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Move-Up Buyer


63 Consumer Views on Housing & Economy

have a positive outlook on the economy this year

Lending Tree Survey 2014



have a positive outlook on housing this year



said they are considering selling their home in 2014

We are anticipating a meaningful increase in the supply of homes for sale. The survey evidence suggests that rising prices are motivating more owners to list their homes.

Paul Diggle Capital Economics

Boomers are starting to move… “The oldest Baby Boomer turns 68 this year, and the youngest turns 50. They are buying homes in droves as their employment situation, home values, and stock portfolios have almost fully recovered from the Great Recession. We are seeing strong sales in this same demographic throughout the country.” - John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Baby Boomers ready to buy a 2nd home‌

25% said they’d likely buy a second home, such as a vacation or beach house, to use during retirement BH&G 2014

Vacation Home Sales

UP 29.7


NAR 2014

Thinking about moving up to the home of your dreams?

Move-Up Seller Comparison – End of 2015

Current Price Future Price (+8%) Future Gain Total Gain

Current Home

Move-up Home

$300,000 $324,000 $24,000

$400,000 $432,000 $32,000 $8,000

Move-Up Seller Price







End of 2015




Monthly Savings


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