Private Edition 47 Sotheby's

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DIVING IN RAJA is likely to reveal giant manta rays, fire coral, endless fish species and an immediate sense of calm


boats deployed during daily excursions to the beaches, reefs, peaks and channels of the archipelago. It’s a well-oiled, almost military machine, impressive to behold. And phenomenal to be part of. Introductions over, yachts and cabins assigned to the 20-odd guests, Galleymore outlines the ethos and activities. Meridian, it’s soon clear, is an exclusive adventure club, a great deal more than just a fly-and-flop water experience. They immerse guests in ways to explore the ocean and curate each day’s activities based on weather and migratory conditions (and to a lesser extent, guest preferences). Up early, onto the tenders, transfer to Meridian’s specialised dive boats, off to the two dive sites of the day, back for lunch, water sports and exploring during the afternoon. So be prepared – diving is Meridian’s mainstay and guests are strongly advised to take dive lessons back home, get qualified and be prepared for extensive scuba or snorkel time. So to it. Day one starts as they all do, cosseted in a stateroom with all the mod cons, a sunrise of extraordinary beauty filtering in through the designer porthole. Up on deck the yacht captain (each yacht has its own dedicated captain and crew) is overseeing the breakfast spread – fruit, pastries and a cooked component – and coordinating the tender