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Playing two moves ahead

With customer attention shifting from traditional billboards and yellow pages to new digital media, such as search engines, social networks and mobile applications, businesses must adapt so that they can continue to provide value and remain relevant, says Abbas Alidina, Founder and Director of


ow much time do you spend on Facebook, Google or YouTube every day? How often do you drift into e-mail trance while using your SmartPhone? It’s quite remarkable when we think about how much things have changed over the past decade because of these technologies, which are now an integral part of our daily lives.

Getting started with digital marketing Many businesses make the mistake of diving head first into developing a Website, opening social media accounts, or, creating mobile applications for their business without any coherent digital strategies. This juncture actually represents an opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What are your intentions? How do you aim to

improve the customer experience? What will differentiate you from competitors?

Plan for success Failing to plan is planning to fail. Identify which business goals you aim to achieve with your online presence. For instance; • Increase the number of inquiries received. • Boost sales. • Build a community of enthusiasts around your brand. • Decrease the volume of inbound customer support calls. These objectives should be captured as early as possible. Gaining clarity on your business goals from the onset will help you to remain focused on driving customers towards your desired outcomes as they interact with your brand.

Research your industry Before launching a digital marketing campaign, it is critical to determine whether or not a market actually exists for your products or services online. Ask yourself; • Where do your customers “hang out” online? • What languages do they speak? • What other interests do they have? Investing significant time and money on digital marketing, only to realise that your targeted audience is elsewhere can be demoralising to your business.


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