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Hop Meadow’s Ladies’ WGA Group at the ABC Tournament on May 26, 2010

JUNE 2010


HOPLINE MANAGEMENT TEAM C H I E F O P E R AT I N G O F F I C E R Jackie Morr 860-658-7623 x234



H E A D G O L F P RO F E S S I O N A L J a s o n Wa t e r s 860-651-0686 DIR. OF GOLF INSTRUCTION Ke n D o y l e 860-658-7623 x225 G RO U N D S S U P E R I N T E N D E N T Erick Holm 860-658-0720


EXECUTIVE CHEF Steve Livesey 860-658-7623 x228 P O O L D I R E C TO R Steve Matyczyk 860-658-1181 T E N N I S P RO F E S S I O N A L Jim Whiting 860-651-2905

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C AT E R I N G D I R E C T O R Beth Georger 860-658-7623 x230 MEMBERSHIP S u s a n O. B a u g h m a n

TO R E AC H U S : Hop Meadow Country Club 85 Firetown Road S i m s b u r y, C o n n e c t i c u t 0 6 0 7 0 w w w. h o p m e a d o w c c . n e t Clubhouse Front Desk Reservations The Golf Pro Shop The Tennis Pro Shop Business Office





jUNE 2010

860-658-7623 860-658-7623 860-651-0686 860-651-2905 860-651-0499




he spring weather came earlier than normal and our beautiful valley has been treated to an abundance of warmer than usual days. As a result, our golf course and tennis courts were opened earlier than usual and are all in wonderful condition. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to participate in your favorite sport, do yourself a favor and get to it soon. I took a few minutes to speak to the eighty four members who played in the Men’s Opening Day golf event. I outlined the key strengths of our club and have added a few more that are all listed below. After digesting the list I’m sure you’ll agree that we have a full list of strengths that we should all be proud of. Erick Holm and crew have the course in the best condition in years. Ken Doyle was named Connecticut Teacher of the Year by Golf Digest magazine. Jason Waters was the recipient of the Horton Smith Award given by the Connecticut PGA Section. Steve Livesey and Aaron Theriault prepared a great dinner for all of us that evening along with their varied a la carte menus, week in and week out. Jim Whiting, USTA instructor, runs a first rate tennis program on eight har-tru courts, five lighted for night play. Beth Georger continues to book more weddings, golf outings, etc. Our summer camp will be expanded and will be professionally run by Kids Entertainment. Jackie Morr, COO, watches over the books, manages the entire operation and has built a committed team for the benefit of us all.

Your efforts in bringing in new members are very much appreciated and we should all try to bring in one more new member this summer.

It is hard to believe with all of the club’s strengths and positives we are missing something. Missing something big! You guessed it…We need more of us! Back in 1963 – two years after the ground breaking – the club had 220 golf members, more than we have now! Wouldn’t some of your friends, neighbors and work associates enjoy all of these same things you enjoy about your club?

Don’t forget, 2011 is our 50th anniversary. If you would like to help plan and organize any of the festivities to be held throughout the year contact Joe Shiman,V.P. Activities. He’d welcome your call. Enjoy your summer at the Hop.

• • • • • • • •

With a part of the recession behind us and the economy showing signs of brightening your Board realizes the need to sharpen our long term plans. With that in mind, we are engaged in discussions with organizations that offer Strategic Planning services which would include, but not be limited to: • • • • • • •

Review the trends in Private Clubs and governance practices. Review recent member surveys. Review pre-meeting survey. Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Identify club’s Mission – Vision – Values. Identify key issues facing club. Develop Action Plans to address key issues.

Bill Heidel, President


JUNE 2010



Fellow members, A quick update and a personal recommendation: As of May 27, 2010 we have 15 new members, including 6 Full and 6 Sporting, all sponsored by different families. The varied sponsorship is most encouraging to me as we need a more active membership and the corresponding broader outreach to prospective members. Please see their names elsewhere in Hopline and make a point to say hello to our new members and thank you to their sponsors. There is still time for your prospects to join the club and receive discounts off the initiation fee, a period of free dues...oh yeah...and you can receive up to a $1,000 credit as well. Now for the personal recommendation. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a three day business meeting at Hop Meadow for 55 colleagues. I must say, it was perfect. Chef Steve and his team out did themselves in the F&B department. Beth Georger and her team did an outstanding job with the setup and service including the meeting functional requirements as we used most of the Club for various breakout sessions and a catered dinner one night at my home. Jason Waters ran a great putting contest for the group. The costs were very competitive, especially considering the unique setting and outstanding service. And of course the beauty of our Club was on full display. I received many compliments on all these aspects and it occurred to me

that maybe we take it for granted at times since we see it frequently and perhaps don't think of the Club first for hosting an event. Take it from me, our team at The Hop can handle any group, any size, any structure - and execute flawlessly. I am always proud of our Club and my recent event experience only strengthens my belief in our value proposition as the Valley's premier family orientated country club. Please consider your club for your next function. You will be pleased. Now, about membership. . . . . . . . . .

Every quarter we showcase a local artist’s work in our Grille. Our new artist through June is:


Catherine M. Elliott is a contemporary artist whose work is evocative of the American Impressionism style of painting. "My paintings are primarily of atmospheric and light conditions portraying the subjects quality. I try to capture the true grace and elegance of the remaining countryside of New England. My goal through my paintings is to capture a moment of time and place by use of color and form to invoke the viewer to "see" the sublime. It is a fascinating challenge to hold on to an hour or a season and to magnify its wonder and peace." Painting en plein air, out of doors, she seeks to convey the fleeting effects of sunlight and atmosphere. Inspired by Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and the French Impressionism Painters, her work explores atmospheric and lighting conditions successfully rendering the overall sense of light. Enjoy the still lifes, nature, landscapes, seascapes, boats, ships, flowers, and fruits. Her works are painterly visions of her innermost admiration of God's creation offering the viewer a sense of awe and peace. To contact Catherine: |



JUNE 2010

Please help us


elcome Our Newest Members for 2010

F u l l P r i v i l e g e F a m i ly

S p o r t i n g F a m i ly P r i v i l e g e

Bruce and Ranee Gifford Children: Lucas (3 ½) & Mason (1 ½) Sponsor: Carl and Marion Hendershot

Gregory and Nikki Manderlink Children: James (7), Kate (5) & Andrew (3) Sponsor: Fran & Liz Marquis

Jeffrey and Deborah Yao Children: Freancisco (18), Demitri (13) Sponsor: Kevin Foster

Peter and Lisa Sheary Children: Matthew (18) & Mikayla (13) Sponsor: Brian & Maureen Jessen

Kristopher and Tracy Arnold Children: Sam (16), Jordan (14) & Jake (12) Sponsor: David Eustis

Randy & Shelly Swinford Children: Drew (18) and Alex (15) Sponsor: Scott & Deb Sanderson

Full Privilege Individual

I n t e r m e d i at e S p o r t i n g P r i v i l e g e

Scott and Elizabeth Deakin ......... Children: Caroline (13), Andrew(11) & Dayna (8) Sponsor: Ensign-Bickford Corporate

Jared & Melissa Shaw Children: Gralyn (7), Haydn (6) & Wesley “Jeb” (3) Sponsor: David & Rebecca Brenia

Michael Mooney Children: Kate (16) & RJ (12) Sponsor: Eric Brown

Gary and Susan Mittelman Children: Daniel (11) & Laura (8) Sponsor: Chris and Sue Hocevar

F u l l P r i v i l e g e I n t e r m e d i at e

John and Deborah Cosentino Children: Joshua (10) & Matthew (10) Sponsor: Scott Stevens

Brian Paul and Denise Sabo Sponsor: Peter Black

Pool Michael and Patricia Sisk Children: Tyler (12), Meghan (9) & Caroline (8) Sponsor: Rob & Courtney Feingold Molly Emott & Eric Crespo Children: Isabella (5) and Madalena (3)

Dining & Social Michael and Lynne Cefole Children: Andrew (5) Sponsor: Gordon & Dru Breslav HOPLINE

JUNE 2010




he golf activity at Hop Meadow has been tremendous so far this year, and with a little cooperation from the weather, we are hoping for more of the same. We want to thank everyone for attending our opening tournaments, and hope more can join us for the events coming up on the schedule. There have been some exciting new changes we have sent out via e-mail to our members and I want to recap these to keep them fresh in your mind:

Jason Waters, PGA

1. The range has expanded hours. We now are open 15 minutes prior to the 1st tee time daily and will close when the last player comes off the golf course. The only exception is Sunday evenings where we will close at 6:00pm to prepare the range for the weekly mowing. 2. We are now part of a new reciprocal agreement with Wampanoag, CC of Farmington, Tumble Brook, and Wethersfield where on days we are closed for member play such as outings or Member Guest, we can try and set you up on our neighboring courses for $50. This fee includes a cart. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for requests.

As we get in to the summer months, weather can become an issue and storms can sometimes sneak up on us. Our warning system we use is NOT automatic, so we encourage all players to use their best judgment when on the course and threatening weather rolls in. When the staff blows the siren, this indicates all areas of the golf operation are closed. You must stop playing or practicing immediately and seek shelter. We try to give us enough time to bring people off the course, but we can not guarantee we can pick you up as sending staff out on the course is dangerous. Thank you in advance for abiding by the siren. Every year we get asked to help members understand the dress code for golf. Here is my take on it that hopefully is simple to understand: Dress Code for Golf Course

Save the Dates! June 10th – 13th – Men’s 3 Day Member Member June 24th – Member Appreciation Day June 27th – Mixed Member Guest July 4th – Mixed Golf July 7th – 11th – Club Championships, Men and Women July 15th -- Men’s Invitational Series Event – Land and Sea July 17th – 18th – Talcott Cup July 21st – WGA member Guest July 24th – Junior Club Championship July 25th – Mixed Club Championship July 29th – August 1st – Men’s Annual Member Guest



JUNE 2010

F O R M E N A N D WO M E N : 1. Hats, if worn, must be worn forward. 2. Denim, gym, workout, and tennis shorts or pants are not allowed. If you choose to wear shorts, they must be of appropriate length. A simple way to measure this is to put the tip of your middle finger touching the bottom of your knee cap. Your shorts should be no higher than where your wrists come up to your thigh. F O R M E N O N LY : 1. Shirts must have a collar, or must be of mock form specifically made by a golf vendor. All shirts must always remain tucked in. F O R W O M E N O N LY : 1. We prefer shirts to be worn tucked in, unless the style or design of the shirt is meant to be worn out. Shirts with collars do not require sleeves. Shirts without collars must have sleeves. In the coming months, we have numerous events on our calendars. These events are more fun when more members participate. I encourage all of you to join in, play and compete with your fellow members. I hope to see many of you in the coming days around the course enjoying our beautiful facility.



S KEN’S KORNER Summer is almost here and hopefully you have had a chance for many rounds of golf. Everyone wants to get better. To improve you have to practice with purpose and keep challenging yourself. The more times you put yourself in these tough and nervous situations the sooner you will improve. The quickest way to improve is by working on your mind and your short game. If you want to improve your playing skills, sign up to play in Stroke play tournaments. Please make note of the following June-July dates. All Open Clinics are free and every member is welcome! JUNE Wednesday 2nd Open Clinic 5:00 - 6:00pm Friday 4th Ken Cup 12:00pm Wednesday 16th Open Clinic 5:00 - 6:00pm Wednesday 16th Tykes and Parents 6:00 - 7:00pm Tuesday 29th Ladies day trip to Pins Orchard J U LY Tuesday 6th Tykes and Parents 6:00 - 7:00pm Wednesday 7th Open Clinic 5:00 - 6:00pm Friday 16th Ken Cup 12:00pm Wednesday 21st Open Clinic 5:00 - 6:00pm Tuesday 27th Tykes and Parents 6:00 - 7:00pm Something to keep in mind are group clinics whether it is family, friends or corporate, a group clinic is a lot of fun. Ken Doyle, Golf Instructor Club: 860-658-7623 x225 or Cell: 860-836-9759

Spring is here, the grass is growing and we are beginning to grow out of any winter damage the golf course may have succumbed to. If you have been on the golf course you may have noticed that greens 1,4,6,8 and 14 have been slow to recover from winter. Dry weather, several frosts and poa seedhead regulation have kept these areas in check but now with the recent warm and humid weather coupled with the growth regulator wearing out, the thin areas on these greens will improve. There have been a few beaver sightings on number seventeen. I myself have not seen any but will keep a watch out for them. State law requires that the beaver be left alone until December 1st unless they pose a public health threat. If this is the case, we fill out the necessary paper work, file application and wait for a response. In the meantime if they do cause the stream to back up we can disassemble sections of the dam regularly. Sounds like a member work party in the making. All bunkers have now been edged and are being maintained as regularly as possible. The pine cone crop proved no match for the new blower and rough mower. It is always nice to have equipment available to expedite the job. Please check the golf calendar for the June and August aerification dates. The staff is fortunate that they have an understanding membership which allows them the time to get the work done efficiently and thoroughly. We thank you for this which ultimately helps for a speedy recovery and minimizes golfer disruption. See you on the course. Sincerely, Erick B. Holm, C.G.C.S.

S H O E S H I N E S E RV I C E O F F E R E D Complimentary Shoe Shine Service Offered by Irman Every Saturday at Noon You can find Irman in the men’s locker room. Gratuities appreciated. HOPLINE

JUNE 2010






reetings everyone! With this article, I hope to highlight both the regular as well as special events we have planned for all tennis players in the months of June and July. We have packed a lot in so as to leave no one without a dance partner. Being somewhat old school, let’s begin with Women’s Tennis. Our Weekly Ladies Night, run by Erin Andersen, begins Wednesday June 2nd from 6:30-8PM and will continue every Wednesday through the end of July (and into August should you wish). Players come to the shop, place a dinner order, then play rotational doubles until 8 or so and then head up to the Pub where dinner (and a libation) is waiting. We will hold our Ladies Member/Guest event on Thursday June 10th from 9-1PM, and cater to A, B and C levels. Our Tuesday morning Ladies clinics begin June 1st (and as of this writing, 12 players have committed already) from 9:30-11. And once again, Hop Meadow will field two Ladies teams-a Greater Hartford Tennis League team (for our advanced players), which will play matches on Tuesdays at 9:30am and our Ladies Interclub team (for the 3-3.5 level) which plays Thursdays at 9:30am and has been most ably captained by Althea Schwartz these past few years. Moving to Men’s Tennis, we will have weekly practice for our A players on Saturday mornings from 9-11:30 starting June 5th. Our GHTL men’s team plays their matches Monday evenings at 6PM, with matches beginning in mid to later June. Our Men’s B team plays their matches at the same time. Men’s B practice is held Thursdays from 6:30-8PM starting June 10th. Junior Tennis will begin the week of June 7th with clinics offered Monday through Friday in 3 week long afternoon sessions for players aged 11 and up (3:30) and ages 7-10 (4:30). Our Competitive Junior team (invitation only) begins its 5 week season Monday June 28th. The team will practice twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon, and play interclub matches on Tuesday and Thursdays from 1-3PM. Home matches are Tuesdays and away matches are Thursdays, through the end of July.We also offer Five 1 week sessions of summer clinics for Juniors that begin Monday June 28th and meet 3 times per week on Mon, Wed, and Fri between 11am and 2:30pm depending on age. Rounding out events for June and July will be two themed night Couples events on June 4th and July 23rd from 6:30-8PM. The themes are the brainchild of Dave Bell, also known as Davey Sunday (never mind), who provides us with music for the evening. So, there is a snapshot of life at the Hop…Tennis wise. Players ready? Play! Swing easy, keep the ball in play, and great things happen...

Erin and Sean

(Tennnis Staff)

D U R I N G T H E S E A S O N , C O U RT S M AY B E R E S E RV E D B Y C A L L I N G T H E T E N N I S S H O P. ( 8 6 0 ) - 6 5 1 - 2 9 0 5



JUNE 2010

Bon Appetite from Chef Aaron

Step one: clean out and sanitize the kitchen sink. (Or you can use a pot large enough for however much corn you wish to prepare) Take the corn and peel off the first couple leaves, usually the dry, dirty and folded ones. Don’t peel off too much as you will need some to protect the corn from burning, and leave on the stalk. Next you put the trimmed corn in the sink and cover it with water. I add about a half cup of corn oil to the water and corn, but you can use vegetable oil or olive oil if you wish. I stick with corn oil mainly because I’m cooking corn. (Corn oil makes fantastic pop corn, incidentally) Let the corn sit in the water bath for some time while you get the rest of dinner ready. I turn them around a couple times to make sure the corn oil surrounds each ear. Meanwhile, prepare the grill. I use my Weber brand propane model which works very well. Any propane grill will work just as well so long as it has adjustable heat. I set it to medium low as the goal is to cook the corn slow enough that it doesn’t burn and char the corn before it is done. I take the corn from the water bath and put it on the grill and grill it with the top in the down position. Turn the corn fairly often until it is dark brown on all sides, about 15-20 minutes.When the corn is done, move the corn to a brown paper bag and fold the top closed. While the corn sits in the bag it will steam itself, rest, and slightly cool. During this time you can grill the rest of your meal whether it is marinated steaks, barbeque chicken, or burgers and dogs. Now that dinner is almost ready, open the bag of The Social/Activities Committee is your corn and peel back the charred leaves. You will advocate for member events like Trivia notice that the silk peels right off without any trouble. I leave the leaves atNight, Comedy Night, Parent’s Night Out, tached at the end of the corn because it makes a nice handle, or you can break the Happy Hour Raffle, in addition to it off and place it back into the bag. Do this to all the corn and transfer to a keeping a finger on the pulse of member nice platter. My favorite condiment for corn on the cob is copious amounts events throughout the year. of butter and salt, but you can take it from there. I hope you try this method. It really cuts down on the mess of corn silk and really makes a delicious corn. With monthly meetings in the Clubhouse Just remember to get a brown paper bag from the store, or have one on hand, and a position on the Club’s Board of because that’s where the magic happens. Directors, we enjoy the opportunity to channel member feedback and brainstorm Enjoy! Chef Aaron on new ideas to enhance the Hop Meadow experience. Feel free to call or email us with ideas and comments or join us at our next committee meeting.


Summer is here and that means its time for entertaining guests at the house. One of my favorite things about summer is corn on the cob, but when it gets hot out it just isn’t pleasant to have a giant pot of boiling water on the stove for corn on the cob. Shucking the corn is also quite a messy job. This is my method to skip all that and just relax and cook dinner.

Thanks! Joe Shiman III


JUNE 2010



NEW BEERS! A classic summer Belgian White Ale “Blue Moon” will be returning to tap for the summer. Orange slice? We will also have Blue Moon cans and Guinness Draught cans available in the snack shop and bev cart. Pilsner Urquell will also be available on tap. As its name claims ("original source" is the meaning of both "Urquell" in German and of "Prazdroj" in Czech); it is the world's original pilsener, or golden beer. Most popular lagers produced in the rest of the world are based upon this original beer. Pilsner Urquell has a heavier body but slightly less alcohol than typical American-style lagers (with an almost ale-like fruitiness in the malt body) and more strongly hopped than most pilsener beers. NEW WINES! S O N O M A C U T R E R R U S S I A N R I V E R R A N C H E S C H A R D O N N AY Every year, Wine & Spirits Magazine has a readers' poll to determine the most popular wines. For 19 out of the last 21 years (including this year) RRR has been voted the most popular wine in America's restaurants. For over thirty years, Sonoma Cutrer has been making thrilling chardonnay. This is a wine of great balance and finesse. Sonoma Cutrer practices sustainable agricultural practices. OY S T E R B AY S A U V I G N O N B L A N C Oyster Bay comes from the famed Marlborough district of New Zealand. All of the grapes organically grown and the taste is clean and crisp. S T E L L I N A D I N OT T E P I N OT G R I G I O Meaning "little star of the night” ~ Stellina as been a star in top restaurants in CT. Made from grapes grown in the region near Verona, Italy, Stellina has character and length, qualities often missing from Pinot Grigios. S T E R L I N G V I N T N E R S C O L L E C T I O N C A B E R N E T How do they do it? Year after year (in fact, since 1968), Sterling has been crafting delicious cabernet that cab lovers love. And don’t forget to read your Friday E-Bulletin for the weekend wine specials that I will be pairing with Aaron’s weekend entrée specials. Please feel free to ask about some of our new beers, wines, and specialty scotches or whiskey’s!! And please let me know if you have any special requests or suggestions for your pub. “What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive”. ~Arnold Palmer Tyler Miller, Bar Manager

F E AT U R E D C O C K TA I L Mango & Lemongrass Sangria recipe

1 cup mango nectar 2 cups dry white wine 1 cup pineapple juice 6 oz Triple Sec 1 apple, cored and cut into 1/2 in chunks 1 mango, peeled, cut from pit, and finely diced Ice Cubes 1 stalk lemongrass, peeled and cut into 4 to 6 thin lengthwise slices, for garnish 1 orange, sliced crosswise and then into half-moons, for garnish Combine everything and add ice and garnish, but its always better to let it sit and marinate with the fruit for awhile. A few new things to look forward to as the weather gets warmer!



JUNE 2010

LIFE AT HOP MEADOW MEMBER SPOTLIGHT We want to thank Chuck Brady, long time member (26 yrs to be exact), for his generous donation to the Club and the Maintenance Department. Chuck donated two trailers for storage of equipment, chemicals



These two trailers in addition to the other two that we bought last year helped double the undercover storage. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and we thank you for your generosity.


JUNE 2010


H O U R S O F O P E R AT I O N : Pool Open 7 days a week beginning June 4th through Labor Day. Weekdays | 10:00 am until 8:00 pm Saturdays | 10:00 am until 8:00 pm Sundays | 12:00 pm until 8:00 pm Adult Lap Swim – 8am to 9am Mon thru Friday by Appointment with the pool director only. Pool Director: Steve Matyczyk Office Phone 658-1181 Voice Mail ext. 248 Assistant Pool Director: Emily Petrow DAT E S TO R E M E M B E R : Swim Team and Lesson Sign Up will be ongoing, Memorial Day through June 13. Let’s Shout Schools Out Pool Party and Buffet Friday, June 25: 5:00 – 8:00 pm (ages 9-17) July 4th Family Poolside Celebration: 12:00 – 3:00pm Family Activities, Children’s Parade and Pool Races. Family Fun Night Pool Party and Buffet – Wednesday, July 9th from 5-8pm Family Fun Night, Swim Team Awards and Buffet – Wednesday, July 28th 5-8pm Movie Night Friday, August 13th Junior Championships Swim Team – July 24th Senior Championships Swim Team – July 25th MEMBER/GUEST GUIDELINES Weekdays & Weekends $10.00 Guest Family Per Week $100.00 Guest Family Per Weekend $60.00 Family rates apply to those visiting from outside this area, not to local friends or relatives. Baby-sitters are not subject to guest fees. The same guest may not use the pool more than two times per month G RO U P S W I M M I N G L E S S O N S Each group lesson will be two weeks in duration, and will be held three times per week for 30 minutes. S E S S I O N 1 J U N E 2 8 - J U LY 9 S E S S I O N 2 J U LY 1 2 - J U LY 2 3 S E S S I O N 3 : J U LY 2 6 - A U G 6 Level 1: Classes will be held at 10:00 am – 10:30 am Levels 2-6: Classes will be offered at 11:00-11:30 or 11:30 – 12:00 depending on the number of students who signed up.



JUNE 2010

Stroke Class is for students who can swim all four basic strokes but would like stroke technique instruction. Specifically designed for swim team members, however others are welcome. Private Lessons can be arranged through the Pool Director at $25.00 per half-hour or for the younger swimmers $15.00 for fifteen minutes. Specific instructors may be requested but must be approved by the Pool Director. SWIM TEAM HOURS Pre-Season Swim Team Practice: (only for swimmers who can swim the length of the pool unassisted). When: June 14 - June 17 (3:30 – 4:30pm for ages 9-17) Swim Team Practice Schedule - Starting June 21 Two practices offered daily (Mon-Fri) 9:00am -10:00am 10:00am -11:00am 11:00am - noon 5:00am - 6:00pm

Jr. Swim Team (Ages 10 & under) Sr. Swim Team (Ages 11-17) Diving Practice Jr. Swim Team (All Ages)

10:30 am to 11:00 am *Pre-Team – See below: Ages 3 -6 *Pre-Team Ages 3 to 6. Any swimmer who would like to learn to become a swim team member. Children may participate with or without a flotation device. Parents whose children do use flotation devices must be on the pool edge during the entire Pre-Team Practice. Parents of Pre-Team children may not leave the Pre-Team Practice area unless another responsible adult has been designated to watch your child. Please notify the Pre-Team coach if you, the parent, will not be watching your child. Parent Meeting to be held at the pool on June 11th at 5pm. Swim suit fitting is June 24th from 9am -10:30am. Swim Team Meets are every Tuesday and Thursday starting June 30th. Parents must provide their own transportation to and from meets for their children. All swimmers should be at the designated meet site by 4:00 pm.


summer camp $250 per week

PreK - 5 9am - 4pm

enterting grades weekly sessions from 6/28 - 8/6 |

golf instruction martial arts swimming daily creative arts music & dance

tennis instruction wacky wednesdays special events theme weeks fitness & athletics

Register Online at

or Call 800.627.CAMP (2267)

complimentary before and after child care HOPLINE

JUNE 2010


Talcott Mountain Music Festival

2010 CONCERT SERIES Includes picnic sandwich, 2 sides, Chips and dessert All sandwich served on authentic picnic style crusty artesian bread. $12.95++

Pick One Sandwich Italian Combo Imported Ham, Genoa, Cappicola Lettuce Tomato and Provolone Cheese. Tomato Mozzarella Crusty Picnic Bread filled with Yellow and Red Tomatoes, Pesto and Mozzarella- ask for it drizzled with balsamic… Beth’s favorite… Beef Roaster Roast Beef, Roasted Red Peppers, Swiss slathered with a roasted shallot Aioli Classic Turkey Roasted Turkey, crispy Bacon, shaved lettuce, sliced tomato and Dijon based mayonnaise


Pick One accompaniment: Pick One Salad: Classic Three Bean Caesar salad Sesame Noodle Salad American Tossed Pickled Vegetables Fruit Salad

Friday, July 16th PARENT’S NIGHT OUT

Upcoming Concerts


Friday, June 25 Friday, July 2 Friday, July 9 Wed, July 14 Friday, July 16

Vivaldi with Fireworks Celebrate America with Fireworks Spectrum: a Tribute to Motown and R&B Time To Rock Beatles Tribute

Thursday, July 22nd LADIES COFFEE SOCIAL


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