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“VNITians Care Fund”, is a foundation to assist the economically challenged students of VNIT who nurture the dream to be successful engineers. Started by VNIT Alumni in 2003, the foundation has brought offered an opportunity to several of our Alumni to participate in a noble cause. It gave us all one reason to connect, contribute and bring an impact in the lives of several economically challenged students of VNIT. The foundation has been consistently offering need-cum-merit scholarships since 2004 and has supported close to 20 students till date. The intention was to start such an activity and help it gain momentum. It was always envisaged that to continue the good work uninterrupted and keep it growing consistently, support and encouragement from the vast, successful and concerned alumni is needed and the foundation expects many more Alumni to join the cause. The Foundation consists of members who nurture a strong sense of duty towards their Alma Mater, its students and the country; a feeling of social responsibility. The vision is to foster a long-lasting and active relationship between the Alumni and the Institute. Selection Procedure: Every year, around Feb/Mar, applications are invited from interested students for the fellowship. The applications are strictly scrutinised for merit and need by a panel of the VCARE foundation members, Dean. Stud Council and the administrative section. A list of shortlisted candidates are invited for personal interview. The interview process helps in understanding every student's background, their ambitions and their commitment to the institute. Finally, some students are selected and offered partial/full tuition fee support for the next academic year. Their family is also informed about the fellowship grant. Recent updates: VCARE is now officially registered with the Government. Registration Number BYP-4-00156 What this registration means to you? This means that the foundation is now more transparent and accountable than ever. A registration with the Government brings along with it a responsibility to meticulously maintain balance sheets and get them audited professionally and release account balances to contributors every year. This also means that, we will be pushing forward for an Income Tax exemption, but that will take sometime to come through (Govt. of India bureaucracy) and some funds to get it approved. We are aggressively pursuing it and we need your support to get this done. You will also get a receipt for your contribution. And this year again, true to our commitment, we have decided to offer assistance to students and we need your generous support in contributions at the earliest. You can start sending your contributions and we can get them IT exempted once the government approval comes through (We will try to get all contributions made this year IT exempted). For those who don't know where to send the contributions to, here it is.. If doing an internet transfer. Transfer the amount to – Accnt No: 10259422978 (savings account) Benificiary Name: V-CARE (note the hyphen in between) Branch : SBI, VRCE Nagpur. The account is a joint account run by 4 VNIT alumni and Dr. C.S. Moghe. No withdrawals are allowed unless atleast two account holders sign on the withdrawal form. You can also write a cheque to the above account and mail it to Dr. C.S.Moghe, Department of Electronics and Computer Science, VNIT, Nagpur - 440011 If you are staying abroad and wondering how to transfer funds to VCARE, please find the details below. The details that one needs to specify are as under:

SWIFT code: SBININBB195 SBI Branch code: 06702 (for VRCE Branch) Account no: 10259422978 Account name: VCARE Fund. Electronic transfer is possible mentioning the above details. Please drop a mail to giving details of your transfer, This is for records.

VNITians care fund