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Internet penetration by country in the Middle East Bahrain Iran Iraq Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Oman Palastine Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria United Arab Emirates Yemen


At a macro level, the level of Internet penetration across the Middle East varies drastically by country. The overall Internet penetration across the Middle East region is an average of 28.5%, so each country is at a different level of online maturity. This should be taken into consideration when developing your digital marketing strategy.


Understand consumer behaviour If you can understand your audience, you are better positioned to reach them effectively. The Internet is a rich data repository. Digging deeper into this information minefield in a structured way will help you to learn about your customers. Here are two free tools to help you get started: Google trends: This valuable tool illustrates how often people have searched Google for specific search-terms over time. You can also filter the results by region, city and language. By entering search terms related to your products and services, you can gauge the level of online activity that is relevant to your business.


Twitter search: Whereas performing a Google search will return the ten most authoritative Websites on specific keywords, performing a Twitter search will return the ten most recent Tweets containing your keywords. You can start monitoring conversations and find out what your customers and prospects are talking about.





The beauty of the Internet is that it represents the ability to study and organise behaviour, sentiment, perception, activity, impressions and experiences, and that’s remarkable when we actually stop to think about it.

through as they experience your brand. For a moment, take off your marketing hat and start thinking like a customer. Develop your digital marketing strategy based on the entire customer experience.

The customer engagement cycle

Ask yourself what customers require at each stage of the customer engagement cycle with respect to your specific industry.

The customer engagement cycle illustrates the stages that customers and prospects pass


Customer Engagement Cycle

There are a number of additional free and paid tools available online that will help you to study your market from varying perspectives. Every business should at least begin to experiment with these tools and see how they can learn from the data.

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