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The Interview fashion photographer amanda diaz interviewed by Shataya Worth Can you tell us how you got started in photography? I started “by accident.” I was studying advanced graphic design and had to choose a “minor” to complete the certificate so I chose photography. My first camera was a Rebel XT. I used friends for my school assignments, and the way people reacted to my photos was really surprising. And it just went from there. What kind of camera do you use? And what are some of your favorite lenses/ equipment? I am using a Canon 5DMKII. I use mainly prime lenses. My favorites are my 85mm 1.2 and 50mm 1.2 (mainly because of the amazing bokeh and enchantment it adds) What would you say is the most important aspects in planning a photo shoot? I think a big part of why I actually enjoy planning and styling my shoots is because when I was a child, I swore up and down I was going to be a fashion designer. But hating to sew, that didn’t go too far. The most important aspect would be to know what you are aiming to achieve. Many times I have called for out of the blue shoots, with poor planning and been pretty disappointed in the outcome.

But if you know your theme, idea, colors, mood and choosing the right model that will fit, the planning from there is much easier. It also helps to create mood boards for the team to see ahead of time (hair, models, makeup, etc.) this way they can also be prepared and know what is expected of them. What are some of your favorite magazines and online outlets to go to? Well I have always bought Vogue and Elle since I was a teenager. For online I will pretty much type in keywords in google that lead me to so many amazing inspirational sites and blogs or even Pinterest has some great finds. Is there anything specific you look for when choosing models for your shoots? Yes, I am very picky when it comes to my models. Having a pretty face is fine, but if you have the same expression in every shot I lose interest very quickly. I look for girls (and guys on occasion) who can emote well in front of the camera and if we have worked together once and I feel that they have taken my direction well I will ask them to model again. It’s really important to have the right subject for the shoot.

Yes it is! This is my comfort zone for sure. When I began photography I did not have money to buy lighting. Or even just a flash for a while. I had to learn to use natural light So tell us about your featured editorial. What was your inspiration behind “Rose Redd”? For one I ADORE the color red in photos. It is so impactful and strong, it grabs your attention. I have wanted to do an “all red” styled shoot for a while (and still planning for a couple more very soon). That shoot was planned very carefully and the roses, petals, lace, etc. were all additional elements that I knew would just make the shoot even more eye-catching. I also wanted to keep the ethereal look in there as well as the softness. That is one if my most favorite shoots to date! Looking into the future, what is one of your main goals you wish to accomplish? I really want to start working with an agent and doing commercial and fashion work for bigger companies and magazines. That is what I want and hope to be doing in the future! See more of her work at:

I’ve noticed looking through your work you do a lot of outdoor shooting? Is that a preference of yours?

When I was a child, I swore up and down I was going to be a fashion designer. But hating to sew, that didn’t go too far.

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