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British Art Legend Damien Hirst Talks

Royal Golf Club Events and More

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Revving It Up: Harley-Davidson Biker Chic The Ultimate Boys’ Toys: Luxury Mega Yachts

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October 2011 • Issue 106


76 Makeover Competition 115 Win A Free Dinner for Two At Mövenpick’s BBQ Nights

People 82 38 50 26

Breast Cancer Survivor Interview Holger Jackisch: Cooking with Passion The Socialite Diaries Ella Prakash: Awash with Colours


86 Asbestos Management - Rehan Ahmed 128 Sweet Little Lies -Mohammed Al Rasheed

Fashion and Shopping 24 52 53 62 56 58

Sheer Luxury A Gal’s Got to Shop Don’t Forget the Kids Cleopatra Photoshoot adidas for Oysho La Senza Lingerie

Beauty, Health and Well Being 48 74 68

Managing Anger: Kelly Armatage Ask the Doctor with Dr Dean Cunha Gomes Party Make-Up

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Damien Hirst and Rankin Myths, Monsters and Legends

Biker Chic: The HarleyDavidson Ladies

106 Designed for Exploring: Ford Explorer 109 The World’s Fastest Piece of Porcelain

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113 Sizzling BBQ Nights: Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain 116 Gilgamesh: A Thai Food Extravaganza

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Royal Golf Club More Events and



n Biker Chic Harley-Davidso a Yachts Revving It Up: s: Luxury Meg e Boys’ Toy The Ultimat


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Dear Readers, The winter months will start rolling in and hopefully bring the temps down, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got a sizzling hot issue this month. You lucky lot are in for some of the best interviews around this month. We have an exclusive chat with British art legend Damien Hirst in his first collaborative project with British photographer, Rankin, entitled ‘Myths, Monsters and Legends’. Again on a global scale, have a look out for our glitz and glamour department with our Irene Prager interview, co-founder of the World Yacht Group, the only company in the world that caters specifically to Hollywood’s A-list. Our quest to be on the world stage doesn’t end here - nah ah. London-based stylist Riece Forde have collaborated with us for the gorgeous fashion shoot, ‘Cleopatra’ - it’s covetable couture and we’re drooling as we say that. Our famous Makeover is here once again! British expat Louise Edwards was lucky enough to win our competition and we’ll show you just a sneak peek of the treats she’s received from our team of experts. We‘re so excited about the end results so make sure to check out her final photo shoot next month to see her transformation. Oh and guess who else is back? Mohammed Al Rasheed! He’s in this month after recovering from his broken wrist, so make sure you never miss out on his beautiful prose. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ve got another exclusive feature with breast cancer survivor Heidi Al Khajah; read and be inspired by her story. There’s really some serious girl power this month - as we get a photo call and interview with some very cool Harley-Davidson lady bikers talking about their adrenaline-filled passion. Another femme this month is Bahraini artist Ella Prakash who paints her emotions, dreams and hopes … and Bahrain’s landscape in striking colour palettes. The party season is upon us so why not check out our party make-up section with three beautiful looks guaranteed to give you that wow-factor. For the fellas, no we’ll never forget about you we feature an incredible car this month entitled ‘the world’s fastest piece of porcelain’. This Bugatti is so exclusive only 150 have been made for this limited edition roadster. There’s also some desirable Autumn/Winter fashion that are sure to fire up any dreary winter wardrobe. And if you’re geek gadgets as we are, our Technology pages have some quite amazing stuff in there too. For the social butterflies among us try spotting yourselves in our sprawl of society pages at one of our many events! As always, our regulars for Fashion, Beauty, Luxury, Health and Living are as stunning and might we add, useful as ever - there’s absolutely something for everyone this month, but we won’t make it so easy for you, you’ll need to find out the rest in this fabulous issue.

Ministry of Information approval no. ISDN 99901-01-17-5 © Copyright 2008, C.G. Arabia W.L.L. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the publisher. All Rights Reserved. Views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher.

‘Til next month, happy reading!

Printed at Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej, Bahrain.

The Confidential Team

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Dear Editor ... Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

am knas

106 Issue

British Art Legend Damien Hirst Talks

tional ogue

Myths, Exclusive


Royal Golf Club Events and More

and Legends

Revving It Up: Harley-Davidson Biker Chic The Ultimate Boys’ Toys: Luxury Mega Yachts

Out and About

Mövenpick BBQ Nights and More


Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!




Finished! Dr. Esam Fakhro, on what happens now


Want To Have In Bahrain?

Many thanks to all of you who wrote in last month and apologies if your letter isn’t printed but we get so many. Remember our reply is meant to be humorous so if we offend you - grow up cry baby. Send your comments to

I found your interview last month with Kurt Zdesar really inspiring. He really does seem like a nice humble guy and was openly honest about getting to where he is now. The fact that he never told people he worked for a fast food chain but is now using it as an example to others makes him seem even more down to earth which is refreshing to hear these days. Going from working in McDonalds to starting two of London’s most prestigious restaurants really is a true success story! Krazy about Kurt Oh might we add that the guy looks dapper doesn’t he? We felt compelled to tell his remarkable story and aren’t we glad to know you were inspired by it.

Oh wowww how beautiful was the Desert Queen photoshoot this month. I was even tempted to have one of the shots framed to put on my wall! Now please tell me where I can get my hands on the elegant jumpsuit and maxi-dress, I am convinced I can pull this look off even though I am only five foot tall!

Parties, events and much more inside

Want To

Succeed In Business?

CEO, Kurt Zdesar shares his tips BAHRAIN BD2 KSA SR20 KUWAIT KD2 OMAN RO2 QATAR QR20 UAE DHS20

Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

104 Issue

Akram Miknas

We really are pleased how much you enjoyed it, oh to be a six-foot something model riding through the Dubai desert on a white horse!





Is Bahrain


Friendly? Abdul Hameed Kooheji Thinks Not Yet!


6 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Once again, congrats on another great interview with a socialite, just where do you find such glamorous jetsetting people?! As soon as I get my mitts on the new edition I flip to the page straight away and read the section religiously. I liked the fact she makes a lot of her own stuff and re-designs outfits so that she never looks the same as anyone else. How do you

think she would feel being hired as my own personal stylist?? One can only dream I guess … Social Sarah

Yes we were thinking the exact same thing, a very creative and stylish lady indeed! We only feature the crème de la crème for you of course Sarah!

I think it’s time I showed my appreciation to you guys for your ‘Not to be Missed’ pages. Honestly, I don’t know how I would manage to kill time if I did not have your magazine to tell me where to go and what to do. I mean, let’s face it, off the top of my head, if you asked me where I’d go on a night out, all I could think of would be the mall. Thank you for making my nights more productive! Little Miss Boredom

Oh aren’t we envious of you! So much time on your hands! Ha ha! We’re glad those pages are going to some use. It would be a shame to see people go to the malls to while away their time, wouldn’t it? But then again, maybe not … a little bit of retail therapy won’t kill really won’t it??

Your story about Dessa Lidman was amazing. Her life is an inspiration to the young ones out there. Perhaps one day I will also be in your magazine too for “leading the way”. Inspired Faisal

Hey there, perhaps one day you will, who knows? Wait, what are you doing exactly at the moment??




Check out what’s happening in the celebrity world ...

Guilty Galliano

Ryan Gosling

Ry-Ry? Sorry ... It’s Ryan Gosling

British fashion designer John Galliano has been found guilty by a Paris court over racist and anti-Semitic rants at people in a bar. He faced charges of “casting public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity” after two incidents in the French capital. Galliano was given suspended fines of 4,000 Euros (BD2,080) on one count and 2,000 Euros (BD1,040) on the second charge.Galliano denied being anti-Semitic or racist, but claimed to have no recollection of the events because of his “triple addiction” to alcohol, Valium and sleeping pills “brought about by the creative stresses of his job”.

Lady Gaga falls during New York Fashion Shoot

Despite being one of the hottest Hollywood actors around, Ryan Gosling insists that he often leaves fans disappointed after they realise that he’s not Ryan Reynolds. The ‘Notebook’ actor says that when people meet him and take a picture they expect him to have more muscles because they confuse him with the ‘Green Lantern’ star. “Sometimes they’ll take a picture with me and then they’ll look at it, and I’ll see their faces fall and they realise when they look at the picture, that’s not Ryan Reynolds,” Gosling explained.

Celebrity Tweets Hilary Duff

John Galliano

Pop star Lady Gaga has been spotted posing around New York City as part of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz’s shoot for the upcoming edition of Vanity Fair. Surrounded by fans and photographers, Gaga wore couture designs and balanced on the pair of alien shoes, but the singer’s balance failed and she managed to fall head over heels to the ground shortly after a few snap shots. Ever the professional, Gaga remained on the floor where she carried on posing for the prestigious fashion shoot. Beyoncé Knowles

I swear my unborn baby is so damn spoiled, it has a complete wardrobe already from my fans! Can’t wait to show my husband and play dress up with the baby.

Joan Rivers

A 42-year-old woman is being prosecuted for calling her ex 65,000 times in one year. Who knew Jennifer Aniston could dial that fast?

Jenson Button

Morning Everyone! I had a great day yesterday driving my racing car around all of the streets in Holland. Went 165mph down the high street!! What a buzz! 8 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Beyoncé Announces Pregnancy

Singing superstar Beyoncé has announced her pregnancy at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. Beyoncé debuted her baby bump in an orange Lanvin gown and told the assembled press: ‘I have a surprise!’. Later in the evening the singer didn’t let her pregnancy prevent her from bringing the house down with an energetic performance of ‘Love on Top’ from her new album ‘4’. But a report last month has caused controversy as it was revealed that Jay-Z may have a secret nine-year-old son with a Trinidadian model. Beyoncé is believed to be five months pregnant.

Lady Gaga

d e s s i M What’s On

e b o t t o N

112 - 119 s e g a p o t n ghtlife tur i n & o r t s events, ga e r o m r o F

1st - 15th

Fusion of Colours by Ella Prakash

Ella Art Gallery is holding an art exhibition by artist Ella Prakash entitled ‘Fusion of Colours’. There will be 20 works in canvas in different mixed media. Tel. +973 1729 2815 or +973 3907 3299.


BWC Meeting

The Bahrain Writer’s Circle will hold its first meeting after the summer at H3Sixty Business Center, 11th Floor, East Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbour at 7.30pm. Guest speakers include author and columnist Alia Almoayed. Workshops will also be hosted on both poetry and creative writing. Tel. +973 3835 7801.


In Celebration of Women, An Art Exhibit

A collection of new paintings by Seana Mercedes Mallen will be opening at the World Beat Café with part of profits gained will go towards Think Pink. Mallen will make an appearance on 8th from 4pm to 6pm while the exhibition on throughout the month till the 10th November from 8am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm. Visit


Mythos and Opera Night

A concert of popular Greek songs by Theodorakis and Xadzidakis will be performed by Danae Eleni and Kimon Pallikaropoulos along with some 19th

1st – 31st

Chocolate Fantasy at PAUL

Well-known fine patisserie PAUL will dedicate a whole month to chocolate - with tempting cakes and mouthwatering desserts. ‘Chocolate Fantasy’ will kick off this month with special treats bursting with chocolate goodness, with interesting flavours like nougat and white chocolate or fruit and other ingredients to highlight the delicate taste of chocolate. PAUL is at Bahrain City Centre and Seef Mall. Tel. +973 1717 2321; 1758 0073 or find them on Facebook:

century works by Greek composers to mark the launch of Mythos, a new addition to the Spa’s product range. Reception is at 6pm followed by a concert at 8pm and dinner at 9pm. BD20 for reception and concert, BD30 including dinner. Tel. +973 1723 0123.


Think Pink

Studio Ceramics is creating a Think Pink Tile wall and needs your help! The Think Pink Party begins at 11am and ends at 1pm with free cupcake decorating, pink candy floss and entertainment for all. Each painter gets one free entry to a raffle with prizes including a laptop. All proceeds will go to Think Pink. Tel. +973 1759 9026.



La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary art will exhibit the works of PakistaniAmerican artist Simeen Farhat who uses Arabic script to elicit linguistic power. The exhibition will be opened by French flutist Pierre Nazarian at 6pm followed by the concert at 8pm and dinner at 9pm. BD25 for the exhibition and concert, BD35 dinner. Tel. +973 1723 0123.


BSPCA Dog Walk!

BSPCA’s Annual Fundraising Dog Walk will be held at Askar hoping to raise funds to help complete the relocation of their premises to Askar. BSPCA also promises kennels named after schools and individuals that have raised the most money after completion. All money raised at the event will go to funding the final stage of the building project. Registration: 9am; walk starts at 10am.

10 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

What’s On All Month

Royal Golf Club Events Sporting Events

Every Saturday it is the Wee Monty Family Day for only BD15 per adult and kids play for free – inclusive of green fee and hire clubs. Tee times: 10am to 12noon. The Junior Saturday Series Medal will be on Friday with a shotgun start at 3pm. On Mondays, it’s Ecco Monday Stableford (1pm shotgun start) and Gulf Brands Monday Madness Night Golf Series (6.30pm shotgun start) at BD20 for nine holes; whilst Wednesdays and Sundays are slated for the Ladies’ Competition (8am shotgun start). Tuesday is VIVA Corporate Night Golf League with tee times from 6pm and the Annual Pro’s Challenge will be held on the 15th, shotgun start at 1pm.

Think Pink Events

The 16th is booked for gents (nine holes), shot gun starting at 6.30pm; whilst the 19th will be for ladies with the Montgomerie Championship course(shotgun start 8.30am, 18 holes) and the Wee Monty Course (shotgun start at 9.30am nine holes).

V1 Package

Looking to improve your golfing skills? Check out the Brand new V1 video

Calling All Writers! analysis software programme tuition package includes four one-hour lessons, 30-minute Tomi putting lesson. BD100 for club members; BD110 for visitors. Also available, a V1 Overseas Package with two one-hour V1 lessons at the club and four online consultations. BD85 for club members; BD99 for visitors.

Pro Rata Membership

Membership of the Royal Golf Club and Royal Country Club will be available at pro rata rates until the end of the year. A family membership of the Royal Country Club is BD150 and full golf membership costs BD625. Tel. +973 1775 0777 or visit


Pacha Beach Party

Eventions presents the Pacha Beach Party and will debut at the Dragon Hotel, Amwaj Islands; highlighting colourful performances by pacha dancers and resident DJs Juan Diaz and Josef Bamba. Tickets are available at the Dragon Hotel, Amwaj Island, Muju Restaurant and Lounge or Cocoon Lounge, Best Western, Juffair. Tel. +973 3696 9168 or email:

The Bahrain Writer’s Circle calls all aspiring writers who are living or have lived in Bahrain to write and submit poetry or prose about life in Bahrain. For prose, the minimum word count should be 3000. Your work will be included in ‘My Beautiful Bahrain’, an inspiring collection of short stories and poems about life in Bahrain to be published professionally around the world. The deadline for submissions is the this month. For information, email:

Get Creative at Art Lounge

The Art Lounge invites you to register for new art classes in English or German. Timings and private classes may also be arranged for BD25 to BD30 per hour. Group lessons with a maximum of four participants will be allowed for BD12 per hour. Tel. +973 3921 2060 or

Think Pink Cans!

The Pink Cans campaign initiated four years ago has raised over BD11,000 in Bahrain since. Pink cans can be found on sale at various retail outlets and venues in Bahrain throughout the month. Profits from sales will go to Think Pink’s education fund. Tel. +973 1761 2576.

Sheikh Nasser Awards

The General Organisation for Youth and

Royal GolfSporting Club Events

12 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011




Sports has announced that competitions for the Nasser Youth Creativity Awards are open for youth between the ages of 15 to 19 and 25. Competition categories are graphic design, architectural design, popular poetry, film production, scientific innovations and photography. Visit or join facebook page @nbhaward

Bahrain Triathlon Challenge 2011

Since 2008, Sports Event Consultant, Adnan Al-Qassab has been organising the Bahrain Triathlon Challenge. He is now proud to inform all those who support the cause that the event is going to be an annual one from now onwards. Being a committee member of the Bahrain Cancer Society, this year, Al Qassab hopes to raise funds for autism and cancer patients in Bahrain and calls upon everyone interested to participate. For information, Tel. +973 3913 2102 or email:

Beatles Go Baroque by Berg Orchestra

What’s On

Fado with Cristina Branco

15th - 20th

The 20th International Music Festival

will take place at the Cultural Hall from the 15th to 20th. The weeklong event sees international artists performing in celebration of diverse music from around the world. This year, Bahrain will be opening the Music Festival with UNESCO Artist of Peace, Missa Jonouchi’ who will be fusing Bahraini music with the Orchestra of Bahrain.

Entrance will be free and performances will begin at 8pm.

15th Piano Concerto with Missa Johnouchi in collaboration with Orchestra of Bahrain 16th Fado with Cristina Branco

‘Pirates In Bahrain’ The Lost Paradise of Dilmun

17th Piano Recital with Mike del Ferro Trio 18th Buzuq Night with Issa Hassan 19th Classical Music with Beatles Go Baroque by Berg Orchestra 20th Classical Music with The Higher Institute of Music Art Band

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun From 3rd, 6th and 16th November,

the Lost Paradise of Dilmun will be hosting ‘pirates’ in a unique blend of amazing acrobatics, heart grinding gymnastics and daring acts.

The shows are designed to thrill audiences from around the world guaranteed to take your breath away. Pyrotechnics, high dives and sword fights are just a few of the brilliant features these pirates will thrill you with. Storytelling will carry both adults and children to a whole other world you would not dare to visit otherwise. Prepare to be escorted by swashbuckling pirates to your table and feast on a buccaneering fare washed down with flagons of pirate punch and grog at numerous fuel stations around the park. Tickets cost BD22 and will be available at the Lost Paradise of Dilmun, Euphoria in Seef Mall, Geant Hypermarket in Bahrain Mall, Last Chance and Le Marche Stores, BDF Supermarket in Riffa and Al Zajeera Travel at the Bahrain-Saudi Arabia Causeway as well as Farm Superstores in the Eastern Province, KSA.

14 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Check Shirt 22 BD Jeans 19 BD

Bahrain: Seef Mall, Manama, Tel: 1758 8188

What’s On

Bahrain 11: The First GCC Games The largest ever showcase of GCC sporting talent is happening in Bahrain from 11th to 22nd this month.


ctober promises to be an provide an exciting landscape for everyone, as ‘Bahrain 11’, the first edition of the GCC Games hosts more than 1500 athletes representing all GCC member nations who will compete in eleven different sporting disciplines. Ten sporting venues across the kingdom have been refurbished to match the vision and the size of the event.

The eleven disciplines are:

The ‘Bahrain 11’ Games aim to usher in a new era of development and success for GCC sports, encompassing more sporting disciplines, to pave the way for the birth of new generation of GCC sports stars who are able to compete in the international arena.

Football (men)

Basketball (men)

Swimming (men)

Handball (men)

Volleyball (men)

Athletics (men)

Handball (men)

Goalball (special discipline for blind athletes) Table Tennis (Women)

Cycling (men)

The GCC Games’ vision is to serve as a platform for the exchange of expertise between GCC Olympic Committees to develop best practices that elevate the standard of GCC sports, and boost the GCC nations’ standing alongside leading countries capable of hosting events of this scale. For a more detailed information on schedules and venues, visit

16 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Endurance horse racing (men)


New in


Bahrain Confidential fill you in on the who, what, why, when and where in Bahrain!

Dining In Style At Seef Mall Constantly coming up with new things for their customers, Seef Mall is proud to announce the unveiling of its newly refurbished food court.

With its modern sleek look, the refurbished food court offers the ideal sanctuary to rest and re-fuel in total comfort and style. With plush comfortable seating, spacious seating arrangements, and vibrant ambience, customers are spoilt for choice with a wide range of dining choices from various cuisine across the world to suit any palette. Incorporating fresh eye-catching lines that mimic sea waves, soothing lighting patterns, and elevated fining platforms, the new food court projects a cool nautical feel – the perfect backdrop for hungry shoppers! The multi-functional layout accommodates up to 400 diners at once with arrangements that suit any need, from family banquet style seating to individual seating for couples and those looking for a quick bite to eat. The new food court is located next to Magic Island. Also watch out for the long-awaited favourites: Pinkberry, The Yellow Chili, and other brands set to open by year’s end. For information, Tel. +973 1758 2888. Follow Seef Mall on: Facebook ( or on Twitter (

Batelco eFax and In-Flight Roaming Services

From last month, Batelco’s eFax service allows customers to receive fax messages directly to their email accounts or send email messages with attachments to fax machines. To send a message, eFax subscribers may compose a normal email message, attach document if any, and send it to the requested fax number as ‘’. Also, Batelco’s in-flight Voice and Data services allows passengers are able to use their own portable electronic devices including laptops, mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) as well as the airlines’ in-seat equipment, to communicate in flight, just as they do on the ground. Call 196 for details or visit for more information.

Mövenpick’s Business Bundle

The Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain has just introduced the ‘Business Bundle’ package for corporate travellers. It provides free high-speed in-room internet access, a daily buffet breakfast, express pressing service and late checkout until 6pm. The package is exclusively available to business travellers staying at selected Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen, India, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand.

Gulf Air Flies to Three New destinations

Gulf Air have announced the launch of services to three new destinations: Rome, Entebbe and Juba in South Sudan. Services to Rome will begin from 30th November with four flights per week, Entebbe on 5th December consisting of four weekly flights and Juba from 7th February 2012 with three flights per week. Gulf Air CEO Samer Majali said, “The launch of services to these new destinations demonstrates once again Gulf Air’s long-term strategy to connect Bahrain and the region with new and unexplored markets having sound business potential. It is one more example of our pioneering tradition, establishing our leadership position to gain commercial advantage in new markets.” For information, visit

18 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Swing by the Flamingo bar and lounge, kick back in our relaxed seats and take in live sports events and music video clips from around the world in our giant screen. Don’t miss the beat of our European band “ Friends” playing your favourite classic and Rock tunes six nights a week, except Saturday. Enjoy the exotic cocktails, fine selection of wines and light bites while grooving with the beats. Ladies night every Tuesday from 7 pm to 9 pm with free cocktails, designed just for her. Get your 20 % discount daily from 2 pm to 9 pm at daily happy hours.

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain P.O.Box 24009, Muharraq Town, Kingdom of Bahrain Phone +973 17 460 000, Fax +973 17 460 001


European hits.


New in

Town The Pole Workout

Gini Zdesar has just launched a fitness company, the Pole Workout. Passionate about keeping in shape and understanding about the boredom that can come with repetitive gym workouts, she has reached out to the women in Bahrain who feel the need to hit the gym with a much more exciting alternative. She will be conducting classes for everyone from beginners to individuals who have been doing it for years, and welcomes anyone to join her in keeping fit. For further information, call +973 3925 9552 or visit

Photos taken by Layla Crocker for Chopard

Chopard Opens at Bahrain’s Moda Mall Luxury jewellery company Chopard have recently opened in Bahrain. The Swiss brand’s new boutique can be found at Moda Mall, in partnership with Bahrain Jewellery Centre. The opening saw Chopard Co-President Caroline Gruosi Scheufele fly in especially along with Sheika Hessa bint Khalifa AlKhalifa who inaugurated the boutique. The event featured a harpist in a giant bubble and a fashion show of the new collection including watches, jewellery and accessories available.

20 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Panos Panagis

Panos Panagis appointed new General Manager of Diplomat Radisson Blu Residence and Spa

The Rezidor Hotel Group has announced the appointment of Panos Panagis as General Manager of The Diplomat Radisson Blu Residence and Spa. Panos, who is half Swiss, half Greek, has an extensive background in the hospitality industry, having held various management positions. Over the last 20 years, Panos has worked all around the world including Switzerland, the UK, Germany and Africa. This is his first position in the Middle East.

Harley-Davidson Launches Middle East’s First Academy of Motorcycling in Bahrain

With the support of Harley-Davidson Middle East and North Africa (MENA), HarleyDavidson Bahrain has announced the launch of the Middle East’s first ‘Academy of Motorcycling’ at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). It aims to train and educate new motorcyclists in Bahrain with new skills, preparing them with both on and off road driving. Close to 70 per cent of Harley-Davidson’s newest customers do not have a motorcycle license and the academy hopes to change that by teaming up with the BIC to provide a number of courses conducted by properly trained professionals. Classes are open to everyone and courses cost from BD80 to BD120. For more information, visit

Sheer Luxury




deLaCour have introduced José Mourinho as their Brand Ambassador and unveil their limited edition collection, ‘The Mourinho City Ego Collection’ He expressed his admiration for collection which he viewed as a bright and successful collaboration with deLaCour. “I am embarking on this project because I liked the brand. I give little importance to sponsorship opportunities; I can live without them. Except when something captivates me, as deLaCour has.”


A powerful reminder of the sea makes the new Special Edition Luminor Submersible unique. This professional underwater watch is the development of the model made by Officine Panerai more than half a century ago for the commandos of the Egyptian Navy. The new Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo – 47 mm is actually made of bronze, one of the materials associated since antiquity with the world of the sea. The brushed bronze case is waterresistant to 300 metres and the sapphire back is fixed to the caseband by a ring of titanium, a metal chosen for its hypo-allergenic qualities.

22 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Sheer Luxury

Dior High Jewellery

This collection by Victoire de Castellane for Dior combines haute couture and haute joaillerie. The petals of the Dior roses are delicate fabrics with all the softness of satin while the stones in which they are set are the glorious embroideries embellishing them. Dior High Jewellery is available at Moda Mall.

Piaget Limelight Elixir

Like a light, silky scent, the new Piaget collection, ‘Limelight Elixir’, settles against the skin to reveal itself with infinite subtlety. Piaget is available at Moda Mall.

I Want

Heritage Collection Gilan Creations

Gilan brings the opulence of the Ottoman Court to the 21st Century by revitalising the traditional methods of heritage jewellery making. Their dedication to craftsmanship and unique design has captured the attention of Hollywood celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and Lucy Liu. Gilan is available at Asia Jewellers, Moda Mall.

24 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


Contrastes De Chanel

A sublime marriage of contradictions. ‘Constrastes’, the new High Jewellery collection from CHANEL is sensual, fluid and structured - a symphony of jewels in softness, power, femininity and spirit. Chanel High Jewellery is available at Moda Mall.

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Art Space

“… Even to an untrained eye or the most meticulous of curators, her art comes comes across as ethereal, almost surreal.”

Awash With Colours Ella Prakash

26 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Art Space


omeone once defined talent ‘as a person’s ability to create something extraordinary with the ease and craftsmanship of a genius’ with which many ordinary individuals would have struggled to come up with. Calling her works extraordinary may be something that Ella Prakash won’t be so forthcoming about, but even to an untrained eye or the most meticulous of curators, her art comes comes across as ethereal, almost surreal. I ask Ella if Art was something that she’d always been interested in. “Yes, from my childhood, I was so into art and I used to draw all the things around me. I still remember the painting which I did in watercolour at the age of twelve. My dad showed my work to people and everyone appreciated it. And so my journey began … Art was within me and since then I

‘Tradional Dress’

Born and raised in Bahrain, artist Ella Prakash calls this island her home … Set against its rich cultural background and her life experiences, she paints her emotions, her dreams, her hopes. Karina Lazarraga gets an exclusive interview. ‘Motherhood’

‘Supta Bala’ Acrylic on canvas

‘Global Peace’

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 27


Art Space

“Art was within me and since then I had this desire and passion to pursue it professionally.” had this desire and passion to pursue it professionally,” she recalls. She did not study Art formally and is a self-taught artist. “I studied art from the books - I used to copy from the masters’ work using all media. I got all the information from the art books and the more i went deeper into art, I enjoyed every minute of it and I carried on knowing that it was not going to be further my art in a professional way ... I did not give up,” enthuses Ella. What she lacked in formal training was well compensated with the help and guidance of experts in the field, such as those belonging to the Bahrain Arts Society which she joined in 1981 and participated in their group show each year. “As a youngest member of the society, I was the first one who sold the paintings at the opening of one of the shows. The feeling was indescribable,” described Ella. “I continued doing art until I got married and put everything on hold. But in 2002, with the support of my husband

28 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011



and my three lovely children, I started to paint again,” she tells me. “After 14 years I picked up my brush and displayed my art work in local art galleries. Then in 2004, I opened my very own art gallery hosted art exhibitions in Bahrain – one of which coincided with the Formula One in 2006; and then I exhibited internationally in 2008. I can say I’ve struggled and done through a lot to get to where I am today,” Ella says with a smile. Over the years, she has been part of numerous exhibitions in Bahrain and beyond: India, USA, Germany and Italy. She paints using acrylic and watercolours because “I find the flow which I want to follow can be expressed better through these media; using transparent washes and brushwork in bold strokes and using thick paint dabs.” Ella employs both fine and abstract art in her, although she says she prefers abstract because “it allows me to express my feelings freely using my brushwork technique”. The artist explores different themes but

foremost of which is Bahrain’s heritage “as it is my birth place and i want to showcase Bahrain in vibrant colours which I have seen and remember in my childhood”. Drawing inspiration from life experiences, Ella also delves into the theme of the ‘woman’ – working in abstract, conveying her message and portaying ‘her’ “as she fulfills everybody’s wishes – as a lover, wife, daughter, mother - without any conditions”. Having achieved so much as an artist, Ella hopes to be able to share knowledge and passion to people who are interested in pursuing Art, and one day dreams of opening an Art Institute in Bahrain, “which I feel will be very useful for art lovers.” Currently, Ella is gearing up for a project to be showcased next year in Italy and the UK To see more works by Ella Prakash, visit the Ella Art Gallery, Shop No 2, Road 2719, Adliya or Tel. +973 1729 2815, 3907 3299 or visit






Budaiya Branch Tel. 1752 9400



Lagoon, Amwaj Branch Tel. 1601 2808


Sitra Mall Branch Tel. 1773 2919


s t e g Gad

Rule!’s Faisal Ebrahim gives Bahrain Confidential readers a preview of the latest and the coolest gadgets imaginable.

Apple’s Autumn Surprise!

Apple is set to release its latest iCloud, this fall. The device, with a free memory space of 5GB and i0S5, works seamlessly with applications on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC allowing you to wirelessly store all your content in your iCloud and push it to all your devices, while they are updated automatically in case of change. All your music, pictures and documents can easily be kept up to date in all your devices. iCloud also ensures that all your devices have the same apps and backs up your information, so you won’t lose a thing!

Dior Phone

Dior Phone

A pioneer in haute couture mobile phones, Christian Dior is launching the new Dior phone: a compact, high-performance luxury touch telephone. The touch screen phone weighs 137 grams, is designed with easy and intuitive navigation and the perfect measurements for slipping into even the smallest purse.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G the first certified Playstation Phone is set to be released with 4G Support that will crank up your online gaming experience and will be available this month. The specs? Single-core 1GHz CPU with Adreno 205 GPU, under a 4-inch touch-enabled screen (480×854 resolution) with slider d-pad controller, 5MP rear/VGA front cam for video chats and it runs Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) giving you full access to the green market along with Adobe Flash support.

Ice Cream Sandwich Theme Concept

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

One of the highlights at the Android sphere is the confirmation of Eric Schmidt that Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is expected to arrive this month or by November. This Android release is said to be a ‘revolutionary’ OS that will unify all the platform – meaning – it will support not only those high-end Android devices but even those legacy products running obsolete OS versions (e.g: Android 1.6 or Éclair). continue overleaf ....

30 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Technology ASUS Eee Slate B121: Business Tablet

Businessmen will soon have a custom slate for their everyday lifestyle, thanks to Asus. The Asus Eee Slate B121, features portability, security and power in one device. The device sports Intel’s ultra-low voltage processor, Core i5-470UM, and combine that with Windows 7 platform to provide more familiar environment yet portable enough to carry around. The B121 has multiple levels of security features starting with the Computrace LoJack. The latter helps in locking, deleting personal data and locating the device in case it’s stolen. Another security feature is called Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which is, actually, a microchip that can be used to secure confidential and company files.

HTC makes you look good!

The HTC Radar Windows Phone 7.5 Device boasts a 3.8 inch LCD display, 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and a 5MP rear camera. The Radar also features a front facing camera, supported fully in Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’, a bright 4.7-inch super LCD screen, an eight-megapixel rear-facing camera and 1.3 megapixel front facing camera.

iPhone 5 Concept Phone

San Francisco based 3D animation and digital studio, Aatma Studio, has taken matters into their own hands … that is they created what basically would be the features of a concept iPhone 5. The studio designed a concept of the phone with features such as an ultra-thin design, a wider display, a laser keyboard and a holographic display which allows the iPhone to project a holographic image or video of whatever’s displayed at the moment on the device. Exquisite, yes … but we’ll have to wait just a little bit for this baby to come out. Check your favourite electronics outlets for these latest devices to hit the market. For the latest on technology news, contact Faisal Ebrahim on email: or visit

32 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Art Space


i Exclus

34 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Art Space


Myths, Monsters Legends by Rankin and Damien Hirst


oth known for their fearless approach, long-time friends photographer, Rankin, and artist, Damien Hirst come together in a collaboration, titled, ‘Myths, Monsters and Legends.’ The pair leverage their respective creative mediums and shared dark wit in a project born out of a joint fascination with the ancient world, and an interest in contextualising it in a modern environment. ‘Myths, Monsters and Legends’ is an exploration of imagined narratives and monsters of past civilisations, viewed through a modern lens. Model, Dani Smith, the inspiration in bringing their shared vision to life, was integral to the project - the concept for which was created and evolved around her. The trio worked together to create menacing beasts and ethereal bodies from mystical times. When Hirst asked Rankin what made him want to do the ‘Myths, Monsters and Legends’ project, Rankin replies, “ It was you, man! You excited me with it, I wanted to be a part of it. I always have dreams about monsters, devils and evil: I get a lot of my ideas from my dreams. I have a fascination with fantasy and reality, and bringing the two together to make people go, ‘Wow’. That’s what photography is. It can steal your soul, if only for a split second. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything to do with Rome or Greece.” When Rankin and Damien discuss working with Dani, Hirst explains how he first met the model, “I needed a new character in this show that I’m working on. I met her through Santé D’Orazio; he’d shot her for some books and she wasn’t scared of hard work. In my show, she’s

Here is a collaboration by both artists who aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries and pressing buttons in pursuit of the creation of iconic imagery that raises questions and provokes debate.

supposed to be an unobtainable beauty that an art collector tries to possess. He commissions artists to make sculptures of her - as a sun god and a centaur.” Damien Hirst dominated the art scene in the

“I have a fascination with fantasy and reality, and bringing the two together to make people go, ‘Wow’. That’s what photography is. It can steal your soul, if only for a split second.” - Rankin October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 35

Art Space


i Exclus

‘Myths, Monsters and Legends’ is an extraordinary pairing of creative talents and will appeal to people who have an eye for high art and an appreciation of the surreal.

1990s and his work became the symbol of ‘Britart’ worldwide. In 1995 he became the recipient of the coveted Turner Prize for his work titled, ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’ – a tiger shark immersed in formaldehyde in a clear display case. In 2008 Hirst took an unprecedented move for a living artist by selling a complete show titled, ‘Beautiful Inside My Head Forever’, the show auctioned at Sotheby’s and exceeded all

36 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

predictions, raising USD198 million, breaking the record for a one-artist auction. Hirst’s work continues to define cutting edge contemporary art; his installations, sculptures and paintings have positioned him as one of the most successful and controversial artists of our time. Hirst is reputed to be the richest living artist to date. In 2009, the annually collated chart of the wealthiest individuals in Britain and Ireland, Sunday Times Rich List, placed Hirst at joint number 238 with a net

worth of £235m. Hirst’s wealth was valued at £215m in the 2010 Sunday Times Rich List, making him Britain’s wealthiest artist. John Rankin Waddell, or more popularly known as ‘Rankin’, is one of Britain’s most accomplished photographers. Over the last 22 years he has earned a reputation for his insightful portraiture, iconic images and is repeatedly commissioned for global campaigns, editorial features as well as being exhibited in galleries around the world. His many

Art Space

subjects have included Britney Spears, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue, Spice Girls, Madonna, David Bowie, Björk, Juliette Binoche, Lily Allen, Kevin Spacey, The Rolling Stones, Vivienne Westwood, Cate Blanchett, Damien Hirst, Queen Elizabeth II, Tony Blair and M.I.A. As a director, he frequently shoots music videos, commercials and documentaries and in 2006 directed award-winning feature film, ‘The Lives of the Saints’. Dani Smith is a NYC model currently

based in London. She moved from Salt Lake City, Utah at age 15 to pursue her career. She has modelled in Santé D’Orazio’s latest book. She is known as one of Damien Hirst’s favourite subjects. He cast her in U2’s music video ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ which premiered at Glastonbury this year and continued onto the 360 tour. ‘Myths, Monsters and Legends’ is an extraordinary pairing of creative talents and will appeal to people who have

an eye for high art and an appreciation of the surreal

Read our exclusive interview next month. The show will debut in Los Angeles with a private viewing at the RANKIN Gallery on 12th October and opens to the public the following day. The private view for the London show will be at Rankin’s Annroy Gallery on 20th October.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 37

Real Lives

Holger Jackisch: Cooking With Passion

As Executive Chef of the newly opened Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre, his work entails having to direct all eight of the hotel’s restaurants. Holger makes it all sound like a breeze. Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre

Holger Jackisch

spoke with my Manager, the Director of Food and Beverage and said we had a problem. However, 25 people were on the top table and we had enough of the correct fish for 40 people so we served this to the top table and others and the second choice of fish to the remaining group. However, I confessed to the woman in charge and we were forgiven – eventually. That was my worst mistake but I learnt from this for sure! And the best? I have so many good stories. But best of all is when you scoop awards and win competitions because of your work. I have won gold awards in several categories – one was for the ‘Best Brunch in Dubai’, a very special moment for me. Are your friends and family reluctant to cook for you in fear that you might consider their cooking to be less sophisticated or creative than yours? My friends and family are happy to cook for and with me but I think I make dinner party hosts a little nervous sometimes.

Growing up did you always love to cook? Yes! When I was young my parents had a restaurant. I still remember being in the kitchen at the age of ten helping (and possibly annoying) my mother. Making sauerkraut with my bare feet, tasting all the good things she made. I think cooking was always a part of me. What made you decide to become a professional chef? It was a decision made by myself with the help of my father. We were chatting and suddenly we were talking about a chef’s career. I have never regretted this decision made with my father. You hold a Culinary Masters Certificate from Villingen Schwenningenwe, Germany. Tell us more about this … This was undertaken over approximately an eight-month period in the south of Germany where I attended full time. The work was both in theory and in practical skills and at the end of this intensive training time, I took written, verbal and practical exams. It was worth the hard work, I was very happy with the result. What does it mean to be a chef? For me, it’s freedom to experiment with a profession I love and I can work wherever

I would like to in the world. This career has given me great opportunities. What is the best part of your job? I can eat whatever I want to! What misconceptions do people have about chefs and chefs’ jobs? That all chefs are tough guys with kitchen pans flying! This doesn’t happen in my kitchen - we have no bad language or shouting, this is something I want to avoid. You’re well known for coming up with dynamic food concepts. Any ‘fantastic flops’ or ‘phenomenal successes’? My one nightmare was when I was in charge of banqueting in a famous London hotel. A very traditional place with big expectations. We were organising an event for an influential party, about 250 people. The client and her colleagues came for the usual preevent food tasting and were very specific about the choice of fish we used in the three different fish dishes. We took pictures, notes and filed the sample sheet for this final dish ready for the big day. On the day, we prepared and sealed the fish ready to cook and I realised just one hour before the dinner that we did not have the correct fish selection. I nearly fell down. I

Best cooking tip for a novice? Only cook with fresh food and the best ingredients you can find. Don’t compromise on quality. Even simple foods are wonderful when the quality is the best available. Who are the chefs you admire and why? Anton Adelmann, he was my boss at the Savoy in London for four-and-a-half years and what a great man. Also, Hans Haas, a German chef with two Michelin stars to his name. I worked with and chaperoned him at the Dubai Food Festival, a very down to earth yet highly decorated gentleman. Your thoughts on the food and beverage industry in Bahrain? Excellent. It’s a small island and yet there is an opportunity to enjoy everything here from wonderful fine dining to really fantastic small local restaurants. What can guests expect at all eight restaurants? Fresh food, good quality, the best ingredients. Everything prepared to order with a hand selected and skilled team to prepare the food perfectly. We will accommodate as many cuisines as we can and ensure that we have something special for everyone

For more information, Tel. +973 1717 1000 or visit 38 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


SailAway Me ...



For those with millions to squander, this is a must-have. For the rest of us, we can simply read on as Bahrain Confidential talks exclusively to Irene Prager, the co-founder of World Yacht Group - the only yachting company in the world that caters specifically to Hollywood’s A-list.


ased out of Barcelona and Los Angeles, the global yacht company, World Yacht Group, is comprised of three divisions involved in the sale and charter of luxury and mega yachts, as well as full yacht management. The company was founded in 2008 by Barcelona-born naval engineer and professional yacht captain Joan Plana and former Miss Russia, Irene Prager. Plana’s knowledge of boating came from a lifelong passion for the sport, which translated into his receiving a degree in Naval Engineering from the Naval University of Barcelona and an international MCA master yacht license. Prager on the other hand, gained extensive experience in the luxury industry after designing the entire wardrobe for Bahrain’s royal family, and founded a super-exclusive luxury watch brokering company. The pair met on a yacht of which Plana was captain.

40 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

The duo eventually developed a yacht fleet ranging from 60-feet yachts to 300feet mega yachts. Another reason for us to drool? WYG’s yachts participate in the world’s high profile events, including the Cannes Film Festival and Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco. Their international fleet covers the

include ‘The Illusion’, based in Palma de Mallorca, the ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ based out of Saint Tropez, and the ‘Annamia’ based in Cannes. WYG is a frequent collaborator with the world’s most experienced and wellknown shipyards, such as Bennetti, for the construction and sale of new yachts.

“Another reason for us to drool? WYG’s yachts participate in the world’s high profile events, including the Cannes Film Festival and Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco.” Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the British and US Virgin Islands, the US, the Pacific Northwest, the South Pacific, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Some of their more notable yachts which have gained international acclaim

Read on of the rest of this exclusive interview: What’s the most expensive yacht you’ve sold and who was it sold to? We sold a new Heessen 3700 (122ft) to a Russian oil tycoon for 13 million euros. We worked with a very prestigious Italian

Living motor yacht can cost from 18,000 euros to 700,000 euros a week. Sailing yacht charters are charged at a weekly rate of 5,000 euros to 400,000 euros a week. Is there a long waiting list of orders and how do long clients have to wait for their orders to be finished/delivered? Due to the financial crisis, the waiting list is not very long but some shipyards have orders to take care of all the time. Now we could start building some yachts pretty immediately with most of shipyards as they hire more people to build the yachts if necessary. Some shipyards start building without having a buyer and find one throughout the construction which can take between eight to 18 months depending on the size and characteristics of the yacht. Has there been a spike in sales/ charters of yachts this year or has it been steady compared to last year; or has there been a decline in interest? Our charters have increased to around 20 per cent in 2010; whilst our sales are more or less the same as last year. We expect to be 20 per cent up for 2012 on secondhand yachts and keep the same numbers on new construction. Lady Sheila - Master Bedroom

interior designer in the construction and design of this private yacht. What’s the most outrageous design you’ve received from a client?We haven’t received any specific outrageous design, as all clients ask for an interior designer and the designer deals with the engineers. We only supervise the yachts’ construction or refit. There’s one in particular - the interior design of the mega yacht ‘Mystic ‘or ‘Lady Sheila’. Lady Sheila is a Bennetti where the owner spent millions on its interior design.

How many do you sell and rent on average per year? What’s the price range for purchasing/ chartering one? The company is only two-and-a-half years old, so the numbers have not yet found an average, however, I can say we sold five yachts since we started, and we close an average of 30 charter deals a year. 70 per cent are weekly charters and the rest are day and weekend charters. The price for new yachts range from three million to 30 million euros, whilst with pre-owned yachts, they range from one million to 25 million euros. Chartering a

Could you tell which high-profile events the World Yacht Group has been involved with so far? World Yacht Group does a private yacht event on a 145-foot mega yacht from the shipyard, Baglietto for the Formula one Grand Prix of Monaco. Last year the event was all bought out by a Russian businessman who invited his clients and friends n

For more information visit:

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 41

Real Lives

Chic Biker

Hilde de Wit

Bahrain Confidential gets an exclusive interview and photo call with these lady bikers, and they tell us that they’re never happier than when on the road and off the beaten track.


bunch of six ladies, each busy with their careers and family life, find the time to follow their passion. They transform into nightingales on the road, getting on their bikes and just enjoying the ride. Read on and get an insight into what it’s like getting down and dirty ... Admire them, respect them, or simply make them your inspiration!

Anne Al Zayani

A Biker, A Woman … When and how did you start riding? Describe the first bike you bought, been given or tried.

Hilde de Wit

It all started in 1993 when she was living in Oman. “A female friend had an off-road bike the year before and she joined the Oman Bike Club and participated in the Enduros as the only female rider! Another female friend and I bought the same off-road bike, a Yamaha DT175 2 stroke. It was fun, but it was my first experience with a bike with gears, so I had to teach myself how to ride which was not too difficult. After six months I passed the test, and after only a few weeks, I was asked to participate in an Enduro as well. After two years we moved back to The Netherlands, and we only took my husband’s Harley with us and I didn’t have a bike for about twelve years. Coming to Bahrain two years ago, we decided to buy a Harley. Being twelve years older and more aware of safety and seeing the wild traffic in Bahrain, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about riding here. But I must say that if you really keep an eye on the traffic all the time - it’s good riding here. I have a Harley X-Bones and my husband a Fat Boy. He likes to work on the bike, adjusting it into a 1947 model, and I am very happy to ride it. Jen-e Neal

Anne Al Zayani

First got on the back of a Harley as a passenger to participate in the Think Pink ride in October 2010. “This is all thanks to my fellow rider Maria Hawkyard. I continued to be a passenger until January of 2011 when I decided to take my lessons for my licence. I passed and bought my first bike on the 20th January this year. I went to the Harley dealership fully intending to buy a new bike but none of the bikes in the place ‘called’ to me, or said ‘take me, I’m yours’! One of the sales guys suggested a used bike and when I sat on the black 2009 Sportster Low, it was love at first sitting.

42 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Jen-e Neal

Started riding in 2010. “I was on the highway with my truck on a nice spring day, then I saw some motorcyclists pass me by ... And that’s when it hit me, I was determined to get a bike and immediately went looking for a Harley-Davidson dealership. My first bike is a Sportster 2008 and his name is Rooster.”

Real Lives

Sajida Tabbara

Riding has been her dream since the age of six when a young man, one of her father’s students, gave her a ride on his bike. “It was instant love! Later on, I rode as a passenger whenever I had the opportunity to do so. At 50, I decided that life was too short and that it was time to make all my dreams and wishes come true so I got my licence and started riding!”

Divina Paul

Divina Paul

Bought her first bike at 17. “It was a Honda 50cc ‘Papaki’. I went everywhere on it: college, work and even toured Europe with it France and Spain)! I’ve always riden bikes as a means of getting around! Once I got married and moved to Bahrain I did not! My husband used to ride motorbikes in Australia and also stopped riding once he moved to the Middle East. He had shown desire for getting back onto a Harley but was putting it off untill he retired and returned to Australia. Eventually, I decided to buy him his motorbike for his 50th. After a year of following him with the jeep as he rode, he bought me my Rocker C. We now ride as a family with our two children, Bradley, ten and Colby, nine, as pillions every week. We are a true riding family and it brings so much joy into our lives!”

Sajida Tabbara

Maria Hawkyard

Maria used to ride pillion on her late husband’s Harley. “After about a year I wanted a piece of the action for myself! So I registered for riding lessons and got my bike licence in Bahrain in May 2009 and I’ve never looked back! I ride a 2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Low which I have nicknamed ‘Alex’.”

“… When you meet the amazing men and women in the biking community, Maria Hawkyard they inspire a desire in you to join and do all the fun things that they do as a family together. It’s irresistible.” – Anne Al Zayani

The Thrill Seekers They say there’s a different thrill, a feeling of exhilaration when you go for a ride ... Divina: It feels like flying on the ground!

After getting out of a car strapped in with seat belts and enclosed by metal and glass, getting onto a bike is a liberating and freeing experience. You can really enjoy the environment and the elements in its truest form. Each movement and turn you make becomes a dance with the wind! Giving the engine and the pipes a real blow out of speeds we can not mention leaves your bike purring like a big cat from the desert. Hungry for more yet satisfied with the ‘for now’.

Sajida: It’s an incredible sense of freedom when you’re on your bike. It’s very empowering and liberating. Your life is in your own hands, you’re in charge and it is you, your bike and the wind out there! Maria: Riding is the most amazing stress reliever, particularly after a long day at work. The freedom you feel when you open the throttle gives you a fantastic buzz. Hilde: Being ‘close to nature’ on the bike and the freedom it gives you is great!

Anne: There’s something about being on

the back of a 250kg machine with the wind

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 43

Real Lives Photos by Armand Hough,

Sajida, Jen-e, Hilde, Maria, Anne and Divina

“Being ‘close to nature’ on the bike and the freedom it gives you is great!” – Hilde de Wit

on your face, the sand blasting you, the heat or cold making you sweat or shiver … you feel, see and smell your surroundings. Although concentration is a must, there is a sense of just letting it all go, all worries go out the back of your helmet. Especially as a fairly new rider, it’s a sense of accomplishment and you think, ‘wow, I’m really doing this!’

Girl Power! Do you consider yourself a feminist? If you do, how does biking relate to your feminism? Sajida: If being a feminist means believing

that women have equal rights and can do anything they want then I guess I am one! I think that making your own choices and your own decisions is a human right regardless of gender.

Divina: I don’t consider myself a

feminist. There are things that are for men and things for women. Motorbikes I consider, is for both and can be very feminine especially riding with steel stilletos! Biking is an individual sport or means of getting around. Many women drive cars and still feel feminine ... I think it’s all about the shoes!

What do you do off the saddle? Your job, hobbies, charity work? Anne: I’m the Public Relations Officer at American Mission Hospital, where I’ve worked for almost 13 years. I have four

44 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

children, two in university and two still in school. I spend most of my free time on my bike, which is not a lot since the rest is spent with family. I enjoy baking, reading and cross stitch and go to the gym five days a week. I’m also a member of the American Women’s Association.

Jen-e: I’m a plumber in the US Navy. Right now my hobby is riding and getting involved with charity work. I am a lifetime girl scout. I’ve been part of the Girl Scouts for 23 years. Maria: I’m the Assistant Director of Sales at the Gulf Hotel. My hobby is my riding! Through HOG we support a number of local charities by organising rides and fun days. Sajida: I’m a career woman. I’m now the Dean of Humanities at the Bahrain Polytechnic. I’m a Rotarian; an advanced PADI diver and I’ve recently become interested in white water rafting. I love adventure and enjoy travelling. I love to read and enjoy reading Dan Brown, Geoffrey Archer and Stephen King. Divina: I’m a Personal Trainer. Sport is my hobby, next to my family and charity work. Well, you can’t give enough!

How does riding go together with long fingernails in gloves and hairstyles in a helmet? Anne: Long fingernails aren’t a problem except when cleaning the bike. It plays

havoc on a manicure! Hair? Mine is quite short, I keep it covered in a do-rag! Taking it off after a ride is not an option especially during the summer when your head gets very sweaty! But it’s really not about how you look in the end, it’s riding and riding and that’s it. I guess there is a certain type of persona attached to Harley riders, but most of us just wear what’s comfortable and safe for the ride.

Jen-e: Well, I don’t have long fingernails and my head is shaved!. Divina: Fingernails – essential, even if

you drop the gloves. Hairstyles would be so much better if we did away with the helmets and rode free, but suppose I’ll get another slap on the wrist for that so we cram it in then do our best to shake it out at the end. Lip gloss helps!

What does the future have in store for female riders? Anne: Any woman, old or young, big or

small, with enough determination can ride a bike. So, for the future? I see the roads being filled with ladies on bikes!

Jen-e: The future is what you make of it, any woman who has the desire to ride should follow it For information, contact Harley Davidson Bahrain on Tel. +973 1759 4391, 1759 9006 or visit


Exemplary Service,

The Al Safir Hotel and Tower has recently awarded some members of its team in recognition of their loyal service to the company.

Stellar People

et tehaem: M eT

Irene Cunanan, Five Years, HR Officer

Irene Cunanan

A. Hameed Al-Halwachi, Ten Years, Managing Director and Board Member

With a strong team, AlHalwachi firmly believes the company is on the right path to achieving their target: To build a five-star hotel by the year 2015, always with the same strategy – to aspire and work towards international standards of excellence and continuous support for its management and staff.

“My fondest memory was the warm welcome I received from the management and staff when I joined. I felt as if I had been welcomed home. The part I love most about my job is helping my colleagues - whether it’s helping to resolve HR issues, or to assist staff so they are able to achieve more in their work. I help my team bring the best out of themselves. I’m blessed to be able to touch so many people in the HR Department. In the coming years, I can see myself progressing in my field as well as in the company; I want to learn new skills to the benefit of the company.”

“As the founder of the hotel, we started from zero. The hotel was closed down, and there was no furniture, no fixtures - nothing. The owner gave me three months to finish and open the hotel. Within that time, I learnt how to build a team from scratch. Belief and confidence in your team is very important and this is what took us to where we are now. If the owner can put his trust in me, why can’t I put my faith in my own team? I am just a single man, and on my own I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. We work well because we A. Hameed make sure that the needs of the staff Al-Halwachi are well taken care of, that they are respected and valued. Everyone here is treated fairly and equally.”

For bookings and reservations or for more information about Al Safir, visit or Tel. +973 1782 7999.

46 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

“I am very happy and I feel proud to be a part of Al Safir Hotel and Tower. Now at ten years with company, I have so many fond memories. This job is my life ambition; and I’ve stayed this long with the company because I like the management and they’ve helped me succeed and further my career.”

Murali Kurumanat

Haji Mohammad, Ten Years, Bellboy

“I joined the company first as a housekeeping staff, then as a driver, and now as a bellboy. I’m very proud and I feel happy with the management recognising my services to the company. The best part of my job is I get to meet different people; but what makes me really happy is that we are one big, happy family here Haji Mohammad at Al Safir.”

Murali Kurumanat, Ten Years, Asst Chief Accountant

We Are


Available In The

UAE The multi-award


at www.Fash


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Akram Miknasal

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Gulf Financial Insider

Online edition

winning Arabian maga zine

-The Arabian Review


Travel ban hard

Bahrain and Pak istan


Issue 81



Monthly focus making a differeon Bahraini companies nce in the comm unity.

This month featu





Highest economic development

M s and Legend

Club Royal Golf More Events and


Biker Chic -Davidson Up: Harley ga Yachts Revving It s: Luxury Me te Boys’ Toy The Ultima



Out and Abou

Distinguished W


The successful and making a differe inspirational women who are nce in Bahrain.

Bahrain BD2

BBQ Mövenpick More Nights and

e New mate drive-th


Kuwait KD1.75

Oman RO2

Qatar QR20



The Ulti

2 KSA SR20






From October 2011 Bahrain Confidential and Gulf Insider will be available from all major books stores in the UAE.


Managing Anger Sometimes, it takes one tiny little thing to push your buttons, and before you know it, things are out of control. Our resident Counsellor, Life Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist talks about some helpful techniques to help you keep your cool.


nger - the destructive emotion that - if used regularly, will mean our relationships are unhealthy, our stress levels are through the roof and our self-esteem will be at an all time low. There are large costs to anger besides damaged relationships and these include loss of respect (from others and from yourself) as well as high levels of shame and guilt. Anger is what happens when we have overwhelming feelings of fear and frustration and have no idea how to deal with them, but to communicate them outwardly in an aggressive way. Angry people generally come from angry parents, and through modelled behaviour, have learnt this style of communication is acceptable. Most angry people detest the fact that they are so aggressive in emotion and behaviour, yet are within the cycle of guilt. Prior to the feeling of guilt is anger and post the feeling of guilt is anger (that they are unable to stop the anger) and what remains is a damaging, negative merry-go-round.

shame and guilt. Nine times out of ten getting angry, rarely and indeed if ever, works. There may be an initial feeling of release, but then comes the shame of knowing you have lost control (again), hurt somebody else and have not got what you wanted. Below are some anger management techniques that can assist someone with an anger problem: • Awareness that they can actually express their underlying feelings (fear/frustration) AS

Generally, anger occurs because the individual is feeling the following: a) I am not being heard or understood b) I want someone to do something MY way c) My needs are not being met d) I am unable to get my point across What then occurs are feelings of irritation, frustration and upset that, if ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch not dealt with over time, can ascend to anger. High levels of anger can be expressed abusively via verbal, SOON as they get them (and in a calm and emotional or even physical ways. This is when rational way). an anger management program or therapy • Realisation that keeping their stress/irritation should be undertaken to get to the root and frustration levels LOW will deter the anger issues behind one’s anger. from increasing. It’s important to note that it is perfectly • The knowledge that they CAN get their acceptable to feel and have anger (it is a point across and needs met in other natural, human emotion) and can be used ways (through being calmly assertive and appropriately in dangerous situations, confident), thus leading to self respect and otherwise known as the stress response. respect from others. What is not tolerable is if it is expressed in • Conscious that they can accept criticism ways that hurt others and yourself postand sometimes its constructive and other anger, through the self- punishing feelings of

48 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Kelly Armatage

times it can be brushed off (as just someone’s negative judgement). • Accepting that they can experience the viewpoints/lives of others, even if they don’t agree with it. • Realisation that other people have their own choices and having control over other people is not healthy, not right and most importantly, not needed to feel happy. • Accepting that a calm person looks at the bigger picture and stops sweating all the small details. • Awareness that it’s not correct for everything to be their way all the time and that other people have a right to do things, which they may consider to be stupid or wrong. • Knowing that they can deal with disappointments without turning them into disasters. When anger does occur, a timeout is paramount to ensure self-talk is instigated to calm down the increasing feelings. Some great affirmations can assist those that suffer with anger on any level. • I can stay calm and handle anything • I am not 100 per cent right, (he/she) is not 100 per cent wrong • Others have free will and can freely do things against my values • People are the way they are, I don’t have to get upset about it • Everyone has feelings and their feelings are just important as mine • I know that when I remain calm, I have power over any situation. How amazing it would be to feel more love, joy and peace within, (as well as without) i.e., receiving love, joy and peace from others. If less anger occurred in the world, if there were less highlystrung people making the wrong choices in communication, what a beautiful world it could be

Kelly Armatage Inc - Offering Counselling, Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. For enquiries, Tel. +973 3993 1399 or visit


Citibank Announces Exclusive


Tie-up with Etihad Airways

itibank has announced a new joint venture with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. With this joint venture, Citibank credit cardmembers will receive up to 15 per cent off fares to a range of Etihad’s destinations across Asia, Europe and Africa including Paris, Milan and Tokyo. Speaking at the occasion, Consumer Bank Head of Citibank Navneet Kampani said, “The tie up with Etihad Airways comes in line with our commitment towards offering our customers the highest level of products and services, for their personal and/or business needs”. The discount on fares is valid for bookings from 20th September till 31st August 2012 and for outbound travel on or before 31st August 2012. General Manager of Etihad Airways Husam Alaseeri said, “We are proud to

Bashayer Dhaif, Assistant Marketing Manager, Sonik Kapur, Marketing Director and Cards Business Head, Navneet Kampani, Consumer Bank Head, Husam Alaseeri, General Manager - Etihad Airways, Chris Binnion - Etihad Airways Representative.

partner with Citibank. The joining of our strong and respected brands creates a unique opportunity to offer exceptional value to our customers. I am sure many in Bahrain will enjoy the benefits of this new partnership”.




For Business

Citibank, N.A. has been in the Middle East for nearly 50 years and currently offers consumer-banking services in Bahrain, UAE and Egypt.

Our beautiful island just got even more exciting with the recent opening of the five-star Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre in the Seef district. Annexed to one of Bahrain’s premiere malls, Bahrain City Centre, it provides a modern oasis of shopping and entertainment in the heart of the city. With 460 guest rooms, including 79 suites, eight restaurants and bars, an outdoor pool and expansive spa with a Turkish bath, it’s a great starting point for those who wish to explore Manama. Both hotel towers provide direct access to the mall’s over 300 shops, Wahoo! indoor water park and its 20-cinema complex. Several historic sites and local attractions are situated within a short drive, making it the ultimate destination in terms of location, accommodation, service, dining and entertainment.

Last month, our lucky readers Rehab Kamal and Mohammed Nasser won a buffet dinner for two courtesy of the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain during its Thai Food and Cultural Festival Dinner held from 18th to 24th September. Watch out for this month’s competition and you might be the lucky one this time around!

We Love Winners!!!

For more information, Tel. +973 1717 1000 or visit

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 49


The Socialite Diaries

What holidays do you have planned? I am going home to the UK for Christmas which is always a relaxing break to see family and friends. I recently went to Turkey for two weeks on a boat and also South Africa for ten days.

Bahrain Confidential manages to track down the elite of Bahrain to find out just what they are up to.


What have you been gossiping about? The upcoming Nasimi music festival in Dubai, apparently LMFAO are headlining so a few of us are heading there after a Gaelic tournament that weekend.

What are you driving? At the moment a Ford Focus but I

Where did you last shop?

Photography: Armand Hough,

Forever 21 and H&M. They are my favourite shops along with online clothing store ASOS. I also love Ralph Lauren as the clothes fit really well.

What’s your latest purchase? I bought the iPhone 4 in black.

am looking to buy my own car. I would love a Mini Cooper but in reality I would probably get a Toyota Rav4 and get it wrapped by Gradinger-Al Dhaen!

de Haldevang

Zara de Haldevang Production Executive at Elements Productions

Where is your favourite destination?

I love Muscat. I lived in Oman for ten years and as soon as I get off the plane it’s like I never left! The people are amazing and it is probably the most beautiful country in the Middle East.

50 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Zara wears shoes by New Look, jacket by Topshop, jeans by H&M and earrings from the souk of Oman. Photo taken at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa

What is your current favourite dining spot? It would have to be Coco’s or Nino’s in Adliya. They both do amazing salads and are really good value for money.

If you want to be part of our online community and receive information every two weeks about the latest happenings in Bahrain including beauty, fashion, nightlife, events and more, email to receive our bi-monthly newsletter.

Shopping Coast

New Look

Step out in retro luxe, modernist twists and flapper fabulousness this A/W11. New Look is at Bahrain City Centre.


The fall collection features sophisticated looks with chrome detailing, punk inspired studs and exquisite python print.

New Look


Coast’s new collection is now available in stores this month. Coast is at Bahrain City Centre.




A collection tailored for a working woman who desires items that are timeless, chic and stylish. Beautiful leather bags and a mix of classic and modern styles for shoes are evident. TOD’S is at Moda Mall.



Dorothy Perkins


Dorothy Perkins bursts into the new season with a head-to-toe explosion of colour. Dorothy Perkins is at Bahrain City Centre and Seef Mall.

Vincci is available at Bahrain City Centre.

A Gal’s Got To Shop ...


Autumn/Winter Collections 2011 Oasis

Oasis are introducing their new collection, arriving in shops this month. Oasis is at Bahrain City Centre and Seef Mall.

Dorothy Perkins



Handbags incorporating two major trends of the season, colour blocking and python print can be found in the new collection along with bright tassled loafers and quirky printed scarves. Parfois is at Bahrain City Centre. Prices may vary and some are available upon request.

52 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


Shopping Okaidi Boys and Girls

Okaidi’s latest collection offers a fashionable and functional selection with uniquely designed essentials. This season’s palette is enriched with colourful hats and scarves. The boys’ line offers a range of rugby tops, checked shirts and statement tees with a quirky edge. The girls’ collection is a mix of bright pops of colour in t-shirts and jeans with grey and navy contrasts. Layering is key to completing the final look.

Colouring Dreams ... Desigual

What kid doesn’t dream of being a grown-up? The DREAM collection is designed for kids that like playing ‘grown-ups’, combining lively prints and fun patterns. Desigual is at Bahrain City Centre.





TOD’S Junior

TOD’S Junior presents a collection of true classic footwear essentials using only the softest leathers from the best Italian tanneries, ensuring top-of-the-line quality, a perfect fit and true comfort. Colours range from classic blue and black, flashes of bright sunny yellow, soft sky blue and delicate powder pink. TOD’s is at Moda Mall.

Don’t Forget The

Kids! CH Carolina Herrera

The collection includes fresh, sporty garments with knitted jackets, jodhpurs, wool dresses and light shirts, jackets, leather vests and Barbour coats.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is located at Bahrain City Centre. October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 53

Shopping Kenzo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Black Label has a look of effortless sophistication with dark shades and luxurious fabrics. Purple Label dramatic suiting and sophisticated topcoats can be found in the Purple Label and Polo Ralph Lauren presents a world of vintage preppy dressing for the Fall Collections. Ralph Lauren is available at Bahrain City Centre.

Ralph Lauren


Salvatore Ferragamo

... And

So Do


Ralph Lauren is available at Bahrain City Centre. Ralph Lauren

New Look

Get back to your roots with vintage inspired work wear for A/W11 with a style that is tough, strong and useful.

54 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

For the Fall/Winter season, Antonio Marras has created a creative and relaxed style which allows the mix of formal and casual to create an original style. The designer has played with all the classics of British elegance, from the gentleman farmer to the London bad boy. Kenzo is available at Moda Mall.

The new collection features subtle blends of neutral and delicate pastel tones to darker extremes of copper. Luxury is generated by sophisticated combinations and soft materials are used to create masculine forms. Salvatore Ferragamo is available at Bahrain City Centre.

Salvatore Ferragamo


Family and Shop Take the

until you drop at


Marks & Spencer is located at the Seef Mall. Tel. +973 1758 8188.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 55


adidas For


56 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


What do you get when you mix a top sports brand with a well known fashion label? A very special collection which combines comfort, style and femininity. The collection is specifically designed to meet the needs of each type of training like running, fitness, jazz dance and yoga.

Oysho is located in Bahrain City Centre.

Oysho Oysho

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 57

The Catherine range is a new signature bag for Jimmy Choo.

Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton 2012 Cruise Collection

Sofia Coppola became the muse of Louis Vuitton after forming a strong relationship with the brand. She brought her ideas and desires to the studio which was constantly inspired by her while creating the 2012 Cruise Collection. The new look is feminine, sophisticated and simple, yet elegant. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s cinema in Paris, the studio remained true to the era and created an almost naïve style; falsely retro, with an air of a young rebellious girl.

58 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

The Versus collection combines strong tailoring with corsetry to define a strict and clean silhouette. Geometric glitter prints are used to add further depth and colour and shoes compliment the whole look and attitude. The overall look is playful but with a strong tough attitude.


Versace Women Fall 2011-2012 Collection

This season’s collection is an exploration of sharp cuts and rich materials, such as suede and python which are combined together. Double breasted coats are A-line pleated, and pencil-cut to the knee with regimental gold buttons. Dresses are tight shifts and an entwined baroque flower is printed and intricately cut into coats and dresses.


Paul Smith Accessories A/W11

The A/W11 Accessories collection sees the introduction of new bag shapes and styles sitting alongside the more classic pieces.

Inspired by the mood of French film noir, the Catherine bag is imbued with ladylike classicism. The mood is tailored with exacting, couture level detail recalling the formal handheld bags of a decadent era. The Catherine lock is an almost jewelry-like expression of scored and studded metal craftsmanship, made in brass with a golden finish. The slim and beautifully filled top handle drops to a soft rectangular shape with a top zip and snapped pockets on each side. The bag features a panel or flap pocket on the side featuring a rectangular quilted motif with a zig-zag stitch, framed out in luggage stitched leather. The effect is sporty, yet formal, channeling the moment when Couture became casual. Jimmy Choo is located in Al Ahli Mall


Versus Autumn Collection

Louis Vuitton

We bring you the hottest news and trends in the fashion world.

BC’s Hot List


Paul Smith

Paul Smith





TOD’S Spring/Summer 2012 men’s collection is focused on functional elegance and presents a new version of the iconic TOD’S Vadim, epitome of the brand’s DNA. TOD’S Vadim’s innovative sole design makes this loafer uniquely soft and flexible and perfect for the TOD’S man, who leads a busy and active life. The colour palette ranges from classic chocolate to black, for an urban look, to a wide range of new spring colours inspired by nature such as bottle green, cherry and caramel. TOD’S is located at Moda Mall.

50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

TOD’S Vadim


Las Vegas


The Versace Men’s Collection Spring/Summer 2012 has been launched on the catwalks. This season’s Versace man is heroic, confident, glamorous and masculine. Versace is located at Bahrain City Centre and Moda Mall.


A Man For All Seasons

The Moschino Men’s Collection for Spring/ Summer 2012 was inspired by the ‘King of Hearts’ himself, Elvis. The three main looks are 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hawaii and Las Vegas. Moschino is located at Al A’ali Shopping Complex.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 59


Juicy Couture

Holiday 2011 us F lappers to


Frivolo aced Dolls Fresh F

his season Juicy Couture offers an edgy take on tradition, infusing elegant yet offbeat accents to classic silhouettes. From party season essentials reminiscent of the roaring ‘20s to the breezy, retro vibe of Palm Beach resort, the Juicy girl is ready for a romantic season full of sparkle, shine and couture

d e t a c o l s i re u t u o C y Juic at Al A ’ali MCeanlltrean. d Bahrain City

60 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


Cream Swarovski jewelled dress, Nina Naustdal Couture; crystal drop earrings, Martine Wester (; Panther Cuff, Mawi (; assorted bangles, Monsoon; haskell cuff, Magpie Vintage (; Marilu Shoe, Gina

Cleopatra 62 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


Emerald green Swarovski jewelled dress, Nina Naustdal Couture; head band, Magpie Vintage (, earring, Dannijo, (; Galaxy Shoe, Gina

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 63


Pelican laser dress, Stephane St Jaymes; Obi belt, Price on Request, Sado, (; vintage neck-cuff (stylist’s own); symmetry body piece (worn as necklace), Emma Ware, (; empires cuff, Arrogant Cat; Shoes, Studio TMLS (

64 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


Knitted skirt, Ekaterina Kukhareva, (; necklace, grey stingray cuff, Tamsin cuff, all Dannijo (; wing earring, Maria hand cuff, both Emma Ware (, shoes, Gianmarco Lorenzi

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 65


Brocade jacket, Stephane St Jaymes; ture skirt, American Retro at Harvey Nichols; Full Brife, Kiss Me Deadly, (; cobra earrings, black signet ring, dome spike ring, all Mawi ( ); Shoes, Gianmarco Lorenzi Photographer: Gabor Szantai Stylist: Riece Forde, Assisted by Tania Langley Hair and Make-up: Nissim Zvi Adri, Make-up Products: Miki Buganim Model: Egle at Retouching: Gabor Szantiai Location: Gilgamesh Bar and Restaurant, Camden Town, London Arrogant Cat (33 Duke Street, Mayfair London, W1U 1LG) Monsoon ( Stephane St Jaymes ( Gianmarco Lorenzi (40 South Molton Street, London W1K 5RW) Nina Naustdal Couture (176 Walton Street, London SW3) Gina (189 Sloane Street London SW1X 9QR)

66 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

American Mission Hospital



£ ')=djgJg\Zci8VgZ £ 9ZciVaHZgk^XZh £ ;Vb^anBZY^X^cZ £ >ciZgcVaBZY^X^cZ £ DWhiZig^Xh<ncZXdad\n £ EZY^Vig^Xh/Ejab^cdad\n!<VhigdZciZgdad\n

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Since 1903 American Mission Hospital has been caring for the community of Bahrain. Building from our heritage for your future!

P.O. Box 1 Manama, Bahrain Website: E-mail: Direct dial appointments: 1724 8110 or 1724 8121 Saar Medical and Dental Center Tel: +973 1779 0025 Fax: +973 1779 0052


Skin: Strobe Liquid Lotion Primer by M.A.C Face and Body foundation in N1 BY M.A.C Medium Mineralise Skin Finish Natural by M.A.C ‘Soft and Gentle’ Mineralise Skin Finish by M.A.C ‘Ladyblush’ Blushcreme by M.A.C

er t t u fl nd ip or s. a lips et a t look e hos s ... g ke-up t ... t r ke she e ma kou c u P se la thes noc tho with sure k two y’re a The 68 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Eyes: ‘Vanilla’ Pigment by MAC ‘Smoulder’ Eye Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in by M.A.C ‘Blacktrack’ Fluidline Eyeliner Gel by M.A.C ‘Envy’ (matte) Powder Eyeshadow by Illamasqua ‘Melodrama’ (matte) Powder Eyeshadow by Illamasqua ‘Turquatic Reflects’ Glitter Brilliants by M.A.C ‘Wedge’ (matte) Eyeshadow by M.A.C Lips: Lip Conditioner (tube) by M.A.C ‘Honeylove’ (matte) M.A.C Lipstick


Skin: Strobe Liquid Lotion Primer by M.A.C Face & Body foundation in N1 BY M.A.C Medium Mineralise Skin Finish Natural by M.A.C ‘Soft and Gentle’ Mineralise Skin Finish by M.A.C ‘Springsheen’ (Sheertone Shimmer) Powder by M.A.C Eyes: ‘Static’ Pure Pigment by Illamasqua ‘Geisha’ (Matte) Powder Eyeshadow by Illamasqua ‘Fallen’ (Matte) Powder Eyeshadow by Illamasqua ‘Can Can’ (Matte) Powder Eyeshadow by Illamasqua ‘S.O.P.H.I.E’ Eyeliner Pencil by Illamasqua ‘Abyss’ (Gloss Black) Precision Ink by Illamasqua ‘Raven’ (Midnight Black) New Masquara by Illamasqua ‘Wedge’ (Matte) Eyeshadow by M.A.C Lips: Lip Conditioner (tube) by M.A.C ‘Pink Plaid’ (matte) M.A.C Lipstick

Skin: Strobe Liquid Lotion Primer by M.A.C Face and Body foundation in N1 BY M.A.C Medium Mineralise Skin Finish Natural by M.A.C ‘Style’ (Frost) Blush Powder by M.A.C Matte Bronze Powder by M.A.C ‘Belightful’ Iridescent Pressed Powder by M.A.C Eyes: ‘Pearl’ (Frost) Cream Colour Base by M.A.C ‘Dipdown’ Fluidline Eyeliner Gel by M.A.C Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara by M.A.C ‘Fascinating’ Eye Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in by M.A.C ‘Molten Metal’ Metallic Eyeshadow Duo by Sleek ‘Espresso’ (Matte) Eyeshadow by M.A.C Lips: Lip Conditioner (tube) by M.A.C ‘Redd’ Lip Pencil by M.A.C ‘Lady Danger’ (Matte) Lipstick by M.A.C

Make-up artist: Roseanna Velin Model: Ruby @ Nevs Photographer: Garazi

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 69


Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick

The Rouge G is the secret to the most beautiful of smiles. In one click it transforms to release an exceptional lipstick containing reflecting liquid pearly particles, tiger grass to plump the lips and mango butter to ensure softness.

Guerlain Bronzing Powder

Terracotta Mosaic is the essential accessory for your tan, using light-mastering pigments to form a mosaic of two sun-kissed shades in a single powder to recreate pearly radiance on the skin.


Buzz M.A.C Mascara

Get 15 hours of glamour with M.A.Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new Opulash Optimum Black mascara, delivering a more saturated look with extra-volumisation with the most bodacious brush yet.

Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss

This hot new formula makes it easy to create the perfect pout. A volumising complex contains heroic hyaluronic spheres to literally magnify your lips. No more stickiness! Complete lip opulence in just one fast stroke.

M.A.C Lash Serum

Prep and Prime Future Length Lash Serum is a breakthrough lash treatment that uses naturally derived ingredients to add a thicker, fuller, healthier look to the lashes, providing visible results in eight weeks. M.A.C is available at Bahrain City Centre.

70 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Beauty Bourjois Mascara

The brand’s latest mascara innovation is complete with a new auto-rotating brush, revolutionising make-up application with its speed. With just one brushstroke lashes take on a flawless false eyelash effect in just 30 seconds.

Clarins Autumn Make-up

The latest autumn make-up collection from Clarins is focused on the eyes - luminous, defined, intense subtle eyes. Clarins is available at all Faces outlets.

Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara

The new mascara from Benefit lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts and separates. The specially designed brush gives an extra ‘push’ when used vertically to lift and shape even the smallest lash. Available at Sephora and Faces.

Him For

Carolina Herrera Fragrance

212 VIP MEN is a homage to the New York nightlife and the scores of men who make the city alluring and fascinating. The fragrance is an explosive cocktail of aromas inspired by the scent and attitude of most exclusive New York parties. Available at Sephora and Faces.

Azzaro Decibel

Introducing a new, masculine fragrance by Azzaro. Decibel invokes the stunning intensity of a musical emotion, the passionate quiver of acoustics or the adrenalin felt during a live concert. *Unless otherwise stated, products are available at leading cosmetic outlets. October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 71


Tried and Sooo

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Blue Pin Up

AKE UP FOR EVER recently revealed the latest trend in the fashion world with the launch of its Aqua Liner, a range of high precision waterproof liquid eyeliners which was initiated at the Miami Fashion Week. The ‘must-have’ look of the season is a second line of eyeliner above the ‘doe eye’ line and has been spotted on the catwalks of many international fashion shows since. The applicators really are very easy to use and better still, the look is pretty much fool proof to achieve because if we can do it, you can … but with dramatic effect. You can apply it in layers or separately to create the simplest lash-hugging line to the most excessive artistic makeup.


by Ginny, the

Pro Tip: For best results, shake Aqua Liner up and down before each use. Hold the cap like a brush and trace the line, starting from the middle of the eyelid and moving towards the outer corner of the eye. Finish by starting at the middle of the eyelid and working towards the inner corner, making the line thinner as you go along.

Step 1

Apply the Matte Black Aqua Liner #13 starting from the centre of the eyelid and stretching it towards to the outer corner of the eye. Then، start at the middle of the eyelid and work towards the inner corner, making the line thinner as you go along.

Two Eyeliner Layers stretcuoheisde. to infinity: black & turq The perfect mix for a fresh allure! 72 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Step 2

Apply Diamond Turquoise Blue Aqua Liner #5 as a second line of eyeliner above the ‘doe eye’ line.

Beauty Another range of Primers we want to SHOUT about are the HD Primer range by MAKE UP FOR EVER. The HD Complexion products use innovative formulas which nourishes, moisturises and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect. It also creates a protective layer on the skin allowing the foundation to glide on easily and to last longer. Unlike standard skin care creams, the HD Primer dries quickly, allowing make-up to be applied immediately.

Shea Butter ... Sheer Pleasure Limited Editions, In The Colours And Scents Of Africa.

We were surprised about how quickly the skin became hydrated but better still, this hydration lasted making the skin feel incredible for a long time.

k o o L t for ou HD Elixir


Instant Radiance Hydrating Serum - The HD Elixir is a unique serum providing instant and longlasting hydration to the skin (+520 per cent after 15 minutes). Its formula hydrates the driest and most marked areas, such as the eye contour and the mouth’s fine lines. Its unique and fresh gel-like texture is non-sticky and quickly absorbed.

If you suffer from dry hands then fret no more as this beautifully decorated range of hand creams really does do the biz. An iconic L’OCCITANE product, the Hand Cream is rich in Shea Butter (20 per cent), to protect, nourish and soften the skin. To celebrate this essential product, the 150ml hand cream is dressed in a limited-edition design for dedicated fans to collect! L’OCCITANE drew inspiration from three flowers with subtle scents: the desert rose from Morocco, Egyptian hibiscus and cocoa flower from the Ivory Coast. There’s something for everyone ... L’OCCITANE is located in Seef Mall and Bahrain City Centre.

• Prep and Prime Vibrancy Eye - This product has several benefits, it evens out dark circles under the eye and reduces puffiness. BD14 • Prep and Prime Highlighter - This product can be used to highlight your cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow and can also be used on the apples of the cheeks to add luminosity to your skin. BD11.25 • Prep and Prime Lip Primer - This product is designed to help condition the lips and enhance the appearance of the lipstick. BD7.5 • Prep and Prime Eye - It provides the perfect canvas for your eye make-up application as the products will glide on more smoothly and evenly. BD8 • Prep and Prime Finishing Powder - It contains optical diffusers that blur out fine lines and create a soft focus finish to your make-up. BD11.25

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Ask Dr Dean

74 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Dr Dean Cunha Gomes of the Royal Bahrain Hospital exposes common skin care myths and provides tips on anti-ageing and cosmetic procedures. How do I know if a mole needs to be checked? The vast majority of moles on the body are benign. However, changes in character of long standing moles or the occurrence of new moles can transform into malignant or cancerous lesions. The most dangerous malignant lesion of the skin is a melanoma as its metastatic spread is rapid. As moles can transform into melanomas, early recognition of an atypical mole is so important. Basal cell cancers of the skin, when pigmented, can be mistaken for moles. Patients who have immediate and complete treatment by way of surgical work up and excisional surgery with or without reconstruction, have a very good long term outcome.

Beauty The warning signs of atypical moles are the following: rapid increase in size of the mole, change in colour of the mole (most often either darkening of the mole or different shades of brown), frequent irritation of the mole by shaving, rubbing by the bra strap, necklace, collar band or waist band, etc., redness of the surrounding skin, itching in the area of the lesion and repeated breakdown of the lesion with scabbing and bleeding. If any of these are concerns, make an urgent consultation so that immediate steps can be taken. Mole mapping is a process by which the moles on the body are recorded and evaluated over a time period to access change in their character so that they may be removed early. Those with numerous moles in areas difficult to assess [like the back], would benefit immensely from mole mapping.

I’ve heard that the UV light from a computer can damage your skin - is this true? Yes, computer screens and monitors do emit UV light. It may be prudent therefore to use sunscreen even if staying at home. This is imperative after laser treatments for rejuvenation or chemical peels.

Myth: One needs to start using anti aging products on seeing signs of ageing. Anti-ageing creams and a good skin care regimen can delay the onset of actual skin damage and can be used before one sees any signs of ageing. What works for your friend may not be the best for you, so let the doctor decide based on your skin.

Are there any common mistakes that people make when applying anti-ageing products? There are numerous mistakes and myths regarding the use of anti ageing products.

I have a dent in my nose which I hate should I have a nose job to get rid of it? It is essential that a thorough consultation is done to assess the nose from the aesthetic and functional stand point. Small dents and depressions can be corrected effectively by injecting long lasting fillers. This can be topped up once a year so that the correction can be maintained. For a more permanent solution, the use of cartilage grafts is the gold standard. The cartilage may be harvested from the septum of the nose or the ear and fashioned for the nose defect. It may be diced into small segments and inserted where required. The result is a natural appearance without any sharp edges. This does involve surgery but give a long lasting result.

Myth: You don’t need to use a sunscreen if you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors. A sunscreen is one of the most important ingredients of an anti ageing skin care regimen. People often don’t use sunscreen as required, which is every three to four daylight hours even on a cloudy day, preferably SPF 30 or above. Sunscreen prevents further damage to the collagen and elastin from the UV light.

I’ve read that sleep is very important for maintaining good skin. Beauty sleep is quite essential. As people sleep, skin rejuvenation takes place and the cells undergo a process of repair. This is important because this is the time when the skin is restored and recovers from any harm it has suffered during the day. To help skin stay healthy, you should ensure you get at least seven (preferably eight) hours of sleep a night. Make-up can interfere with the skin’s rejuvenation process, so all make-up should be removed before going to bed

“Beauty sleep is quite essential. As people sleep, skin rejuvenation takes place and the cells undergo a process of repair.”

Is it true that somebody can tell that you’ve had a facelift by looking behind your ears? A face lift may be done by making a cut along the junction of the ear and the cheek in front and in the vast majority, continues behind the ear in the natural creases and even across to the hairline. If done well, the face lift scar may be imperceptible. However, the healing process can contribute to scar thickening and thus getting more visible. The short scar facelift does not leave a big scar behind the ears.

Myth: Expensive and popular anti ageing skin care products are the most effective. This may not be the case necessarily. Be sceptical of miracle, hypoallergenic and natural products.

For further information or consultations, contact Dr Dean Cunha Gomes, MS, MCh, MRCS [Glasg], DHSA [Can]; Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon at the Royal Aesthetic Centre, Royal Bahrain Hospital. Tel. +973 1724 6857 or +973 1724 6939.

Myth: Anti-wrinkle creams that have Botox-like substances are as effective as Botox. This isn’t true as there is no way that a cream applied on a skin can act on deeper muscles like injectable Botox does. Myth: Skin care products containing collagen and elastin are best. Collagen and Elastin are large molecules which aren’t absorbed through the skin, so they wouldn’t replenish the lost collagen and elastin. It’s best to use creams which actually stimulate the production of collagen. Myth: Antioxidants and Vitamin C in creams help. They help, if in the correct cream formulation as antioxidants can get oxidised on exposure to air.

If you have any skin or body concerns that you think Dr Gomes can help you with please email your question to

Dr Dean Cunha Gomes

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British expat and single mother of two, Louise Edwards, wrote in to try her luck with our Makeover competition and she was lucky! Living in Bahrain for the past 25 years, she spent most of her time working in Administration. Louise is now a Virtual Assistant and volunteers several days in the office at the BSPCA. She also campaigns for the right to work for travel-banned victims in Bahrain.

Louise before the makeover

Louise wrote in wanting to add an enriching, enjoyable and fresh addition to her life. Our experts were quick to respond to our call - and this month, we’ll show you only the first part of Louise’s makeover. Don’t get too excited as you won’t see her amazing transformation until next month!

Fitness Consultation with Catherine Kerr

I met with Louise for her initial consultation, where we sat down to talk about her fitness goals and diet. She told me that she wants to become fitter and tone up. For our second session, I did a fitness and strength test with her, to find out where her strengths and weaknesses lie. Her overall fitness needs to be worked on as she became quite breathless whilst doing a hill walk, but this could be mainly due to her smoking. Her strength wasn’t so bad, but we need to work on her core, so I advised her to get a stability ball and I can give her exercises to work on on her own. From these results I developed an overall fitness and strength programme in time for our next Personal Training session. For fitness consultations, contact Catherine Kerr on Tel. +973 3989 7701 or email:

Life Coaching with Kelly Armatage

Fitness Consultation with Catherine Kerr

Life Coaching with Kelly Armatage

During Louise’s life coaching session, many areas of her life were discussed in depth. By utilising certain questioning techniques, together we were able to pinpoint the parts of her life that she felt were less than satisfactory. Using the power of perception, cognitive behavioural therapy, healing of certain events of her past and goal setting, Louise and I were able to put in place differing thinking patterns to help release certain ‘ruts’, in order for her to move forward. These methods combined with self-esteem and confidence building exercises ensured Louise felt lighter, motivated and extremely empowered. With a renewed sense of purpose, gratitude and a clearer vision on the life goals she wishes to achieve in the future, Louise left the session with a whole new ‘mind makeover’. For enquiries, Kelly Armatage Inc Offer Counselling, Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Contact Kelly Armatage on Tel. +973 3993 1399 or visit

Interested in having a Makeover? Tell us why you need one and what issues you want addressed. Email with the subject: ‘Makeover Competition’ with your full name and contact number and a picture of yourself. 76 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Beauty Image Consultation with Juni Capulong

When I met Louise, she reminded me that we had met 20 years ago when I used to design clothes for a friend of hers. 20 years on, I am in her bedroom sorting out her outfits and analysing it so that she will be able to move forward in her career goals and give her a different insight that can completely change her perspective, if not inject some fun, colour and sexiness in her routine. Louise tends to wear a lot of dark clothes that most women think are safe and slimming; yet it can also be deceiving such as the image of ‘playing it safe’ or looking too serious and grumpy on first impressions. She also likes a lot of jewel tones which I adore, but with it are tops that are in the shades of aubergine, burgundy and some colours that, if not coordinated properly can make a person age instantly. She likes wearing mini skirts and she has a small but good collection of nice high-heeled shoes, which not only makes her look taller and highlights her long legs but also gives her a youthful image. I assessed her look, her wardrobe, her lifestyle and her intention of changing into someone that will optimistically show an image of professionalism; as well as being tastefully stylish with a bold outlook in life that can help her essence attract and create a positive spark with anyone who will meet her. For consultations, email Juni Capulong:

Image Consultation with Juni Capulong

Facial Treatment at The InterContinental Regency Bahrain

Hair Style and Colour

After an initial consultation, our senior stylist Felda del Prado from Felda Cut and Style decided to change Louise’s dark brown hair colour and shoulder-length hairstyle. Felda decided strip her original colour with L’Oreal’s Efassor colour-stripper, and after washing and drying her hair, she applied honey blonde for her base colour and blonde highlights. She then gave Louise a shorter layered bob cut. To top off the pampering, Louise received a Dr Renaud fruit extract deep cleansing facial for skin radiance.

For consultations, contact Felda Cut and Style on Tel. +973 1722 4077.

Hair Style and Colour

Facial Treatment at The InterContinental Regency Bahrain

Louise had a grand time of pampering at this five-star spa with a ‘Cleansing and Purifying Facial’ with Spa Siam products, a unique facial treatment to pamper and enhance the beauty, texture, appearance of the skin with the natural ingredients. Her facial treatment included: • Cleansing with Red Tea Facial Cleanser - removes all traces of make-up, dead skin cells and grime • Toning with Red Tea Toner - provides excellent anti oxidation, whitening and anti inflammatory benefits • Lemongrass Apricot Face

Cosmetic Surgery Consultation with Dr Dean Cunha Gomes

Scrub - exfoliates and cleanses the skin with an invigorating, antiseptic clean fresh finish • Pomegranate Jasmine Facial Massage Cream - soothing, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties encourages cell growth and increases skin elasticity; pomegranate extract decreases premature skin ageing • Rice Clay Facial Mask - high mineral content excellent for skin remineralisation; ensures healthy hydrated skin • Red Tea Anti-Wrinkle Moisturising Cream - gradually smoothens out lines and wrinkles, leaving skin younger and smoother For reservations, contact The Intercontinental Regency Bahrain on Tel. +973 1722 7777.

Cosmetic Surgery Consultation with Dr Dean Cunha Gomes

Upon consultation, Dr Dean observed that Louise has some dark patches on the cheeks, some white patches on her chin and a lot of skin on her upper eye lids. Some lines were also evident between her eyebrows and forehead, as well as crow’s feet on the eye area. Dr Dean will inject some Botox on the area between the eyebrows and will do a conservative Botox treatment as well on her forehead just to relax the area a bit, but not too much that her eyelids which look a bit droopy would descend further. The use of fillers on the tear trough was recommended, as well as on the chin just to make it come out a bit and will make her profile look better. After her initial Botox and fillers treatment, Dr Dean plans to give her a top-up; but before this, he’ll also do a Fraxel Laser on Louise to address the pigmentation on her cheeks. Contact Dr Dean Cunha Gomes, at the Royal Bahrain Hospital, Tel. +973 1724 6857 or +973 1724 6939.

Felda Cut and Style Special Promotion all for only BD25: For ladies - facial with hair treatment and blow dry or full body massage with free spa manicure; for gents - facial with free haircut or facial with pedicure.

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Updates How Weird can Food Get?

Farmers in Japan have started growing square watermelons! The idea was born because of the need to stack watermelons in boxes and was done simply by growing the fruit in square shaped receptacles. This is only one of the weird foods man has managed to modify. Researchers have also developed modified food for medicinal and health reasons such as super broccoli which is a special strain of broccoli that contains twice the levels of the super food nutrient ‘glucoraphanin’ than conventional versions. It is claimed that the new strain of supercharged broccoli will help stave off cancer and other diseases. Scientists are also working on cultivating drought resistant rice suitable for planting in dry and drought stricken countries like Africa.

Just a Little Will Do!

Getting off the couch and starting a work out plan is never easy. Laziness always kicks in when you least want it to but you still welcome it with open arms. Recent research has indicated that an individual does not need strenuous exercising to keep their heart healthy. Just a little will do! Academics estimate that just two and a half hours of brisk walking or cycling is enough to lower heart disease risks by 14 per cent. However, doing more exercise than that would be better and is therefore, encouraged. Studies have further estimated that 150 minutes of ‘moderate intensity aerobic activity’ each week and “muscle strengthening activity” twice a week is good for you while 300 minutes per week will be more beneficial.

78 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Health Eating for your Eyes

An individual’s eyes are an indication of how well he or she eats. Scientists have related eye diseases like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) to nutrition and intake of vitamins and minerals. A healthy blood supply is also necessary to supply nutrients and oxygen to the eye. So, conditions such as high cholesterol, which clog arteries elsewhere in the body, are also important in the eye region. With conditions like AMD that still have no proper treatments; doctors are turning to healthy eating as an answer in terms of prevention rather than cure. AMD occurs when the macula in the eye works so hard to produce colour and proper vision; it produces by-products called free radicals that damage the cells. Research has shown that anti oxidants from food protect eye cells from these by-products by neutralizing them. The nutrients necessary for optical health include vitamins A, C and E and zinc as well as ‘carotenoids’ that occur in algae and yellow or orange plants which are vital for protection against damaging blue and ultra-violet radiation. Furthermore, fat is also necessary for ‘carotenoids’ to be absorbed, so doctors suggest consumption of a little butter. Taking supplements instead of natural vitamins and minerals has been strongly discouraged.

A Happy Marriage and a Happy Heart!

According to a new study, individuals who are happily married are three times more likely to survive than those who are unmarried after major heart surgery. Researchers have discovered that 83 per cent of happily married women who have had heart bypass operations lived on for another 15 years, compared with just 28 per cent in unhappy unions and 27 per cent of unmarried women. For happy husbands the survival rate was also 83 per cent, but even those who were not content with their marriage stood a 60 per cent chance of survival, compared with just 36 per cent who were unmarried. So what does marriage have to do with your heart? The fact of the matter is when people are happily married, they have a stronger will to live than those who are unhappily married or not married at all. This will to live gives them the need to take better care of themselves and lead healthier lives. Furthermore, having a life partner encourages individuals to make healthier decisions like taking up exercising or quitting smoking. On the other hand, in an unhealthy marriage, individuals are more likely to pick up unhealthy habits such as eating too much or smoking to help them deal with their problems.

Working in an Office is Bad for your Brain

A study has found that the hustle and bustle of modern offices can lead to a 32 per cent drop in workers’ wellbeing and reduce their productivity by 15 per cent. Open offices were first built to enable people to move around and interact freely; to enable creative and free thinking. However, as great as the open office layout may be for innovation and creativity, research has shown that it has a very negative effect on the brain and hence, performance. Open plan offices create unwanted activity and bursts of distraction in the brains of workers that can get in the way of them doing the task at hand. Furthermore, modern offices which have been organised in such a way that they do not allow workers to personalise their work spaces also have a very negative effect. In fact, studies have shown that individuals perform better in spaces that have been personalised with family photographs and other homely knick knacks.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 79

1 3 2 Health

Natural Ways To HelpPrevent

Breast Cancer by Dr Shilpa P. Saxena

Some of the greatest pioneers in medicine work to find ways to highlight lifestyle-based solutions for the most devastating diseases. Of course, nothing strikes fear into the heart and, literally, the chests of women than the diagnosis of breast cancer.


uckily for us, these trendsetting docs have uncovered some research truths about what we can do to help ourselves. Up until now, many women have supported the cause by wearing pink ribbons, getting mammograms and doing monthly self-breast exams believing they are practicing prevention. Getting a mammogram and doing a self-breast exam is NOT prevention, it’s early

detection, right? Those two concepts are worlds apart. And even though finding a breast cancer early through these methods is valuable, preventing the breast cancer altogether is priceless! These are some of the recommendations given to me by a leading researcher in Integrative Oncology, Dr Donald Abrams, and I humbly pass these on to you for the women you love and care for in your community. Share these tips about breast health and pearls about improving breast cancer survival the next time you meet.

2. Eating a single serving of a cruciferous vegetable a day can reduce your risk of getting breast cancer (and other cancers as well!). Examples of these life-saving veggies include broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, collard greens, daikon, kale, kohlrabi, mustard greens, radish, rutabaga, watercress and wasabi.

3. Eating a diet rich in healthy soy early in life could reduce your risk of breast cancer. Intake after menopause could also favourably affect osteoporosis, heart disease and menopausal symptoms with no increased risk of breast cancer. Avoid soy protein isolate and other ‘manufactured’ soy like those in veggie burgers.

4 5

4. There is newer research that intake of whole soy foods and natural soybean-derived products (0.5 serving/day) does not contribute to breast cancer recurrence and it might actually reduce your risk of a recurrent breast cancer. This is a significant shift from previous recommendations, just in case you were left a little confused by this one.

80 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

1. Women with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer should not drink more than 3 alcoholic drinks per week. One drink is equal to twelve-ounce beer, four to five ounces of wine or 1.5 ounce of hard liquor to be precise.

5. Weight gain and lack of exercise are easy traps to fall into during ongoing breast cancer treatment, but it remains prudent to advise women to eat right and exercise daily. So, don’t take your breast cancer just sitting down and eating your comfort food. Getting going might just help you survive not only your breast cancer, but also all-cause mortality (translation: all major causes of death).

Remember, you can do so much more to fight the battle against breast cancer by practicing true prevention tips today. The above is an excerpt from; opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author’s.



Areej, established in 2004, is the luxury Arabic lifestyle magazine published from Bahrain by Arabian Magazines. It has a strong focus on fashion and luxury but also gives readers interesting and informative sections on art, society, shopping, home decor, and health. In November 2009, Areej circulation was substantially increased as it became the only magazine to be delivered to 3,000 Al Watan newspaper subscribers.

Real Lives

Interview With A

Breast Cancer Survivor Bahrain Confidential gets an exclusive interview with Heidi Al Khajah. With the help of Think Pink Bahrain, this remarkable woman shares her journey through discovery, diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

Can you share with our readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m half Bahraini, half English, I’m 32 and I’ve been working in advertising for five years, and previously was in publishing. I’ve got three brothers, one sister, three beautiful nieces and two nephews. I love to travel - I’ve lived in England, Scotland and the US, but my favourite by far is Scotland. I’m a total TV addict; love history, poetry and have always wanted to learn how to fly, which I will eventually do! When I was diagnosed with cancer, I made a list of a 100 things I’m going to do in my life, and I plan on knocking off each one of those things!

82 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

How old were you when you discovered something suspicious?

I was 28 years old when I first got diagnosed and had a lumpectomy and radiation, since it was classed as Stage Zero as opposed to Stage One. Four years later I had a reoccurence and had Stage One breast cancer, which was treated with a full mastectomy followed up by six rounds of chemotherapy.

How did you feel, physically and emotionally, after your condition was diagnosed? What actions did you take at that point?

I think because I had gone through it before, it was easier to deal with the second time around. I did make ‘mistakes’ the first time - only going to one doctor. The second time around I made sure that I had a few opinions in

Real Lives order to make the best decision for me. A good friend of mine put me in touch with Julie Sprakel from Think Pink Bahrain, and I spoke to her quite a few times and she gave me some great advice and also put me in touch with someone who had recently gone through the operation and chemo. It was a very hard decision trying to figure out which plan of action to take: where the treatments should take place - Bahrain, many recommended Germany, a hospital in Singapore or Saudi Arabia. After meeting with a few doctors, and a lot of research, I decided on having my surgery/treatments done in a specialist hospital in Saudi Arabia as a relative of mine had gone there and highly recommended it. I had a whole team of doctors from different areas: chemo, radiation, plastic surgery, etc. that met with me and proposed the best scenario. They put me totally at ease and really took care of me. Emotionally, I never looked at my diagnosis in whole. If I did, negativity would creep in, and it would be too much to deal with. Instead, I broke it up into tiny parts: first get through the surgery, then heal, then chemo, etc. I remained pretty positive throughout because I refused to let this get me down and give into this horrible disease.

What form of treatment/s did you have?

Six rounds of chemotherapy.

How did you cope with the treatment/s?

The worst part of chemo for me was the fatigue and losing all my hair. I think the only time I really cried during it all, was when my hair started to fall out, which happens about two weeks after your first chemo treatment. The fatigue was also tough as I continued to work throughout all my treatments. I thankfully did not have the vomiting which happens to a lot of people during chemo.

“Knowing that you are a fighter makes you that much stronger to deal with any problems that come your way.”

Had you always done monthly self breast exams?

I did self breast exams from time to time, probably once every few months, but after what I’ve gone through, I would say, that in my opinion, women owe it to themselves and their families to always do them on a monthly basis. I don’t think the ‘I’m too young to get breast cancer’, ‘it won’t happen to me’ is something we should think. In all my chemo treatments, the majority of women with me in the ward were in a similar age bracket.

What were the treatment options given to you, and which one did you consider? There were three: lumpectomy with radiation as before (which was not really recommended as it was a reocurrence), mastecomy, mastecomy with reconstruction (they recreate the breast using an implant). I had a skin-sparring mastectomy with the reconstruction, all done in the same surgery, and then followed up with six rounds of chemotherapy.

What challenges did you face as a breast cancer patient and also as a survivor?

My breast cancer is on my right side, and I’m right handed which isn’t easy. Your arm is very weak, and your body has really been through so much, so building your strength and your immune system (which the chemo really affects) is really important in the aftermath. I’m also on the drug tamoxifen for the next five years, which means you can’t get pregnant, and as I haven’t had any children, it means that I’ll either start really late, or not be able to have them. Since I’ve already had one reoccurence, at the back of my mind there will always be the thought of it coming back again, but that’s not in my control so I try not to worry about that. I do know that if it does come back again, I’m ready and waiting to fight once more, because giving in is just not something I will ever do. I also believe that through hardships, something positive always comes out of it. Because I’ve had breast cancer, I’m so much more aware of my health, my body and doing things in life that I really want to do. Life’s too short to just waste it.

them, I’m not sure I would have remained so positive. My support group was constantly checking up on me, keeping me positive throughout my treatment. I also had a friend who was going through the same thing as me, and talking to her and just trying to keep each other’s spirits up, really helped both of us.

What motivated you to just go on and fight the disease?

My life - my family, my friends, my loved ones. I viewed my battle very much like a boxer in the ring, every round of chemo I would hear that little ‘ding, ding, ding’ go off in my head, and I knew I had to get my game face for round one; fight, get through it and just keep on going until round two; then three, until I finally got to six and would be standing tall, winning every battle that was put in front of me.

How has having breast cancer impacted your life over the years?

The scars don’t go, so you never forget, but all I want to do, is to be able to talk to women going through the battle. Let them know that it will be ok, and they can beat this horrible disease. Knowing that you are a fighter makes you that much stronger to deal with any problems that come your way.

If there is any one piece of advice you can share now that you have battled this disease, what would it be?

Consult everyone, do your own research, browse the internet (but don’t take everything it says as truth), read blogs about personal experiences, ask doctors a million and one questions, speak to people who have gone through the disease, get in touch with Think Pink, and then make the decision that is right for you. My other advice is, you will heal quicker, you will have an easier time during treatments, you will be able to handle it a lot better if you remain positive throughout it all, breast cancer is not the end of your life, it’s just a new chapter and a new obstacle for you to conquer. Fight, survive, and do it with a smile on your face

“I viewed my battle very much like a boxer in the ring, every round of chemo I would hear that little ‘ding, ding, ding’ go off in my head ...”

When the doctors confirmed that you had breast cancer, how did you mentally deal with that diagnosis to remain positive that you would be a survivor? I have an amazing family and a wonderful group of friends and a huge network of people who prayed for me, who without

For information, contact Think Pink Bahrain on Tel. +973 3907 6717; email: or visit

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 83


With the growing number of breast cancer survivors in the Middle East, something as small as finding the right bra can play a tremendous role in the healing process.


ut finding the right bra in the Middle East isn’t always easy or affordable is it girls? Let’s face it, the lingerie market here offers little for the growing number of survivors who simply cannot find what they need locally. That’s all about to change however, as One Wig Stand and have teamed up this year on an inspiring Breast Cancer Campaign entitled ‘Bras for a Cause’. We spoke to organisers founder and president of One Wig Stand Loryne Atoui, and founder and editor-in-chief of Amira Azzouz, about the campaign and what it’s far-reaching effects will be. What is ‘Bras for a Cause’? Loryne: The first stage in this campaign was a bra design contest, calling anyone with a passion for fashion to design a bra or T-shirt for this cause - and included designing the ‘Her Bra’ bra to meet a breast cancer survivor’s specific needs.

84 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

month we’ll be launching the complete Look Good Feel Good collection at the top department stores, boutiques and online stores in the region. How has the campaign and call for designs been received so far? Loryne: Everyone is very excited about the campaign and word has been spreading very quickly. We even had designers from outside the Middle East taking part such as ‘The Rodnik Band’ and London Fashion Week participants. Breast

“Breast cancer is something very close to many people’s hearts and by approaching this cause through design, we’ll be spreading more awareness while also producing much-needed bras for the breast cancer patients.” Amira: The winning designs were announced in July and now it will take a couple of months to produce the pieces in addition to the ones by the fashion designers. This month we’re planning two huge events in Dubai and Beirut - both events will consist of fashion shows to reveal the whole collection in addition to an auction for the pieces made by the designers. Proceeds will directly go to more production for mastectomy bras and as donations for the organisations we’re working with. This

Health cancer is something very close to many people’s hearts and by approaching this cause through design, we’ll be spreading more awareness in the region while also producing much-needed bras for the breast cancer patients who need them. Why did One Wig Stand and decide to partner together on this campaign? Loryne: I’d had the general idea to work on such a campaign after meeting different survivors in the Middle East and hearing their own frustrations at not finding the right mastectomy bra posttreatment. When I came across Fustany. com’s own initiatives to raise awareness, I reached out to them and it was instant chemistry. Amira: always strives for creativity and originality, and One Wig Stand has the exact same standards; the way they spread awareness to the youth in extremely creative campaigns. Our enthusiasm and strong faith in the cause will hopefully lead the campaign to further success. How much of a problem is breast cancer in the Middle East? Loryne: The scary reality is that it’s increasing in numbers each year. No longer is it the disease that only strikes women in their 40s or above; women as young as 30 are becoming targets and so the importance of early detection plays a fundamental role in a successful recovery. Adding to the growing number of cases, society here makes it harder for these women to cope. The mentality in our region needs to change and more research needs to be done into why these numbers are increasing so we can better prevent it.

How do you think this cause will impact breast cancer survivors’ lives? Amira: While we were interviewing Evelyne Accad, one of our esteemed jury members and a prominent breast cancer survivor, I was very touched by what she told us: While she was flying back to Beirut, right after she had gone through her treatment, the airplane’s TV had fashion shows running the whole time. She kept on thinking to herself why no

it with several other organisations in Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria and Kuwait. The donations made to these organisations will be used for further research, mammography, treatments, bras and wigs to facilitate the recovery process. For next year, we aim to reach out to at least three more countries. What’s the best advice you can give to our readers and to women all over the world about breast cancer? Loryne: Our message is to spread awareness about breast cancer. Early detection saves lives and no woman should be afraid to get tested if something feels different in her body. The treatment will not only be less drastic, but she will also have a higher chance of recovery. Cancer is not taboo unless we make it so.

“No longer is it the disease that only strikes women in their 40s or above; women as young as 30 are becoming targets.” one seems to consider what a survivor would wear after going through her treatment and how revolutionary it would be to see designers and people caring to produce clothing for them. I personally think after the treatment phase something as small as finding the right bra will make a survivor not only feel beautiful but also comfortable. Which Middle Eastern countries will this campaign affect? Amira: In terms of creating awareness, since the first phase is online, it’s not limited to the Middle East although that’s our main focus. We are doing our best to make sure we focus on all of the Middle Eastern countries equally, to increase awareness and get everyone involved. We’re working very closely with breast cancer organisations throughout the Middle East in Egypt, Lebanon, KSA and the UAE, as well as discussing

Amira: Check yourself regularly and make it a monthly habit. If you’re in your twenties you need to start visiting the doctor for tests every three years and if you’re in your forties it should be once a year. Think about the fact that 89 per cent of early detection will lead to cure, and that’s why we should focus on making sure women take the time to test themselves For more information visit or Follow @brasforacauseme on Twitter or email:

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 85


Asbestos Management Unbeknownst to most of us, we may be inhaling this harmful substance on a daily basis, says our resident environmentalist Engr Rehan Ahmed.


sbestos use in human culture dates back at least 4,500 years, when evidence shows that inhabitants in East Finland strengthened earthenware pots and cooking utensils with the asbestos mineral, anthophyllite. Asbestos consists of a group of natural minerals occurring as bundles of fibres that are resistant to heat, fire and chemicals and do not conduct electricity. Its strength and heat resistant properties make asbestos valuable to industry and in building construction materials (shingles, tiles, paper products, and asbestos cement products), friction products (automobile clutch, brake and transmission parts), heatresistant fabrics, sound absorption, as a fire-retardant and in the shipbuilding industry as an insulator. In 2006, 2.3 million tonnes of asbestos were mined worldwide with Russia being the largest producer having over 40 per cent world share, followed by China with 20 per cent, Kazakhstan 13 per cent, Canada and Brazil each with ten per cent. Many developing countries still widely use asbestos as corrugated asbestoscement sheets or ‘A/C sheets’ for roofing and side walls. Millions of homes, factories, schools, sheds and shelters in these countries use asbestos - cutting and securing of which is done on -site. Chemically made from atoms of silicon and oxygen, asbestos minerals are silicate compounds. When asbestoscontaining materials are disturbed by repair or demolition activities, microscopic fibres become airborne and are inhaled, damaging the lungs and causing health problems. Today, asbestos is most commonly found in older homes, in pipe and furnace insulation materials, shingles, millboard, textured paints and coating materials and floor tiles. Low levels of asbestos are present in water, air and

soil, exposing everyone to it every day. However, regular exposure to asbestos through substantial environmental contact is what leads to illness. Workers exposed in the shipbuilding trade, mining, milling, manufacturing of asbestos products, construction work as well as many other occupations like firefighting, automobile work and demolition work show health hazards from asbestos exposure. Today, government regulations and improved work practices have reduced risks of asbestos exposure in comparison to the past. When asbestos materials are disturbed by repair or remodeling, elevated concentrations of asbestos may occur.

Eng. Rehan Ahmed

existing lung disease. In the late 1970s, when countries started realising the danger of asbestos use and its occupational and health hazard, regulations were adopted to eliminate and reduce asbestos exposure. The European Union has banned all uses of asbestos and extraction, manufacture and processing of asbestos products. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces regulations related to safety which include protective equipment provided by employers and following workplace safety procedures. For example, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approved respirators that fit properly should be worn by workers when required. For asbestos management, local environment regulations recommend that handling, removing and transporting of asbestos to be done only by qualified contractors and transporters to ensure that proper procedures are followed. It is also best to leave undamaged asbestos material alone and use trained contractors for control measures that may disturb asbestos and for cleanup. The asbestos is being carefully contained, packed and transported to the Hafira industrial landfill site where it is disposed with other hazardous waste. Asbestos can be recycled by transforming it into harmless silicate glass through thermal decomposition. Industrially, microwave thermal treatment can be used to transform asbestos and asbestoscontaining waste into porcelain stoneware tiles, porous single-fired wall tiles, and ceramic bricks n

“Symptoms of asbestos related illnesses can take ten to 40 years or more after initial exposure to become apparent …”

86 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Improper removal of these materials can increase the airborne concentration, endangering people living in those homes. Asbestos, classified as a known human carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer) by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, is known to increase the risk of lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis (an inflammatory condition, causing shortness of breath, coughing, and permanent lung damage) and other lung and pleural disorders. Symptoms of asbestos related illnesses can take ten to 40 years or more after initial exposure to become apparent and include shortness of breath, persistent coughing, blood in the sputum, tightening of the chest, swallowing difficulties, swelling of the face or neck, loss of appetite, fatigue or anaemia. Illnesses vary for different individuals depending on dose, chemical makeup, source of exposure and individual risk factors such as smoking and pre-

Rehan Ahmed is Head of Waste Disposal Unit, Directorate of Environmental Control, Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife, Bahrain. Email:



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Mรถvenpick Hotel Bahrain Thai Night

The Mรถvenpick Hotel Bahrain celebrated the opening of the Thai Food and Cultural Festival on 17th September with Embassy officials, VIP guests and the media.

HE Ali Akbar (Bangladesh Ambassador to Bahrain), Nadia, HE Ma Corazon Yap-Bahjin (Philippines Ambassador to Bahrain), Nurhayati and HE Ahmad Shahizan Abd Samad (Malaysian Ambassador to Bahrain)

Salman Al Mahmeed and Sumaya Dashti

Agus, Sukma, Sunee and Neil

Benedita and Ameem Budagher

Mostafa and his wife

HE Virachai Varasirikul (Thailand Ambassador to Bahrain) with Heinz Krahenbuhl (Mรถvenpick General Manager) Bert and Kathrine

Craig and Nina Barlow

Rabab Mahdi and Lindita Sirri

Karina and Leslie

Nuitapat, Nut and Witchu


Thailand Cultural Dances The Diplomats Shaniy Lavinia October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 87

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Mei n Yu Restaurant and Persian Room Restaurant

The official launch of the latest attractions of fine dining on Amwaj Islands attracted more than 200 guests and regulars to the very scenic Lagoon Park last month.

Hussain and Rashida Tadayon

Mr and Mrs Butler

Maeve, Meher and Rashida

George and Meher Cherian, Nadeem and Monica Asgharali

Dominic and George

Sameera, Fiona, Hanieh and Monica

Marina, Irina, George, Vinita, Steph and Maria

Guests with Batoul and Nayla

Mehdi and Gemma Jawad Monica and Meher

Bernard, Michael, George and Steve

88 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

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International Poetry Event

An International Poetry Event marking Pakistanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Independence Day was held under the patronage of the Pakistan Embassy in Bahrain at the Bahrain Society of Engineers in Juffair on 9th September.

International Poetry Event Attendees

Y.K. Almoayyed Nissan Juke launch

Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons held an unveiling ceremony for the new Nissan Juke at Bahrain City Centre on 28th August.

Rohit, Gardeep, Peter, Declan and Sandeep



Peter, Sandeep, Declan, Samantha, Gardeep and Rohit

Samantha and Svetlana

Dinner for HE Dr Fatima Al-Balooshi

A formal dinner was hosted for Her Excellency, Dr Fatima Al-Balooshi, Minister of Social Development and Human Rights on 15th September and organised by Ms Nayla Asghar Ali.

HE Dr Fatima Al-Balooshi

Nichola Thompson, Eva Steinhaus, Olivia Manner and Martina Dewar

Batul Dadabhai

Nayla Asghar Ali Sana Sarwani and Hiba Sarwani

Hind Mahmood and Dana Chehab

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 89

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Royal Golf Club Winners

The Royal Golf Club announced the winners of the Bahrain Optician Ramadan PowerPlay Series, the annual Captains’ Quaich competition, the annual Captain versus Vice Captain match and Monday Madness Night Golf Series at an awards ceremony last month.

RGC Monday Madness: Chris Leaden; Chris Igaya, Royal Golf Club Golf Operations Supervisor and Jose Selles

Bahrain Optician Power Play: Saqer Al Noaimi; Debbie Lane, ladies’ captain; Sultan Abdulla; Ebrahim Esbai, gents’ vice captain

Captains Quaich: 2011 Captain Edward Daly presents trophy to Alan Horne

Captain v Vice Captain: Lady vice captain Rowena Faerch, lady captain Debbie Lane and gents’ vice captain Ebrahim Esbai

Royal Charity Organisation

The Bahrain Family Leisure Company hosted the awarding of the fundraising event to support the Royal Charity Organisation at Ponderosa Steakhouse, Al A’ali Complex on 28th August.

Eyad and Mona

Yara, Hasan, Jehan and Faten

Noura and Khalid

Mashael, Eman, Latifa and Mohammed

Fatma and Khalid

90 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Ibrahim, Ahmed, Mahmood, Salah and Raouf

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Harley-Davidson ‘Makes Everyday Count’

Harley-Davidson held an Open House Parade, the launch of the Harley-Davidson Academy and unveiling of the 2012 Model Bikes on 17th September, at the BIC and Bushido respectively. The event was held in conjunction with the United Nations World Food Programme.

Ali Dashti and Hussain

Guests at the launch

Anand and Tina

Kat and Aiharith

Jalal Mohd, Ahmed and Qassim

Robin and Lyle Guests pose during the opening of the BIC Academy

Redia and Jason

Khalid Abdullatif, Hussin and Adil Abujar

Osama Al Tajer and Zuhair Ghulam

Saks Fifth Avenue Donation

Saks Fifth Avenue’s Cosmetics and Fragrance held a handover ceremony for their donation to the Bahrain Society for Child Development at the Fifth Avenue Club, Bahrain City Centre on 15th September. Gene, Bissan, Ali, Fouzya, Mark, Fareeba and Polly

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 91

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Private Viewing of Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre

Stephan Kaminski, General Manager of the new Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre held a private viewing and a tour for guests and members of the media on 12th September.


Vivian and Nick

Chantel, Cornelia and Tika

Cornelia and David

Cornelia and Markus

Florian, Stephan Kaminski and Ibrahim Korkut

Sandip and Anber

The guests and Kempinski management at the event

New Director of Marketing and Communications â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gulf Hotel

The Gulf Hotel celebrated the appointment of the new Director of Marketing and Communications at the Vintage Wine Bar on 14th September.

Deen, Pauline and Imbi

Garfield Jones, General Manager of Gulf Hotel

Mike and Mirella


Liza, Raffy and Dee

Etienne and Kevin

Stan and Kathryn

Pauline Dubuc, the newly appointed Director of Marketing and Communications, Gulf Hotel Wassim, Dee and Mohamad

92 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Bless and David

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Bizladies Lunch at Bushido

The Bizladies, Bahrain Chapter held a luncheon networking event at Bushido on 15th September. The event was sponsored by Qatar Airways and Gulf Brands International. Ahlia Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Maria Saberi, and cranio-sacral therapist Anna Thompson Hall were speakers at the event.

Alexandra, Maya Zakhour, Dr Clare Beckett McInroy, Anna Thompson Hall and Maria Saberi

Annelise, Elif, Maria and Rebecca

Gail Fellows and Joanne McDine

Claire, Debbie and Anasuya

Clare Walsh Felda, Susan and Charo

Yasmin Sebah

Leylan, Alessandra and Rocia

Juliana Nada Abdulla Al Awadi Debbie Howard and Tracey Bulger


Linda and Supreeya

Party for LPOD staff

Lost Paradise of Dilmun staff enjoyed a fun-filled day at their party in the outdoor water park.

Lost Paradise Staff

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 93

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Sofitel Bahrain

In the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, the Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea and Spa hosted a Ghabga for its ambassadors on 21st September. The event was held as part of the monthly ambassador sâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; party to honour top performing employees of the month of August.

Khalifa, Ebrahim, Mr Bert Plas GM of Sofitel, Hessa & Zahra Basic First Aid & CPR

Mr Bert Plas and Deborah

Rotary Club of Manama

Rotary Club of Manama held a buffet lunch at Awal Ballroom, Gulf Hotel on 25th September to welcome HE Shaikh Ahmed bin Salman bin Daij Al Khalifa (President of Bahrain Disabled Sports Federation) and to congratulate the Bahrain team for winning 3rd Place in 5th GCC Football Championship for the Hearing Impaired.

HE Shaikh Ahmed bin Salman bin Daij Al Khalifa (centre) with Rotary Club Officials and Bahrain Team

Dr Bashar Ahmadi (Rotary Club President) with HE Shaikh Ahmed bin Salman bin Daij Al Khalifa and Othman Jamahi

Prakash Bhatis and Nasser Al Arayedh Aseel Al Mohandi and Michel Mandrea Shawqi Abdulla

Ann Hearn, Joseph Moussa and Bob Thaker

94 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Raj Damini and Ali Birch

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InterContinental Regency Hotel

A select group of media representatives were lucky enough to be invited by James McDonald, GM and Cyril Mouawad, Director of Sales and Marketing and Diana Ionescu, Marketing Manager of the InterContinental Regency Hotel to sample the new five course â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Legendary Degustationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; menu at the Legendary Steak House. James McDonald, General Manager of InterContinental Regency Hotel

Cyril Mouawad, James McDonald, Tom, Rebecca Cooksey, Karina Lazarraga and Diana Ionescu

Cyril Mouawad Diana Ionescu Cyril, James McDonald, and A. Majeed Haji

Diana Ionescu and Elma

James, Tom, Rebecca and Karina


The Chopard Boutique Opening

Under the patronage of HH Shaikha Hessa Bint Khalifa, The Chopard Boutique held its official inauguration on 20th September. The event was attended by many VIPs and dignitaries including Caroline GruosiScheufele, Co-President, Chopard.


Lubna and Ziad

Noushad Abdul Hamid and Rima Jbara

Hajar and Shelley Frost

Caroline GruosiScheufele

Abal Iqbal Glamorous Chopard Models

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 95

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The First GCC Games

The Executive Committee of the First GCC Games held its Official Draw at a Press Conference and Dinner on 9th of September at the K Hotel, Juffair.

Abdurahman and Fai with First GCC Games Mascot

The Committee Members

Khalil Ibrahim and Jassim Sindi

SH Ahmad Bin Hamad

Cielo Presents Rendezvous

Club Cielo presented Rendezvous with DJ Sam Samuel and DJ Westside on 15th September. DJ Sam and Hussain

Sound check

DJ Sam, Clavy, Fawaz Khan and Santo

Melbourne, Fathma, Syed and Yousif

Anita Muji

96 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Tamim and Ashwathy


FRIDAY 28TH OCTOBER 2011 BD10 for each participating dog. Bring your own or book one of our shelter dogs on 17591231. 4km walk starts at 10am from the new Animal Welfare Centre in Askar (near Alba) Registration from 9am, BBQ, refreshments, goodies & more !

Sponsorship forms available from and the Shelter the Thrift Shop, Dilmun Club, British Club and the Rugby Club.

Option 01

Option 02

Best American Restaurant in the Middle East Since 1997. Now ser ving an assortment of Continental cuisine.


Best American Restaurant in the Middle East Since 1997


is the region’s largest circulated lifestyle magazine, enjoyed by 100,000+ high spending and please Expat “Transport availableArab on request, callconsumers. to book in advance.” To help smaller businesses, we offer We are located in Juffair...Come see us! highly discounted advertising rates. Grand Mosque Gulf Hotel

“Transport available on request, please call to book in advance.” We are located in Juffair...Come see us! Grand Mosque Gulf Hotel

For detailsAlphone on Jazira

1782 2388 Supermarket

or ? email: NSA

Tel: 17 725550 email:

Al Jazira Supermarket


Tel: 17725550 email:

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KFH Expands Banking Network

Mr Abdulhakeem Alkhayyat, Managing Director and CEO of KFH-Bahrain, along with senior bank officials and high profile invitees, officially inaugurated the Isa Town branch of KFH on 10th September.

MP Adnan Bin Al Malki, Khalid, Waleed and Isa Al Qadi

KFH Officials at the opening ceremony

Khalid, Aaref Hejres and Hamed

Nader Al Moayyed, Sattam Al Gassabi and Yousif Al Hammadi

Abdul Hakeem Al Khayyat

Eid Open House at Nabeel and Astrid’s Residence

A get-together was held by the Brunei and Indonesian community last month. The Indonesian community pose during the event

Nabeel and Astrid with Brunei Ambassador’s Family

Nabeel Adam Astrid

The Indonesian community with Brunei Ambassador’s Wife, Mrs Rosita Ahmad Mohammad

98 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


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The Golden Tulip

The Golden Tulip Bahrain held a Staff Get-Together Cocktail Reception which was hosted on 24th September by their General Manager, Mr Michel H Mandrea, in honour of the staff who worked to keep the hotel open during the unrest. There was a certificate presentation for Employee of the Month and a raffle for all staff. Names

Riad Bajjali, Younis Ahmed, Mezal Al Zadjali, Michel Mandrea, Mukhlis Al Khasbee and Nasser Al Rawahy

Abbas Qassimi, Khan Z and Zeeshan

Monica, Michel Mandrea and Zahi Hamdan

Rommel Sanchez, Abdulla Al Samahiji and Oscar

Michel Mandrea General Manager of The Golden Tulip Sajitha, Gem, Nina, Monica, Zahi, Mhay, Emilie and Jessica

The Supreme Council for Women

The Supreme Council for Women launched the economic empowerment projects at their headquarters on 20th September. The projects come in line with the National Strategy for the Advancement of Bahraini Women laid down by the Council.

Maryam A Qader

Ammar Awachi and Rana Ahmed Khalifa

Mohamed Bocheery and Ezzudin Almoayed

Waad Ali Maryam Isa

Maysa Jumah and Dalia Shaker

Mohammed and Adel

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 99

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Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society

The Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society organised a panel discussion, held on 17th September for women candidates for the Parliament complimentary elections.

Sawsan Dahneem, Eman Shukralla and Rachelle Pastrana

Mona Al Jaberi and Vicky Mouawad

Stephanie Williams, Carla Melki and Carianne Vanhoozer

Chrstophe Jean

Ahlam Janahi

Samaa Jalil

Dr Hanan Abdulla Alkowari

Kawkab Mohammed Al Tajer Dr Hanan Abdulla Alkowari, Nacema Al Balushi, Mona Almoayyed, Carla Melki, Stephanie Williams, Afnan Al Zayani, Ahlam Janahi, Chrstophe Jean, Carianne Vanhoozer and Samaa Jalil

US Embassy

US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Stephanie Williams hosted a reception at her residence to welcome and introduce new American Embassy staff and Fulbright students. The event was attended by officials from the government, representatives from the private sector, members of the diplomatic corps, businessmen, members of the Shura Council and other guests.

US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires with US Embassy staff and Fulbright students

Art Gallery Exhibition at World Beat

An Art Gallery Exhibition Opening took place on 17th September at the World Beat Fitness Center and Café.

Maryam Abdullah, Tom, Zulaf Zakaria, Meriel Cooper (Artist), Olga, Irina, Iman, Jacquie and Jane

100 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

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Launching of the Champions Lounge at The K Hotel

The K Hotel launched the Champions Lounge (previously the Pool Club) on 22nd September.

Nabil Kanoo, Natasha, Khalid Kanoo, Faisal Kanoo and Grant Holmes

Jehan and Basel

Garfield Jones and Faisal Kanoo

Natasha, Anjali, Cristalyn, Doreen, Surbita and Cheryl

Ron Peters and wife with Nick

Nabil Kanoo, Ahmed Fakhro and Faisal Kanoo

Khalid, Mohamed, Yousif and Mohammed

Lani, Cristalyn and Natasha

Royal Charity Organisation

The Bahrain Family Leisure Company hosted the awarding of the fundraising event to support the Royal Charity Organisation at Ponderosa Steakhouse, Al Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ali Complex on 28th August.

Check Presentation

Guests and beneficiaries at the event

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 101

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Launching Ceremony of All-New Ford Explorer

The launch ceremony of the all-new Ford Explorer took place at Almoayyed Motors, Sitra on 19th September.

Alan Guest, Sandeep Mathur and S.Sreekumar

Mohammed Almoayyed and Jim Anderson

Rohit, Sandeep Mathur, Basel and Syed Ashfaque

Salah Alansari, Adel Alansari and Sreedhar

Ravi, Khizer and Shafaque

Sulaiman Buhaimed Khalid AlAbbasi


Noor Shaikha Buhaimed

Mohammed Almoayyed and guests

Junaid Perfumes Launches Taariikh

Junaid Perfumes held a Ramadan Ghabga and launched their new fragrance, ‘Taariikh’ at the Awal Ballroom, Gulf Hotel on 15th August.

Atif Ikram, Brand Manager

Dalila, Poussy and Aziza

102 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Hamad, Ali, Atif and Seham

Participants for ‘Best Dressed’ competition

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Al Safir Award Ceremony

Al Safir owner and Board Chairman Mr Rashid Ebrahim Al Ghatam and Managing Director and Board Member Mr Hameed Al Halwachi awarded more than 50 staff on their loyalty and service to the company. Awards were given on 26th September to all staff and management members who completed five or ten years of service.

Saeed Haman, Nawaf Al Ghatan and Karim Sherif of Egyptian Embassy

HE Ma Corazon Yap-Bahjin and Thailand Ambassador HE Virachai Varasirikul

Stephen Daniel and Irene Cunanan

Hassan Bahjat and PB Higgoda, Consul General of Sri-Lanka

Ann, Aon, Pean, Kate and Yuyi

Jeremmy, Nimfa, Riz and Aileen

Mr Rashid Ebrahim Al Ghatam and MD and Board Member Mr Hameed Al Halwachi

Mike Folkard and Joseph Morais

MF Majeen, Ali, Deepika and Ganesh

Rania Mayal Mr Rashid Ebrahim Al Ghatam and Managing Director and Board Member Mr Hameed Al Halwachi and Awardees

Rita Mayal

The Olayan Kimberley-Clark

The Olayan Kimberley-Clark Arabia opening ceremony of project Falcon took place on 28th September. HE Shaikh Mohammed Bin Essa Al Khalifa

Gianna Van Niekerk, Joanne Bauer, Liz Gottung, Diego Alsua and Hawazen Nassief Adam Robertson, Abdul Karim Rashid and Faisal Bari

Dr Tawfeeq Almoayyed Lubna Olayan

Dr Hassan Fakhro Jean Mark

Thomas Joseph Falk

Robert William Black

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 103


Business In Brief Shaikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa

Batelco Announces New Group CEO

Gulf Air Receives IOSA Certificate After successfully completing the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) safety audit requirements, Gulf Air the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, received its IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certificate from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), renewing its place on the IOSA Registry until 2013. Gulf Air has also made some internal changes by officially appointing Dr Jassim Haji as the Director of Information Technology Division. Dr Haji has played a key role in the development of Gulf Air and takes credit for the implementation of key innovations at Gulf Air’s IT systems and processes recently.

Bahrain 11 Comes Together The official draw for the four teams to be featured in the first GCC games (Bahrain 11) took place on 9th September giving a balanced outcome. The draw was presided over by Secretary General of the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) and Deputy President of ‘Bahrain 11’ Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, presented live throughout the region. Leading specialists were welcomed into the Bahrain sports’ special on-site studio to give their opinion following each round. The four sports drawn out were basketball, volleyball, handball and football. Following the draw 1,485 applications were received from participating players and administrators, affirming Bahrain’s position as the largest showcase of GCC talent ever assembled. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamad Al Khalifa commented on the positive economic effect the event will have in Bahrain and confirmed that it will be choreographed by the same individuals responsible for the spectacular opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The event is scheduled to take place this month with nearly 1,500 athletes from the GCC participating and is under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad.

104 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Batelco’s Chairman Shaikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa recently announced the appointment of Shaikh Mohamed Bin Isa Al Khalifa as Batelco’s new Group CEO and Mr Peter Kaliaropoulos as CEO of Strategic Assignments, responsible for the Group’s Joint Ventures. He also noted that the current Batelco Board Director Murad Ali Murad would become the new Deputy Chairman of the Board in place of Shaikh Mohamed. The Chairman expressed his pleasure that the new Group CEO is an experienced Bahraini business executive with an attractive resume and the first National to hold the most senior role at Batelco. He continued that he was pleased to welcome Mr Murad, the longest serving member of Batelco Board in his new role as the Deputy Chairman. He also showed his appreciation towards new CEO Mr Kaliaropoulos. The board, as well as the Chairman hope that these changes will pave the way for further development and growth of the most admired communications company in the Middle East.

Business Ezetop and BFC Sign Agreement Bahrain Financing Company (BFC), the Kingdom’s most reputed money transfer and foreign exchange group has linked with Ezetop, the largest international and online recharge company to bring phone top-up services to Bahrain mobile users. The agreement will allow immigrants in Bahrain to remit phone top-up instantly back home to their families and friends. Bahrain’s immigrants will be able to purchase mobile credit for mobile operators in their home countries securely and instantly send it to their home country. BFC’s partnership with Ezetop is seen as a way of contributing to the wellbeing of Bahrain’s local communities, making many lives easier and more convenient.

New British Ambassador to Bahrain A BBBF lunch meeting attended by over 120 members of Bahrain’s business community, conducted by Chairman of the BBBF Khalid Al-Zayani was held in August to mark the beginning of HMA Iain Lindsay’s term as British ambassador to Bahrain. Mr Lindsay is to continue the work of HMA Jamie Bowden, developing bilateral relations between Bahrain and the United Kingdom. Mr Lindsay showed his appreciation to his new position by commenting on the warm welcome given to him. He also spoke about the various sectors that he believed needed to be given attention when it came to relations between Bahrain and the United Kingdom. With a very impressive record, Mr Lindsay was appreciated by his peers as well as superiors, including Mr Zayani who thanked him for his achievements that have paved way to the recognition and growth of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Ambassador Iain Lindsay (fourth from left) with BBBF Committee members

Saks Fifth Avenue Donations Saks Fifth Avenue held a handing over of donations in support of the Bahrain Society for Child Development in September and showed their appreciation to the community for their generosity and support for the children of Bahrain. The donations were handed over to Ms Fouzya Al Mahroos at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bahrain City Centre.

‘Make a Difference this Ramadan’ Charity Drive a Success During Ramadan, Bahrain City Centre managed to collect 2,000 bags of clothing, 1,800 books, 140 spectacles and 15 mobile phones donated by the local community to help under-privileged people both in Bahrain and internationally. Some of the items will be donated to the Awali Thrift Shop which will be donating BD300 to the Somalia crisis while the remainder will be distributed locally to those in need. Organisers of the charity drive were very thankful to all those who participated and donated and also to those who showed further appreciation for making Ramadan special.

Tamkeen’s Support Program Approaches Target Tamkeen’s Enterprise Development Support Program is approaching its beneficiary target of 1,000. Towards the end of August, the total number of beneficiaries served by the Enterprise Development Support Agency during the programme’s second phase, reached 937 companies, with over BD3.8 million contributed by Tamkeen. The program includes five main enterprise development support schemes; “Istishara”, “Techania”, “Jawda”, “Tarweej” and “Tasweeq”, all of which have witnessed more signups following a number of updates to the Enterprise Development Support Programme. A few beneficiaries have voiced their support for the program and encourage others to also become a part of it. Mr Ayman Hammad of Wadi Al Oyoun Construction, used the Techania scheme to improve his business and has absolutely no regrets. He is one of many who have benefitted from the scheme.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 105


“Ford has further increased the new Explorer fuel economy to give customers unsurpassed fuel efficiency and it was also named a top safety pick by the insurance institute for highway safety.”

Designed For Exploring Almoayyed Motors Launch Completely Reinvented Ford Explorer.


he new Ford Explorer is a reinvented sport utility vehicle offering customers an unmatched combination of convenience, capability and technology. The contemporary design aims to please SUV customers with interior packages featuring clever storage solutions, generous head and shoulder room and three rows of flexible seating. Quietness is a significant advancement in the reinvented Explorer, superior to insegment competitors for overall quietness and NVH control. The shift to a unibody construction platform enabled a reduction in road noise and significantly decreased Explorer body roll in dynamic cornering situations. Independent front and rear suspension is the SR1 configuration, named for its one-to-one shock absorber ratio enabling precise ride control. Explorer’s EPAS system provides a fuel economy benefit in comparison to

106 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

traditional hydraulic power assist systems and enables a turning radius for optimum maneuverability in parking situations, combined with increased assistance at low speeds for parking ease. EPAS allows for the addition of curve control, a new feature that senses when a driver enters a turn too quickly and applies brake pressure to stabilise the vehicle. In addition, EPAS enables the optional active park assist technology. When activated, the system scans for a suitable spot, calculates the trajectory and steers the vehicle. The driver continues to control brake and throttle inputs but the system steers the vehicle throughout the parking maneuver. The new terrain management system can be selected depending on the off-roading surface or situation and the settings available include normal, mud and sand. Each setting provides unique engine behavior and also includes ‘hill descent control’ which provides engine braking to increase driver confidence and control

when descending a steep incline. Ford has further increased the new Explorer fuel economy to give customers unsurpassed fuel efficiency and it was also named a top safety pick by the insurance institute for highway safety. The Explorer features another Ford safety innovation, the world’s first second-row inflatable rear belts. Rear seat passengers can be more vulnerable to head, chest and neck injuries. Ford’s unique inflatable rear belts spread impact forces across more than five times the area of conventional seat belts, reducing pressure on the chest while helping to control head and neck motion. From Ford’s voice-activated communications and entertainment system to superior connectivity, Explorer offers technologies that enhance ownership experience For more information visit the Almoayyed Motors showroom in Sitra or call +973 17 737373.

Advertorial Established in 1981 and operated by Fakhro Transport, Budget Car Rental aims to provide car rental services to the highest international standards.



Car Hire

heir services have expanded successfully since then and now include: short and medium-term vehicle hire; car leasing to individuals and corporate clients; chauffeur services within Bahrain as well as to and from Saudi Arabia; and a worldwide reservations capability through the Budget Car Rental computerised international reservation system. They also sell high-quality used vehicles. For your car hire needs, Budget Car Rentalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s professional representatives are on hand to serve you at the following locations, namely, their main office in Bahrain Commercial Complex in Manama; at the Bahrain International Airport (24 hours); the Almoayyed Tower in Seef, the GCC Highway in Sitra, as well as at the Ford and Nissan Service Centres respectively. Convenient, efficient and easy. Call Budget Car Rental today at Tel. +973 1753 4100.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 107


Safety First After earning the top rating in the latest safety assessment programme for new cars, Bahrain Confidential finds out about the luxurious safety-conscious BMW X3.


hanks to its segmentleading dynamic handling and versatility, the new BMW X3 has emerged as a highly successful model in international car markets within a matter of months. It also assumes an exemplary role on the safety front, confirmed by Europe’s leading crash test programme where it achieved the highest rating of five stars. The sports activity vehicle earned top marks, thanks to its comprehensive range of standard safety equipment and effective occupant protection in various types of collisions. The new BMW X3 boasts an extremely stable body structure, and the forces exerted on the vehicle in a collision are deflected along precisely defined load paths and absorbed by generous deformation zones. Consequently, the passenger cell fulfils its function as a survival space even in serious collisions. Standard safety equipment includes front, side and curtain head airbags that protect both the driver and the passengers from injury. Also standard are belt latch tensioners and belt force limiters for the

108 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

front seats. The restraint systems are controlled by the central safety electronics, which take into account the type and severity of an accident to trigger the most effective protective features in each case. The stable passenger cell provides

around three years or 18 months in the relevant-sized child seats. It earned an outstanding rating for its active safety features with the Dynamic Stability Control system (DSC), linked to BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive. Further standard features include a tyre defect indicator that warns the driver in good time of a loss of pressure in any individual wheel. The test procedure of the new car assessment programme ranks as one of the most rigorous tests worldwide to which new vehicles are subjected and is a benchmark for crash safety recognised throughout Europe

“The car assumes an exemplary role on the safety front, confirmed by Europe’s leading crash test programme where it achieved the highest rating of five stars.” injury protection in a front-end collision for both the driver and the passengers, regardless of a person’s size and the position of their seat. The vehicle was also awarded outstanding ratings for the protection of children aged

BMW X3 is currently available at Euro Motors, the exclusive importer for BMW Group in Bahrain. For more information, visit the Euro Motors showroom in Sitra or Tel. +973 17 750 610.


The World’s

Fastest Piece Of Porcelain


or the first time in eight years, Bugatti, a brand renowned for producing the world’s fastest and most exclusive vehicles, previewed at the auto show in Frankfurt. To mark the occasion, Bugatti showcasing a spectacular piece of automotive artwork. The Grand Sport “L’Or Blanc”, a one-off vehicle created in collaboration with the Königliche PorzellanManufaktur Berlin (KPM), a historic porcelain company based in the German capital will be at the show. Bugatti will also be showcasing a second open roadster with striking scarlet paintwork revealing just how many different possibilities are available to Grand Sport customers. The one-of-a-kind ‘L’Or Blanc’ is the world’s first car to feature porcelain in both the body design and the interior. The impressive paintwork is based on the

roads on the Stelvio Pass in Italy. “Berlin Bugatti turns a totally new page when it comes to creating pieces of automotive art,” said President of Bugatti Automobiles Wolfgang Dürheimer at a press conference. “This is precisely what makes us stand

One-Of-A-Kind Bugatti Grand Sport on Display at Frankfurt Auto Show.

Bugatti is carrying on in the tradition of its founder Ettore, who loved to experiment with new materials and the ‘L’Or Blanc’ with its blue and white paintwork and the second red Grand Sport, reflect Bugatti’s Tricolore concept. However, these are just two examples from the diverse range of options available to Bugatti customers in the next few years. With the polycarbonate panorama roof open, the Grand Sport has a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph), while with the roof closed it can hit a maximum speed of 407 km/h (253 mph), making it the fastest convertible in the world and the fastest super sports car authorised for use on public roads. So far, 42 orders have been placed from the limited run of the hp roadster, meaning there are still 108 available for interested customers

“Berlin Bugatti turns a totally new page when it comes to creating pieces of automotive art.” out from other brands. We are not afraid of the extravagant idea to use porcelain in a super sports car. We love taking on new challenges and bringing these ideas to life in keeping with the high quality and aesthetics that Bugatti is known for.”

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 109



At Bahrain Confidential we try our best to reunite lost animals with their families or find new homes for abandoned pets.

Looking For A

BSPCA Animals


Gloves Dolan Nany

Rob Carly


Lulu and Chuchu



Interested in adopting?

Visit the BSPCA in Saar, near St Christopher’s School or see for directions. Open for adoption viewing Mondays to Thursdays, 9am to 5pm and Fridays to Saturdays, 9am to 1pm. Tel. +973 1759 1231.

Tony the Dogfather Jimmy

Casper Tintin




Pepper Mongo Lucy

Ebony Salt


Interested in adopting? Betty Suzie

Call Tony ‘The Dogfather’ Waters at Tel. +973 3962 9889 or visit

Do you have animal concerns? Need a vet? Call Dr Nonie Coutts Tel. +973 1724 5515. 110 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


PLEASE HELP! Can You Help?

Adorable Twix, a two-year-old Jack Russell desperately needs a good home for life. He’s currently being looked after by the staff at Nonie Coutts veterinary surgery where he has been receiving and responded very well to treatment for a metal doors, wood, cement, sand, ony Waters aka ‘Tony the bladder condition. On learning about his illness – his previous owners wanted to have him put down. The staff at Nonie roofing, tiles, porta-cabins. Dogfather’ has run a rescue Coutts refused and have taken responsibility of him since and Labour: masons, carpenters, and rehabilitation centre covered the cost of his treatment. He will be ready to go to labourers, electricians, plumbers. in Bahrain for the last ten a good home around mid-October. He is extremely friendly, Transport: to move existing years. Now with over 200 reusable materials andgets newon very well with cats, dogs, children etc. Anyone who rescued animals it was time has ever had a Jack Russell will tell you they are a brilliant building materials. to relocate as his current location has incredibly Temporary storage and space: for intelligent little dog with huge personalities and been sold which obviously put him in a this little chap is no different. If you can help please call the There’s point in and all our lives whensituation. we could do with athe break and get furniture from the furniture shop. verya difficult distressing Nonie Coutts Veterinary Clinic on Tel. +973 1724 5515 a secondThankfully chance, unfortunately some Tony has found a people new do not even believe an animal is entitled to a first chance. Thankfully there are people out and you’ll find a best friend.   When asked how he felt, Tony home for himself and the animals in Saar, there such as Tony the Dogfather and the team at the BSPCA who said, “I do who re-home to the right families hopefully begin building work thinkand differently andwill have dedicated their lives to helping animals haveon been dumped, neglected or justIt never even familythe animals have been buthad onlya after the cruelly AC kennels from the 1st May. to love them or a that regular if you love animals –rehabilitated. you can helpThe long term residents, now means hismeal. needsSohave changed to give them a better life. Please think twice before you throw out your old, damaged or special needs slightly.and Obviously the goods. food and moneythey are in old clothes household Providing good condition animals stay for the rest of their lives are stillno very important to him and donations work – what may longer hold value to you could be another person’s treasure. There are two fundraising outlets toall support Tony in air-conditioned kennels.” and very gratefully received but now Tony the Dogfather’s animal kind rescue needs a different of centre. help asThe well:Second Chance Shop sells used clothes, books and small household items/bric a brac. Anyone who can help should contact The Second Chance shop (upstairs, inside Tibra’s) is open Mondays, Tony on Tel.on +973 3962 9889 Sponsors rebuild the kennels: Wednesdays andto Fridays from 10am to 12noon.Tibra’s is located Budaiya the blockwho of shops the petrolorstation, email between at Any Highway building incompany givesafter help Skate Nonie Couttsname Vet clinic, before The Bookcase. or willShack haveand their company advertised


Second Chance

visit the newly builttokennel block and inmornings. NB: on Volunteer needed work Wednesday the media.

Donations always needed for breeze both theblocks, above and the Thank household you in anticipation. Building materials: furniture sale shop - collection can be arranged, if necessary; contact Linda on Tel. +973 3971 4080.

Image not Twix

May 2011 October 2011 || Bahrain Bahrain Confidential Confidential|| 113 111

Gastro to 11pm; Breakfast - BD11++, Lunch - BD12.5++ BD15 net), Dinner - BD12.5++ (BD15 net) Dinner - Pashawat Arabic Restaurant, Sofitel - Oriental Cuisine (Lebanese and Bahraini), a la carte. (Opening 9th September) Lunch and Dinner - Wok Asian restaurant, Sofitel authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine; a la carte Dinner, La Mer Seafood restaurant, Sofitel - 7pm to 11pm, a la carte; large international wine selection Lunch and Dinner, Tapas Bar, Sofitel - 11.30am - 3.30pm and 7pm - 1am; light snack during lunch, large selection of Tapas and cocktails in the evening. Lunch and Dinner - Lagoon Pool Bar, Sofitel - 8am to 8pm - light snacks, a la carte; refreshing selection of cocktails, energetic and healthy drinks

Mondays T-Spoon


Calendar The latest and tastiest places to go!

The Confidential gastro guide reveals the best places to eat every month.


International and a la Carte Cuisine - Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant (Golden Tulip Hotel), Breakfast, 6am to 10.30am; Lunch, 12pm to 4.30pm. Gourmet Burger - K Lounge and Champions Lounge (K Hotel), tasty burgers in great quantities, 11am to 12am, free bottle of beer. Lebanese Cuisine - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), sample Lebanese cuisine at its finest for lunch, salad bar, choice of 4 main courses and sweets buffets, BD4.9 +15% and 5% and full family buffet for BD8.000 +15%. Links Business Lunch - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), 3 course lunch, selected soft drinks, 11.30am to 3pm, BD8 per person. Ramee Happy Hour - Ramee Baisan International Hotel,

30% off on drinks, 20% off on food, 12pm to 8pm. Business Lunch - Medzo (InterContinental Hotel), light, healthy and tasty, BD8++. International Cuisine - Selections Restaurant (InterContinental Hotel), authentic cuisine from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, BD6 with soups, salads, appetisers and desserts, BD11, full lunch buffet. All Day Dining - Saraya, Sofitel - Breakfast Buffet, international buffet for lunch & dinner; a la carte from 6.30am

Gourmet Burger - K Lounge and Champions Lounge (K Hotel), tasty burgers in great quantities, 11am to 12am, free bottle of beer. Lebanese Cuisine - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), sample Lebanese cuisine at its finest for lunch, salad bar, choice of 4 main courses and sweets buffets, BD4.9 +15% and 5% and full family buffet for BD8.000 +15%. Links Business Lunch - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), 3 course lunch, selected soft drinks, 11.30am to 3pm, BD8 per person. Business Lunch - Medzo (InterContinental Hotel), light, healthy and tasty, BD8++. International Cuisine - Selections Restaurant (InterContinental Hotel), authentic cuisine from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, BD6 with soups, salads, appetisers and desserts, BD11, full lunch buffet. All Day Dining - Saraya, Sofitel - Breakfast Buffet, international buffet for lunch & dinner; a la carte from 6.30am to 11pm; Breakfast - BD11++, Lunch - BD12.5++ (BD15 net), Dinner - BD12.5++ (BD15 net) Lunch and Dinner - Fiamma Italian Restaurant, Sofitel regional Italian cuisine, wide selection of wines. Lunch and Dinner - Wok Asian restaurant, Sofitel authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine; a la carte. Dinner, La Mer Seafood restaurant, Sofitel - 7pm to 11pm, a la carte; large international wine selection Lunch and Dinner - Lagoon Pool Bar, Sofitel - 8am to 8pm - light snacks, a la carte; refreshing selection of cocktails, energetic and healthy drinks ‘Buy 1 shot at a regular price, get 1 shot free’ - Fiamma, Sofitel, October Absolute Level Promotion


International and a la Carte cuisine - Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant (Golden Tulip Hotel), Breakfast, 6am to 10.30am; Lunch, 12pm to 4.30pm. Gourmet Burger - K Lounge and Champions Lounge (K Hotel), tasty burgers in great quantities, 11am to 12am, free bottle of beer. Business Lunch - Medzo (InterContinental Hotel), light, healthy and tasty, BD8++. International Cuisine - Selections Restaurant (InterContinental Hotel), authentic cuisine from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, BD6 with soups, salads, appetisers and desserts, BD11, full lunch buffet. ‘Buy 1 shot at a regular price, get 1 shot free’ - Fiamma, Sofitel, October Absolute Level Promotion All Day Dining - Saraya, Sofitel - Breakfast Buffet, international buffet for lunch & dinner; a la carte from 6.30am to 11pm; Breakfast - BD11++, Lunch - BD12.5++ (BD15 net), Dinner - BD12.5++ (BD15 net) Lunch and Dinner - Fiamma Italian Restaurant, Sofitel regional Italian cuisine, wide selection of wines. Dinner - Pashawat Arabic Restaurant, Sofitel - Oriental Cuisine (Lebanese and Bahraini), a la carte. (Opening 9th September) Dinner, La Mer Seafood restaurant, Sofitel - 7pm to 11pm,

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance. continue overleaf ....

112 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


Sizzle, Dazzle: The Mövenpick’s BBQ Nights Win a Free D for Twoinner See pa ! g 115


Nowhere else on the island will you find an array of mouthwatering grilled temptations. Come for a gastro feast every Sunday, from 9th October.


he temps just got a bit hotter as the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain reintroduces their Barbecue Nights this month. What’s new you ask? The hotel’s popular theme night will be offering not just one, or two, nor three live cooking stations but five this time around! Diners can head to the Pool Lounge and choose from Arabic (i.e., the classic sheesh tawook and other favourites), Indonesian (think chicken satay), American (yummy burgers and sliders), Churrasco (the oh-so-popular Brazilian way of cooking steak is quite irresistible) and last but definitely not least is the Seafood station (choose from an array of

the freshest catch of the day). In addition, there will also be a salad and ice cream station to top off these sumptuous culinary delights. Come dine in a relaxing outdoor atmosphere with lush greenery that’s overlooking the lagoon. You’ll also be entertained by ‘Friends’, a live European band that will play a wide selection of music. From 7pm to 11pm, the Sunday BBQ Nights is only BD16.6++ per person inclusive of caipirinha drinks. Guests can also order for sheesha. The fun doesn’t stop there. The Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain is also launching its Ladies’ Night every Tuesday, starting on 4th October. The good news? Absolutely free drinks* for the ladies at the Flamingo Bar and Lounge from 7pm to 9pm

‘Friends’ band

*Applies to selected drinks only. For more information or for reservations, call the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain on Tel. +973 1746 0000.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 113

Gastro a la carte; large international wine selection Lunch and Dinner - Lagoon Pool Bar, Sofitel - 8am to 8pm - light snacks, a la carte; refreshing selection of cocktails, energetic and healthy drinks


International and a la Carte Cuisine - Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant (Golden Tulip Hotel), Breakfast, 6am to 10.30am; Lunch, 12pm to 4.30pm. Lebanese Cuisine - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), sample Lebanese cuisine at its finest for lunch, salad bar, choice of 4 main courses and sweets buffets, BD4.9 +15% and 5% and full family buffet for BD8.000 +15%. Links Business Lunch - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), 3 course lunch, selected soft drinks, 11.30am to 3pm, BD8 per person. Ramee Happy Hour - Ramee Baisan International Hotel, 30% off on drinks, 20% off on food, 12pm to 8pm. ‘Buy 1 shot at a regular price, get 1 shot free’ - Fiamma, Sofitel, October Absolute Level Promotion All Day Dining - Saraya, Sofitel - Breakfast Buffet, international buffet for lunch & dinner; a la carte from 6.30am to 11pm; Breakfast - BD11++, Lunch - BD12.5++ (BD15 net), Dinner - BD12.5++ (BD15 net)

Lunch and Dinner - Fiamma Italian Restaurant, Sofitel regional Italian cuisine, wide selection of wines. Dinner - Pashawat Arabic Restaurant, Sofitel - Oriental Cuisine (Lebanese and Bahraini), a la carte. (Opening 9th September) Lunch and Dinner - Wok Asian restaurant, Sofitel authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine; a la carte Dinner, La Mer Seafood restaurant, Sofitel - 7pm to 11pm, a la carte; large international wine selection Lunch and Dinner - Lagoon Pool Bar, Sofitel - 8am to 8pm - light snacks, a la carte; refreshing selection of cocktails, energetic and healthy drinks


Gourmet Burger - K Lounge and Champions Lounge (K Hotel), tasty burgers in great quantities, 11am to 12am, free bottle of beer. Lebanese Cuisine - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), sample Lebanese cuisine at its finest for lunch, salad bar, choice of 4 main courses and sweets buffets, BD4.9 +15% and 5% and full family buffet for BD8.000 + 5%. Links Business Lunch - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), 3 course lunch, selected soft drinks, 11.30am to 3pm, BD8 per person. Business Lunch - Medzo (InterContinental Hotel), light, healthy and tasty, BD8++. International Cuisine - Selections Restaurant (InterContinental Hotel), authentic cuisine from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, BD6 with soups, salads, appetizers and desserts, BD11, full lunch buffet. ‘Buy 1 shot at a regular price, get 1 shot free’ - Fiamma, Sofitel, October Absolute Level Promotion All Day Dining - Saraya, Sofitel - Breakfast Buffet, international buffet for lunch & dinner; a la carte from 6.30am to 11pm; Breakfast - BD11++, Lunch - BD12.5++ (BD15 net), Dinner - BD12.5++ (BD15 net) Lunch and Dinner - Fiamma Italian Restaurant, Sofitel regional Italian cuisine, wide selection of wines. Dinner - Pashawat Arabic Restaurant, Sofitel - Oriental Cuisine (Lebanese and Bahraini), a la carte. (Opening 9th September)

114 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Lunch and Dinner - Wok Asian restaurant, Sofitel authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine; a la carte Dinner, La Mer Seafood restaurant, Sofitel - 7pm to 11pm, a la carte; large international wine selection Lunch and Dinner - Lagoon Pool Bar, Sofitel - 8am to 8pm - light snacks, a la carte; refreshing selection of cocktails, energetic and healthy drinks


International and a la Carte Cuisine - Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant (Golden Tulip Hotel), Breakfast, 6am to 10.30am; Lunch, 12pm to 4.30pm. Friday Brunch Buffet - Golden Tulip Hotel, fun filled family brunch, 12pm to 4.30pm, BD20 net inclusive of free flow everything and live entertainment. Friday Brunch - Klouds Restaurant (K Hotel), experience village dining with your family, live entertainment, fun for children, BD19.5++ per person inclusive of unlimited flow of selected beverages from 12.30pm to 4.30pm, 50% discount for children, 6 to 12 yrs, free for children below 6yrs. Mövenpick Brunch - Hotel outlets, Sparkling brunch, 12.30pm to 4pm, BD23.2++. All Day Breakfast - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), full English, New Yorker, Norwegian or best eggs Benedict in town, homemade waffles, pastries and jams, fresh juices and brunchy cocktails. Friday Carvery Feast - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), classic roast carvery buffet, live cooking stations, special buffet table for kids, crèche available for younger kids, BD3 per child per hour. 12pm to 4pm. Visitors BD15 net, Club Members BD13 net, Kids under 12 BD8.5, inclusive of selected soft drinks. International Cuisine Selections Restaurant (InterContinental Hotel), authentic cuisine from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, BD6 with soups, salads, appetizers and desserts, BD11, full lunch buffet. ‘Buy 1 shot at a regular price, get 1 shot free’ - Fiamma, Sofitel, October Absolute Level Promotion All Day Dining - Saraya, Sofitel - Breakfast Buffet, international buffet for lunch & dinner; a la carte from 6.30am to 11pm; Breakfast - BD11++, Lunch - BD 12.5++ (BD15 net), Dinner - BD12.5++ (BD15 net) Lunch and Dinner - Fiamma Italian Restaurant, Sofitel regional Italian cuisine, wide selection of wines. Dinner - Pashawat Arabic Restaurant, Sofitel - Oriental Cuisine (Lebanese and Bahraini), a la carte. (Opening 9th September) Lunch and Dinner - Wok Asian restaurant, Sofitel authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine; a la carte Dinner, La Mer Seafood restaurant, Sofitel - 7pm to 11pm, a la carte; large international wine selection Lunch and Dinner - Lagoon Pool Bar, Sofitel - 8am to 8pm - light snacks, a la carte; refreshing selection of cocktails, energetic and healthy drinks


All Day Breakfast - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), full English, New Yorker, Norwegian or best eggs Benedict in town, homemade waffles, pastries and jams, fresh juices and brunchy cocktails. Lebanese Cuisine - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), sample Lebanese cuisine at its finest for lunch, salad bar, choice of 4 main courses and sweets buffets, BD4.9 +15% and 5% and full family buffet for BD8.000 +5%. Gastro Brunch - The Polo Lounge, Gastro Cafe (Palace Hotel), enjoy a good brunch, 9am to 4pm. Free for Kids! - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), for every adult main course, one kids dish free, for kids below 12 years. 11am to 3pm. International Cuisine - Selections Restaurant (InterContinental Hotel), authentic cuisine from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, BD6 with soups, salads, appetizers and desserts, BD11, full lunch buffet. ‘Buy 1 shot at a regular price, get 1 shot free’ - Fiamma,

Sofitel, October Absolute Level Promotion All Day Dining - Saraya, Sofitel - Breakfast Buffet, international buffet for lunch & dinner; a la carte from 6.30am to 11pm; Breakfast - BD11++, Lunch - BD12.5++ (BD15 net), Dinner - BD12.5++ (BD15 net) Lunch and Dinner - Fiamma Italian Restaurant, Sofitel regional Italian cuisine, wide selection of wines. Dinner - Pashawat Arabic Restaurant, Sofitel - Oriental Cuisine (Lebanese and Bahraini), a la carte. (Opening 9th September) Lunch and Dinner - Wok Asian restaurant, Sofitel authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine; a la carte Dinner, La Mer Seafood restaurant, Sofitel - 7pm to 11pm, a la carte; large international wine selection Lunch and Dinner - Lagoon Pool Bar, Sofitel - 8am to 8pm - light snacks, a la carte; refreshing selection of cocktails, energetic and healthy drinks

Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre T Spoon, Kempinski Hotel, legendary Gerbeaud confectionery from Budapest, flavours of Esterhazy and Dobos cakes, extensive array of fruit and organic teas and coffees, pastry and dessert delights. All day from 10pm to 11am. Tel. +973 1717 1000.

Baisan International Hotel Order any Lobster dish off the menu and get a bottle of wine free this month. Order a New Rocket Salad and get a glass of wine with every order, BD4. Lunch Express Menu; get a bottle of Sol or a glass of wine with every order between 12pm to 4pm, BD4.5.

La Soiree at Golden Tulip On the Last Sunday of every month, French originality including fine desserts and wines, Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant, 7pm, BD20 net per person.

Mo Kan at K Hotel Head on to the newest Asian Restaurant ‘Mo Kan’ at The K Hotel Juffair and enjoy 50% off on all kinds of Dim Sum including complimentary Japanese tea per person. This offer is not valid with any other discounts and valid for lunch and dinner throughout October. Tel. +973 1736 0000.

Sheraton Bahrain Hotel Enjoy Iranian delicacies for lunch at the Golestan Restaurant with Exclusive Express Lunch for only BD10 net per person. An Nada, cocktail lounge offers a special ‘Panini promotion’ throughout October with selected cocktails and beverages, including live entertainment with the new “Rampage Band”. Savour authentic Chinese cuisine and a special Spring roll promotion at Soie, fine Chinese Restaurant for the entire month of October. Tel. +973 1753 3533.

Weekend Getaway Treat Stay at the Palace Hotel for the prefect weekend getaway. Book your room starting from BD50, valid on Thursday and Friday night’s stay only. Terms and conditions apply. Taste and discover Suzy Massetti’s secret recipes and finest dishes cooked to perfection and flavoured with love at Masso. Coming Soon! Tel. +973 1772 5000.

Latino Fusion Elite Seef Residence and Hotel in collaboration with Vallay Services International, proudly present a month full of exciting entertainment. The hotel encourage all Latino music lovers to enjoy outdoor pool parties every Thursday night and have arranged a special dance floor with the Havaneros Band, known regionally for their music. Latin Fusion is every Thursday from 8pm onwards and every Friday from 12 to sunset. On the 21st October there will be a Cuban party hosted by Vallay Services International. Both events are free entry and for all interested call 1758 3388 for more information.

If you want to see your event listed … Send your listings on the 15th of every month at the very latest. Gastro and nightlife listings are updated every month through our mailing list. If you’dlike to be included email:


Win a

FREE Dinner for Two at Mövenpick!

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win The Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain and Bahrain Confidential are treating two (2) lucky winners for a BBQ Night treat for themselves and a friend this month. It’s a breeze. All you need to do is answer the following question:

How many live cooking stations will the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain have during its BBQ Night every Sunday? a) b) c)

Seven Five Eight

Email your answer to: with your Full Name, Address, Mobile Number and your favourite section of the magazine (for internal purposes only).

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win

October Dining at the Royal Golf Club

Every Friday, Carvery Feast at Links Lounge and Restaurant Classic roast carvery buffet with all the trimmings plus live cooking stations. Special buffet table for the kids. Crèche available for younger children at only BD3 per child per hour. From midday to 4pm. Visitors - BD15 net; Club Members BD13 net; kids under 12 - BD8.5 (includes selected soft drinks). Every Saturday, Kids Eat for free! At Links Lounge and Restaurant, for every adult main course ordered children under 12 can order a dish from the kids’ menu absolutely free. From 11am to 3pm. Weekdays Business Lunch Try it at Links Lounge and Restaurant; a 3-course lunch with selected soft drinks at just BD8 per person. From 11.30am to 3pm. Happy Hour Daily! At Links Lounge and Restaurant, enjoy fantastic discounts every day on selected beverages from 5pm to 7pm. Prego is Now Open! This new restaurant offers authentic Italian-style pizzas baked in a ‘wood stone’ oven. Dine in or takeaway. Tel. +973 1775 1263. ‘Like’ them on Facebook to get 10% off your first order. From 5pm to 10pm. For more information visit or Tel. +973 1775 0777.

1st – 31st October

Chocolate Fantasy at


Well-known fine patisserie PAUL will dedicate a whole month to chocolate - with tempting cakes and mouthwatering desserts. ‘Chocolate Fantasy’ will kick off this month kick off with special treats bursting with chocolate goodness, with interesting flavours like nougat and white chocolate or fruit and other ingredients to highlight the delicate taste of chocolate. PAUL is at Bahrain City Centre and Seef Mall. Tel. +973 1717 2321; 1758 0073 or find them on Facebook:

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 115


Gilgamesh, A Thai Food Extravaganza by Alice Mutumba


The layout of Gilgamesh Bar and Lounge is lavish and decadent. It’s an oasis of Asian style, cleverly located in London’s Camden town within the bedlam of markets.

Gilgamesh Restaurant Bar and Lounge is located at The Stables, Market Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AHT. Tel. +44 207 428 4922.

Gilgamesh Dessert Tray

ur starter was amazing, Gilgamesh head chef Ian Pengelley’s menu is genius. Who would have thought of serving a crispy duck and melon salad, an interesting combination garnished with large cashew nuts and a sweet barbecue type sauce. This was followed by another round of drinks, mine being a port and of course something pink for my companion Riece Forde. Our main course was the recommended Gilgamesh Sea Bass served with a side of Asian greens. The Sea Bass was heavenly, glazed with miso sauce, sweet and tangy, accompanied by a perfect crunch with a buttery melting middle. I fought with Riece over the biggest portion. Not a dish to be shared. We went for the Gilgamesh desserts platter with a selection of chocolate goodies and ice creams. Whilst all of the desserts are exceptional albeit a bit on the small side, if you must choose only one make it the Green Tea Banana Cake that comes warm in a plate of caramel, so good that you’ll slow down every spoonful just to savour it a little longer. Want Thai in London? Gilgamesh is your answer, not only a beautifully presented space in trendy surroundings, but it’s a spectacular restaurant with attentive staff, and innovative dishes. Add great company and you’ll have a memorable evening

Gilgamesh Sashimi

116 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011


Recipes by Hala Obaid

Eggplant Roll With Labana Hala Obaid

Eggplant Roll With Labana Ingredients 2 large eggplants, cut into slices ¼ tablespoon of salt ¼ tablespoon of black pepper power Stuffing Ingredients 1 pack of labana (180 gm) ¼ tablespoon of salt 1 clove of chopped garlic Red Sauce Ingredients 2 tablespoons of olive oil 2 cloves of chopped garlic 2 chopped tomatoes 2 tablespoons of hot sauce ¼ tablespoon of salt

Directions 1. Marinate eggplants with salt and black pepper. 2. Mix labana with salt and garlic. 3. Sauté eggplant slices in deep oil and remove from heat, stuff with a small quantity of labana stuffing. Roll into a rectangular shape and repeat process until quantity is used up. 4. Prepare red sauce; place olive oil in a wide pan, add garlic and stir for one minute, then add tomato grated with salt and hot sauce. 5. Arrange eggplant in a serving dish and pour red sauce onto eggplant evenly, serve hot.

Hot Cucumber Salad

Hot SaladCucumber

Ingredients 3 shredded cucumbers 3 tablespoons of chopped parsley 1 chopped tomato 1 chopped clove of garlic Dressing 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 tablespoon of white vinegar

1 tablespoon of mustard powder ¼ teaspoon of salt ¼ teaspoon of red pepper powder Directions 1. Mix cucumber with parsley, tomato, garlic and pour the mixture into a serving dish. 2. Combine dressing ingredients carefully and pour onto salad. Serve cold.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 117


Night The

Dance as though no one is looking ...

Never Looked

Bright So


Chillax Happy Hours - Cocoon Lounge, 5pm to 9pm. BD1.5 drinks, 20% off on food. Flamingo Bar - Mövenpick Hotel, Live European Band, 2pm to 2am, Happy Hour, 2pm to 9pm, 20% off. Quiz Night - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), Quiz Master Dwayne, great new prizes, entrance free, Peroni beer special, 5btls BD9.5, Ladies Night, BD4 unlimited beverages. JJ’s Happy Hour - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), selected beverages from 4pm to 7pm, daily food specials, extended happy hour, 12pm to 9pm for members, 15% discount on food for Gulf Air Crew (not applicable on food specials). Camelot Happy Hour - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), 5pm to 7pm. Links Happy Hour - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), discounts on selected beverages, 5pm to 7pm. Angels Night Out - Ramee Baisan International Hotel, free drinks for ladies, 9pm to 1.30am.


Happy Hour - Champions Lounge (K Hotel), 5pm to 7pm, 30% discount on all beverages, play darts and billiards.

Flamingo ladies night cocktails

118 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

K Hotel Happy Hour - K Lounge, 6pm to 8pm, 30% discount on beverages and juices. Ladies Night - Club Buffalo and BedRock (California Hotel), free drinks for ladies. Chillax Happy Hours - Cocoon Lounge, 5pm to 9pm. BD1.5 drinks, 20% off on food. Sushi Night - Cocoon Lounge, fresh, sumptuous platters of sushi with unlimited selected beverages, 7pm to 11pm, BD12. Microphone Madness - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), Jump on stage, have your 4 minutes of fame, free shot of Tequila for performers, Corona beer special (5btls for BD9.5). JJ’s Happy Hour - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), selected beverages from 4pm to 7pm, daily food specials, extended happy hour, 12pm to 9pm for members, 15% discount on food for Gulf Air Crew (not applicable on food specials). Camelot Happy Hour - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), 5pm to 7pm. Moules et Frites Night - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), unlimited mussels and fries, BD14 per person, BD22 per person including selected beverages. Aoud Player - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), aoud player and singer, Mr Murad Zahra. Coral Bay - Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), resident singer Salim performs, oldies and new hits on

Oud, 9.30pm. Links Happy Hour - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), discounts on selected beverages, 5pm to 7pm. Angels Night Out - Ramee Baisan International Hotel, free drinks for ladies, 9pm to 1.30am. Happy Hour - Downtown Lounge (InterContinental Hotel), 30% discount on your bill, 4pm to 8pm.


International & A’ la Carte Cuisines - Al Wasmeyyah Restaurant (Golden Tulip Hotel), Dinner, 7pm to 10.30pm. Happy Hour - Champions Lounge (K Hotel), 5pm to 7pm, 30% discount on all beverages, play darts and billiards. K Hotel Happy Hour - K Lounge, 6pm to 8pm, 30% discount on beverages and juices. Chillax Happy Hours - Cocoon Lounge, 5pm to 9pm. BD1.5 drinks, 20% off on food. The Great Gatsby - C.Club Sports Bar (Golden Tulip Hotel), buy one, get on free classic cocktail. Flamingo Ladies Night - Flamingo Bar (Mövenpick Hotel), exotic atmosphere, cocktails and wines, 7pm to 9pm, free drinks for ladies, selected beverages. Flamingo Bar - Mövenpick Hotel, Live European Band, 2pm to 2am, Happy Hour, 2pm to 9pm, 20% off. Double Up Tuesdays - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), drink a favourite double for only BD1 extra, Ladies night, BD4, unlimited beverages. Camelot Happy Hour - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), 5pm to 7pm. The Great Escape - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), wine tasting with smooth grooves and cheese, doors open at 7pm, BD10 per person. Aoud Player - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), aoud player and singer, Mr Murad Zahra. Coral Bay - Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), resident singer Salim performs, oldies and new hits on Oud, 9.30pm. Links Happy Hour - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), discounts on selected beverages, 5pm to 7pm. Happy Hour - Downtown Lounge (InterContinental Hotel), 30% discount on your bill, 4pm to 8pm.


Happy Hour - Champions Lounge (K Hotel), 5pm to 7pm, 30% discount on all beverages, play darts and billiards. K Hotel Happy Hour - K Lounge, 6pm to 8pm, 30% discount on beverages and juices. Ladies Night - Club Buffalo and BedRock (California Hotel), free drinks for ladies. Chillax Happy Hours - Cocoon Lounge, 5pm to 9pm. BD1.5 drinks, 20% off on food. Lipstick Lounge - Cocoon Lounge, glamorous ladies night, best international and local DJs, complimentary cocktails, free entrance for ladies. Flamingo Bar - Mövenpick Hotel, Live European Band, 2pm to 2am, Happy Hour, 2pm to 9pm, 20% off. JJ’s Happy Hour - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), selected beverages from 4pm to 7pm, daily food specials, extended happy hour, 12pm to 9pm for members, 15% discount on food for Gulf Air Crew (not applicable on food specials). Camelot Happy Hour - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), 5pm to 7pm. Nuits De Madmoiselles - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), Ladies night, 6pm to midnight, ladies, enjoy a martini or cocktail champagne, the next one free. Smooth Music with JOJO - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), piano, 7.30pm t 10.30pm. Links Happy Hour - Links and Lounge Restaurant

Nightlife (Royal Golf Club), discounts on selected beverages, 5pm to 7pm. Angels Night Out - Ramee Baisan International Hotel, free drinks for ladies, 9pm to 1.30am. Happy Hour - Downtown Lounge (InterContinental Hotel), 30% discount on your bill, 4pm to 8pm. Mad Wall Street - Downtown Lounge (InterContinental Hotel), drinks at unbelievable prices.

Coral Bay - Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), resident singer Salim performs, oldies and new hits on Oud, 9.30pm. Links Happy Hour - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), discounts on selected beverages, 5pm to 7pm. Happy Hour - Downtown Lounge (InterContinental Hotel), 30% discount on your bill, 4pm to 8pm.



K Hotel Happy Hour - K Lounge, 6pm to 8pm, 30% discount on beverages and juices. Chillax Happy Hours - Cocoon Lounge, 5pm to 9pm. BD1.5 drinks, 20% off on food. American Barbeque Night - Golden Tulip Hotel, a real outdoor experience, 7pm to 11pm, BD20 net inclusive of beverages and live entertainment. Ladies Night - C.Club Sports Bar (Golden Tulip Hotel), free flow bubbly and cocktails. Fabulous - Cocoon Lounge, exclusive RnB night, special guest urban DJ, Ladies, free bubbly all night Flamingo Bar - Mövenpick Hotel, Live European Band, 12pm to 2am, Happy hour, 2pm to 9pm, 20% off. Big Night Out - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), constant promotions on food and drink including weekly bar specials and promotions and the most laid back atmosphere. JJ’s Happy Hour - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), selected beverages from 4pm to 7pm, daily food specials, extended happy hour, 12pm to 9pm for members, 15% discount on food for Gulf Air Crew (not applicable on food specials). Aoud Player - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), aoud player and singer, Mr Murad Zahra, one man show, Alfonso. Coral Bay - Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), resident singer Salim performs, oldies and new hits on Oud, 9.30pm. Links Happy Hour - Links and Lounge Restaurant (Royal Golf Club), discounts on selected beverages, 5pm to 7pm. Prego - Royal Golf Club, authentic Italian style pizzas baked in Wood Stone, dine in or takeaway, “Like” on face book and receive 10% discount on first order, 5pm to 10pm. Tel. +973 1775 1263. Happy Hour - Downtown Lounge (InterContinental Hotel), 30% discount on your bill, 4pm to 8pm. Ladies Night Out - Downtown Lounge (InterContinental Hotel), free drinks for ladies, 9pm.


Happy Hour - Champions Lounge (K Hotel), 5pm to 7pm, 30% discount on all beverages, play darts and billiards. K Hotel Happy Hour - K Lounge 6pm to 8pm, 30% discount on beverages and juices. Ladies Night - Club Buffalo and BedRock (California Hotel), free drinks for ladies. Chillax Happy Hours - Cocoon Lounge, 5pm to 9pm. BD1.5 drinks, 20% off on food. Lipstick Lounge - Cocoon Lounge, glamorous ladies night, best international and local DJs, complimentary cocktails, free entrance for ladies. Flamingo Bar - Mövenpick Hotel, Live European Band, 12pm to 2am, Happy hour, 2pm to 9pm, 20% off. Frantic Fridays - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), join your friends for a good time! JJ’s Happy Hour - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), selected beverages from 4pm to 7pm, daily food specials, extended happy hour, 12pm to 9pm for members, 15% discount on food for Gulf Air Crew (not applicable on food specials). Camelot Happy Hour - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), 5pm to 7pm. Beer Fest - Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), DJ Sami, Poolside (Karma).

Happy Hour - Champions Lounge (K Hotel), 5pm to 7pm, 30% discount on all beverages, play darts and billiards. K Hotel Happy Hour - K Lounge, 6pm to 8pm, 30% discount on beverages and juices. Ladies Night - Club Buffalo and BedRock (California Hotel), free drinks for ladies. Chillax Happy Hours - Cocoon Lounge, 5pm to 9pm. BD1.5 drinks, 20% off on food. Flamingo Bar - Mövenpick Hotel, Live European Band, 2pm to 2am, Happy Hour, 2pm to 9pm, 20% off. Grand Strand Saturday - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), enjoy all the big games on 4 BIG Screens, Ladies night, BD4, unlimited house beverages, DJ Dwayne Anthony plays your favourite song from 9pm. JJ’s Happy Hour - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), selected beverages from 4pm to 7pm, daily food specials, extended happy hour, 12pm to 9pm for members, 15% discount on food for Gulf Air Crew (not applicable on food specials). Camelot Happy Hour - Camelot Restaurant (Seven Leisure), 5pm to 7pm. Aoud Player - Rayes, Coral Bay (Seven Leisure), aoud player and singer, Mr Murad Zahra, one man show, Alfonso. Prego - Royal Golf Club, authentic Italian style pizzas baked in Wood Stone, dine in or takeaway, “Like” on face book and receive 10% discount on first order, 5pm to 10pm. Tel. +973 1775 1263. Angels Night Out - Ramee Baisan International Hotel, free drinks for ladies, 9pm to 1.30am.

Events This Month

5th - Nakadia (Tropical Underground) - Cocoon Lounge, Ladies night with one of the top female DJs in the world, Nakadia. 6th - Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute Show Baisan International Hotel, entrance BD5 for men, free for ladies, BD15, all you can drink package. 6th - Black and White Sensation Party BedRock (California Hotel), Non-stop House Music, open bar, BD15. 7th - Jakki Degg - Cocoon Lounge, ladies night with phenomenal success and leading model, Jackie Degg. 7th - Lady Gaga Tribute Show - Club Buffalo (California Hotel), open bar, BD15, Entrance fee, BD5. 10th - Think Pink Karaoke Night - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), for every singer that performs, BD1 will be donated to Think Pink. 12th - Nicc Johnson (Funky Room, Pacha) Cocoon Lounge, ladies night. 14th - Casa D’Costa - Cocoon Lounge, a classy mix of Balearic Chiq brushed with a harder edge. 19th - Salvacion Ibiza Republik with Inaki Santos - Cocoon Lounge, brings you the out of this world Electronica, House and Minimalist producer Inaki Santos! 20th - Joe Driscoll - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), acoustic session, doors open at 8pm, show begins at 10pm, tickets available on the door, BD5. 26th - Billy McGaley - Cocoon Lounge presents a special ladies night. 27th - Halloween Night - Ramee Baisan

International Hotel, all you can drink package, BD15. 28th - Hell Raiser BedRock (California Hotel), Halloween weekend, open bar, BD15. 28th, 29th, 30th Oktober Fest - Ramee Baisan International Hotel. 31st - Apocalypse Club Buffalo (California Hotel), Halloween Night, open bar, BD15. Inaki Santos 31st - Trick or Treat - Cocoon Lounge, Halloween special, a spooktacular night of mischief and mayhem. 31st - Michael Jackson Spooktacular - JJ’s Irish Restaurant (Seven Leisure), Halloween in tribute to Micheal Jackson, prizes given for best costume and couple, doors open at 8pm, show begins at 9pm, tickets available on the door, BD5. 31st - Dark Knight - Dublin Club (Ramee Palace Hotel), spook-tacular Halloween celebration, prizes for best costumes, killer shot menu. California Hotel Club Buffalo - Happy Hour, 4pm to 8pm, 25% discount on food and beverages daily; DELUXE BAND from US every night with celebrity resident DJ Johnny Bailo, 9pm to 2am every night. BedRock Pre Historic Discotheque - Happy Hour, 6pm to 10pm, 20% discount on food and beverages; residents DJ Jett and DJ Aldwin play Hip Hop, RnB and House Music, every night. Legends Happy Hour - Legends Sports Lounge, 4pm to 8pm, 25% discount on food and beverage.

Spotlight On DJ Kiwi DJ Kiwi has been performing in New York and Paris and is gearing up for her next set at the Elite Resort and Spa on 14th October. The New-Zealander who lists New York house and lounge music as her preference, is not new to Bahrain since flying in to open restaurant Block 338; and lists her musical influences as David Moralez, Joni Mitchell and Ella Fitzgerald. Since arriving in Paris and being taken under Buddha Bar producer Claude Challe’s wing, her career has seen her perform as an opening act for DJs around the World and has played at a number of venues locally including the Cocoon Lounge and Tabu. She has also performed at Chris Cornell’s bar, Black Calvados; and Montana, where she played her favourite ever set. She also worked with Hovannes K for four years, the producer for several seasons of Jean Paul Gaultier and Armani in Paris, and additionally the first two Buddha Bar CD’s. “I am aiming to do one big gig per month in Bahrain and would love to perform in other GCC countries too,” she said. For information, contact Tel. +973 3998 8684 or email: paoloemanuele.

If you want to see your event listed …

Listings need to be received by Bahrain Confidential on the 15th of every month at the very latest. Gastro and nightlife listings are updated every month through our mailing list. If you would like to be included in our mailing list or if you have a one-off event you would like to be featured, please contact:

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 119


Recommended Restaurants Chinese China Garden Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 With a chilled out resonance and deep, comfy chairs this place has the convivial atmosphere of a friend’s house only with better service.

Hong Kong Adliya, Tel. 1772 8700 The myriad dishes are served in abundance and are all delicately and lovingly flavoured. The soft steamed dumplings are magnificent, the sizzling seafood is cooked to perfection, and the beef with black mushrooms and bamboo shoots deserves plaudits beyond Bahrain.

Soie Sheraton, Tel. 1753 3533 Chinese and Asian specialities in sophisticated and elegant Oriental surroundings.

Indian Nirvana The Ritz-Carlton, Tel. 1758 0000 Nirvana is one of the best looking curry houses in the region and has a ‘secret’ dining booth for the lovers out there.

International Fusions Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 The food and wine list will keep you coming back to Fusions. Try the beautifully tender grilled sirloin with boldly flavoured ginger mash and a selection of roasted vegetables.

Links Restaurant The Royal Golf Club, Tel. 1775 0777 Links, located on the mezzanine floor of the Club House, is a large, brasserie-style restaurant/ lounge open to all visitors to the Royal Golf Club. Features include a cocktail bar, an outdoor terrace and floor to ceiling picture windows offering patrons spectacular views across the golf courses.

Silk’s Mövenpick Hotel, Tel. 1746 0000 With cuisine inspired by the four continents of the Silk Route, the food on offer here is eclectic and varied all cooked in front of you in open kitchens around the restaurant.

Le Jardin Ramada Bahrain, Tel. 1774 2000 Fully renovated with a new look - ‘Bigger, Better, Brighter’.

The Gallery Mövenpick Hotel, Tel. 1746 0000 Picturesque pool and lagoon views.

La Méditerranée The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Tel. 1758 0000 Asian, French, Mediterranean and International cuisine.

Le Bistro InterContinental Regency, Tel. 1722 7777 Main restaurant situated above the lobby with International buffet lunch daily.

Olivos Brasserie The Diplomat Radisson Blu, Tel. 1752 2124 This Mediterranean brasserie offers superb food in a relaxed atmosphere. In buffet style you can enjoy a super breakfast, sumptuous lunch and delicious dinner.

American Ric’s Kountry Kitchen Juffair, Tel. 1772 5550 Specialising in good ol’ fashioned home-cooked American chow, Ric’s does a mean burger, excellent chilli and a mouth watering Jambalaya. Its American breakfasts are legendary.

Italian Mondo Restaurant The Diplomat Radisson Blu, Tel. 1753 1666 The goat’s cheese and rocket pizza is probably the best in Bahrain. A funky, friendly Italian place, just like momma used to make it.

Al Safir Sheraton Bahrain Hotel, Tel. 1753 3533 Al Safir does a bustling buffet trade with people partial to Lebanese mezzeh. For a more refined palette, their a la carte menu offers a range of simpler, more delicate bites.

Zahle Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 Zahle extols the virtues of simplicity. The food here is as honest as the day is long and all the better for it. And the presentation of the food is something else with the shish kebab served on a golden box complete with burning coals. There is a live band and a belly dancer to keep you entertained whilst eating.

Seafood Le Perle Novotel Al Dana Resort, Tel. 1729 8008 This restaurant is pretty with gorgeous views of the sea and the city, its romance sweetly compliments its seafood menu that serves local specialities as well as more internationally renowned fare. The service is attentive without being intrusive and it has an inventive wine list.

The Ritz-Carlton, Tel. 1758 0000 Authentic Italian dishes abound on a menu featuring some truly incredible home made pastas. The portions are generous and service is sharp.

La Pergola Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 Traditional and contemporary Italian specialities with Italian music.

Japanese Sato Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 The food here is good. Order well and you will be rewarded with your favourite dishes done very well indeed.

Middle Eastern Kosebası Bahrain City Centre, Tel. 1717 2322

Bahrain City Centre, Tel. 1717 2323 Serves a wide variety of steaks as well as salads, burgers and seafood dishes. Integrated into the restaurant is also a fully functioning retail butchery, which enables customers to choose a specific cut and size or buy meats for their home requirements.

Thai Royal Thai Seafood Restaurant Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 Colonial stateliness and Asian adornment is the order of the day with high ceilings, great white pillars and multiple levels to accommodate private alcoves; it’s a grand and gracious setting. Choose ostrich, just because you can.

Muay Thai Quick Meal Restaurant Juffair Next to The Pizza Company Thai Food, Tel. 7704 0454 Sat-Wed 11am-3pm, 6pm-12am, Thu-Fri 11am-3pm; 6pm-1.30am.


Kontiki Restaurant

Café T

The Diplomat Radisson Blu, Tel. 1753 1666 Enjoy authentic dishes from Asia and the South Pacific for lunch and dinner. Or head over to the Kontiki Pool bar from 10am to 11pm.

Steakhouses Plums The Ritz-Carlton, Tel. 1758 0000 Great steaks served in a suave and subtle room of dark polished wood, low-lighting and a curious mural adorning a wall.

The Royal Golf Club, Tel. 1775 0777 Café T serves a selection of burgers, salads, fresh and ready-made sandwiches, fruit juices, milkshakes and frozen drinks. With an outdoor terrace seating up to 30 people and relaxing background music, Café T is the perfect place to meet up for a chat with friends.

PAUL Bakery & Restaurant Bahrain City Centre, Tel. 1717 2321 Seef Mall, Tel. 1758 0073 Since the founding of the first small PAUL bakery in Lille back in 1889, the passion for authentic bread making has been passed on through generations. - and relax in PAUL’s unique ‘rustic-chic’ ambience.

Restaurant Listings American Applebee’s Bahrain Mall, Sanabis (1755 5834) Open Sun-Thu, 11am-mid-night, Fri-Sat, 11am-1am. Average BD10 Bennigan’s Al Safir Hotel, Juffair (1781 3750) Open Sun-Wed, 11am-1.30am; Thu and Sat, 9am-1.30am; Fri, 11am-2am. Average BD18 Brasa de Brazil Seef Mall, Seef District (1758 2225) Open daily, noon-11pm. Average BD10 Chilli’s Seef Mall/Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1758 1221/1717 9794) Open daily, noon-midnight. N.B.: BCC opening times apply. Average BD20 Hard Rock Café Exhibition Road, Hoora (1729 1569) Open daily, 8am-1am. Average BD10 Café A Lounge Adliya, Behind Monsoon (1771 0041) Open daily, 11am-2am. Average BD15 Al Bindaira Adliya (1774 4066) Open Mon-Thu, 10.30am-12.30am, Fri, 1pm-1am. Average BD12

120 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

The Butcher Shop & Grill



Waves Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tel. 1753 1122 A popular lunchtime retreat, picking your fish and eating it is the order of the day, and the catch is as varied as it is complete. And the nutty, honey-combed chocolate fudge delight will finish you off nicely.

Kosebası (pronounced koshe-bashi) serves traditional Turkish mezes and main dishes true to original Southern Anatolian recipes. The centerpieces of the restaurant are a lovely ornated oven and an open charcoal grill.

Albareh Art Café Adliya, Behind the Carlton Hotel (1771 3535) Open daily, 8.30am-11pm. Average BD5 Al Riwaq Café Adliya, Block 338 (1771 7441) Open daily 10am-9pm. Average BD5 Aroma Restaurant & Cafe Ground Floor, Seef Mall, Seef District Open for lunch and dinner 1758 2711 Café Lilou Adliya, Block 338 (1771 4440) Open Sat-Thu 8am-11pm; Fri 10am-11.30pm. Average BD10 Candles Coffee Adliya, Behind Fudruckers (1771 4844) Open Sun-Thu 9am-1am; Fri 5pm-1am, Average BD12 Caramel Cyprus Gardens, Budaiya (1779 7087) Open daily, 8.30am-midnight. Average BD5. Café Ceramique Al A’ali Mall, Seef District Open daily, 9am-11pm; Fri-Sat 9am-midnight. Average BD8 Coco’s Adliya, Block 338 (1771 6512) Open daily 10am-midnight. Average BD10

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.


Restaurant Listings Crepe Café Palm Square, Budaiya Highway (7711 5566) Open Sun-Wed, 8am-midnight. Thu-Sat 8am-1pm. Average BD6

Chinese Beijing Chinese Adliya, Block 338 (1771 7969) Open daily, 11.30-3pm, 6pm-midnight. Average BD15 First Chinese Adliya (1771 3603) Open noon-3.30pm, 6pm-midnight. Average BD18

Deli France Jawad Dome, Budaiya (1769 6031) Open Sun-Thu, 8am-10pm; Fri-Sat, 8am-11pm. Average BD9

Foli Um Al Hassam (1772 2199) Open noon-3pm, 6.30pm-11.30pm. Average BD18

Dome Café Juffair, near American Base (1781 0180) Open 24 hours. Average BD15

Asian Cuisine Adliya (1771 7080) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD50

Columbus Café Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1717 2324) Open daily, 8am-midnight. Average BD7

Friend’s Club Adliya, 54 Bani Otbah Avenue (1771 3732) Open Sat-Wed, 10am-midnight; Thu-Fri, 10am-1am. Average BD8

Magic Wok American Alley, Juffair (1769 4105) Open daily 8am-11pm

Gloria Jean’s Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1717 9262) Open Sat-Wed, 9am-10.30pm; Thu-Fri, 9am-midnight. Average BD8

Memories Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1717 8646) Open Sat-Wed 11am-11pm; Thu-Fri 11am-midnight. Average BD12

House of Coffee Muharraq, Sheikh Ebrahim Centre (3662 9968) Open daily 9am-9pm, Average BD6

Chocolatiers Godiva Seef Mall, Seef District (1758 0699) Open 10am-10pm

La Maison du Café Adliya (1771 7524) Open daily 8am-2am. Average BD12 La Ventana At the moment La Ventana is currently undergoing renovation – check this space over the coming months to find out where the new café is located and our opinion!

Hotel Chocolat Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1717 9779) Open Sun-Thu 10am-10pm; Fri-Sat 10am-midnight La Papillon Manama, near Dairy Queen (1725 5542) Open daily 9.30am-9pm

Le Chocolat Seef, Seef District Open daily 7.30am-midnight. Average BD10

Lovely Memories Mahooz (1772 2533) Open daily 10am-10pm

Macaron Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa (17636418) Open daily from 8am-8pm

Maya La Chocolaterie Seef Mall (1758 3368) Open daily, Sun-Thursday 10am-10pm; Fri-Sat 10am-12am

Maya Chocolat Seef Mall, Seef District Open Sun-Wed, 10am-11pm; Fri-Sat, 10am-midnight. Average BD15

Patchi Manama, near Dairy Queen (1725 0501) Open daily 9.30am-9pm

Med Café Adliya, near Carlton Hotel (1771 3088) Open daily 11am-1am. Average BD10 Motorox Café Budaiya Highway (1759 2583) Open daily from noon-midnight. Average BD12 Palm Café Qal’at Al Bahrain Museum (1732 2549) Open daily 9.30am-7.30pm. Average BD6 Patisserie Valerie MODA Mall, Diplomatic Area Open daily 7.30am-9pm Skyw@alk Café Marriott Executive Apartments, Juffair Open daily 6.30am-11.30pm. Average BD12 Tea Club The Lagoon, Amwaj Islands Open daily 12pm-midnight. Average BD8 Tilly’s Jawad Dome, Budaiya Open daily 8.30am-9.30pm Veranda Adliya, Nr HSBC bank and Adhari (1771 5868) Open daily Average BD8 Waterlemon Al A’ali Shopping Complex, Seef District (1758 1785) Open daily, 10am-11pm. Average BD6

RAWASI Chocola Mahooz, near Qatar Embassy Open daily 9am-1.30pm; 4pm-9pm. Fri open from 4pm-9pm Salvia Budaiya, Budaiya Highway Open daily 9am-1.30pm; 4pm-9pm. Fri open from 4pm-9pm East Asian Baan Saeng Thai Sh Isa Avenue, Adliya Open daily 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-midnight. Bali Orchid Nr Omar Khayyam Hotel, Gudaibiya (1718 0424) Open daily noon-midnight. Average BD7 BamBu Adliya (1771 4424) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm. Average BD28 Captain Cove’s Behind Mass Computer, Gudaibiya (3975 8989) Open daily noon-3pm, 6pm-midnight. Average BD5 Hash House Adliya, Block 338 (1771 5094) Open daily 11am-midnight. Average BD15

(3919 5343) Open daily 11am-11pm. Monsoon Adliya, near Ferrari Centre (1774 9222) Open Sat-Thu noon-2.30pm, 7pm-11pm; Fri 7pm-11pm. Average BD15 Nu Asia Seef, near Al A’ali Shopping Complex (1758 7171) Open daily noon-midnight. Average BD15. Pong’s Off Exhibition Road, Behind CPR Office (1753 0800) Open daily 11am-4am. Thai Chi Bahrain City Centre, Seef (1717 9747) Open daily noon-midnight. Thai Express Jawad Dome, Budaiya (1769 3595) Open daily 10am-11.30pm Thailand Block 338, Adliya (1771 7040) Open daily 6.30pm-11.30pm, Average BD15 French Camelot Block 338, Adliya (1771 7745) Open daily noon-midnight Average BD30 L’Avenue Seef District (1756 7212) Open daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7.30pm-11pm Mezzaluna Adliya (1774 2999) Open daily Sun-Wed 7pm-11pm; Thu-Sat 7pm-11.30pm Average BD46 Indian Aachi’s Chettinand Kitchen Near the Indian Club, Gudaibiya (1723 3110) Open daily 10.30am-3.30pm, 5.30pm-11.30pm. Akbar Ramada Palace Hotel (1729 6660) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-12.30am. Average BD16

Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm The Great Kebab Factory Jawad Dome, Budaiya (1769 0629) Open daily noon-3pm, 6.30pm-midnight International Al Waha Restaurant Gulf Hotel, Adliya (1774 6425) Open 24 hours Al Wasmeyah Restaurant Golden Tulip Hotel, Diplomatic Area (1753 5000) Open 24 hours Block 338 Adliya (1771 0338) Open every evening from noon-2am Café Sayah Delmon International Hotel (1722 4000) Open 24 hours Downtown Lounge InterContinental Hotel (1720 8308) Open daily from 5pm to 2am La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Arts Ras Ruman (1771 3000) Open daily 9am-10.30pm. Closed Monday. Average BD20 Muju Restaurant and Lounge Dragon Hotel and Resort, Amwaj (1603 9800) Open daily, 24 hours Nando’s Juffair (1782 5100) Open 11am-2am Rendezvous Seef Mall, Seef (1758 7708) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm Rimal Al Areen Palace and Spa (1784 5000) Open daily 6.30am-11pm Average BD40 Selections InterContinental Hotel (1720 8308) Open daily from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm

Asha’s Bahrain City Centre, Seef (1717 7008) Open daily 11am-noon

Teatro Dana Mall (1755 8555) Sat-Wed 1pm-4.30pm, 6.30pm-midnight; Thu-Fri 1pm-11.30pm Average BD19

Clay Oven Adliya (1771 7008) Open daily 11.30am-3pm, 6.30pm-11.30pm Average BD14

Upstairs Downstairs Adliya (1771 3093) Open daily 7am-11am, noon-3am, 7pm-midnight Average BD20

Copper Chimney Al Hambra Hotel (1772 8699) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average DB10

Yamin Jana Mediterranean Seafront Lounge Dragon Hotel and Resort, Amwaj (1603 3800) Open daily from 2pm onwards

Lanterns Budaiya Highway (1759 0591) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD15

Zoe Block 338, Adliya (1771 6400) Open Sat-Tue noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight; Wed-Fri noon-3pm, 7pm-2am. Average BD50

Moti Mahal Juffair (1782 5333) Open daily noon-midnight Average BD15

Zytoun Novotel Al Dana Resort (1729 8008) Open daily 6.30am-midnight. Average BD16

Mumbai Spice Bahrain Mall, Sanabis Open daily 10am-10pm

Italian Caffe Spasso New Zinj (1782 2274) Open daily 8.30am till late

Sangeetha Opp Inidian Club, Gudaibiya (1727 2768) Open daily 7.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-11pm

Honey’s Souq (1774 9222) Open Sun-Wed 10am-5.30am, Fri-Sat, 24hrs.

Spices Crowne Plaza Bahrain, Diplomatic Area (1753 1122) Open daily noon-11pm Average BD25

Mamy Soup Exhibition Road, behind the CPR building

Takatak Nr Awal Cinema, Gudaibiya (1725 4848)

Café Italia Adliya (1774 4774) Open daily noon-3.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm. Average BD35 La Taverna City Centre Hotel, Gold City (1722 9979) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD18

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 121


Restaurant Listings Medzo InterContinental Hotel (1720 8308) Open daily for lunch and dinner Mino’s Adliya (1774 4777) Open daily 11am-12.30am. Average BD15 Nino’s Al Aali Shopping Complex, Seef (1756 6555) Open daily 11am-11.30pm. Average BD7 Oliveto Block 338, Adliya (1771 6747) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD30 Pizzeria Café Italia Seef Mall (1758 2823) Open daily 11am-11pm. Average BD12 Roma Um Al Hassam (1772 5885) Open daily noon-2.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm. Average BD30 Romano Macaroni Grill Juffair (1772 3818) Japanese Bushido Seef (1758 3555) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-2am. Average BD35 Fuji Sushi Bar Sheza Tower Hotel (1753 3336) Open daily 12.30pm-midnight. Average BD25 Hajisushi American Ally, Juffair (1772 5638) Open daily 11am-11pm. Kei Golden Tulip Hotel (1753 5000) Open daily 12.30pm-3pm, 7.30pm-11pm. Average BD12-30 Maki MODA Mall (1752 2733) Open daily noon-midnight Average BD40 Mirai Adliya (1771 3113) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm. Average BD40. Sumo Sushi and Bento American Alley, Juffair (1771 8090) Open daily noon-midnight. Sushi 101 New Zinj (1782 2274) Open Sat-Thu noon-3pm, 6pm till late; Fri 1pm-4pm, 7pm till late. Sushi Ko Adliya (1771 6619) Open Sat-Wed 6.30pm-11pm; Thu 6.30pm-midnight. Average BD11 Yo Sushi Al Aali Shopping Complex, Seef (1758 3373) Open Sat-Wed noon-midnight; Thu-Fri noon-2am Average BD20 Mexican Casa Mexicana Adliya (1771 5521) Open daily noon-3pm, 6pm-midnight. Average BD18 Margarita Mexicana Gulf Hotel, Adliya (1774 6462) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm Senior Paco’s Adliya (1774 6462)

122 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

La Marine Bugerland Building, Budaiya (1759 5777) Open daily 1pm-midnight

Open daily noon-3pm, 6.30pm-midnight. Average BD18

Seef (1758 600) Open noon-11pm

Middle Eastern Al Abraaj Budaiya (1759 5656) Open daily noon-midnight

Rayes Fateh Corniche (1731 2700) Open daily noon-12.30am Average BD12

Sheza Seafood Market Sheza Tower Hotel, Diplomatic Area (1753 3336) Open daily 12.30pm-midnight

Al Arisha Um Al Hassan (1772 5414) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight

Takht-e Jamsheed Gulf Hotel, Adliya (1774 6431) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm

Totally Fish Bahrain City Centre, Seef (1717 9757) Open daily noon-midnight

Al Arz Ramada Palace Hotel (1729 6660) Open 7pm-midnight

Tarbouche City Centre Hotel, Gold City (1722 9979) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight

Steakhouse Brazil Adliya (1782 6686) Open daily noon-3pm, 6pm-11pm.

Al Fanar Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa (1753 1666) Open Mon-Sat 9.30pm-2am

Wafi Gourmet Bahrain City Centre (1779 999) Open daily 9am-12.30am

Al Hamra Delmon International Hotel (1722 4000) Open 24 hours Al Mukhayam Ramada Palace Hotel Open daily 8pm-1am Al Shama Windsor Tower Hotel (1729 7000) Open daily 9pm-2am Al Yacout Novotel Al Dana Resort, Muharraq (1729 8008) Open daily 8pm-2am Amwaj Dajla Iraqi Mirador Hotel, Manama (1729 8008) Open daily 8pm-2am Anatolia Turkish Restaurant Cyprus Garden, Budaiya (1769 0601) Open daily noon-11pm Carla’s Cyprus Garden, Sehla (1769 7687) Open daily noon-midnight

Yas-e Isfahani Seef Mall (1758 1151) Open daily 10am-10pm. Average BD16 Polynesian Trader Vic’s Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa, Seef (1758 6555) Open daily 7pm-midnight Average BD20 Seafood Fareast Seafood Market Ramee International Hotel, Juffair (1772 7230) Open daily 12.30pm-11.30pm. Average BD16 Fish Market Al Bander Hotel and Resort (1770 1201) Open daily 12.30pm-11.30pm Average BD25

L’lle Al Areen Palace and Spa (1784 5000) Open every evening, 6pm-11pm Legendz Steakhouse InterContinental Hotel (1720 8308) Open daily for lunch and dinner Le Relais de Venise Son Entrecote L’Hotel, Seef (1756 7222) Open daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm. Average BD40 Ponderose Steakhouse Manama and Seef (1756 7222) Open 11am-11pm. Sizzlers Restaurant Mansouri Mansions Hotel (1771 6999) 24 hours. Average 10 The Meat Co Block 338 (1774 2080) Open Sat-Wed 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm; Thu-Fri 12.30pm-midnight Average BD50

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

Dar Al Tajine Phoenicia Tower Hotel, Hoora (1731 1167) Open daily 6pm-6pm Golestan Sheraton Bahrain Hotel (1753 3533) Open Sun-Fri 12.30pm-2.30pm, 7.30pm-11.30pm. Average BD12 Isfahani Hoora (1755 0567) Open daily noon-midnight Average BD20 Khan Al Marjan Al Safir Hotel Hotel (1782 7999) Open daily 9.30pm-2am L’Sultan L’Hotel, Seef (1756 7222) Open daily noon-midnight Laialy Zaman Nr Funland, Fateh Corniche (1729 3097) Open daily 11am-4am Marmaris Avenue 28, Sanabis (1755 5909) Open daily 11am-midnight Maseelee Gulf Pearl Hotel, Souq (1721 0647) Open daily 5am-9.30pm Mono Lebanese Budaiya Highway (1755 5262) Open daily noon-midnight Parsian Adliya (1781 1511) Open daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7.30pm-midnight. Average BD14 Persian Garden

Saraya International Daily Buffet and A La Carte Service So Brunch every Friday 12.30PM – 4PM buffet also extended in 2 restaurants ‘Fiamma and Wok’. This is the longest Friday Brunch buffet in Bahrain Breakfast 6.30am – 10.30 am (up to 11am on weekends) Lunch -12.30pm – 3:30pm Dinner - 7pm – 10:30pm Tel. 1763 6410

Amber Cocktail Bar Opens Daily, Opening hours 6pm – 2am Tel. 1763 6419

Tapas Restaurant & Bar Opens Daily, A La Carte Service Lunch - 11:30am – 3.30pm Dinner - 5pm – 1am Tel. 1763 6412

Macaron Pastry Shop Open Daily Authentic French Pastries Opening hours: 8am – 8pm Tel. 1763 6418

Fiamma Italian restaurant Closed on Sunday A La Carte Service Lunch - 12.30pm – 3.30pm (Thu, Fri, Sat) Dinner - 7pm – 11.30pm Tel. 1763 6414

Wok Asian Restaurant (opening soon) Closed On Tuesday A La Carte Service Lunch - 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm (Thu, Fri, Sat) Dinner - 7pm – 11.30pm Tel. 1763 6415

La Mer Seafood restaurant Opens daily for dinner only A La Carte Service or from the catch of the day display Theme night: Cheese night every Sunday 7-9PM Dinner 7pm – 11.30pm Tel: 1763 6411

Lagoon Pool Bar Opens Daily, Beverage and Snacks Opening hours: 8am – 8pm Tel. 1763 6416 Lobby Lounge Opens Daily, Opening Hours: 8pm – Midnight Tel. 1763 6363

Pashawat Regional Speciality Restaurant (opening soon) Closed on Monday, A La Carte Service Dinner - 7pm – 1am Tel. 1763 6413


Sports, Fitness and Kids Creative Kids



Al Safir Fitness First The Regency The Diplomat Radisson Blu Curves (Budaiya) Ez Fit Sports Complex Image Spa & Leisure (Sheraton Hotel) The Health Club (Gulf Hotel) Nautilus (Crown Plaza) Sports Club & Spa, Ritz-Carlton Al Gosaibi Gym Ghassan’s Gym (mat and private classes available) La Fontaine Centre World Beat Fitness Centre

Art of Living 3988 8760 Dessange 1771 3999 (Yoga classes offered several times a week) Bahrain Meditation Centre Bahrain 1779 5961 (Wellness Resort) Saturdays and Wednesdays. 7pm to 8.30pm, Mixed yoga classes. Sundays and Tuesdays (Ladies Only), 10am to12pm Bayoga Centre 1772 5027 Daily yoga classes, relaxing yoga and meditation for beginners and advanced students. World Beat Fitness Centre 1761 2576 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 1753 1666 Anubhaa Sharma

Art Classes


Kids Gyms/Gymnastics

1781 3815 1332 2200 1722 7777 1753 1666 1769 1496 1769 2378 1752 4570 1771 3000 1753 0764 1758 9380 1729 3221 1769 5911 1723 0123 1761 2576

Badminton Bapco Club Telgu Kala Samithi The Indian Club

1775 3666 1727 6300 1725 3157

Basketball EZ Fit Sports Complex Bahrain Basketball Association

Rugby 1769 2378 1774 1010

Bowling Al Bander Hotel & Resort Awali Bowling Centre Bahrain Bowling Association Bapco Club Funland Centre

1770 1201 1775 3666 1782 2077 1775 3666 1729 2313

1769 2378 1769 5809 1727 6134

Cycling Bahrain Cycling Association

1769 3232 1723 1717 3967 6349 3910 6589 3982 7096 3987 6215 1761 2576 1772 7766 1771 2000

Football Al Ahli Sports Club Al Hala Sports Club Bahrain Rugby Football Club British Club Dilmun Club EZ Fit Sports Complex Arsenal Soccer School

1727 7712 1734 2182 1769 5809 1772 8245 1769 2986 1769 2378 1756 1615

1775 6770 1775 0777

Go Karting/Racing Rally Town BIC Silver go-Karts (Tubli) Gulf Speed One (Seef)

1753 1165 1745 0000 1778 0011 3944 4137

1782 5301 1771 6147

Squash Bahrain Badminton and Squash Federation The Country Club Al Bander Resort Nautilus (Crowne Plaza) The Diplomat Radisson Blu

1729 2662 1759 3593 1770 1201 1753 0764 1753 1666

Awali Riding Club 1775 6525 Saturdays to Thursdays, 7am to 7pm. Fridays 7am to 6pm. Desert rides. Qualified instructors Bahrain Riding School 1769 0448 Daily rides 4pm to 6pm Dilmun Club 1769 2986 Sundays to Thursdays. 8am to 11am and 3pm to 7.30pm Shakhoora Riding School 1759 1103 Sundays to Thursdays, 8am to 12noon, 3.30pm to 7pm The Country Club 1759 3593 Fridays Horse riding in paddock, 1pm to 4pm Twin Palms Riding Centre 1759 1668

Swimming Lessons British Club Dilmun Club Ritz Carlton Sports Club The Diplomat Radisson Blu

1772 8245 1769 2986 1758 0001 1753 1666

Bahrain Sailing School Coral Beach Club The Marina Club The Sailing Club The Yacht Club Aquatique - Organised pearl diving Al Bander Resort Bahrain Swimming Association Dilmun Club

1731 0252 1721 2700 1729 1527 1783 6078 1770 0677 1727 1780 1770 1201 1768 0867 1769 0926


Ice Skating Funland Centre

Bahrain Snooker Association Jimmy’s Snooker and Billiards Club


Golf Awali Club Royal Golf Club

1769 5809

Horse Riding 1765 0079

Dance Bahrain Ballet Centre Indian Institute for Performing Arts Latin Dance Bahrain Sampaguita Club Sayaw Unlimited Dance Club Victoria Dance Centre World Beat Fitness Centre Profiles Fitness Centre Pineapple

Bahrain Rugby Football Club

1729 2313

Martial Arts Japan Karate Association 3944 9628/3667 2204 Profiles Fitness Centre (Boxing for ladies) 1772 7766 Zen-Do 1761 1909 Bahrain Karate Centre 3947 7709 Goju Karate Club 3965 9510 World Beat Fitness Centre 1761 2576 Bahrain Karate-do Academy 3665 7059

124 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

Paint In Space 1762 6232 Chaoss 1759 2096 Dar Albareh 1771 3535/3906 9016 Celebrations 1759 5791 Bahrain Art Society 1759 0551 Indian Institute for Performing Arts 1723 1717 The Studio 3975 4863 Studio Ceramics 1759 9026 Things to Do 1759 0409

Drama Film-making workshops

3600 1777

My Gym, EZ Fit World Beat Fitness Centre Chaoss

1756 6566 1769 2378 1761 2576 1759 2096



Cricket EZ Fit Sports Complex Bahrain Rugby Football Club SLC Grounds, Riffa Thursdays, Training 3pm to 5pm

Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1769 5809 (Thurs) 4.45pm for girls; (Sun) 7.30pm for women Riffa Views Netball League 3630 6946

Where To Go

Bahrain Tennis Club 1772 9561 The British Club 1722 8245 The Country Club 1759 3593 Dilmun Club 1769 2986 Gulf Hotel 1771 3000 Marina Club 1729 1527 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 1753 1666 Bahrain Tennis Club 1772 9561/1772 9756 Filipino Club Tennis Group 3952 7587

Awali Library (BAPCO, Awali) British Club (Times vary) Iqra’s Children’s Library Muharraq)

1775 3666 1772 8245 1732 0955

Music Lessons Bahrain Music Institute Kindermusik Bahrain Room to Rock

1772 1999 1761 3144/3925 6904 1761 1785

Play Centres Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park Chaoss Funland Centre (bowling, ice skating, pool) Mad Science Magic Island, My Gym, Softplay at Dilmun Club Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark

1755 8500 1759 2096 1729 2313

1759 1136 1758 2898 1756 6566 1769 0926 1784 5100

Play Groups Chaoss, Off Budaiya Highway 1759 2096 Kindermusik 3925 6904/1761 3144 Ajyaal Montessori Pre-School Mini Storytellers, British School 3912 9585 (4 to 7 year olds) Musical Babies, Nadeen School 1772 8886 My Gym, Seef District 1756 6566 Rhymes & Chimes, Dilmun Club 3929 6848 Soft Play, Off Budaiya Highway 3965 3678 Sticky Fingers 3961 8340 Storytellers, British School 3912 9585 (7 to 11 year olds) Tots & Toddlers Group, 1772 8245 The British Club Wriggly Readers, British School 3912 9585 (for pre-schoolers)

Al Areen Wildlife Park Adhari Park

1783 6116 1740 7300

North of the Shaikh Isa Bin Sulman Highway Fun for all ages, includes a sports camp, groovy town, discovery village and indoor entertainment Children’s Health Academy of Specialised Sports


1759 2096 Swimming, gymnastics, dance and Taekwon-Do for children and teenagers.

Dolphin Park Corniche next to Marina Club One hour marine mammal show.

1729 3109


1729 2313

Corniche next to Marina Club Bowling and Ice Skating everyday.

Hawar Island

1731 1770 Day trips to Hawar Island, boats depart from Ad Dur Jetty at 10am daily

Kid’s Kingdom Corniche, next to the Hawar reservation office A small outdoor playground. Good fun for young children. Open until late.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

1784 5100

Open daily except Tuesday, 10am to 6pm (Thursday til 5pm)

Magic Island Seef Mall Over 120 different games and attractions and Bahrain’s only indoor Roller Blade Arena.

Playland 1774 2266/1762 0999 Above Fuddruckers in Adliya An indoor centre full of games. Each ride costs 100 fils. Tokens available. Soft Play 3965 3678 Future Shape Dance Studio, Garden City Every Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 11.30am Children under the age of six months attend for free. Studio Ceramics

1759 9026 Budaiya Highway Pottery painting and more. Open 9.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday, or by appointment. Birthday parties and private group bookings possible.

Water Garden Salmaniya 1726 2034 Near Dairy Queen roundabout A semi-filled lake with paddleboats and birds. School & Nurseries Wahooo! Waterpark Bahrain 1717 3000 Bahrain City Centre Opening Hours: Saturday to Tuesday: 11am to 8pm Wednesday: 11am to 10pm (Ladies Night 5pm to 10pm) Thursday and Friday: 11am to 9 PM

Things to know The Tourist Department (Tel. 1721 1717) is located in the gate to Manama’s souq, Bab al-Bahrain, on the ground floor next to the tourist shop, Times: 8am to 12 and 4.30pm to 6pm, closed on Friday.

Currency The Bahrain Dinar (BD) is pegged to the US dollar at the rate of US$1=BD0.377 - in other words a dinar is worth about $2.65. It is a convertible currency with no restrictions on its import or export. Tip: the Saudi Riyal (SR) is also accepted

in shops for purchases at an exchange rate of BD1=SR10 (less in hotels) and you may be given Saudi money as change.

Business Hours Friday is the Islamic equivalent of the Christian Sunday. The weekend falls on a Friday and a Saturday. Most shopping malls and commercial centres are generally open seven days a week.

Listings Schools American Curriculum

Clubs & Associations

Other Private Schools

Al Hekma International Tel. 1762 0820/1762 3999 Modern Knowledge Schools Tel. 1772 7712 Riffa Views International School Tel. 1656 5000 The Bahrain School Tel. 1762 0820

Al Noor International School Tel. 1773 6773 Ecole Francaise de Bahrain Tel. 1732 3770 Ibn Khuldoon National School Tel. 1778 0661 Shaikha Hessa Girls’ School Tel. 1775 6111

British Curriculum

Special Needs

Al Mahd Day Boarding Tel. 1779 2422 British School Tel. 1761 0920 Budaiya Preschool Tel. 1779 1491 Dilmun School (elementary) Tel. 1771 3483 KG Kids Tel. 1766 3556 St Christopher’s School Tel. 1778 8108 Sacred Heart School Tel. 1768 4367 Talent International and The Infant School Tel. 1725 2346/1777 0078

Disabled Sports Federation Tel. 1778 9191 Hope Institute Tel. 1768 0815/1768 0500 R.I.A. Institute Tel. 1771 6871 The Children’s Academy Tel. 1761 3234 UCO Parents Care Centre Tel. 1767 7717

Art Societies

Charitable Organisations


Taxis are easily available in the capital, Manama, and have meters but be sure to make the driver use the meter. 99% of drivers won’t switch on the meter and will try to charge you double the legal fare. Beware!

Al Dana Nursery Tel. 1725 3541 Dana Pre-school, Riffa Tel. 1777 0180 Lilliput, Budaiya Tel. 1769 4947

Confidential Tip: BD1 per five minutes in the cab is the most you should pay for an un-metered journey. If traveling from the airport or busy taxi rank, add BD2/after midnight add BD1 to the total e.g. a 10 minute drive from the airport after midnight should cost you no more than BD5 (BD2 + BD2 + BD1= BD5). Taxis do use meters and companies may use similar rates.

Avoiding Offence

Generally speaking, very short skirts and tight midriff tops are frowned upon in public, although acceptable by hotel pools, in private clubs and on the beach. If visiting a mosque, cover the body well (women should ensure that arms and legs and hair are fully covered). Shoes should always be left outside the entrance.

Essential Info 24-Hour Pharmacies Jaffer Pharmacy Tel. 1729 1039 18, Tarfah bin Al Abid Avenue, Manama 319 Nasser Pharmacy Tel. 1774 0900 63-B, Qadisiya Avenue, Manama 332 Awal Pharmacy Tel. 1777 2023 30 Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Avenue, East Riffa 901 (Check the Gulf Daily News for other chemists.)

Courier & Express Delivery Most international express parcel and courier companies have offices in Manama, and include:

Tel. 1734 9199 Tel. 1772 3636

Car Hire An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required to drive in Bahrain except for visitors from Gulf Cooperation Council states, U.S.A., Canada, countries in the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. The offices of car-hire companies are easily encountered at the airport. Recommended principal rental firms include:

Tel. 1753 4100

Tel. 1723 1156

Tel. 1771 3181

Embassies & Consulates Embassies generally open from 8am to 1pm from Saturday to Wednesday and some Arab embassies also open on Thursday. Many embassies have a number of staff on call outside these hours for emergencies. Algeria 1771 3669 Bangladesh 1771 4717 China 1772 3800 Denmark 1772 5119 Egypt 1772 0005 France 1729 8660 Germany 1753 0210 India 1771 2785 Iran 1772 2400 Iraq 1774 1472 Italy 1725 2424 Japan 1771 6565 Jordan 1729 1109 Kuwait 1753 4040

Lebanon Malaysia Morocco Netherlands Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Portugal Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Switzerland Syria Trade Mission of Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey UAE UK UN Info Centre USA

1778 6994 1756 4551 1774 0566 1759 1568 1729 3663 1724 4113 1727 6099 1725 0990 1753 6709 1772 2922 1772 5222 1753 7722 1753 1166 1772 2484 1729 2578 1727 4142 1771 4149 1753 3448 1771 0333 1757 4100 1731 1676 1724 2700

Flight Information Airline offices are normally open from 8am to 12.30pm and from 3pm to around 5pm, Saturday till Wednesday. Flight Info 1733 9339 Air India 1729 6444 British Airways 1758 7777 Cathay Pacific 1722 6226 Emirates 1758 8700 Gulf Air 1733 5777 Jet Airways 1722 7114 KLM 1722 9747 Kuwait Airways 1722 3300 Lufthansa 1782 8762 PIA 1722 3808 Qatar Airways 1721 2202 Saudi Airlines 1721 1550

999 1725 3447 1779 0025 1781 2000 1782 8282 1728 8888

Telephone Helpline Intl. calls via operator Directory enquiries Directory enquiries - Intl. Other phone enquiries Speaking clock

Alia for Early Intervention 1773 0960 Bahrain Cancer Society 3960 3489/1723 3080 Bahrain Charity Society 1729 3363 Bahrain Disabled Sports Committee 1778 9191 Bahrain Human Rights Society 1753 1822 Bahrain Red Crescent Society 1729 3171 Friendship Society for the Blind 1762 4496 Hope Institute for the Handicapped 1768 0815 Islamic Enlightenment Society 1772 0053 Lions Club of Bahrain 3908 0097 Manama Rotary Club 3939 4522 Migrant Workers Protection Society 3946 5378 Overseas Workers Welfare Admin. 1721 3825 Palm Association 1779 0826/3964 3211 Riffa Cultural and Charity Society 1777 5444 Think Pink 3907 6717 BSPCA 1759 1231/1759 3479

Gallery/Crafts Al Riwaq Art Space 1771 7441 Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre 1761 1900 Art Lounge 1758 0522 Traditional crafts including palm weaving, pottery and woodwork. Bahrain Arts Society 1759 0551 Thursdays drawing and painting for Children, 18 hours @ BD25, 10am to 12pm Saturdays and Mondays drawing and Painting for adults, 18 hours @ BD30, 3pm to 7pm. Bahrain Pottery Society 1778 6898 Clay pottery, ceramic and painting lessons - Saturdays and Mondays, 5pm. Crafts Centre Gallery and Workshop 1756 8032 Arabic calligraphy Caravan Galleries 3996 5853 Kerala Arts and Cultural Association 3963 9319 The Studio 3975 4863 Pottery painting and more for adults and children, open 9.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday or by appointment. Birthday parties and private group bookings possible. Shaikh Ibrahim Cultural 3940 2302/1732 2549 and Research Centre

“Help” 24-Hour Helpline for Distressed Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous

3960 7219 3968 7190

Darts Balouch Club Sri Lanka Club

1724 2641 1727 1157

Speech & Drama Bahrain Cinema Club Dilmun Amateur Dramatics Society Folk Poetry Society Manama Theatre Club Manama Toastmasters Club

1772 5959 1769 0926 1776 1000 1777 6489 3965 5676

Ladies Clubs American Association of Bahrain 1756 4170 American Women’s Association 1775 6075 Australian Association of Bahrain 3910 1348 Awali Ladies Association 1767 8947 Bahrain Business Women’s Society 1772 1188 Bahrain Garden Club 1772 7625 Bahrain Women Society 1782 6777 Bahrain Young Ladies Society 1727 3508 BYLS-Toastmasters Club 1762 6237 Get together for Ladies 3917 4247/3902 7892 Indian Ladies Association 3980 5372 International Ladies Group 1772 9128 Madinat Hamad Women Society 3964 3396 Contact person Amal 3987 8758 Pakistani Women’s Association 1771 0944 Second Sunday Newcomers 3927 0413/3641 1368

Language Schools Al Quran Translation 1764 5156 Bait Al Taleem 1764 3199 Berlitz 1782 7847 British Council 1726 1555 Carousel 3967 3635 Lingua English Saturdays. Mondays and Wednesdays. English Language Classes, 4.30pm to 6pm, 4pm to 5.30pm. English Language Centre 1770 0040

Social Clubs

Alliance Française 1768 3295 Assamese Community 3909 1959 Awali Caledonian Society 3636 6458 Bahrain Caledonian Society 3944 0658 Bahrain Hash House Harriers 1786 2620 Bahrain Irish Society Bahrain Kannada Sangha 1727 1257 Bahrain Round Table 3960 8568 Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1769 5809 Bahrain Welsh Society 1772 7127 Balouch Club 1729 2231 British Club 1772 8245 ext. 32 Bhatia Mitra Mandal 3960 1789 Country Club 1759 3593 Dilmun Club 1769 0926 Filipino Club 1726 2143 Indian Club 1725 3157 Karnataka Social Club 1725 4257 Pakistan Club 1725 8520 Pakistan Association 3941 5200 Royal Society of St. George 3972 6329 Saar Cultural & Sports Club 1779 0335 Shree Nayrana Cultural Society 1725 5517 Shri Gujarati Samaj 3962 4285 Sri Lanka Club 1727 6134 Wisdom Home Society 1772 7575

Wellbeing Kelly Armatage Inc. Offering counselling, life coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions Mob: 39931399 Email:

1729 2231 1729 7878

Chess Bahrain Chess Federation

151 181 191 100 140

3987 3357 1753 0020 1753 3558

Bridge Bahrain Bridge Club Bahrain Bridge Committee

Hospitals & Clinics Emergency American Mission Hospital (AMH) Saar Medical & Dental Clinic (AMH) Bahrain Specialist Hospital Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital Salmaniya Hospital

Scrabble Bahrain Scrabble League Bahrain Kannada Sangha Saturdays. 6.30pm.

Elham 1771 7441 La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art 1723 0123 The Bahrain Contemporary Art Society 1772 8046

Things to know

Nurseries and Creches

Animal Welfare Al Ahli Animal Centre 1762 2102/3965 4343 BSPCA 1759 1231 Delmon Kennels & Training 3971 7609 Jassim Veterinary Centre (Sugaya) 1723 1242 Modern Animal Health Centre (Budaiya) 1759 0908 Nonie Coutts Surgery, (Manama and Saar) 1724 5515 Pet Arabia 1759 2288 Saar Kennels 1779 2064

1725 2133

Photography Awali Photo Society Bahrain Arts Society

1776 4468 3966 7751

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 125

News Bites

Bizarre News

Some interesting stuff the Confidential team gathered from around the world. Two Weeks in Jail for Shampoo!

A man was jailed by the Broward County Sherriff’s Office for possession of shampoo! Apparently he was carrying seven bottles of Colombian shampoo in his airline luggage that tested positive for cocaine at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in the US. But was the fault his? The problem was some soap and shampoos tend to test falsely positive in field tests and that is why the poor man had to spend two weeks in jail. Eventually it was determined by lab testing at the Sherriff’s office that the shampoo had in fact, no traces of cocaine. The man was then released but it didn’t end there. Conveniently for him, he is a lawyer and is now suing the Sherriff’s office.

What’s in your Pants?

A man was nabbed at a US airport when it was found that he was trying to smuggle snakes and tortoises in his pants. He was caught as he passed through the body scanner before he was to board a flight to Brazil. The seven exotic snakes and three tortoises were found wrapped in nylon bags which he had stuffed into his pants. He was arrested for violating animal trafficking laws. What an embarrassing way to be taken downtown!

Not So Perfect Proposal

A 28-year-old man’s dream of giving his girlfriend the perfect proposal simply flew into the air leaving him disappointed and his girlfriend too angry to talk to him. Lefkos Hajji had spent a fortune on an expensive engagement ring which he put inside a helium balloon so he could propose to his girlfriend, Leanne. The plan was to give her a pin and have her pop it as he proposed. Unfortunately for him, a gush of wind blew his balloon away with the ring and his plan failed. Hajji spent two hours driving his car trying to chase after the balloon but failed. He is now hoping the ring will still turn up and is utterly disappointed that his girlfriend won’t talk to him. Poor guy! All for love!

126 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

When a Horse Crosses a Red Light

Horse and trap rider, John Mulvenna told police that his horse, Fred, being colourblind, went through a red light. Police did not buy Mulvenna’s excuse for crossing a red light because it was evident that he was drunk and unable to control his horse. He was arrested on his way home after being seen going the wrong way up a oneway street with his horse, and ended up in court for being drunk in charge of a horse and carriage. Mulvenna’s defense made more sense than his earlier excuse and he confessed to having had some drink earlier that day but thought he was fit to drive the carriage and horse. He stated, “I had a few pints and thought it was fine then whoopsa-daisy there was a police woman”. While he was locked up for four hours, he claimed to be naturally worried about Fred being left unattended.


Horoscopes “On a windswept hill by a billowing sea, my destiny sits and waits for me.” Robert Brault. Libra

22 September – 22 October

Confused about the right thing to do? Got too many small decisions with too many serious consequences? Well, think about it. The more you ponder, the better your decision will be. Remember that you are your best friend right now. So take care of yourself. Watch your health, your finances, your beauty, your whole life and the end of the month will see many new improvements. Work hard, be moderate and try not to indulge in backbiting or anything of the evil sort!


23 October - 22 November

Amazing things are coming your way so welcome them. With a little effort, everything will be in your reach. Your work atmosphere is getting positive and while you work on taking advantage of that, do not forget to take care of yourself. Know what you want and take your time with your decisions. Achieve your goals and do not look back. Although all is looking well, there is very little room for error. Also, try to be a little more aggressive. Coyness will not get you anywhere!

Sagittarius 23 November 21 December

Feeling a little dull, are we? Hopefully it will wear out in a day or two, if not less than that. When you realise everything is going your way, you will begin to feel great and experience a lift in your spirits. Do not get too carried away with hopefulness, stay focused. There is no time for carelessness and when failure comes, be careful not to lose hope again. Someone nearby is the reason for your feelings, be communicative with that someone.


22 December – 19 January

Here’s the simplest way to put it; details are important so take care of them. They may be hard to find, they may not be so obvious but they are there and most of your effort, yet very little of it needs to go into details. Perfection is borne out of the littlest details. More details? Who’s the person you have your eye on? Share your details with someone you trust. Keep your eye open for change and make some change, won’t you?


20 January - 18 February

So what is it that you want? Why do you want it? Think about it! This year is almost over and as the month goes by; know why you make your decisions. Only then can you make them wisely. But let’s not get too serious. This month is not all about work, you will have your share of play. There will be time for pleasure just as there will be time for work. You are in the driver’s seat, so only you can make sure that you will make the most of both. The road is yours!


19 February - 20 March

The sea may not be so calm. The tide is rising too. But you know how to get past all that, don’t you? Lord knows, you have before. Keep your balance and your sense of humour, this is an experience; do not blow it for yourself. See what you can learn. After it’s over, smell the roses before autumn comes. With every leaf that falls, comes a new journey. Overwhelmed already? Then take a break! Go and get some rest, treat yourself to a relaxing massage. If you see a sea storm again, you will be ready for it.


21 March - 19 April

What a nuisance emotions are! Sometimes, like you, we all wish we never had them but since we cannot simply wish them way, we need to make the most of them and the same goes for you. Be thankful you have them. You never know where life would take you if you had no emotions. Think about it! Emotions come and go though and once your emotions are positive, you will shine like a sparkling star. Use your cheerfulness to take an extra mile. Perhaps take someone special along.


20 April - 20 May

Watch out for intense feelings! They may take you by surprise when you wake up one morning and suddenly realise how much that someone or that job or that issue meant to you. Is it uncomfortable? Don’t lose heart. Feeling strongly about something is not a bad thing. Now you know what really matters. While you set your priorities straight, know that you are in a positive space calling upon you to be creative. Share this creativity with your loved ones. Let’s not leave them out, shall we?


21 May - 21 June

You are certainly socially oriented and although helping your community is a great thing, remember not to get too caught up in it. Your loved ones need you in their lives, so it is not in your place to let them down. You know you want them in your life too so no harm done, right? Besides, having friends and family around may be important at this point because you will need help with tough decisions whether at work or at home. Apart from that you are in an intellectual space full of “Fabulous”! Don’t let it go to waste.


22 June - 22 July

Emotions! They’re getting the better of you, aren’t they? Your decisions are being put at jeopardy because of them, aren’t they? We’ve all been there! All you can do right now is have your outbursts and let everything in your heart slowly settle down. If you’re lucky, you will be thinking straight in no time. Until then, just wander like a lost soul in the woods. Your issues will help you find your way out and your intellect will be your guiding angel.


23 July - 21 August

Knock, knock! Opportunity is at the door. Use your intuition or lose it. Seems too tough? Why so? You’ve followed your intuition before and it has taken you to great places. So why stop now? Be just as intuitive when it comes to your love life. That does not mean you mustn’t take a chance though. What is life without a risk, right? Remember though, take it easy, and take a cool, calm walk. Life can be full of unexpected surprises even when you’re walking on a straight road.


22 August – 21 September

Celebrate the power of love! Your desires are burning, your doors are opening, your senses need invigorating and your adrenaline needs a rush. What are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start living! Oh! But wait! Stop talking and start listening before you decide to do something too harsh. Do not get carried way. Be creative, and considerate. Good things will be in store of you. It’s all in your hands.

October 2011 | Bahrain Confidential | 127


Personal views from KSA


Little Lies

Truth, they say, sets you free, but when that fails, ‘re-engineering facts’ work just fine for some. Mohammad Al Rasheed dissects the subject of deception and how most of us are willing to look past the ‘creative manipulation of the truth’.

by Mohammad T. Al Rasheed


here is no end to human deception - or at least the capacity to exercise such deception. We always think that the more modern the times, the more vicious the cycle of deception. Wrong. It has always been there and we have been deceiving ourselves, each other, or both for millenia. In modern times we see deception on television, in films, and other visual effects made possible by technology. We suspend disbelief and enjoy whatever we can if only to escape reality. But the more harmful sort of deception is the one practiced by one human being on another for personal and purely selfish reasons. If we leave the purely personal side of this effort aside (as in lying, infidelity, et al) we, unfortunately, find this deception exercised by religious men and women over the ages. They do it for control over others, money, power, politics, and what have you. The main reason behind it is control, pure and simple. In ancient times the temples of various gods were the arena of such activities. History is now revealing some very interesting practices that our ancestors engaged in that baffle even the modern mind. For example, in ancient Egypt the priests of Amon managed to concoct a contraption that made a statue moan. They built a huge hollow statue of the god and placed a priest under it. When the god was asked questions or needed ‘donations’, the priest under the hollow statue would begin to moan. The congregation, being more gullible than Jerry Falwell’s in modern day America, coughed up the money in terror.

Greece was no better. They had a statue of Zeus issuing thunder on command by lighting a fire under the statue and funnelling the smoke up a stack to a chamber till the combustion produced a loud bang. In Delphi the priestesses went a bit further and had their ‘sage’ goddess talk on command by using echo techniques from chambers built especially for the purpose. Medieval Christianity had to come up with blood to accomplish the same goals. Statues of the Virgin were made to shed blood tears by rigging them with hollow eyes and an empty skull filled with a goat’s heart. Under the screen of smoke from the incense

Someone whose brain was still functioning managed to find out the trick. The Lebanese man had rigged the statue with some contraption which made it shed its ‘oil’ on command. It turned out that he had masterfully engineered the contrivance to do his will and not God’s. To make things worse, it turned out that he used baby oil, of the kind you put on a baby’s bottom to prevent diaper rash, as his ‘holy oil.’ To think how much money was paid to get a few drops of this oil to heal the sick and help women conceive is mind boggling. Since it is all about money, power, and control, politicians come next in this hierarchy of masterful deceivers: There are those who talk to ‘God’ to help them shape the fate of the world; others who claim divine right to rule; a third kind who rig elections and claim they were legitimately elected to represent the ‘people.’ And so on. A deceiver is only as good as the recipient is willing to believe. Unfortunately, we all are susceptible to this weakness at one time or another. The difference is in the varying degrees of gullibility. To those who read History the writing was on the wall ever since the Roman emperors began claiming divinity for themselves. It started after an emperor died and was declared a god then progressed to a cult of the living godemperor. Now if Caligula can be Zeus, I see no reason why the Pope can’t be Christ or the Dalai Lama the ‘living god.’ It all fits. So next time your beloved says they love you when they don’t, think positive and be glad the matter stopped there. And when you see a poster of your ‘elected’ leader (by you or divine intervention) just repeat the mantra they taught you at school in silence and be grateful

“A deceiver is only as good as the recipient is willing to believe.”

128 | Bahrain Confidential | October 2011

burner, the priest would put his finger through a hole in the skull and squeeze the heart inside the stone skull till blood poured out of the eyes. Fast forward to the late 1980s. When I was living in France, a Lebanese man claimed that a statue of the Virgin in a Church on Avenue Victor Hugo was shedding ‘holy oil’ when he prayed to her. Paris was flabbergasted. Television crews spent time filming him praying and zoomed in their cameras on the statue that was indeed shedding something. Throngs of gullible men and women (otherwise known as the ‘faithful’) crowded the church and donated everything from their gold chains to loads of Francs (no Euros then). Television news led with this story every night for more than a month. I used to take that route to university but had to change because of the traffic jams even at an ungodly hour in the early morning.

Bahrain City Center 17172320

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