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Chatter June 2011

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Chartwell will be in full motion.

During the winter Chartwell employs under 100 employees and that rises to over 150 in the summer. A lot of thought goes into who we employ and where they are positioned so that we can exceed expectations in service. In the dining areas, Tad has installed floor managers so that the dining experience can be enhanced even further. Club management has also spent time in the "off season" to improve point of contact to assure that your time spent at Chartwell is relaxing.

As I hope you are aware we have hired a new chef, Chad Stein. I would like to thank Bill Chalmers, Lee Meyers and Maria Marsteller for consulting with club management in the interviewing process and their help in the chef selection. Chad comes to us from Chestnut Ridge Country Club and has an extensive background in the country club and hospitality industry. Personally, I was very impressed in the interview and Chad's passion about food came to the surface. I think you will find a very personable chef that will be visible and genuinely interested in your comments. Our plan is to introduce Chef Chad to the membership during the Memorial Day festivities. Speaking of food, please make sure that you try the cheesecake dessert. A staple of my "dining diet" is cheesecake and the cheesecake at Chartwell is by far the best I have ever had. The cheesecake is made at Chartwell by our pastry chef, Marie Fine.

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2011 Chartwell Membership Inc. Board of Directors

From The Manager… President Dave Nocar, Jr. Vice President Golf Chairman Rick Hans

elcome to Chartwell Season. The warm weather activates all activities at the


Club. We reach our highest volume of members and guest over these next few

weeks. With the increased usage and participation, it’s a good time to stress some very important rules and request:


Maintain the Club dress code.

Finance Chairman

No Cell Phone or portable usage.

Jeff Armiger

Make reservations.

Be safe

Secretary Strategic Planning Chairman Mark Brugnoli

Summer certainly inspires more casual wear. Remember that jeans are not permitted anywhere on the Club property (except for special events such as late night happy hour when jeans are permitted after 9:00 pm in the bar area only). While in the Clubhouse, men shall remove their hats. All shirts in the Clubhouse must have

Immediate Past President

collars. While wearing tennis attire in the clubhouse, ladies’ sleeveless and collar-less shirts shall have a cover-up. For more details see the Roster. Please be considerate

Tennis / Pool Chairman Bill Westervelt

of the Club’s decorum. If you’ve just finished a steamy round of golf or a sweaty tennis match, please take advantage of the Club’s locker rooms to freshen up. We want everyone to enjoy the Club’s bar, grille and patio with the proper attire and


aire of demeanor.

50th Anniversary Chairman Cell phones and PDA’s are pervasive in society. However, now, more than ever, it is

Hayes Merkert

important to restrict usage at your Club. The Club is designed to be a haven, a respite from your daily requirements. Therefore, cell phones, etc. are only permitted

Clubhouse Chairman

in the locker rooms and private meeting rooms. Elsewhere in the clubhouse, on the

Lee Meyers

golf course and driving range and at tennis, cell phones are not permitted. PDA’s are permitted in the Club, excluding the dining room. Please make sure that all phones and PDA’s are set to “Silent.”

Membership Chairman Tim Connolly

As always, the Clubhouse and Social Committees strongly recommend reservations for all events, including (and especially) for clubhouse dining. The use of

Greens Chairman Buck Linthicum

reservations will better prepare the staff for any and all events and regular dining! Are you playing tennis or golf and thinking about dinner at the Club, even a 10minute advance call, will help service. Ask one of the professional staffs to make the reservations for you! Your advance reservations help us stay on course, better




enabling us to provide the service that we want to provide.

theft. When using the locker rooms, please secure all of your

Of course our objective is to always provide excellent

belongings and do not leave your golf bag at the drop area

service, but experience tells us, we’re not always ready for

for any extended time. Please report any suspicious persons

an onslaught of walk-ins into the dining room or special

or activities. Non-golfers are not allowed on the golf course:

requests from numerable members. The recent trend of

please let the Proshop know of any trespassers. We are also

more than 75% walk-ins is a real challenge on service. Please

on alert for non-club golf carts in the area. If you know any

be considerate to the staff, and equally important, the

private cart owners, please let me know so we can

members that do make reservations.

communicate to them.

With the added activity, there is also increased concern for

We strive to provide you a safe and fun haven…a home-

safety. Please be especially aware of the many children and

away-from-home. Enjoy Chartwell Season!

families coming and going from our parking lot. Obey the 10mile per hour speed limit. Also, please help us be aware of

Happy Golden Anniversary, Chartwell.

potential loss and damage. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for country clubs to be a target of vandalism and

Tad Peel, CCM, General Manager, COO

Former Presidents

Front row l-r: George Reich (2001), Don Myers (1995), Sheila Iodice (2000), Dave Nocar, Jr. (Current), Carolyn O’Leary (2007), Bill Westervelt (2010), Dennis Wells (1993), LeRoy Hurt (1967). Back Row l-r: Earl Hamilton (1994), Don Pette (1998), Bob Aebli (1983-1984), Jim Adams (1980), Charlie Boardman (1999), Terry Regan (1986), Bob O’Leary (1997), Ken Kingsbury (2006), Pete Horrigan (2005), Don Iodice (1996), Steven Meyer (2003), Bill Chalmers (2008), Chris Persico (2009).


JUNE 2011


From The President continued from front cover A portal into how the club is serving the needs of the

committee, Tad and his staff and Anne continue to work

membership can be seen through the activity at Chartwell.

within budget with an eye on service. On the capital side,

Every month we are serving more members through our

most of our expenditures are on the routine maintenance

facilities and dining. All of this activity is great but I also

side with most capital items finding their way onto the

think it is important to monitor whether the facilities are

strategic plan. The Board of Directors will be giving priority

getting over crowded. I have asked the Board of Directors to

and financial feet to the strategic plan this summer and will

monitor whether members are able to use the facilities when

present our plan to the membership this Fall.

they want. As far as facilities, we have upgraded the practice facility and we hope to have it open at some point in June—

That is it for this month. I hope that everyone is taking time

at the same time we are installing a new tee for number 2. On

to enjoy themselves at Chartwell. If you have any questions

a personal note, I can tell you that a great short game will

or comments please feel that you can reach out to me. I can

lower your handicap more than hitting a long drive. If your

be reached via email at or

short game is in need please ask the golf staff for some help

my cell at 240-882-2459. Thanks for your time and I will see

with that part of your game. I have had a few of you ask why

you at Chartwell.

the board moved so quickly on the short game area. The short answer is that Steve and the Green Committee have been able to save around $25,000 in Capital Expenditures and MacDonald and Sons approached us with a proposal that was going to save us 30% of the anticipated cost as long as we proceeded right away. We felt confident that at no time in the future would we be able to get the deal that was on the table and we were able to complete a major project in our Strategic Plan.

On April 30th Robin and I hosted the President's Ball. I want to thank Robin and her committee, Tad and his staff for putting together a fun, creative and meaningful evening. I also appreciate all of you who could make it that night. The food, decorations, company and entertainment were all wonderful. There are pictures on the Chartwell website if you have not already taken a look.

On the business side, Chartwell continues to thrive. Membership for golf is at 420 and overall the membership stands at 696. Tim Connolly and his committee continue to exceed expectations and we anticipate that the membership will continue to grow over the summer. Operationally, we are currently ahead of budget by $7,000 and our feeling is that we will finish the year with a positive variance. We have been hit with some unanticipated items such as rising food and utility costs and those are having a negative impact on our performance against budget. Jeff Armiger and his




Dave Nocar, Jr.

Traditions and History of Chartwell After the war, Al Merritt returning to Maryland using his past and service experience started building homes in Anne Arundel County. On August 3, 1959, the Merritt brothers bought 284 acres of farmland between Kinder Road and Benfield Road to develop a golf course residential community. From where the brothers stood, they could admire the site for its natural woodland beauty, high rolling land and clear fresh water stream. The land had been an active farm until the 1930's when one night during prohibition a still operating in the basement of the farmhouse exploded and burnt the house to the ground. After that, the farm was abandoned until 1959, when the Merritt brothers saw a “diamond in the rough,” and an opportunity to make their During the planning phase, the name Chartwell was chosen for the community and the street names (St. Ives, St. Andrews, etc.) were abstracted from an old English road map.

dream come true. However, the parcel of land they purchased had no access to Benfield Road, so the Merritts purchased two additional

In 2011, Chartwell Golf & Country Club will be celebrating its

parcels of land (31 acres), which permitted the two current

50th year anniversary. Over those fifty years, the club has

entrances from Benfield Blvd. The entire tract (3 parcels)

grown to 700 members with an operating budget of $6.1

was recorded as Chartwell Colony, soon to be changed to

million, compared to 200 chartered members in 1961with an

Chartwell, as we know it today.

operating budget of $222,290. To gain an appreciation of how the club was started and how it has developed into a

As they say in the Olympics, “Let the games begin,” so Al

successful family oriented country club, one would have to

Merritt moved quickly and on February 17, 1960, he formed

look back to the beginning, when a golf and country club

a Maryland corporation called Chartwell Golf and Country

community concept was just a vision in one man's mind.

Club, Inc. As owner, he was the president and treasurer, and his wife, Selma, was vice president and secretary. The

So, we begin our story in 1959 when C. Albert Merritt

directors were Al Merritt, William E. Dixon, attorney at law,

envisioned a residential community nestling around a golf

and Wm. Louis Stone, CPA.

course built on memories of England. Al Merritt and his brother, Guy Roger Merritt embarked on a project to build

With a lot of enthusiasm, Al Merritt hired Sherwood

their dream. “The brothers were descendants of a family

Engineering Co. of Annapolis to perform preliminary

associated with Maryland since the 18th century, when the

engineering and home site land planning. The preliminary

first Merritts immigrated to the United States from their

plat of the development was approved by the Anne Arundel

home on the Severn River in Tewksbury, England” (The Sun

Planning commission. The zoning for the golf course

8/1/2002). Prior to 1959, Al Merritt enlisted into the U.S. Navy

remained agricultural, while the zoning for 144 acres (280

and was assigned to a construction battalion during World

lots) was rezoned residential with an exception to construct

War II. While on assignment in England, he visited some of

the club house on agricultural land.

the great estates and was very fond of an estate called Chartwell, Sir Winston Churchill's home for the last 40 years

To finance the land development, Al & Selma Merritt and G.

of his life.

Rogers & Mildred J. Merritt took a mortgage in the amount of


JUNE 2011


$100,000 to develop the 280 building lots. Al and Selma Merritt took an additional $300,000 mortgage to develop and build the golf course, the club house, the pool, the tennis courts, the parking lot and the ponds. Additionally, the mortgage was used to purchase golf course equipment and to pay design and engineering fees. The $300,000 mortgage represented approximately 53% of the estimated total cost for the above items.

Continuing at a fast pace, Al Merritt contracted Ault & Jamison, golf course architects from Washington, D. C. to design the golf course. Donald B. Ratcliffe of A. I. A. from Baltimore, Maryland, was hired to be the club house architect. Within months, bulldozers cleared St. Ives Drive up to the club house site, the entire golf course was cleared, that is, hewn through stands of native pine and oak trees. All the tee boxes, greens and traps were formed.

house was chosen because of the panoramic view of the golf course and the Severn river could be seen

The original barn was knocked down to make room for the 18th green. Nearby, on a high knoll, the location for the club

in the distance (you have to remember that the trees were shorter 50 years ago). But, to facilitate space for the club house, tennis court, pool and parking lot the area had to be widened and leveled. The farm house foundation and 4' to 5' of earth were bulldozed, and the dirt was plowed towards St. Ives Drive. Al Merritt's son, Mel, tells a story about finding spoons, pieces of dishes, bottles, corks, tubing, etc. when the pool area was excavated, probably critical pieces of evidence from the still that exploded!

During the spring of 1960, with the club house scheduled to be opened on November 15th , just eight months away, Al Merritt, on March 21st, started a marketing campaign and held an introductory meeting of Chartwell Golf and Country Club at the Barn restaurant in Glen Burnie. The attendeees showed a tremendous amount of interest with many families wanting to be included as one of the first 200 charter members, and availing themselves to the special initiation fee. A charter member would pay a $275 initiation fee instead of $400, and could select a payment schedule over four months. Mr. Merritt announced at the

meeting that the club house would be open for business on November 15th, but membership dues would not become payable until the golf course opens on May 30, 1961. There




was so much excitement from the attendees, that Mr. Merritt decided to open membership enrollment seven days later. He organized an interim membership committee consisting of Messrs. Paul Kesmodel, Paul Holland, Joseph Rogers, Wm. L. Coney, Clifford Eley and the Hon. Judge Matthew Evans to handle all the applications. The first 80 applications were processed during April with 67 being approved. By June 21st, total membership was 134 members. Now, the push was on to achieve the 200 charter membership level.

Over the next several months, Mr. Merritt stayed on top of the golf course construction and worked with the architect to plan a colonial style club house, one that would remind him of Sir Winston Churchill's estate. There were many other projects and issues to address, needing help he was willing to delegate responsibilities. Mr. Cliff Eley was employed as the Director of Operations and he directed the entire club operations and acted as chairman of the House and Grounds Committee. Members of the committees were selected from the membership. And, on May 15th, Charles P. Nason was employed as the greens superintendent and he worked with Eddie Ault to insure that the course design would not be tiring to walk and would cater towards cart usage.

In June, to complement the natural tree lines, holly and dogwood trees were planted while tall loblolly pines formed a backdrop for the greens. The construction of two four acre ponds, fed by the clear running stream were completed (Now know as the upper and lower ponds) to provide irrigation for the course. On July 2nd, they broke ground for the club house

Because there was a scarcity of certified Bermuda seed that year, seeding and stolenization was moved from late spring into late August. The seeding delay did not impact the schedule and on November 9th, Charlie Nason reported to the membership that “all 18 holes are now growing the most beautiful shades of green grass we have ever seen.� With the golf course coming alive, Al Merritt brought in Steve Tobash to be the first golf pro for the club. Mr. Tobash was selected from among a number of highly qualified golf professionals. He was the golf pro at Fort Meade's 36 holes since 1954.

In the first part of December, the charter membership of 200 members was achieved.


JUNE 2011





The recent President’s Ball was a wonderful event

Chef Chad Stein has officially started as Chartwell’s

with a record crowd of 270 people! The Generations

new Executive Chef. His culinary skill, eye for detail

theme was very special as members enjoyed looking

and team attitude have already made a very positive

at 100’s of classic photos.

impression on Club members and staff.

The Committee is busy making plans for the Club’s

“Late Night Happy Hour” will continue through June

next big gala, the 50th Anniversary party Sunday,

with live music June 3, 17 and 24. Remember for this

September 4.

event, jeans are permitted in the bar area only and only after 9:00 PM.

The Historic sub-committee headed by Tom McCann has pulled together summaries of each year from 1961 to current. The history, stories and pictures are


Team Tennis begins June 7 and we are in need of

wonderful. It is not too late to contribute any one more captain and more male players. The ladies historical artifacts of the Club. Please contact Tom permanent spots have been filled but you can still or Tad. sign up as a sub. Team Tennis takes place on 6 Tuesdays June 7–July 12 and begins at 6:30 pm. MEMBERSHIP •

Welcome to new members:

Summer clinics, leagues and teams are up and

Michael Winters (Golf)

running. Find more information in this Chatter, or

Steven & Jennifer Schumacher (Golf)

call the Tennis Pro shop.

Brian & Donna Ennis (Golf) •

The Club’s first Senior Men’s Doubles was held in

Joseph & Marcie Flynn (Golf) May. Congratulations to Champions Peter Frank and Michael & Mary Boyle (Golf) Bill Westervelt and Finalists Steve Dulin and Tom •


Membership continues to be very strong. Golf memberships are now at 421 with several •

Club Championship dates: Mixed—August 26–28,

applications in process. Remember the Club’s cap Men’s and Women’s Doubles—September 9–11, and on Full Golf is 430. We’re not far off! Men’s and Women’s Singles—September 16–18. •

The current membership incentives are: Social / Pool One-time initiation $3,500


See the Pool section in this month’s Chatter for

For a limited time, the initiation can be spread

reminders about Pool rules and swim tests

out equally over three (3) years ($1,166.67).


Monthly dues and capital fee $233.00 •

DRD Pools returns for a fourth year to manage the

Tennis Pool. Safety continues to be our number one One-time initiation $5,000 priority. Similar to last year, the Guards will do daily For a limited time, the initiation can be spread safety drills during random Adult Swim periods. out equally over three (3) years ($1,666.67). During these 15 minute drills, the Pool will not be Monthly dues and capital fee $287.50 available. Jenn Tesno is the Pool Manager. Full Golf One-time initiation $25,000 For a limited time, the initiation can be spread


The Junior Program had a successful kickoff with

out equally over five (5) years ($5,000). close to 150 kids signed up to date. Monthly dues and capital fee $555.00





Club Championship dates: Men’s—September 10,

not limited to bar upgrades with new stools,

11, 17, 18; Men’s Senior—October 8, 9, 23, 24; Ladies

refrigeration and equipment, and pool, tennis and

18 Hole—September 14,16, 21; and, Ladies 9 Hole—

patio furniture. Replacement of the banquet flat roof is being scheduled for the fall so not to impact use


of the facility.

April came in right on budget. The damp weather •

The expansion of the dining room patio continues to

suppressed golf revenues, but food and beverage be investigated with additional cost value, layout revenue was 5% better than budget. Every and operational analysis being done. department continues to control costs very well. Strong membership is also contributing to the positive variance. Year to date, the profit is $37,143, over $7,000 better than projections. •

At this point of the year, both the Capital and Operating budget processes are moving forward for fiscal 2011. The Capital budgeting process dovetails the Strategic Planning committee’s prioritization of projects with the Finance committee’s analysis of funding sources. The Operating budget process has begun with department level analysis and preliminary budget preparation to be followed by presentation to the COO and Finance committee for review. Historical, current economic and specific club trends are analyzed in light of the financial goals for the Chartwell for the coming year.


The renovation of Old #2 into a new short-game practice facility has been completed and is expected to be open no later than June 15.

The Committee continues to investigate improvements to the cart paths to be included in the Club’s Strategic Plan.


Committees and the Board are in the process of developing the 2012 capital budget and 5-year strategic plan.

With the completion of the short game practice facility, significant capital expenditures are expected to be completed for 2011. (Barring no surprises.) The remainder of the year will continue to have additional, budgeted expenses but most will be equipment and furnishing upgrades including but


JUNE 2011


CLUBHOUSE Tips From Maintenance Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

(( +/# 11 am–9:00 pm 11 am–9:00 pm 11 am–9:00 pm 11 am–9:30 pm 11 am–9:30 pm 10 am–8:30 pm

+ +/# 11 am– 9 pm 11 am–12 am 11 am–12 am 11 am–12 am 10 am–12 am 10 am– 9 pm

& Fences – Wood expands and contracts with changing temperatures and weather. Boards will loosen and warp if not maintained. To ensure your porch or fence last longer, tighten screws and hammer protruding nails carefully to make sure you don’t cause

#'' + '. / #% % . , 1 3 .' 1 +(& )& , %0 1, + , +/ -#(', + + *. ,-

the wood to crack by over tightening.

Clubhouse Clubhouse Fax Golf Pro Shop Golf Pro Shop Fax Tennis Pro Shop Grounds Pool

410-987-0400 410-987-8469 410-987-4480 410-729-0678 410-987-0400, Ext 236 410-987-1982 410-729-1030

Tighten Loose Screws & Nails on Porches

Clean & Seal Fence and Porch Area – Do this once each year to extend fence and porch life. Make sure that once you use one kind of product for this that you continue to only use the same type product every year in the future to prevent any incompatibility problems

Inspect and repair or repaint all patio and deck furniture.

Wash the exterior of your house, using ordinary garden hose pressure and a mild detergent. Beware of the pressure washers --

%3 "#% #', .+1 3 Golf Professional +% (' , 2 --" 0 ("',(' 2 "+#,

they are powerful enough to force water under the siding where it may encourage mildew and rot.

Defrost your freezer and clean the coils on your refrigerator and freezer. Your refrigerator and freezer work harder in the summer.


%%# '# &# - +,(' 3 -"1 #'!% + 2 & % !- + - / 0 # +$ 3 (' -" ' #'! -- 3 " - #' 3 % (1 + 3 +1 '' .'' 3 % , %#&#- 1(.+ & #%, -( ! ' + % (++ ,)(' ' ( - (+ (.+- -#& , #'' + (+ ) +-1 + , +/ -#(', -

10 C



Flush your water heater tank twice a year. Inspect temperature on water heater you can lower your setting to help reduce energy cost during the summer.

Check gutters and downspouts and clean if needed.

Maintain proper grades for drainage throughout the property.

Check landscaping sprinklers to ensure proper alignment (do not let them soak your siding or foundation).

If you ever need any advice on maintenance issues you can email me at

I look forward to seeing you at the club!



JUNE 2011


12 C



complete in doubles play from 4:00–6:00 pm followed by Happy

Tennis Shop •

Hour on the Tennis deck from 6:00–7:30 pm. Sign up through the Tennis shop.

Junior Golf and Tennis members are invited to sign up for a 2 day one hour introductory clinic either June 14 and 15 or June 16 and 17. This clinic is for

held Saturday, July 23rd. A similar format will be used as the

new, beginner players. Call the Tennis Shop to

match with Gibson Island and reservations can be made

register: ages 5–7 from 2:00–3:00 pm and Ages 8

through the Tennis shop.

and up from 3:00–4:00 pm.

Our junior summer tennis camp will run for 6 consecutive weeks beginning Tuesday, June 21 through Friday, July 29. Sign up for as many weeks

A second Ladies Interclub match with Prospect Bay will be

Call our shop to reserve your spot in the 4th of July Adult Tennis Social to take place from 9:30 am–12:00 noon. This is mixed doubles round robin event.

as possible! There will be no drop-ins permitted. º

Ages 5–7 from 9:45–10:45 am $80.00/week Tennis/Golf Member $95.00/week Social/Non-Member



Ages 8 and Up from 10:45 am–12:45 pm $145.00/week Tennis/Golf Member $165.00/week Social/Non-Member

Lightning Policy

Golf – Tennis – Pool

Junior Tennis Team: Available to any Junior

A dangerous weather condition exists when the

member with tennis privileges 8–18 yrs old who is

siren is sounded for one long blast. All players (golf

able to serve consistently from the baseline and is

and tennis), swimmers and Chartwell personnel

able to hit ground strokes consistently enough to

must take shelter or leave the golf course, practice carry on a short rally (6–8 shots). All players will be required to sign a commitment and conduct

facilities, tennis courts or swimming pool until the

contract. See Jamie for details. The Tennis Team

"reduced danger" signal is given. The "reduced

will participate in the Patapsco Valley Junior

danger" signal is three short blasts two seconds

Tennis League. Matches will be played both home


and away on Thursday’s from June 23–July 21. Additional matches against other clubs may be scheduled at various times during the summer. Team Practices will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday from June 21–July 20 from 1:30–3:00 pm (1st practice will be Thursday, June 16 4:00–5:30 pm).

The Ladies Interclub match with Gibson Island has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 23rd. Each club will field seven teams and


JUNE 2011



A Celebration of Generations

Pool Hours Saturday – Monday, May 28 – 30 11:00 am – 8:00 pm Tuesday – Friday, May 31 – June 3 Monday – Friday, June 6 – 10

Caution Kids (& Adults) In Play

Monday – Wednesday, June 13 – 15 12 NOON – 5:00 pm (Swim team 5:00 – 7:00 pm) (Snack Bar 3:00 – 6:00 pm)

Please be cautious while driving in the parking lot. Remember Rule 8/PARKING LOT:

Saturday – Sunday, June 4 – 5 & 11 – 12


Members and guests will observe the “No

11:00 am – 8:00 pm Parking” signs. Thursday, June 16 – Sunday, August 7


Members and their guests must

Regular Hours through Season

report any or all-vehicular damage, they may

Sunday – Wednesday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

cause, to the cars on the Club property.

Thursday – Saturday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm 8.3

The Pool will close at 5:00 on Monday, June 20th for a Swim Team Event

16 C



No one should travel in excess of 10-miles per hour while on club property.

Pool Snack Bar Coupon Books Coupon Books are available for sale in the Clubhouse offices. These books are sold in $10.00 increments with 5¢, 10¢, 25¢ and 50¢ denominations. The coupons are good for any food and beverage at the Pool Snack Bar only.

SWIM TEAM 2011 CMSL moved to 9 divisions (one team dropped out of the league last weekend), so we will be in division 7. We are now second best in our division based on last year.

Our schedule includes 3 HOME meets: 6/25

HOME vs Woodbridge Valley


HOME vs Crofton Village


AWAY vs CC of Glen Burnie


HOME vs Chartridge


AWAY vs Taylor Village


Straehle @ Four Seasons


Divisionals @ CC of Glen Burnie


JUNE 2011


Ladies 9 Hole

JUNE SCHEDULE June 2 Thursday

– Pro Trophy Round 1


June 8 Wednesday – Pro Trophy Round 2

The Thursday Ladies have 10 new members! Please welcome

June 16 Thursday

– Regular Play

them to our group and encourage them to play: Sandy

June 23 Thursday

– Regular Play

Brodbeck, Susan Barrazotto, Melissa Blohm, Molly Merkert,

June 24 Friday

– 9-Hole Interclub

Domenica McGrath, Michele Huber, Julie Mahoney, Amy Raff,

June 30 Thursday

– FLAG DAY Tournament

Rene Hardig, Sweena Foxen, Heather Mohr and Kim Fleisher.

July 7 Thursday

– Regular Play

We are now at 110 members strong!

* All sign ups are on ForeTees! Please read your weekly email reminders for more information!


“I don't exaggerate – I just remember big” Chi Chi Rodriguez

We need two ladies to host the Summer Handicap Tournament on July 21. Kindly contact Mary McShea and let her know you can assist.

Ladies 18 Hole April showers didn't handicap the 18 hole ladies. We played


right through the rain showers the second week. We were

Hospice of the Chesapeake Tournament has been resched-

cancelled for rain in May, although many of us were still eager

uled for Thursday, June 16th with a 9:00 am shot gun start.

to play. Good weather prevailed for our Member- Member

We welcome 18 holers and guests to participate in this very

Tournament. The turn out was good and everyone enjoyed

worthy cause. A minimum $20 donation secures your spot.

the festivities. The Winners were:

Guests incur an additional $37 fee (9 holes and cart). A Taco Salad Bar will follow in the Troon Room and prizes will be

Flight A 1st Gross

Maureen Gallagher & Tricia Bell — 81

1st Net

Judy Ebersberger & Gwyn Horrign — 66

2nd Net

Judi Hans & Jamie Schmidt — 67

awarded. Please support this important community resource! Hospice of the Chesapeake's mission is to improve the quality of life for those in our communities experiencing advanced

Flight B

illness or bereavement through hospice and other palliative

1st Gross

Amy Miller & Kay Boylan — 92

care, compassionate support and education.

1st Net

Karen Vane & Janet Phelps — 59

2nd Net

Joanne Montgomery & Joan Coale — 61

Closest to the Pin – Jan Ingram 27’ 10” Longest Drive – Judi Hans

SIGN UP Please sign up for the "Luau" theme Member Guest Tournament on June 22nd. The sign up is on the Bulletin Board for you and up to 3 Guests. Entry fee is $65. per person. If you can assist our Event Chair Tammy Pietsch in planning or set up please get in touch with her at your earliest convenience.

18 C




Spring Handicap Round 2 and Regular Play –

Summer Golf Shop Hours of Operation From April 4th – September 11th

Tee Times June 7

Regular Play – Tee Times

Monday – Non Outing

June 15

Regular Play – Tee Times

Golf Shop Hours 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

June 22

Member- Guest – 9:00 am Shotgun

Course opens at noon

June 29

Regular Play – Tee Times

Range available until 6:30 Bag Room open until the last player is off the course


Monday – Outing

The game of the day has proven to be a hit with all the

Golf shop open through prize exchange

women that participate. The "TROUBLE" point game on

Course is closed all day

April 20th was won by Joanne Montgomery, Wendy

Range available until 6:30 pm

Bradford, and Chris Musser each finishing with zero points.

Tuesday – Friday Golf Shop Hours 7:00 am – 8:00 pm Range available until 6:30 pm Bag Room open until last player off course

18 Hole Ladies WMGA Schedule A reminder to WMGA members – Two tournaments are scheduled for June, on the 9th at Hunt Valley and the

***On Ladies Twilight nights (limited Tuesdays) and Men’s Twilight League (Wednesdays) the golf shop will stay open until results are posted

30th at Woodholme. Sign up early if you want to play. Saturday & Sunday Golf Shop Hours 6:30 am – 8:00 pm Quote of the Day: “Golf is hard enough without having

The bag room would be open until the last player is off the course

ten different thoughts when you're trying to make your

The range would be available until 6:00 pm (Saturdays), 5:30 pm


(Sundays) Myra Van Hoose

Have a great time golfing in June, Lynne Slaughter

Golf News for June Men’s Events Spring Handicap Saturday, June 4th, Sunday, June 5th

Member Guest June 8th (Ladies Tournament) June9th, 10th and 112th. The course will closed on each of these days. For those not playing please contact the Golf Staff to make arrangements at other courses.

Two Man Team Championship Saturday, June 18th


JUNE 2011


Ladies Events

Junior Golf Activities

18 Hole Spring Handicap

Sunday, June 12th – Clinic from 3:00–4:00 pm

Wednesday June 1st

Parent Junior play after clinic. Please make a time. Thursday, June 16th – Clinic from 5:15–6:45 pm

9 Hole Pro Trophy Thursday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 8th

Junior Golf Tournament Friday, June 17th

9 Hole Hospice Tournament Thursday, June 16th

Junior Golf Scramble Saturday, June 18th – 3:00 pm shotgun

9 Hole Interclub Friday, June 24th

Junior Clinic


Thursday, June 23rd – 5:15–6:45 pm

Ladies Twilight Play Dates Tuesdays June 7th and June 21st.

Junior Tournament Monday, June 27th

Ladies 18 Hole Member Guest Wednesday June 22nd.

Junior Clinic Thursday, June 30th – 5:15–6:45 pm

June Monday Outings The course will be closed entirely or for a period of time on:

Seniors will host a MISGA on Tuesday June 28th at 9:00 pm

Monday June 13th. Severna Park HS Boosters Monday June 20th and Tuesday June 21st for MSGA Junior Girls Championship

New Junior Instructional Opportunity The Junior Golf Academy, based on the principles of the PGA

Hole in One

Junior Sports Academy will provide additional Junior Golf Development. The clinics will be a combination of Physical

Tony Olmert

activity, running, jumping pulling and other strength, speed

May 20, 2011

balance and agility drills along with conventional golf

Hole #12 7 Iron

instruction utilizing a variety of training aids.

Don Kennedy

The new offering will be both dynamic and fun for the kids.

May 21, 2011

Also as part of the Junior Program the Golf Staff will be

Hole #2, 8 Iron

conducting Junior Skills assessments.

Juniors will be assessed in all areas of the game, rules, skills and etiquette. Within the 3 age levels (Sport ages 5–9) (Player ages 10–13) (Champion ages 14–17) there will be 3 levels of accomplishment (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

20 C



Each level of success will be reflected by wearing a colored

Inspire – Grow – Succeed

wrist band of the level achieved. The following are the dates and times for the Junior Academy Clinics and Junior Golf

We are excited to begin our second year of the newly


improved junior golf program. Please review our 2011 Junior Golf Information Packet which includes a registration form. Schedule

June 21st

June 25th

10 am – 11:30 am

3 pm – 4:30 pm

Golf, Near Golf, and Physical

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Clarke at

Development Clinic or Jason Wells at

Golf, Near Golf, and Physical Development Clinic

Important Dates

June 28th

10 am – 11:30 am

Skill Assessment Session

July 12th

10 am – 11:30 am

Golf, Near Golf, and Physical

Sunday, June 12th

Parent/Junior – Tee times start @ 4 pm

Development Clinic

Thursday, June 16th

Clinic – 5:15–6:45 pm

Golf, Near Golf, and Physical

Friday, June 17th

Tournament #1 – Tee times start @

July 16th

3 pm – 4:30 pm

7 am

Development Clinic July 20th

10 am – 11:30 am

Skill Assessment Session

July 22nd

10 am – 11:30 am

Golf, Near Golf, and Physical

Saturday, June 18th

Scramble – 3 pm shotgun

Thursday, June 23rd

Clinic – 5:15–6:45 pm

Monday, June 27th

Tournament #2 – Tee times start @

Development Clinic August 3rd

10 am – 11:30 am

Thursday, July 7th

Clinic – 5:15–6:45 pm

Development Clinic

Saturday, July 9th

Tournament #3 – Tee times start @

August 8th – August 11th

Off for Kids Camp

August 12th 10 am – 11:30 am

Skill Assessment Session

August 16th 10 am – 11:30 am

Golf, Near Golf, and Physical Development Clinic

August 19th 10 am – 11:30 am

7 am

Golf, Near Golf, and Physical

Skill Assessment Session

Play dates to be posted with Professional Staff

3 pm Thursday, July 14th

Clinic – 5:15–6:45 pm

Friday, July 15th

Tournament #4 – Tee times start @ 7 am

Sunday, July 17th

Parent/Junior – Tee times start @ 4 pm

Sunday, July 24

Skills contest – Practice areas @ 3 pm

Thursday, July 28th

Clinic – 5:15–6:45 pm

Saturday, July 30th

Tournament #5 – Tee times start @ 3 pm

Cost Golf, Near Golf, and Physical Development Clinics: $20 per child per session

Thursday, Aug. 4th

Clinic – 5:15–6:45 pm

Friday, Aug. 5th

Tournament #6 – Tee times start @ 7 am

Full Academy student – $120 for all clinics with reserved spots in Academy sessions

Note: All Skill Assessment Sessions and Professional Staff play

Saturday, Aug. 14th

Parent Junior Event

Thursday, Aug. 18th

Clinic – 5:15–6:45 pm

Saturday, Aug 20th

Junior Championships – Tee times TBD

dates are included in the Junior Golf Package Sunday, Sept. 25th

Junior Awards Banquet – Time TBD


JUNE 2011


Volunteers We need volunteers to be on the new junior golf committee!

Update on Old Number 2 / Practice Facility

Please email Lisa Clarke if you are interested at

Recently, Chartwell underwent some changes to old number 2. Old number 2 has now become a short game practice facility. This should be a great addition to the limited


practice facility that currently exists.

If you would like another family email added or removed from our email distribution list, please email

Junior Golf Academy Clinics A new, innovative way to teach and inspire kids about golf mixes fitness and nutrition, golf skills, sportsmanship and etiquette/ rules, golf and “near golf� experiences and assessments. Cost is $20 per child per session; Full Academy student $120. Register with the Proshop for the Clinics.

This short game practice facility is now approximately 2 acres of land. Bentgrass (cut at greens height), fescue (cut at rough height), and Bermuda grass (cut at fairway height) are the grasses of choice that comprise this new practice area. We selected Patriot bermuda grass for the simulated fairways because of its increased tolerance of heat and drought and its ability to recover from divots during the summer months. Second, Patriot tolerates excessive play better than bentgrass, therefore requiring less maintenance. There are now 2 greens. The old green has been reduced to 4,000 square feet and the new green is 3,000 square feet. Both of these greens are bentgrass. The newly created green also has two bunkers adjacent to it for short greenside bunker practice shots. Fescue was chosen for the rough to match what is seen out on the course. Finally, an alternative tee shot to new # 2 green was created behind the old #2 green. This would create a shot of approximately 170 yards for the back, 150 yards to the middle, and 120 yards for the front of the green.

22 C



The goal for the design of the new practice facility is to simulate all the possible shots that anyone would experience on the course from 80 yards in. Also, the facility was designed for multiple users for each green allowing each person to practice everything from short fairway/rough shots to greenside bunker shots. By creating this area, we changed the old chipping bunker near the driving range into a fairway bunker that will allow long fairway bunker shots to be played, addition to short greenside shots.

The maintenance department and the Golf Shop are still working out some logistics and details on use and maintenance. We are discussing items such as outfitting this area with club cleaners, divot mix, ball washers, benches, and other accessories that may be needed.


JUNE 2011


Kids Glow Party

24 C




JUNE 2011


26 C





0 Brunch 10:30-2:0 0 PM Family BBQ 5-8:0

Father’s Day


GOLF Parent / Junior

Games 4-8:00 Family BBQ and

rty Flag Day Pool Pa PM


GOLF Spring Handicap 2

GOLF Junior Tournament #2



GOLF MSGA Junior Girls POOL Swim Team Party

GOLF SPHS Boosters

Clubhouse Closed


GOLF Seniors


Clubhouse Closed

Memorial Day 50th Anniversary PM Reenactment 1:30 GOLF Mixer 2 PM




GOLF MSGA Junior Girls TENNIS Team Tennis GOLF Ladies Twilight

GOLF Seniors TENNIS Team Tennis



GOLF 18 Hole Regular Play TENNIS Team Tennis GOLF Ladies Twilight

GOLF MAPGA Chapter Outing

Clubhouse Closed




Tue Two-fer Dinners!


410-987-0400 410-987-4480 410-987-0400 x235 410-729-1030

Sunday Brunch 10-2 $10 Bloody Marys All Day! FAMILY DINNERS


Clubhouse Golf Pro Shop Tennis Pro Shop Pool

GOLF 18 Hole Regular Play GOLF Men’s Twilight #9



GOLF Member Guest GOLF Men’s Twilight #8

GOLF 18 Hole Regular Play GOLF Men’s Twilight #7



GOLF 9 Hole Pro Trophy Rnd 2 GOLF Men’s Twilight #6

June 1

GOLF 18 Hole Spring Handicap GOLF Men’s Twilight #6

Prime Rib Special


June 2011

Chartwell Golf & Country Club

GOLF 9 Hole Flag Day GOLF Junior Clinic BOARD OF DIRECTORS


Family Dinner and




TENNIS Suburban League



GOLF Junior Tournament #3

July 1

POOL Swim meet #2 HOME GOLF Chartwell Cub TENNIS Suburban League


POOL Swim meet #1 HOME GOLF 9 Hole Interclub SOCIAL Late Night Happy Hour GOLF B-Team TENNIS Suburban League


Jr. Sports K

Games 5:30 Family BBQ and

GOLF Junior Tournament #1 GOLF 2-Man Tournament TENNIS Interclub GOLF Junior Scramble GOLF Couples Twilight TENNIS Suburban League SOCIAL Late Night Happy Hour ickoff






Bar Service 11 a.m.-9 p.m. 11 a.m.-12 a.m. 11 a.m.-12 a.m. 11 a.m.-12 a.m. 10 a.m.-12 a.m. 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

GOLF Seniors GOLF Spring Handicap TENNIS Suburban League TENNIS Suburban League SOCIAL Late Night Happy Hour TENNIS Junior Pro-AM

Late Night Relaxed Happier Hour 9-CL

Happy Hour 5-7 PM


Food Service 11 a.m.-9 p.m. 11 a.m.-9 p.m. 11 a.m.-9 p.m. 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

ho w The Funny Guy S Show


GOLF 9 Hole Regular Play GOLF Junior Clinic TENNIS Ladies Interclub

GOLF 9 Hole Hospice TENNIS Suburban League GOLF Junior Clinic SOCIAL Dive in Movie Night



TENNIS Suburban League


GOLF 9 Hole Pro Trophy SOCIAL Jack Pack

Family Night 1/2 Price Burgers


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

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