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40 THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY In this competitive world, organisations are busy trying to secure deals. But in doing so, some are committing cardinal sales sins, says Jennifer Baxavanis, Managing Partner, BAX Consulting.

Management 44 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING FLEXIBLE Stephan Melchior, Managing Partner, Wilson Learning Middle East, shares some pointers on the ability to see different perspectives and adapt.


Marketing 48 PLAYING TWO STEPS AHEAD With the advent of digital media, the rules for advertising have completely changed. Therefore, businesses must adapt so that they can continue to provide value and remain relevant, says Abbas Alidina, Founder and Director of



Andy Cordial, Managing Director, Origin Storage, explains why mobile computing users need to raise their security game if they are to avoid a series of SmartPhone and tablet computer-driven data breaches hitting the headlines.

Corporate Lifestyle 54 SEAL THE DEAL You have just a few seconds to make that first impression and you get only one shot at it. This month, Guillaume Mariole from Ignite Fitness & Wellness shows that, with a little thought and preparation, you can make some smart choices.

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