to emerging blogs have flooded our timelines and it seems as though those who kept journals can now be called ‘bloggers’. From microblogging such as Twitter to blogging on official

sites such as WordPress, this trend has snatched the spotlight. Bahrain Confidential’s Ameena Adel brings to you some of Bahrain’s most well known bloggers. In August 2012, a group of dedicated bloggers in Bahrain formed a club called ‘Bahrain Bloggers’. They “recognised an untapped opportunity for bloggers and businesses alike to use this communication platform for customer outreach and product promotion”. The members were already in contact through social media websites such as Twitter. However, it was a well-known Bahraini entrepreneur that took that cyber friendship to the next level. They met face to face for the very first time to discuss blogging as a medium for businesses. The club today consists of nine members, with blogs varying from travel journals and photo blogs to all types of reviews. One of the founding

64 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Social Media

Scan for Bahrainipreneur ‘s App.

members, ‘Bahrainipreneur’, anonymously started blogging in August 2011. She noticed the sudden rise in the number of local home businesses and realised how difficult it was to find any information about them online; consequently she got the idea to blog about entrepreneurs in Bahrain, “I believe Bahrain has a wealth of talents just waiting to be discovered”, she says, “I am just doing my bit in giving them some exposure”. Before starting her own blog, she followed many Kuwaiti blogs such as ‘ConfashionsFromKuwait’ and ‘Meblogging’, which were also one of her sources of inspiration to start her own. There are many bloggers she says that do not believe blogging is a competition. She is an advocate of variety. “It is all about an individual perspective and that is what makes it such an interesting experience. Two bloggers can write about the same thing yet have completely different views.” Along with the many people that follow her blog, Twitter and Instagram, she recently launched an app with over 115 downloads, which is the first of its kind in Bahrain, providing her readers with her latest posts without having to check her blog every time. The key, she believes, to getting many followers is being consistent with your posts but to also to build trust between the blogger and the readers, which takes time. To her, a successful blogger is one that is committed. “The number of followers is not as important as the quality of engagement the blogger has with his/ her readers.” She says, “A blogger will always be your trusted source for the things they write about. To me, that is the ultimate success.” Another founder of ‘Bahrain Bloggers’ is Rana Rushdy also known as ‘Fun To Be A Mom’. Rana first started blogging as ‘Bahrainivents’ in February 2012. It was in September 2012, that she woke up one day with the idea to start her own personal blog about motherhood and parenting. Without any delay, she chose the name and bought the domain and started blogging. Her inspiration to start blogging was in fact ‘Bahrainipreneur’, she was encouraged by her success and trusts that if you believe in a cause or theme you will excel in it. “In my opinion a successful blog is all about having a theme, focus on it, and commit to it. I also think the name of the blog should be easy to remember and not complicated to type.” Although being a mother makes it difficult for her to manage blogging and parenting, her blog is devoted to her sons without them, she says she wouldn’t have started the blog. She believes that her blog is a true reflection of who she is; you will find a piece of her with each post whether its parenting advice or product reviews. “You will only find me blogging about products that I genuinely like. I will, by no means, flatter a product and write a post about it without trying it first”. She feels that blog posts are not time sensitive and that is a huge advantage to businesses. “Business must use blogs as a medium to reach their audience.” She says, “You visit blogs on a daily basis, sometimes more than twice a day, and by placing promoting through blogs, you are definitely reaching a big audience”. The success of bloggers from Bahrain is not limited to only Bahrain; and Mai Al-Moayyed is a great example! Better known as ‘The Makeup Manual’, she now has over 25 thousand followers on various social media

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 65

Social Media websites and has become the ultimate makeup guide for girls around the Middle East. Even though, she wasn’t into blogs when she first started her passion for makeup, her love to write and teach lead her to start her own blog in June 2011. She wrote and posted over 20 posts in a day all at once because she wanted her blog to have content before going public. She believes this cyber fame has effected her positively “Girls constantly send me wonderful texts complimenting my hard work. It makes me proud and inspires me to work harder and achieve more”. Twitter, Instagram and email subscribers helped her a lot in building her reputation. But mostly, it is the word of mouth that she believes has helped her. Business wise, the popularity of her blog has helped her promote her makeup classes and promote her work to other businesses and brands. Mai has dedicated her life to do what she loves as she left her career with zero, regrets “If you are passionate about something, go for it- because life is too short to do something you don’t love”, She says, “I blogged about makeup for a year while I was a banker. Later, I left banking not only to blog but to give makeup classes as well. My ability to teach about makeup is a result of deep research & intense blogging.” She does admit that in the beginning it’s difficult to just do what you want, and not following the norms. Nevertheless, she pushed herself to do it and loved how people responded! Her advice to bloggers is to be original, share their experiences, post pictures along with their posts and most importantly to never stop posting because she says “Once you stop for a month, your readers will lose interest”. One of our younger bloggers in Bahrain is 16-year-old, Zayn Qahtani who has been blogging for 2 years. She created her blog in 2009 but only started to blog in 2011 after the encouragement from family and friends. Though she mainly blogs about beauty and fashion on blogspot as she finds it simple and easy to navigate, she also does a different type of blogging that we rarely see in Bahrain and that is Video Blogging. “Video blogging is so much fun!” she says, “It’s actually a funny story how it started - my first video that went viral was one of me eating crisps. It had thousands of views before I deleted it (for pretty obvious reasons). I definitely would not have gotten half the success I have if not for my fashion and beauty vlogging.” Zayn believes that the number of bloggers in Bahrain will increase over the next few years seeing as the next generation is very outspoken. Yet, she does admit that as result of being blunt, she has faced some challenges “I’ve gotten criticism and even flat-out hate for being different, and for my style choices and beliefs.” She says, “You’ve just got to block that all out, because for every hater there are a hundred supporters. Carry yourself with originality and confidence and you will succeed.” Now, Zayn’s blog has over 44 thousand hits. “It feels absolutely surreal to know that my voice is being heard. I freaked out when I hit 40 hits, and basically panicked when I hit 400. So 44,000? I’m very grateful to my readers - they’ve been there from the very start.” Each one has a different blogging experience, but they agree on one thing - “Blogging in Bahrain is not just a phase” Keep up with our bloggers: Bahrainipreneur: Twitter/Instagram: Bahrainipreneur Rana: Twitter/Instagram: FunToBeAMom Mai: Twitter/Instagram: themakeupmanual Zayn: Twitter/Instagram: zaynalqahtani Blog:

66 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Travel & Art

In Between a Travel Journal & a Sketchbook Louis Vuitton Travel Books 2013


he eye of an artist can view beauty in ways that regular people cant; it’s unfiltered beauty especially when they’re visiting the destination for the first time - it’s like sketching on a clean slate. Louis Vuitton brings to you their 2013 travel books that present the impressions of four artists from The Congo, France, Japan and America.

Paris by the Congolese artist Chéri Samba

The “Travel Book” by Louis Vuitton is a visual journey, by renowned and promising artists, and is enriched by intellectual inspiration illustrated through drawing, painting, collage and cartoon. It is a contemporary vision and each of the four editions is a work of art in itself.

68 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

At very young age back when he loved being in his home-town in the Congo and was called by his actual name ‘Samba’, he discovered drawing while playing with sticks in the sand. However ,Samba did not settle for simply that, he shaped his own destiny and moved to Kinshasa! While covering the walls with his illustrated advertisements, he also drew cartoons for his magazine Bilenge Info, and eventually transferred them to canvas. The fact that he had no place to exhibit his paintings did not stop him as he hung them
 on the outside walls of his studio, causing memorable traffic jams in the streets of Kinshasa and hostile reactions from
 the authorities. Once upon a time on the soil of Congo and the streets of Kinshasa, he decided to persevere and now, Samba is a major player
in the contemporary art scene.

Travel & Art

London explored by the Japanese artist Natsko Seki

At a young age of twenty-four, she left Japan to study graphic design in London. Her knowledge of the profession amounted to a blank page. She discovered shapes
and colours, and the nuances of lines drawn by hand or on a computer. Eventually, she realised that she enjoyed illustration and animation more than graphic design. 
She had found her vocation. Cleverly combining her hand-drawn illustrations with images made with the latest computer and photographic tools, she tells timeless stories tinged with a sweet nostalgia. In the beginning of her career, she was noticed for her sparkling, mischievous, and imaginative work. She is a living example of how passion can take you a long way.

New York by the French Jean-Philippe Delhomme 

He is a Parisian at heart; he loves to travel the world, capturing its essence and the many ironies of contemporary culture in his drawings. While he records the style of various individuals with incisive humor and tender irony, his work also depicts the little details of everyday life, the daydreams of trendy urbanites and the vanity of worldly customs. Not only has he published a number of illustrated books, but also regularly publishes
 his colourful commentary’s on his blog, The Unknown
Hipster, and shows his work in galleries in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and New York. When his art can’t tell the while story he paints with words as he has with his three published novels.

Easter Island explored by American Daniel Arsham

Arsham has his own language; he speaks with architectural forms that move from paper to reality and interrogates the surface of things. The curious person he is, he erodes
the structures that surround him and deconstructs 
and remodels them. His multidisciplinary projects remain difficult to define. He plunges them in the mystery 
of ruins and lost civilisations and then projects them into the future like an architect turned archaeologist.

Each travel book is available for BD22.51 Find all the artists interviews on Available at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 69


Interiors of Basilica of s Bom Jesu


Good Times In Gregarious Goa

estled along the warm and boundless blue of the Arabian Sea, Goa is breathless and mesmerising. I was longing for a beach holiday for sometime, and so ultimately when I received the invitation from Goa Tourism to visit this little speck of paradise during the 2012 Goa Carnival, I simply couldn’t refuse it. The invitation was godsent. With just a day to herald the Carnival, the capital city of Panaji was all decked up for the grand celebration. I was told that the Carnival is celebrated prior to “Lent” and Goans abstain themselves from partying and partaking of sumptous food. The “Lent” is a period of 40 days that evokes the biblical account of Jesus Christ’s 40 days, which he spent in wilderness. The Carnival is also a time for indulging in Goa’s famed gastronomic delights and as per the advise of Mr Gonsalvez, I ventured towards Panaji’s MGRoad and the sight of traditional Goan restaurants displaying their culinary wares like the popular Pork Vindaloo, the Goan Sausage Chourissa, Pig Liver dish of Sorpotel and sea food of all types, made my tastebuds watery with the thought of indulging in the very best of Goan food. I was awestruck at the manner in which Panaji city has been able to preserve its Portuguese heritage and parts of it still consist of narrow winding streets, old houses with overhanging balconies, red-tiled roofs and numerous small bars and cafes, all of which wore a festive look on the eve of the Carnival. Over the next couple of days, my gracious host – the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa, designed for me a perfect itinerary, wherein I was scheduled to visit Goa’s Carnival spirit in some of its famed beaches. Our first stop was at Fort Aguada. Fort Aguada is just 10 kms from Panaji. This magnificent fort was built by the Portuguese to keep a watch over enemy ships. There is a lighthouse built by the Portuguese just adjacent to the fort. From the northern ramparts of the fort you can see the turquoise blue Arabian Sea right below. The Governor’s residence, Caboraj Niwas can be clearly sighted on a clear sunny day. A little distance away from Fort Aguada

70 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

By Subhasish Chakraborty

is the queen of all beaches - Calangute. The moment we reached Calangute we could sense the ethereal laidback ambience of this world famous beach made so popular by the flower children. The streets are narrow and on either side of the road we could see a number of departmental stores, cyber cafes and traditional Goan open air restaurants. Foreign tourists on motorbikes were zooming past us, probably going towards Calangute beach where there was much activity. After having our breakfast at Cafe Pedro, we started our onward journey. By afternoon we had covered Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, Morjim and Mandrem beaches. We didn’t spend much time at any of these beaches because we found them to be a little too crowded. My guide, Krish was of the opinion that Arambol beach was by far the most spectacular beach of North Goa and very quiet - not many tourists venture towards Arambol. Arambol is indeed stunning. It has a charm of its own. What is more, there is no commercialism. It is at the center of the longest stretch of Goa’s northern strand stretching from the mouth of Tiracol River to the mouth of Chapora. Backed by swaying palm trees, it offers rocks in some parts,

Photo: Amit.K

The Luo xRuoryyale Casin

Travel sand for the most part, and a fresh water pond close to the sea. The sand on the beach is soft and white and very popular with foreigners. A beach shack called itself a Menzes Moa’s Corner and a board proclaimed “Scuba Diving School”. The approach road to the beach is lined with shacks selling clothes and souvenirs. As compared to the festivities of Panaji and the popular beaches, I found the Goan village scene to be more original and indegenous in essence. I myself cherished the utter misconception that the Goan Carnival was primarily a Christian festival. However, the ground reality is that the Carnival transgresses all religious boundaries and has nicely evolved into a cosmopolitan cultural highlight of the state, where people from all walks of life participate in the festivity. Fact File: Getting There: Dabolim Airport in Goa is well connected by regular flights from Mumbai. One can reach Mumbai by Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Kingfisher etc … from Mumbai and take a connecting flight to Goa. Accommodation: In Goa you will find a wide range of accommodation starting from budget to

3-star, 4-star, 5-star and 5-star deluxe. Many domestic tourists prefer government accommodation and so Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has set up hotels and resorts in all the tourist spots of Goa. The rates are competitive without being too extravagant For further information and reservations, please free to contact: Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd, Trionora Apartments, Dr Alvares Costa Road, Panaji, Goa-403001 Tel. 0832 2424001/ 02/ 03 Fax: +91 832 2423 926 / 2420 779 Email: Website: Written By: Subhasish Chakraborty Travel Writer B-14/148, Kalyani, Dist: Nadia, West Bengal-741235, India. Tel. 91-033-25022279 E-mail:

Calangute Beach

Photo: Mcley China Photo: Sam Rowlesky

Photo: Radhey Shyam Naik

Fusion Party at Goa

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 71

Opinion “Ze Day’s message is: You have the power to benefit everyone and everything on our planet.”

Celebrating ‘Ze Day’! Let’s limit our fossil fuel consumption says Rehan Ahmed.


any environmental days and occasions are being celebrated worldwide to create awareness among the people, to respect our resources and give proper attention to environmental issues which dominate the global agenda. This year, for the sixth year running, people are declaring a holiday from fossil fuel energy consumption, on 21st September which coincides with the United Nations International Day of Peace. Zero Emissions Day (Ze Day) will put the Global 24-hour Moratorium on the combustion of Fossil Fuels. The theme for 2013 is ‘Potluck your Park’. It falls on a Saturday; many industries will be closed and people will be having a holiday and so we can have the most amazing Zero Emissions Day ever!

72 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

ZeDay Guidelines: 1 Don’t use or burn oil or gas or coal. 2 Minimise or eliminate use of electricity generated by fossil fuels. 3 Don’t put anyone in harm’s way: All essential and emergency services operate normally. 4 Do your best, have fun, enjoy the day! Ze Day started on 21st March, 2008 when a website calling for ‘A Global Moratorium on Fossil Fuel Combustion, on September 21’ was launched in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The message, ‘Giving our planet one day off a year’ was simple yet profound and was translated into many languages for easy reach. Through the contribution of many environmentalists, the global call to stop the emissions went online ( We’re finding that more and more people, families and communities are declaring Zero Emissions Days whenever they please and just for the fun of it. While the response to ZeDay is largely coming from the worldwide environmental movement, it should not be overlooked that Zero Emissions Day is just as much a social movement.

Eng. Rehan Ahmed

Ze Day’s message is: You have the power to benefit everyone and everything on our planet. It is a call for collective action to take some of the pressure off our dying world. It shows us what a day without fossil fuel use can feel like, and I guarantee it will feel very refreshing. The amount of energy consumed by modern society is staggering, with more and more power-hungry devices becoming part of our daily lives. Most of these devices need to be charged and powered, and all this power needs to be generated, and the bulk of the electricity generated globally is still fossil-fuel based, with only a small percentage generated through renewable sources such as solar, water and wind. Completely avoiding the consumption of any fossil-fuel generated energy for 24 hours is almost unthinkable – no driving, no cooking, no hot water, no computers, no TV, radio or internet – but people who have done it have reported the experience to be ‘profoundly transformative’. Though many may never contribute, even if the day acts as a reminder that we can do our bit to limit our energy consumption, it would already be a victory for Mother Earth. Try it – it’ll make you feel good about yourself Head of Waste Disposal Unit, Supreme Council for Environment, Bahrain, Email:

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Four Season Exhibition Organised by Bahraini Businesswomen Society

The Four Season Exhibition organised by the Bahraini Businesswomen Society was held at Mövenpick Hotel on 25th July.

Rima, Hanan, Sawsan, Rehab and Farah Naheed, Sakeena and Shirin

Zainab and Eman Rana and Hanadi

Dalala, Nada, Manal, Amaly and Huda

Renee and Fadwa

Amina and Khulood

Al Rashid Group’s New Fry Station Opens

The opening of Al Rashid Group’s new Fry Station was held at the Oasis Centre on 7th August.

Patrick and Rajesh

Fry Station staff

74 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Patrick, Rajesh, Jason and Raghu

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Iftar Organised by Elite Seef Residence Hotel

The Iftar organised by Elite Seef Residence Hotel was held on 6th August at Giardino Restaurant. Avinash, Sonee and Prasanna

Elite Seef Residence management and staff with Melissa Nazareth and other media guests

Shareef, Subeesh and Mohammed

Elite Seef Residence management and staff

Ramadan Ghabga Organised by First Motors

The Ramadan Ghabga organised by First Motors was held at the InterContinental Regency Hotel on 29th July. Ali, Sola and Patrick

Azmiya, Ali, Nada and Francisa Raed, Miranda and Ali

Marwa, Jassica, Lala and Ana

76 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

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Ghabga Organised by Al Rashid Group

A Ghabga organised by Al Rashid Group was held on 1st August at InterContinental Regency Hotel.

Miranda Nasr and Zafar Nazar Ali

Zafer, Jason, Raghu and Vikas

Amjad and Zaina

Mervat and Miranda

Redwan and family

Mohammed and Abbas

Natasha and Mona

Farah and Dr Faiza

Amy, Miznal, Felomino, Geena and Yolie Azmiya, Ali, Nada and Francisa

The Royal Golf Club A&E Monday Madness Winners

The Tony Bridgens and Madden Broadbent duo took first place in Week-6 of the African & Eastern Monday Madness Night Golf Series, last month, at the Royal Golf Club. They made a fantastic nett score of 33.6. A prize-giving ceremony took place in the Royal Golf Club’s Members’ Lounge, after the match where Kate Gibson from African & Eastern was on hand to present the prizes while players enjoyed some complimentary product sampling.

Tony Bridgens, Kate Gibson of A&E, Broadbent and Cormac Flannery of The Royal Golf Club

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 77

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Ramadan Ghabga Sponsored by KPMG Fakhro

The Ramadan Ghabga sponsored by KPMG Fakhro and organised by Dream Society was held at The Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa on 28th July. Dana, Roula, Mona, Dana, Ali, Farouk, Faten, Amina and Bassam

Rawan, Ibrahim, Heba and Hisham


Khalid, Salman, Fatima, Fatima, Rustoom and Zeyad

Eman and Mariam

Zain Bahrain Supports Cerebral Palsy Friendship Society

Sarah, Fatima and Aysha

Zain Bahrain continued its CSR support with a donation to Cerebral Palsy Friendship Society. As part of the Media Ghabga “Play for Charity” Zain Bahrain visited the centre to give its support. Zain Bahrain’s General Manager Mohammed Zainalabedin thanked the Centre’s Management for their huge efforts. He also added, “This initiative reflects the spirit of Ramadan and our corporate values of Radiance, Heart and Belonging”.

Zain Bahrain management with Cerebral Palsy Friendship Society representatives

78 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

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TAGZ Ramadan Styling Event

The TAGZ Ramadan Styling Event was held Bahrain City Centre on 24th July. Nada, Aysha and Muneera Al Khalifa

Jasmeet and Laura

Maha, Amal and Donya


Maha, Alhanoof and Farah

Ministry of Culture’s ‘Reflection’

Ministry of Culture’s “Reflection” was held at the Hue Lounge on 24th July.

Lito, Sherry and Rick

Shaikha Maram Al Khalifa, HE Shaikha Mai Al Khalifa and Kanika

Shaikha Marwa Al Khalifa and Shaikha Hessa Al Khalifa

HE Dr Mohan Kumar and Mala Kumar

Abdul Elah

Jaqline and Irina

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 79

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Bin Hindi Ramadan Ghabga

The Ghabga by Bin Hindi was held at the Four Season Banquet Hall, Adhari Park on 24th July.

Abdul Aziz bin Hindi, Abdulla bin Hindi and Nawaf bin Hindi

Bin Hindi Family

Ameen and Elham Angie and Angel

Ambili, Asha, Rubi and Anwin

Ali, Hussain, Hussain, Sayed, Ahmed and Mahdi

Hassan, Momen, Hassan, Muneer and Saumya

80 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Sayed and Baneen

Hassan, Joey, Angel, Adnan and Andrew

Josita and Komal

Ahmed, Sadeq and Hani

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Opening of Refurnished YKA Customer Service Lounge

The opening of the refurnished YKA Customer Service Lounge was held at the YKA Service Centre on 30th July.

Mohammed Almoayyed with the Nissan and YK Almoayyed officials Omar Altaib and Zena Williams

Mohammed Almoayyed at the ribbon cutting ceremony

Oman Air Ramadan Ghabga

Oman Air Ramadan Ghabga was held at Al Safir Hotel on 27th July. Eric

Oman Air officials

Basheer, Firos, Shiras and Saheer

Vaishak, Shitin and Faisal

Amin, Fayek and Fahad

Asma, Cornelia, Smita, Leena and Mangal

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 81

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Ramadan Ghabga Organised by Al Kindi Hospital

The Ramadan Ghabga organised by Al Kindi Hospital was held on 26th July at Crowne Plaza. Dr Sajid and Dr Ebtisam Al Dallal

Michael and Nino

Lana and Dr Thurayya

Dr Ebtisam Al Dallal and Dr Hanan

Marites, Sheng and Sharley

May and Emily

Dr Hiba, Mahyra, Dr Saher, Dr Amer, Dr Hani and Hussain Paula and Jobelle

Ana, Shao and Nina

Mini and Rosmin

Dr Ebtisam Al Dallal and Hussain

Christina and Cristy

82 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Maureen and Maryjoe

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Opening of Nose Store

The opening of the Nose store was held at Seef Mall on 6th August.

HE Ahmed Shahzan Abdul Samad and wife Noor Hayati with Al Rashid Group and Nose management

HE Ahmed Shahzan Abdul Samad and ARG management during the ribbon cutting ceremony

Noor Hayati, Nathasha, Divya and Amira

Basheer Ahmed, Vikas and Zaffer

Shazaina, Noorulhuda, Noor Hayati, Miranda and Saria

Basheer Ahmed, HE Ahmed Shahzan Abdul Samad and Miranda

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 83

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Ramadan Ghabga Organised by BAS

The Ramadan Ghabga organised by Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) was held at InterContinental Regency Hotel on 29th July.

Salman Mahmeed and Mohammed Yousif Binfalah

Khalid Balooshi and Ahmed Janahi

Cpt Maher Al Musallam and Akbar Al Saati

Abdulla, Shawqi and Govind

Nabi Taqi and Mohammed Khalil

Rajaneesh Bagha, Khalid and Mubarak

Ghabga Organised by YK Almoayyed

The Ghabga organised by YK Almoayyed was held at the Gulf Hotel on 30th July.

YK Almoayyed management with guests Rohit and Mohammed Almoayyed

Alok, Aziz, Keshav and Mohanthy

TaylorMade Summer Open Champ

Salah Musbah from Bahrain was crowned TaylorMade Summer Open Champion 2013, at the Royal Golf Club after achieving an impressive 36 points on the Club’s Montgomerie championship course. Musbah mixed five nett birdies with three bogies and a double on his way to claiming the category one title. The prestigious individual stableford competition, sponsored for the second consecutive year by TaylorMade, attracted over 100 players.

84 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Cormac Flannery, Operations Manager (second from right) with some of the prize winners

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Youth City 2013 at Bahrain Exhibition Centre

Participants and organisers of Youth City 2013 that was held at Bahrain Exhibition and Convention Centre on 19th August. Amal and Durra

Mariyam Wadha

Sarah and Hissa

Lathifa and Lulu Talal and Salam

Geant Opening

Geant was opened in Saar Mall on 17th August.

Jose, Philip and Zena

Jiji, Ramesh and Jishor


Jidhish, Narayan, Atif and Muneer



Ibrahim and Ali

Hellen, Ismarahn and Samera

Mohamad Basheer, Kamalludhin and Mubasheer

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 85

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Ghabga Organised by Al Hawaj

Al Hawaj held their Ghabga at Al Hawaj Garden on 3rd August.

Amal, Ahlam and Amina

Dr Dhaffer Al Omran and Jassim Zayani

Mervat and Miranda Nasr

HE Victor Smirnov, HE Ahmed Shahzan Abdul Samad and HE Mohan Kumar

Shakir and Sham

Rogina and Mai

Anwar, Abdulla and Ahmed

Jinana and Samer

Tasleem and Abdul Wahab Al Hawaj

Harish, Sushil and Nicholas

Al Hawaj officials at the cuke cutting ceremony

86 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013



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Ramadan Gathering Organised by Carlton Preventive Nutrition Centre

The Ramadan Gathering held by Carlton Preventive Nutrition Centre was held at Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel on 25th July.

Jamal Al Moaibed, staff and guests

Rawan and Marwa

Amal Koheeji, Fareeda and Rym

Yolla, Ahlam, Remy, Diana and Sarah

Dana Al Moaibed, Jamal Al Moaibed and Abdul Rahman Al Moaibed

Fareeda and Zahra

Nader and Ishaq

Cesal, Emily and Lavis

Manama Rotary Club Participates in Gergaoon Celebrations

Michell and Amtrine

The Rotary Club of Manama participated in the Entertainment festival that was organised by the Royal Charity organisation on the occasion of Gergaaon on 28th July. The celebrations were hosted at the Muharraq Social Welfare Society where the RCB distributed Gergaoon to the orphans and the elderly.

Gergaoon Festival

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 87

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Eid Celebrations at LPOD Waterpark

Lost Paradise of Dilmun (LPOD) Waterpark held ten days celebration of Eid Al Fitr from 8th to 17th August. Guests were entertained with a traditional Lewa musicians, The Legendz-Reggae live band, kids activities, magic shows, guest DJ and a lot more.

Delmo & Delma with guests, Zubair and Charles

Emraan, DJ Khalid, Salman and Sameera

Magic show crowd

Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark Earns 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award for the Top Performing Attraction as reviewed by travellers. The Certificate of Excellence award provides top performing establishments around the world the recognition they deserve, based on feedback from those who matter most – their customers. This was announced on 26th August.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark TripAdvisor

Qatar Airways Hosts Annual Bahrain Media Ghabga

Qatar Airways, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines celebrated the holy month of Ramadan with an invitation for local journalists to an exquisite Ghabqa on 30th July at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa. Qatar Airways officials with Arabian Magazines representative

88 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

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Lucky Winner Receives Keys to Stylish Mini Cooper in MODA Mall’s Ramadan Campaign

MODA Mall, Bahrain World Trade Centre (BWTC) announced the winners of its exciting Ramadan ‘Shop n Win’ raffle draw on 20th August.

Hamad Al Kooheji, Kevin Kurpierz and Abdulwareth Al Balooshi receiving the keys

Kevin Kurpierz,Yousef Al Balooshi and Abdulwareth Al Balooshi

Rialto Italian Restaurant Opening at Ramee Grand Seef Rialto Italian restaurant opening at Ramee Grand Seef was held on 21st August.

Rialto Italian Restaurant management team Rebecca and Georgina

HE Mohan Kumar with Rialto management team

Salvatore and Marco


Ann, Aex, Trish and Asha


Signing Ceremony of Tamkeen’s Public Relations & Graphic Design Professional Programmes Tamkeen and twofour54 Abu Dhabi sign strategic media training contract to further develop the region’s media industry in The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa on 24th June 2013.

Amal Kooheji, HE Noura Al Ka’abi and Muhammed

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 89


Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain General Manager Olivier Briand (third from the right) and team

Fraser Suites: Make Smartphone Reservations Travellers on-the-go are now able to make their reservations at Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain via their smartphones anytime, anywhere, with the launch of the new mobile-optimised website User friendly with easy scrolling for efficient browsing, the mobile website allows travellers instant access to check on

accommodation availability and modify bookings as well as property information, special offers and promotions. Residents can also connect directly with the property through the click-to-call function. General Manager, Olivier Briand said, “With this change in consumer preferences, it is essential that we adapt and respond to our customer needs. Bookmark our mobile site on your mobile device and be the first to know about our special offers, then just book your stay - it’s all at your fingertips.

We decided to celebrate the launch of our mobile site with a 20 per cent discount offer.” Available on all smartphones with HTML5 specifications such as the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, the mobile website provides easy access to the group’s social media platforms Facebook, Twitter. Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd’s current portfolio, including those in the pipeline, stands at 76 properties in 41 key gateway cities and more than 12,300 apartments worldwide.


In Brief

VIVA-RGC Partnership

Andrew Hanna, Chief Commercial Officer at VIVA Bahrain with DJ Flanders, General Manager at Royal Golf Club

90 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

VIVA Bahrain and the Royal Golf Club (RGC) have expanded their 3-year partnership by co-branding and revamping the ‘VIVA Driving Range’ in addition to hosting the ‘VIVA Golf League’ as a year-round tournament. This positive outcome has been achieved in line with VIVA’s efforts to cultivate local sporting talent in Bahrain and to further assist RGC to develop golf in the country and attract increased participation from local young talented golfers. Through this partnership VIVA and RGC are able to exchange and extend benefits from each entity to their customers and members. The inclusion of VIVA’s branding in the driving range amplifies awareness of VIVA’s leadership and provides an opportunity for the company to connect with new audiences.



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Business VIVA Footballers Return

VIVA players returned to Bahrain after receiving a week-long training at the world famous Manchester United Soccer Schools (MUSS). During these seven days, the young footballers attended practice sessions and workshops which had been designed to give them an idea of professional basics and hone their talents with sustainability. The fantastic 22 were also given a tour at the Old Trafford football ground, Manchester United Football Museum and the city of Manchester. One of the highlights of the training course was the exclusive opportunity VIVA footballers received to train at Carrington, where the first team of Manchester United football club trains and met up with Manchester United Legend, Andrew Cole.

The Fantastic 22 with Andrew Cole

Lexus Design Award Launch

Spurred on by the grand success of last year’s inaugural edition of the Lexus Design Award, Lexus announced the launch of its second edition. The Lexus Design Award is an international design competition targeting the next generation of innovators from across the world. Twelve winners will be announced in early 2014, of which two winners will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work and receive mentoring from two famous designers to create prototypes of their designs and will also receive up to USD50,000 to cover prototype production costs. The two prototypes and also panel displays of the other ten winning entries will be exhibited at Lexus Design Amazing 2014 (a Lexus exhibition space) during Milan Design Week 2014. Applications will be open until 15th October, 2013 and can be made through website:

Khaled Ebrahim Kanoo, Ahmad Al Alawi and Ayman Shehadeh

EK Kanoo Renews Al Ahli Club Sponsorship

Huawei Championship

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, was the title sponsor of the fifth edition of the Huawei GCC National Teams Under 23 Championship that took place last month. Huawei sponsored the tournament as part of the company’s promotion of its latest smartphone release — the Ascend P6, the world’s slimmest premium-range smartphone. In addition to being the title sponsor, Huawei hosted several in-stadium activities focusing on promoting the Ascend P6 throughout the tournament. The Huawei GCC National Teams Under 23 Championship is an annual football competition contested by the national teams of countries in the Gulf region which include the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Huawei aspires to become one of the world’s top three smartphone brands by 2015, and earlier this year launched its global “Make It Possible” campaign as part of its aggressive strategy to extend its footprint within the consumer audience

92 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Ebrahim K Kanoo, the sole distributor of Toyota and Lexus in the Kingdom of Bahrain, renewed its commitment to sponsor Al Ahli Club sports teams for the 2013-2014 season. The management presented the cheque to Ahmad Al Alawi, General Secretary of Al Ahli Club in a small handover ceremony held at the company’s main office in Manama. Al Alawi expressed the club’s appreciation for Ebrahim K Kanoo’s continuous support, adding that the company’s involvement in the local sports has paved the way for nationwide support for local sports, which has in turn helped the field advance forward on the local, regional and international level.

Fry Station At Oasis Centre

Food Court, a division of Al Rashid Group, has developed a new concept called Fry Station which opened its first store at Oasis Centre, East Riffa. The eatery was inaugurated by Senthil Kumaran in the presence of senior management. Fry Station offers variety of delicious food items including Red Hot Jalapenos, Potato Corquetoes, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and more, at value for money deals. Food Court operates at three locations: Oasis Centre (East Riffa and Muharraq) and in Marina Mall.


S W E CAR N The All-New Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is expanding further with the introduction of the second generation of the sports car, at Porsche Centre Bahrain. The new Panamera is even sportier and efficient with more comfort and a decidedly sharper design. Part of the range is the Panamera 4S Executive and Panamera Turbo Executive with an extended wheelbase. A third new model, the Panamera S E-Hybrid, marks a new technological benchmark as the world’s first plug-in hybrid in the luxury class. Furthermore, a completely new three-litre V6 engine that features biturbo charging for the Panamera S and Panamera 4S is introduced. The standard version offers a blistering top speed of 259 km/h and 310 horsepower. Continuing to increase performance and efficiency is the completely new V6 three-litre biturbo engine which is replacing the previous

“The standard version offers a blistering top speed of 259 km/h and 310 4.8-litre V8 engine in the Panamera S and Thehorsepower.” All-New Panamera 4S, and is also used in the new Executive version of the Panamera 4S, whereas the Panamera GTS will retain its V8 engine. The new engine gives the Panamera S and Panamera 4S 20 hp more power and 20 Newton metres more torque. The Panamera S E-Hybrid’s engine pumps 416 horsepower, and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.5 seconds with a top speed of 270 km/h. Newly developed tyres, lighter 18-inch wheels and a specifically tuned Porsche Stability Management (PSM) add to the car’s sportiness and comfort. A widened rear windscreen gives the car a visually lower stance, whilst a wider spoiler and optional LED lights make the new model stand out. The new Executive models with their 15 cm longer wheelbase – offer more rear seating space and introduce features for a more private, comfortable

ride. A comprehensive range of additional Lexus IS Range personalisation options, include a folding table for the rear compartment or Sport Chrono Package. The prices for the range: Panamera BD39,700; Panamera 4 BD42,100; Panamera S BD47,800; Panamera S EHybrid BD50,300; Panamera 4S BD50, 400; Panamera 4S Executive BD58,400; Panamera GTS BD54,300; Panamera Turbo BD69,600; Panamera Turbo Executive BD75,900. For a test drive visit the Porsche Centre Bahrain, Behbehani Brothers WLL

Lexus Competes in Super GT Series, 2014 Lexus Racing has announced that a new racing car based on the Lexus “LF-CC” concept will compete in the top-tier GT500 class of the Super GT Series starting next season. The new race car will replace the Lexus SC 430 that has been used in Super GT races and has secured 17 victories and 44 podium finishes since 2006, as well as two Season Championships. 2012 was an amazing year for the SC 430, with performances that led to podium finishes in all eight races including four race victories. The Lexus LF-CC (Lexus Future Captivating Coupe) is a two-door coupe concept with a front-engine and rear-wheel drive, and debuted at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012. It features a dynamic exterior with an emphasis on aerodynamics and cooling performance. Lexus has also participated in several motorsport races such as Nürburgring 24-hours and Pikes Peaks International Hill Climb.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 93

Cars Renault Koleos Wildly Civilised If you’re a salon car fan but have a racer hidden within you then the latest Renault Koleos is your ride! Why racer, you ask? Well, try driving this stylish cross over vehicle on the road or off it (and we mean varied terrains!) and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Fitted with a 2.5-litre engine featuring CVT transmission and pumping 170HP the all-new Koleos makes for a power-packed ride while still maintaining the subtleties of a salon car. The Renault Koleos has its safety systems in place – again this is perfect for long drives with the family and also for adventurous drivers who zoom off the road. The electronic parking brake is a catchy feature which automatically applies

The All-New Nissan Altima The 2013 Nissan Altima is a complete package with its stylish design, great interior, outstanding ride, handling, acceleration and fuel economy, and thoughtful technology solutions not currently found in the segment. For those of you who want that extra edge there is the new premium mid-size sedan. YK Almoayyed & Sons, the exclusive distributor of Nissan, in Bahrain has five well-equipped models: the three 2.5-litre engine equipped models – 2.5 S, 2.5 SV and 2.5 SL, along with two 3.5-litre V6 equipped models – 3.5 SV and 3.5 SL.

the handbrake even when the engine is switched off. Stylishly designed, the panoramic roof just adds to the whole look and you can be assured that you’re going to arrive in style no matter where you go. The car looks sturdy – you know the SUV look but then it’s not your typical SUV; a raised saloon car perhaps and so it gives you the heavy look while keeping the aesthetics of a saloon intact. Every detail actually, the headlamps, the grilles, the wheel rims are perfectly sculpted onto the chassis. Moving onto the interior, well you’ll notice that it’s spacious not only for the driver or the back-seat passengers but also for your luggage. There’s sufficient storage

space – under the rear seats, the glove box, storage drawer – all equipped to carry your belongings comfortably. Technology is another feature that you will notice because though the Koleos is fitted with the best speakers and infotainments and other systems they are all user friendly. The Koleos comes in a range of colours and wheel rim options for those particular about the aesthetics. All in all, the Renault Koleos is a great ride! For a test drive visit the Renault showroom in Ma’ameer or call on Tel. +973 1770 2081/1770 3286.

“The all-new 2013 Nissan Altima comes in three 2.5-litre engine equipped models, 2.5 S, 2.5 SV and 2.5 SL, along with two 3.5-litre V6 equipped models, 3.5 SV and 3.5 SL.”


Best-in-class seat comfort inspired by zero-gravity research and an Advanced Drive-Assist Display Next-generation Safety Shield Technologies, including Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Moving Object Detection (MOD) systems, Rear view camera First in class Remote Engine Start for comfort as soon as you enter the cabin An attractive multimedia package including Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System and Streaming Audio, 7-inch colour touch display, Navigation and BOSE Premium Audio 9 speaker System

For your test drive call on Tel. +973 1773 2732 or visit the Nissan showroom in Sitra.

94 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


New Nissan


Nick Cooksey tests the new, very different, 2014 Tiida in Dubai


his is the completely revised second generation of the Middle East’s top-selling compact hatchback. Introduced to the Middle East in 2005. This is the car you buy when you want inexpensive, safe, and comfortable motoring. It is not for ‘boy racers’, so don’t expect GTI responsiveness from the 1.6 litre engine, but you can expect excellent fuel economy and reliability. Nissan have made big changes to the body of this Tiida over the previous model. It’s lower, wider, and with aerodynamic edges that the previous boxy shaped model didn’t have. In fact when you see the two next to each other, as I did in Dubai when I watched the current model overtake the new one (on the inside lane of the highway!!!), the two cars looked several design generations apart. Actually, they don’t even look like they are the same car. From behind the new Tiida looks more like a baby Nissan Murano. There are lots more new smart features in the 2014 Tiida than in the previous

model such as keyless entry, electricfolding mirrors, and 17” alloys wheels. Options include satellite navigation, 5.8” QVGA colour display and rear view camera and iPod connectivity so you can play your favorite music while on the go, and the 1.8-litre SL Plus comes with leather seats, extra airbags and electrically-controlled sunroof. This car uses second generation CVT, which provides 40% less friction and so even greater fuel economy. CVT in essence is a recently developed technology that replaces gears with a continuous power train. It’s a technology Nissan leads in, and it enables the car to be far more economical. There is plenty of space in this car, back and front and in the boot. In the cabin there is not just one, but two glove compartments. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the car feels well put together. Nissan describes the Tiida target market as people in their twenties and thirties, single or married with possibly one child. 70% of buyers are typically male. 94% of our customers are mainly locals and balance 6 percent are expats in

“It’s lower, wider, and with aerodynamic edges that the previous boxy shaped model didn’t have.” the kingdom of Bahrain. This car remains popular in both retail and fleet customers and is one of the most important segment in the Nissan line up. The reason for this, Nissan tells me, is because it’s a hatchback which is popular worldwide but still a newish concept for local Gulfies. This car, at least to me, looks better as a hatch. If you’re looking for a stylish and dependable runaround, the new Tiida is definitely worth considering. YK Almoayyed will be holding a unique launch in the Nissan showroom on September 18th. For further details, or to arrange a test drive in Bahrain, call +973 1773 2732, or visit

The author of this article, Nick Cooksey, In addition to being publisher of Arabian Magazines is a jury panel member of the Middle East Motor Awards. September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 95


BMW 4 Series

BMW have just launched a brand new number to their range – 4! Nick Cooksey tests it on road and race track.


he bad news is that BMW will no longer be producing 3 Series coupes. The good news is that BMW coupes are to get an even number, and so there will be 4 Series coupes, and they are a noticeable improvement over the old 3 series. The new 4 series is lower, longer and wider than the current 3. It also has other features to distinguish it such as angled headlights, unique air grills, and just looks better. It looks great in fact! I had the pleasure of driving the top of the

range 435 in Portugal last month, and was lucky enough to drive it on both road and racetrack. Under the bonnet (or hood) of the 435 a beautiful 3 litre 6 cylinder turbo charged engine that knocks out 306 bhp with 295 lbs ft of torque. This enables it to zoom from zero to 100kph in just 5 seconds. Top speed is limited at 250kph. Inside there’s plenty of space in the front, and enough room for 2 adults to sit comfortably in the back, which is not often the case in a 2+2 coupe. There’s also plenty of boot space. All the fixtures and fittings feel of the highest quality, and the cabin is organized in a logical and pleasing way. The leather trim extends to the dash.

The interior is quite, even at speed. The sound system is fantastic. Visibility all round is excellent. There are many great features; one that I was impressed with was Lane Watch. Such a system is of course not unique to BMW, whereby the steering wheel gently vibrates when moving out of lane to warn the driver, but I believe this is a very useful feature that makes for safer driving. The car can be driven in Sport or Comfort modes, and different design pack options are available so buyers can choose between Luxury and M Sport – which comes with a 3 spoke steering wheel and more aggressive front. I found the overall driving experience

The author of this article, Nick Cooksey, In addition to being publisher of Arabian Magazines is a jury panel member of the Middle East Motor Awards. 96 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


“3 series customers will not be disappointed with this new model range.”

similar to the 3 series, although due to the car being 16mm lower the seating has been lowered by 9mm hence a sportier driving position. It’s also 26mm longer, 45mm wider at the front, and 80mm wider at the back. The low center of gravity enabled BMW to lower and stiffen the suspension. By putting it into Sport mode, which further tightened the suspension, it became a different car when doing hot laps around Estoril Race Circuit. It accelerated, braked, and cornered at high speed wonderfully and comfortably. After testing it on the circuit I liked it even more. It was smart of BMW to let this car be tested under race circuit conditions because it can ‘do the business’ and I was able to get to know the 435 far better than if I had just driven it on basic road conditions. On Portugal’s beautiful winding mountain roads I found the 8 speed automatic transmission a little slow when turning into tight corners at high speed, so if I had to drive up such roads every day I’d prefer the manual version though I expect few in Bahrain would make such a choice even if there were such roads in the kingdom. This car is designed to be a powerful compromise between sports car and practical daily vehicle, which is exactly what BMW 3 series drivers want and expect. BMW knows its market better than anyone, and 3 series customers will not be disappointed with this new model range. The new 4 series costs more than the equivalent 3 series. But though getting 2 less doors, you’re actually getting a lot more in power and style. All else being equal, unless I really needed those 2 rear doors on a daily basis I’ve no doubt I’d opt for the 4 series over the 3. But don’t take my word for it, compare them for yourself, and make up your own mind For more information or arrange a test drive contact EuroMotors on +973 1775 0750

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 97


Rule The Road With The Dodge Durango

Unbeatable Offers this September’13!


tylish and robust, the all-new Dodge Durango is clearly set to stand out on the road; boy, you’re going to have some heads turning if you’re driving it. The SUV has got a smooth finish and looks great. Small details like the classy headlamps, the grilles, the chrome fittings and others just add to the look; typical of the Dodge! The interior is beautiful too; it’s spacious which most SUVs are and can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers. The leather trimmings of the seats – plush cloth is another option for the seats depending on the model – the soft touch surfaces, the whole look basically is great. Now like they say, that’s just the beginning; wait till you get behind the wheel and then it’s a totally different story. Fitted with a 3.6-litre DOHC Pentastar Variable Valve Timing V6 engine that pumps 290 horsepower and 353 lb-ft of torque, the Dodge 2013 is powerful and a pleasure to drive both on the road and off the road. For those who want more power, there is another 5.7-litre HEMI V8 model also available which pumps 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. There are good safety systems in place to ensure you have a powerpacked but safe drive whether on the road or off it.

98 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

“Fitted with a 3.6-litre DOHC Pentastar Variable Valve Timing V6 engine that pumps 290 horsepower and 353 lb-ft of torque, the Dodge 2013 is powerful and a pleasure to drive both on the road and off the road.” It’s a huge roadster, the Dodge and so you have easy parking systems fitted to make your life much easier. The all-new Dodge also has a range of entertainment and infotainment systems to keep you entertained while on your long drive. Manage all of your media. You’ll have multiple ways to access audio, including a hard drive, iPod control with Voice Command, and Bluetooth streaming audio. Rear Seat Video can be accessed multiple ways: DVDs, compatible multimedia devices, and gaming consoles. Talking on the phone while driving has never been easier – or more responsible. Uconnect Phone is the in-vehicle, voice-activated communication system that allows you to pair up to seven Bluetooth compatible phones and then talk virtually hands-free. This system is also clever enough to synchronize with your phone’s address book – up to 1,000 entries. Simply

press the phone button on our steering wheel and say the name of a contact to place calls while driving. Outfit your Durango with Uconnect to help stay in touch with the people, music, and places that matter most. It acts as the hub for your most important media – cell phone, smartphone, and personal devices, such as an iPod. The Uconnect user-friendly systems allow you to stay connected, informed, entertained, and focused on driving. The Voice Command simplifies driving by letting you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel and can also be trained to better recognise your voice and can understand commands in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and German For your test drive call on Tel. +973 1723 8822 or visit the Ahmed Zayani & Sons showroom in Zinj.


The All-New Golf GTI


he latest Golf GTI is the most powerful, fastest and fuel model in the series and now available in Bahrain. As a classic with cult status, the Golf GTI systematically combines sportiness and driving fun with the strengths of the Golf into a unique concept of compact sport sedans. This stylish and sporty car has many additional features compared to previous models in the series including the red painted brake callipers, smoked LED rear lights and chrome tailpipes on the left and right. The classic GTI insignia is an added feature for the detail oriented drivers! The newly designed 18-inch alloy ‘Austin’ alloy wheels add to the car’s aesthetic appeal. The GTI interior is fitted with comfortable sport seats, red ambience lighting and trimmings.

“The Golf GTI, produced at the German Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, has sold nearly 1.9 million models to date worldwide, making it the most successful model of its type in the world. Its popularity has been matched across the Middle East with a legion of fans already lined up to test the latest addition.” The GTI instrument cluster makes a strong statement with a colour display and unique instrument graphics. It features progressive steering, the Driver Alert System, Automatic Post-Collision Braking System and the further advanced XDS+ vehicle dynamics function. Powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol, direct-injection engine (TSI) which pumps 220 and accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, the GTI can reach a top speed of 244 km/h. The 6-speed DSG automatic gearbox helps to reach DIN fuel consumption value of 6.01/100 km; meaning that the new Golf GTI offers an 18 per cent improvement in fuel economy compared to the previous model. The Golf GTI, produced at the German Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, has sold nearly 1.9 million models to date worldwide, making it the most successful model of its type in the world. Its popularity has

been matched across the Middle East with a legion of fans already lined up to test the latest addition. Felix Miranda, Brand Manager, Volkswagen Centre Bahrain, said: “The new Golf GTI is sportier than ever and has been one of the most eagerly anticipated new models for 2013. The Golf GTI has long been a favourite amongst automotive enthusiasts across the Middle East and last year accounted for 60 per cent of all Golf model sales in the AGCC. This model represents pure dynamics with all of the everyday utility qualities of the Golf, the seventh generation of which was launched in the Middle East in January and voted “World Car of the Year”. Golf GTI fans have every reason to be excited for this driving experience.” Based on its handling properties, the new Golf GTI is impressively penetrating the market segment of high-class and considerably more expensive sports cars more than ever before For your test drive visit the Volkswagen showroom in Sitra

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 99

Social Media

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If only animals could talk, you’d be hearing their sad, pitiful stories. But since they can’t, we are giving these adorable creatures a voice. One way or another, they have been hurt and abused in ways you would not imagine a human doing to another creature, and yet the fact remains that these animals end up abandoned and left for dead all over the Kingdom. If you’re thinking of buying a pet, please don’t - instead, adopt one today.

Looking For A BSPCA Animals

Fred Hank





Abe and Maria






Interested in Adopting?

Visit the BSPCA in Animal Welfare Centre in Askar, see for directions. Open for adoption viewing Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm and Friday and Saturday, 9am to 1pm. Tel. +973 1759 1231.

Tony The Dogfather

Interested in Adopting?

Call Tony ‘The Dogfather’ Waters on Tel. +973 3962 9889 or visit Mary


Ralphie Hamilton

Rags Apparition Sunshine


Kits Dumped Puppies

Do you have animal concerns? Need a vet? Call Animal Care Clinic in Hamala, Tel. +973 1761 2459 or Nourie Coutts, Tel. +973 1724 5515.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 101


The Domain Bahrain The entire 34th floor is dedicated to South of France cuisine. Perfect for

groups with differing moods and mixed tastes, it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Le Domain [34]

Nine restaurants, bars and lounges make this urban scene setter a new destination for food & culture!


he Domain Bahrain had its soft launch on the first day of Eid last month and is set to open the rest of its nine restaurants, bars, lounges, rooms & suites from mid September onwards. As the region’s first social club and boutique hotel, the team behind The Domain knew that the hotel’s Food & Beverage offering had to be compelling. “This is a city where creativity is lauded and we knew we had to up our game,” says former Executive Chef and The Domain’s second in command, Kim B Andersen. Nordic food has been making something of a comeback in recent years. Andersen’s Nordic partner at The Domain is Kjell Kollin, the Executive Chef who hails from Sweden says, “Although we do not have a Nordic restaurant at The Domain, a lot of the spirit of Nordic cuisine will run through most of the restaurants – simplicity, clear, crisp flavour, unfussiness and seasonality.

102 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


Txoko is a Basque sky lounge crowning the top floor of The Domain, which serves up delicious little plates of Pintxos (Basque Tapas). The Txoko bar offers cocktails, beer, sangria and some molecular concoctions prepared by the venue’s resident mixologist. During the day it’s a quiet place to meet and read; in the afternoon it offers a novel twist on the Afternoon Tea from 4 to 6pm; and later in the evening, it becomes a playful venue – DJs, music and impromptu dancing. Imari

A sexy mix of restaurant, bar and lounge, Imari is a cool, cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant. Freshly crafted Robatayaki, Sushi and Sashimi are de rigeur and little plates of Izakaya (Japanese tapas) can be enjoyed with Japanese inspired cocktails, Japanese beer, malt whiskies or some Saké from the extensive collection. All this and great sea and city views too.

South of France cuisine - fresh, sunny and light, made vibrant with Provencal herbs, olive oil, market vegetables, seafood and wine. An extensive glass Wine Library, Art Nouveau setting and great city views add to the oh-la-la factor. Le Sauvage

A leather-bound, masculine grill room with an open kitchen, where curated cuts of meat are prepared and served with classic French side dishes to share. The Living Room

The Living Room is the place to eat something savory or sweet, read, connect, shop or just gaze out over the city from its 16th floor perch. Figs & Olives, a casual duet eatery of ItaloLebanese comfort foods. It is astounding how many things that we now consider Italian, were introduced by the Arabs – lemons, other citrus, saffron and other spices, spinach, eggplants.” The Cigar Lounge, decked out in warm woods, cozy leather chairs and a walk-in humidor, a refined space with a pure Rat Pack style retro cocktail menu. The Curator - The Domain’s boutique with its quirky twist on the hotel lobby shop. It will have all the necessities and interesting finds from some Bahraini and other Arab artists. Anthology media lounge

This is world’s first dedicated social video lounge with live media presented by a DJ/ VJ. Anthology brings online content into a playful, interactive setting, with drinks and light snacks and can also be hired as media room for corporate and other events. The Deli

This café-takeaway is the place to grab a quick bite, hot drink or creamy cake. Located on the ground floor, it is easily accessible for a morning coffee, lunch or afternoon pick-meup or a post-clubbing snack. For bookings call on Tel. +973 1600 0222 or visit: Facebook: TheDomainBahrain Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: @domainbahrain

Maki Bahrain

15 Magical Moments! the menu. Another item that will be on the menu is the healthy and alltime favourite, Oze Akami Maki, made with nori, tuna, fresh avocado, wasabi flakes, and house-made extra virgin olive oil. Save the Date! Monday, 16th September, 2013

Every month, Maki Bahrain’s Chefs entertain guests for one night to a gastronomic extravaganza which involves concocting fifteen different samplings of Maki staple dishes. These samplings are representative of the wide variety of creative dishes that Maki’s Chefs have come up with throughout the years. Since the menu at Maki is so vast, especially when it comes to maki rolls, the 15 Magical Moments event provides diners a unique opportunity to substitute ordering 15 different complete dishes with sample “bites” from these same dishes, thus facilitating their

plans for future lunches or dinners. The best beverage pairings are also served with these delicious dishes. Manager Steve Fernandes gives us a “look ahead’ as to what to expect on the next 15 Magical Moments menu. “I cannot divulge the whole menu”, Steve says. “However, I can give you a little preview on what to expect.” He tells us that the all new Wafa Maki, named after a local Maki fan, and made with fresh salmon, crabsticks, avocado, ume wrap, and served with wasabi flakes, exotic cress and housemade extra virgin olive oil, will surely be part of

Visit Maki Bahrain at Bahrain World Trade Centre. Open Daily: 12pm until 11.30pm and until 12 mid night on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays. Lounge open until 2am on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays, and until 1am on other days. For reservations call, Tel. +973 1752 2733 or +973 3699 9102 or email:


Local Baked GoodIES Once Bahrain was known as ‘The land of a million palm trees’ however nowadays some locals calls it ‘the land of a million cupcakes’. Many local businesses have emerged and have proven their talent in baking. The Bahrain Confidential team brings to you some of their favourite baked goods of the month and some of Bahrain’s best bakes.

With Lohvaeb…ib Sara S

Red Velvet Cuppie - Red velvet cupcake filled with a vanilla bean Crème patisserie, toped with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting Rainbow Cuppie - this Rainbow cupcake is one of its kind; filled with nutella marshmallow cream and frosted with whipped white ganache

104 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

For those who like chocolate these choco fudge cookies are an absolute treat that will leave your coco cravings satisfied.

Nom Nom

These brownies will catch your taste buds off guard; just as you bite into them you will discover the buttery cookie base and taste their Oreo fudgy goodness. Contact: Instagram: NomNom_treats Number: +973 3374 1345 Kik: NomNomTreatsBh

Mini Croquembouce Tower - A tower of profiterols filled with a light Crème patisserie and drizzled with chocolate

Contact: Instagram: @Sara_Shabib Email:


Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies: The classic oreo treat is taken to the next level. Its baked within a chocolate chip cookie dough bringing to you two classic snacks in one dessert.

Marble Cup: A rich combination of chocolate cake along with a custardy creamy mix; delicious flavors all in a single cup.

Contact: Instagram: sugarstationbh Tel. +973 3974 9743 Email: Twitter: @sugarstationbh

Sugar Station

Purple Haze Bars (formerly known as Berry White bars), filled with delicious berries, oatmeal, and white chocolate.

Baked by T

Contact: Instagram: baked_by_t Email:

Heaven bars to the untrained eye. But this my friends, is the SKINNY Stairway to Heaven bar! With no added butter or oil and using a delicious natural replacement your Classic Fave just got a little healthier.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 105


Taste Life! The Shawarma is more than just street food says John Ridley.

John R Ridley

Slice after slice of moist lamb is shaved from the surface, served, either on a plate, or more often, inside fresh, warm flatbread, topped with tahini, garlic sauce or melted butter - and a fresh salad of slice tomatoes, onion, cabbage, and pickles. Eat it with your hands among friends and loved ones; and should any of the shawarma fall onto your shirt, don’t worry John Ridley, a Bahrain based journalist, writer and broadcaster, can be contacted at or visit his website:


he Arabic word “kebab” means ground meat or small morsels of meat, cooked without water, over charcoal; the scarcity of fire wood and fuel in the desert meant that meat had to be cut into small pieces and cooked with a minimum of fuel. Throughout history, the British have also been celebrated for meat cooked over fire, we used more fuel and larger pieces of meat, but the principles were the same; today we generally roast our meat in an oven. As I grew up, kebab restaurants began to appear in the UK, just one example of new culinary influences entering an increasingly affluent post war Britain. Sadly, respect for the Kebab declined, relegated to little more than pitta bread filled with a cooked blend of reconstituted fatty meat, water, and soy filler, served with a limp salad; eaten whilst walking home from an evening with friends. Yet, cooked with love and care, the kebab and the shawarma, are meals to be savoured, far too good to be a quickly eaten street food. Choose the restaurant with care - one or two large columns of meat slowly cooking means it’s a popular place; a small column of over-cooked meat, and no line of customers is the sign of somewhere best avoided.

106 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

“… preparation begins on the farm, not in the kitchen.” Like all good food, the shawarma is made of simple ingredients; good meat, fresh onions, and the chef’s secret blends of herbs and spices. The good chef will have learnt his trade as an apprentice, he will understand the cuts of meat to be used and how to prepare them, he’ll know the source of the meat, for each breed lays down fat differently, affecting the taste - preparation begins on the farm, not in the kitchen. The slices of meat build into a column, narrow at the bottom, wider near the top; cut by hand, the meat should be almost wafer thin, each slice folded and pressed down onto the spit (metal rod), tightly sandwiched between thin layers of minced lamb, onion, herbs, spices, salt and pepper. Once finished, the meat is placed in front of a charcoal column, the shawarma is slowly turned by hand, cooking on the spit for hour upon hour, basting in its own fat and juices. Cubes of homemade flat bread and sliced tomatoes line the pan below the meat - cooking the tomato, and soaking up the falling meat juices.


The Bahrain Confidential gastro guide reveals the best places to eat.

Gastro Calendar

st e i t s a t d n a t s The late places to go!

Elite Resort and Spa

Paelleras Night Add some Spanish zing to your week with the best selection of paellas, made from the freshest ingredients and most fragrant rice. The atmosphere is completed by the live entertainment and warm hospitality. BD15 net per person. When: Every Wednesday from 7.30pm onwards Where: Al Noor Tent Thursday Night Grills Feast on a meat bazaar with marinades and toppings of your choice cooked by our chefs at the seaside with a large choice of sauces and pasta. When: Every Thursday at 7.30pm Where: Waikiki

Al Noor Tent

future or take a turn at holding a falco; your kids can enjoy special games while live singers keep the mood upbeat as you relax with a cup of tea and perhaps a second helping of dessert. BD12 for adults and half price for kids under the age of eleven.

Catch of the Day Enjoy the freshest sea food; select your fish and tell the chef how you like it cooked; you just cannot miss the all-you-can-eat-buffet When: Every Saturday Where: H2O

Elite Grande Hotel

For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1731 3333.

Hot Grill night Come and enjoy a succulent array of meats including lamb chops, steaks, chicken wings, shishtaook, makanek and many more items grilled to your taste. When: Every Thursday Where: H2O

The Domain Bahrain Dinner Overnight Stay Breakfast Come for dinner and get breakfast FREE! The hotel will even throw in the room! For reservations call on Tel. +973 1600 0000. Txoko at The Domain Bahrain

Chillout Saturday The ideal setting before the new week begins; enjoy soothing music and barbecue all evening long at the poolside. When: Every Saturday at 7.30pm Where: Waikiki Aqua Fiesta Friday Enjoy a hearty Arabic buffet with your family and kids. Starting with a broad selection of mezzes, we move on to live grills, traditional main courses, and finally delectable desserts. The spread also features international favourites. Walk around the poolside, get traditional henna designs, have a Bassara (fortune teller) unravel the mysteries of your

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 107

Gastro apple and pear – sliced apple and pear mixed with jarjeer and caramelised walnut topped with parmesan cheese served with pomegranate dressing BD4.9 Where: Illy Café For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1753 3533.

The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa The 3-tier afternoon tea platter at Noor Lounge

InterContinental Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain Regency Noor Lounge Indulge in the charming atmosphere of Noor Lounge. Relax yourself to the soft beautiful notes of the piano played by Kirstina, the newest addition of performers to the InterContinental Hotel! Sip on your afternoon tea, an elaborate 3-tier afternoon tea platter for two people for only BD10++ perfect after a noon siesta! We recommend the Arabic sweets buffet and specialty coffees for all you coffee lovers! For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1752 4560.

Mercure Grand Hotel Seef

Thursday Night Dining The Thursday Night Dining menu, the first of its kind in town is all grown up, offering you a lavish selection of premium cold cuts, gourmet European cheese and a sumptuous garden-fresh salad bar. Sit back and relax with your favourite cocktail, chosen from a rich variety of alcoholic beverages, as you watch your steaks and pasta being made just the way you like them at the live cooking station. BD22++ per person, including unlimited beverages. When: 31st September, 2013 Where: Silk’s Restaurant For reservations & further information call on Tel. +973 1746 0000 or email:

Mediterranean Friday Brunch with

live entertainment from 12.30 to 4pm; eat and enjoy a dip in the pool. Gourmet Sandwiches at Casa Terrace every weekend; enjoy a range of hot/cold sanwiches Mercure 40 Years of Excellence; enjoy a 40 per cent discount on food at Neyran restaurant for people who are born between 16th Sept to 25th October For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1752 4560.

Best Western Plus The Olive Lazy Friday Brunch

Enjoy a choice of International cuisine and classic Indian dishes plus unlimited beverages at BD15 net For reservations call on Tel. +973 1736 0063 / 1736 0061.

108 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Thursday Night Brunch at Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain

Sheraton Bahrain Hotel

Salad Promotion Enjoy some healthy and delicious chicken and grilled vegetable salad – grilled chicken marinated with herb lemon garlic with grilled tri-colour bell pepper, carrot and baby marrow served with balsamic dressing BD2.9; seafood with avocado salad – a combination of mussel, squid, prawns, hammour and avocado garnished with cherry tomato served with Bay Shore dressing BD3.5; jarjeer with

Friday Brunch Enjoy international buffet dishes and cuisines spread across live cooking stations served in mixed with at home style simply staggering BBQ, every Friday at the Kontiki poolside area from 12 until 3.30pm. Live music is performed by DJ Ram. Price is BD24 net per person and BD20 net for military inclusive of food and beverages. Dine & Wine Enjoy a 4/5 courses meal accompanied by carefully selected wines for each course and lounge music background by DJ Ram; an evening not to be missed. When: 18th September, 2013 Where: Mondo Italian Restaurant For further information or for bookings, please call, Tel. +973 3994 5208 or email:

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Monday Pasta Night at Fiamma Restaurant from 7pm to 10.30pm. BD12 per person inclusive and 2 complimentary selected alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages. Enjoy Italian Sea Food at Fiamma Restaurant on all nights except Sundays from 7pm to 10.30pm Enjoy Middle Eastern and North African Arabic Delicacies every Saturday at Saraya Restaurant from 12.30pm to 3.30pm. BD18 per person inclusive of water, soft drinks and juices. Enjoy the True Flavour of India every Sunday at Saraya Restaurant from 12.30pm to 3.30pm. BD18 per person inclusive of water, soft drinks and juices. Treat your family to some delicious Lebanese Cuisine at Pashawat – book for four and pay for three! Monday to Wednesday 9pm to 1am. There will be live entertainment too. Register for Fiamma’s Italian Cooking Classes with Chef Stefano every 1st Saturday of the month from 10am to 12pm For reservations and further information please call on Tel. +973 1763 6363 or email:

Mai-Tai Lounge


! t h g i N l l A p U

on the s w e n u o y g in We br

Bushido Restaurant and Lounge BRAND NEW! Absolutely Geisha:

Exclusive Launch Party Wednesday 18th September, then every Wednesday 8pm to 11pm. Free drinks coupons for ladies. 40 off Absolut cocktails for all guests. Enjoy a welcoming selection of free Geishabites including seafood, edamame and crispy chicken dishes (served until 11pm). Witness live fire-show entertainment and live music. Music delivered by resident DJ Dara Singh. Once a month special guest DJ Huss & friends captivate the dance floor with house, techno and progressive dance music alongside Bushido’s resident DJ Dara Singh. Pink Fridays: Friday 27th September 9.30pm - late. Ladies, be in with the chance to win an Emporio Armani handbag in our free raffle and enjoy 3 free drinks. Music delivered by resident DJ Dara Singh.


hts in t ig n y t r a p g in appen

most h

Special Guest DJ Dimi.El: Thursday 27th September, 9pm – late. Bushido hosts yet another big event at the end of the month as DJ Dara Singh is joined by special guest Buddha Bar DJ Dimi.El. Join Bushido973 on Facebook to view exciting updates as soon as they are announced!

The membership card comes credited with BD250 to use within the club and is rechargeable. Grab the chance to win a trip for 2 to IBIZA. DJ Serafin on 5th September

For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1758 3555

REHAB Pool Party every Friday. Free entrance. Amazing offers on beverages. Wednesday Sombrero Night: Enjoy a delicious Mexican buffet at only BD9.9 per person.

Elite Resort & Spa

Bora Bora

Shift 7

Ladies Night every day except Thursday. Karaoke Night every Saturday.

Elite Crystal Hotel Klub 360

DJ Serafin

Finesse Nights every Sunday and Wednesday Bublicious Night every Monday Party without a Wallet (KLUB 360 VIP Membership Programme): Cost: BD360.

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 109


Elite Crystal Hotel Zodiac Lounge:

Bubbly Night – Ladies night/Free drinks (list selection). Every Monday. 8pm till closing. Candy Night – Colourful smoky drinks with a pinky theme/candy jars. Every Tuesday Drinks & Sing – Karaoke Night & free round for best voice. Every Wednesday and Friday Retro Night – Oldies music 80’s and 90’s music. Every Saturday. For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1731 3333.

Mercure Grand Hotel Seef Happy Hours daily from 2pm to 7pm

at Casa bar

Sheraton Bahrain Hotel Happy Hours: Daily from 1pm to 7pm at An Nada Lounge. Enjoy 25 per cent discount on selected beverages. Ladies Night: Every Monday night at An Nada Lounge with a complimentary selection of unlimited beverages and 3 free drinks every Thursday night from 8pm to 1am. Live entertainment every day except Saturday. Sheraton Social Hour: Explore new

wines, or try an old favorite. Compare two 50 ml pours for BD2.5 net at Sheraton Social Hour every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm at An Nada Lounge. For reservations & further information call on Tel. +973 1753 3533.

InterContinental Regency GRAND OPENING of Elements Pool & Lounge: Relax at the chic poolside

The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa Italian Aperitivo Night:

Italian Aperitivo is back! Serving a light snacks buffet including 1 drink from our great Mondo Cocktails list or it could be a Beer or even a glass of wine for BD10 net accompanied by live piano music of Fabio Tolu. When: 26th September, 2013 Where: Mondo Italian Restaurant Elements Pool & Lounge at interContinental Regency

lounge, taking in the scenic beauty in a purified white open room along with lounge music. Services offered includes various selections of classy frozen fruit cocktails, the food is tailor-made to match guests’ preference. Barbecue being the food concept, guests can grill their own meat as they like. Puff on exotic shishas in an enclosed bar area. Open from 7am to 12am (Pool is open from 7am to 6pm and Shisha and Dining from 6pm to 12 am). The NEW Down Town Resident Band, Cinderella Rockafella have taken

Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand by storm, charmed China and rocked the Middle East. The 3-time winner of the Budweiser Battle of the Bands, this 6-piece band features talented musicians who play rock, reggae, hiphop, jazz, Latino, pop and more! For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1752 4560.

Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Special Pool Offer with Friday Family Brunch at Baharat! Enjoy a gourmet buffet with your family; there will be a special play area – Camelo Club for kids and you could even take a quick dip in the pool. Groove to a unique female duo from Bulgaria, Friends Band, at the Mezzanine Lounge. With the After Work Special, indulge yourself by sipping on your favourite signature beverages. Buy one get one free. Faith LH will soothe the crowds on her saxophone at Boudoir. New DJ in Bizarre Lounge, DJ Mysterioo Arif will set the pace every night Wednesday to Friday from 9pm.

Cinderella Rockafella at interContinental Regency

110 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

For reservations and additional information call on Tel. +973 1717 1441 or email:

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.


Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa French Wine Week

All restaurants will serve over 15 varieties of French wines including Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Languedoc, Loire, Rhone and more! Guests can discover the famous French Art de Vivre. Memorable moments (Wines by the glass, events, tastings, happy hours) will be celebrated in the hotel’s restaurants and bars including wine tasting in Tapas Bar every night, wine and dine food pairing at Le Mer, Elite Nights on Thursday and Friday, a special wine selection during brunch as well as happy hour from 5pm to 7pm in selected restaurants. When: 23rd to 30th September For reservations and further information please call on Tel. +973 1763 6363 or email:


Sunset Cocktails: 2 for 1, from 4pm to 7pm for all every day at Txoki, The Domain Bahrain. Tel. +973 1600 0000. Unlimited Cocktails for BD4+ JJ’s house resident DJ Dave Hayes at JJs Irish Restaurant, Adliya. Tel. +973 3932 9083. 3 free drinks between 9pm to 1.30am and SOUNDPHORIA International Band at Warblers, Ramee Baisan Hotel, Hoora. Tel. +973 1772 5000. Welcome drinks for ladies and THE BLUR (Thai Band) + DJ Guy at Z Club & Lounge, Pars Hotel, Juffair. Tel. +973 3908 7765.

Free Mojitos for ladies till midnight and BarbaRossa at Latin Quarter, Pars Hotel, Juffair. Tel. +973 3415 1618. Free cocktails from 6pm to 8pm and Duo: Sandra & Carlos at The K Lounge, The K Hotel, Juffair. Tel. +973 1736 0000. Sunset Cocktails: 2 for 1, from 4pm to 7pm for all – every day and Txoko, The Domain Bahrain. Tel. +973 1600 0000.


Unlimited free drinks all nite and THE EYE CANDIES Filipino band at Harvesters, Crowne Plaza. Tel. +973 3925 7876.

Three free drinks for ladies, 9pm to 1am and DJs Jett & Nader at Bedrock Disco Bar, Ramee Hotel California. Tel. +973 3676 6259. Five DC Dollars (= 5 drinks!) for the ladies 8pm to 2am and ELEVAT-8 International Band at Davy Crocketts (DCs), Hotel Diva, Juffair. Tel. +973 3992 2583. 3 free drinks after midnight – house wines & spirits at Muju, Dragon Hotel & Resort, Amwaj. Tel. +973 1603 9800. Thursday

From 8pm to 2pm: Unlimited House Wine & Spirits at Corners Bar, Dragon Hotel, Amwaj. Tel. +973 1603 1113. From 9pm to midnight: unlimited Cosmopolitans at InterContinental Regency. Tel. +973 1722 7777. Unlimited drinks for ladies from 9pm to midnight at Déjà vu Restaurant & Lounge in Gulf Hotel. Tel. +973 3697 7759. 5x Kicks Pounds for the ladies at Kicks Bar, Hotel Diva, Juffair. Tel. +973 3992 2583.


Spiritual Sundays – free house spirits for ladies all night long and ELEVAT-8 International Band at Davy Crocketts, Hotel Diva, Juffair. Tel. +973 3992 2583. Unlimited free drinks for ladies! 9pm -12 midnight (drink till 1.30am) and X.O.P. (Extraordinary People) Filipino Band at Enigma, Windsor Tower Hotel. Tel. +973 3618 5525. 3 free drinks between 9am to 1.30am and SOUNDPHORIA International Band at Warblers, Ramee Baisan Hotel, Hoora. Tel. +973 3838 1631. Flavoured Martinis and THE BLUR (Thai Band) + DJ Guy at Z Club, Pars Hotel, Juffair. Tel. +973 3908 7765.




Pay BD6 and enjoy unlimited pouring spirits, red/white wine, shots & cocktails 7pm to 2am at Block 338, Adliya - Girls Night Out. Tel. +973 3433 8338. Free flowing bubbly & selected cocktails: 8pm to 12 midnight at C-Club Sports Bar, Golden Tulip Hotel. Tel. +973 1752 3556. 3 free drinks for ladies from 9pm to 1am and INTEMPO from UK at Club Buffalo, Ramee California Hotel, Juffair. Tel. +973 3373 1000.

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.

2 free drinks for ladies at Harvesters, Crowne Plaza. Tel. +973 3925 7876. Complimentary drinks for the ladies - 9pm to 2am at Tabu - 1st floor at Panorama Hotel, Juffair. Tel. +973 3999 4199. Citrus Chic Ladies Nights – unlimited cocktails 9pm to 1.30am at Dublin Bar at Ramee Palace Hotel, Juffair. Tel. +973 3973 6547. 10pm to 2am Cocktails, Wine and house spirits at Blaq Velvet Underground – Grand Safir Hotel, Juffair. Tel. +973 3639 5502.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 111


The music is in them. Find out how these Dutch rising hot shots made it BIG!

Clubshot Credits:

“On stage, my playlist is spontaneous. It’s all about how the audience responds to each track.”

by Jenny Thomas Tell us a little about your lives. Dannic: I have two ‘average days’. One is when I’m on the road, which generally involves waking up (preferably late) after a show and then travelling to the next city, checking into the hotel grabbing some food and heading to the club for the next event. I try to fit in some time jamming ideas on my laptop whilst on the road. On a day when I am not travelling, I hit the studio with loads of half-finished ideas that I put together while I was touring. Dyro: Well, mine’s quite similar although when I’m back in the studio, I sometimes get out of time rhythm because I’m producing music until the early morning. Who were your biggest influences growing up? Dannic: Tiësto was a huge influence as he is from the same area as I am, Holland, funny enough so is Hardwell. My hero of all timeFedde Le Grand! Dyro: Well, I am a little younger than the rest, so I really look up to guys like Hardwell and Laidback Luke. How did you get to where you are now? Dannic: I have been DJing for over 10

112 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


Music years now. A few years ago, I won a competition and I had to perform in front of 10,000 people. That was definitely my first break and I loved every minute of it! From then on, I kept Djing and producing music. I met Hardwell, in a local bar in Breda, and we hit it off straight away. With similar ideas about music, he knew exactly what to tell me to get my creativity moving. Dyro: I began making tracks a short while ago and honed my skills as a dj back home. Content, I passed my tracks on to a few friends and through an inexplicable series of random events; the tracks were passed on to Hardwell. Shocking enough, he loved the production and played them at Electric Zoo in 2011. Your favourite gig? Dannic: I played just before Dyro at EDC Las Vegas, we were both on the main stage and the crowd was huge. Everyone was having a great time. It was a really special show and such an honour playing on that stage which could hold over 60.000 people, it’s definitely up there. Dyro: The show at EDC Las Vegas this year. That show was definitely one to remember!

“I love the adrenaline rush and buzz performing to a crowd.” What differentiates you from the other Progressive House artists? Dannic: That’s a really tough one to answer. I guess it’s the way I approach my productions and sets. I take influences from a lot of different genres and try to blend them with what would be considered a traditional structure for a progressive house track. I would say that there are a lot of elements of House and Electro in my tracks, as well as a focus on the Dancefloor.

I really love playing in front of the US audience. Dyro and I recently finished a Revealed Recordings North America tour, which was freaking awesome, and I’m currently with Hardwell touring the US again for his ‘Go Hardwell or Go Home’ tour Make sure you check out Dannic’s new track ’Rocker’ on Revealed Recordings and keep an eye out for Dyro’s talented mixes.

Touring with Hardwell seems like craziness waiting to happen. What are you looking forward to? Dannic: I have known Hardwell for a long time, so going on the road together is always super fun. I am looking forward to supporting him as I feel our sounds work really well together, me building the audience and he taking it to the next level as he famously does.

We heard you were named “ Breakthrough DJ of 2013” by Hardwell, Laidback Luke and Dada Life. How does it feel? Dyro: It’s great to know that you have the support of your peers within the industry, especially when you are just starting out. It just makes you push yourself harder to achieve your potential. What’s more, it is fantastic to be in a position where I can just reach out to these people, send them ideas, share ideas and collaborate with each other. Tell us about “Never Say Goodbye”. Dyro: Hardwell and I always knew we were going to make a track together. Ever since I started working with Revealed Recordings, he told me we would choose the right moment. We exchanged ideas and kept shooting projects to each other. That’s pretty much how the whole thing began. The instrumental version was finished before we went for the Canadian bus tour. During this tour, we got an amazing vocal layer and we knew this was it! The first time it was ever premiered was at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year, in front of thousands of fans and WOW … It was huge to be on that stage!

Clubshot Credits: September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 113


by Bayan Rashad & Ameena Bucheeri



James Jo Tammy

he most original cover “T of ers mb me ; ott Sc d an e yli James, Jo, Tammy, Kh d s are ready to take on Bahrain an ian sic mu e fiv se the , UK the m fro avy band” r you are into rock, rap or even he the he W . de wi n tio na sic mu ir spread the for you! metal, they’ve got the right tunes Tell us a bit about yourselves? James: We’re called ‘The Noise, based at JJ’s for the last year and a half. We started playing in March 2012. We initially came to Bahrain for one off gigs such as New Year’s Eve, JJ’s tenth birthday and others. Then they [JJ’s] asked us if we’d like to do a residency at JJ’s, which they had not done before. We agreed to three months initially in March 2012 and have been playing at JJ’s since. We play almost everything from System of a Down, Bruno Mars, Adele to The Beetles to Lionel Richie, Pink, to everything! How did you all meet? Jo: This has been our fourth line up since we’ve been here, James and I have been playing together for four years, in the UK and internationally. We advertised and found Scott on our third JJ’s contract and kept him on for this one, as we absolutely love working with him. We met the girls when they played in a band called “Tacit” in Downtown, The Regency, as soon as we heard them, we knew one day we would work with them. Khylie and Tammy, how many months have you been in Bahrain? Tammy: We’ve been here for the whole of last year, with our previous band. That’s when we met The Noise, and fell in love with them.

114 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

How is playing in the UK different than it is in Bahrain? Jo: Three of us are from the UK, Tammy and Khylie are from South Africa. Scott: It’s very competitive in the UK; there are so many good bands. James: There are hundreds of bands in the UK but it’s much harder to stand out as a great band internationally. How many original songs do you guys have? Jo: James has an album, you can buy singles at; Scott has been in an original band before. He likes to do a bit of writing. James: We’ve only been together for 2 weeks now, I mean as a new group, so we’ll have to settle in and it would be really fun to do Battle of the Bands, if they do one this year and write new original songs for that. All five of us can sing, so we have quite a vocal presence. What has music taught you? James: Diplomacy, we are not under a label or a recording studio, so like all our other problems we have to solve them internally. So, for me being in the band has taught me to be more balanced. Jo: For me, it taught me that there are no limits. You can do what you want. Scott: Playing with different musicians teaches you a different thing everyday.

Who is your role model? Tammy: Freddy Mercury Scott: Blink 182 Jo: Queen, Phil Collins, Journey, Adele James: Mum and Dad. What song do you wish you had written/performed? Tammy: Creep by Radio Head Scott: all my life by Foo Fighters Jo: The show must go on by queen James: My body is a cage by arcade fire Khylie: reflection of my life by marmalade How is the Bahraini culture accepting your music? James: Beautifully, every person we have met has been very welcoming, very friendly. When we came to the Middle East, we were told they are very strict. But having visited, I found it very humbling. It has been a pleasure coming to Bahrain and meeting the people I’ve met. Khylie: I was told I would have to cover up hair, my shoulders and my tattoos because of the normal tradition of Bahrain. But when I arrived here, it was not the case, I have never had anyone stare or be rude. Everybody is very accepting Tel. +973 3303 3024.


The Fall Playlist Whether you’re into pop, R&B, indie or rap we’ve got all the latest out there! So get your headphones and start updating your playlists with our latest music must haves. Applause – Lady Gaga

Mother Monster returns, with her brand new single Applause, this song gives you a little taste of how Gaga’s new album will be like! Welcome Mother Monster by listening to her new track now!

True Love – Pink ft Lilly Allen

True Love by Pink & Lilly Allen, Expresses a new refreshing style unlike Pink’s usual music. The song literally describes every love situation, whether you’re in love or you’ve ever been in love, Pink’s new song is a must on your playlist!

Roar – Katy Perry

Katy Perry, returns with a whole new agenda! Her latest single shows a new side of Katy Perry, using her music to send out new messages. Listen to the new track to keep up with her new look.

Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz

Jason Derulo’s new single will have you look for the nearest dance floor to get your groove on! The perfect tune for a wild night out or a raging party, grab your headphones and your dancing shoes cause your in for a wild treat.

It’s My Party – Jessie J

Jessie J is getting ready to release her new album! Fresh out of her new album, it’s my party is all about not caring about what people say and just living in the moment!

Why’d you only call me when you’re high? – Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys new single, influenced by Dr Dre is a new twist on the previous songs Arctic monkeys have released, their new single is more of a hip-hop song, great for a chill night to just sit in and listen to great tunes.

Fire – Big Sean

Smooth beats are all about this track by Big Sean, the rapper recently released the music video that featured the one and only Miley Cyrus. Prepare to be blown away by this hot new song.

Burn – Ellie Goulding

This inspiring new tune by Ellie Goulding will have you jumping and dancing, if you are depressed, not in the mood to do just about anything or just demotivated, this song is the perfect tune to listen to!

Right There – Ariana Grande ft Big Sean

Keep an eye out for this amazing new singer! The actress/singer has just released another new single of her new album Yours Truly check out other songs by Arian Grande and get ready to be amazed by her incredible vocal skills and beautiful voice!

Love More – Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj

The song everyone is listening to! Chris Brown’s new song is all about dancing to the right beats, add a little Nicki Minaj to the song and you know you have a great song! So don’t miss out on the incredible new song!

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 115



is on

by Ameena Bucheeri & Bayan Rashad

116 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Who would have known from the battlefields of Iraq, Richmond would now be known as Hotline. Performing with huge international stars, and artists around Bahrain, Hotline presents his exciting new album Brothers in Bars.

Interview What made you come to Bahrain? Initially I came to visit my cousin, and like the majority of the expats here, they come for 2 months and end up staying forever. I was in the military and I only knew one side of the Middle East, I did not know the other side. Coming here, I had my mindset to come and inspire someone to be an artist or painter and help in fulfilling his or her dreams. That is what I found lacking here, people would come up to me and tell me, I would like to be a writer, rapper, or whatever. I would look at them and be like why don’t you try. You just have to do it you’ll mess up make mistakes and you’ll learn from them and you’ll keep going from there. Do you think opportunities in Bahrain do exist? What do you think of the music industry in Bahrain? The opportunities have to be created, not all but the majority of it. You have to believe in what you’re doing, because it won’t be easy but if you stick to it, eventually people will be like you, she or he has been doing this for this long, they have been trying and trying, it shows how passionate they are about it. I mean not only in the Middle East but like the majority of the things that happen is “I’ll just do it tomorrow” or “I’ll do it later”. You’re not promised tomorrow you’re only promised the moment your in right now, you have to maximise your potential now, Your yesterday is tomorrow’s today, you’ve been saying I’ll do it later or next week but imagine how much you could accomplish if you have done what you said you would do in that exact moment.

is the music scenes and stuff, one of the first musicians I heard about was Ali Bahar (RIP), I listened to his music although it’s in Arabic, but the struggle started when I was trying to find him, I kept asking, how do you find him or does anyone know him. And from there you start to fumble and stumble around, asking people who might know someone that knows him and stuff like that, and eventually I found him and we did a song together. Where do you perform? I perform at many places, the BIC, Amwaj, clubs, Charity events and Bahrain City Centre and everywhere really. What was your favourite performance? I actually have three favourite performances, there was a charity event for Bahrain “One heart” I liked that one because of the message behind it; it was like a message through entertainment, there were rappers, actors, musicians and many more entertainers. There was another one with one of the universities and it was maybe when I first came and musicians and dancers were still a bit frowned upon. It is more accepting now than the very beginning (I had another performance with Kelly Rowland, which was pretty exciting).

What was your first step in starting up in the music industry in Bahrain? Whom did you approach? I just asked general people, who are the musicians and where

of inspirational songs, things that you would need to survive a rough situation or a war. In this album there are musician, from the navy, the army and from the marines. So, I picked people from all over to help people understand and educate people on what is really happening in the Middle East and vice versa.

Tell us a bit about your new album Brothers in Bars. Well, all my songs in this album are original, my strong suit was always writing, I have always written, I’ve written blogs, articles and poetry. The album is called Brothers in Bars, and it’s kind of the theme of the songs. Brothers is another way of saying family, which also could mean unity, and bars is the measurement of music. Brothers in bars is another way of saying unite through music. There is a military term “Brother in Arms” which means all the armies united (Navy, Marines etc.) which reflects back to my past that is why there is a cross over the Arms on the album cover. My album is full

When did you first realise you had such talents? Since I was a child I have always been an entertainer, but the writing propelled to the forefront when I entered a contest that was open to the entire school district grades K-12. I won a medal for my poem. That really showed me the power of my words. What plans do you have for the future? I’m planning to do some collaboration with other artists from other Arab countries and not with rappers only but with traditional Arab musicians For inquries, email: Twitter: @Hotlinetime Instagram: @Hotlinetime Youtube: Hotlinetimetv

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 117

TV Series

What To Watch This Fall This fall, fall into your coaches and indulge yourself in this season’s newest, most anticipated TV shows, relax and sit by as we show you the break down of this season’s must-watch shows: Hostages The White house is in jeopardy! The President has been injured! And the President’s Doctor has been taken! CBS’s new show revolves around; a rogue FBI agent takes hostage the family of a doctor, who will be doing surgery on the United States President. She is ordered by the kidnappers to assassinate the President in order to save her family. This upcoming American drama series is set to premiere on 24th September, 2013.

Marvel’s Agents S.H.I.E.L.D. The Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man, are all protected by the secret agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. the agency that helped them keep their secret and covered them when things went wrong, the new series brought to you by ABC, revolves around agent Phil Coulson who puts together a small team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange new cases. Each case will test the team in cooperation and ingenuity as they try to work together figuring out newly emerging superhuman individuals in the world. This exciting new series is set to premiere 24th September, 2013.

Trophy Wife Drama, Laughter and Romance is what you will find in the new ABC Studio show, this series takes an interesting round on the life of a reformed party girl who ends up marrying a guy after she meets him at a karaoke bar. In the process, she finds herself dealing with his two ex-wives and their children, along with the chaos she has to deal with when it comes to trying to blend in with this complicated family that she married into! Catch this new show on its premiere 24th September, 2013.

The Crazy Ones Laughter and Amusement is what the The Crazy Ones is all about! CBS’s new show is set in Chicago, it follows the lives of the people who work for the Roberts & Roberts advertising agency, headed by Simon Roberts, a successful, yet unpredictable genius, and his daughter Sydney Roberts, who is more reasonable and determined to make a name for herself. The hilarious new show is set to premiere 26th September, 2013!

118 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013


Light’s Out. It’s Movie Time! Staying in for the night? Do you just want to relax and watch a movie? Well we’ve got the perfect movies to keep you company through the night! From Action to Horror, here are the most anticipated movies of September.

Riddick The infamous Riddick has been left to die on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s ever come across. Riddick has to pursue multiple adventures, and a journey in order to find a way out of this horrific planet and stop the predators once and for all. The movie stars, Vin Diesel as Riddick, Katee Sackhoff and many more other actors. This movie is most suitable for young adults as it contains strong violence and language. Set to premiere on the 6th of September Watch out for this new Sci-fi, action filled movie!

120 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Hell Baby

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 picks off where the first sequel left off. After discovering that Flint Lockwood’s evil machine which turns water into food is still up and running but now creating mutant food beasts. With the fate of humanity in his hands, Flint and his friends embark on dangerously delicious mission and try to save the world … again!

Jack and Vanessa, an expectant couple that move into the most haunted fixer-upper in New Orleans, a house with a deadly demonic curse. Things soon spiral out of control for Jack and Vanessa, as well as theirnot-so-helpful neighbour, F’ Resnel. In hopes to be saved, they look for an exorcism team, and so they meet the Vatican’s elite exorcism team, only they can save them or can they?

This fun, family animated movie is set to release on the 27th of September. Appropriate for all ages who enjoy laughter and family fun.

A mixture of horror, thriller and a hint of comedy, this movie is set to release on the 27th of September. This movie will have you sleep with the lights on for a few days if not months!



Bahrain Confidential’s Favourite

American Blaze Burgers 1774 4773 Adliya, 11am to 12am Burger Wisconsin 1759 4458 Sa’ar, 11am to 12am Chickey’s 1774 4144 Zinj & 2 other locations, 10am to 1am Elevation Burger 1758 7828 Seef Mall, 12pm to 11pm Fat Burger 1713 1414 Bahrain City Centre & 2 other locations 9am to 1am Franks a Lot 1781 1970 Juffair, 10am to 1am Fuddruckers 1774 2266 Adliya & 4 other locations, 8am to 12am Johnny Rockets 1756 6565 Al A’ali Complex & 1 other location 8.30am to 1am Melt Restaurant 1749 9900 Shaikh Hamad Avenue, West Riffa & Juffair, a place to sit back and enjoy great burgers, freshly tossed salads, sumptuous sweets, and much more! 11am to 12am Tony Luke’s 1749 4940 Riffa, 11am to 12am Tony Roma’s 1787 0070 Zayed Town, 12.30pm to 1am Ric’s Kountry Kitchen 1772 5550 Juffair Bennigan’s 1781 3750 Al Safir Hotel, Juffair Brasa de Brazil 1758 2225 Seef Mall, 12pm to 11pm Chilli’s 1758 1221 Seef Mall and many other locations Hard Rock Café 1729 1569 Exhibition Road, 8am to 1am Jan Burger 1771 2505 Adliya & 5 other locations Burger Lounge 3984 2840 Amwaj, 12pm to 12am Grub Shack 1713 1363 Al Hamala

Asian Chin Li 1771 7717 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm

Curry Country 1753 7555 Juffair, 11am to 2am

Al Bindaira Café 1774 4066 Adliya, Monday to Thursday 10.30am to 12.30am and Friday 1pm to 1am

David’s Stir Fry 1754 0188 Adliya & 1 other location 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm

Al Bareh Art Café 1771 3535 Adliya, 8.30am to 11pm

Hot Wok 1717 8083 Bahrain City Centre, 10am to 12am

Al Riwaq Café 1771 7441 Adliya, 10am to 9pm

Pan Asia 1772 1600 Umm Al Hassam, 11am to 3.30pm/7pm to 11pm

Aroma Restaurant & Café 1758 2711 Seef Mall, Open for lunch and dinner

Peppers Fusion 1771 7808 Adliya, 11am to 3.30pm/6pm to 12am

Café Lilou 1771 4440 Adliya & 1 other location Saturday to Thursday 8am to 11pm/ Friday 10am to 11.30pm

Kontiki Restaurant 1753 1666 Diplomt Radisson Blu Baan Saeng Thai Adliya, 11.30am to 3pm/6pm to 12am

Candles Coffee 1771 4844 Adliya, Sunday to Thursday 9am to 1am/ Friday & Saturday 5pm to 1am

Bali Orchid 1718 0424 Gudaibiya, 12pm to 12am

Caramel 1770 7087 Cyprus Gardens, Budaiya, 8.30am to 12am

Honey’s 3923 8507 Souq, Sunday to Wednesday 10am to 5.30pm/ Friday to Saturday 24 Hours

Café Ceramique Al A’ali Mall, 9am to 11pm

Mamy Soup 3919 5343 Exhibition Road, 11am to 11pm Monsoon 1774 9222 Adliya, Saturday to Thursday 12pm to 2.30pm/7pm to 11pm & Friday 7pm to 11pm Nu Asia 1758 7171 Seef, 12pm to 12am Pong’s 1753 0800 Exhibition Road Thai Chi 1717 9747 Bahrain City Centre, 12pm to 12am Thai Express 1769 3595 Jawad Dome, Budaiya, 10am to 11.30pm Thailand 1771 7040 Block 338, Adliya, 6.30pm to 11.30pm

Brazilian Brazil 1782 6686 Adliya. Authentic Brazilian Rodizio. All you can eat + beverages BD16.200++, Friday Brunch BD21++

Cafés Café T 1775 0777 The Royal Golf Club PAUL Bakery & Restaurant 1717 2321 Bahrain City Centre and 1 other location A Lounge 1771 0041 Adliya, 11am to 2am

Columbus Café 1717 2324 Bahrain City Centre, 8am to 12am Crepe Café 7711 5566 Budaiya & 1 other location Sunday to Wednesday 8am to 12am/ Thursday to Saturday 8am to 1am Deli France 1769 6031 Jawad Dome, Budaiya Sunday to Thursday 8am to 10pm/ Friday to Saturday 8am to 11pm Dome Café 1781 0180 Juffair, Open 24 Hours Friend’s Club 1771 3732 Adliya, Saturday to Wednesday 10am to 12am/ Thursday to Friday 10am to 1am La Maison du Café 1771 7524 Adliya, 8am to 2am Le Chocolat Seef District 7.30am to 12am Maya Chocolat Seef Mall, Sunday to Wednesday 10am to 11pm/ Friday to Saturday 10am to 12am Med Café 1771 3088 Adliya and other locations, 11am to 1am Patisseri Valerie MODA Mall, 7.30am to 9pm Sky Walk Café Mariott Executive Apartments, Juffair 6.30am to 11.30pm Tea Club Amwaj Islands 12pm to 12am Veranda 1771 5868 Adliya and 2 other locations, 9am to 1am

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.


The Way of the Warrior For reservations, call Tel. +973 17583555 or email:

Waterlemon 1758 1785 Al A’ali Shopping Complex 10am to 11pm Organic Foods & Café 1333 3285 Seef Mall, 9am to 10pm Levante Café 1603 0393 Amwaj, 12pm to 130am Café Sayah 1722 4000 Delmon International Hotel, Open 24 Hours

Chinese China Express 1771 7439 Adliya,12.30pm to 1am China Garden 1774 6423 Gulf Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Ching 1756 4424 Seef Mall, 10am to 12am Kowloon 1772 5015 Umm Al Hassam,1am to 3.30pm/6.30pm to 12am Shanghai Hut 1729 2988 Exhibition Avenue 11.30am to 2am Hong Kong 1772 8700 Adliya Soie 1753 3533 Sheraton Hotel Beijing Chinese 1771 7969 Block 338, Adliya, 11.30am to 3pm/6pm to 12am First Chinese 1771 3603 Adliya, 12pm to 3.30pm/6pm to 12am Foli 1772 2199 Um Al Hassam, 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm Magic Wok 1769 4105 American Alley, Juffair, Open Daily 8am to 11pm PF Changs 1717 9757 Bahrain City Centre

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Grand Royal 1772 1787 Umm Al Hassam, 12.30pm to 3.30pm/6.30pm to 1130pm Grill Room Buffet 1769 6660 Budaiya & 1 other location 12.30pm to 3.30pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm Havana 1731 1440 Hoora, 12pm to 1am

A Culinary Haven! Located at the Bahrain World Trade Centre. For more information, call Tel. +973 1752 2733

Marmaris 1755 3825 Al Daih, 11am to 12am Paprikas 1729 7100 Hoora & 1 other location, 10am to 1am

Bahrain Confidential’s Favourite

Curry Tree 1603 0662 The Lagoon & 2 other locations, 12pm to 12am

Vrindavan 1723 4454 Manama, 7am to 3.30pm/4.30pm to 11pm

Hyderabad House 1772 0031 Umm Al Hassam, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am

Aachi’s Chettinand Kitchen 1723 3110 Gudaibiya, 10.30am to 3.30pm/ 5.30pm to 1130pm

It’s Mirchi 1772 7230 Ramee International Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/ 7pm to 12am Kalpaka 1729 7000 Windsor Tower Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 2am Khazana 1727 4767 Manama, 7am to 3.30pm/5pm to 12am

Akbar 1729 6660 Ramada Palace Hotel 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12.30am Asha’s 1717 9751 Bahrain City Centre Clay Oven 1771 7008 Adliya, 11.30am to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm

Paradise 1753 5306 Manama, 9am to 1am

Lanterns 1759 0591 Budaiya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am Now also open in Adliya

Salt & Pepper 1762 3535 Sanad, 10am to 12am

Mantra 1721 1133 Best Western Plus Olive Hotel, 12pm to 2am

Moti Mahal 1782 5333 Juffair, 12pm to 12am

Silk Restaurant 1774 9750 Adliya, 11am to 12pm

Nattinpuram 1729 0600 Ramee Baisan Hotel, 12pm to 12 am

Mumbai Spice Bahrain Mall, 10am to 10pm


Spice Nice 1771 3603 Adliya, 12pm to 3.30pm/6pm to 12am

Block 338 1771 0338 Adliya, 11am to 2am

Sun & Sand 1731 1366 Exhibition Avenue, 11am to 2am

Nirvana 1758 9318 Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa 12pm to 3.30pm/7pm to 11.30pm

Deja Vu 1365 7770 Adliya, 4pm to 2am

Tandoor Hut 1771 3874 Adliya, 11am to 1130pm

Al Osra 1749 1492 East Riffa & 3 other locations, 11am to 12am

The Food Station 1725 4007 Marina Mall & 2 other locations, 10am to 10pm

Atayeb Restaurant 1759 0119 Budaiya, 12pm to 4pm/6pm to 11pm

Camelot 1771 7745 Adliya, Block 338 12pm to 12am

Chocolatiers Godiva 1758 0699 Seef Mall, 10am to 10pm Patchi 1725 0501 Manama and 1 other location, 9.30am to 9pm Rawasi Chocola & Flowers Mahooz, 9am to 1.30pm/4pm to 9pm

Bangkok International 1774 0666 Adliya & 1 other location, 10am to 1am Blue Moon 1729 7100 Hoora, 10am to 1am Bu Ali 1724 2432 Zinj & 2 other locations, 10am to 12am Caesars 1771 6955 Adliya, 12.30pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.45pm Century International 1771 0100 Adliya & 1 other location 7am to 2am Charcoal Grill 1721 3410 Manama & 1 other location Citrus Restaurant & Café 1774 4950 Adliya, 12pm to 12am

Trader Vic’s 1758 6555 Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Spa 12pm to 3.30pm/7.30pm to 11.30am Saraya 1763 6410 Sofitel Bahrain, 6.30am to 11pm

Rajdhani 1771 5222 Gudaibiya, 7am to 2am Saffron Curry 1722 3014 Enma Mall, 12pm to 12am Sahar 1772 5117 Umm Al Hassam, 8am to 12am Shamiana 1717 8085 Bahrain City Centre, 10am to 12am The Yellow Chilli 1758 0480 Seef Mall, 12pm to 10.30pm

Sangeetha 1727 2768 Gudaibiya, 7.30am to 3pm/5.30pm to 11pm Spices 1753 1122 Crowne Plaza, Diplomatic Area, 12pm to 11pm Taka Tak 1725 4848 Gudaibiya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm The Great Kebab Factory 1769 0629 Jawad Dome, Budaiya 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 12am

International Bambino 1753 3336 Sheza Tower Hotel, 24 Hours Café Marisol 1770 1201 Al Bander Hotel & Resort, 7am to 11.30pm

Tapas Bar 1763 6412 Sofitel Bahrain, 11.30am to 3.30pm/7pm to 12am JJ’s Irish Pub and Restaurant 1774 2323 Adliya, 12pm to 230am Clay Oven 1771 7008 Adliya, 11.30am to 3pm/ 6.30pm to 11.30pm House Boat 1601 0321 Amwaj, 11am to 11.30pm


Fantasy Restaurant 1729 2382 Hoora, 11am to 12am

Bright Candle 1722 9076 Manama, 11am to 3pm/6pm to 12am

Georgia Chinese 1781 3814 Juffair, 11am to 12am

Charminar 1726 1896 Manama, 11am to 3pm/6pm to 12am

122 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Papadom 1756 4434 Seef Mall, 10am to 12am

Copper Chimney 1772 8699 Um Al Hassam, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” - J.R.R. Tolkien

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.



Bahrain Confidential’s Favourite

Cyprus Taverna 1771 6316 Adliya, 11am to 2pm/4pm to 2am

Rimal 1784 5000 Al Areen Palace & Spa, 6.30am to 11pm

Gusto Pizzeria 1769 5556 Budaiya,12pm to 11pm

East West Cuisine 1721 0012 Bahrain Financial Harbour, 8am to 5pm

Selections 1720 8308 InterContinental Regency Hotel 6.30am to 11.30pm

Little Caesars 1717 9400 Bahrain City Centre & 4 other locations 11am to 12am

Upstairs Downstairs 1771 3093 Adliya, 7am to 11am/12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am

Margherita Pizza & Pasta 1772 3133 Umm Al Hassam, 12.30pm to 3.30pm/ 5.30pm to 12.30am

Figs & Olives 1600 0000 The Domain Bahrain, 10am to 12am Ginger Lounge 1737 0037 Majestic Arjaan by Rotana, 6.30am to 11.30pm Healthy Calorie 1736 9399 Juffair, 8am to 12pm Jim’s Restaurant 1771 0654 Adliya, 11am to 3pm/6pm to 12am Little Chef 1759 5950 Budiaya, 12pm to 12am Mei N Yu 1601 0160 The Lagoon, 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 12am Salad Boutique 3666 4427 Adliya, 8am to 12am Vins Bistro 1771 7101 Adliya, 10am to 2am Fusions 1771 3000 Gulf Hotel Links Restaurant 1775 0777 The Royal Golf Club Silk’s 1746 0000 Mövenpick Hotel The Gallery 1746 0000 Mövenpick Hotel La Med 1758 0000 The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa Le Bistro 1722 7777 InterContinental Regency Hotel Al Waha Restaurant 1774 6425 Gulf Hotel, Adliya, Open 24 Hours Al Wasmeyah Restaurant 1753 5000 Golden Tulip Hotel, Diplomatic Area Open 24 Hours DownTown Lounge 1720 8308 InterContinental Regency Hotel, 5pm to 2am La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Arts 1771 3000 Ras Ruman, 9am to 10.30pm Muju Restaurant & Lounge 1603 9800 Open 24 Hours Nando’s 1782 5100 Juffair, 11am to 2am Rendezvous 1758 7708 Seef Mall, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

Yamin Jana Mediterranean Sea Front Lounge 1603 3800 Dragon Hotel & Resort, Amwaj Open 2pm onwards Zodiac Restaurant 1781 3366 Al Manzil Suites, Juffair, Open 24 hours All day dining offering a wide selection and panoramic views of Juffair from the 15th floor. Zoe 1771 6400 Adliya, Block 338, Saturday to Tuesday, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am & Wednesday to Friday 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 2am Zytoun 1729 8008 Novotel Al Dana Resort 6.30am to 12am Tamarind 1784 5000 Al Areen Palace & Spa Wednesday to Saturday 12pm to 3pm/ 6pm to 11.30pm & Sunday to Tuesday 12pm to 3pm

Italian BICE 1755 3666 MODA Mall, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11.30pm Carino’s Italian Grill 1758 7878 Seef Tower, 11am to 12am Coco’s Café 1771 3710 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Fiamma 1763 6363 Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa 12.30pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Italiano 1758 1919 Al A’ali Complex, 11.45am to 11pm MASSO 1772 1061 The Palace Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11.30pm

Metro Pizza 1779 4000 Sa’ar, 12pm to 12am

Pick a Pizza 1772 0929 Umm Al Hassam & 1 other location 12pm to 1am Pizza Express 1601 0524 The Lagoon Amwaj, 11am to 12am Pizza Hut 1771 1113 Manama & 10 other locations, 11am to 1am Pizza Inn 1781 1666 Juffair & 1 other location, 10am to 12am Pizza Bella 1782 7133 Juffair & 1 other location, 11.30am to 11.30pm Rolandos 7732 2222 Juffair 12pm to 12am Pizza Company 1781 1830 Juffair & 1 other location, Open 24 Hours Cucina Italiana 1700 1317 Al Safir Hotel, Juffair, 6am to 2am La Pergola 1771 3000 Gulf Hotel Café Spasso 1782 2274 New Zinj, Open 830am onwards Café Italia 1774 4774 Adliya and 1 other location 12pm to 3.30pm/7pm to 11.30pm Medzo 1720 8308 InterContinental Regency Hotel Open for lunch and dinner

Pasta Art 1700 1750 Zamil Tower, 8am to 6pm

Mino’s 1774 4777 Adliya, 11am to 12.30am

Pastarito 1717 9300 Bahrain City Centre & Durrat Al- Bahrain 11am to 12am

Ninos 1756 6555 Al A’ali Complex, Seef

Primavera 1758 0000 Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

A Story of Honour, Elegance and Integrity For reservations, call Tel. +973 1700 7770

Mondo Restaurant 1753 1666 Diplomat Radisson Blu

Mia Mia 1756 4414 Seef Mall, 10am to 12am

Prego 1775 1263 The Royal Golf Club, 11.30am to 12am


Roma 1772 5885 Um Al Hassam, 12pm to 2.30pm/7pm to 11.30pm Pomodorino 1700 0121 Adliya, 12pm to 1am Vapiano 1749 1391 Bahrain City Centre, 10am to 10pm

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.

Japanese Bushido 1758 3555 Seef, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 2am EDO 1729 0945 Exhibition Avenue, 11,30am to 12am Fuji Sushi Bar 1753 3336 Sheza Tower Hotel,12.30pm to 12am Frangipani 1758 2422 Seef Mall, 10am to 12am Haji Sushi 1772 5638 American Alley, Juffair, 11am to 11pm Imari 1600 0000 The Domain Bahrain, 6pm to 12am Kei 1753 5000 Golden Tulip Hotel, 12.30pm to 3pm/ 7.30pm to 11pm Maki 1752 2733 MODA Mall, 12pm to 12am Meisei 1700 7770 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am Mirai 1771 3113 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Sato 1771 3000 Gulf Hotel Sumo Sushi & Bento 1771 8090 American Alley, Juffair, 12pm to 12am Sushi 101 1782 2274 New Zinj Saturday to Thursday, 12pm to 3pm/6pm onwards & Friday 1pm to 4pm/7pm onwards Yo Sushi 1758 3373 Al A’ali Complex, Seef Saturday to Wednesday 12pm to 12am/ Thursday to Friday 12pm to 2am

Middle Eastern Abd El Wahab 1713 1111 MODA Mall, 12pm to 12am

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Aloha Life! Located at Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa For more information, call Tel. +973 1758 6555

Badawi 1729 7799 Manama, 10am to 11pm Café Blanc 1710 0069 Al A’ali Complex, 8am to 12am Chakmagia 1755 8500 Dana Mall, 10am to 10pm Dalaona Restaurant 1733 0930 Muharraq, 9am to 12am Fakhruddin 1769 5949 Sa’ar, 11am to 11pm Kenza 1736 0000 The K Hotel, 7pm to 2am Leila 1756 6556 Seef, 9am to 12am Mashawi Lebanese Grill 1733 9014 Muharraq, 12pm to 12am Qasr Al Sultan Grill 1774 4144 Bahrain City Centre & 1 other location 11am to 12am

Yalla Yalla 1782 7999 Al Safir Hotel, 6.30pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

Wafi Gormet 1779 999 Bahrain City Centre, 9am to 12.30pm

Butcher’s Shop & Grill 1717 2323 Bahrain City Centre, 12pm to 11pm

Taza 1778 4997 Tubli, 12.30pm to 12.30am

Yas-e Isfahani 1758 1151 Seef Mall, 10am to 10pm

Brazil 1782 6686 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/6pm to 11pm

Momo 1718 0659 Adliya, 8am to 2am

Pashawat 1763 6413 Sofitel Bahrain, 7pm to 12am

L’lle 1784 5000 Al Areen Palace & Spa, 6pm to 11pm

Shawarma Express 1772 9922 Juffair & 5 other locations, 7am to 3am

Baharat 1717 1000 Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel, Bahrain City Centre Wednesday to Friday 8pm to 12am

Legendz Steakhouse 1720 8308 InterContinental Regency Hotel Open for lunch and dinner

Zahle 1774 6417 Gulf Hotel Monday to Tuesday 7pm to 1am/ Wednesday to Friday 7pm to 2am

Ponderosa Steakhouse 1758 0552 Seef, 11am to 1am

Zahlawiya 1771 0051 Adliya, 7am to 2pm/4pm to 4am Kosebasi 1717 2322 Bahrain City Centre Al Abraaj 1759 5656 Budaiya and many other locations, 12pm to 12am Al Arisha 1772 5414 Um Al Hassam, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am

Mexican Margarita Mexicana 1774 6462 Gulf Hotel, Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Casa Mexicana 1771 5521 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/6pm to 12am

Sea Food


Al Mukhayam Ramada Palace Hotel 8pm to 1am

Asia Sea Food 1722 4466 Mashtan Hotel, 6am to 11pm

Banana Leaf 1774 4171 Adliya, 11am to 11pm

Al Shama 1729 7000 Windsor Tower Hotel, 9pm to 2am

La Mer 1763 6411 Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa 7pm to 11pm

Hash House 1771 5094 Adliya, 12pm to 4pm/6pm to 12am

Al Hamra 1722 4000 Delmon International Hotel, Open 24 Hours

Al Yacout 1729 8008 Novotel Al Dana Resort, 8pm to 2am Carla’s 1769 7687 Cyprus Gardens, Sehla, 12pm to 12am

La Perle 1729 8008 Novotel Al Dana Resort, 7pm to 12am Sea Chef 1729 2911 Hoora, 12pm to 1am

Tarwe’a 1724 0046 Manama, Open 24 Hours

Isfahani 1755 0567 Hoora and other locations, 12pm to 12am

Far East Sea Food Market 1772 7230 Ramez International Hotel, Juffair Daily, 12.30pm to 11.30pm

Yamin Jana 1600 3380 The Dragon Hotel & Resort, 7am to 2am

Laialy Zaman 1729 3097 Fateh Corniche, 11am to 4am

Fish Market 1770 1201 Al Bander Hotel and Resort, 12.30pm to 11.30pm

Zayt Zaytoon 1731 2222 Manama & 2 other locations, 7am to 12am

Marmaris 1755 5909 Sanabis, 11am to 12am

Zeitouna 1736 5055 Juffair & 4 other locations, 8am to 12am

Persian 1781 1511 Adliya, 12.30pm to 3.30pm/7.30pm to 12am

Sheza Seafood Market 1753 3336 Sheza Tower Hotel, Diplomatic Area 12.30pm to 12am

Al-Bokhari 1731 1186 Hoora & 2 other locations, 12pm to 2am

Persian Room 1601 0166 Amwaj Islands Saturday to Wednesday 12pm to 12am/ Thursday to Friday 12pm to 1am

124 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

The Meat Co 1774 2080 Block 338 Saturday to Wednesday 12.30pm to 3.30pm/ 7pm to 11.30pm and Thursday to Friday 12.30pm to 12am

Senor Paco’s 1772 5873 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 12am

Golestan 1753 3533 Sheraton Hotel Sunday to Friday 12.30pm to 2.30pm/7.30pm to 11.30pm

Melh Al Zad 1731 1170 Hoora, 12.30pm to 1am

Sizzlers Restaurant 1771 6999 Mansoori Mansions Hotel, Open 24 Hours

Mezzaluna 1774 2999 Adliya Sunday to Wednesday 7pm to 11pm/ Thursday to Saturday 7pm to 11.30pm

Al Fanar 1753 1666 Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel Open Monday to Saturday 9.30pm to 2am

Shoo Fee Ma Fee 1731 1280 Adliya, 10am to 12am

Leewan Al Khor 1601 0666 Amwaj, 1pm to 11pm

Bahrain Confidential’s Favourite

Rayes 1731 2700 Fateh Corniche, 12pm to 1230am Takht-e Jamsheed 1774 6431 Gulf Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

Waves 1753 1122 Crowne Plaza Hotel, 12pm to 4pm/7pm to 12am

Orchid Thai 1729 6660 Ramada Palace Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 1am Shada 1772 1155 Zinj, 11.30am to 3.30pm/6.30pm to 12am Royal Thai Sea Food Restaurant 1771 3000 Gulf Hotel Muay Thai Quick Meal Restaurant 7704 0454 Juffair, 12pm to 12am

Steak Houses Klouds 1736 0000 The K Hotel, 6.30am to 2am Le Sauvage Meat + Fire 1600 0000 The Domain Bahrain 6.30am to 3pm/6pm to 12am Plums 1758 0000 Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa 7pm to 11.30pm

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.


Sports, Fitness and Kids Creative Kids



Al Safir Fitness First The Regency The Diplomat Radisson Blu Curves (Budaiya) Ez Fit Sports Complex Image Spa & Leisure (Sheraton Hotel) The Health Club (Gulf Hotel) Nautilus (Crown Plaza) Sports Club & Spa, Ritz-Carlton Al Gosaibi Gym Ghassan’s Gym (mat and private classes available) La Fontaine Centre World Beat Fitness Centre

Art of Living 3988 8760 Dessange 1771 3999 (Yoga classes offered several times a week) Bahrain Meditation Centre Bahrain 1779 5961 (Wellness Resort) Saturdays and Wednesdays. 7pm to 8.30pm, Mixed yoga classes. Sundays and Tuesdays (Ladies Only), 10am to12pm Bayoga Centre 1772 5027 Daily yoga classes, relaxing yoga and meditation for beginners and advanced students. 1761 2576 World Beat Fitness Centre The Diplomat Radisson Blu 1753 1666 Reiki Master And Teacher Melanie 3933 0911 offers Reiki sessions and courses or Anubhaa Sharma

1781 3815 1332 2200 1722 7777 1753 1666 1769 1496 1769 2378 1752 4570 1771 3000 1753 0764 1758 9380 1729 3221 1769 5911 1723 0123 1761 2576

Badminton Bapco Club Telgu Kala Samithi The Indian Club

1775 3666 1727 6300 1725 3157

Basketball EZ Fit Sports Complex Bahrain Basketball Association

1769 2378 1774 1010

Bowling Al Bander Hotel & Resort Awali Bowling Centre Bahrain Bowling Association Bapco Club Funland Centre

1769 2378 1769 5809 1727 6134

1765 0079

Dance Bahrain Ballet Centre Indian Institute for Performing Arts Latin Dance Bahrain Sampaguita Club Sayaw Unlimited Dance Club Victoria Dance Centre World Beat Fitness Centre Profiles Fitness Centre Pineapple

1769 3232 1723 1717 3967 6349 3910 6589 3982 7096 3987 6215 1761 2576 1772 7766 1771 2000

Football Al Ahli Sports Club Al Hala Sports Club Bahrain Rugby Football Club British Club Dilmun Club EZ Fit Sports Complex Arsenal Soccer School

1727 7712 1734 2182 1769 5809 1772 8245 1769 2986 1769 2378 1756 1615

Golf Awali Club Royal Golf Club

Snooker Bahrain Snooker Association Jimmy’s Snooker and Billiards Club

Bahrain Badminton and Squash Federation The Country Club Al Bander Resort Nautilus (Crowne Plaza) The Diplomat Radisson Blu

1782 5301 1771 6147

Swimming Lessons British Club Dilmun Club Ritz Carlton Sports Club The Diplomat Radisson Blu

1753 1165 1745 0000 1778 0011 3944 4137

Martial Arts Japan Karate Association 3944 9628/3667 2204 Profiles Fitness Centre (Boxing for ladies) 1772 7766 Zen-Do 1761 1909 Bahrain Karate Centre 3947 7709 Goju Karate Club 3965 9510 World Beat Fitness Centre 1761 2576 Bahrain Karate-do Academy 3665 7059

1759 3593 1770 1201 1753 0764 1753 1666

Awali Riding Club 1775 6525 Saturdays to Thursdays, 7am to 7pm. Fridays 7am to 6pm. Desert rides. Qualified instructors Bahrain Riding School 1769 0448 Daily rides 4pm to 6pm Dilmun Club 1769 2986 Sundays to Thursdays. 8am to 11am and 3pm to 7.30pm Shakhoora Riding School 1759 1103 Sundays to Thursdays, 8am to 12noon, 3.30pm to 7pm The Country Club 1759 3593 Fridays Horse riding in paddock, 1pm to 4pm Twin Palms Riding Centre 1759 1668

Bahrain Sailing School Coral Beach Club The Marina Club The Sailing Club The Yacht Club Aquatique - Organised pearl diving Al Bander Resort Bahrain Swimming Association Dilmun Club

1729 2313

1729 2662

Horse Riding


Ice Skating Funland Centre

1769 5809

Art Classes Paint In Space 1762 6232 Chaoss 1759 2096 Dar Albareh 1771 3535/3906 9016 Celebrations 1759 5791 Bahrain Art Society 1759 0551 Indian Institute for Performing Arts 1723 1717 The Studio 3975 4863 Studio Ceramics 1759 9026 Things to Do 1759 0409

Drama Film-making workshops

3600 1777

Kids Gyms/Gymnastics My Gym, EZ Fit World Beat Fitness Centre Chaoss

1756 6566 1769 2378 1761 2576 1759 2096

Libraries Awali Library (BAPCO, Awali) British Club (Times vary) Iqra’s Children’s Library Muharraq)

1775 3666 1772 8245 1732 0955

1772 8245 1769 2986 1758 0001 1753 1666

1731 0252 1721 2700 1729 1527 1783 6078 1770 0677 1727 1780 1770 1201 1768 0867 1769 0926

Tennis Bahrain Tennis Club 1772 9561 The British Club 1722 8245 The Country Club 1759 3593 Dilmun Club 1769 2986 Gulf Hotel 1771 3000 Marina Club 1729 1527 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 1753 1666 Bahrain Tennis Club 1772 9561/1772 9756 Filipino Club Tennis Group 3952 7587

Bahrain Music Institute Kindermusik Bahrain Room to Rock

Al Areen Wildlife Park

1783 6116

Adhari Park

1740 7300

North of the Shaikh Isa Bin Sulman Highway Fun for all ages, includes a sports camp, groovy town, discovery village and indoor entertainment Children’s Health Academy of Specialised Sports


1759 2096 Swimming, gymnastics, dance and Taekwon-Do for children and teenagers.

Dolphin Park Corniche next to Marina Club One hour marine mammal show.

1729 3109

Funland Corniche next to Marina Club Bowling and Ice Skating everyday.

1729 2313

Hawar Island

1731 1770 Day trips to Hawar Island, boats depart from Ad Dur Jetty at 10am daily

Kid’s Kingdom

Music Lessons

1775 6770 1775 0777

Go Karting/Racing Rally Town BIC Silver go-Karts (Tubli) Gulf Speed One (Seef)



Cycling Bahrain Cycling Association

Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1769 5809 (Thurs) 4.45pm for girls; (Sun) 7.30pm for women Riffa Views Netball League 3630 6946

Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1770 1201 1775 3666 1782 2077 1775 3666 1729 2313

Cricket EZ Fit Sports Complex Bahrain Rugby Football Club SLC Grounds, Riffa Thursdays, Training 3pm to 5pm


Where To Go

1772 1999 1761 3144/3925 6904 1761 1785

Corniche, next to the Hawar reservation office A small outdoor playground. Good fun for young children. Open until late.

Magic Island Seef Mall

Play Centres Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park Chaoss Funland Centre (bowling, ice skating, pool) Mad Science Magic Island, My Gym, Softplay at Dilmun Club Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark

1755 8500 1759 2096 1729 2313

1759 1136 1758 2898 1756 6566 1769 0926 1784 5100

Play Groups Chaoss, Off Budaiya Highway 1759 2096 Kindermusik 3925 6904/1761 3144 Ajyaal Montessori Pre-School 3912 9585 Mini Storytellers, British School (4 to 7 year olds) Musical Babies, Nadeen School 1772 8886 My Gym, Seef District 1756 6566 Rhymes & Chimes, Dilmun Club 3929 6848 Soft Play, Off Budaiya Highway 3965 3678 Sticky Fingers 3961 8340 Storytellers, British School 3912 9585 (7 to 11 year olds) Tots & Toddlers Group, 1772 8245 The British Club Wriggly Readers, British School 3912 9585 (for pre-schoolers)

Over 120 different games and attractions and Bahrain’s only indoor Roller Blade Arena.

Playland 1774 2266/1762 0999 Above Fuddruckers in Adliya An indoor centre full of games. Each ride costs 100 fils. Tokens available. Soft Play 3965 3678 Future Shape Dance Studio, Garden City Every Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 11.30am Children under the age of six months attend for free. Studio Ceramics

1759 9026 Budaiya Highway Pottery painting and more. Open 9.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday, or by appointment. Birthday parties and private group bookings possible.

Water Garden Salmaniya 1726 2034 Near Dairy Queen roundabout A semi-filled lake with paddleboats and birds. School & Nurseries Wahooo! Waterpark Bahrain 1717 3000 Bahrain City Centre Opening Hours: Saturday to Tuesday: 11am to 8pm Wednesday: 11am to 10pm (Ladies Night 5pm to 10pm) Thursday and Friday: 11am to 9 PM

Things to know The Tourist Department (Tel. 1721 1717) is located in the gate to Manama’s souq, Bab al-Bahrain, on the ground floor next to the tourist shop, Times: 8am to 12 and 4.30pm to 6pm, closed on Friday.

Currency The Bahrain Dinar (BD) is pegged to the US dollar at the rate of USD1=BD0.377 - in other words a dinar is worth about USD2.65. It is a convertible currency with no restrictions on its import or export. Tip: the Saudi Riyal (SR) is also accepted

in shops for purchases at an exchange rate of BD1=SR10 (less in hotels) and you may be given Saudi money as change.

Business Hours Friday is the Islamic equivalent of the Christian Sunday. The weekend falls on a Friday and a Saturday. Most shopping malls and commercial centres are generally open seven days a week.

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 125

Listings Schools

Clubs & Associations

Other Private Schools

American Curriculum

Al Noor International School Tel. 1773 6773 Ecole Francaise de Bahrain Tel. 1732 3770 Ibn Khuldoon National School Tel. 1778 0661 Shaikha Hessa Girls’ School Tel. 1775 6111

Al Hekma International Tel. 1762 0820/1762 3999 Modern Knowledge Schools Tel. 1772 7712 Riffa Views International School Tel. 1656 5000 The Bahrain School Tel. 1762 0820

British Curriculum

Al Mahd Day Boarding Tel. 1779 2422 British School Tel. 1761 0920 Budaiya Preschool Tel. 1779 1491 Dilmun School (elementary) Tel. 1771 3483 KG Kids Tel. 1766 3556 St Christopher’s School Tel. 1778 8108 Sacred Heart School Tel. 1768 4367 Talent International and The Infant School Tel. 1725 2346/1777 0078

Nurseries and Creches

Al Dana Nursery Tel. 1725 3541 Dana Pre-school, Riffa Tel. 1777 0180 Lilliput, Budaiya Tel. 1769 4947

Special Needs

Disabled Sports Federation Tel. 1778 9191 Hope Institute Tel. 1768 0815/1768 0500 R.I.A. Institute Tel. 1771 6871 The Children’s Academy Tel. 1761 3234 UCO Parents Care Centre Tel. 1767 7717

Things to know Taxis

Taxis are easily available in the capital, Manama, and have meters but be sure to make the driver use the meter. 99% of drivers won’t switch on the meter and will try to charge you double the legal fare. Beware! Confidential Tip: BD1 per five minutes in the cab is the most you should pay for an un-metered journey. If traveling from the airport or busy taxi rank, add BD2/after midnight add BD1 to the total e.g. a 10 minute drive from the airport after midnight should cost you no more than BD5 (BD2 + BD2 + BD1= BD5). Taxis do use meters and companies may use similar rates.

Avoiding Offence

Generally speaking, very short skirts and tight midriff tops are frowned upon in public, although acceptable by hotel pools, in private clubs and on the beach. If visiting a mosque, cover the body well (women should ensure that arms and legs and hair are fully covered). Shoes should always be left outside the entrance.

Essential Info 24-Hour Pharmacies Jaffer Pharmacy Tel. 1729 1039 18, Tarfah bin Al Abid Avenue, Manama 319 Nasser Pharmacy Tel. 1774 0900 63-B, Qadisiya Avenue, Manama 332 Awal Pharmacy Tel. 1777 2023 30 Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Avenue, East Riffa 901 Muwasaa Pharmacy Tel. 1733 5666 Shaikh Mohd bin Salman Avenue, Road 205, Muharraq.

Courier & Express Delivery

Tel. 1733 0434


Tel. 1736 4100


Tel. 1734 9199

Car Hire An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required to drive in Bahrain except for visitors from Gulf Cooperation Council states, U.S.A., Canada, countries in the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. The offices of car-hire companies are easily encountered at the airport. Recommended principal rental firms include: Budget Rent A Car National Car Rental Avenue Car Rental and Leasing

Tel. 1753 4100 Tel. 1723 1156 Tel. 1771 3181

Embassies & Consulates Embassies generally open from 8am to 1pm from Saturday to Wednesday and some Arab embassies also open on Thursday. Many embassies have a number of staff on call outside these hours for emergencies. Algeria 1771 3669 Bangladesh 1771 4717 China 1772 3800 Denmark 1772 5119 1772 0005 Egypt France 1729 8660 Germany 1753 0210 India 1771 2785 Iran 1772 2400 Iraq 1774 1472 Italy 1725 2424 Japan 1771 6565 Jordan 1729 1109 Kuwait 1753 4040 Lebanon 1778 6994

126 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

Malaysia Morocco Netherlands Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Portugal Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Switzerland Syria Trade Mission of Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey UAE UK UN Info Centre USA

1756 4551 1774 0566 1759 1568 1729 3663 1724 4113 1727 6099 1725 0990 1753 6709 1772 2922 1772 5222 1753 7722 1753 1166 1772 2484 1729 2578 1727 4142 1771 4149 1753 3448 1771 0333 1757 4100 1731 1676 1724 2700

Flight Information Airline offices are normally open from 8am to 12.30pm and from 3pm to around 5pm, Saturday till Wednesday. Flight Info 1733 9339 Air India 1729 6444 British Airways 1758 7777 Cathay Pacific 1722 6226 Emirates 1758 8700 Gulf Air 1733 5777 Jet Airways 1722 7114 KLM 1722 9747 Kuwait Airways 1722 3300 Lufthansa 1782 8762 PIA 1722 3808 Qatar Airways 1721 2202 Saudi Airlines 1721 1550

999 1725 3447 1779 0025 1781 2000 1782 8282 1728 8888

Telephone Helpline Intl. calls via operator Directory enquiries Directory enquiries - Intl. Other phone enquiries Speaking clock

Scrabble Bahrain Scrabble League Bahrain Kannada Sangha Saturdays. 6.30pm.

Art Societies Elham 1771 7441 La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art 1723 0123 The Bahrain Contemporary Art Society 1772 8046

Charitable Organisations Alia for Early Intervention 1773 0960 Bahrain Cancer Society 3960 3489/1723 3080 Bahrain Charity Society 1729 3363 Bahrain Disabled Sports Committee 1778 9191 Bahrain Human Rights Society 1753 1822 Bahrain Red Crescent Society 1729 3171 Friendship Society for the Blind 1762 4496 Hope Institute for the Handicapped 1768 0815 1772 0053 Islamic Enlightenment Society Lions Club of Bahrain 3908 0097 Manama Rotary Club 3939 4522 Migrant Workers Protection Society 3946 5378 1721 3825 Overseas Workers Welfare Admin. Palm Association 1779 0826/3964 3211 Riffa Cultural and Charity Society 1777 5444 Think Pink 3907 6717 BSPCA 1759 1231/1759 3479

Gallery/Crafts Al Riwaq Art Space 1771 7441 Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre 1761 1900 Art Lounge 1758 0522 Traditional crafts including palm weaving, pottery and woodwork. 1759 0551 Bahrain Arts Society Thursdays drawing and painting for Children, 18 hours @ BD25, 10am to 12pm Saturdays and Mondays drawing and Painting for adults, 18 hours @ BD30, 3pm to 7pm. 1778 6898 Bahrain Pottery Society Clay pottery, ceramic and painting lessons - Saturdays and Mondays, 5pm. Crafts Centre Gallery and Workshop 1756 8032 Arabic calligraphy Caravan Galleries 3996 5853 Kerala Arts and Cultural Association 3963 9319 The Studio 3975 4863 Pottery painting and more for adults and children, open 9.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday or by appointment. Birthday parties and private group bookings possible. 3940 2302/1732 2549 Shaikh Ibrahim Cultural and Research Centre Studio Ceramics 1759 9026

“Help” 24-Hour Helpline for Distressed Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous

3987 3357 1753 0020 1753 3558

151 181 191 100 140

Bahrain Bridge Club Bahrain Bridge Committee

3960 7219 3968 7190

Darts Balouch Club Sri Lanka Club

1729 2231 1729 7878

Chess Bahrain Chess Federation

1725 2133

Photography Awali Photo Society Bahrain Arts Society

1724 2641 1727 1157

Speech & Drama Bahrain Cinema Club Dilmun Amateur Dramatics Society Folk Poetry Society Manama Theatre Club Manama Toastmasters Club

1772 5959 1769 0926 1776 1000 1777 6489 3965 5676

Ladies Clubs American Association of Bahrain 1756 4170 American Women’s Association 1775 6075 Australian Association of Bahrain 3910 1348 Awali Ladies Association 1767 8947 Bahrain Business Women’s Society 1772 1188 Bahrain Garden Club 1772 7625 Bahrain Women Society 1782 6777 Bahrain Young Ladies Society 1727 3508 BYLS-Toastmasters Club 1762 6237 Get together for Ladies 3917 4247/3902 7892 Indian Ladies Association 3980 5372 International Ladies Group 1772 9128 Madinat Hamad Women Society 3964 3396 Contact person Amal 3987 8758 1771 0944 Pakistani Women’s Association Second Sunday Newcomers 3927 0413/3641 1368

Language Schools Al Quran Translation 1764 5156 Bait Al Taleem 1764 3199 1782 7847 Berlitz British Council 1726 1555 Carousel 3967 3635 Lingua English Saturdays. Mondays and Wednesdays. English Language Classes, 4.30pm to 6pm, 4pm to 5.30pm. 1770 0040 English Language Centre Lingo - Ease Language Centre Budaiya Highway 1759 0895

Social Clubs Alliance Française 1768 3295 Assamese Community 3909 1959 Awali Caledonian Society 3636 6458 Bahrain Caledonian Society 3944 0658 1786 2620 Bahrain Hash House Harriers Bahrain Irish Society Bahrain Kannada Sangha 1727 1257 Bahrain Round Table 3960 8568 Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1769 5809 1772 7127 Bahrain Welsh Society Balouch Club 1729 2231 British Club 1772 8245 ext. 32 Bhatia Mitra Mandal 3960 1789 Country Club 1759 3593 1769 0926 Dilmun Club Filipino Club 1726 2143 Indian Club 1725 3157 Karnataka Social Club 1725 4257 Pakistan Club 1725 8520 Pakistan Association 3941 5200 Royal Society of St. George 3972 6329 Saar Cultural & Sports Club 1779 0335 Shree Nayrana Cultural Society 1725 5517 Shri Gujarati Samaj 3962 4285 Sri Lanka Club 1727 6134 1772 7575 Wisdom Home Society



Hospitals & Clinics Emergency American Mission Hospital (AMH) Saar Medical & Dental Clinic (AMH) Bahrain Specialist Hospital Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital Salmaniya Hospital

Animal Welfare Al Ahli Animal Centre 1762 2102/3965 4343 BSPCA 1759 1231 Delmon Kennels & Training 3971 7609 Jassim Veterinary Centre (Sugaya) 1723 1242 Modern Animal Health Centre (Budaiya) 1759 0908 Nonie Coutts Surgery, (Manama and Saar) 1724 5515 Pet Arabia 1759 2288 Saar Kennels 1779 2064

1776 4468 3966 7751

Kelly Armatage Inc. Offering counselling, life coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions Mob: 3993 1399 Email:


Horoscopes “I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” – Beyoncé Giselle Knowles

Libra 22September-

22 October This month looks fairly slow but don’t you lose your momentum because of that. Career prospects are bright though you may have to work consistently and very hard to achieve that goal on your mind. Love life looks great; just stay calm (breathe!). Try and focus on mental and physical health – you know that you deserve it!

Scorpio 23 October-

22 November Okay, so you’ve made your decision but how about re considering it. Of course it’s not a wrong choice but it won’t harm you to accommodate what your loved ones are saying, now will it! Be more attentive to your emotions and feel the peace with friends and family, grow; and please let go of hatred – it’s about time!

Sagittarius 23 November-

21 December Now, children can be a pain alright; but for you spending time with these little angels is just what you need this month. Get in touch with your motherly side – don’t have a kiddie in the family? There are so many orphanages around you – take your pick! Don’t obsess over your career/work; it will find its way!

Capricorn 22 December-

19 January You need a break baby – travelling sounds like a great option! If you can’t get a holiday then try getting on some project; like trying out new cuisines, or reading all books by a particular author. This will help you get in touch with yourself. Also, if he/she doesn’t love you then let them go; you’re stressing over this person is NOT going to get her/him back!

Aquarius 20 January-

18 February PLEASE get more action into your life! Using your talent to help someone will help you balance the energy within you. Up the indulgence a little – everything you do doesn’t have to CHANGE THE WORLD. Take a chill-pill, mate! Balance work and pleasure.

Pisces 19 February-

20 March Get your … back on track, right now! Fun is good but you need to focus on other important things in your life as well – you know what those important things are! Go slow on foodie treats – a balanced diet coupled with meditation and exercise is what you need!

Aries 21 March-19 April

What’s with the unstable confidence? Get some self esteem, dude! Stand in front of the mirror and feel good about yourself; jotting down your best qualities will also help. Stop being a people pleaser if you are and if not then STOP obsessing about trying to meet your standards. Love is on the cards but don’t try to control too much!

Taurus 20 April-20 May

Leo 23 July-21 August

You’re looking for stability this month. If you have recently fallen in love or are having an affair it could be a little frustrating. You will enjoy a successful and productive month. You will be in good physical and mental shape.

Virgo 22August-

21 September Idealism is great but let’s face it – the situation at hand demands a tad bit of realism! Try and weigh the pros and cons and come to a rational conclusion. Matters of the heart need to be sorted once for all – the drag will kill you if you don’t make a choice soon. Health looks great – just keep at the routine.

Artist, Beyoncé celebrates her birthday this month!

It’s great that you’re ambitious; just continue with that spirit and the promotion/progress that you’ve been waiting is not too far. Spend more time with family and friends but try to choose the right pals. Meditation is recommended to take the steam off.

Gemini 21 May-21 June

Stop being indecisive, you two-minded person! Cross roads are going to be there no matter what; so just go ahead and make that choice (you know you’ve been staving off for a while now!) You need to take more responsibility for yourself and your life. Eat foods that calm your mind.

Cancer 22 June-22 July

Intense experiences are on the cards and you will find the courage to do things that you have never done before. It’s a great time to initiate something new and you will surely have good accomplishments. Don’t hurry!

September 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 127


What’s Your


“No matter how good or bad you have it. Wake up each day thankful for your life. Someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for theirs.”

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.” “Be happy. Be yourself. If others don’t like it, let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.”

Everyone has that one quote that gets him or her through the day. We have a bunch that we love. Read on!

“Don’t think of cost. Think of value.” “When you start compromising yourself and your morals for the people around you, it’s probably time to change the people around you.”

“Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.”

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.”

“Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.”

“It’s better to know and be disappointed than to never know and always wonder.”

“You will never become whom you want to be if you keep blaming everyone else for who you are now.”

“Giving up doesn’t always mean you’re weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough and smart enough to let go and move on.” 128 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013

“Love and appreciate your parents. We are often so busy growing up; we forget they are also growing old.” “You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.”

“As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.”

“Making one person smile can change the whole world- maybe not the whole world, but their world.”

“Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems; look for someone who will face them with you.”

“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.”


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Bahrain Confidential Sept 2013