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ACCESS Tailored discovery sessions to articulate your business strategy & digital footprint

EXECUTE Implement and integrate technology fit-for-purpose

t c a t n co ils a t e d KARAN SHARMA

REIMAGINE Build new value offerings using digital assets. Help you adopt high risk strategies for high gains

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I cannot find a trusted technology partner. My projects often overrun in costs and time. Furthermore, my service providers cannot link business goals to a pragmatic technology roadmap. They cannot help link digital marketing spend to actual data. Moreover, they cannot help me work on our brand online. They cannot provide advice on what to do next. I have to duplicate stock/inventory data if I have to work with multiple marketing partners.

t a h w we do ASSESS

Tailored assessment and discovery exercises to match digital goals with business needs Build targeting and positioning strategies for your brand online

t a h w we do

Implement digital assets


including websites, social media assets, bespoke software & CRM

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TRAINING & LOADING One-on-one training. Work hours admin support. Uploads through our admin team.

t a h w we r e f of PORTAL SUPPORT

$500/month Enroll today!

CAMPAIGN MGMT One-on-one strategy workshop. Multiple targeted ads. Visual asset/video design & build. Campaign management. Phone support during work hours. Landing page content and design. Pivot & improve.

t a h w we r e f of SOCIAL MEDIA

$500/month Enroll today!

WHITE LABELLED WEBSITE SOLUTIONS White labelled websites. Connectivity with stock mgmt. system. Custom designs. Fully responsive website. One time API installation fee. Content to uplift your brand online.

t a h w we r e f of CUSTOM WEBSITE

$1000 - $1500 Ask us more!

t a wh we r e f of

CRM SETUP & DATA MIGRATION Consulting & advice on the right tool. CRM setup. Data migration. Data cleansing.

Starts at $2000 Ask us more!

WHITE LABELLED CRM White labelled PAIG backend HUB. Enable Logins management for admin, agent, buyers, finance linked to a journey/workflow. Access will be via <client-domain> Pay-per-use models available. Ability to centralise all conversations.

t a h w we r e f of CUSTOM CRM

Enroll today! Discuss costs with us.

WHITE LABELLED STOCK MGMT SOLUTION White labelled PAIG backend PORTAL. Management of allocations to on-selling Agents. User sign-up and login functions. Access via <client-domain> APIs to custom front end website. Front End Pages for Agents, with no PAIG Branding. Pay-per-use models available.

t a h w we r e f of


Enroll today! Discuss costs with us.


We are passionate about


simplifying digital technologies for our clients Simplicity


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PAIG Academy Magazine March 2019  

PAIG Academy Magazine March 2019

PAIG Academy Magazine March 2019  

PAIG Academy Magazine March 2019