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films that I came across whilst conducting my research.

Using the internet as a resource for researching aspects for the film and the other products is something that is easy to do and gives out quality and accurate results that can be documented and worked with. For the research stage I looked to use the internet to access resources that allowed me to view short films so that I could pick them apart and see how they are constructed so that I may include some of these key aspects when producing the film. There were a range of available websites on the internet that specialise in short films, the ones I used are; YouTube, ShortOfTheWeek, and IMDB. Each had an advantage for it’s use. YouTube had a huge database of videos that include full length films, short films, music videos and much more. The reason for me using YouTube is for the range of short films that you can have access to, this allows me to conduct research into the films’ conventions and iconology that makes the genre unique. The ShortOfTheWeek is also a good website who specialise in short films. Their range of films feels limited to the a small number of genres, unfortunately they don’t cover the genre I was looking for but it was good of researching into the overall conventions of short films. Finally is the use of the IMDB, this site wasn’t used too much in the research task but it was useful as it was able to give me more information on some of the short

The filming involved using other pieces of technology instead of the online or virtual tech; we used media hardware such as cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment. The use of the hardware enhanced the quality of the production dramatically. For example, for the camera I used my own Canon 600D which can shoot in 1080p at 30fps. This meant that we were able to produce a film in clear 1080 hd. This meant that it was a pleasure to watch on a big TV. The other advantage I had with using this camera was that I knew my way around this camera so I knew how to work it and therefore get an effective shot if needed. The next piece of hardware that I used in conjunction with the camera was a rode microphone provided by my school. The microphone was used to pick up sound clearly and crisply with not a lot of background noise. Unfortunately it was not the case when we filmed as we came to the realisation that the microphone was picking up static too which was ruining the shots. We had to remove this in post productions.

During the editing we used the computers that we had access to at school as well as the software loaded onto it, this included Premiere and After Effects which were to software that I used the most for the editing of the video. Using premiere allowed us to put the video together so that we had an idea of how the video would flow together. The idea was that we would have the video fine tunes in the timeline and we would then take the flashback scenes and export them into separate clips which would then be taken into After Effects and have the effects that make it look like a flashback applied to them. The footage was then exported from after effects and imported back into premiere where the footage would replace the original shots. These was an effective workflow with the two programs that allowed me to get the editing done quickly and to a good standard. Finally is the use of Slideshare and blogger to present the evaluations. I had used slideshare before and it was an effective online service that allowed me to embed presentations onto my blog to present the evaluations. Slideshare is powerful tool that lets me upload my presentation and allows me to share it in any way I want to. In conclusion I have used a wide variety of hardware and software and I have attempted to use the software as effectively as possible so that I could get the most out of it.

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

When it got to the planning stage, I was able to extract the information I had gathered during the research and arrange it into what I could include in the production and what I needed to avoid including. The planning also involved making up a script, for that I used an online app called Adobe Story, this is a scriptwriting app with extras like being able to write up character profiles too. This app was easy to understand and straightforward to use. I was able to get an outline of a script in the software and then develop that gradually to create a comprehensive and useful script that was laid out in the standard way and had all the information needed for the actor to recreate the script and the characters actions. This was the main media technology that I used for the planning and it was effective in improving the workflow for the production of the film.

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