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Private Label Bottled Water The Tastier and Healthier Option Private label bottled water comes in bottles that have state of the art design on the label which makes them attractive to customers. Whether you are selling the private label bottled to the hospitality industry or to retailers, it comes in bottles of different sizes from 8oz onward. The water of private label is offered in bottles that are customized with a cap which is different from others. So when you offer this bottle to the customer it is like your visiting card that the customer is forced to look at. The Benefit of Private Label Bottled Water The private label bottled water is unique in its shape and color with a cap that is unique in shape which makes it easy for the bottled to be noticed among the many that are displayed in the shops. Since this bottle looks better it definitely sells better. The labels are fixed with adhesive that is permanent, the lamination is in attractive color and it is waterproof and durable. All these features make the bottle customer friendly.

They offer their services to deliver this water which is 100% pure, besides, tea coffee and beverages to offices and homes on weekly bases or as and when you require them. This helps more and more customers and employees of offices to get to know this brand of water and enjoy its taste. The company is willing to install micro pure system in the office or home and install filters. They are ever willing to connect the filters to the refrigerator or brewing system. With so much that the company is doing, how can you not like the company and buy from them? Marketing Private Label Hot Sauce If you are deciding to partner with a company your own brand of hot sauce the most important thing is the label which has to be very attractive for anyone to pick up the bottle and have a look at it. If the label is as good as the product in the bottle then many may buythe bottle. When you are deciding to

partner with a company on your private label sauceyou have to consider two or three things. First is the quality of the label, to attract customers to pick up the bottle and the next thing to consider thebottles labeling.

The label should be laminated and durable and should not come out if the bottle is refrigerated. Always use labels printed on a commercial printer for your bottles which will help your Custom Hot Sauce to get established in the market. Private Label Food Co-packer Specialty Food Association has gives contractfor food packaging to certain companies. These companies have to follow certain rules and procedures while performing these functions. All the copackaging companies that have listings with the SFA will have to furnish their contact information, the products they co-pack, the specialized equipment that they use for packaging, the location of the plant and the type of packaging they use. Very few Co packers can provide all the services required, like ingredient pre-blends packaging and liquid products packaging.

Private Label Restaurants

Private label bottled water the tastier and healthier option  

We are offering custom and Private Label bottled waters refresh guests at your business or events. Buy our private label water bottled from...

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