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Know your destination QDB launched Qatar Export Development Agency – TASDEER, to boost foreign trade and to globally promote Qatari-made goods and products. We provide access to finance, credit insurance and advisory services for exporters, and to support businesses to develop their export capabilities through development and promotion. By protecting national exporters against the non-payment risk from the foreign buyers that might occur due to either political or commercial events, TASDEER supports the growth of Qatar’s exports.

• Export/Import trends: The exporter should utilise publications and contact organisations to analyse the trends in international trade of a particular product. Research the demand; research the distributors; research a good purchase price and selling price - research to prevent any mistakes in your business. • Supply base: A steady supply base is essential. You need to ensure that the product can be supplied on time and in a certain quantity. • Manufacturing capacity: Inability of the exporter to deliver the product, due to limited production capacity, can spoil the exporting firm’s reputation and image. Therefore it is important to know the production capacity in the short and long term. • Product adaptability: To ensure the success of a product in domestic and foreign markets, it is necessary to adapt the product to meet export market needs. The exporting firm should determine if the product requires a change in colour, size, taste, packaging and so forth.


The agency also offers pre-shipment and post-shipment risk cover to protect the exporter against the loss of production costs.

The workshop was attended by 46 representatives from 43 export oriented companies across diverse product categories.

However, before shipping, exporters need to do due diligence to determine if the chosen product will fare well in the target market before they decide to ship the products across. Selection of the right export commodity is crucial for success in the export business and depends on number of factors. These factors are:

asdeer conducted a workshop on Export Market Analysis Tools, which focused on enabling participants on export related aspects, such as: assessment of country market or product portfolios , diversification opportunities, assessment of competition, and assessment of trade potential of target countries.


February 2012

• Target markets: The product should not only have a stable but rising demand in the target market. It is necessary to determine this demand through continuous demographic and market research to understand what the future demand will be like and how will the exporter cater to it. • Servicing facility: If the exported product requires after-sales service, the exporter will have to either open a servicing centre abroad or find an agent who can provide this service. • Trade restrictions: Products selected for export should be exportable by the Qatari

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