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What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the response to marketing your goods and services through digital means. It is done through the Internet. We can connect to it through the internet, computer, mobile phone, laptop, website advertisements or any other applications.The first few attempts were made in the 1980s to establish a digital market but this was not possible. Its name and usage started in the late 1990s.It is a simple way to reach new customers. It carries out marketing activities. It can also be called online marketing. Digital marketing is marketing to reach more people in less time. It is a technological developing area and allows the producer to reach his customers as well as keep an eye on their activities, their needs. Where the trend of customers is, what the customer is looking for, all these can be discussed through digital marketing. Simply put,digital marketing is a means of reaching customers through digital technology.

Dimensions (courses) Of Digital Marketing?

A - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) B - SMO (Social Media Optimization) C - SMM (Social Media Marketing) D - PPC (Pay-per-click) E - ORM (Online Reputation Management) F - Youtube Advertising G - Influencer Marketing

Career scope in Digital Marketing? The future of Digital Marketing in India is booming not just in India but all parts of the world. The year 2016 took the industry by surprise with over 1.5 lakh job opportunities in the Digital Marketing domain. Well, the following was a bigger surprise when only the first quarter of 2017 marked for 8 lakh job opportunities.The surveys conducted by several forums have predicted this number to grow with Digitalisation in the nation. Our Prime Minister has been actively promoting the idea of Digital India to expand Digital Marketing in India. PM Modi’s digital India campaign gained massive popularity. The initiative of Government of India is aimed at providing easy services to its natives. As a result, a look of people are looking forward to building a career in Digital Marketing.Now imagine when a nation’s government is promoting the digital interaction, what do you think will be the future of digital marketing in India?


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Authenticity Google Analytics

Google Ads Fundamental

Top company's in Indore and Bhopal? a - wittyfeed B - SEOVALLEY c - D - E - F - pitechnologies G -

Jobs In Digital Marketing a - SEO Executive b - SMM Executive c - SEM Executive d - ORM reputation Executive e - Content marketing Expert f - Youtube Advertiser G - Digital Marketing Manager h - FREELANCER





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We are a training institute focused on providing quality education. We offer Complete Digital Marketing Training Programme for both businesses and individuals including.Our Digital Marketing Course is designed to help you master in all the important dimensions of online marketing.

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Digital Master Institute in Indore  

Digital marketing has completely revolutionized the way of marketing of all different types of product and services, also it offers some r...

Digital Master Institute in Indore  

Digital marketing has completely revolutionized the way of marketing of all different types of product and services, also it offers some r...