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Dear Editor ... Many thanks to all who wrote in last month and apologies if p us informed and your letter isn’t printed but we get so many. Kee keep us in check by sending comments to info@Ar d humour. and remember our response back is said in goo Bruce Lee Baring

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This is regarding the image of Bruce Lee that you used on your Horoscopes page for Bahrain Confidential’s November issue. He hadn’t worn a shirt and I think that’s very obscene. Many women read your magazine and sometimes even young adults. You need to be careful about using appropriate images in your magazine.


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Ashamed Guy


Dear Ashamed Guy, please don’t be! ‘Cos we aren’t! What on earth made you feel that the image is obscene? It’s an image of the martial artist ready for combat and that is his attire. In fact you need to give it to him that he has worked so hard to earn that fit body. Are you just jealous that you don’t have a body like that? Hit the gym instead of cooking up such nonsense; and just a heads-up, a lot of women go to the gym – there may be one secretly watching you work out!


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Go Vegan!


I have one question for Bahrain Confidential. On one hand your magazine promotes non vegetarian food by printing promotions and images of meat. On the other you advocate kindness to animals. Funny how convenience talks, no? You promote whatever gives you good readership I suppose. I was born into a non vegetarian family, but stopped eating meat when I was very young. Animal slaughter is loaded with cruelty and apathy; we must exercise self control over our diet because the lives of these poor creatures are at stake!


Dear Palak, thank you for the compliment; we had so much fun interviewing these leaders and the photoshoot with them just brought out the lighter side to things – we will cherish this feature forever. We love the point your father mad mode; he is so right! We need all kinds of people in the world to attain the right balance.

Animal Lover Taking It To The Next Level - Leaders in the Hospitality Industry .... And Much More

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Complimentary Copy


130 Issue

Dear Animal Lover, we hope you’re a human lover too! Nature has evolved in such a complex way and each creature on earth has its own part to play in the food chain. Don’t animals eat each other? Now, you come along and point your stubby fingers at us if we start promoting snake skin bags and ivory show pieces! Until then, live and let live!

Getting Candid Bridezilla?

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6 | Bahrain Confidential | December 2013

The ‘Leaders In Bahrain’ feature that you ran in your November issue was really nice. It’s assuring to see the informal side to such established individuals; it makes you believe that one day you can reach there too. I believe that leaders are born and not made. When I was younger I used to feel very bad that I’m not a leader; but my father told me that it was okay because if everyone was a leader then we’d have no followers. Palak

Click Click I was going through your magazine and would like to compliment you on your images. I do photography too and would like to contribute to Bahrain Confidential. Please do let me know how we can take this forward. Amer

Dear Amer, thank you for that pat on the back and your interest in working with us. We are always happy to try out new and creative ideas. Please send us samples of your work on and our editorial team will consider.

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Bahrain Confidential Dec 2013  

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