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What are the salient features of your HR policies and training for staff? A very important aspect of success is constant training, and is well aware of that. We have a STARS Training methodology that is applied company wide. In STARS, employees undergo periodic training related to: 1. Systems: The understanding of our internal and external software processes. 2. Techniques: The systematic procedure by which a task is accomplished. 3. Activities: Measurable amount of work performed in converting inputs to outputs. 4. Role-Plays: Acting out actions in a simulated situation. 5. Stories: A true account of a client interaction where a lesson learned was applied towards a successful outcome. Aside from the STARS system, all employees are encouraged to participate in external trainings and seminars, for which we cover the costs. We also have the Speaker Programme, where leading individuals come to our offices on a monthly basis to talk about topics that are interesting, like innovation through moviemaking and the psychology of change.

Branded career channels have allowed leading organisations across the MENA to tap into’s green platforms to eliminate inefficiencies associated with the traditional recruitment process.

Are your processes eco-friendly? Green processes are at the heart of all our activities at Here are just a few of the ways green thinking is the very core of our business operations: • Online recruitment has meant paper CVs, paper files and physical letters and filing cabinets and storage space associated with the recruitment process are both unnecessary and inefficient. Video CVs have also meant less of a carbon footprint associated with the screening process and less inefficiencies and waste. • Branded career channels have allowed leading organisations across the MENA to tap into’s green platforms to eliminate inefficiencies associated with the traditional recruitment process. • Virtual job and education fairs have also greatly elevated the green ethos in the region by eliminating the need to create expensive venues. • We have eliminated our sales collateral in favour of online presentations and live tutorials which are more targeted, more engaging and more eco-friendly. Are there any CSR initiatives undertaken by your firm? We have had many CSR initiatives over the past 11 years, as they are a part of our identity as a company. These include – sponsoring orphans from all over the world on behalf of each and every employee with a long serving history with us, donating a fixed percentage of revenue to charities, offering free job postings, university outreach programmes and road shows. What are your plans for the next five years? We have huge plans for the next five years. will continue to deliver on its

Rabea Ataya


February 2012

longstanding commitment to the region to deliver the indisputable best recruitment technologies, tools, services, insights and local customer support available in the region today and also the greatest amount of recruitment choice for both talent and employers. We expect our leadership margins to be widened significantly further as several key initiatives we have only soft launched this year including Salaries, Bayt. com Communities, Career Watch and People become more formally entrenched in the regional recruitment landscape. At the same time we will continue to launch new products and iterations and grow our professional communities.

About Rabea founded and continues to serve as the CEO of The company was launched in June 2000 to address the massive unemployment issue in the Middle East by leveraging the Internet to give job seekers free access to employment opportunities in a region that has historically had limitations on the flow of both information and people. Today, serves over 6.5 million registered professionals and over 30,000 employers in the region and helps both parties match opportunity and talent quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. In his role as the CEO, Rabea has recruited the executive team, has raised several rounds of venture capital and private funding and has led strategy, direction and implementation. Rabea is also the recipient of the Middle Eastern E-Entrepreneur Award given by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, for his outstanding contributions to the region’s knowledge economy. In 2010, Rabea co-founded, the first group buying site in the Middle East. He successfully built the organisation and sold it to LivingSocial, a leading global player in the field, within one year of founding.

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