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The London Underground – 150 Yrs Old The Chloé LookBook .... And Much More BAHRAIN BD2 KSA SR20 KUWAIT KD2 OMAN RO2 QATAR QR20 UAE DHS20






October 2013 • Issue 130


44 Poem: David Hollywood: Dreams As A Child

Opinion 34 80

John Ridley: Letter From Bahrain Rehan Ahmed: Celebrating World Planting Day

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36 In Conversation With Morris L. Reid 120 Yves V

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Art Space: The Chloé Lookbook Sheer Luxury The London Underground Just A Minute: Diva Of The Month Readers’ Speak What Becca Did Next ...

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What Becca Did Next ...

46 The London Underground

Bahrain City Centre

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Letter Hello, Dear Readers!

October is a beautiful month for so many reasons; for one it is autumn-winter season which means we can get out all the knitties and woolies – a much needed wardrobe change after the scorching summer! Our fashion section tells you what’s in this season (Page 50). October is also breast-cancer awareness month; there are so many walkathons and marathons lined up (check out our Not To Be Missed pages); we’re going to be there for sure – hoping to see you guys as well. We’re also celebrating World Plating Day from 10th to 22nd October; our contributor Rehan Ahmed talks about the importance of planting trees and plants. We have a special party feature, for you this month; find out all about Bahrain’s most happening parties and get up-close and personal with international DJ Yves V (Page 120). Now, we’re definitely not a political magazine but we managed to catch hold of veteran Democratic Strategist, Morris Reid for an exclusive interview by yours truly (Page 36).

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ian Guide to Arab

Social Media is taking the world by storm and it’s so important to keep oneself updated; if you haven’t really brushed up on your social media knowledge, then turn to Page 79 where Bahrain’s favourite, Mohammed Zainal shares tips on social media and blogging. Going back to fashion, my picks this month are some classy accessories and footwear for all the young (and young at heart!) men out there Page 40 and Page 60. Don’t forget to check out the beautiful fashion photographs by one of Bahrain’s ex residents (Page 52). We love featuring Bahrain’s talent and so if you feel you have something to share get in touch with us on Facebook (BahrainConfidential) or Twitter (@confidentialBAH) or Instagram (@ confidentialBAH). Stay beautiful!

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ound – 150 Yrs Old The London Undergrk The Chloé LookBoo .... And Much More



Cover Credits:

DJ Yves V

“Having had cancer, one important thing to know is you’re still the same person at the end … most people come out the other end feeling more like themselves than ever before.” – Kylie Minogue

BAHRAIN Bahrain City Centre

1668 6215, Seef Mall

1668 6225

DUBAI Mall of the Emirates 04 341 0270, The Dubai Mall 04 339 8786 Mirdiff City Centre 04 284 3634, Dubai Festival City 04 232 6185 Arabian Centre 04 4284 5267, Dubai Marina Mall 04 399 7068, Dubai Outlet Mall 04 425 5921 ABU DHABI Marina Mall 02 4916594, Abu Dhabi Mall 02 645 0315, Fatouh Al Khair 02 634 5037, Dalma Mall AL AIN Bawadi Mall 03 784 0912, SHARJAH Sahara Center 06 531 8240 DOHA Landmark, Lagoona Mal KUWAIT The Avenues Mall, Souq Sharq SAUDI Rashid Mall, Red Sea Mall, Mall of Dahran, Basateen Mall Opening Soon DUBAI Al Ghurair Centre, SAUDI Salaam Mall

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Bahrain City Centre - Seef Mall

Readers’ Letters

Dear Editor ... Many thanks to all who wrote in last month and apologies if p us informed and your letter isn’t printed but we get so many. Kee

keep us in check by sending comments to info@Ar d humour. and remember our response back is said in goo

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Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

130 Issue

Sweet Talk

Read your review on ‘Local Baked Goodies’ though I doubt it’s credible! Looks like you’re just sweet talking brands and not giving your readers a true picture – reviews are about the positive and negative. Honest Guy

Dear Honest Guy, are you just upset that you couldn’t dig into those heavenly treats? Place your order soon and you will know what we mean. And oh, though we’re aware of what reviews ‘are about’, thanks for the heads-up; we mean it, not sweet talking! Bridezilla?

The One Stop Shop For All FACE TO FACE


The London Underground – 150 Yrs Old The Chloé LookBook .... And Much More BAHRAIN BD2 KSA SR20 KUWAIT KD2 OMAN RO2 QATAR QR20 UAE DHS20

Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

129 Issue

Fat Fate

Kudos Confidential

This is with reference to the ‘Copy Cat’ letter in your September ’13 issue. I totally agree with you guys; using secondary information is perfectly normal journalistic practice. Moreover you guys have really good articles and not just advertorials; in fact even your advertorials are so informative and entertaining and not just promotional ga-ga; keep up the good work guys!

Your horoscope page last month said ‘health looks great’ for Virgo; but I haven’t lost a single kilo despite working out the entire month. Your horoscopes are inaccurate! Angry Bird


Dear Angry Bird, we sympathise with you; but our horoscope also said that the situation at hand demands a tad bit of realism; now, we’re no agony aunt but have you realistically thought why you’re not losing weight – maybe it’s a faulty diet or you’re just a little piggy? So put that cake down and go for a walk.


Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

128 Issue


The Spaceman Revealed What’s Inside

The Essential Guide to Going Out, this Eid What’s Jamming this Season!


14 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

I’m sorry to say but your writers have a terrible writing style; the language is tortured and used unlike an English person would. I recommend they get some training because it’s a little annoying. Frustrated Englishman

Dear Frustrated Englishman, since you are one, you should know only too well that English is a language that’s used globally. Different natives have different styles of speaking and writing English and I suppose that’s the beauty of the language – that it is so flexible with people of various cultures; maybe you should take a cue!


Thank so much, Katie  We’re glad you love our stories; our October issue has some really good ones too – hope you enjoy ‘em!

Readers’ Speak

14 TO SENIderORtoSano20 ther A MESSASpeGE ak: From one rea




12-year of school! The page to the the last year a to dedicate “No of you it’s also matter how ential decided and for a lot good or bad you It’s September to end and Bahrain Confid graduating classes. usly have it. Wake journey is about messages from previo up each day with class of 2014 thankful for

Quote? What’s Your

your life. Someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for theirs.”

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.” “Be happy. Be yourself. If others don’t like it, let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.”

Taking advice

from others

is are

of to the Class Congratulations else who’s 2014 and everyonethe world of

Everyone has that one quote that gets him or her through the day. We have a bunch that we love. Read on!

“Don’t think of cost. Think of value.”

“Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.”

and dream big.

r 2013

al | Septembe

Confidenti 62 | Bahrain

Abdulla Buheji Al-Hidaya School Class of ‘11

Internati Class of ‘12

“Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.”


“It’s better to know and be disappointed than to never know and always wonder.”

Johnny Cash

26th February 1932 - 12th Septemb er 2003 Singer and songwriter , Johnny Cash first guitar at the picked up his his love for music.age of 12 and showed everyone Music was certainly ways that cash one of the escaped when He formed a band times were rough. and landed a his service from record label after the US Air Force. Famously known as the ‘Man in Black’, his debut album, Johnny Cash released ‘Johnny Cash with His Hot & Blue Guitar’ in 1957. He was considered as one of influential musiciansthe most century. He was of the 20th known for his deep distinctive bass- baritone voice. He also wrote for the TV movie, scores The Pride of Jesse Hallam (1980). In 1975, he published a bestselling autobiograph,y ‘Man in Black’. He will always be remembered as a and as an artist. person




Impacting million s of lives Confidential talksaround the world was definite about some very ly special people. their forte! Bahrain Read on!

March 1904

- 24th Septemb

er 1991

Yup! Dr Seuss actually prescription, though existed. His crack his patients not an official doctor, did up for more than The famous cartoonist 50 years. and writer, Dr published 60 Seuss children’s books, ‘The Cat in the including Hat’ and ‘Green Ham’. Theodor Eggs and Seuss Geisel wrote his first children’s book, ‘And On Mulberry Street’. to Think That I saw it This book to into a keen imagination of sent everyone a child. Born a doodler, Seuss often said he never did learn how to draw. But were always filled as a child, his notebooks For over 60 years, with bizarre creatures. visual realisation his illustrations brought a to his imaginary a constant reminder worlds. As final line in Seuss’s to his loving readers, the final book (Oh, You’ll Go!) said the Places the off to great places! following charge: “You’re mountain is waiting.Today is your day! Your So . . . get on your way!”

“You’re off to great places! Today is your Your mountainday! waiting. So . . is on your way!” . get

“You will never become whom you want to be if you keep blaming everyone else for who you are now.”

“Giving up doesn’t always sometimes it means you aremean you’re weak, and smart enough to let go strong enough and move on.” 128 | Bahrain Confidential | September

or any of your time, or any of your space.”

“When you start compromising yourself and your morals for the people around you, it’s probably time to change the Dr Seuss people around you.” 2nd

“You can’t start the next chapter keep re-reading your last one.” of your life if you

“Making one person smile can change the whole world- maybe not the whole world, but their world.”

with you.”

“Love and appreciate your parents. We are often so busy growing up; we forget they are also growing old.”

“You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.”

“As we grow up, we realize it becomes of 2014, Dear Class less important , you are Congratulationsto is your This havefinally seniors. more friends

into During your desires venturing out l n! year in school. important but t. My advice to more Higher Educatio I’ve and last important must make As a high schoo things more importan your options thing this year you Here are three nine months decision in senior, the one get is to have you is to keep difficult past real ones.” the most do your research,for learnt over the is choosing I’m passing open. Also, you constantly less major and look in the UK that your life, which take. It is a ask about the best curriculum. on to you; to advice. Regard the are an the right path won’t lie to the most a place with where the 1 Track pants I of the irony, after Don’t think about choice of huge decision campus is but appropriate Uni. difficult partis the important thing location of this find the best clothing for you, but the goal to graduating strive where you will le to consider . is to set a realistic of education ask 2 It is acceptab ONLY when quality year known the is well your decision ing out. doing your laundry pursue. This After making will I pay for my clothes run challenge towards becom all your clean will I shall where one must is yourself: how way people test one’s 3 The only Not everyone independent. is if you education? one’s self and you all you’re from with this; to get their college know where country as being leave you allaries you lucky enough to them, so don’t abilities. I wish introduce your to Dubai”, but if tuition handed the bound luck from the and wait for and the best of the one “next hosts just sit around you a college heart. lucky, “Bahrain might face are illusivethan hand you’re really bottom of my someone to up and search for Middle East!” nothing more to limit grant, get the F1 in the the trick. ask, set just do by yourself. Hamad Adel mere traps ial ... break opportunities and ready to set Al-Hekma School your potent illusions & Now you are allstep, start a new Nadia Al Jaber Class of ’13 Kanoo take the next positive free of such Abdul RahmanSchool ahead, stay excel. journey, plan onal you will surely Noor Bahman School onal Naseem Internati Class of ‘12

“You build on

“Don’t look for You use it as a steppin . gsomeone who stone. Close the door on will solve all the past. You don’t try to the mistak your problems; forget you don’t dwell es, but look for You don’t it on it. have someone who any of yourletenergy will face them

“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you 6 | Bahrain Confidential | September 2013 progress, you are still ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.”


“This looks brilliant, thanks Jenny! I look forward to seeing the full feature in print!!” – Client (About the Dyro & Danic Interview) “Thank you Melissa, that’s great! we enjoyed it too and we look forward to having you and the bloggers again in the store.” – Saks Fifth Avenue (About a product shoot feature)

Find us on Find us on Find us on Find us on

Awesome Awesome Autumn Autumn Golf Golf ~ ~ Awesome Autumn from 25! Awesome Autumn Golf ~ ~ from just just BD BD 25! Golf from from just just BD BD 25! 25!

Create unrivalled memories as the weather cools down by taking advantage Create unrivalled memories weather by taking advantage of fantastic green fee rates at as thethe Royal Golf cools Club down this October: of fantastic green fee rates at as thethe Royal Golf cools Club down this October: Create unrivalled memories weather by taking advantage Weekdays (Sun - Thu) BD 25 per person for 18 holes Create unrivalled memories as the weather cools down by taking advantage of fantastic green fee rates at the Royal Golf Club this October: Weekdays Thu) 25 per Weekends (Fri &- Sat) BDRoyal 38 person holes of fantastic (Sun green fee rates at the Golf Clubfor this18October: Weekends (Fri &- Sat) BD Weekdays (Sun Thu) BD 38 25 per per person person for for 18 18 holes holes With discounts on Night Golf and for junior players too, this is the perfect time Weekdays (Sun Thu) BD 25 per person for 18 Weekends (Fri & Sat) BD 38 per person for 18 holes holes With discounts on Night Golf and for junior players too, this is the perfect time for a relaxing round on a spectacular golf course. Weekends (Fri & Sat) BD 38 per person for 18 holes for a relaxing round on a spectacular golf course. With discounts on Night Golf and for junior players too, this is the perfect time To book your tee call +973 With ontime, Night and 17 for 750777. junior players too, this is the perfect time for a discounts relaxing round on aGolf spectacular golf course. To book your tee time, call +973 17 750777. for a relaxing round on a spectacular golf course. Rates valid until 31st October 2013 for bookings made within a 14 day window. To book teeOctober time, call 17 750777. Rates validyour until 31st 2013 +973 for bookings made within a 14 day window. To book your tee time, call +973 17 750777. Rates valid until 31st October 2013 for bookings made within a 14 day window. Rates valid until 31st October 2013 for bookings made within a 14 day window.

The Royal Golf Club website is available youClub 24/7website all year The RoyaltoGolf is round. up 24/7 to date with availableKeep to you all year The Royal Golf Club website is everything going the Club, round. Keep upontoatwebsite date with The Royal is available toGolf youClub 24/7 all year view our latest offers and news, everything going on at the Club, availableKeep to you all year round. up 24/7 to date with reserve alatest table in any our view offers and ofnews, round.ourKeep up with everything going ontoatdate the Club, restaurants or book your next tee reserve a table in any of our everything goingoffers on atand the news, Club, view our latest time. restaurants or book your next tee view our latest offers and news, reserve a table in any of our time. reserve a table in any of our restaurants or book your next tee restaurants or book your next tee time. time.

People “I struggle for what I believe in. Life is short, it’s impossible to repeat something; you have to take advantage of things when you can reach them.” Kate Winslet Birthday: 5th October, 1975 Birthplace: England Age: 38 years old Birth Sign: Libra Fame: She attained stardom for playing Rose DeWitt Bukater with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, and the fancy Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Before Becoming Famous: She studied Drama at the Redroofs Theatre School. At the age of twelve, she starred in a SugarPuffs cereal commercial. Oscar Nominations: Kate Winslet was the youngest actress ever to have two Oscar nominations to her name. Favourite Bands: Indigo Girls, The Verve, Oasis, Portishead Her name has been used as the name of a street in Reading, England and it is called Winslet Palace.

ICONS OF THE MONTH Our favourite celebrities that are October babies.

“Acting has given me a way to channel my angst. I feel like an overweight, pimply faced kid a lot of the time - and finding a way to access that insecurity, and put it toward something creative is incredibly rewarding. I feel very lucky.” Ryan Reynolds Birthday: 23rd October, 1976 Birthplace: Canada Age: 37 years old Birth Sign: Scorpio Fame: Film and TV Actor and was voted as the Sexiest Man Alive (2010). He attained stardom as Michael ‘Berg’ Bergen on “TEo Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Palce”. Before Becoming Famous: He debuted in a Canadian produced Nickelodeon teen soap opera called Fifteen. At the age of 15, he formed his own comedy club called Yellow Snow. Favourite Singer: Neil Young Loves: Travelling, scuba diving, fishing, swimming and the Green Bay Packers football team.

16 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

What’s On

Missed Not To Be

For more events, gastro, parties & nightlife turn to pages 114 - 119

Golf Anyone?

Golf and tasting seems like a win-win. The Royal Golf Club is all set to host the 9-hole golf event combined with a beverage tasting evening in the Repartee private dining room. When: 9th October Price: BD10 for the optional golf event and BD5 for the beverage tasting evening. For more information, call the Royal Golf Club, Tel. +973 1775 0777, email:

It’s Time To Get Spooky

Bahrain Road Runners 2013-2014 Events Season

Start practicing and get ready for Bahrain Road Runners newest event season, kicking off with their Aquathalon on the 4th October. Registration has started and if you think you are ready for this season’s Bahrain Road Runners then don’t hesitate and check out their other events for 2013/2014, right below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Date 4/10/2013 1/11/2013 8/11/2013 15/11/2013 13/12/2013 10/1/2014 7/2/2014 7/3/2014 4/4/2014 2/5/2014 23/5/2014

Event Aquathlon Grand Prix 5km Grand Prix 10km Grand Prix 15km Cross Island Half Marathon Full Marathon Al Areen Olympic Tri Sprint Tri Double Super Sprint

For further information, please log on to

18 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Facial C At Felda are Cut & S t y l e Enjoy an a ll inclu

The Royal Golf Club is getting geared up for the spooky “Costumes & Cocktails” Halloween party at the Club’s exclusive Members’ Lounge. It’s the perfect time to dress up in your favourite costume and enjoy creepy canapés, ghastly cocktails, and wild live music. There’s more! The scariest costumes win prizes. When: 24th October Price: BD20 net for non-members inclusive of live entertainment and two hours of canapé and cocktail service. For more information, call the Royal Golf Club, Tel. +973 1775 0777, email:

sive pack offering fa age herbal ba cial care and a ll massag e for only BD35 at F e For more lda Cut & Style. informatio n call Tel. +973 1722 407 on 7.

The Chuckle Club

Laughter and amusement are what you will find at the Chuckle Club this month! Bringing to you stand up comedians like Dana Alexander, Carey Marx and Mark Stephenson, you will definitely be having the time of your life at one of their shows. So, hurry up and purchase your tickets.Seats are limited, so buy early to avoid disappointment. Cash bar and snacks available - 18+ only. 9th October - Rugby Club (8.30pm) 10th October - British Club
(8.30pm) 11th October - InterContinental Regency Hotel (8pm) Price: BD15 Corporate/group rates available, email: or call, Tel. +973 3666 3509, door sales subject to capacity.

MMA Fight Night

Get your boxing gloves on and get ready for a night full of action, The Cage Warriors Fighting Championship (CWFC) Fight Night 9, is set to be held at Khalifa Sports City under the patronage of HH Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Athletes from all over the world have jetted in to showcase their talents, but Cage Warriors has also given local fighters the opportunity to shine. When: 25th October Tickets will be sold at Virgin Megastore, City Centre, in addition to other venues. For more information, email Suha Matar:

What’s On

Missed Not To Be

For more events, gastro, parties & nightlife turn to pages 114 - 119

Bora Bora Returns!

Eventions Bahrain has done it again! They are bringing to Bahrain a little bit of Ibiza magic. Bora Bora returns to the Dragon Resort. With some of the most famous DJs in the world, Alex Miles, Paul Darey and Bora Bora resident vocalist and trumpet player, Andy Lewis playing alongside Bahrain’s much loved DJs, DJ Damian D’Costa and DJ Derek John, this will undoubtedly be one of the best poolside parties Bahrain has seen. So, get your tickets before they run out! Where: The Dragon Resort, Amwaj Islands Date: 25th October For more information on tickets, call, Tel. +973 3696 9168.

Black & White Halloween

Five months since their last big celebration, Bushido has taken time to make sure that their upcoming Halloween event is ‘THE’ night for Bahrain to remember. Bushido promises to get spooky with a touch of class, glamour and elegance. It’s going to be the refined black and white dress code for the evening. So, picture the sophistication of a masquerade ball and add some creative inspiration. Dress to impress! There’s more! Spectacular performances from Cirque le Soir will be there again this year, ready to take your breath away. Kiev’s Buddha-Bar DJ, Kirill Doomski, will also be jetting in especially to ensure the

crowd is fully entertained late into the night. Where: Bushido When: 31st October Time: Doors open 9pm
 Entrance: All tickets include 1 free drink. Regular: BD10 / VIP: BD20
 Table reservations: For more information, call, Tel. +973 1758 3555.

An Evening With Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock

The Scarier, The Better

Mark your calendar for a fantastic evening with Football’s own, Neil “Razor” Ruddock. Razor has been voted the best after dinner speaker for the last two years running with crowds leaving his diners with sore sides after his hilarious take on his life in football, his off the pitch antics and his hilarious thoughts on the ‘C List celebs (plebs!)’ in the Big Brother house. This is guaranteed to be a fantastic evening that all will enjoy. There will be an auction for the authenticated signed shirts of Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Ryan Giggs, Luis Saurez
Paul Scholes, Didier Drogba, Sir Geoff Hurst (1966 Shirt), Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham FA Cup Shirt), Ian Wright and Tony Adams (Arsenal dual signed). There will also be signed team balls and a charity raffle.

Get into the Halloween spirit! Dress to impress. Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea and Spa is set to host its first beach party for Halloween! Pirates, Princesses, bloodthirsty Vampires, everyone is invited. Combining the Oktoberfest and Halloween celebrations, the event features more than 25 brands of international brews. Two DJs from Bahrain will kick start the night, before the world renowned international DJ, Oliver Shine electrifies the crowd with his thrilling beats. When: 31st October Prices: BD35 per person, inclusive of ten brews or soft drinks and food from the grill. To dancers of the night, a room package is available at BD150 and includes a luxury room and breakfast for two, as well as entrance to the party with vouchers for ten brews or soft drinks. For more information, call, Tel. +973 1763 6363.

20 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock

DJ Oliver Shine

When: 24th October Time: 8.30pm Where: The Radisson Diplomat Hotel Price: BD25 each, which includes a gourmet dinner. Book fast as seats are limited.

What’s On

Missed Not To Be

For more events, gastro, parties & nightlife turn to pages 114 - 119

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

BBC’s most loved sitcom returns to Bahrain. Faulty towers, the authentic British humour will open with a black-tiegala- dinner charity fundraiser in support of the RIA Institute. The show will be held at the British Embassy under the patronage of HE Iain Lindsay. So, wear your best outfit and get ready for some ingenious comedy. When: 20th November - 3rd December Where: The shows will be at the InterContinental Regency Hotel. There will be one show at the Dilmun Club on 1st December. Price: From BD30 For more information, visit:, Contact Punchline Media at, or call, Tel. +973 3666 3509.

“Graffiti Wall competition” at Seef Mall

Love Graffiti?

Take part in the “Digitally Draw to Win “Graffiti Wall competition at Seef Mall from 9th to 13th October. A raffle draw will be running alongside the competition from 9th to 13th October. If you are interested, simply come down to Seef, draw on the Graffiti Wall and upload your artistic creations to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (#seefgraffiti). Prizes will be shopping vouchers courtesy of Seef Mall. If you don’t want to draw, you can still pass by to watch the amazing artwork being created by the International and Local Graffiti Artists. Alongside the Graffiti Wall, will be a Kid’s activity area, open from 10am, 9th October to 10pm, 13th October, with a kids colouring station and movies being shown during the mall opening hours.

22 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

On Thursday 7pm to 10pm, Friday 4pm to 10pm and Saturday 11am to 2pm and 6pm to 10pm there will also be Henna Painting, Hair Braiding, Balloon Twister and Face Painting. That’s not all! Kids can enjoy story-telling sessions on Wednesday at 5pm and 7pm and again on Friday and Saturday, 2pm, 5pm and 7pm. The Graffiti Wall and Kids Area will be open from 10am on 9th to 10pm on 13th October. The winners of the raffle draw and the Graffiti Wall will be announced on Sunday, 13th October, 7pm. So head down to Seef Mall this October for some fun!

Charity Dinner For Archaeological Expedition On The Royal Burial Mounds

Enjoy a fundraising dinner evening with Dr Steffen Terp Laursen and his team, live entertainment by Anna Thompson-Hall and friends, Master of Ceremonies Ian Fisher of Radio Bahrain. Enjoy a buffet with live cooking stations and a raffle draw. The project “Bahrain Burial Mound Project” collects architectural information regarding the burial mounds of

Bahrain in order to understand the rise and fall of the Dilmun civilisation. It focuses on the transition of statehood by exploring the development in elite tombs in A’ali. This sheds new light on the processes governing the emergence of a “state” and a dynastic class of rulers - the first kings of Dilmun. When: 24th October Time: 7pm Price: BD18 (BD10 go to fundraising) For more information, call The Dilmun Club, Tel. +973 1769 0926.

Who is really online? The Internet is now one of life’s necessities, but while it’s a treasure trove of knowledge and enlightenment it is also a place where evil lurks. Online predators hide behind virtual masks, seeking out unprotected children to abuse. Do you know who is really online with your child? To protect your children from danger online, please visit today.


s l a i c e p S s e i d a L & n e e Hallow b u l C f l o G l a e Roy At Th

October Dining Promotions Links Friday Carvery Feast At Links Restaurant Award-winning classic roast carvery buffet with all the trimmings plus live cooking stations. Special buffet table for the kids. BD18 net per person (Member’s discount applies). Kids under twelve BD9.5 inclusive of selected soft drinks. When: Every Friday from Midday to 4pm Kids Eat Free At Links And Prego Restaurants For every adult main course ordered, a child can enjoy a dish from the kids menu free. When: Every Saturday from Midday to 3pm Happy Hour At Links Restaurant Discounts on a wide range of selected beverages. When: Daily from 5pm to 7pm Poretti Promotion At Prego Restaurant For every adult main course or pizza ordered, receive a free bottle of Poretti. When: Every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm

Ladies, Learn Golf This Autumn

October Golf Events

The Royal Golf Club’s next series of highly successful ladies only group golf classes get underway this month. There are groups suitable for beginners wishing to learn the game from scratch as well as classes for ladies with some prior experience wishing to improve their game further. The series consists of six x 100-minute weekly group coaching and development sessions (including a 20-minute rules & etiquette class within each session) as well as six Wee Monty green fee vouchers* (for non members only), free access to the driving range for the duration of the programme and a coffee or soft drink in the Academy’s Café T at the conclusion of each session. Price: Non Member BD135 / Member BD115 for 6-week programme Dates: Choose Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday classes starting from 6th October Times: 9am or 6pm classes are available on each day subject to a minimum of 4 ladies per class *Members benefit from the 15 per cent discount on price instead.

24 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Think Pink Bahrain Men’s Charity Golf Day - 9 holes. 6.30pm shotgun start. Open to all. When: 6th October Think Pink Bahrain Ladies Charity Golf Day - 18 holes. 8.30am shotgun start. Open to all. When: 9th October

Halloween for Grown Ups! Join us in the Royal Golf Club’s Members’ Lounge on the evening of Thursday 24th October for a spooky adults only Halloween party featuring creepy canapés, ghastly looking drinks and wild music as well as prizes for the best ghoulish outfits! You don’t have to be a member to attend this fancy dress party - all are welcome, if you dare!

Wee Monty Family Day – only BD15 per adult, kids play free! Inclusive of green fee and hire clubs. Tee times from 10am to 2pm. Open to all. When: Every Saturday Ecco Monday Stableford. 1.30pm shotgun. Open to all. When: Every Monday Monday Madness Night Golf Series – different format each week. 6.30pm shotgun. Open to all. When: Every Monday

For further information on all above events and offers call Tel. +973 1775 0777 or visit

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International “QIBS will host events both on land and in the water, with around 100 international and local exhibitors attending, 150 boats on display, 5 globaland regional launches and an estimated 15,000 visitors.”

Qatar International Boat Show 2013 Marine enthusiasts and suppliers get ready for one of the season’s biggest boat shows.


he first edition of the Qatar International Boat Show (QIBS) 2013 will take place from the 12th to the 16th of November at the Lusail Marinalocated within LusailCity. The opening hours will be from 3.00pm to 9.30pm for both trade professionals and the general public. The marina is operated by Dubai-based marina developer and managerMourjan Marinas. QIBS 2013 promises to provide an industry networking platform, generating solid opportunities for the promotion of new boats and services and creating a luxury market for affluent Middle Eastern and Asian buyers. QIBS will host events both on land and in the water, with around 100 international and local exhibitors attending, 150 boats on display, 5 globaland regional launches and an estimated 15,000 visitors. Guests will witness a variety of motorboats, cruisers, yachts, fishing boats,

26 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

speedboats, recreational family boats up to 30m in size, and leisure marine products. In addition, dedicated areas will be available, offering information and advice regarding boat servicing, insurance, accessories, water sports, navigation equipment, engines, fixtures and fittings as well as fishing products. Visitors will also get to enjoy the amazing opening and closing ceremonies, the breath-taking ambience of the Lusail Marina and numerous entertainment shows from Europe. Lusail Marina is a flagship yachting destination and the premier marina facility in the Middle Eastlocated along the coast just north of Doha in the prestigious Lusail City development. It features 93 modern floating berths that can host yachts of 10-40 metres in length. Facilities and services include three lounge areas with contemporary shade structures, underwater lighting, black and grey water ‘pump-out’ at the berths, 24-hour security, a five-star concierge service, marina cart service to and from your yacht, deck wash for all yachts and a refreshment kiosk.

Faysal Mikati, Vice President of Snow Comms – the event’s organiser, presented an overview of the boat show in light of the current situation of the maritime industry in the region, and the potential benefits that the QIBS can bring to Qatar. “We have already signed with some of the biggest marine and leisure supply companies and distributors who seek to capitalise on Qatar’s booming economy and the upcoming marine industry,” said Faysal Mikati, Vice President of Snow Comms – the event’s organiser. “The plan is to put Qatar on the map in terms of the international boat show circuit by becoming one of the main destinations for regional yacht and boat companies, as well as international companies involved in leisure and water sports, seeking investment opportunities in the GCC markets, estimated at around QR750m

Organised by

Qatar International Boat Show

12th - 16th November 2013 - Doha, Qatar Lusail Marina

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New In Town Ralph Lauren Launches Pink Pony

Pink Pony is Ralph Lauren’s worldwide initiative in the fight against cancer. The mission for Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony is to reduce disparities in cancer care in medically undeserved communities, ensuring that treatment is available at an earlier, more curable stage. Pink Pony was launched on 15th September, 2000 at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2001 Collection Fashion Show when models were sent down the runway for their final walk wearing Pink Pony shirts. This launch coincided with a gift from the Ralph Lauren Corporation to establish the Ralph Lauren Centeer for Cancer Care and Prevention, a hospital-based cancer treatment facility in Harlem that provides comprehensive education, screening and diagnostic services for breast and other cancers, tailored to meet the specific needs of the Harlem community. Come October, Pink Pony products with the classic pink icon will be available at the Ralph Lauren in Bahrain City Centre. 25 percent of the sales from Pink Pony products will be directed to raise funds for Think Pink Bahrain Breast Cancer Foundation.

New In

Town Bahrain Confidential fills you in on the

who, what, why, when and where in Bahrain! AXA Opens at Al Hayat Mall

AXA Gulf, one of the largest and leading non- international insurers in the Middle East opened its new AXA shop at Al Hayat Mall in Manama. The new shop is the fifth of its kind in the Kingdom. AXA Gulf is dedicated to enhancing their presence in making sure customers have a variety of options, accessibility and convenience, everyday of the week. The new AXA shop extends all personal lines products and services, such as Motor, Home, Travel, Medical, Personal Accident, Motorcycle and Relocation, amongst others. This is guaranteed to enhance the customers’ experience.

28 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

The Designer Outlet Now in Bahrain!

Luxury retail and discount in the same sentence is a little hard to believe, but it’s true! The Designer Outlet brings to Bahrain luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Diesel, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and lots more at affordable prices. The Designer Outlet offers up to 75 per cent discounts on all major labels. Most of the clothes are from the last season, but that shouldn’t stop anyone because all merchandise is genuine top Italian and American luxury brands. They will also soon launch the loyalty cards that offer customers an early access to all the new arrivals and a concierge service that helps make orders in advance. Yes, it’s definitely true! With the hope of opening up at least three stores in Saudi, Designer Outlet has the stylish people of the Middle East screaming for more. For more information, Tel. +973 7701 1996. Email: For all the latest arrivals, follow them on Instagram: designeroutletbahrain. Located in the new Seef Corner Mall on the opposite side of the road inbetween Seef Mall and Bahrain City Centre.

The Ultimate Eid Al Adha Getaway

With modern architecture, contemporary designs and state-of-the-art technology, Sofitel Al Khobar The Corniche, Saudi Arabia, invites all guests to experience an enchanting seaside getaway this Eid Al Adha. The hotel located on the cornice, overlooks the beautiful waters and the island of Bahrain. The hotel is all set to offer guests their perfect manicured gardens, terrace and outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre, Moroccan Hammam, Jacuzzi, two luxurious treatment rooms, and a sauna. They don’t stop there. The rooms include the unique MyBed concept, a Sofitel trademark, that ensures complete comfort with a wide bed, featuring an exceptional overlay mattress, extra light down duvet and a pillow menu. All rooms come equipped with a state-of-theart interactive LCD television, Bose sound system, free wifi and an elegant French bathroom. That’s not all! The Chocolate Lounge that offers a wide range of pastries, ice cream and home made chocolates is a must visit for all those dessert lovers. For more information:

Art Space

A chronicle of sixty incredible years of the Maison Chloé. Rizzoli is proud to present the Chloé Lookbook, a crucible of creativity for some of fashion’s most notable designers. Chloé Attitudes is a beautiful book which expresses the modernity and dynamics of the Maison through the years, thanks to an elegant design and stunning photographs by Jeanloup Sieff, Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Deborah Turbeville and Patrick Demarchelier among others.

30 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Art Space

Chloé started in 1952 when founder Gaby Aghion invented the revolutionary idea of luxury prêt-à-porter, taking the craftsmanship of haute couture and making it available to a wider audience, establishing Chloé as the first high-end Paris fashion house to sell exclusively ready-to-wear clothing. Born in Egypt in 1921 and moving to Paris when she was in her twenties, Aghion dressed some of the most fashionable and powerful women of her day including Jacqueline Onassis, Grace Kelly, and Brigitte Bardot. Chloé has, over the decades, consistently redefined its look for the modern woman, offering her an ideal wardrobe for all occasions and revealing her beauty, naturally.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 31

Art Space

The label’s contemporary energy has been sustained through the years partly because it seeks out new talent, including then-28-year-old designer Karl Lagerfeld, who started with the label in 1964. The book explores his career at Chloé, along with Martine Sitbon (1987-1992) and Stella McCartney (1997-2001), who joined Chloé when she was 26, and was responsible for Chloé’s major reinvention with Phoebe Philo (2001-2006), Chloé became one of the most influential fashion brands. Clare Waight Keller, Creative Director since 2011, guides the Maison in writing a new chapter of its story.

32 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013


Letter From Bahrain

John Ridley reminisces on the journey, so far.

John R Ridley

“… a glimpse of your own face next to your child’s sparks the realisation - we are somewhere in the middle of our lives, whilst our children’s journeys are just beginning.”


esterday I experienced one of those moments that come to us all at some point. Patrick, my son, now 16, and several inches taller than me, is preparing to return to Tanzania for another six months - on a marine conservation project. Whilst he is there, he hopes to finish his scuba diving exams and photographic training, establishing himself as a diver, and a professional photographer. The moment in question; a realisation that life doesn’t just happen to you, but is a journey of discovery to be greeted with open arms and a fertile mind, took place as Patrick and I sat next to each other in the hairdressers shop - scrutinising,

34 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

in the mirror, every movement of the men cutting our hair. From time to time I looked at Patrick from the corner of my eye, never sure if he noticed. I suppose it must happen to us all; a glimpse of your own face next to your child’s triggers the realisation that we are somewhere in the middle of our lives, whilst our children’s journeys are just beginning. Patrick has chosen not to become a doctor or a lawyer, he is a young man whose destiny is being shaped by his hopes, dreams and aspirations; to explore the world, to record the events he witnesses, and to share his knowledge with others. If you had asked me before that moment how I thought I was doing in life, I would have answered, “All in all, not bad, earning a living, raising a son with my wife, walking the dog each day, so, yes,

I’m doing fine.” How, I wondered, had we reached this place in life? My wife and I brought Patrick into a world where there was an infinity of joyous opportunities opening before him; with immense pride, I wondered, is this what we had envisaged for our son, as the three of us embarked upon our new life together? It’s the love for your children and that rare glimpse of yourself in your child, fresh of face, bright of spirit, and full of hopes and dreams, that makes you want to reevaluate your own life and see where fate has taken you

John Ridley, a Bahrain based journalist, writer and broadcaster, can be contacted or visit his website:

Exclusive Interview “Many people shy away from Africa because of the corruption. But it’s worse in the West, people just don’t want to believe it.”

A BRIEF BIO Managing Director in Mercury’s Washington, D.C. and New York offices. A senior staff aide to the late Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown and then-Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo during the Clinton administration. Served as director of Vice President Al Gore’s office at the 1996 Democratic Convention. Deputy Director of Vice Presidential Operation for Clinton/Gore ‘96.


MORRIS L. REID Morris L. Reid is a major lobbyist in Washington DC and worked for the Clinton administration and is an acclaimed expert in political and business marketing. He was in Bahrain in September. The publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Bahrain Confidential – Rebecca Smith sat down to find out what Morris’s views are on the Syrian crisis which looked set to turn into war at any moment with America. Along with business opportunities in Africa and his lack of musical ability.

36 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Exclusive Interview Was your ambition always to get into the political arena? As a kid growing up in Ohio, - my ambition was to see the world. I would watch the cars passing and wonder where they were going. I got bitten by the international bug at a very early age and knew whatever I did had to involve travel. How did you make that leap? I think the real leap happened during the Clinton administration, I was the chief aid to Ron Brown. I got to travel all over the world in a very high capacity and one of the things that my mentor Ron taught me was to have a respect of other people’s cultures and lives. This is something I have strived to do ever since in my professional life. It begins to make more sense to you when you’re dealing with people. You have worked with two very different presidents – Clinton and now Obama. Do they have similar traits to enable them to have become presidents? I think one thing that every president faces is that they can’t prepare for the job. No-one hands them a rule book on ‘How to become a president’. The Clinton administration was very different from Obama’s term because they’ve been shaped by different forces. The Clinton administration came in on the tail end of recession and we where able to ride that wave of prosperity for eight years. It’s very different being a president during an expanding economy compared to a shrinking economy as Obama has had to face. In fact some people will say the worst economy in a generation. To become a president – You have to have a core belief, extremely thick skin and very broad shoulders as the weight of the world will be on them. Leadership is really tested in the time of adversity and this is what President Obama is going through right now. What do you think the American strategy will include now Syria has agreed to hand over its chemical weapons? I think this was a bit of a curve ball. If the Syrians really believed this – why hadn’t they already agreed along time ago? You are not who you say you are but what your deeds are. I think we have to

“The Middle East has always been important but now they need to find a way to remain relevant as the oil is not going to last and at some point they will have to diversify their economy.” play it out as that’s what you have to do with diplomacy. But it should be speeded up and pressure put on the Syrians to show their true colours. But at the end of the day as a global village we can’t sit back and watch people being slaughtered. You have 2 million refugees now, something has to be done. Why does it appear that the Arab League is so reluctant to get involved? The Middle East is a very small area which means you have to be much more cautious and make sure you have all your ducks in a row. I’m not sure that everyone (country) is lined up together. They also need to make sure their allies are on the same page as them. When you have competing powers in a small area it’s very difficult to achieve that. Sometime you need intervention and leadership from another part of the world to try and bring everyone together to stop what is happening – this is what happened with Libya.

What’s Russia and China gaining from all of this? They’re steadfast allies and you can say what you want to say about Putin. But he’s sticking to his allies and it’s loyalty. However I think Putin maybe on the wrong side of history and ultimately the regime in Syria will fall. I believe the Russians will eventually see that there is only so much loyalty you can show a regime that is killing his own people. There’s a real rivalry between Russia and America at the moment and I’ve been proposing that we need to get closer as all the hot spots in the world right now - Russia is stronger compare to America. But if we could work together then the world would be a safer place right now. If America was to attack would it be considered an intervention or interference? People are going to die either way. The thing is once we get involved we have got to own it. The Syrians are not going to roll over and play dead. So we have to be prepared for

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 37

Exclusive Interview their counterpunch. It’s a slippery slope and we can’t do this without having all our allies in this region supporting us. Where you surprised when Britain declined? It’s interesting that you use the word decline – there has been a lot of decline in the British

same in Iraq. Despite what Sadan Hussain was as a dictator. At least they had water, electricity, kids could go to school safely and people had jobs etc. My friends the Kurds would have a different appreciation for it. But the fact is Iraq is not working right now and neither is Egypt. I always remind my friends in the West

Africa is the way to go – would you agree with this? Africa is certainly an exciting place right now and there’s alot of opportunities for the Middle East to work in that region too. There’s a great amount of wealth here that needs to be invested – so instead of investing it all in London – why not Lagos? Where I think you’d get a much better rate of return. Many people shy away from Africa because of the corruption. But it’s worse in the West, people just don’t want to believe it. You and your wife Jaci are patrons to the VH1 – please tell us a little more about this. It’s a charity that we’ve been involved in for a long time. Maybe it’s because I have absolutely no musical talent of my own – although I can dance. It’s a fact that extra curriculum activities for kids keep them active and less likely to get into trouble. We entourage a whole range of different performing arts by funding teachers salaries and buying instruments.

“My job isn’t as glamorous as most people would think. But the best part of my job is the ability to form lasting relationships all over the world.” power for some time. I think they didn’t want to get ‘duped’ into another situation as they did with Sudan Hussain. So they’re very cautious of blindly following America. I think Cameron completely miss played it and he is much more focussed on his own re election right now and this was probably a result of the political season starting early. Plus Britain just doesn’t have the money either. In your CV it claims that you are adept at fostering business development programs and specialise in launching partnerships – is this what you’re doing in Bahrain? It’s more of a listening tour. I’m very familiar with Bahrain and have spent alot of time here. My business partner the former Ambassador to Bahrain is here with me and we both have access to alot of people. It’s a real transition period for this region. The Middle East has always been important but now they need to find a way to remain relevant as the oil is not going to last and at some point they will have to diversify their economy. In your opinion do you think countries such as Egypt and Tunisia who were key players in the Arab Spring have actually achieved anything for the people? I think if you look at the situation in Egypt – some people will say life was better under the old regime. Similarly you can say the

38 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

that democracy doesn’t work for everyone and it’s not a one size fits all. We in the West have to respect what the people want in the form of a leader. Not what Western society would like it to look like on the ground? Unfortunately for Egypt I think it is a society that has under performed. If you consider all the amazing historical sights etc it has. You would think Dubai, or Qatar had the similar resources by the way they promote themselves. But they don’t nor has Egypt made the most of what they had to offer. There is alot of disappointment about the outcome – but I think the Military will be the bed rock and it will eventually recover. But in an Egyptian fashion. At one point it appeared that the whole world was on the point of revolt – with many nations turning on their leaders – do you think these people had already reached boiling point or where driven to it by social media? If twitter and social media had been around during the US civil war it would’ve been far more shocking and bloody to the ‘cocktail’ community as it was at the time. We have a thirst for information, we probably get too much information but at the end of the day. I think people in these countries will ultimately decide. Many people say the Middle East is finished in terms of business and

Tell my readers something else about yourself My job isn’t as glamorous as most people would think. But the best part of my job is the ability to form lasting relationships all over the world. I feel very lucky that tragically when my mentor died Ron Brown – died in a plane crash. I inherited his passion for travel, building strong relationships and his filofax of contacts. So I would tell anyone to get out of their comfort zone and see the world. You will have a much better appreciation of yourself, you won’t take yourself as seriously and you really will have a better appreciation that we are all here for a small amount of time and we have to do our part. That’s what I’m trying to do Music: Electric music, Jazz and rap Food: Probably somewhere in between Lebanese, Sushi and Indian Movie: Glory – Denzel Washington Moto: Hard Work

Morris L. Reid and Jaci Reid at VH1 Summer Soul Concert

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Sheer Luxury

Tag Heuer Phantomatik Bag

r’s o t i Ed


Tag Heuer Phantomatik Jacket

s! Pick




Men want Tag Heuer Cufflinks


BD150 BD150 Tag Heuer Belt

40 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Tag Heuer Racing Wallet

Tag Heuer is available at Bahrain City Centre and Seef Mall.

Sheer Luxury

Take on a Shine with the PerlĂŠe Collection.

*Prices available on request

42 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Sheer Luxury

Being distinguished by its golden beads, feel the sunny warmth of yellow gold. Whether adorning the hand, the neckline or the wrist, it stands out with an unmistakable gleam. The Van Cleef & Arpels signature – engraved in fine English script – contributes a timeless elegance to rings and bracelets of yellow gold. Diamonds add sparkle to its warmth, tracing a glittering ribbon or graceful clover motifs. The Perlée collection adapts elegantly to every mood or occasion. For more information call, Tel. +973 1713 1122.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 43


David Hollywood Dreams As A Child

Remember our lives in dreams as a child, When tingled excitement tickled inside, Surging in giggles which shivered our nerves, As hands clasped in joining’s which laughs only served, And then our hugged shoulders were high with the mirth, Of wondrous adventures that stemmed from our birth. _______________________________________ While viewing our life while still we were coy, We saw all the promise which meant only joy, And friends and relations who came to our view, Shone lamps through their eyes in a brightness anew, As each one good natured, respected our due, Examples were plenty of all that seemed true, With people so friendly, no problems to see. And truth was so honest, we thought life was free. But later we learned just how fickle it was, As we tempered our talents through past’s that we passed, And innocent yearning’s elapsed as we marched, Towards ourselves challenged by sparkles now parched, Encountering setbacks along our life’s way, Impeded our poise by uncertainties sway, Nervous bout future composures unplanned, When all that we want is to know where we stand. What should have enjoined with all we esteem, Was passion and proof for the lives that we dreamed, But causes are lost when pain cannot see, Which people shall suffer where nothing is free, Those thoughtless in conscience, uncaring will show, Hollow respect for regards they don’t know. Our spirit was glad of the innocence learned, At the time when we saw all the visions we yearned. Ideals stem, from a childhood assured, Whose lives live for virtue in morals endured, And up until times that people aren’t kind, Nothing contaminates an innocents mind, Simplicity reigns in an unaffected state, If sincerities calm because it’s innate, And so it is during our earliest years, That we set off so fresh, cause we’re born without fears. David Hollywood

44 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

David Hollywood

History & Travel

The London Underground

Popular as the Tube, this oldest English mode of transportation celebrated 150 years of operation, earlier this year.

46 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

History & Travel

The first line of the London Underground was officially launched on 10th January, 1863.

Londoners sleep on stopped escalators of a tube station for safety and shelter during heavy bombing by the Germans in London, England during the blitz in January 1940.

Woman uphoslter railway carriages for the London Underground in January 1916.

The plush interior of one of the carriages of the new Electric Train for the Metropolitan Railway in December 1919.

The escalators today!

The entrance to an underground aircraft factory located in one of the subway stations in 1943.

Escalators being built at Piccadilly Circus Underground Railway Station in September 1928.

Locomotive No. 23, a Metropolitan ‘A’ Class engine built at Manchester in 1866, heads a centenary special at Neasden as part of a grand practice of past and present rolling stock to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Underground in May 1963.

Amar Singh, the Sikh train guard who was later granted permission to wear his turban while on duty on the Underground, with his wife Amrid and their 13-day old daughter Jaki in September 1964.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 47

History & Travel 43 people killed after a tube train crashed through buffers and into an end-wall. The photograph shows a fireman at work in one of the coaches of the sixth-carriage London Underground train which overran the platform and entered a blind tunnel at Moorgate Station in London in February 1975.

The top of the fire-damaged escalators at King’s Cross underground station in London. The fire which killed 31 people is believed to have been started on the main escalator up from the platforms when a lit match was dropped by a passenger in November 1987.

A train on the Docklands Light Railway in London in April 2004.

American fans ride the London Underground during the London Olympics in August 2012.

The tube as it is today!

Credits: 48 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013


Coach …

A Legacy Of Craftsmanship The leading fashion accessories brand celebrates its 70th Anniversary.


eventy years ago, a team of six talented artisans set out to make a different impression on leather, inspired by the unique patina and supple texture of a worn baseball glove. They wanted their work to reflect precise European techniques while, at the same time, represent the singular style of the American spirit. Using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques, they crafted the highest quality, custom-tanned leathers into a collection of twelve precisely stitched, perfectly functional designs and that’s how an American classic was born. Established in a New York City loft in 1941, Coach offers the finest luxury handbags, accessories and gifts for women

50 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

and men and is now available in over 20 countries around the world. Expertise in leather will always be the heart of the Coach brand; hand finishing is their hallmark; turnlock closures and dogleash clips are their signature; Coach only accepts one-third of the hides offered by our tanneries. Over the decades, no matter how fashion and trends have evolved, the brand remains true to its heritage. The first glove-tanned handbags established Coach’s classic style and enduring quality. Today the Coach reputation for luxury lifestyle collections is renowned internationally. It is a leading American marketer of fine accessories and gifts for women and men, including handbags, women’s and men’s small leather goods, business cases, weekend and travel accessories, footwear, watches, outerwear, scarves, sun-wear, fragrance, jewellery and related accessories. Crafting the Future While Coach continues to be one of the most recognised accessories brands in North America, its long-term strategic plan is to increase international distribution and target international consumers. Through Coach Japan, wholly owned by Coach since 2005, the company leverages a large

growth opportunity in this important market for imported handbags and accessories. Similarly, the Company acquired its retail businesses in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China in 2009. As this emerging market rapidly grows, the Coach brand enjoys increased recognition. Intent on maintaining a consistent brand strategy domestically and abroad, this ownership structure provides Coach with complete control of its distribution in Japan and China. And, in 2010, the company announced its expansion strategy for Western Europe, with plans to open locations in France, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a global vision in place, Coach is available at over 900 department store locations in North America, over 200 international department stores, retail stores and duty free shops in over 20 countries, over 160 department store shop-in-shops and retail and factory stores operated by Coach Japan, and more than 50 companyoperated locations in China. Coach’s corporate headquarters remain in midtown Manhattan on 34th Street, in the location of our former factory lofts Visit COACH at Al A’ali Shopping Centre or the online store at

Celebrate with Seef...

...a new look, the same heart

Enjoy 5 days of fun! 1

st in!

in Bahra

ay nesd Wed th

Including the amazing, interactive

Digital Graffiti Wall! Plus: Seef Story Telling, Face Painting, Movie Time, Henna Painting, Balloon Twisters and so much more... Seef Mall is celebrating the launch of our fun new logo which shows our brand’s friendly energy and sincere commitment to you, our loyal customers. The Seef Mall family is growing with Seef Malls now in both the Seef District and Isa Town and we are soon launching in Muharraq. To celebrate, we invite you and your whole family to share in the fun!








The perfect blend between ethnicity and modernity, this collection is sure to put you in the spotlight!

The perfect blend between ethnicity and modernity, this collection is sure to put you in the spotlight! S&S, the brainchild of two friends, designers and fashion enthusiasts Shreeja Rajan and Shweta Desai, is a means to colour the world of fashion with exclusive, ethnic and exotic Indian styles. The label showcases a variety of Indian textiles, prints and textures moulded into stylish silhouettes that are

S&S By Shreeja & Shweta

52 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

universal. The label is a combination of art and refreshing innovations that aspire to take the humble weaves of India around the globe. The designer duo feels that if presented in the desired way, Indian textiles have immense potential to be accepted on an international level.

Crop Top, BD40 Jodhpur Trousers, BD39.87

Fashion Orange Blazer BD73.5 Gold Corset, BD24.27 Blue Trouser, BD46.81 Yellow Peplum, BD65.53 Purple Skirt, BD28.43

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 53


Turi Collection: “Turi” which means a weaver’s brush - is gives you a sneak peek into the vast variety of textiles, weaves, prints and textures available in India. This collection is a symphony of various textiles such as Banarasi Brocades, Ikkat, Kalamkari print, Maharashtrian Khann and jute, all of which are a small fraction of the treasure that is Indian textiles.

Green Dress, BD24.27 Gold Blazer, BD31.2 Red/Maroon Dress, BD48.54

Jaipur Collection: “Jaipur” is a mesmerising combination of intricate Indian prints that are adored and admired for their shapes and designs. The designers have used Kalamkari prints and Bagru prints from Jaipur city, which they see as their interpretation of the earthy and the arid charm of Jaipur. Sheer black georgettes are used to interpret the rugged mystery of the deserts. The photographer, Alice Chapman, is an ex resident of Bahrain and now lives in Australia. For more information visit or their Facebook page https://www.facebook. com/pages/SS-by-ShreejaShweta/390513307734033?fref=ts

54 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Discovering Young Bahraini Talent For advertising and other queries email or call, Tel. +973 1782 2363



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Serving Real American Food in The Middle East since 1997 We are located in Juffair...Come see us! Grand Mosque Gulf Hotel

Al Jazira Supermarket


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Fashion BD19






Massimo Dutti


Women’s Autumn Winter 2013 Collection


BD75 BD32 BD110

BD32 BD32

BD35 BD62 Massimo Dutti is located at Seef Mall and Bahrain City Centre.

58 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Your dental health is important. Dr Ali Hussain Al Juffairy Dental Services provides top-notch quality services from the most basic to the most complicated dental procedures you require.

implants orthodontics fillings extractions root canals bleaching etc.


Al Juffairy Clinic es! Now moved to new premis Al Juffairy Clinic 6th Floor, Mashtan Building next to Almoayyed Tower

Book an appointment today.

Call +973 1727 3700 EMAIL:

OPEN Sunday thru Thursday from 9am up till 6pm

Editor’s Scoop TOD’S Men’s Handbag BD843 TOD’S Men’s Shoes BD537


Fashion Essentials Your list of wardrobe musthaves for the season, straight from the editor’s desk.

TOD’S Men’s Handbag BD731

TOD’S Men’s Shoes BD648


TOD’S Sartorial Touch collection is available at select TOD’S boutiques worldwide.

60 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Fundraising Fundraising Dinner Dinner For Fundraising Dinner For For Fundraising Dinner on For Archaeological Expedition Archaeological ForExpedition on Archaeological Expedition on the Mounds the Royal Royal Burial Burial Moundson Archaeological Expedition the Royal Burial Mounds the Royal Burial Mounds Bahrain’s Bahrain’s UNESCO UNESCO World World Heritage Heritage Site Site


October 24th - 7pm October 24th - 7pm October 24th - 7pm

• Buffet with live cooking stations. • • Buffet with live cooking stations. Buffet with live cooking stations. • Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. • Buffet with live cooking stations. • Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. • T icket price incl. dinner, entertainment • Buffet with live cooking stations. • T Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. Ticket price incl. dinner, entertainment icket price incl. dinner, entertainment & welcome drink & welcome drink • Raffle Draw with exciting prizes. T icket price incl. dinner, entertainment & welcome drink • T icket price incl. dinner, entertainment & welcome drink & welcome drink

“Every archaeologist knows in his “Every archaeologist knows in his “Every archaeologist knows in his heart why he digs. He digs... that digs... that heart why he digs. He heart why he digs. He digs... that “Every archaeologist knows in his the dead may live again, that what the dead may live again, that what the dead may live again, that what heart why he digs. He digs... that is past may not be forever “Every archaeologist knows inlost, his is past may not be forever lost, is past may not beHebe forever lost, the dead may live again, that what that something may salvaged heart why he digs. digs... that that something may be salvaged that something may be salvaged is past may not be forever lost, from the wrack of ages, that the the dead may live again, that what from the wrack of ages, that the from the wrack of ages, that the that something be salvaged past may color the and is past may notmay be present forever lost, past may color the present and past may color the present and from the wrack of ages, that the give to the future.” that heart something may be salvaged give heart to the future.” give heart to the future.” past may color the present T. Geoffrey Bibby. from the wrack of1956 ages, that and the T. Geoffrey Bibby. 1956 T. Geoffrey Bibby. 1956 give the future.” past heart may to color the present and T. Geoffrey 1956 give heart toBibby. the future.” fundraising) fundraising) T. Geoffrey Bibby. 1956 fundraising)

BD 18/p.p (10 BD go to BD BD 18/p.p 18/p.p (10 (10 BD BD go go to to Tickets and Reservation at the Dilmun Club Tickets and Dilmun BD 18/p.p (10 BD go at to the fundraising) Tickets and Reservation Reservation at the Dilmun Club Club BD 18/p.p (10 BD go to fundraising) Tickets and Reservation at the Dilmun Club The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 The Dilmun Club in Saar 17690926.17692986 Tickets and Reservation the Dilmun Club The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 The Dilmun Club in Saar Tel. 17690926.17692986 PANTONE 871 C C:20 M:25871 Y:60 PANTONE C K:25 PANTONE 871 C C:20 M:25 Y:60 K:25 PANTONE C K:25 C:20 M:25871 Y:60 C:20 M:25 Y:60 K:25

PANTONE 288 C C:100 M:67 PANTONE 288Y:0C K:23 PANTONE 288 C C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:23 PANTONE 288Y:0C K:23 C:100 M:67 C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:23

PANTONE 871 C C:20 M:25 Y:60 K:25

PANTONE 288 C C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:23

PANTONE 871 C C:20 M:25 Y:60 K:25

PANTONE 288 C C:100 M:67 Y:0 K:23


BD8 BD4 BD17

BD15 BD9

laVie en Rose FW 2013 Collection. Let’s Get Back to the Basics.


BD22 (set)



a Vie en Rose is the leading Canadian specialty lingerie brand. The brand caters to women aged 25-45 delivering exceptional lingerie, sleep wear & swimwear collections while staying true to its motto: it’s all about natural beauty, confident sophistication & sensual passion. La Vie en Rose fulfills her desires by offering an array of well fitted bras & specialty lingerie selections designed for every woman. Our collection includes- gorgeous silk lingerie, comfortable bras & panties, cocooning cotton pajamas, fashionable swimwear and casual-cool leisure & lounge wear. Accessible fashions of a great fit, comfort and value. Located at the first level of Bahrain City Centre, Tel. +973 1668 6210.

62| Bahrain Confidential | October 2013







Kenneth Cole is available in Bahrain City Centre and Seef Mall. *prices are available on request

Dune Indulge in a hit of exceptional style and sophistication.

Available at Bahrain City Centre and Seef Mall. *prices are available on request

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 63


BD49 (100ml)


For Men BD35 (100ml)


Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir

This new fragrance for men is designed for lovers of oriental fragrances, for a man with a strong personality. This time elegantly black, fading out gently to top of the bottle ad enriched with gold accents for an opulent look.

For Ladies BD39 (80ml)

Black XS L’Excès Extreme

Black XS L’Excès reveals a limited edition with a hidden, illicit and captivating side: Black XS L’Excès Extreme. Black XS L’Excès Extreme for Her and for Him offers a new expression of desire: two fragrances to be shared in the dark. For Her, Black XS L’Excès Extreme awakens buried pleasures at the heart of the night. For Him, Black XS L’Excès Extreme thrills the senses.

64 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Majirel Cool Cover

Women can’t help but worry about the problems caused to their hair colour by the extreme weather. Arriving with the efficient and cost-effective solution to all these problems is the new climate-proof Majirel Cool Cover.

Beauty Faux & Fabulous

For spring 2013, Bourjois is accessorising to the max with the launch of FAUX & FABULOUS. The line consists of a range of hip and glamorous accessories with everything from extravagant to subtle false lashes and rock or romantic temporary tattoos.

Applying false lashes can be a pain, but these were designed specifically for easy and quick application. Prices of lashes range between BD4 and BD5.6.


BD37.4(90ml) My Own World. No Rules.

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein features a light pink bottle with a natural curve that is simple and feminine. A beautiful silver cap with a unique hollow design and bright fuchsia accent adds an striking edge to the appearance. This beautiful fragrance balances feminine woods and a soft, floral scent to create a confident, modern fragrance with a unique signature and an unexpected edge.



Happy Light

Bourjois launched Happy Light, a new range that lights up the complexion for a radiant effect, without a shadow of imperfection. To bring you the most luminous of make-up solutions, Bourjois has created: Two new serum primers, A luminous foundation and A pro-quality concealer ‌ You are now guaranteed flawless, radiant complexion in every light. It brings that beautiful glow that brightens the face.

BD9.6 BD8.83

Unless otherwise stated, products are available at leading cosmetic outlets. October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 65



Meet Zayan Al Qattani, Bahrain Confidential’s Diva-of-the-month. Dream Gadget: My dream gadget is definitely the Socialmatic Camera! I CANNOT wait for its release. Current Gadget: I’m currently using the Samsung S3 Mini, Fujifilm SL300, and Fujifilm Polaroid nothing special. Are you an accessory junkie? Absolutely! I’m really into chokers and stick-on crystals right now.

Zayan Al Qattani

Life Mantra: Life is unpredictable match it. Favourite Food Spot in Bahrain: Elevation Burger Favourite Food Spot Outside Bahrain: I really gravitate towards the Hard Rock Cafes; I’m a bit of a junk food addict. Favourite Holiday Destination: I absolutely love both France & Koh Samui. Favourite Brand:

If I HAD to pick (this is tough!) I’d go with Jeffrey Campbell & Wildfox Couture.

Favourite Shopping Destination: The internet, of course! Favourite Fall-winter Look: Oversized sweaters, slogan beanies, platform creepers and customised jackets. How would you define your fashion sense? I guess you could define my fashion sense as individual I can’t really think of a word for it. A book that has touched you and why? My all-time favorite book has to be “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. Are you an animal person – do you have pets? I am SUCH an animal person, but my mom and brother aren’t! I’ve been in a cage with a tiger and held a baby crocodile - it’s definitely my element.

Koh Samui

If you won a 100 Dinars to shop at only one store, what store would it be?! What song do you have on repeat? We Own The Night - The Wanted 3 Words to Describe Yourself: Brainy, Imaginative, Introverted Favourite TV Show & Movie: My favourite TV shows are The Vampire Diaries, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Face Off! I haven’t got a particular favourite movie. Visit Zayan’s blog:

66 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Health Updates


The crunchiness of pomegranate seeds is filled with an antioxidant that blocks breast cancer. Pomegranates suppress a substance in the body that helps produce estrogen. About major percent of breast cancers need estrogen to grow. Drink only one cup of pure pomegranate juice a day to keep your health at check.


Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are extremely rich in omega-3. It plays an important role in the prevention of breast cancer. 2 tablespoons a day gives you the maximum health benefits for people with breast cancer.



Salmon is one the few foods that has vitamin D in quite significant amounts. Increased amounts of the fish will help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Eating fresh or canned salmon provides docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a supercharged omega-3 fat that may kill breast cancer cells and also help stop the spread of the disease.

Foods That Can Help To Fight Breast Cancer Want to cut your cancer risk? Here are some foods that you need to introduce into your daily lifestyle that will help fight breast cancer.

Eggs have an essential nutrient called Choline. It is said to reduce the risk of breast cancer by 24 percent. This essential nutrient, found in the yolk of the egg is necessary to ensure proper cell functioning. Women should have an intake of at the most 425 milligrams of choline per day.

68 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013



Blueberries actually halt the growth of breast cancer tumors by causing the cancerous cells to self-destruct. This process is known as apoptosis. Don’t worry; frozen blueberries are just as helpful and filled with antioxidants as the fresh ones.

Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli and Broccoli sprouts are considered to be powerful weapons against breast cancer. Sulforaphane present in them can boost the body’s anti cancer weapons. Try to eat at least three to four portions of broccoli or broccoli sprouts a week to get the complete benefits. You can add them to your salads or your sandwiches.

Always wanted a healthy snack. Here’s one. Snacking on 60 grams of walnuts a day can stop the development of breast cancer tumors. Walnuts contain omega-3, and antioxidants that help slow the growth of cancerous cells.

Readers’ Speak


Bahrain Confidential’s readers share how they will be spreading breast – cancer awareness this month. My elder sister, Jessica was diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer on November 2003 and passed away in April 2006, at age 37. I didn’t want my last memory of her to be of one lying in a coffin and so I did not go home. Since 2010, every October, I’ve joined fun runs for breast cancer awareness; last year I was part of the Think Pink walkathon. Two years ago, I posted a video of Jessica ( uX4zLOqSD8A) as a tribute to her. To all women, have check-ups regularly; early detection is a big help. If you have a daughter, niece, mother or a cousin who was diagnosed, then let the next generation be checked ten years earlier. I was born ten months after my sister and always teased her that she got everything first, though that last time I wish I was the first. Every day is cancer awareness month for our family and it should be yours too.

Breast cancer isn’t more important than other cancers and it can touch our mothers, sisters, friends and neighbours; it doesn’t affect only the victim but also others around her, like her relatives and friends. I think that in addition to knowing the facts about this sickness it is also very important to donate money to the women who need it or organisations that research and try to find the cure for it. Women should go to the doctor’s regularly for a check-up or check themselves. There’s an app called ‘Your Man Reminder’, which is pretty funny but gives all the knowledge. Cancer can be treated if it’s tackled at the beginning, Rinku that’s why women need to be aware.

Charlotte Joy

Apart from discussing the symptoms and detection-procedures of breast cancer with friends and family, I plan to distribute printed material on breast cancer in my neighbourhood and nearby areas. I think the best places to catch the attention of other women would be salons, spas, gyms and nursery schools where many women come to drop their toddlers. I believe that the little voluntary inputs from common people go a long way in spreading awareness; people need to be proactive as far as health issues are concerned.

Joy Evangelista

Rinku Valecha

This year I will advocate more for the Pink ribbon culture, spreading the message among youngsters to understand the consequences of this deadly ailment. I will also actively support social movements in my neighbourhood and energetically promote making, selling and distributing pink ribbons and other pink material to raise funds. In addition I plan on encouraging people I know to get a medical checkup and will also visit breast cancer victims and treat them with smiles, get-well cards and hugs just to show them that we care and are physically and emotionally with them.

Eat healthy and live a positive, happy life. Another important thing is, ladies please wear comfortable braziers; those who don’t remove it for more than 12 hours a day try not to use cheap and tight ones. Try and remove it for at least an hour every 6 to 8 hours. Try not to attract negativity; even if you find a lump don’t fret over it. Having lemon juice helps shrinking the lump but if you have a big lump somewhere and the doctors would advice you to remove, do it.

Sana Ahmed



October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 69


70 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013


Things Breast Cancer Has Taught Me Nicole McLean is a breast cancer survivor and breast cancer blogger. Diagnosed under 40, she is a part of a relatively small number of women in the world diagnosed with breast cancer as a young woman. Nicole started blogging as a way to keep her family and friends informed of her progress through her treatment for stage 3a breast cancer. Be Inspired! Stop living in fear. This felt like a gut punch when I read it. Okay. So, nobody wants to have to go through this. I don’t blame you. But, in all honesty, as bad as it was I’m not sure that it ever lived up to my fears of it. And most importantly, it’s over now. Move on. No really. Move forward on to the next thing. Life keeps on going and you should too. Another big scary thing could be around the corner but so what? Right now, in this moment ... you are alive and capable. Stop letting the fear of what could go wrong keep you in hostage. On the other side of “what could go wrong” is ... I DID IT! And believe me, it feels a whole lot better over here than over there. This journey has taught me that it was arrogant to always want to offer help but never be willing to receive it. People who accept help are not less than people who give help. Give and take is a natural cycle that requires both parts to work. I learned that a support system is vital to survival. I also learned that support comes in a variety of ways. Take care of yourself Take care of your health. Taking care of yourself means all of you. The complete package of who you are deserves support and care. I know that sometimes life’s limitations cause us to have to make hard decisions. But choosing to care for yourself is a good idea all the time. As a woman, it is not unusual to put myself after others. Even non-mommies fall into the mindset that other people’s needs/desires come before our own. Because of that, I struggled with feelings of guilt, as I took very gentle care of myself during my recovery (and sometimes even now). But the reality is that sometimes you simply do not have the luxury of waiting until a more convenient time to deal with something. Breast cancer is not a “wait and see” disease. I had to learn that it was more than okay to take care of myself.

“Here are points that can help you understand that everything about my breast cancer experience wasn’t so bad.”- Nicole Trust your intuition I have carried the fear about breast cancer in my heart for a long, long time. Just between us, I always figured that I would have breast cancer at some point in my life. Now, I did not imagine that it would be before I was 40 but I did suspect that it was coming. It would have been easy to ignore the lump I felt and to disregard it. I could have easily believed that I was too young for breast cancer and simply pushed the possibility from my mind. But, my intuition is a strong nag and she wouldn’t let me go. Each time I met with resistance from any medical personnel who felt that I was too young, not a likely candidate, blah blah blah ... my intuition nudged me to press the issue for another

test, another look, another opinion ... just in case that first look was wrong. I am glad that my stubbornness worked in my favor. Exercise is important I am not very athletic. I think it comes with the territory when you’re sort of clumsy, which I am. My clumsiness has been my excuse not to participate in sports and generally be non-athletic most of my life. What can I say? Always being picked last for neighborhood kickball did have some effect on my self-esteem. However, after I had my mastectomy and I lost the ability to lift my arm over my head or even to shoulder level, I changed my perspective. Exercise and physical therapy made a huge difference in my life. I still don’t exercise as much as I should but I do lot more than I used to. I have no choice. When I don’t exercise, my body rebels. Exercise is important. I like being able to stand up straight, raise my arms and wear high heels when I want to. And now, in order to do those things, I have to exercise and stretch regularly. Healthy eating is important. Wow. I have learned so much about nutrition and eating since this journey began. I don’t eat horribly but I definitely can do better. Four months of chemo totally changed my relationship with food. Some food is good for you. Other food is not. Eat more of the good. Less of the bad. Your body will thank you. My body tells me immediately when I’ve gone too far in the wrong direction. Sometimes it is annoying but mostly, it reminds me that I am alive and this body requires good fuel. I can live with that. Live, I mean really LIVE, while you can. Take care of you. Be good to you. And be fearless, even if you have to take baby steps towards your dreams. That baby step is still a step. Live

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 71


Kids In Motion Stay In Motion Johan Esterhuizen is a health and fitness executive with more than 14 years experience in health and wellness, sports conditioning and children’s physical activity programmes.


ids who establish a healthy lifestyle pattern at a young age will carry the benefits for the rest of their lives. The latest research shows that more than 30 per cent of school children are overweight in the region. Increased consumption of fast food and predominance of sedentary lifestyles have led to this occurrence. These unhealthy eating habits are reinforced in the school environment. Therefore, it’s even more important for kids to exercise, not only to regulate obesity, but also to prevent diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. What type of physical activities should children do? There are three different types of activities that children need to promote healthy growth and development: 1. Endurance Activities that involve continuous movement of large muscle groups - increase heart rate, cause breathing to quicken, and work up a sweat. They are important for development of a healthy heart and lungs. Endurance activities can be lots of fun - and they don’t have to be competitive. Swimming, skating, dancing, tennis, martial arts Hiking, jogging, skipping, playing tag, cycling, dodgeball Football, basketball Wall climbing Children’s bootcamps, fitness obstacle courses

Johan Esterhuizen

2. Flexibility These are activities that encourage children to bend, stretch and promote flexibility. Having

adequate flexibility helps kids participate in activities without pain or restriction from their muscles or joints. Being flexible promotes good posture, increases relaxation and minimises risk of injury. Active playground time Digging in the sand at the beach Gymnastics, dancing, wall climbing Yoga, skipping, stretching routines 3. Strength Working against a resistance helps children build stronger muscles. Adequate muscular strength allows kids to deal with the demands of daily life without excessive stress on their joints and muscles. Activities that build strength promote strong bones, muscles and good posture. Lifting and carrying things like groceries Climbing stairs Gymnastics, doing sit-ups and push-ups Rope or tree climbing, tug of war Monkey bars, climbing ladders, scaling poles Calisthenics using their own body weight as resistance or supervised weight training exercises using tubing, bands and small weights. To incorporate these successfully, you need to use them in fun ways. Having kids run a mile or perform push-ups and sit-ups may be good for their bodies, but could turn them off exercise. Camouflaged physical activity makes getting fit interesting and fun. Tag games, walk/ run/jump activities and fitness circuits and relays provide the same benefits as more structured exercise, but are better tolerated by kids. There are different focus areas for each stage of a child’s development. Ages and Stages 3-5 year old: These children should be active for at least 3 hours a day. This includes light activity like walking, rolling and playing, as well as more energetic activity like jumping, riding a bike and ball games. The focus is more on general play. 6-11 year old: At this age, at least one hour a day is recommended. These includes

lighter activities like bike riding and playground activities, as well as more intense activities like running and swimming. Bodyweight strength training is recommended. 12-17 year old: At this age, children should limit recreational screen time to less than 2 hours a day, and include an hour of sport or moderate activity daily. This can include walking, organised sports, aerobics, biking, swimming and supervised gym training. How to get your kids to move more? Lead by example: Your activity level sets a powerful example at home. Parents who make exercise a priority in their own lives will significantly increase the chance that family members will do the same. Get involved: Participating in family games and activities makes for solid bonding time. Sharing enthusiasm and a light-hearted challenge will get them moving. Limit screen time: Restrict your child to two hours of TV, video games, and computer. Interactive video games that require the player to can ease the blow of stricter guidelines and help kids transition from low to moderate levels of activity while in a somewhat private setting. Hang loose: Keep the emphasis on fun and enjoyment. The more flexible you can be, the more your child will feel a sense of choice and control. Eat well: Make the most of the benefits of physical activity by providing good nutrition and well-balanced meals at home. Spread the word: Share your expectations with grandparents, teachers, and other caretakers to help reinforce healthy activities when your child is away from home. Be equipped: Keep a variety of games and sports equipment in hand. It doesn’t have to be expensive — an assortment of balls, hulahoops, and jump ropes can keep kids busy for hours

For more information, call, Tel. +973 3414 4836.

72 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

The Gulf Eye Center

New medical facility offers Bahrain a wide range of quality specialities and services.

Located in the heart of the city, the Gulf Eye Center is the newest facility that opened second quarter of last year under The Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center. The Center specialises in the diagnosis and management of all medical and surgical eye diseases. It is also a provider of comprehensive and complete routine eye care, refractive, optical, and screening services for Bahrain and other GCC Countries. Offering state-of-the-art facilities, the Center has the most advanced and sophisticated laser machines, investigation equipment and a full-fledged operation theatre. They specialise in various ophthalmic care treatments making it the most recognised client and family centred complex in the region. Practicing Evidence Based Medicine and equipped with an expert team of certified ophthalmologists, licensed Optometrists and nurses having rich experience, the Center not only quality treatment but also has a calm and friendly environment the moment to step through the front door. Screening & Treatment Specialties: The Center offers Diabetic Retinopathy, Vitreous Hemorrhage and Intra Vitreal injections, Use of Pascal (Argon) & Zeiss (YAG) laser machines and the treatment of Keratoconus – with crosslinking technology, Glaucoma (raised intraocular pressure), Squint & diplopia. Surgical Specialties: Suture-less Phacoemulsification (cataract) surgery, Refractive & corneal surgeries, Oculoplastic procedures including Botox & fillers, Suture-less Retina & Vitreous surgery, Retinal detachments repair surgeries and Macular holes repair surgeries. Investigational & Diagnostic Specialties: Ocular Ultrasonography, Ultra Bio Microscopy (UBM), Corneal Topography, Automated Field of vision (Perimetry), Intraocular lens measurement (Biometry), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA). For further information call on Tel. +973 1723 9171/9239 or email: or visit: Visit the Gulf Eye Center on the 2nd Floor of The Gulf Diabetes Center in Salmaniya

Home Decor

Jamal Al Kooheji CEO and Managing Director, Dream Group


ids have a lot of work to do – like developing who they are and discovering the world around them. So having the right things at home can make it a little easier. From the day you bring them home until they’re all grown up, our children’s furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground. Kids love to role-play and toys that encourage it is a good thing. That’s because imitation helps kids develop and teaches them important skills they’ll need when they grow up. They say home is where the heart is. Make your home, heaven for your child with this latest collection.

They say home is where the heart is. Make your home, heaven for your child with this latest collection.

Available at Doğtaş Kidsland in Enma Mall, Riffa Tel. +973 7701 6600 / Fax: +973 1791 1098 / Mobile: +973 3605 8114

74 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013


What’s In Your


76 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Located in a cozy corner, in Al A’ali Mall, Trousseau Fine Linens & Unique Gifts offers to help you pack for your wedding day! Bahrain Confidential indulges in some bridezilla.



in cultured pearls and crystals. One particular item that we loved was an earthen lamp burner that had been infused with pomegranate oil; this is sure to set the mood for your beauty bath or even the bedroom. There is a whole section of our store devoted to tabletop like serve wear, trays, table cloths, linen napkins, and all the trimmings of a new home as well as fully stocked bedding department with a choice of Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, matelasses and bath towels as well as silk sheets and silk pillows, throws and silk slippers.

rousseau is a French word which means the “things a woman collects before her marriage”. A modern day trousseau includes the wedding day accessories – the wedding gown, lingerie, jewellery and shoes, honeymoon wardrobe, crockery, kitchenware, linen and other such items. Now, wouldn’t you love it if all these things were available, under one roof? That’s where Trousseau Fine Linens & Unique Gifts comes into the picture. The brainchild of Nancy and Fadia Al Zain, this shop is a one-stop destination not just for brides-to-be but also the handsome young grooms-to-be. What’s even better is that it is the perfect place to pick your gifts for the bridal couple.

Men’s Products

As mentioned earlier, Trousseau has a lot to offer the grooms as well. There is a wide range of men’s perfumes and colognes, soaps, shaving products, body products, robes, towels, slippers, leather goods and room fragrances.

Bridal Registry

Trousseau, like many stores in Bahrain, has a bridal registry but they offer more services to brides – service is one of the main things that Trousseau focuses on. When a bride makes a list, she will also get an incentive plan as well as opportunities to have in-store bridal showers and many other options that she can discuss with Trousseau’s enthusiastic team.

Antique Items:

Turn of the century dressing tables from France are one of Trousseau’s signature pieces. The shop also sells antique china and sterling silver along with jewellery and mirrors. Jewellery and other accessories are a bridal must have. You can store that diamond ring your better half gave you in one of the many dainty musical boxes that Trousseau has. There are leather jewellery cases and trunks as well.

Perfumes & Body Products

Trousseau has an amazing line of products made by Santa Maria Novella, a company that is over 400 years old from Florence, Italy. Rich in history and an iconic Italian company, it was recently documented in a Book called ‘Cult Perfumes’, a book about some of the world’s most unique perfumeries. Trousseau represents

“The brainchild of Nancy and Fadia Al Zain, this shop is a onestop destination not just for bridesto-be but also the handsome young grooms-to-be.”

Santa Maria Novella for the GCC. Trousseau will soon be opening a complete new store for Santa Maria Novella, next to the current Trousseau outlet in Al A’ali Shopping Complex. Santa Maria Novella has a range of paraben-free and natural products including perfumes, skin care, home fragrance, natural remedies, sun and after sun and much more. We loved the Rose Water distilled from the Rosa Centiflora which is calming, purifying and fragrant water with antioxidant properties that is good for toning the skin as well as smelling wonderful. The body milk is great too - gently scented with gardenias and roses that are grown in Florence. The Rosa perfume is a lovely complex blend of several types of roses and other flowers. Trousseau has over 14 perfumes by this company alone that are unique to the GCC. They are not synthetic and so people who are really into perfumes are sure to love them. There are also other lines of perfumes and body products as well as a locally made Arabic oil based perfume called Aqua D’oro that is exclusive to Trousseau. Now, every bride needs glowing and stress-free skin and these fragrant yet mild on the skin body products promise just that! Packaged beautifully, these make for wonderful gifts items as well. If you want to make your wedding night one to remember then go for the silky bedding and linen, at Trousseau. You will also find your quintessential silk and lace gown and loungewear here – there’s one for everyone! Some of the other accessories that you will love are their candles, silky powders in crystal shakers to freshen the bedding and silken the skin, amber and lavender sprays for the sheets and clothing, frames inlaid

Trousseau is all things wedding; right from the entrance of the store where you will find really beautiful handmade wedding cards up to the area before the rear end of the store where you can find organic honey and some other organic items to boost your healthy quotient. Trousseau hides a secret at the rear end of the store – a cozy tea shop with small tables and chairs – tables covered with beautiful linen table cloths and a window covered in lacy curtains where the couple can discuss sweet nothings over a cup of aromatic rose tea and a slice of delicious carrot cake. Don’t forget to try their finger sandwiches – yummylicious! Go ahead and give your wedding the Trousseau Touch! Visit Trousseau at Al A’ali Mall, Bahrain.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 77

Technology Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony is about to release an updated version of their smart watches. The Smartwatch 2, pairs via NFC or Bluetooth 3.0 and lets you read messages, control music and answer calls. The 1.6-inch, 220x176 display is water, dust-proof.

Toshiba Excite Write

Toshiba’s Excite write is 10.1 inches, has a 2560x1600 IPS display and clever software that interprets your script into
neat digital text, 1.9GHz Tegra 4 processor, 2GB RAM, micro SD slot, Gorilla Glass 2 screen protection, a choice of 16GB or 32GB, 3G or 4G variants, and a keyboard dock.

The latest from the gadget world! Leap Motion

Leap Motion sits next to your computer and can detect your hand movements with an accuracy of 1/100 of a millimeter. Without touching your screen, you can flip through photos or reach into a 3D diagram and manipulate objects.

Bayan Audio Soundbook

Connectivity includes Bluetooth 4.0, using the apt-X codec for improved sound, and NFC for easy setup. It also incorporates an FM radio and works as a speakerphone too. The battery offers up to ten hours of playback.

The Buccaneer by Pirate3D

Three-dimensional printing uses a powder-binder technology to “print” a physical model, layer by layer. Models are constructed from plaster or starch powders using water based binder that is sprayed through ink jet cartridges.

78 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013


Interested in Blogging?

About Me Social Media Executive @ VIVA Bahrain

Mohammed Zainal

So you want to start blogging but you don’t know how to start? Here are some tips to make your life easier when venturing into the adventurous world of blogging.

The 3 musts: Define your content - What will you blog about? Choose a platform and set up your blog. Understand how SEO (search engine optimisation) works. Just like any others in the blog-sphere, whether they are recognised brands or individuals, when you are about to start blogging you need to define multiple touch points as a part of your content strategy. This requires you to define your audience, channels, frequency, platform and main topics. Maybe all that you want is to simply share random thoughts or your knowledge on certain topics with others, or perhaps to

cheer for your team

position yourself as an expert in what you do best and connect with a community of other bloggers in the same field. I started blogging in 2006, to me it was no brainer to blog about what I do best, a little bit of IT and interactive design, so I wanted to position myself as an expert in my field. I started digging into what people really wanted to know, solutions for common problems in actionscript programming or IT related troubleshooting stuff and it worked well for me as I registered a good amount of traffic. I knew what people with similar interests wanted, found an opportunity and wrote about it. But how did it all start?

Research is the Key! Here are some tips on how to find out what people (your potential audience) really want:

VIVA is celebrating its 3rd season sponsorship of the Bahrain Football Association (BFA) and Bahrain’s National Football League with a new campaign showcasing players from various Clubs. The National League will start on 20th September, 2013 and finish on 16th May, 2014. It will be hosted in the playgrounds of the Bahrain National Stadium, Khalifa Stadium and Al Muharraq Club Stadium. The Clubs showcased in the campaign are: 1 2 3 4 5

Al Muharraq Al Riffa Al Najma Al Malkia Sitra


6 Al Hidd 7 Al Busaiteen 8 Al Hala 9 Al Shabab 10 Al Manama And support the league!

get stay social informed Subscribe

Tips Keyword research: • Use google keyword planner (previously keyword tool) to find out what people are searching for. You can approximately determine the search traffic and get different keyword ideas. • Give google suggest a try. There are multiple third party sites that will provide thousands of keyword ideas via google suggest, so search for google suggest scraper. • If you are searching for a broad or generic keyword, you might want to use google trends as you can compare multiple keywords or terms under explore and it will also show related searched terms.

VIVA League


Related forums and blogs. I often browse forums and blogs to see and understand common problems that users run into, I then find solutions and blog about them. Just google it. Google seach for a problem that you know the solution for, if you can’t find it on the first page, then write about it! Use google analytics. If you own a blog already then head to your analytics account and find out how visitors reached your blog, explore the search queries/terms and see who is linking back to your articles. This way you will get an idea of what kind of content you need to focus on.

Whatever you decide to blog about, make sure you focus on the topics you have originally defined in your strategy. Let’s say you are a geek and you’ve decided to blog about geeky stuff, writing 80 per cent about cupcakes and 20 per cent about gadgets won’t be a good idea, your niche readers (audience) will quickly lose interest. This doesn’t mean that you should always stick to your topics, it’s okay to throw in the occasional off-topic, at the end we are all humans and there is a real person behind that mysterious blog.

Twitter: @VIVA_BH Google +: +vivabahrain Facebook: VIVA.Bahrain Instagram: viva_bh# Did you know? Blog is a contraction of the words web log. Twitter is considered a microblogging system. You can visit http://bahrainbloggers. net/ if you want to know who’s who in the blogging scene in Bahrain.

Powered by

Want to know more? Got questions? Let us know the topics that interest you the most!


October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 79

Opinion “Exposure to trees and nature aids concentration by reducing mental fatigue.”

Celebrating World Planting Day

Eng. Rehan Ahmed

Rehan Ahmed highlights the importance of plants and trees in our environment.


he World Planting Day will be celebrated from 10th to 22nd October promoting globally the idea of putting up more plants and trees to save our fragile environment. Plants and trees have innumerable benefits; they beautify our property, provide shade in summer and protection from the wind in winter; they also enhance real estate values - it is estimated that mature trees add an average of 10 per cent to a property’s value. Plants and trees have social, communal, environmental and economic advantages. In urban areas they serve several architectural and engineering

“They provide privacy, emphasise and screen out objectionable views, reduce glare and reflection, direct pedestrian traffic and provide background to and soften, complement or enhance architecture.” functions, defining a ‘sense of place’. They provide privacy, emphasise and screen out objectionable views, reduce glare and reflection, direct pedestrian traffic and provide background to and soften, complement or enhance architecture. Cooler temperatures are another benefit; the heat-island effect caused by pavement and buildings in commercial areas can be moderated. Trees and plants also improve air quality, conserve water and harbor wildlife. Urban trees and plants help to reduce and eliminate soil erosion. Trees and plants reduce UV-B exposure by about 50 per cent. Wind speed and direction are altered by trees and plants. The more compact the foliage, the

80 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

greater the influence is of the windbreak. The downward fall of rain is initially absorbed or deflected which provides protection to people and buildings. The plants intercept water, store some of it, and reduce storm runoff and reduce the possibility of flooding. Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing dust and other particulates. Rain then washes the pollutants to the ground. Leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the air to form carbohydrates. In this process plants also absorb other air pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide and give off oxygen. On an average, a broad-leafed tree will absorb about 10 kg of CO2 per year. In one year, an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people. Trees and plants can reduce heating and cooling costs for buildings. When placed strategically around buildings, they can reduce cooling costs by 30 per cent and heating costs by 20 to 50 per cent. Trees and plants encourage community interaction. People tend to gather more when green spaces are available. They help

to reduce noise pollution by absorbing and blocking urban noise and reduce stress for people living and working around trees. They also provide a buffer between vehicles and pedestrians. Trees and plants as landmarks can give a neighborhood a new identity and encourage civic pride. Exposure to trees and nature aids concentration by reducing mental fatigue. Trees and landscaping also help in reducing the level of fear. Studies have shown that patients with views of trees and plants heal faster and develop fewer complications. So let us make a difference on these days by planting and strengthening our communities and reminding ourselves that every day offers an opportunity to make a difference. Joining together to serve is one of the most rewarding experiences possible. Get involved today for our environment!

*Head, Waste Disposal Unit, Supreme Council for Environment, Bahrain (Email:


Rebecca Smith


WhatBecca Did Next ...

ince EID, it seems the alarm bells have been ringing – very loud and Bahrain has woken up big time. So for all of you who think that Bahrain has nothing to offer on a social scene –get some new friends. As the place is rocking – from new hotels offering a range of great restaurants, spas and cool clubs – check out the Domain – it feels and looks as if it should’ve landed in New York or Paris through to the Ramee Spa which is promising to open a night club with the capacity to hold over a 1000 clubbers .... Weekly our diaries are bursting with events and new openings. It has got to the stage where I could be out every night. Too many things have happened this month – so I have limited space to SHOUT, ‘CHECK OUT’:

Kempinski Spa

The Hamman or Otherwise Known as the Ritualistic Bath

Bushido Bushido’s New Experience –

introducing the Volcanic hot grill cooking station which is delivered to your table. It’s also supposed to be a fabulous way to enjoy a healthier and fresher choice of meal as you get to cook it according to your taste and flavour. The grilling stone is made of natural stone and retains its heat so you can still enjoy a leisurely lunch. It was so much fun and the cooking itself became a real talking piece as we argued over who was cooking what or better. I would certainly recommend it for a first date as it could be a real ice breaker –that’s if you’re feeling a little shy. The staff were on hand all the time to ensure

82 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

that we didn’t poison ourselves by under cooking the seafood. But we had a great choice of meats, sea food and vegetables to devoir. We will all be going back. The menu consisted of heavenly sushi roll, grantinated mussels (I would never have chosen this but it was delicious), Salmon gratefruit and Oriental duck salad. The main course included Seafood Amiyaki – scallops, prawns, salmon and grilled vegetables. Along with Meat Ishiyaki – wagyu steak and vegetables. Finished off with raspberry vacherin. Delicious and most enjoyable – BD35++ For reservations, Tel. +973 1758 3555.

The Kempinski Spa has introduced the Hamman which doesn’t disappoint in terms of luxury and de-stressing. It’s a full service spa treatment infusing old traditions with modern treatments. The highlight is the Hamman steam room which you’re led to after relaxing in one of four plunge pools. The room is exactly what it’s called, a large steam room with a stone slab in the middle that you lie on. – My body actually felt as if it was melting as the steam detoxified the everyday stresses and I began to relax. A therapist will then exfoliate and clean your skin. The treatment finishes off with a very cold dip in another plunge pool – which had me screeching but determined to do it. The result: super, soft skin that feels incredibly clean. It’s a fabulous way to prepare your skin for a night out or just as a treat. The Traditional Turkish Hammam treatment is BD35. Also available are extra touches such as masks and wraps (price varies). For reservation and other prices Tel. +973 1717 1122 or email: Separate timings for men and women. For ladies: 2.30pm to 6pm For gents: 11am to 2pm and 7pm to 9pm

Bahrain The Tai Lounge, Ritz Carlton

Finally – this was a great surprise as I had missed the opening. The Thai restaurant is located beside the outdoor pool (which has been completely revamped and looks very cool) and the beach. It features floor to ceiling windows guaranteeing stunning view of the beach, the private island and the poolside and reminds you that we really do live on an island. There’s also an outdoor terrace. It’s a place where time has no meaning and you end up getting absorbed in the relaxing, atmosphere, and chilled music while munching on the extremely tasty PanAsian and Thai influenced snacks. There is also a extensive Sushi station. The lounge features live DJ entertainment most evenings.

The Tai Lounge, Ritz-Carlton

Currently it is open to members and guest only. But have plans to open it up to us mere plebs during the week very soon. I’m confident it will become a must go venue after work. Or a place to chill and people watch. Check out Primavera too – as it has had a fabulous face lift too ... For reservation, Tel. +973 1758 0000.

“Ten Years Of Magical Cuisine”

Maki Bahrain presents Special Celebration Dishes

Surprise your beloved with a beautifully presented, deliciously filled Maki Special Celebration Dish Inquire at: + 973 17522733 / + 973 36999102 Bahrain World Trade Center, West Tower, King Faisal Highway, Manama 2012




Oliver Maki

Kuwait - Bahrain - Beirut

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 83



If you don’t spot a picture of yourself or your friends on our Society Pages, you can always check our online newsletter which is updated regularly. Visit

Ministry of Culture’s Summer Festival

Bahrain Summer Festival was held from 18th August to 19th September at the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

HE Shaikha Mai bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa with HE Christian Testot and guest Mystic India

Mohammed Assaf

Sanostra Farida Mohammed

Al Haddad Mercedes-Benz Dream Car Campaign

During Eid Al Fitr celebration, Mercedes-Benz in conjunction with Al Haddad Motors offered the best of its ‘top of the range’ sports cars at special prices that lasted until 31st August.

Graeme Newport

84 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Salman Yousif

Society Latest society photos at

Udrive Rent-A-Car Opens their Fourth Branch

Udrive Rent-A-Car, the fastest growing car rental company in Bahrain opens their fourth branch in Seef District on 7th September.

Greg and Jehad Amin Greg and Ramesh

Pramod and Sooraj

Shadi and John

Anthony, Venu and Nair

Mohammed bin Hindi and Jehad Amin

Xavier, Nisha, Nair, Rohit and Anthony

Opening of Alwan

The opening of Alwan, an art material shop for beginners as well as professionals was held on 2nd September.

Alwan management

Renelsa and Melody

Joseph and Muneeb

Ashraf, Vinod, Ali and Renelsa

Shanto, Vinu, Jamal and Nickson

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 85

Society Latest society photos at

Comedy Triple Bill

Mark Garcia, Stephen Fouri and Biplas Das

Comedy Triple Bill was held at The Warbler on 12th September.

Paul Simon Oliver

Ross Michael, Shannon, Paul Simon Oliver and Mike Sheer


Mike Sheer Baisan staff

“Onam” An Indian Specialty Fine Dining

The Onam lunch took place Baisan International Hotel on 16th September.

Ramee staff

Rana and Samad

Biplas and Shahid

Joylil and Anitha

Ramee staff

86 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013


Launch of the Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera launch took place at the Porsche Showroom on 15th August.

Peter, Hamid and Morgan



Society Latest society photos at

Absolutely Geisha at Bushido

Absolutely Geisha was held at Bushido on 18th September.

Suzie and Chelsea

Kat and Weena

Kirsty, Zena and Mwai

Dipendra, Shetty and Joy

Marta, Precious and Michelle

Ane, Vincent, Clara and Budi

Marion, Clara and Emilie

Konara, Milan, Osama and Sajin

Gulf Hotel Won Certificate of Excellence ‘12

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by ( one of the web’s leading online travel agencies for attaining a score of (8.1) on its guest reviews for the year 2012. Carina B Mores, Salma Abdel, Abdulla Siddiq Al-Awadi, Amir Fahmy, Raed Mayoof and Ryan Rene P Advincula

88 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

French Wine Week

French Wine Week was held at the Tapas Restaurant & Bar, Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea And Spa Hotel on 23rd September.

Jessica and Ahmed

Sofitel management and guests

Sanhita and Kshitij

Sami, Abdullatif and Nick

Alex, Elene, Ahmed and Elene

Society Latest society photos at

Launch of I-Grade Programme

The launch of the I-Grade Programme was held at InterContinental Regency Hotel on 15th September.

Jehan and Vivian

Ali Assad, Hisham Al Sakin, Noora and Lori

AMA faculty and students

Lolit, Chef Adrian, Nayla and Harry

Tamkeen official Michael Koth

AMA students

Mohummed, Anfal, Nazwa and Hassan

Negest, Lakhwinder and Arlima

90 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Bennigan’s St. Practice Day

Bennigan’s St. Practice Day was held at Bennigan’s on 17th September.

Vinod, Marivic, Beth, Tanya, Cynthia, Wally and Armie

Wally, Cynthia and Tanya

Rotary Club Of Sulmaniya Meeting

Rotary Club Of Sulmaniya Meeting was held on 18th September at the Golden Tulip Hotel.

Sarah, Ali and Aseel

Mohammed, Mada and Yusuf


Society Latest society photos at

Opening of Rasoi Restaurant

The opening of the Rasoi Restaurant was held at Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa on 4th September.


Marco and Pacfici

Rasan, Dheeptha, Asha, Dr Hala and Meera

Suhana, Ahmed and Nezha

Hood, Shetty and Mahmood

Rasoi Restaurant management and guests

Rotary Club of Sulmaniya Meeting

Rotary Club of Sulmaniya’s meeting was held at the Golden Tulip Hotel on 21st August. Fareed, Marjan and Abdulla

Salir, Mazan, Lamees, Hasssan and Mohamed


92 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Dr Michel, Dr Andrew, Olivier Briand and Dr Khalil

Ameera and Dr Mustafa

Society Latest society photos at

Ramee Group’s Press Conference

Ramee Group held a press conference announcing their first 5 star hotel, Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa on 21st September. Ikhlais, Ahmed, Nicholas and Nancy

Salvatore Romano, Salahuddin Ali Alireza, Shaikh Khaled bin Humood Al Khalifa, Raj Shetty, Faisal Salahuddin Ali Alireza and Shantharam Shetty

Saks Fifth Avenue Kids Fall Fashion

Saks Fifth Avenue Kids Fall Fashion was held at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bahrain City Centre on 14th September.

The models

Shiv Khera’s Press Conference

Shiv Khera’s press conference was held at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel Residence & Spa on 18th September.

Shiv Khera

Hatim, Shiv Khera, Nigel, Tamkken and Sandipan

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 93

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Bahrain Salsa Summer Boot Camp

Bahrain Salsa Summer Boot Camp was held at Al Bander Hotel & Resort on 29th August.

Firas, Abdul and Faisal

Abdulla, Hasan, Abdulla and Ahmed

Mehmet and Abdulrahim

Madja, Samira and Aziz Katanga, Audrey, Talalino


Laila and Ahmed

Safron Al Areen Khaleeji Fusion Cuisine

Safron Al Areen Khaleeji Fusion Cuisine was held at Al Areen Palace on 2nd September.

Zahra and Abdulla

Nabil, Cristina and Sameera

Al Areen Palace & Spa management and guests


Essa and David

The Relocators The Relocators performed at Albareh Art Gallery on 5th September.

The Relocators Band

94 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Khaled and Dona

Society Latest society photos at

Silah Annual Staff Party

Silah’s Annual Staff Party was held at Golden Tulip Hotel on 21st August.

Employees at the event Dua

Ali and Mahmood


Mohamad and Mohamed

Mohamed and Ahmad

Adel, Abdul Wahab, Nirmal, Sagar, Abish and Suchi

Community Engagement Initiative Inauguration

The Community Engagement Initiative Inauguration was held on 2nd September.

Customer Service representatives

Mazon and Mohammed

96 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Customer service representatives

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Celebration of 56th Independence Day of Malaysia

The 56th Independence Day of Malaysia was celebrated at Crowne Plaza Hotel on 16th September.

His Excellency Ahmed Shahzan Abdul Samad with guests

His Excellency Ahmed Shahzan Abdul Samad with Asian’s diplomat during the cake cutting ceremony

Malaysian embassy officials

Bahrain City Centre Fifth Year Anniversary Celebration

Bahrain City Centre celebrated its Fifth Year Anniversary. The mall hosted a month of family-fun, raffle draws and competitions and exciting stage shows for kids from 5ft September to 5th October.

Bahrain City Centre management team with members of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce

Splash A/W 2013 Fashion Show Raffle Draw at Bahrain City Centre

The Splash A/W 13’ Fashion Show Raffle Draw was held at Splash in Bahrain City Centre on 19th September.

Mark, Zena, Jason and Amr Rezk

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 97

Society Latest society photos at

Nissan Tiida Launch

The Nissan Tiida Launch took place at the Nissan Showroom in Sitra on 18th September. Meryem, Rohit and Zena

Paul Baker Farouk Almoayyed, Mona Almoayyed and Paul Baker

Lucky winner with Imran

Anas, Mohammad and Ahamad

Ahmed, Anas and Mohammad

Salman, Ahmad and Nassar

George, Jacob, Omar, Prabhu and Peter

Asian Leader Dinner

The Asian Leader Dinner was held at Capital Club on 9th September. From left to right: Wararoj Engsombun (1st Secretary of Royal Thai Embassy), Madame Omruthai Engsombum, HE Chilman Arisman (Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia), Ratnawati Arisman, HE Sahid S Glang (Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines) and Mercedita Glang

From left to right: Haji Mulok Haji Jumat (Charge d’Affaires Embassy of Brunei Darussalam), Hanizaimah Zainal Abidin, Suryono Darnor (Chief Executive Officer CIMB Middle East BSC (C)), Datin Norhayati Abdul Ghani, HE Dato’ Ahmad Shahizan Abd Samad (Ambassador of Malaysia) LTC PoH Eng Heng, (Singapore Senior National Representative CMF Dy Dir Ops)

Asian leader

98 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

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Inter-Hotel Bowling Tournament Opening Ceremony

The Inter-Hotel Bowling Tournament Opening Ceremony was held at Funland on 9th September.

Inter-Hotel Bowling Tournament participants Ian Mckie with Michael Koth

Hotel management head

The Smurf at Bahrain City Centre

Bahrain City Centre’s Anniversary with the Smurfs Bahrain City Centre’s Anniversary with the Smurfs was held at the Galleria in Bahrain City Centre from 19th to 21st September.

Baraa and Dipti Bhatia

Abdulla and family

Baraa with guests

Ayesha, Shoaib and Mohammad

Joane and Aicha

Joane and Aicha

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 99

Society Latest society photos at

Bahrain City Centre Annual Media Dinner and Summer Festival Bahrain City Centre Annual Media Dinner and Summer Festival was held at Bahrain City Centre on 27th August. Archana and Duaij Khalifa Al Rumaihi

Duaij Khalifa Al Rumaihi with Bahrain City Centre management and guests performers

Zena, Pooja and Mark

Khaled, Dipti Bhatia and Ahmad Fakhro

Rotary Club of Sulmaniya Meeting

Rotary Club of Sulmaniya Meeting was held in August.

Rotary Club International

Rotary Club International

Rotary Club International

100 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Rajab and Michael

Society Latest society photos at

Launching of the New Range Rover

The launch of the new Range Rover was held at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa on 24th September.

Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa and Shaikha Marwa Al Khalifa

Richard, Antoine, Nick, Anthony and Firas

Hannane and Zena

Ahmed, John and Fadi Rob Preston, Jean

Hamed Zayani, Mariam Al Hamer, Abdulla Al Hamer and Khalid Zayani Zena and Olivier Briand

Laura and Angel

Mohammed and Anthony

Zaid, Ayman and Omar


Yousif, Zayed Zayani and Ebrahim

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 101

Society Latest society photos at

Chevrolet Impala 2014 Launch

The Chevrolet Impala 2014 Launch was held at the National Motors Company on 22nd September.

Chevrolet Impala launch

Chelsea and Ghassan

Arslan, Hussain, Bareer and Mohammed

Hassan and Sayed

Bader and Simon

Rami, Mohammed and Nader

A Speech on Overcoming Business Challenges as a Single Person Enterprise A Speech on Overcoming Business Challenges as a Single Person Enterprise was held at the Bahrain Financial Harbour on 24th September.

Baker Hammad and Graham

Shoaib and Saleem

Danni, Tanya, Alessandro and Thomas

Steve and Heather

Anthony and Jenelyn

102 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Rami, Hadeel and Dominique

Under the Patronage of

H.M. King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa

The 16th AMH Island Classic Charity Golf Tournament

From 24th to 26th October 2013, we’ll be playing Championship Golf on HM’s private Golf Course in Bahrain. The 18-hole Charity Golf Tournament is held in support of American Mission Hospital for its charity care program, new clinics & equipment fund.

Platinum Sponsor

Emerald Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Hole Sponsors

Call the Island Classic Hotline for more info: T: 17248136/7


Tony Romas 2nd Restaurant The signing with Six Pence

Tamkeen Signs Agreements to Train Bahraini Employees Tamkeen signed two separate agreements with Bahrain Cinema Company (Cineco) and Six Pence Corporate Solutions to train 236 Bahrainis employed at the two companies. The training programme offered to these employees has been designed based on specific skills-gap determined by the employers, and includes administration, sales, logistics, and technical support, 86 employees from Cineco and 150 from 6 Pence will benefit from the programme. Beneficiaries will also receive a wage hike ranging from BD50 to BD100 on their basic salary depending on the training track selected by the employer. The wage increase is subsidised by Tamkeen for a maximum of 2 years.


Jasmi’s Corporation, Bahrain’s pioneer Food Service Company and licensed franchise owners of Tony Roma’s in Bahrain, opened its 2nd restaurant in Enma Mall, East Riffa. Spanning over 380 sqm, the restaurant’s newest outlet has its own entrance on the ground floor of the Mall and seats over 160 guests. Tony Roma’s has already firmly established a niche in Bahrain’s eating-out market with its first restaurant situated at Zayed Town and hopes to surpass that success with its new restaurant in Enma Mall.

In Brief

Pineapple Spa Organises Staff Training Pineapple Spa recently sent the first batch of its staff to undergo training on Skills Enhancement on Bruno Vassari body treatment, new massage techniques, Work Etiquette and Proper Hygiene conducted by well-known beauty, customer care and work ethics expert Managing Director and Owner of Bellissimo Cosmetics, Dr Nuha Al Omari. General Manager and Owner of Pineapple Spa, Mariam Al Khan said, “Pineapple Spa Management’s primary goal is to invest on its human Right, Dr Al Omari and the Pineapple Spa staff during the training capital to ensure that quality service is delivered to the clients. That is why we are tapping resources like our expert partners in business. We are grateful to Dr Nuha Al Omari for sharing her expertise in the field to Pineapple Spa staff. One of the important factors in Total Quality Management is ‘continuous improvement’, that is why we continue to upgrade and enhance the skills and over-all performance of our staff.”

104 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

British Corner Shop: What Do Britons Abroad Miss the Most? A survey conducted by British Corner Shop – an online supermarket for British expats – reveals 20 per cent of expats said a proper cup of British tea is one of the things they miss the most. Top British brands such as Tetley Tea, PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea were named most frequently in the survey, closely followed by Twinings, Scottish Blend and Typhoo. Other products mentioned in the survey were chilled items such as cheese, bacon and sausages, with 12 per cent naming these as the products they struggle to live without. British chocolate was also a popular answer, especially Cadbury chocolate such as Dairy Milk, Flake and Roses. Marmite, condiments such as Branston Pickle, Bisto Gravy Granules and Walkers crisps also made the top ten most popular answers.

Business Bahrain City Centre Winners Bahrain City Centre recently celebrated its fifth birthday with a month-long family entertainment programme for shoppers which will run until 5th October. The first 42 winners were announced at the mall – with 35 shoppers winning BD50 in Gift Cards from the mall and seven lucky shoppers who came away with a brand new iPhone5. In addition to the exciting weekly prizes, five lucky shoppers will win one of the five Grand Prize Fiat 500 cars as a thrilling end to the month-long birthday bash!

Junaid Perfumes CSR Intitiative

BBK & Gulf Marcom Strengthen Ties

Junaid for Perfumes recently gifted a number of school bags to the orphans of the Royal Charity Organisation. The gesture came as part of their activities to support humanitarian causes and provide the children with school goodies for the start of the new academic year. Present at the occasion were Yusuf Abdullah Al-Yaqoob, Assistant Secretary General for Planning and Charity Resources Development, Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Head of Charity Resources Development Section, Alaa Budalama, Senior Public Relations Specialist and Junaid Fuad, Financial Manager at Junaid for Perfumes. On this occasion, Junaid Fuad expressed his appreciation towards the charity’s endeavors and initiatives. “At Junaid Perfumes, we do all it takes to support and contribute towards charitable causes by participating in an array of charitable work and activities across the Kingdom,” he said praising His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Charity Organisation for his work and dedication towards the Charity.

BBK has appointed Gulf Marcom as their advertising partner. The signing ceremony took place at the BBK office and was attended by BBK CE Abdulkarim Bucheery, Gulf Marcom Chairman Khamis Al-Muqla, and members of the senior management from both sides. Commenting on the signing, BBK CE Abdulkarim Bucheery said, “The agreement reflects BBK’s unwavering commitment to further bolster our leading position within our industry. We look forward to working together to enhance our brand in line with our future plans and ambitious vision.” Established in 1974 as a full-fledged advertising and marketing communications company, Gulf Marcom has been leading the way in this industry.

Zain’s Publishes Second Sustainability Report Zain Group’s second sustainability report is titled “Dedicated to the Promise of a Wonderful World”. It offers insights into various regional sustainability-related challenges that put pressure on the business and highlights Zain’s approach in successfully overcoming these challenge. The report also addresses the risks the organisation faces in conducting business. The report talks of Zain’s strategic commitment to the growing trend of corporate sustainable and social responsibility and sheds light for the first time on Gender Disparity and Industry risks.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 105


S W E CAR N The All-New Nissan Tiida

YK Almoayyed & Sons, sole distributor of Nissan vehicles in Bahrain raised the curtain on the all-new Nissan Tiida, designed for the young at heart in Bahrain and throughout the region. This revised second generation of the Middle East’s best-selling compact hatchback has everything to build on the Tiida nameplate’s established success. Nissan Tiida hatchback, first introduced to the Middle East in 2005, leads the Chatchback segment with 54 per cent market share in spite of increased competition. The hatchback has a sporty influence, complemented by widened and lowered stance, electric-folding mirrors and 17-inch alloys wheels. A spacious and modern interior fitted with quality materials offers comfort to the driver and passengers. The interior design and expansive windows give an incredible level of visibility. The car provides comfortable accommodation for up to five adult passengers while the standard 60/40 split rear bench offers the option of tackling bulky loads. Customers have a choice between two engines and five well-equipped grades. Starting with the 1.6-litre ‘S’, which comes as standard with 60/40 rear split bench, dual front airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking

The Finalists

Volkswagen’s ‘Your Music. Das Auto’

106 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

“Nissan Tiida hatchback, first introduced to the Middle East in 2005, leads the Chatchback segment with 54 per cent market share in spite of increased competition.” System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), BA (Brake Assist), next Generation Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and keyless entry, rising to the 1.8-litre SL Plus, with leather seats, 6 airbags and electrically-controlled sunroof. Tiida’s optional VDC compares the actions of the driver with the current vehicle behaviour and selectively brakes individual wheels and controls engine power to help keep the car on its intended path. The Tiida has an Immobiliser system that only allows ignition with a particular code key. Available options include satellite

navigation, 5.8” QVGA colour display and rear view camera and iPod connectivity. Enjoy your drive with an attractive multimedia package including Push to start engine, Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System and Streaming Audio with iPod or portable MP3 player through USB port. 5.8-inch colour touch display, navigation, rear view camera, auto and rear A/C vents with dual climate control. For your test drive visit the Nissan showroom or call on Tel. +973 1773 2732.

Volkswagen Middle East announced Hamad Al Fardan and LouayAl Majed as music stars for the regional competition ‘Your Music. Das Auto.’ Designed to discover and support new musical talent in the region, the the competition is now at its final stage. The competition has received a great response from creative regional songsters, with the ‘Your Music. Das Auto.’ Facebook page reaching over 2,773,723 people. Participants created their own tracks which include the specially commissioned Volkswagen beat and the winner will receive a once in a life time opportunity to create their own music video.

‘Your Music. Das Auto.’ builds on the strong heritage that Volkswagen has in supporting global music initiatives. For more than 15 years, the Volkswagen Sound Foundation has supported new artists and bands by providing them with tour buses, sponsorship, promotion and coaching. Music lovers can vote for their favourite finalist on the ‘Your Music. Das Auto.’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook. com/VolkswagenMiddleEast/ app_617259068308741 For more information visit:


Jaguar Land Rover Reaffirms commitment to the UK.

Jaguar Land Rover today announced an investment approaching GBP1.5 billion (USD 2.3 billion) to introduce an all-new technically-advanced aluminium vehicle architecture in forthcoming models. To support this strengthening of the Jaguar product portfolio 1,700 new jobs will be created in the UK at its UK Advanced Manufacturing Facility, in Solihull. This will bring the total number of UK manufacturing jobs announced by Jaguar Land Rover over the last three years to almost 11,000. Dr Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, announced the major strategy at the Frankfurt Motor Show to deliver an enhanced range of models for both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands in new segments and markets. The first new model to utilise this innovative architecture will be an all-new mid-sized sports saloon from Jaguar. Launched in 2015, it will be the most efficient, advanced and refined premium sports saloon ever seen in the C/D segment. This vehicle will feature the first engine to be built at Jaguar Land Rover’s new GBP500m (USD788m) Engine Manufacturing Centre. The plant will build the new family of high-

“To support this strengthening of the Jaguar product portfolio 1,700 new jobs will be created in the UK at its UK Advanced Manufacturing Facility, in Solihull.” output, fuel efficient petrol and diesel engines for Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar also revealed its first ever sports crossover concept vehicle – the C-X17 – which was created as a design study to introduce the all-new aluminium monocoque architecture. The C-X17 concept illustrates the diversity of vehicles that could be produced using the architecture such as the four-seater sports crossover. The inherent flexibility of this all-new technology will enable the Jaguar Land Rover business to not only enter but aggressively compete in exciting new segments, creating new markets for both brands and deliver a wider range of

compelling products tailored specifically for our demanding customers. For Jaguar, this will be the basis on which an exciting range of future Jaguars will be built; a modular and scalable vehicle architecture which will be high-strength, lightweight and incorporate innovative efficiency technologies. In order to fully realise the potential of this vehicle architecture Jaguar Land Rover will significantly increase spend with the supply base. This latest announcement from the UK’s largest premium automotive manufacturer builds on a sustained programme of continued reinvestment.

The All-New Range Rover Sport Euro Motors, the exclusive distributor for Land Rover in Bahrain, marked the official launch of the All-New Range Rover Sport. The Range Rover Sport is the ultimate premium SUV and the fastest, most agile and most responsive vehicle ever produced by Land Rover. Having a bold and progressive exterior design it offers the choice of two supercharged petrol engines (5.0-litre 510PS V8 and the new 3.0-litre 340PS V6). Across the range, acceleration times for the 0-60mph dash start from sub-5.0 seconds. New technologies include Adaptive Dynamics featuring Continuously Variable Dampers (CVD), and on more powerful models, a dedicated Dynamic mode in the Terrain Response® 2 system for enthusiastic on-road driving. This system is combined with twin-channel Dynamic Response active lean control, a Dynamic Active Rear Locking Differential, and Torque Vectoring by Braking, which transfers torque

“It offers the choice of two supercharged petrol engines (5.0-litre 510PS V8 and the new 3.0-litre 340PS V6).” to the outside wheels during cornering, reducing understeer. The new model also introduces a digital camera system which supports three driver assistance features that help deliver improved driver awareness:

Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition and Automatic High Beam Assist. With a starting price of BD39,000, the All-New Range Rover Sport will be available in Euro Motors showroom in Sitra.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 107


The All-New Bentley Flying Spur


entley establishes a new luxury performance sedan benchmark with the launch of the new Flying Spur. Bentley’s styling team has developed an athletic design for the new Flying Spur that combines traditional Bentley styling cues with a sporting stance and contemporary details. Powering the new Flying Spur is Bentley’s renowned 6.0-litre, twin turbo W12 engine, coupled to a ZF eight-speed transmission. Developing 616 bhp, the new Flying Spur features more power than any other Bentley four-door in history. A 14 per cent improvement in the power-to-weight ratio gives top-speed of 322 km/h. The new Flying Spur is built to individual customers’ exacting specifications. A SLEEK AND STRIKING EXTERIOR Beneath the elegant skin of the new Flying Spur, a wide range of materials are applied in an intelligent and efficient manner. Designed to improve overall body stiffness and refinement whilst meeting stringent crash performance targets and pedestrian protection legislation, the new body structure includes reinforcement to the B-posts, sills and front crossmembers together with deformable components in the floorpan for optimal load transfer. A deployable bonnet that includes both new reinforcement panels and deformation elements helps to improve pedestrian impact performance.

108 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

A CONTEMPORARY CABIN OF HAND-CRAFTED MATERIALS The sumptuous interior of the new Flying Spur includes 600 new parts, with only the sun visors, grab handles, armrests and some of the front console and controls carried over from the previous generation. The new seats use a softer yet more durable hide unique to Bentley and available in twelve different colours. For the four-seat variant, the centre console sweeps from the front to the rear cabin and introduces an additional storage area together with a beautifully crafted stowage case, trimmed in veneer to match the car. The interior designers, together with the craftsmen and

“Powering the new Flying Spur is Bentley’s renowned 6.0-litre, twin turbo W12 engine, coupled to a ZF eight-speed transmission. Developing 616 bhp, the new Flying Spur features more power than any other Bentley four-door in history. A 14 per cent improvement in the powerto-weight ratio gives topspeed of 322 km/h.”

women of Bentley’s renowned woodshop, have applied the finest wood veneers to finish the cabin of the new Flying Spur. Crafted entirely by hand, cured for 72 hours and clear-lacquered to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, a range of seven sophisticated veneers are available (two as standard - burr walnut or dark fiddleback eucalyptus). CONNECTION TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD Complementing the hand-crafted interior, the Flying Spur is equipped with carefully selected state-of-the-art technology, for both the driver and passengers. Central infotainment is controlled through a high resolution 8” touch-screen interface, complete with Bentley’s advanced satellite navigation system and Bluetooth connectivity, while infotainment features can be controlled by voice activation. An eight-channel, eightspeaker audio system with great sound clarity gives you the ultimate in-car audio experience. Customers wishing to work on the move may order the new Flying Spur with the new Multi-Media Specification For more information please visit Ahmed Zayani & Sons WLL Showroom at 131 Shaikh Salman Highway, Zinj 358, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel. +973 1723 8822, +973 1723 8190 or visit:



Business ProDesign Arabia’s graphic design services covers a vast area for print, from designing your business cards to leaflets, flyers and posters.

Graphics and

Web desiGn

Media and Public Relations With over ten years experience in the Media industry, and a strong team that collectively has over 50 years experience, our team can make words work for you with clear, concise copy that speaks the language your audience understands... and most importantly, responds to.

BrAnDing We work closely with you to understand the needs of your organisation. We listen to what your goals are and then dedicate the time to truly reflect your vision in a unique brand identity with a bespoke logo and stationary to accompany.

ProDesign Arabia offers a wide range of publishing solutions - design the look, create the style guide, write the copy, think up creative headlines and captions, subedit and then send it to the printers.

ArAbic TrAnslATion ProDesign Arabia strives to provide reliable Arabic and English document translation services of the highest caliber, and at a competitive price.

ContraCt Publishing

For more information contact: T: +973 1700 4575, F: +973 1772 1722, M: +973 3652 0004


Homed At Last!

Jason Wale shares his adoption story with Bahrain Confidential.

These beautiful animals found lovely homes too; a big thankyou to those who adopted!



Sookie and Fred


ast year September I adopted Sookie from the BSPCA as I am here in Bahrain by myself and I wanted company; also I am a massive animal lover. Shortly after adopting Sookie I started to get involved with Tony at the Rescue Centre and I would go along every Friday morning and take Sookie with me. She lives with Tony’s dogs when I leave her for boarding, and they all love her to pieces. I noticed that She was very much a pack animal and craved to be around other dogs irrelevant of their size, breed or sex. I said to Tony that I need to get a friend for her as it was unfair to her to be deprived of the companionship she loves, especially when I am at the office. It was important that I find a dog that was of a manageable

size, and Tony pointed out Fred to me one day (ironically Sookie and Fred look like they are related to each other!). I found Fred to be a very friendly, calm and loving dog. We decided to put them together to see how they bonded. They ignored each other totally, were not bothered in any way or form by each other’s company. Nevertheless, I made the decision in July this year to adopt Fred, and I took him home. I knew Fred was used as a bait dog, and he still has the scars to show on his neck and shoulders. With this in mind I wanted to watch how he bonded with Sookie in her domain. To my surprise, they bonded like inseperable and playing with each other all day long. Sookie loves Fred and they are now best friends. He is firmly part of the family now. He has a very loving and gentle personality and always greets me with a wagging tail


“A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. A thing is disposable. A dog is not. A thing doesn’t have a heart. A dog’s heart is bigger than any “thing” you can ever own.” ― Elizabeth Parker, Paw Prints in the Sand 110 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013


Home! Looking For A BSPCA Animals





If only animals could talk, you’d be hearing their sad, pitiful stories. But since they can’t, we are giving these adorable creatures a voice. One way or another, they have been hurt and abused in ways you would not imagine a human doing to another creature, and yet the fact remains that these animals end up abandoned and left for dead all over the Kingdom. If you’re thinking of buying a pet, please don’t - instead, adopt one today.









Interested in Adopting?

Visit the BSPCA in Animal Welfare Centre in Askar, see for directions. Open for adoption viewing Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm and Friday and Saturday, 9am to 1pm. Tel. +973 1759 1231.

Tony The Dogfather

Interested in Adopting? Rainbow


Call Tony ‘The Dogfather’ Waters on Tel. +973 3962 9889 or visit


Mary Sunshine


Ralphie Dumped Puppies

Fosterma Kits

Do you have animal concerns? Need a vet? Call Animal Care Clinic in Hamala, Tel. +973 1761 2459 or Nonie Coutts, Tel. +973 1724 5515.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 111


Taste Life!

John Ridley shares a tip on how to reduce food wastage. John R Ridley


ith autumn upon us, shops and market stalls are overflowing with every imaginable fruit and vegetable. Over the past week or two, I’ve been staggering home, laden with boxes of strawberries and tomatoes to make jam, and sauces for freezing – as a family, we should have sufficient to last us into the spring. My tomato jam is made with large beef tomatoes, small sweet cherry tomatoes, and copious amounts of dates, the recipe will be in my cookbook which should be on the shelves in the new year. If you’d like the recipe before then, drop me an email. Preserving and freezing are great ways to use out-of-date or over-ripe fruit, and vegetables that don’t conform to standard shapes and sizes - the produce that is so

often thrown away; we forget that our food waste has to be paid for - in the retail price of the “perfect” vegetable that we so desire. According to the UN, one-third of the world’s population is starving; yet there is more than enough to feed us all. In the developed world, we waste between 30 and 50% of the world’s food production - we can afford to pay more for the food we discard, than those living in poverty can afford to pay for the food they need. Fruit only reaches it’s prime when it’s ripe - usually after the sell by date, after which, it will be thrown away. We could blame supermarkets for this wastage, but they are “well oiled machines” that can rapidly adapt to consumer choice - it’s us, the consumer, who demands “perfection” in our fruit and vegetables, the supermarkets respond. Once food reaches our homes, it sits in the back

“In the developed world, we waste between 30 and 50 per cent of the world’s food production we can afford to pay more for the food we discard, than those living in poverty can afford to pay for the food they need.” 112 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

of the fridge for too long - we throw away one third of all the food we buy, I now use the fruit and vegetables that have reached their prime, to make jams, pickles, or frozen fruit compotes and coulis. I’m not alone; a revolution in food waste has begun, small companies are springing up, taking the surplus from growers and shops to make preserves, they are paid, not with cash, but with a share of the finished produce. Recently, I heard of a small supermarket in London doing something similar; the shop employs a chef who scours the shelves each morning, looking for out-of-date food. He prepares meals with what he finds, yoghurt is made into homemade sauces, meat and vegetables into casseroles, fruit into jams and preserves. Everything is cooked in full view of the customers who can watch as “home made” meals are prepared. Of course, until the beginning of the day, no one knows what will be made - that’s one of the great joys of cooking. Just imagine; if each week we all spent a few minutes finding what’s hidden at the back of our fridge, making a meal with what we discover instead of throwing it away; we would not only save money, but more important, help to save lives of those who cannot afford to eat the food we waste

John Ridley, a Bahrain based journalist, writer, and broadcaster, can be contacted at or visit his website: image credit:

Gastro Boo-Nilla Shake (Makes six 8-ounce servings)

Ingredients: 1 cup whole milk 1 litre vanilla ice cream 1 cup heavy cream 1 tbsp confectioners’ sugar

Make this refreshing and fun drink with your kids for Halloween this year. What’s even better is that it is just the thing you need to sip on to kiss the lag end of summer, good-bye!

Method: Blend the milk and half the ice cream in a blender until smooth. With the machine running, add remaining the remaining ice cream, one scoop at a time; blend until smooth. Pour the milkshake into six 8-ounce glasses decorated with chocolate faces, filling them 3/4 full. Put cream in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Beat on medium speed until soft peaks form. Add confectioners’ sugar. Beat until stiff peaks form. Transfer whipped cream to a pastry bag fitted with a 1/2-inch plain round tip. Pipe spiral mounds of whipped cream on top of milkshakes and serve immediately.



Celebrate Differently! … With Maki Bahrain.

Every month Maki Bahrain treats you to some of its most sumptuous dishes with “15 Magical Moments Of Fusion Cuisine”. This month there is more; Maki invites you to celebrate your special occasions at the restaurant. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Maki’s founder Amer Zeitoun, you can now present your beloved with a pleasant surprise! All you have to do is email a high resolution photo of you and your better half a day or two in advance, and the experienced chefs at Maki will prepare a special dish with the photo embedded into it! General Manager Steve Fernandes comments, “We have found that guests, especially couples enjoy our new idea of celebration.” If you are planning an anniversary celebration, a birthday, or even a farewell to a co-worker, all you have to do is call Maki and they will help you set up a beautiful dish of surprises. Add to your celebraion a delicious combination of special maki rolls such as the healthful Amer Maki,

drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and filled with succulent tuna, or the new Wafa Maki, with fresh, delectable salmon, cool avocado, flavourful wasabi flakes and exotic cress. Visit Maki Bahrain at Bahrain World Trade Centre Open Daily: 12pm until 11.30pm & until 12 mid night on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays. Lounge open until 2am on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays, and until 1am on other days. For reservations call, Tel. +973 1752 2733 or +973 3699 9102 or email:

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 113


traditional henna designs, have a Bassara (fortune teller) unravel the mysteries of your future or take a turn at holding a falco; your kids can enjoy special games while live singers keep the mood upbeat as you relax with a cup of tea and perhaps a second helping of dessert. BD12 for adults and half price for kids under the age of 11. For reservations & further information call on Tel. +973 1731 3333

Gulf Hotel Al Waha Restaurant Friday Brunch When: 12.30pm to 4pm Price: BD22 with softdrinks/BD26 net with free flowing selected alcoholic beverages. 50 per cent charge for kids under twelve years Sizzling Night With live cooking! When: Friday 7pm to 1030pm Price: BD13++ per adult

The Domain Bahrain

Elite Resort and Spa

Have Dinner; Stay For Breakfast! When: Offer valid until 30th September 2013 Price: Book a dinner for two with a minimum spend of BD80++ we will provide the stay and breakfast. Terms & Conditions apply.

Paelleras Night Add some Spanish zing to your week with the best selection of paellas, made from the freshest ingredients and most fragrant rice. The atmosphere is completed by the live entertainment and warm hospitality. BD12 net per person. When: Every Wednesday from 7.30pm onwards Where: Poolside

Le Domain [34] Business Lunch Enjoy sumptuous South of France cuisine, an Art Nouveau setting and great city views at Le Domain [34] at The Domain Bahrain now offers a set business lunch menu for BD11++ for a two-course lunch and BD13++ for three courses. For reservations and further information please call on Tel. +973 1600 0222 or email: or visit:

Bushido New Bushido Experience Menu Bushido introduces a carefully created new menu to tantalise the taste buds with innovative Ishiyaki dishes for guests to enjoy. Ishiyaki cooking invites guests to watch their food being cooked directly at their table on hot-stones for a meal that is not only healthy, but also delicious and entertaining. Price: BD35++ For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1758 3555.

114 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Thursday Night Grills Feast on a meat bazaar with marinades and toppings of your choice cooked by our chefs at the seaside with a large choice of sauces and pasta. When: Every Thursday at 7.30pm Where: Waikiki Chillout Saturday The ideal setting before the new week begins; enjoy soothing music and barbecue all evening long at the poolside. When: Every Saturday at 7.30pm Where: Waikiki Aqua Fiesta Friday Enjoy a hearty Arabic buffet with your family and kids. Starting with a broad selection of mezzes, we move on to live grills, traditional main courses, and finally delectable desserts. The spread also features international favourites. Walk around the poolside, get

Butchers Night When: Wednesday 7pm to 10.30pm Price: BD13++ per adult Sea Food Night When: Thursday 7pm to 10.30pm Price: BD16++ with soft drinks/BD21++ with free flowing selected alcoholic beverages Tandoori Night When: Sunday 7pm to 10.30pm Price: BD13++ per adult China Garden 15 per cent discount on National Drink on account of Chinese National Day When: 1st October For further inquiries and bookings call on Tel. +973 1771 3000.

Elite Grande Hotel Hot Grill night Come and enjoy a succulent array of meats including lamb chops, steaks, chicken wings, shishtaook, makanek and many more items grilled to your taste. When: Every Thursday Where: H2O Price: BD10 net inclusive of Shisha Catch of the Day Enjoy the freshest sea food; select your fish and tell the chef how you like it cooked; you

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.

Gastro just cannot miss the all-you-can-eat-buffet When: Every Saturday Where: H2O Price: BD10 net inclusive of Shisha

Express Lunch at Golestan Express lunch available for BD10 net. Call, Tel. +973 17533 533 or visit:

For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1756 5888.

For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1753 3533

InterContinental The K Hotel Regency Hotel

Breakfast Buffet at Klouds restaurant including a variety of juices

New Chef!

InterContinental Regency Bahrain announces Adrian as their new Executive Chef. With 31 years experience, Adrian brings to InterContinental Regency Bahrain a wealth of industry knowledge in the luxury hotel segment. He has worked Chef Adrian with renowned names in the hospitality industry at Doha and China and holds certificates in pastries and delicate doughs, fine chocolate and artisan cheese making. Adrian was responsible for exclusive catering at the Doha Tribeca film festival. For bookings at the restaurants call on Tel. +973 1722 7777.

Sheraton Bahrain Special Eid buffet along with entertainment including face painting, games, candy floss station, popcorn, mini rides and gifts for children. Price: BD18.5++ for adults and BD6++ for children. When: 12.30pm to 4pm during three days of Eid.

International Buffet Dinner with

highlights on Arabic cuisine is served from

and International dishes.

When: 6.30 to 10.30am

Business Lunch at Klouds When: Sunday to Thursday from 12 noon until 2.30pm Price: BD4 net per person including soft drinks and mineral water Friday Brunch at Klouds Enjoy a blend of authentic Japanese, Asian, Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine prepared at live cooking stations by a team of multicultural chefs. When: 12.30pm to 4pm Price: Starting from BD19.5++ per person including selected beverages All You Can Eat Buffet at Klouds When: Saturday to Tuesday from 7pm to 11pm Price: BD4++ including unlimited soft drinks Themed Buffet Nights at Klouds When: Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm to 11pm Price: BD9.5++ per person including soft drinks/BD14.5++ per person including selected beverages Seafood Night When: Thursday from 7pm to 11pm Price: BD12++ per person including soft drinks/BD17++ per person including selected beverages For reservations & further information call on Tel. +973 1736 0000 or email:

Executive Chef Sylvester Rozario

When: 7.30pm to 11.30pm Price: BD13.9++ Arabic Entertainment during lunch and dinner on three days of Eid Al Adha!

Rewarding Tuesdays at Soie Price: BD20++ and receive a BD10 voucher which can be redeemed at Al Safir Restaurant. Special Moments at Golestan Spend your birthday or anniversary at Golestan throughout October and for a minimum spent of BD40++ a bottle of wine and a cake is on us.

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.

Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Business Lunch at Saveur When: Sunday to Thursday from 12.30pm to 3.30pm Price: BD10 net inclusive of one soft drink Kempinski Tuesdays Enjoy something exceptional from every outlet; a slice of cake with your coffee in T-Spoon, or the new taster platter with a brew or glass of grape in Mezzanine Lounge; at Saveur’s new Business Lunch, for every two diners, the third dines for free on Tuesdays. Cooking Classes at Kempinski Wednesday, 9th October – Learn how to cook venison steak and perfect your purées. Wednesday, 23th October – Create Foie Gras terrine and discover the secret of making foams. When: 3pm to 6pm Price: BD25++ per person per class Eid Al Adha Brunch and Dinner at Baharat When: Friday, 18th October from 12.30pm to 4pm for Brunch/7.30pm to 11pm for Dinner Buffet. For reservations and further information call, on Tel. +973 1717 1441 email:

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain Leon de Bruxelle’s Mussel’s Promotion The Belgian master of Leon de Bruxelles, Chef Paul Vanlancker will showcase his signature Chef Paul mussel dishes Vanlancker every evening. Chef Paul has been in Montreal, Boston, Munich, New York, Beirut, Istanbul, Osaka, London and many other places around the world. He represents the 5th generation of the family business founded in 1893 and the family Vanlancker is runs more than 70 Leon de Bruxelles mussel’s restaurants around Europe. When: 25th October to 2nd November Price: Set menu BD15.5++ per person (served only at the poolside) For reservations & further information call on, Tel. +973 1746 0000 or email:

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 115


Diplomat Radisson Blu Barbeque Night at Kontiki Restaurant & Pool Side Enjoy an International buffet with barbeque stations at the pool side with some soft drinks and chilled juices while you groove to the music by DJ Ram. When: Thursday, 17th October Price: BD24 net per person Dine & Wine at Mondo Italian Restaurant Enjoy a 4/5-course meal accompanied by carefully selected wines for each course and lounge music background by DJ Ram. When: Wednesday, 23rd October Friday Brunch When: From 12 noon to 3.30pm For more information and reservations call, Tel. +973 3994 5208, Email:

Crowne Plaza La Mosaique Restaurant Halloween Brunch When: 1st October Price: BD19.95++ inclusive of unlimited selected beverages. Eid Lunch Buffets When: 15th to 17th of October Price: BD11++ When: 18th October Price: BD19.95++ inclusive of selected beverages New Lunch Buffet When: Daily from 12.30pm to 3pm Price: BD11++ Special discounts for business associates in the diplomatic area Friday Absolutly Fabulous Brunch – New Prices. Three Fabulous Venues, One Big Brunch!

Price: BD19.95++ with select beverages/ BD15.95++ inclusive of soft drinks only

Theme Nights Sunday - TEX MEX Night all you can eat at only BD12++ Monday - GRILL & PASTA Night all you can eat at only BD12++ Tuesday - SURF & TURF Night all you can eat at only BD12++ Wednesday - STEAK Night New Prices: BD14.95++ per person, all you can eat inclusive of soft drinks BD18.95++ per person, all you can eat inclusive of selected beverages Thursday - SEAFOOD Night

116 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

New Prices: BD17.95++ per person, all you can eat inclusive of soft drinks BD21.95++ per person, all you can eat inclusive of selected beverages Friday & Saturday - INTERNATIONAL Night all you can eat at only BD12++ Waves Seafood Restaurant Seafood Express lunch - Enjoy a 3 course set menu for only BD6.95++

Fiamma Italian Cooking Classes at Fiamma Restaurant Learn how to make authentic Italian creations with Chef Stefano. When: Every first Saturday of the month from 10am to 12pm Price: BD18 net per person, inclusive of lunch and soft beverages. Advanced bookings are required.

MUSSELS Promotions Prices: BD7.95++ inclusive of selected beverages to enhance this dining experience

Flavours of Arabia at Saraya Restaurant When: Every Saturday from 12.30pm to 3.30pm Price: BD18 net inclusive of soft beverages

Spices Indian Restaurant Bollywood Brunch Friday afternoon with Bollywood DJ and live cooking stations; a supervised kids corner. Price: BD12.95++/BD15.95++ with a selection of unlimited beverages

Masala Mahal – House of Spice at Saraya Restaurant Indulge in traditional Indian fare! When: Every Sunday from 7pm to 10.30pm Price: BD22 net inclusive of house wine and selected brews

For reservations & further information call, Tel. +973 1753 1122.

Wok Cooking Classes at Wok Restaurant Chef Minh Duong will take you on a culinary journey to create the most delicious SouthEast Asian cuisine. When: Every third Wednesday of the month from 10am to 12pm Price: BD18 net per person inclusive of lunch and soft beverages. Advance booking required.

Trader Vic’s Voyage to the British Isles

Enjoy some music and beverages with five hearty British dishes from Fish & Chips served with Mushy Peas, to creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pie. A selection of starters and sweet British desserts are also available, including our chef’s finest Sticky Toffee Pudding. When: From 15th October to December; 8pm onwards For reservations and further information call, Tel. +973 1758 3555.

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa BBQ Nights at Saraya Restaurant When: Every Wednesday, subject to weather conditions from 7pm to 10.30pm Price: BD22 net per person inclusive of selected beverages Tutto Carne Special at Fiamma Restaurant Feast on Italian Beef dishes with fine wine pairings. When: Every night except Sundays from 7pm to 10.30pm

Lobster Treat and Dim Sum Special at Wok Restaurant Try a selection of mouth-watering dim sum or choose a fresh Canadian lobster to be cooked to your liking. When: Every night except Tuesdays from 7pm to 11pm Book For 4, Pay For 3! At Pashawat Restaurant When: Monday to Wednesday from 9.30pm to 1am and Thursday and Friday 9.30pm to 2am Monday Pasta Night at Fiamma Restaurant When: Every Monday from 7pm to 10.30pm Price: BD12 net per person inclusive of two selected house beverages Pashawat Under the Stars at Sofi Island Revel in the extensive buffet selection of traditional Arabic delicacies, while being entertained by the live band and belly dancer. When: Every Thursday, beginning the third week of October, subject to weather conditions from 8pm to 12am Price: BD25 net per person, inclusive of soft beverages. Shisha is at an additional charge Valrhona High Tea at Lobby Lounge Indulge in the finest chocolates and pastries made with Valrhona chocolate When: Every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm Price: BD9.9 net per person For reservations and further information please call on Tel. +973 1763 6363 or email:

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.


Gulf Hotel Oktoberfest

When: 3rd and 4th October Price (inclusive of dinner buffet): BD22.5++ regular/BD21++ Prestige Club, Gulf Air & NSA*/BD23 net ARAMCO *Prices subject to 15 per cent service charge and 5 per cent government levy. For tickets call on Tel. +973 1774 6407 or visit the banquet office from 8am to 5pm. Gulf Night Out

Live music, good food, fun, games and prizes to enjoy! When: Every Tuesday i.e. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th October from 8pm onwards Price: BD18++ and BD16++ Corporate/ Prestige Club/Gulf Air/NSA Buy your ticket before Tuesday and save BD1 per ticket! Margarita Mexicana

When: From Sunday to Friday from 6pm to 12 midnight For further inquiries and bookings call on Tel. +973 1771 3000.

Elite Shift 7

Ladies Night every day except Thursday Karaoke Night every Saturdays - Be entertained by the best entertainer in town - You.

Elite Crystal Hotel Klub 360

Finesse Nights every Sunday and Wednesday Bublicious Night every Monday Party without a Wallet (KLUB 360 VIP Membership Programme) Price: Membership BD360. The membership card comes credited with BD250 to use within the club and it’s rechargeable. Maybe even win a luxury car while you’re at it!

Elite Grande Hotel

InterContinental Regency

Zodiac Lounge

Every Monday Bubbly Night - Ladies night/Free drinks (list selection) 8pm till closing Every Tuesday

Candy Night - Colourful smoky drinks with a pinky theme / candy jars Every Wednesday & Friday

Drinks and Sing - Karaokee Night/Free round for the best voice-Arabic-EnglishTagalog-Indian.

Bora Bora

REHAB Pool Party every Friday. Free entrance. Amazing offers on beverages all day long.

Retro Night - Oldies music 80’s and 90’s music

For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1731 3333.

For reservations and further information call on Tel. +973 1756 5888.

Every Saturday

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.

Ladies Special

Wednesday Unlimited cocktails and wine for ladies in the house from 9pm to 12am at Downtown Bar.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 117

Nightlife Ladies Day from 12 noon till midnight. Free entrance for ladies, at the pool. Buy 1 get 1 free at Elements Pool & Lounge. Thursday From 9pm to 12 midnight indulge in our Cosmopolitan Night at Downtown Bar. Complimentary selected cosmo cocktails for ladies. Friday Free Margarita Night at Downtown Bar from 9pm to midnight. Saturday Join our Hotelier’s Night kicks off at Downtown Bar. Sunday “Jam with the band” join in on stage with our resident band to play your favourite songs or even bring your instruments. Participants will receive a free drink. For further inquiries and bookings call on Tel. +973 1722 7777.

Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bizarre Thursdays - at Bizarre Lounge

Groove to Bahraini DJ Mysterioo Arifi’s music. Ladies enjoy two complimentary beverages. When: Every Thursday from 9pm to 2am Cigar & Single Malt at Boudoir

Pair your cigar with the smooth taste of single malt at a very special price. Enjoy premium cuisine and beverages with the backdrop of Bulgarian saxophonist, Faith LH. When: Open daily from 5.30pm to 2am Oktoberfest in Mezzanine Lounge

Taste of Germany with traditional veal sausages, potato salad and sauerkraut. Wash these down with original Weissbier! When: Open daily from 11am to 1am Halloween at Bizarre Lounge

Sheraton Bahrain Happy Hour at An Nada Lounge

Enjoy a 25 per cent discount on selected beverages. When: Daily from 1pm to 7pm

Ladies Night at An Nada Lounge

Enjoy a complimentary selection of unlimited beverages and three free drinks. Live entertainment every day except Saturday. When: Every Monday (unlimited beverages)/Every Thursday (3 free drinks) from 8pm to 1am. Sheraton Social Hour at An Nada Lounge

Explore new wines, or try an old favourite. Compare two 50 ml pours for BD2.5 net at Sheraton For reservations and further information call, Tel. +973 1753 3533.

118 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Get ready for THE costume party on the island. Groove to some electrifying music by Resident DJ Mysterioo Arif and guest DJ’s. Best costume receives a prize! From 31st October, DJ Mysterioo Arif will be participating in the first Bahrain Music Conference on the island, beginning with Bizarre Lounge’s Halloween party! When: Thursday 31st October from 9pm to 2am Extended Timings for Nasmat

Enjoy a bite at Nasmat alongside our outdoor infinity pool as skilled bartenders mix up all of your favourite beverages. When: Daily from 10am to 9pm

Barek Trio

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain Barek Trio at Flamingo Bar & Lounge

The Latin trio band “Barek Trio” have more than 10 years stage experience in Middle East and Europe, bringing you the best Latin and latest music hits. Bairon leads the band by playing on the piano and guitar, while Dolly and Angela play the drums and bass. When: Daily except Saturdays from 8.30pm to 12.30am. Daily happy hours start from 2pm until 9pm with 20 per cent off on selected beverages. Shisha starts at from 6pm onwards at the trendy Flamingo terrace. For reservations and additional information call on Tel. +973 1746 0000.

Diplomat Radisson Blu Italian Aperitivo Night at Fiddlers Green Pub

Enjoy the light snacks buffet including 1 drink from a wide range of Mondo Cocktails/a Beer /even a glass of wine – the choice it’s yours! When: Wednesday 30th October Price: BD10 net accompanied by live piano music of Fabio Tolu.

From Bureau to Bar in Mezzanine Lounge

After a busy day head from the Bureau straight to the Bar. Sip on signature beverages and enjoy live entertainment. When: Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 8pm Price: Buy one get one free on selected beverages For reservations and additional information call on Tel. +973 1717 1441 or email:

Fiddlers Green Pub

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.

Nightlife Halloween Special Night at Fiddlers Green Pub

Enjoy complimentary snacks and groove to a live band, DJ Ram and indulge in some karaoke. There are prizes to be won including Best Halloween Costume, Best Halloween Singer, Best Halloween Couple and Best Halloween Group theme. When: Thursday 31st October Price: BD5 including one drink from selected list/Ladies entrance FREE! For information and reservations call, Tel. +973 3994 5208, Email:

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Wine Tasting at Tapas Bar

When: Friday, 25th October from 8pm to 11pm Price: BD15 net per person DJ Party in Tapas Bar When: Every Thursday from 11pm to 2am Halloween Beach Party

Entertainment by Swiss DJ Oliver Shine along with 2 DJS from Bahrain When: 31st October Price: BD35 includes 10 drinks + BBQ. Room package just BD150 includes luxury room, breakfast for 2 and entrance to the party w ten drinks vouchers! For reservations and further information please call on Tel. +973 1763 6363 or email:

Trader Vic’s Wahine Tuesday at Mai Tai Lounge

The outdoor pagoda re-launches the popular ladies night with an exclusive party of entertainment for only the hottest Wahines in Bahrain. Ladies receive free drinks coupons upon entry and complimentary Trader Vic’s Tid-Bits. When: Every Tuesday ladies from 6pm onwards For reservations and further information call, Tel. +973 1758 3555.

Bushido Wine Flight at Bushido

Sample premium wines at the wine tasting. When: 8th October (Second Tuesday of every month) from 7pm to 10pm Price: BD10

Mai-Tai Lounge

Absolutely Geisha

Groove to the tunes of DJ iHuss & friends as they captivate you with their techno and progressive dance music alongside Bushido’s resident DJ Dara Singh. Free drinks coupons for ladies. 40 per cent off Absolut cocktails for all guests. Enjoy a welcoming selection of free Geisha-bites (served until 11pm) and live fire-show entertainment. Pink Fridays

Ladies, be in with the chance to win an Emporio Armani gift worth over BD300 in the free raffle and enjoy 3 free drinks. Music delivered by resident DJ Dara Singh. When: 25th October from 9.30pm onwards For reservations and further information call, Tel. +973 1758 3555.

Crowne Plaza Halloween Night at Harvesters Pub & Restaurant

Groove to the new band The Eye Candies this Halloween! When: 31st October from 9pm onwards Sunday - FBI Night - 50 per cent discounts for all our colleagues in the F&B industry in Bahrain. Monday - Ladies Night - All you girls can drink for free on selected beverages Tuesday - Cocktail night - Buy 1 get another free on selected cocktails Wednesday - 4 Pint Pitcher Night Quench your thirst with a pitcher of selected beverages for only BD6.5++ Friday - Ladies and Jammers Night – We

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance.

give you the chance to jam with the live band and all you ladies enjoy 2 free dinks. Saturday - Cocktail night - Buy 1 get another free on selected cocktails Daily - Happy Hour - Special discounts on all beverages from 5pm - 8.30pm. For reservations & further information call, Tel. +973 1753 1122.

The Domain Bahrain Txoko Socials

The first 50 drinks are on the house, most nights! Head to Txoko, the new Basque Sky Lounge on Level 36 of The Domain, Bahrain for one of their ‘Socials’ and also enjoy the best views in town. When: From 5pm onwards Sundays: The Neighbours; for our colleagues from The Diplomatic Area, Bahrain Mondays: Bankers Tuesdays: Military Wednesdays: This one is for the girls … Fashionista! Socialista! Domainista! Thursdays: Oil & Gas Saturdays: All-in! Come one come all Terms and conditions apply. For more information please call, Tel. +973 1600 0222 or email:

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 119


Bahrain Confidential jumped at the opportunity to interview the rising DJ of Electronic Dance Music, Yves V! I mean seriously, who could say no?! Talking about Tomorrowland, his music, what’s in store for the future; Yves V was definitely entertaining. Read on!


BRINGING THE BEST OF ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC by Jenny Thomas You had your own stage at Tomorrowland for the second year. Describe that feeling. What can I say? It was like a dream come true. Last year, we had the idea of hosting a stage that showcased the music that I play during my radio show, V-Sessions that includes everything from progressive house to electro house. 2012 was such a huge success; we had to do it again, just WAY bigger! I was really happy to have producers that I admire on my line-up, such as Pete Tong, Eric Prydz and Nicky Romero. It’s an honour to work with them. Apart from that, I’ve got some great producers and DJs on stage with whom I’ve collaborated like Michael Calfan and Felguk. We created a new and bigger stage this year and its definitely going into my list of most loved shows. First tune you ever mixed. That has to be ‘Energy 52 with Café del mar’. A true classic!

120 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Your favourite moment on stage. Every moment on stage is my favourite, especially when you have a connection with the crowd. It’s just amazing! If you could collaborate with anyone from any genre, who would it be and why? Eric Prydz would definitely be an interesting artist to work with. He’s such a gifted artist and his sound and style is so unique. Describe your first ever stage experience. That’s a long time ago. It’s not my first experience, but one I can never forget is my first time Sensation White in Antwerp Sport palace back in 2009. For a long time before that show I couldn’t sleep. I was so nervous, but two seconds on stage, BAM! That feeling was gone and from that moment I just enjoyed my set and the


whole experience. It was an unforgettable moment for me.

One festival you would love to play at. (That you haven’t already before) I’m really excited to play at the Magnetic Festival in Prague in December. I heard a lot of great stories from other DJ’s. So, I think this show will be really special. When you play for a crowd, do you play the songs you love or what the crowd wants to hear? I try to combine both. I think people expect that I play certain tracks, but I’m there to entertain the crowd. You need to give people an unforgettable experience. So, if I don’t get the reaction I want, I have to adjust to push the night in the right direction in order to achieve this goal.

Tell us about your new track that’s now out on Sander van Doorn’s Records Label. I have a few tracks coming up on Doorn. The first one is ‘Umami’. The track is featured in the tracklist of the Tomorrowland aftermovie and has gotten a huge amount of support. I’m very happy with that and excited for the release in November. What’s in store for the future? There’s going to be lots of touring. In the next few weeks, I’m going to the US, China, Chile, Paraguay, etc and later this year, I’m going back to India for a big tour. I also have various gigs around Europe. It’s going to be a busy but exciting end to the year. From the studio, I have a lot of new releases planned; there is ‘Umami’ like I said and lots more to look out for. How would you want your fans to describe you? Hmm let’s see! Melodic breaks, massive drops and I hope they feel the music and let me take them on a journey. Under all that fame, what is Yves V all about? Enjoying life!

Concert photo credit:

What was your life like before you became a DJ? Until 2 years ago, I was a sports teacher. I always tried to combine the two jobs, but because of all the requests from abroad, I had to make a choice between sports or music. Music is my passion and now fortunately, my everyday life. I don’t regret it for a second.

For more of Yves V’s tracks, make sure you tune in to his radio show, V-Sessions.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 121


BAHRAIN RESTAURANT GUIDE American Bennigan’s 1781 3750 Al Safir Hotel, Juffair Blaze Burgers 1774 4773 Adliya, 11am to 12am Brasa de Brazil 1758 2225 Seef Mall, 12pm to 11pm Burger Lounge 3984 2840 Amwaj, 12pm to 12am Burger Wisconsin 1759 4458 Sa’ar, 11am to 12am Chickey’s 1774 4144 Zinj & 2 other locations, 10am to 1am Chilli’s 1758 1221 Seef Mall and many other locations Elevation Burger 1758 7828 Seef Mall, 12pm to 11pm Fat Burger 1713 1414 Bahrain City Centre & 2 other locations 9am to 1am Franks a Lot 1781 1970 Juffair, 10am to 1am Fuddruckers 1774 2266 Adliya & 4 other locations, 8am to 12am Grub Shack 1713 1363 Al Hamala Hard Rock Café 1729 1569 Exhibition Road, 8am to 1am Jan Burger 1771 2505 Adliya & 5 other locations Johnny Rockets 1756 6565 Al A’ali Complex & 1 other location 8.30am to 1am Melt Restaurant 1749 9900 Shaikh Hamad Avenue, West Riffa & Juffair, a place to sit back and enjoy great burgers, freshly tossed salads, sumptuous sweets, and much more! 11am to 12am Ric’s Kountry Kitchen 1772 5550 Juffair Tony Luke’s 1749 4940 Riffa, 11am to 12am Tony Roma’s 1787 0070 Zayed Town, 12.30pm to 1am

Asian Baan Saeng Thai Adliya, 11.30am to 3pm/6pm to 12am

122 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Bali Orchid 1718 0424 Gudaibiya, 12pm to 12am

Al Riwaq Café 1771 7441 Adliya, 10am to 9pm

Chin Li 1771 7717 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm

Aroma Restaurant & Café 1758 2711 Seef Mall, Open for lunch and dinner

Curry Country 1753 7555 Juffair, 11am to 2am

Café Ceramique Al A’ali Mall, 9am to 11pm

David’s Stir Fry 1754 0188 Adliya & 1 other location 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm Honey’s 3923 8507 Souq, Sunday to Wednesday 10am to 5.30pm/ Friday to Saturday 24 Hours

Café Lilou 1771 4440 Adliya & 1 other location Saturday to Thursday 8am to 11pm/ Friday 10am to 11.30pm Café T 1775 0777 The Royal Golf Club

Bahrain Confidential’s Favourite


The Way of the Warrior For reservations, call Tel. +973 17583555 or email:

Café Sayah 1722 4000 Delmon International Hotel, Open 24 Hours

Tea Club Amwaj Islands 12pm to 12am

Kontiki Restaurant 1753 1666 Diplomt Radisson Blu

Candles Coffee 1771 4844 Adliya, Sunday to Thursday 9am to 1am/ Friday & Saturday 5pm to 1am

Tea Garden 1711 1999 Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, 7am to 11pm

Mamy Soup 3919 5343 Exhibition Road, 11am to 11pm

Caramel 1770 7087 Cyprus Gardens, Budaiya, 8.30am to 12am

Monsoon 1774 9222 Adliya, Saturday to Thursday 12pm to 2.30pm/7pm to 11pm & Friday 7pm to 11pm

Columbus Café 1717 2324 Bahrain City Centre, 8am to 12am

Hot Wok 1717 8083 Bahrain City Centre, 10am to 12am

Nu Asia 1758 7171 Seef, 12pm to 12am Pan Asia 1772 1600 Umm Al Hassam, 11am to 3.30pm/7pm to 11pm Peppers Fusion 1771 7808 Adliya, 11am to 3.30pm/6pm to 12am Pong’s 1753 0800 Exhibition Road

Crepe Café 7711 5566 Budaiya & 1 other location Sunday to Wednesday 8am to 12am/ Thursday to Saturday 8am to 1am Deli France 1769 6031 Jawad Dome, Budaiya Sunday to Thursday 8am to 10pm/ Friday to Saturday 8am to 11pm Dome Café 1781 0180 Juffair, Open 24 Hours

Thai Chi 1717 9747 Bahrain City Centre, 12pm to 12am

Friend’s Club 1771 3732 Adliya, Saturday to Wednesday 10am to 12am/ Thursday to Friday 10am to 1am

Thai Express 1769 3595 Jawad Dome, Budaiya, 10am to 11.30pm

La Maison du Café 1771 7524 Adliya, 8am to 2am

Thailand 1771 7040 Block 338, Adliya, 6.30pm to 11.30pm

Le Chocolat Seef District 7.30am to 12am


Levante Café 1603 0393 Amwaj, 12pm to 1.30am

Brazil 1782 6686 Adliya. Authentic Brazilian Rodizio. All you can eat + beverages BD16.2++, Friday Brunch BD21++

Maya Chocolat Seef Mall, Sunday to Wednesday 10am to 11pm/ Friday to Saturday 10am to 12am


Med Café 1771 3088 Adliya and other locations, 11am to 1am

Al Bindaira Café 1774 4066 Adliya, Monday to Thursday 10.30am to 12.30am and Friday 1pm to 1am

Organic Foods & Café 1333 3285 Seef Mall, 9am to 10pm

Al Bareh Art Café 1771 3535 Adliya, 8.30am to 11pm A Lounge 1771 0041 Adliya, 11am to 2am

Veranda 1771 5868 Adliya and 2 other locations, 9am to 1am Waterlemon 1758 1785 Al A’ali Shopping Complex 10am to 11pm

Chinese Beijing Chinese 1771 7969 Block 338, Adliya, 11.30am to 3pm/6pm to 12am China Express 1771 7439 Adliya,12.30pm to 1am China Garden 1774 6423 Gulf Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Ching 1756 4424 Seef Mall, 10am to 12am First Chinese 1771 3603 Adliya, 12pm to 3.30pm/6pm to 12am Foli 1772 2199 Um Al Hassam, 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm Hong Kong 1772 8700 Adliya Kowloon 1772 5015 Umm Al Hassam,1am to 3.30pm/6.30pm to 12am Magic Wok 1769 4105 American Alley, Juffair, Open Daily 8am to 11pm PF Changs 1717 9757 Bahrain City Centre

Patisseri Valerie MODA Mall, 7.30am to 9pm

Shanghai Hut 1729 2988 Exhibition Avenue 11.30am to 2am

PAUL Bakery & Restaurant 1717 2321 Bahrain City Centre and 1 other location

Soie 1753 3533 Sheraton Hotel

Sky Walk Café Mariott Executive Apartments, Juffair 6.30am to 11.30pm

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.



Bahrain Confidential’s Favourite


A Culinary Haven! Located at the Bahrain World Trade Centre. For more information, call Tel. +973 1752 2733

Fantasy Restaurant 1729 2382 Hoora, 11am to 12am

Asha’s 1717 9751 Bahrain City Centre

Georgia Chinese 1781 3814 Juffair, 11am to 12am

Bright Candle 1722 9076 Manama, 11am to 3pm/6pm to 12am

Grand Royal 1772 1787 Umm Al Hassam, 12.30pm to 3.30pm/6.30pm to 1130pm

Charminar 1726 1896 Manama, 11am to 3pm/6pm to 12am

Grill Room Buffet 1769 6660 Budaiya & 1 other location 12.30pm to 3.30pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm Havana 1731 1440 Hoora, 12pm to 1am

Chocolatiers Godiva 1758 0699 Seef Mall, 10am to 10pm Patchi 1725 0501 Manama and 1 other location, 9.30am to 9pm Rawasi Chocola & Flowers Mahooz, 9am to 1.30pm/4pm to 9pm

Fusion Al Osra 1749 1492 East Riffa & 3 other locations, 11am to 12am Atayeb Restaurant 1759 0119 Budaiya, 12pm to 4pm/6pm to 11pm Block 338 1771 0338 Adliya, 11am to 2am Bangkok International 1774 0666 Adliya & 1 other location, 10am to 1am Blue Moon 1729 7100 Hoora, 10am to 1am Bu Ali 1724 2432 Zinj & 2 other locations, 10am to 12am Camelot 1771 7745 Adliya, Block 338 12pm to 12am Caesars 1771 6955 Adliya, 12.30pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.45pm Century International 1771 0100 Adliya & 1 other location 7am to 2am Charcoal Grill 1721 3410 Manama & 1 other location Clay Oven 1771 7008 Adliya, 11.30am to 3pm/ 6.30pm to 11.30pm Citrus Restaurant & Café 1774 4950 Adliya, 12pm to 12am Deja Vu 1365 7770 Adliya, 4pm to 2am

House Boat 1601 0321 Amwaj, 11am to 11.30pm JJ’s Irish Pub and Restaurant 1774 2323 Adliya, 12pm to 230am

Clay Oven 1771 7008 Adliya, 11.30am to 3pm/6.30pm to 11.30pm Copper Chimney 1772 8699 Um Al Hassam, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am Curry Tree 1603 0662 The Lagoon & 2 other locations, 12pm to 12am Hyderabad House 1772 0031 Umm Al Hassam, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am

Nirvana 1758 9318 Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa 12pm to 3.30pm/7pm to 11.30pm Papadom 1756 4434 Seef Mall, 10am to 12am Rajdhani 1771 5222 Gudaibiya, 7am to 2am Rasoi 1711 1999 Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, 6.30pm to 2am Saffron Curry 1722 3014 Enma Mall, 12pm to 12am Sahar 1772 5117 Umm Al Hassam, 8am to 12am Sangeetha 1727 2768 Gudaibiya, 7.30am to 3pm/5.30pm to 11pm

It’s Mirchi 1772 7230 Ramee International Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/ 7pm to 12am

Shamiana 1717 8085 Bahrain City Centre, 10am to 12am

Kalpaka 1729 7000 Windsor Tower Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 2am

Spices 1753 1122 Crowne Plaza, Diplomatic Area, 12pm to 11pm

Khazana 1727 4767 Manama, 7am to 3.30pm/5pm to 12am

Taka Tak 1725 4848 Gudaibiya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

Salt & Pepper 1762 3535 Sanad, 10am to 12am

Lanterns 1759 0591 Budaiya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am Now also open in Adliya

The Great Kebab Factory 1769 0629 Jawad Dome, Budaiya 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 12am

Saraya 1763 6410 Sofitel Bahrain, 6.30am to 11pm

Mantra 1721 1133 Best Western Plus Olive Hotel, 12pm to 2am

The Yellow Chilli 1758 0480 Seef Mall, 12pm to 10.30pm

Silk Restaurant 1774 9750 Adliya, 11am to 12pm

Moti Mahal 1782 5333 Juffair, 12pm to 12am

Vrindavan 1723 4454 Manama, 7am to 3.30pm/4.30pm to 11pm

Spice Nice 1771 3603 Adliya, 12pm to 3.30pm/6pm to 12am

Mumbai Spice Bahrain Mall, 10am to 10pm


Nattinpuram 1729 0600 Ramee Baisan Hotel, 12pm to 12 am

Al Waha Restaurant 1774 6425 Gulf Hotel, Adliya, Open 24 Hours

Marmaris 1755 3825 Al Daih, 11am to 12am Paprikas 1729 7100 Hoora & 1 other location, 10am to 1am Paradise 1753 5306 Manama, 9am to 1am

Sun & Sand 1731 1366 Exhibition Avenue, 11am to 2am Tandoor Hut 1771 3874 Adliya, 11am to 1130pm Tapas Bar 1763 6412 Sofitel Bahrain, 11.30am to 3.30pm/7pm to 12am The Food Station 1725 4007 Marina Mall & 2 other locations, 10am to 10pm Trader Vic’s 1758 6555 Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Spa 12pm to 3.30pm/7.30pm to 11.30am

Indian Aachi’s Chettinand Kitchen 1723 3110 Gudaibiya, 10.30am to 3.30pm/ 5.30pm to 1130pm Akbar 1729 6660 Ramada Palace Hotel 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12.30am

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” - J.R.R. Tolkien

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 123


BAHRAIN RESTAURANT GUIDE Rimal 1784 5000 Al Areen Palace & Spa, 6.30am to 11pm

Italiano 1758 1919 Al A’ali Complex, 11.45am to 11pm

Salad Boutique 3666 4427 Adliya, 8am to 12am

La Pergola 1771 3000 Gulf Hotel

Café Marisol 1770 1201 Al Bander Hotel & Resort, 7am to 11.30pm

Selections 1720 8308 InterContinental Regency Hotel 6.30am to 11.30pm

Little Caesars 1717 9400 Bahrain City Centre & 4 other locations 11am to 12am

Cyprus Taverna 1771 6316 Adliya, 11am to 2pm/4pm to 2am

Silk’s 1746 0000 Mövenpick Hotel

DownTown Lounge 1720 8308 InterContinental Regency Hotel, 5pm to 2am

Tamarind 1784 5000 Al Areen Palace & Spa Wednesday to Saturday 12pm to 3pm/ 6pm to 11.30pm & Sunday to Tuesday 12pm to 3pm

Margherita Pizza & Pasta 1772 3133 Umm Al Hassam, 12.30pm to 3.30pm/ 5.30pm to 12.30am

Al Wasmeyah Restaurant 1753 5000 Golden Tulip Hotel, Diplomatic Area Open 24 Hours Bambino 1753 3336 Sheza Tower Hotel, 24 Hours

East West Cuisine 1721 0012 Bahrain Financial Harbour, 8am to 5pm Figs & Olives 1600 0000 The Domain Bahrain, 10am to 12am Fusions 1771 3000 Gulf Hotel Ginger Lounge 1737 0037 Majestic Arjaan by Rotana, 6.30am to 11.30pm Healthy Calorie 1736 9399 Juffair, 8am to 12pm Jim’s Restaurant 1771 0654 Adliya, 11am to 3pm/6pm to 12am La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Arts 1771 3000 Ras Ruman, 9am to 10.30pm La Med 1758 0000 The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa Le Bistro 1722 7777 InterContinental Regency Hotel

MASSO 1772 1061 The Palace Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11.30pm

The Gallery 1746 0000 Mövenpick Hotel

Medzo 1720 8308 InterContinental Regency Hotel Open for lunch and dinner

Upstairs Downstairs 1771 3093 Adliya, 7am to 11am/12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am

Metro Pizza 1779 4000 Sa’ar, 12pm to 12am

Vins Bistro 1771 7101 Adliya, 10am to 2am

Mia Mia 1756 4414 Seef Mall, 10am to 12am

Yamin Jana Mediterranean Sea Front Lounge 1603 3800 Dragon Hotel & Resort, Amwaj Open 2pm onwards

Mino’s 1774 4777 Adliya, 11am to 12.30am

Zodiac Restaurant 1781 3366 Al Manzil Suites, Juffair, Open 24 hours All day dining offering a wide selection and panoramic views of Juffair from the 15th floor. Zoe 1771 6400 Adliya, Block 338, Saturday to Tuesday, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am & Wednesday to Friday 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 2am Zytoun 1729 8008 Novotel Al Dana Resort 6.30am to 12am

Mondo Restaurant 1753 1666 Diplomat Radisson Blu Ninos 1756 6555 Al A’ali Complex, Seef Pasta Art 1700 1750 Zamil Tower, 8am to 6pm Pastarito 1717 9300 Bahrain City Centre & Durrat Al- Bahrain 11am to 12am

Lemon Tree 1711 1999 Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, 6.30am to 11.30am


Pick a Pizza 1772 0929 Umm Al Hassam & 1 other location 12pm to 1am

Links Restaurant 1775 0777 The Royal Golf Club

BICE 1755 3666 MODA Mall, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11.30pm

Pizza Express 1601 0524 The Lagoon Amwaj, 11am to 12am

Little Chef 1759 5950 Budiaya, 12pm to 12am

Café Spasso 1782 2274 New Zinj, Open 830am onwards

Pizza Hut 1771 1113 Manama & 10 other locations, 11am to 1am

Mei N Yu 1601 0160 The Lagoon, 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 12am

Café Italia 1774 4774 Adliya and 1 other location 12pm to 3.30pm/7pm to 11.30pm

Pizza Inn 1781 1666 Juffair & 1 other location, 10am to 12am

Muju Restaurant & Lounge 1603 9800 Open 24 Hours Nando’s 1782 5100 Juffair, 11am to 2am Prego 1775 1263 The Royal Golf Club, 11.30am to 12am Primavera 1758 0000 Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Rendezvous 1758 7708 Seef Mall, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

124 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Carino’s Italian Grill 1758 7878 Seef Tower, 11am to 12am Coco’s Café 1771 3710 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Cucina Italiana 1700 1317 Al Safir Hotel, Juffair, 6am to 2am Fiamma 1763 6363 Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa 12.30pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Gusto Pizzeria 1769 5556 Budaiya,12pm to 11pm

Pizza Bella 1782 7133 Juffair & 1 other location, 11.30am to 11.30pm Pizza Company 1781 1830 Juffair & 1 other location, Open 24 Hours Pomodorino 1700 0121 Adliya, 12pm to 1am Prego 1775 1263 The Royal Golf Club, 11.30am to 12am Primavera 1758 0000 Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

Bahrain Confidential’s Favourite


A Story of Honour, Elegance and Integrity For reservations, call Tel. +973 1700 7770

Rialto 1711 1999 Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, 12pm to 11.30pm Rolandos 7732 2222 Juffair 12pm to 12am Roma 1772 5885 Um Al Hassam, 12pm to 2.30pm/7pm to 11.30pm Vapiano 1749 1391 Bahrain City Centre, 10am to 10pm

Japanese Bushido 1758 3555 Seef, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 2am EDO 1729 0945 Exhibition Avenue, 11,30am to 12am Fuji Sushi Bar 1753 3336 Sheza Tower Hotel,12.30pm to 12am Frangipani 1758 2422 Seef Mall, 10am to 12am Haji Sushi 1772 5638 American Alley, Juffair, 11am to 11pm Imari 1600 0000 The Domain Bahrain, 6pm to 12am Kei 1753 5000 Golden Tulip Hotel, 12.30pm to 3pm/ 7.30pm to 11pm Maki 1752 2733 MODA Mall, 12pm to 12am Meisei 1700 7770 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am Mirai 1771 3113 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Ruka 1711 1999 Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, 12.30pm to 2am Sato 1771 3000 Gulf Hotel Sumo Sushi & Bento 1771 8090 American Alley, Juffair, 12pm to 12am

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.



Aloha Life! Located at Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa For more information, call Tel. +973 1758 6555

Dalaona Restaurant 1733 0930 Muharraq, 9am to 12am

Takht-e Jamsheed 1774 6431 Gulf Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

Fakhruddin 1769 5949 Sa’ar, 11am to 11pm

Wafi Gormet 1779 999 Bahrain City Centre, 9am to 12.30pm

Golestan 1753 3533 Sheraton Hotel Sunday to Friday 12.30pm to 2.30pm/7.30pm to 11.30pm

Yalla Yalla 1782 7999 Al Safir Hotel, 6.30pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm

Isfahani 1755 0567 Hoora and other locations, 12pm to 12am Kenza 1736 0000 The K Hotel, 7pm to 2am

Sushi 101 1782 2274 New Zinj Saturday to Thursday, 12pm to 3pm/6pm onwards & Friday 1pm to 4pm/7pm onwards Yo Sushi 1758 3373 Al A’ali Complex, Seef Saturday to Wednesday 12pm to 12am/ Thursday to Friday 12pm to 2am

Middle Eastern Al Abraaj 1759 5656 Budaiya and many other locations, 12pm to 12am Al Arisha 1772 5414 Um Al Hassam, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 12am Al-Bokhari 1731 1186 Hoora & 2 other locations, 12pm to 2am

Leewan Al Khor 1601 0666 Amwaj, 1pm to 11pm

Zayt Zaytoon 1731 2222 Manama & 2 other locations, 7am to 12am

Leila 1756 6556 Seef, 9am to 12am

Zeitouna 1736 5055 Juffair & 4 other locations, 8am to 12am

Marmaris 1755 5909 Sanabis, 11am to 12am


Mashawi Lebanese Grill 1733 9014 Muharraq, 12pm to 12am Melh Al Zad 1731 1170 Hoora, 12.30pm to 1am

Persian 1781 1511 Adliya, 12.30pm to 3.30pm/7.30pm to 12am

Al Shama 1729 7000 Windsor Tower Hotel, 9pm to 2am

Persian Room 1601 0166 Amwaj Islands Saturday to Wednesday 12pm to 12am/ Thursday to Friday 12pm to 1am

Carla’s 1769 7687 Cyprus Gardens, Sehla, 12pm to 12am Chakmagia 1755 8500 Dana Mall, 10am to 10pm

Legendz Steakhouse 1720 8308 InterContinental Regency Hotel Open for lunch and dinner

L’lle 1784 5000 Al Areen Palace & Spa, 6pm to 11pm

Al Mukhayam Ramada Palace Hotel 8pm to 1am

Café Blanc 1710 0069 Al A’ali Complex, 8am to 12am

Klouds 1736 0000 The K Hotel, 6.30am to 2am

Zahle 1774 6417 Gulf Hotel Monday to Tuesday 7pm to 1am/ Wednesday to Friday 7pm to 2am

Pashawat 1763 6413 Sofitel Bahrain, 7pm to 12am

Baharat 1717 1000 Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel, Bahrain City Centre Wednesday to Friday 8pm to 12am

Butcher’s Shop & Grill 1717 2323 Bahrain City Centre, 12pm to 11pm

Laialy Zaman 1729 3097 Fateh Corniche, 11am to 4am

Kosebasi 1717 2322 Bahrain City Centre

Al Hamra 1722 4000 Delmon International Hotel, Open 24 Hours

Badawi 1729 7799 Manama, 10am to 11pm

Brazil 1782 6686 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/6pm to 11pm

Le Sauvage Meat + Fire 1600 0000 The Domain Bahrain 6.30am to 3pm/6pm to 12am

Momo 1718 0659 Adliya, 8am to 2am

Abd El Wahab 1713 1111 MODA Mall, 12pm to 12am

Yas-e Isfahani 1758 1151 Seef Mall, 10am to 10pm

Steak Houses

Zahlawiya 1771 0051 Adliya, 7am to 2pm/4pm to 4am

Al Fanar 1753 1666 Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel Open Monday to Saturday 9.30pm to 2am

Al Yacout 1729 8008 Novotel Al Dana Resort, 8pm to 2am

Yamin Jana 1600 3380 The Dragon Hotel & Resort, 7am to 2am

Bahrain Confidential’s Favourite

Qasr Al Sultan Grill 1774 4144 Bahrain City Centre & 1 other location 11am to 12am Rayes 1731 2700 Fateh Corniche, 12pm to 1230am Shawarma Express 1772 9922 Juffair & 5 other locations, 7am to 3am Shoo Fee Ma Fee 1731 1280 Adliya, 10am to 12am Tarwe’a 1724 0046 Manama, Open 24 Hours Taza 1778 4997 Tubli, 12.30pm to 12.30am

Casa Mexicana 1771 5521 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/6pm to 12am Margarita Mexicana 1774 6462 Gulf Hotel, Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 11pm Senor Paco’s 1772 5873 Adliya, 12pm to 3pm/6.30pm to 12am

Sea Food Asia Sea Food 1722 4466 Mashtan Hotel, 6am to 11pm Far East Sea Food Market 1772 7230 Ramez International Hotel, Juffair Daily, 12.30pm to 11.30pm Fish Market 1770 1201 Al Bander Hotel and Resort, 12.30pm to 11.30pm La Mer 1763 6411 Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa 7pm to 11pm La Perle 1729 8008 Novotel Al Dana Resort, 7pm to 12am Sea Chef 1729 2911 Hoora, 12pm to 1am

Mezzaluna 1774 2999 Adliya Sunday to Wednesday 7pm to 11pm/ Thursday to Saturday 7pm to 11.30pm Plums 1758 0000 Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa 7pm to 11.30pm Ponderosa Steakhouse 1758 0552 Seef, 11am to 1am Sizzlers Restaurant 1771 6999 Mansoori Mansions Hotel, Open 24 Hours The Meat Co 1774 2080 Block 338 Saturday to Wednesday 12.30pm to 3.30pm/ 7pm to 11.30pm and Thursday to Friday 12.30pm to 12am

Thai Banana Leaf 1774 4171 Adliya, 11am to 11pm Hash House 1771 5094 Adliya, 12pm to 4pm/6pm to 12am Muay Thai Quick Meal Restaurant 7704 0454 Juffair, 12pm to 12am Orchid Thai 1729 6660 Ramada Palace Hotel, 12pm to 3pm/7pm to 1am Royal Thai Sea Food Restaurant 1771 3000 Gulf Hotel Shada 1772 1155 Zinj, 11.30am to 3.30pm/6.30pm to 12am

Sheza Seafood Market 1753 3336 Sheza Tower Hotel, Diplomatic Area 12.30pm to 12am Waves 1753 1122 Crowne Plaza Hotel, 12pm to 4pm/7pm to 12am

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 125


Sports, Fitness and Kids Creative Kids



Al Safir Fitness First The Regency The Diplomat Radisson Blu Curves (Budaiya) Ez Fit Sports Complex Image Spa & Leisure (Sheraton Hotel) The Health Club (Gulf Hotel) Nautilus (Crown Plaza) Sports Club & Spa, Ritz-Carlton Al Gosaibi Gym Ghassan’s Gym (mat and private classes available) La Fontaine Centre World Beat Fitness Centre

Art of Living 3988 8760 Dessange 1771 3999 (Yoga classes offered several times a week) Bahrain Meditation Centre Bahrain 1779 5961 (Wellness Resort) Saturdays and Wednesdays. 7pm to 8.30pm, Mixed yoga classes. Sundays and Tuesdays (Ladies Only), 10am to12pm Bayoga Centre 1772 5027 Daily yoga classes, relaxing yoga and meditation for beginners and advanced students. 1761 2576 World Beat Fitness Centre The Diplomat Radisson Blu 1753 1666 Reiki Master And Teacher Melanie 3933 0911 offers Reiki sessions and courses or Anubhaa Sharma

1781 3815 1332 2200 1722 7777 1753 1666 1769 1496 1769 2378 1752 4570 1771 3000 1753 0764 1758 9380 1729 3221 1769 5911 1723 0123 1761 2576

Badminton Bapco Club Telgu Kala Samithi The Indian Club

1775 3666 1727 6300 1725 3157

Basketball EZ Fit Sports Complex Bahrain Basketball Association

1769 2378 1774 1010

Bowling Al Bander Hotel & Resort Awali Bowling Centre Bahrain Bowling Association Bapco Club Funland Centre

1769 2378 1769 5809 1727 6134

1765 0079

Dance Bahrain Ballet Centre Indian Institute for Performing Arts Latin Dance Bahrain Sampaguita Club Sayaw Unlimited Dance Club Victoria Dance Centre World Beat Fitness Centre Profiles Fitness Centre Pineapple

1769 3232 1723 1717 3967 6349 3910 6589 3982 7096 3987 6215 1761 2576 1772 7766 1771 2000

Football Al Ahli Sports Club Al Hala Sports Club Bahrain Rugby Football Club British Club Dilmun Club EZ Fit Sports Complex Arsenal Soccer School

1727 7712 1734 2182 1769 5809 1772 8245 1769 2986 1769 2378 1756 1615

Golf Awali Club Royal Golf Club

Snooker Bahrain Snooker Association Jimmy’s Snooker and Billiards Club

Bahrain Badminton and Squash Federation The Country Club Al Bander Resort Nautilus (Crowne Plaza) The Diplomat Radisson Blu

1782 5301 1771 6147

Swimming Lessons British Club Dilmun Club Ritz Carlton Sports Club The Diplomat Radisson Blu

1753 1165 1745 0000 1778 0011 3944 4137

Martial Arts Japan Karate Association 3944 9628/3667 2204 Profiles Fitness Centre (Boxing for ladies) 1772 7766 Zen-Do 1761 1909 Bahrain Karate Centre 3947 7709 Goju Karate Club 3965 9510 World Beat Fitness Centre 1761 2576 Bahrain Karate-do Academy 3665 7059

126 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

1759 3593 1770 1201 1753 0764 1753 1666

Awali Riding Club 1775 6525 Saturdays to Thursdays, 7am to 7pm. Fridays 7am to 6pm. Desert rides. Qualified instructors Bahrain Riding School 1769 0448 Daily rides 4pm to 6pm Dilmun Club 1769 2986 Sundays to Thursdays. 8am to 11am and 3pm to 7.30pm Shakhoora Riding School 1759 1103 Sundays to Thursdays, 8am to 12noon, 3.30pm to 7pm The Country Club 1759 3593 Fridays Horse riding in paddock, 1pm to 4pm Twin Palms Riding Centre 1759 1668

Bahrain Sailing School Coral Beach Club The Marina Club The Sailing Club The Yacht Club Aquatique - Organised pearl diving Al Bander Resort Bahrain Swimming Association Dilmun Club

1729 2313

1729 2662

Horse Riding


Ice Skating Funland Centre

1769 5809

Art Classes Paint In Space 1762 6232 Chaoss 1759 2096 Dar Albareh 1771 3535/3906 9016 Celebrations 1759 5791 Bahrain Art Society 1759 0551 Indian Institute for Performing Arts 1723 1717 The Studio 3975 4863 Studio Ceramics 1759 9026 Things to Do 1759 0409

Drama Film-making workshops

3600 1777

Kids Gyms/Gymnastics My Gym, EZ Fit World Beat Fitness Centre Chaoss

1756 6566 1769 2378 1761 2576 1759 2096

Libraries Awali Library (BAPCO, Awali) British Club (Times vary) Iqra’s Children’s Library Muharraq)

1775 3666 1772 8245 1732 0955

1772 8245 1769 2986 1758 0001 1753 1666

1731 0252 1721 2700 1729 1527 1783 6078 1770 0677 1727 1780 1770 1201 1768 0867 1769 0926

Tennis Bahrain Tennis Club 1772 9561 The British Club 1722 8245 The Country Club 1759 3593 Dilmun Club 1769 2986 Gulf Hotel 1771 3000 Marina Club 1729 1527 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 1753 1666 Bahrain Tennis Club 1772 9561/1772 9756 Filipino Club Tennis Group 3952 7587

Bahrain Music Institute Kindermusik Bahrain Room to Rock

Al Areen Wildlife Park

1783 6116

Adhari Park

1740 7300

North of the Shaikh Isa Bin Sulman Highway Fun for all ages, includes a sports camp, groovy town, discovery village and indoor entertainment Children’s Health Academy of Specialised Sports


1759 2096 Swimming, gymnastics, dance and Taekwon-Do for children and teenagers.

Dolphin Park Corniche next to Marina Club One hour marine mammal show.

1729 3109

Funland Corniche next to Marina Club Bowling and Ice Skating everyday.

1729 2313

Hawar Island

1731 1770 Day trips to Hawar Island, boats depart from Ad Dur Jetty at 10am daily

Kid’s Kingdom

Music Lessons

1775 6770 1775 0777

Go Karting/Racing Rally Town BIC Silver go-Karts (Tubli) Gulf Speed One (Seef)



Cycling Bahrain Cycling Association

Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1769 5809 (Thurs) 4.45pm for girls; (Sun) 7.30pm for women Riffa Views Netball League 3630 6946

Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1770 1201 1775 3666 1782 2077 1775 3666 1729 2313

Cricket EZ Fit Sports Complex Bahrain Rugby Football Club SLC Grounds, Riffa Thursdays, Training 3pm to 5pm


Where To Go

1772 1999 1761 3144/3925 6904 1761 1785

Corniche, next to the Hawar reservation office A small outdoor playground. Good fun for young children. Open until late.

Magic Island Seef Mall

Play Centres Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park Chaoss Funland Centre (bowling, ice skating, pool) Mad Science Magic Island, My Gym, Softplay at Dilmun Club Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark

1755 8500 1759 2096 1729 2313

1759 1136 1758 2898 1756 6566 1769 0926 1784 5100

Play Groups Chaoss, Off Budaiya Highway 1759 2096 Kindermusik 3925 6904/1761 3144 Ajyaal Montessori Pre-School 3912 9585 Mini Storytellers, British School (4 to 7 year olds) Musical Babies, Nadeen School 1772 8886 My Gym, Seef District 1756 6566 Rhymes & Chimes, Dilmun Club 3929 6848 Soft Play, Off Budaiya Highway 3965 3678 Sticky Fingers 3961 8340 Storytellers, British School 3912 9585 (7 to 11 year olds) Tots & Toddlers Group, 1772 8245 The British Club Wriggly Readers, British School 3912 9585 (for pre-schoolers)

Over 120 different games and attractions and Bahrain’s only indoor Roller Blade Arena.

Playland 1774 2266/1762 0999 Above Fuddruckers in Adliya An indoor centre full of games. Each ride costs 100 fils. Tokens available. Soft Play 3965 3678 Future Shape Dance Studio, Garden City Every Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 11.30am Children under the age of six months attend for free. Studio Ceramics

1759 9026 Budaiya Highway Pottery painting and more. Open 9.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday, or by appointment. Birthday parties and private group bookings possible.

Water Garden Salmaniya 1726 2034 Near Dairy Queen roundabout A semi-filled lake with paddleboats and birds. School & Nurseries Wahooo! Waterpark Bahrain 1717 3000 Bahrain City Centre Opening Hours: Saturday to Tuesday: 11am to 8pm Wednesday: 11am to 10pm (Ladies Night 5pm to 10pm) Thursday and Friday: 11am to 9 PM

Things to know The Tourist Department (Tel. 1721 1717) is located in the gate to Manama’s souq, Bab al-Bahrain, on the ground floor next to the tourist shop, Times: 8am to 12 and 4.30pm to 6pm, closed on Friday.

Currency The Bahrain Dinar (BD) is pegged to the US dollar at the rate of USD1=BD0.377 - in other words a dinar is worth about USD2.65. It is a convertible currency with no restrictions on its import or export. Tip: the Saudi Riyal (SR) is also accepted

in shops for purchases at an exchange rate of BD1=SR10 (less in hotels) and you may be given Saudi money as change.

Business Hours Friday is the Islamic equivalent of the Christian Sunday. The weekend falls on a Friday and a Saturday. Most shopping malls and commercial centres are generally open seven days a week.

Listings Schools

Clubs & Associations

Other Private Schools

American Curriculum

Al Noor International School Tel. 1773 6773 Ecole Francaise de Bahrain Tel. 1732 3770 Ibn Khuldoon National School Tel. 1778 0661 Shaikha Hessa Girls’ School Tel. 1775 6111

Al Hekma International Tel. 1762 0820/1762 3999 Modern Knowledge Schools Tel. 1772 7712 Riffa Views International School Tel. 1656 5000 The Bahrain School Tel. 1762 0820

British Curriculum

Al Mahd Day Boarding Tel. 1779 2422 British School Tel. 1761 0920 Budaiya Preschool Tel. 1779 1491 Dilmun School (elementary) Tel. 1771 3483 KG Kids Tel. 1766 3556 St Christopher’s School Tel. 1778 8108 Sacred Heart School Tel. 1768 4367 Talent International and The Infant School Tel. 1725 2346/1777 0078

Nurseries and Creches

Al Dana Nursery Tel. 1725 3541 Dana Pre-school, Riffa Tel. 1777 0180 Lilliput, Budaiya Tel. 1769 4947

Special Needs

Disabled Sports Federation Tel. 1778 9191 Hope Institute Tel. 1768 0815/1768 0500 R.I.A. Institute Tel. 1771 6871 The Children’s Academy Tel. 1761 3234 UCO Parents Care Centre Tel. 1767 7717

Things to know Taxis

Taxis are easily available in the capital, Manama, and have meters but be sure to make the driver use the meter. 99% of drivers won’t switch on the meter and will try to charge you double the legal fare. Beware! Confidential Tip: BD1 per five minutes in the cab is the most you should pay for an un-metered journey. If traveling from the airport or busy taxi rank, add BD2/after midnight add BD1 to the total e.g. a 10 minute drive from the airport after midnight should cost you no more than BD5 (BD2 + BD2 + BD1= BD5). Taxis do use meters and companies may use similar rates.

Avoiding Offence

Generally speaking, very short skirts and tight midriff tops are frowned upon in public, although acceptable by hotel pools, in private clubs and on the beach. If visiting a mosque, cover the body well (women should ensure that arms and legs and hair are fully covered). Shoes should always be left outside the entrance.

Essential Info 24-Hour Pharmacies Jaffer Pharmacy Tel. 1729 1039 18, Tarfah bin Al Abid Avenue, Manama 319 Nasser Pharmacy Tel. 1774 0900 63-B, Qadisiya Avenue, Manama 332 Awal Pharmacy Tel. 1777 2023 30 Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Avenue, East Riffa 901 Muwasaa Pharmacy Tel. 1733 5666 Shaikh Mohd bin Salman Avenue, Road 205, Muharraq.

Courier & Express Delivery

Tel. 1733 0434


Tel. 1736 4100


Tel. 1734 9199

Car Hire An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required to drive in Bahrain except for visitors from Gulf Cooperation Council states, U.S.A., Canada, countries in the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. The offices of car-hire companies are easily encountered at the airport. Recommended principal rental firms include: Budget Rent A Car National Car Rental Avenue Car Rental and Leasing

Tel. 1753 4100 Tel. 1723 1156 Tel. 1771 3181

Embassies & Consulates Embassies generally open from 8am to 1pm from Saturday to Wednesday and some Arab embassies also open on Thursday. Many embassies have a number of staff on call outside these hours for emergencies. Algeria 1771 3669 Bangladesh 1771 4717 China 1772 3800 Denmark 1772 5119 1772 0005 Egypt France 1729 8660 Germany 1753 0210 India 1771 2785 Iran 1772 2400 Iraq 1774 1472 Italy 1725 2424 Japan 1771 6565 Jordan 1729 1109 Kuwait 1753 4040 Lebanon 1778 6994

Malaysia Morocco Netherlands Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Portugal Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Switzerland Syria Trade Mission of Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey UAE UK UN Info Centre USA

1756 4551 1774 0566 1759 1568 1729 3663 1724 4113 1727 6099 1725 0990 1753 6709 1772 2922 1772 5222 1753 7722 1753 1166 1772 2484 1729 2578 1727 4142 1771 4149 1753 3448 1771 0333 1757 4100 1731 1676 1724 2700

Flight Information Airline offices are normally open from 8am to 12.30pm and from 3pm to around 5pm, Saturday till Wednesday. Flight Info 1733 9339 Air India 1729 6444 British Airways 1758 7777 Cathay Pacific 1722 6226 Emirates 1758 8700 Gulf Air 1733 5777 Jet Airways 1722 7114 KLM 1722 9747 Kuwait Airways 1722 3300 Lufthansa 1782 8762 PIA 1722 3808 Qatar Airways 1721 2202 Saudi Airlines 1721 1550

999 1725 3447 1779 0025 1781 2000 1782 8282 1728 8888

Telephone Helpline Intl. calls via operator Directory enquiries Directory enquiries - Intl. Other phone enquiries Speaking clock

Scrabble Bahrain Scrabble League Bahrain Kannada Sangha Saturdays. 6.30pm.

Art Societies Elham 1771 7441 La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art 1723 0123 The Bahrain Contemporary Art Society 1772 8046

Charitable Organisations Alia for Early Intervention 1773 0960 Bahrain Cancer Society 3960 3489/1723 3080 Bahrain Charity Society 1729 3363 Bahrain Disabled Sports Committee 1778 9191 Bahrain Human Rights Society 1753 1822 Bahrain Red Crescent Society 1729 3171 Friendship Society for the Blind 1762 4496 Hope Institute for the Handicapped 1768 0815 1772 0053 Islamic Enlightenment Society Lions Club of Bahrain 3908 0097 Manama Rotary Club 3939 4522 Migrant Workers Protection Society 3946 5378 1721 3825 Overseas Workers Welfare Admin. Palm Association 1779 0826/3964 3211 Riffa Cultural and Charity Society 1777 5444 Think Pink 3907 6717 BSPCA 1759 1231/1759 3479

Gallery/Crafts Al Riwaq Art Space 1771 7441 Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre 1761 1900 Art Lounge 1758 0522 Traditional crafts including palm weaving, pottery and woodwork. 1759 0551 Bahrain Arts Society Thursdays drawing and painting for Children, 18 hours @ BD25, 10am to 12pm Saturdays and Mondays drawing and Painting for adults, 18 hours @ BD30, 3pm to 7pm. 1778 6898 Bahrain Pottery Society Clay pottery, ceramic and painting lessons - Saturdays and Mondays, 5pm. Crafts Centre Gallery and Workshop 1756 8032 Arabic calligraphy Caravan Galleries 3996 5853 Kerala Arts and Cultural Association 3963 9319 The Studio 3975 4863 Pottery painting and more for adults and children, open 9.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday or by appointment. Birthday parties and private group bookings possible. 3940 2302/1732 2549 Shaikh Ibrahim Cultural and Research Centre Studio Ceramics 1759 9026

“Help” 24-Hour Helpline for Distressed Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous

3987 3357 1753 0020 1753 3558

151 181 191 100 140

Bahrain Bridge Club Bahrain Bridge Committee

3960 7219 3968 7190

Darts Balouch Club Sri Lanka Club

1724 2641 1727 1157

Speech & Drama Bahrain Cinema Club Dilmun Amateur Dramatics Society Folk Poetry Society Manama Theatre Club Manama Toastmasters Club

1772 5959 1769 0926 1776 1000 1777 6489 3965 5676

Ladies Clubs American Association of Bahrain 1756 4170 American Women’s Association 1775 6075 Australian Association of Bahrain 3910 1348 Awali Ladies Association 1767 8947 Bahrain Business Women’s Society 1772 1188 Bahrain Garden Club 1772 7625 Bahrain Women Society 1782 6777 Bahrain Young Ladies Society 1727 3508 BYLS-Toastmasters Club 1762 6237 Get together for Ladies 3917 4247/3902 7892 Indian Ladies Association 3980 5372 International Ladies Group 1772 9128 Madinat Hamad Women Society 3964 3396 Contact person Amal 3987 8758 1771 0944 Pakistani Women’s Association Second Sunday Newcomers 3927 0413/3641 1368

Language Schools Al Quran Translation 1764 5156 Bait Al Taleem 1764 3199 1782 7847 Berlitz British Council 1726 1555 Carousel 3967 3635 Lingua English Saturdays. Mondays and Wednesdays. English Language Classes, 4.30pm to 6pm, 4pm to 5.30pm. 1770 0040 English Language Centre Lingo - Ease Language Centre Budaiya Highway 1759 0895

Social Clubs Alliance Française 1768 3295 Assamese Community 3909 1959 Awali Caledonian Society 3636 6458 Bahrain Caledonian Society 3944 0658 1786 2620 Bahrain Hash House Harriers Bahrain Irish Society Bahrain Kannada Sangha 1727 1257 Bahrain Round Table 3960 8568 Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1769 5809 1772 7127 Bahrain Welsh Society Balouch Club 1729 2231 British Club 1772 8245 ext. 32 Bhatia Mitra Mandal 3960 1789 Country Club 1759 3593 1769 0926 Dilmun Club Filipino Club 1726 2143 Indian Club 1725 3157 Karnataka Social Club 1725 4257 Pakistan Club 1725 8520 Pakistan Association 3941 5200 Royal Society of St. George 3972 6329 Saar Cultural & Sports Club 1779 0335 Shree Nayrana Cultural Society 1725 5517 Shri Gujarati Samaj 3962 4285 Sri Lanka Club 1727 6134 1772 7575 Wisdom Home Society



Hospitals & Clinics Emergency American Mission Hospital (AMH) Saar Medical & Dental Clinic (AMH) Bahrain Specialist Hospital Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital Salmaniya Hospital

Animal Welfare Al Ahli Animal Centre 1762 2102/3965 4343 BSPCA 1759 1231 Delmon Kennels & Training 3971 7609 Jassim Veterinary Centre (Sugaya) 1723 1242 Modern Animal Health Centre (Budaiya) 1759 0908 Nonie Coutts Surgery, (Manama and Saar) 1724 5515 Pet Arabia 1759 2288 Saar Kennels 1779 2064

1729 2231 1729 7878

Kelly Armatage Inc. Offering counselling, life coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions Mob: 3993 1399 Email:

Chess Bahrain Chess Federation

1725 2133

Photography Awali Photo Society Bahrain Arts Society

1776 4468 3966 7751

October 2013 | Bahrain Confidential | 127


Horoscopes You know it is love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not a part of their happiness.” – Julia Roberts Actress, Julia Roberts celebrates her birthday this month!

Scorpio 23 October-22 November

Though health doesn’t look too bad, it seems you will face small issues; but with a strong mind and family support you can overcome it. Don’t nag about things that don’t go your way and focus on being happy. Your partner may be a tad bit busy so don’t grumble about him/ her not spending enough time with you.

Sagittarius 23 November21 December

Looks like you’ve had your well-deserved break from all the nonsense that was troubling you; traces of the problems may remain but you need to be steady. Focus on work and those few true friends/loved ones that you know will never leave your side and you will be good to go. Remember to eat healthy.

Capricorn 22 December19 January

You’ve found newer pastures to keep your mind and heart happy which is great; continue living life to the fullest and nothing can stop you from being cheerful and bright. Career prospects look great so work hard at whatever it is you’re doing. Make new friends – it’s about time, no?

Aquarius 20 January18 February

You’ve been trying to look out for better professional opportunities for a while now; don’t lose hope as this month looks bright; just keep trying and be patient. Love life looks balanced and so does your relationship with friends and family. Try to get back to some old hobby as it will keep you mind off things that may be bothering you.

Pisces 19 February20 March

You’ve learned quite a few new things which keep you occupied and also keep your loved ones happy. Keep learning more new things as this will not only equip you to live life to the fullest but also keep family and friends in good shape. You may miss your loved one as he/she may go away for a while; but keep busy and you will be fine.

128 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2013

Aries 21 March-19 April

Work life may get more stressful than ever; try indulging in some form of physical exercise to keep the stress at bay. Remember to take care of yourself – diet, medication et al. Family/loved ones will take care of you and so the odds that your work will not take a toll on your health.

Taurus 20 April-20 May

You’re passion/career looks very bright; keep up that hardwork and nothing can stop you. Love life depends on whether you are willing to give it a chance; remember, don’t be too picky! Looks like work and hobbies are going to keep you on your feet but don’t forget to make time for loved ones and friends; it’s the smaller things in life that matter.

Gemini 21 May-21 June

Some good news awaits you; may be this month or sometime after that. Don’t stress and remember to take care of your loved ones. Don’t be overtly confused and let things take their course. Travel is on the cards. Love life looks bright (expect a few sparks!!!) and so does work life. Take up a physical activity/exercise.

Cancer 22 June-22 July

You may be currently working on something that you’ve dreamed about for quite some time now and this month looks like it’s going to bring you that dream, FINALLY! Keep up the hard work and take one step at a time. You may need the support of family/friends but that may not be very accessible; don’t worry; you are independent and you know it!you are independent and you know it!

Leo 23 July-21 August

This month will bring you love; if you’re already married then expect your spouse to pamper you unlimited or if you’re not married then marriage may be on the cards! Travelling also looks quite likely. Work life couldn’t be better; you may get a new and more promising opportunity this month or in the very near future.

Virgo 22August-

21 September

This month looks pretty balanced on the personal and professional front. Looks like you may have a busy scheduled at work for the rest of the year; don’t push too much for the perfectionism or you may end up feeling hard pressed for time. Love life is hazy; don’t chase people!

Libra 22September22 October

Your organised nature will help you balance work and family/loved ones. Something that you’re preparing for early next year will keep you busy, entertained nevertheless. Try not to stress too much; just let life happen even if that means it doesn’t go as you planned it to.

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Bahrain Confidential October 2013  

Bahrain Confidential October 2013