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Volume 1, Issue 1 July 2013

Welcome to the very first edition of our newsletter ‘The Bottom Line’! I am profoundly thankful that this particular endeavour had got off the ground; I can see the value of having a way of communicating to our special community. I am proud to say that it is owned and initiated by dedicated AICL students. This a very unique way of celebrating our kin-

ship, defined by common goals such as learning, sharing and appreciating one another. I would really like members of our special community to contribute, to share their experiences, and to use this as a positive platform to be heard. Lately, when I do my rounds I see familiar faces, faces that defy vicissitudes of fate, smiling faces, faces full of hope, and I do pray that you remain truthful to your goals and let us know how we can help to make it a little bit easier, and I promise you within the bounds of our role and responsibilities we will show you what kinship means.

By Kazi Rezwan

Trade and economic cooperation among different nations is interlinked to the most unprecedented degree. It is intertwined to the extent that the economic condition in one country will have an immense impact on the economy of the trading countries. This impact will ultimately be reflected in the rapid revaluation or devaluation of the currency values (Shapiro 2010, p. 51). The exchange rate of a country is simply the price of the country’s currency in terms of another currency; therefore in Australia, the ex-

‘Exchange rate of a country is simply the price of the country’s currency‘

change rate is the price of an Australian dollar in terms of another currency. There are two most common measures of currency used in Australia. The first is the measure against the US dollar and the second measure is against the Trade-Weighted Index or TWI. The Trade Weighted Index is not a price against a single currency but in fact it is against a number of different currencies; in other words, “a basket of currencies” (RBA, 2012). This in most cases gives a better result as, if the Australian dollar is quoted against just a single currency such as the Cont.P.4


Understanding Racism Background in Exchange rates

Social Media and its trappings Events and more!



It may not be as big as NASA’s first step on the moon, but the first issue of “The Bottom Line” is a giant leap for us, the students at AICL. This endeavor aims to provide information and entertainment to everyone linked to AICL be it students, professors or partner agents and institutes. This biannual publication will serve as a gateway to information related to events and information for current and future students. We aim to use this publication to impart knowledge to our stake holders about the happenings and news in and around the campus and the city of Sydney. Not only that, this newsletter is geared towards the stimulation of everyone’s creative acumen and encourages all to contribute articles and creative ideas. In this first issue, we look at past events like the International Students’ Forum, the AICL Celebration of Harmony Day, and various


acism is defined as ‘views, practices and action reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological

other campus events that have successfully taken place. Not only that, we also explore the trappings of social media, Racism -what does it mean to you, and Dissect the Aussie Dollar ! But we will not stop here, since it is only our first issue, we are open to suggestions, comments and reactions on ways to improve the publication. Please do not hesitate to come to us and share your views about the newsletter. Hope you enjoy reading our first AICL newsletter. I keenly look forward to the next and the next and the next… issue with even more contents and fun facts! And that’s The Bottom Line!

A Take on Racism

groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior or superior.’ ( Every day, I see or hear news about racism from across the world, and then there are cases that never make it to the newspapers and media. None of us are meant to be the same, not even identical twins. The world consists of more than 190 countries, almost 7 billion people and still counting, about 6900 languages known to us and many more that we may be oblivious of. We all have a need to socialize and we all have ample choice and option to do so without really demeaning or condescending any one. Let’s face it, one can’t live in isolation if one were to survive in this world. Who am I? I’m a mere mortal who is entitled to spend a given span of his lifetime on this planet called Earth. What right do I have to consider myself better


By Jomar-Jay Abela, Adv Dip in Acc

By Antonyus Oey, Cert IV in Acc

than others, that I am superior to someone else? What’s in it for me if I’m a racist? Have I treated people by their race? Have I faced any racism? How do I feel when I treat people based on ‘None of us are their race? How do I feel when I am at the meant to be the receiving end? The same, not even answers to these questions lie within us, that identical twins.’ little entity inside each one of us called conscience most certainly has the answers. However it is up to us whether we choose to listen to or ignore that voice. The choice we make can change our lives or someone else’s life. If we could all live by the age old saying ‘do unto others what you would like others to do unto you’ the world would be a much better place to live in and ‘Racism’ would probably be an obsolete word. So, what’s your take on racism?

Australian Institute of Commerce and Language




Memories of “Home Away from Home”


emories are still fresh in my mind when we at AICL were starting our clinicals in Marrickville Colombia Nursing Home. We were nervous because we were all new. A new environment, new place, new people to deal with (multi– cultural community), but we were also confident in a way, as

we had had an orientation at AICL where were told the things we should and should not do. People in the age care area were very accommodating in every possible way. They wanted us to learn more. Residents were not as difficult as we expected and were extremely cooperating. They were interacting with us and never lost a chance to have a friendly banter. And we felt no discrimination whatsoever. It was such a nice experience doing clinicals in those areas. It got our group closer as we were assigned in different aged care facilities like in Strathfield Colombia Nursing Home, Northside nursing Home and many more. In class we had a chance to discuss different cases and share our experiences. Teachers and staff at AICL have always been accommodating irrespective of who you are. Whether you’re a Filipino, Pakistani, Indian etc... they are always there to back you and support you in any way they can. They are the kind of staff you can rely on in times of trouble. Now that we are almost finishing our course, we will always carry those memories with us and cherish them forever. We will also take with us all that we have learned to better our future in our professional and personal lives. AICL has been an invaluable learning ground for us. We have always called it ‘our Home away from home’ Carlo Magno Collo with inputs from his class of Cert IV in Aged Care . PHOTOS FROM TOP: Colombia Strathfield Nursing Home; First Day of Clinicals at Acacia THE BOTTOM LINE

Marrickville Aged Care; Acacia Marrickville Residents at Olympic Park; and Basic Life Support Training.

Australian Institute of Commerce and Language



Dissecting…from p.1

US dollar, the Australian dollar could be rising against the US dollar but in fact falling against the other currencies or on the other hand falling against the US dollar but rising against the other currencies. “In such circumstances, the TWI will give a measure of whether the Australian Dollar is rising or falling on average” (RBA, 2012). The composition of currencies in the TWI is determined by the relative amount of trade of different countries with Australia. This composition is reviewed annually and the necessary changes are made. The Table 1 shows the current TWI as published in the RBA’s website. (RBA, 2012) The two measures of the Australian dollar often move together but in some cases they diverge. The Graph 1 shows that in 1997 during the Asian crisis the two measures have diverged quite a bit. It can be seen from the graph that “the exchange rate depreciated much more against the US dollar than the trade -weighted index as the Australian dollar appreciated against most of the Asian currencies” (RBA, 2012). According to the article ‘Get ready, dollar will have day of reckoning’ published in ‘The Australian’ newspaper, the Australian Dollar is the third most traded currency in the world (Main, 2012). Some of the reasons why the Australian Dollar is so popular among traders are because of the relative stability of Australia’s economy and political system, the comparatively high interest rates and the fewer government interventions in the foreign exchange market (Yeates, 2010). When Australian Dollar was first introduced in 1966, the Bretton Woods System was in effect whereby a fixed exchange rate system was maintained using a US dollar standard. The Australian dollar was however pegged against the British pound at an equivalent value of approximately 1 gram of gold. Then in 1971 the Australian dollar was pegged against the US dollar, in 1974 it was pegged against the TWI and finally in 1983 the Australian Dollar was floated. (Anon, 2012). REFERENCE LIST

Reserve Bank of Australia, 2012, International Market Operations


Source: Reserve Bank of Australia, 2013

[Online], Reserve Bank of Australia, Viewed 13 May 2012, Available From: - oper.html Shapiro, A.C., 2010, Multinational Financial Management , 9 th Edition, United States of America: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Yeates, C., 2010, Aussie now fifth most -traded currency [Online], The Australian, Viewed 15 May 2012 Available From: mosttraded-currency-20100901-14nma.html Main, A., 2012, Get ready, dollar will have day of reckoning [Online], The Australian, Viewed 15 May 2012,

Australian Institute of Commerce and Language



we’re hanging out together and the list simply won’t stop… Technology most certainly is a boon but also comes with its trappings. With the new age innovations we have forgotten societal attributes. Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Whether you Some fear that this “predicament” is being realized By Jomar -Jay Abela, Adv Dip in Acc like it or not, today. That ‘Social Media’ is being substituted to you cannot ignore it; we are at the dawn of the ‘being social’. We can see that some people don’t new world of ‘Social Media’. And yes, let’s know how to interact face-to-face anymore. Some face it; social media is an integral part of our don’t even know how to initiate a conversation. lives, so much so that it seems to have in many What is happening to our social values and norms? ways replaced our social lives! With the easy But all hope is not lost. accessibility through smart phones and other hi I read online about a game that is de-tech devices, my generation most certainly seems to be liv- ‘I fear the day that vised by a group of people in order for them to be more social and not use ing a way more mechanical life technology will their mobile phones when in a gatheras compared to a decade back. ing. The rule is, when socializing in the I confess to being guilty of it as surpass our human traditional old fashioned way, that is well. One day in a hurry, I left interaction. The talking and chatting to people face to my iPad & phone on the couch face, all involved need to stack their at home and the rest of the day world will have a mobile phones together and the first was a nightmare. It was as if I generation of person to touch their mobile has to pay had lost a limb! No Twitter, no for all the phone bills. So, I tried that to idiots.’ Facebook, no mails to check, I my group of friends and it worked. Nofelt like my day had come to a body dared use their phones in fear of standstill. paying for the whole group. But the problem doesn’t stop here. Every once In the end, it is a matter of time before we realize in a while my friends and I would go out for a that being social means real and not just virtual dinner or drinks together, yet it didn’t feel we interaction and cannot be substituted entirely by were together. Instead of socializing with each social media. The day we understand the power of other, talking and catching up, we were busy making the right choice, we will stop blaming texting and posting on Facebook, Twitter, technology and look within ourselves for the right Google+… that what an amazing steak we are answer. eating, or the famous pub we’re in or that

Fifty Shades of Quay By Fahad Sardar Khan, Dip of Business

It was a weekend and I was at home having planned absolutely nothing, when my friends insisted that I join them at Vivid Sydney - A festival of light, music & ideas. It took some persuasion on their part, but I finally succumbed.

So I hopped on the bus and in my head I was still regretting the decision of stepping out. On second thoughts taking the bus was probably a bad decision as I could have made it faster walking. Yes, that’s right the traffic was moving at snail’s pace, thus explaining the crowd that Vivid had attracted. Finally I reached and got off at Circular Quay only to see it transformed into some magical destination. Lights, lights and more lights reflecting every Cont. P.6


Australian Institute of Commerce and Language



Fifty Shades…from p.5

possible colour in the spectrum, foot tapping music and thousands of people soaking in the beauty...I had absolutely no qualms any more. I was loving every single moment of it. So I walked through the crowd and met my friends at a pop up bar, sitting in open air and lo and behold! The lights went off, the music kicked off and the whole building got animated, yes, literally started to move and dance. A plain old work of architecture turned into a piece of art and animation with the magic of lights, the magic of technology. Every light had a show had a story of its own and a great themed music, everyone was having fun people of all ages of people were dancing and having fun it was beautiful and seriously made me smile, like how cool is that it all seemed like some futuristic wonderland, well we had few drinks and along with the drinks we saw these wonder full shows of art. Further we walked towards our beautiful opera house which was changing colours and textures dramatically it was mind blowing We followed the map that we had been given at the information desk and the walk was incredible, glowing sculptures, holographic animations, coloured fountains, 3D animations, glowing rides and artefacts , it was surreal . And then we came to the ‘coat hanger’ , yes, the Harbor Bridge which was revelling in it’s beauty adorned with lights. That was not all, one had the amazing option to chose one’s favourite set of colours and colour the entire Harbor Bridge live with just a click of the button. This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever done...controlling the colours of the iconic Harbour Bridge !

PHOTOS BY: Fahad Sardar Khan

Important Information for Students NEED HELP ? • Emergency (Police/Fire/Ambulance) call Triple Zero (00 0) • Non emergency (Police Assistance Line) 131 44 4 • Telephone Interpreter Service 131 45 0 • Lifeline (crisis support) 131 114 • Alcohol and Drug Information Service 9361 8000 • Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service 1800 737 732 • International Student Legal Advice 9698 7645 • Department of Immigration and Citizenship 131 881 • NSW Transport Information (Bus/Train/Ferry) 131 500 • Taxis Combined 133 300


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A Whole New World Our class of certificate III in Aged is a global mix with students from across the world. And for international students it is about getting better job opportunities and having a better standard of living. With the support and assistance of our trainer Mr. John Bolton, we are confident of achieving our dreams. One of my classmates Jan Michael Parguian says ‘I want to be more marketable. And getting a certificate in Aged Care would really boost my qualifications’ Parguian already worked as a Registered Nurse in the Philippines as well as in Dubai. Now, he wants to practice his profession in Australia. “Probably the most difficult adjustment that I need to make is adapting to the Aussie culture, which I can pretty much say isn’t a problem at all”, he added. AICL is an advocate of good education with the help of their qualified and experienced instructors, the likes of Mr. Bolton. “He has been very instrumental in explaining everything in ways that students from every background can understand and comprehend easily”, commented Theeranuch Wongsatan, from Thailand on Mr. Bolton’s teaching techniques. Our class has Filipinos, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, German, Hungarian, and Spanish students. And AICL’s approach is to develop us holistically. Academic is not the only focus of AICL. Not everyone from our class is adept with the English language. AICL is also giving us the opportunity to improve our English language skills through collaborating with AMES by the NSW government. Activities like these are entertaining as well as educational making learning as seamless as possible. Thousands of people go out to study in Australia so that later on they can work here and make a good life for themselves. The Australian economy is booming at the moment, much stronger than most other countries and this luck country is full of opportunities for those who want to explore. Patrick D. Sanchez, with inputs from his class of CERT III IN AGED CARE. THE BOTTOM LINE

Did you know since 13thApril 2013 the automatic student visa cancellation has been abolished. So, what really has changed? The main change is that DIAC, when the education provider informs them about a breach of visa condition (either unsatisfactory attendance or unsatisfactory course progress), will now attempt to contact you to ask you about the circumstances which led to the alleged breach of visa condition. They will consider your circumstances and decide whether or not to cancel your student visa. Although, one important think has not changed. DIAC needs to know where you are physically and electronically. If they attempt to contact you via your last notified contact details and you don't respond to it within the given time frame then DIAC can take necessary action (cancel your visa). So what can you do? Ensure your education provider has your updated contact details You can inform DIAC by using Form 929 which you find on the DIAC website (

Contributed by Andrea Muehlmann

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WATCH OUT!!! A SHARE TRADING GAME will be put up next term and all students who are interested to join are welcome! For details contact your Trainers

Editor- In- Chief: Priyanka Tater

Photo contributed by Grace Panlican Bautista ; The International Students Forum 2013 organised by CISA in co-ordination with City of Sydney Council was held last March at Sydney Town Hall where 10 AICL students volunteered as Student Ambassadors

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