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We  are  a  team  that  PROMOTES  sales  goals,  linking   marke1ng  and  adver1sing  to  obtain  a  be5er   "gross  margin”  a8er  each  ISM  Plan.       We  will  provide  the  right    SERVICE  or  PRODUCT   obtaining  adequate  liaison  with  each  client  to   ensure  their  FREQUENCY  and  PREFERENCE.  

SERVICES  &  EQUIPMENT     -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ 

Graphic  Design   Commercial  Prints   Custom  Promo1onal  Items   Video  Edit   Digital  Photograph   Social  Media   Media  Coordina1on   Promo1onal  Wraps   Exhibi1on  Set-­‐Ups   Marke1ng  Research   Brand  Experience  &  Loyalty   Strategic  Marke1ng   Promo1onal  Events   Street  Marke1ng  (Guerrilla)  

-­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  -­‐ 

Promo1onal  Trailer   Moving  Camper   Inflatables   Full  Staging   Sound  Systems  

DEVELOPS  and  EXECUTE  the  ISM  Plan  by  "trading  area"  in   order  to  iden1fy  new  sales  opportuniBes.    

MANAGE  the  execu1on  of  naBonal  campaigns,  regional   strategies  increasing  local  impact  through  the  correct  use  of   promo1onal  materials.      

PERFORMS  the  corresponding  analysis  of  the  results  according   to  the  business  or  brand  season  offers  or  promo1ons.  

The  community  involvement  is  another  link  that  we  offer  to   ensure  and  maintain  results  related  to  demographic  segments   adjacent  through  proper  percepBon  of  business  or  brand   corporate  guidelines.  


What is Happening ?... Online  AdverBsing  is  now  a  4  billion  industry  

With  over  a  quarter  of  all  ad-­‐spend  in  the  digital  medium,  and  growing,  there  is  an   increasing  need  to  accurately  measure  ROI    

What works ?... Facebook: The most popular social network that works as a Powerful segment marketing. Instagram: A popular application that transforms the photos into a Journal of Expression and Popularity.

You-Tube: The easiest way to turn a Infomercial or normal video into a massive Viral Promotion. Twitter: A huge way to grab attention, keep frequent and stay up dated in the market. Pinterest: The application that connects the preferences & life style of each individual with brands and celebrities like a Magazine.

What’s the plan?... SOCIAL  ADS  –  Graphic  Design  &  Messages     -­‐ Re-­‐direc1onal    “tab”  where  to  find  información  about   the  business,  brand  or  product  by  interes1ng   messages  and  collec1ng  Fan  Base  in  Facebook  by   “LIKES”.    

  MULTIMEDIA  –  Photos  &  Videos   -­‐  Engagement  with  New  People  &  Exis1ng  Fans.     -­‐ Working  between  ac1vity  among  users  trendy   interest  and  integra1ng  Facebook,  Twi+er  &  YouTube   in  the  same  content.   -­‐ Gathering  the  image  content  in  Pinterest  &   Instagram  to  increase  followers  and  popularity  just   around  the  corner.  

How does it Works ?... •  Combining  Audience  Measurement  with  Opt-­‐in  Panels  

What We Need To Start ?...

P L A T F O R M  

B U D G E T  

     Engagement  –  Post  &  Management  


     Social  Ads  –  Promo9onal  Design  ART  or  PRODUCT  


     Se5up  Charge    


     Analysis  Reports  –  Reports  allow  us  to  evaluate  the  strategies  and  tac9cs  to  be  


                                                                                                                     modifying  the  interests  of  the  audience,  compe99on,                                                                                                                      influence  and  trends.  

IMPORTANT  NOTE:   All  the  costs  are  base  in  a  reasonable  amount  to  get  the  effec1ve  Monthly  work  to  ensure  the  best  results.  

PO  Box  270095,  San  Juan,  PR  00927  |  Cel:  (787)  925-­‐5030  Fax:  (787)  893-­‐0224  

The  informa,on  contained  may  be  privileged,  confiden,al,  and  protected  from  disclosure.  If  you  are  not  the  intended  recipient,  you   are  hereby  no,fied  that  any  dissemina,on,  distribu,on  or  duplica,on  of  this  communica,on  is  strictly  prohibited.  If  you  have   received  this  communica,on  in  error,  please  no,fy  the  sender  immediately  and  delete  all  copies.   IRS  CIRCULAR  230  DISCLOSURE:  To  ensure  compliance  with  requirements  imposed  by  IRS  Circular  230,  we  inform  you  that,  unless   otherwise  indicated,  any  U.S.  federal  tax  advice  contained  in  this  communica,on  (including  any  aMachments)  is  not  intended,  or   wriMen,  to  be  used,  and  cannot  be  used,  for  the  purposes  of:    (i)  avoiding  penal,es  under  the  United  States  Internal  Revenue  Code  of   1986,  as  amended,  or  (ii)  promo,ng,  marke,ng  or  recommending  to  another  party  any  transac,on  or  maMer  addressed  herein.  

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