The April Anthology

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Tenderness On days you feel alone, Walk to the window, And indulge yourself in the sunset. Maybe as an answer to your unfaltering questions about life, The sky will explode into a kaleidoscope of colors, And your fondest memories Will resurface in your mind with such tenderness, To remind you, That in the warmth of reminiscence, You are never alone.

Excess In case you needed to hear this today, There are never too many stars in the sky, There are never too many words in a poem, And there are never too many feelings in your heart! On days you feel overwhelmed, Remember, A bud thinks that it is immensely full, Just before it blossoms into a beautiful flower. Maybe excess isn't always more, Maybe it's just the right amount!

Ask What can words do, You ask. Words bring out unheard voices, Unearth buried stories of suffering, Forge lanes of strength, And chisel pathways of hope. Remember, You are always a few words away from change, A few words away from a revolution, And always a few words away from creating a beautiful world!

Vaccine Today, As I join my hands together in prayer, I ask god, For a miracle vaccine that can cure Deadly diseases among us, from Anger, hate and envy To greed and pain. And in the sudden blink of my eye, The epiphany unfolds. How naive was I? The miracle vaccine has always existed: The vaccine of Unconditional love; Waiting to protect us from all the negativity in the world.

Earth Step out often. Jump on puddles, Pick up dried flowers, And chase pretty butterflies. Go to the ocean, Listen to the song of the waves, Make sandcastles on the shore, And collect sea shells. Close your eyes, Listen to the whoosh of the wind, And listen to the rustling of leaves. Look up at the sky, Count the stars, And soak in the moonlight. Sweetheart, The earth is full of magic, For the ones that wish to seek it!

Habit I wonder sometimes, What character am I, In the story of your life? The one who gives warm hugs? Or the one who narrates stories with her eyes? Or the one who uses words to weave magic into your heart? I think about it so often, It's almost become a habit, Maybe because, Deep down, I know that, I'm the one that always tries To change this world, One poem at a time!

Words On days when waves of darkness, Wash over the shores of your heart, I hope that my poem finds you, In a boat built of words, Guided by the sail of love, To instill hope, And reinvent dreams. Because, If words can't be wonders, Then nothing else can be!

Stop If I had the power to Stop the hands of the clock, I would sit on your lap, And let the rhythm of your breath, Lull me to sleep, While I dream about Every little smile you ever brought, And all the memories we ever made. To be stuck with you, In a timeless dimension, Is probably what Eternal love would look like, In the heart we call home.

Elegy On days I swallow words, And let my feelings fight a war Between themselves, I find that the shadow of silence, That forms a canopy over me, Is an epiphany in itself; Reminding me, That pain Is never a measure of how much You miss someone, But of how much You loved them, And how you would do anything To let your heart Soak in their warmth, And feel like you're home In the sounds of their breath.

Vast Along the vast horizon Of your thought paradise, Some epiphanies unravel In the strangest times. The distance between Two hearts, Is always just A special memory Of shared joy, That made you believe In the truth you call love.

Protest Preparing for a protest Doesn't always mean You gather as a group, Voice out your anger And march to a destination. Preparing for a protest Can also mean Standing up for yourself, Fighting your fears, And slaying demons of dread. Preparing for a protest, Can also mean Birthing stories of healing, Inside an overthinking brain, That's entangled in a web of anxiety.

Rainbow What is a rainbow, But a love poem Between rain and the sun!

Warm They say, Words can't heal, And yet, Here I'm writing a poem, Hoping that it will Weave a web of warmth Around your soul, And fix all your Broken pieces, While it unties The knots of chaos In your heart. In that moment, I hope that you Choose to believe in magic.

Stillness Darkness eloquently speaks The language of silence, And feeds off of your imagination. Maybe that's why, It's easy to get sucked up in it. On those nights when your own breath, Grows increasingly loud against the stillness, Be afraid not; Breathe, And let the Beat of your heart Guide you back To the safety of your soul.

Need I don't need words to read What your heart wants to say; The love in your eyes do it better Than any words could ever convey!

Favorite I always find that My most favourite part About writing a poem Is not just the uncertainty With which it unfolds, But also, The certainty With which I can comprehend it; Without having to be afraid Of holding back, Of saying the truth, And of dreaming wild!

Love Love is a river That flows between Two hearts, Destined to join The ocean of life, Only to manifest As waves of joy That dissolve On the shore of purpose!

Burden How many thoughts Do you have to Pen down into poems, Before you feel The burden of the world Be lifted off your shoulders?

Meanwhile Somewhere, Someone is doing Something to make This world a better place. Meanwhile, I am stringing words into garlands, Feelings into wreaths, Desperately hoping That it'll help someone heal, That it'll help someone Hope more, and hate less.

Bucket List Perhaps every twinkling star Is one of the fondest wishes Ticked off from the bucket list Of our loved ones That left without saying goodbye.

Lost Maybe all the waves That crash at the shore Are stories of love, That got lost Between the silence Of two hearts that refused To take a leap.

Instruction Love never comes With an instruction manual, But almost always comes Unannounced, In the most unexpected ways. Today, Love comes Between the spaces of words You could never speak, Between the shackle of feelings You could never untangle. Today, Love comes In phases, Between blinks And broken smiles.

Moon Some nights, I sit by the window And watch the stars twinkle. As the wind wraps its arms around me, The chaos in my head disappears; Hope in my heart expands. In the warmth of the moon's shadow, I write myself a love poem, Using all the heartbeats That got lost Every time I saw you.

Jasmine There was always something calming About the way grandma Stringed jasmine flowers. She'd grab a piece of thread, Pick up two Jasmine buds, And then two more, Place it symmetrically Opposite to one another. One twist and then a knot, They'd sit together perfectly Like they were meant to be. She'd string one muzham, Then would carefully place it On my hair, and smile. Today, as I sit by the veranda of her house, I wonder what I miss more The fragrance of perfectly stringed jasmine flowers, Or the warmth of her unconditional love.

Broken Perhaps all the leaves that wilt from the trees Whisper stories of Renewed hope from battles lost, Only to remind us that we are never too broken To wastefully wither, Or get lost, But just a breeze away from being carried to the right place, to serve the right purpose.

Migration On days you sneak smiles Out of spaces Between words you could Never say out loud, I hope that your heart Migrates into mine, Maybe then, we'll find love In each other's broken pieces.

Reunion The rain never fails To drench you in nostalgia, Floods your weary mind With the happiest of memories, And reunites distant hearts That never could join hands In this wicked world of ours.

Monsoon It fascinates me how Monsoons can mean Different things to different people. For a farmer, It's the sign of hope, For a child, The little drops of happiness Are nothing but a mystery. For a weatherman, It's just another day's report. But the rains, for us, Is an opportunity to Embrace each other And remind ourselves To be grateful Even about the littlest things That bring us joy, Because it is in them That we find ourselves Loving and living Just a little more.

Hope Today, May you find hope In the little things A stranger's smile, A flower dancing to the wind, A warm sunset, Grandpa's virtual hug, Amma's daily phone call, An old photograph of your brother, A song playing on the radio, The moon smiling down upon you. May you find hope Within you, Between the rhythm of your own heartbeat!

Daydream My daydreams are kites Made of my deepest desires Attached to the string We call as hope Gently swaying Across the sky of imagination.