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Breguet, the innovator.

Type XXI 3817 flyback chronograph Equipped with the famous flyback function characteristic of Type XX chronographs produced by Breguet since 1954, the Type XXI 3817 chronograph features all of the technical and aesthetic characteristics of an authentic pilot’s watch. The sapphire crystal case-back reveals the exquisite details of the mechanical movement, including its silicon components and gold oscillating weight. History is still being written...


Da Vinci Automatic 36. Ref. 4583: For more

combination of technology and aesthetics immortalized in

than 6000 years, the Flower of Life has been a symbol

his works in the form of the golden ratio was both the model and the link to the new IWC Da Vinci collection. A

whose mystique has captured the imagination of the human race. Its mathematical and aesthetic perfection form a perfect symbiosis. It is the blueprint for all living

high ideal, which the Schaffhausen watch company kept

things and at the same time, the key to timeless beauty. Its

timepiece whose precision and design could lay claim to perpetuating the legend of the Flower of Life. It is an

proportions make us capable of extraordinary things. No wonder the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci likewise succumbed to a fascination for the Flower of Life. The

in mind during the creation of the Da Vinci Automatic 36. A

extraordinary example of perfection that continually revives the myth of timeless beauty.

I WC S C H A F F H AU S E N B O U T I Q U E S: PA R I S | LO N D O N | R O M E | M O S COW | N E W YO R K | B E I J I N G | D U B A I | H O N G KO N G | G E N E VA | ZU R I C H I WC .CO M

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Three words that perfectly capture the essence of Wanda-Michelle Interiors, an innovative consultancy that specialises in: - Interior design - Technical detailing - Décor - Caseworks - New builds - Civil works - Renovations - Project management For a full turnkey solution to add beauty, flair and exquisite detail into your luxury residential or executive work space, contact us today and be a part of our elite, exclusive, extraordinary experience.

0861 WMI 181 (0861 964 181) ELITE. EXCLUSIVE. EXTRAORDINARY.




The delta region in northern Botswana is a destination full of heritage (page 56)




What intrigues our editor.



Creative direction: Kimberley Reid Photography: Cameron McDonald Styling: Robynne Kahn Hair and make-up: Sjani Grobbelaar Model: Nkanyiso Ndayi (Outlaws Model Agency) Jacket, shirt & pocket Square: C2 Post-production: Jean-Pierre Gouws





Fancy diamonds steal the show.



THE NUMBERS GAME The print is not the poor cousin of the original. Far from it, prints now have their own cache and currency.



GOD’S WINDOWS Spectacular views and architectural wonders.

This year marks 50 years of Elegance Jewellers.


HYGGE IS LEKKER The Danish are the happiest people in the world according to a recent survey. Is it because of hygge?

NOTA BENE – FASHION The latest in fashion news and trends.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS Marijuana – medicinal and recreational – comes under the spotlight.

THE HOUSE THAT HUGO BUILT The modern suit morphs from a uniform to separates paired with classic pieces.



FASHIONABLE ART Louis Vuitton turns to the classic painters for the inspiration behind their latest collection of bags and accessories.


Notes on the classic beauties, audacious moderns and singular spoils in the world of jewellery.

NOTA BENE – NEWS Utterly random and occasionally tactical trivia.



NOTA BENE – DÉCOR Notes on décor and design.

In Bloom by Elie Saab



Venice is a feast for the senses – and the soul (page 52)





How an iconic brand can stamp its mark on your memory.

otes on far-flung places, exotic spaces and diary notes N for your next escape.




Notes on modern classics and super performers to inform your choice of wheels.

Should one drink the world’s most expensive whiskies?

66 52

One writer explores the beauty and rich history of one of the world’s most alluring cities.

68 56

NATURAL HERITAGE The jewel in Southern Africa’s crown is the delta region of northern Botswana.


THE ELEPHANT CAFE Five-star cuisine on the banks of the Zambezi.



NOTA BENE – TASTINGS Notes on dining out, special tastes and brilliance in a bottle – wherever you are in the world.


THE CRYING OF LOT 234 Star-touched items were up for grabs in April this year.




IT HAS BEEN OVER NINE YEARS since I was presented with the challenge of conceptualising this luxury magazine. The near-decade that has raced by has offered me a giddying level of privilege and extraordinary experiences: A night at Versailles in The Royal Chapel listening to the music of famed concert pianist Lang Lang and tasting vintage Dom Perignon; shooting the bull with Dutch automobile designer Adrian van Hooydonk and witnessing the unveiling of his brilliant BMW concept cars; the Rio Olympics with Omega; staying at a villa on Lake Como where George Clooney dined; Venice the night before departing on a six-star cruise on the Med aboard the Seabourn Odyssey; Deroches Island in the Seychelles, a little tropical gem that remains on my ‘to-return-to’ list; the SIHH in Geneva with Simply Red as IWC’s entertainment for guests; a photo safari with leopard whisperer Lex Hes; catching up with a very young Chad le Clos before his golds; meeting John Malkovich... Private Edition opened all of these doors and gave me that elusive ‘surprise and delight’ factor that is rare in anyone’s career. I am now ready for a long-overdue sabbatical to think and plan a new ‘edition’ of myself and pursue what my longstanding friend and colleague Daniel Ford writes about in this issue: hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’). ‘It’s a bit like happiness,’ he writes. ‘When it’s there, it is there but when you try to grab it, “whoosh”, it disappears in a puff of smoke.’ It is neither place nor person but more of a space. Rather than live life and career forwards at the pace I set myself, I hope to remain in the moment. And that novel I have threatened to write over the years may just get the nurturing it needs. I am thrilled to hand over to a new editor a magazine that I believe has set a very high standard in writing and design, a magazine that defies trends and economic ups and downs and has found its true north. One that, until now, has lent to some great writing a degree of unexpected quirkiness that all magazines should have to keep readers engaged; one that has transformed clients into friends; and whose heavy, beautifully printed pages we know have found their way around the world. Enjoy this issue of Private Edition and Private Time. My special reads include Sharon Feinstein’s month in Venice, Jim Freeman’s ability to make me laugh with his experiences behind the wheel; André Wiesner’s wicked turn of phrase and Debbie Hathway’s smart take on luxury timepieces, turning a bewildering line-up of choices into concise wishlists. I hope to continue as a ‘roving reporter’ for Private Edition but rather than steer the ship, become a very lucky occasional passenger. But first, my ‘hygge moments’ and long-overdue headspace.


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Downsizing – a lifestyle choice rather than an economic necessity


During an economic decline, downsizing becomes more common as homeowners find themselves increasingly cash-strapped and debt-ridden, but this is only one reason motivating South Africans to move to smaller homes.

OTHER REASONS COMMONLY CITED are lifestyle and security. Compact homes generally require less maintenance, which means homeowners can get out and enjoy life rather than spend weekends mowing the lawn. And as they are usually situated in complexes or estates, they offer a greater level of security. People want the flexibility to be able to travel, be with their grown-up children, migrate to retirement homes at the coast or just have more time and money to do the things they enjoy, like playing golf. And, although it’s certainly not always the cheaper option, people place a high premium on the peace of mind afforded by living in a secure, access-controlled complex or building rather than in a house with large grounds. Selling in order to downscale due to a life stage applies most often to homeowners whose children have left home, or those for whom maintaining a larger home has become a hassle. These are typically older homeowners, who are now becoming a strong driver of repeat home-buyer demand as they downscale. But whatever the reason for downsizing may be, it’s never an easy task and it takes considerable forethought and planning to minimise the stress of transplanting your life and worldly goods into a smaller space. If you think there is even a possibility you may downsize in the near future, start the process slowly by gradually getting rid of items you haven’t used in years, and researching property options in areas you like, as well as potential moving costs. Then, if you do decide to go ahead with the move, you are making informed decisions and are already in the right frame of mind, so it won’t seem like such a Herculean task. Have a plan of action to help navigate the transition with the least amount of stress, and remember to not leave everything until the last minute. Start thinning out your belongings at least three months before the move. Set aside some time each day if possible and methodically work your way through the house. Have three boxes labelled ‘keep’, ‘sell’ and ‘donate’. Be ruthless, especially with items you haven’t used for a number of years – you’re unlikely to use them in the future.

Use floor plans to arrange your furniture before the move. This is a useful reality check and will also help you to make any difficult decisions about what to keep or discard. If there is a choice between two items, always opt for comfort, unless it’s a valuable family heirloom. Be creative. While it’s impossible to recreate your larger, old home in the new, smaller space, familiar elements can be incorporated or transplanted – your favourite chandelier can accompany you, and built-in features like cupboards can be installed in similar colours, materials and design. Curtains can easily be altered, so if you love your old floral drops, then have them adjusted to fit your new space – it will save money and afford comforting familiarity. Go digital. Memorabilia like photograph albums can take up considerable space, but if you can’t bear to part with them, digitise the photos, which can then be stored on a computer or external hard drive. There are several smartphone apps available or you can simply take your albums to a photographic shop. Favourite photos can then also be blown up and framed to hang on the walls in the new home. Spoil yourself. Although downsizing is a time to declutter and reduce your possessions, it’s also a great time to invest in new, high-quality bedding and bath towels. They may be small luxuries, but few things can make you feel as comfortable and snug as fluffy bath towels and crisp new sheets. No matter how welcome the move may be, it’s almost impossible not to experience a sense of loss and nostalgia, especially when sorting through treasured possessions collected over many years, so it’s important to remember that the move is a fresh start rather than a sad goodbye. Happy downsizing!



ISSUE 36 P R I V A T E E D I T I O N 1 7

My Girl... there is only one Shine like a star. The My Girl® jewellery collection delivers a unique mesmerising dance of light, reflecting your true brilliance with every move you make.






Audi Q2 #untaggable Some things are impossible to tag. Is it a #citycar? A #countrycar? Or a #coupÊ? It’s all of that, and more. Audi Q2 is #untaggable. Please visit your nearest Audi Dealership for more.

Audi Vorsprung durch Technik


FOR THE LOVE OF DESIGN A new space in town...


The Guild Group has recently launched GUILD, a 450m2 flagship design destination at the V&A Waterfront's Silo District in Cape Town. The multifaceted venue includes a concept store, an in-house studio range of furniture, and the Southern Guild gallery, showcasing collectible, limitededition design and art. According to The Guild Group CEO Trevyn McGowan, the space is a portal to the most inspirational and adventurous that the world of African design, art and lifestyle has to offer. It provides a conceptdriven experience, selling bespoke items alongside contemporary and limited-edition furniture.



ALL IN THE DETAIL Leeu Estates encompasses an exclusive boutique hotel, winery and wellness spa set among vineyards, gardens and fynbos in the scenic Franschhoek Valley, minutes away from the village of Franschhoek and an hour’s drive from Cape Town. This elegant and private hideaway boasts luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, all of which feature bespoke furniture and sisal carpets, with furnishings and décor in a range of textured linens, horsehair, leather, wood and stone, all contributing to a calm colour palette – perfect for a winter retreat.




WORK OF ART Whether you need an innovative gift idea or simply wish to add something special to your study décor, the answer is in a desk lamp. Not just any lamp, though – it’s one specially designed by Analogia Project to hold a Montblanc Meisterstück Le Grand writing instrument. The Overlay desk lamp features a minimalistic brass body and base topped with layers of Slamp’s patented materials, selected to enhance the sensual quality of the light. The base of the lamp incorporates a magnetic rest for the Montblanc writing instrument, which doubles up as an on-and-off switch. If you lay the instrument down, the light switches off. Pick it up and the light returns. The main light and courtesy light in the base create solid illumination on any surface without disturbing the peaceful atmosphere.;


Powerful and advanced, the Cellular Marine cream from QMS Medicosmetics, is based on the latest stem cell research derived from sea fennel. The coastline plant has the unique ability to protect itself from harmful UV radiation and moisture loss – the two top contributing factors to skin ageing. The powerful combination of ingredients has instant impact on skin cells to encourage cellular regeneration by enhancing the lifespan of your skin's own stem cells. The cream is designed to target demading skins with sun damage, wrinkles and sagging, plus it has a luxurious texture.


FOCUS ON AFRICA WGSN, the global trend authority for the fashion and creative industries, held its first major press event in Cape Town in partnership with a group of Africa’s leading creatives, designers and up-and-coming trailblazers. Starting this spring, WGSN will feature reports on African trends in womenswear, colour, materials, accessories and beauty, with a special focus on consumer insights, influencers, lifestyle and interiors, and menswear trends from sub-Saharan Africa.

South African luxury accessories brand Okapi recently opened its first flagship store in the Trumpet Building of the Keyes Art Mile in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Working alongside design agency Tonic, the sophisticated and modern interior design reflects the refined craftsmanship that is found in every Okapi piece. In line with the brand's ethos of creating luxurious and artisanal handbags and accessories that are designed to grow with the owner over time, the store offers clients the opportunity to customise their bags with bespoke options including personalisation.

INSPIRED BY TIME Bell & Ross, a brand well recognised for their iconic aviation-inspired timepieces, recently revealed several novelties from Baselworld 2017 at an exclusive event hosted at Mesh in Rosebank. The long-awaited new BRO3-92 Diver timepiece was also launched at the event. The all-new diving watch features B&R's iconic square case and is the first square diving watch created by the brand that offers water resistance to 300 metres.

NEW CONCEPT Created as a vehicle that offers new, exciting capabilities for drivers in urban areas, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link is a two-wheeled motorcycle that rethinks the styling and technology behind city vehicles. The motorcycle sports a flat, low design for an easy mount and dismount. It's also capable of being adjusted in order to ensure it's as comfortable as possible. Riders can take advantage of technology integration, which includes a headsup display that projects navigation, speed and battery information onto the windscreen.

ISSUE 36 P R I V A T E E D I T I O N 2 3


Fashionable Art PERHAPS FASHIONISTAS are tired of the term statement handbag – or statement-fashionanything for that matter – but, sorry, style-savvy citizens, the term and the trend it speaks to, isn’t going anywhere. Perhaps it’s because statement fashion items – and bags in particular – make getting dressed so much simpler. Adding a vibrant handbag takes a lot of guesswork out of ‘what shall I wear today?’ as one stands in the dressing room naked and afraid of the varying ensembles that need to be carefully styled in order to create just the right look. Oh to have a 24/7 stylist lurking in one’s dressing room along with the lint remover and satin-covered coat hangers. The statement bag du jour is from a stalwart in the international haute couture designer community, Louis Vuitton. The house has teamed up with another big creative player and conceptualised a piece of wearable art – and we’re not just waxing lyrical here. Artist Jeff Koons (he of the ‘Gazing Balls’ paintings that placed him within the lineage of art history) has collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create a new collection of bags and accessories that are odes to some of the world’s most iconic paintings by Da Vinci, Titian, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh. Works by these old Masters (of course it had to be mysterious ‘Mona Lisa’ chosen from Da Vinci) take centre stage on



LV’s iconic Speedy, Keepall and Neverfull bags, giving them huge vibrancy and forgive us the pun, bags of appeal. Each handbag also carries a tag in the shape of an inflatable rabbit, the enduring motif in Koon’s work over his 40-year career. While all this is so fashionably forward (not to mention, fabulous), what does it all mean? This is literally an old-world art meets new-world art meets-fashion project that’s been translated into an everyday wearable accessory. Hello inspired design, albeit at a cool price tag. It’s also a way for this historic house to keep things modern – even with its mighty nod to the art classics. New collections often have a tweak in shape, shade or size but a big-thinking out-the-box project really ups the ante and gets fashion followers excited about seeing these reworked pieces perhaps not as wardrobe staples, but as real collector’s items. It’s not the first time Louis Vuitton has worked with big-name artists. The house, founded in Paris in 1854 with its heritage firmly rooted in luggage making, has turned to the likes of influential artists Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Yayoi Kusama, Stephen Sprouse and Cindy Sherman (among others) to commission artworks, create special products as well as stage fashion shows, all to cement a firm partnership with the buzzing art world. And fashionistas are getting more than just cool collabs aimed at selling more bags. In 2014 the Louis Vuitton Foundation opened a distinctive art museum design by American architect Frank Gehry. When next you fly into Paris, we strongly recommend you visit this fabulous space where art meets culture on Avenue Mahatma Gandhi – with your Da Vinci emblazoned Speedy on your arm of course.



In yet another captivating and highly original art-meets-fashion collaboration, Louis Vuitton turns to the classic painters for the inspiraiton behind the iconic fashion house’s latest collection of bags and accessories. Words HELEN CLEMSON


The modern suit morphs from a uniform to separates paired with classic pieces. It works. Words HELEN CLEMSON

HUGO BOSS’S suits as worn by high-profile male celebrities like Eddie Redmayne, Hugh Jackman and Jay-Z (American rapper Shawn Carter, not president Jacob Zuma – although we are sure he wishes) exude elegant tailoring, clean lines and the perfect fit. Perhaps it’s the manner in which Boss’s garments handsomely hug the male form (slim tailoring is, after all, the look of the moment), but the house has got things just right. It’s a craft, and it’s taken them years to perfect. Hugo Boss was founded in the mid-1920s. Now it’s certainly all about the fashion: simple, crisp cuts with lots of colour-oncolour dressing. And that fashion state of mind is the perfect hybrid of the house’s bespoke suits (for men and women) and ready-to-wear pieces, the latter capturing the more playful side of the brand. The German national football team is currently suited by Boss, and the look is tantamount to the best in men’s luxury, but done in a thoroughly modern way. After all, we are dressing far more casually these days. Does anyone actually dress up when dining at London’s The Ivy restaurant anymore? Or like every celeb who whizzes through its hallowed doors,



do the majority of its patrons don sneakers with their Birkins and aviators? Boss has captured this more laid-back style by creating garments with a relaxed fit, using comfort fibres like merino wool, and incorporating the quintessential denim shirt. All of which are available in the range created for the German football team, but don’t worry, there are still those traditional suave Boss suits that you can add to your collection. And you’ll get your money’s worth. ‘The beauty of these suits is the mastering of the fabric selection, meaning only quality fabrics are used,’ says Azeez Jacobs, fashion and grooming editor for Men’s Health magazine. ‘If you invest in a standard cut (something classic) in a neutral colour like navy or grey, you can wear it well for a good five years.’ Store it carefully when you’re ready for a change, and bring it out again in a couple of years, and you should be good to go. ‘Remember, suits such as these don’t have to be worn as one look,’ he adds. ‘Wear pieces separately, broken up with a leather jacket or crewneck sweater to extend your style.’ Perhaps that’s the beauty of a uniform: pieces made to be worn together but when separated and pared with other classic items (like a crisp white shirt or perfectly cut slim black tie) create zero alarming clash. If that’s your brief (and certainly in corporate it should be), Hugo Boss is your spot-on style master.



The House that Hugo Built

The new benchmark.

20" light alloy wheel Cross-spoke style 636 36112420422

BMW Roof box 520. 82732406459

Price: R62 001.84

Price: R16 874.79

BMW Activity key 66122447898 Price: R3 479.98 *Product available from July.

BMW Travel and comfort system (Clothes hanger) 51952183852 / 51952449251

Travel & Comfort System (universal cradle/safety case) 51952183852 / 51952408224

Price: R1 191.92

Price: R1 737.36

BMW Junior Seat 2/3 82222348245 Price: R5 645.74 BMW Junior Seat 1 82222348236 Price: R5 210.00

*While stocks last. Prices inclusive of VAT. Prices subject to change. Please contact your nearest dealership for this and other exclusive offers.


Notes on wardrobe classics and tempting accessories to signal a fashion refresh

SHE’S COME UNDONE It’s all about the details at Cape Town’s Maison Mara... This season, fashion’s beauty lies in the detail, and to help us along, Cape Town’s Maison Mara has sought out luxury pieces that’ll modernise a dressing room crammed full of wardrobe staples. ‘When I saw the JW Anderson pieces on the runway, I fell in love with the small details – the knots, zips, eyelets and ties,’ says owner Kelly Withey. ‘I particularly love the knotted detail that transforms an original basic into a classic T-shirt. It looks amazing.’


HEADS UP! Have a head for hats? Tread+Miller has a stellar range that chic-up any ensemble in seconds. All classically tailored and made from 100 percent felt wool with leather details, the collection includes traditional shapes like the bowler and panama hat. This little beaut, however, is a Vasco hat, and we love its handsome unisex appeal.

Ah, Jenny Packham... she who creates garments that are sheer poetry in motion and are worn – perhaps to death – by the Duchess of Cambridge. The royal, however, is a dedicated follower and synonymous with Packham’s ethereal design. This I-must-haveit-immediately piece is described as ‘a pale-silver gown with sequin-andcrystal studded bodice, worn with pale-silver metallic lace biker jacket’. Somewhere in the heart of Kensington Palace Kate’s people are talking to Jenny’s people right about now.



This season’s style mantra is about two things: comfort and jewel tones. The former utterly thrills us. Gone are the days of suffering for fashion – this winter is about layering garments for warmth, comfort and, of course, a luxury aesthetic. It’s about wellbeing rather than simply looking amazing (yes, fashion can marry both concepts). The latter is about breaking up safe head-to-toe black with an elegant shade like emerald or teal that keeps your look on point with a cool-undertone hue. Find the most beautiful solution in this Witchery jacket.

BOYS AND THEIR TOYS Love a good suit and a great car (a perfect match, right)? Well, here’s the love child of the best in men’s suit design and car manufacturing: Boss for Mercedes Benz Fall/Winter 2017. Elements of ‘dream machine’ meets fashion include soft napa leather a la those Merc car seats and half raglan sleeves on T-shirts and jackets that give ready-to-wear garments a sporty touch. Overall, the collection has been pared down with clean silhouettes and stripped-back detailing. Perfection.

ISSUE 36 P R I V A T E E D I T I O N 2 9

Elegance Jewellers: 50 years of vision and innovation This year marks half a century of Elegance Jewellers, a business with family at its core. Words ORESTI MAVRODARIS

in 2003 the two eastern suburbs branches consolidated into the newly-renovated Bedford Centre. Elegance Jewellers’ flagship store opened at Melrose Arch in 2009, and in 2015 the newest branch in the new-look Sandton City was established. Family is central to Elegance’s business philosophy: from the people who run it successfully to how clients, customers and partners are treated. Family is also the inspiration behind a few in-house brands: Nom-Nom (named for Nikolas Oresti Mavrodaris), Gi (named for Gianna), Matmav (named for Mathew Mavrodaris) and Kathryn Mae Fine Jewellery. This year marks 50 years of Elegance Jewellers and, of course, 50 years of Krugerrands. In homage to this golden confluence, Elegance is issuing its own version of a gold standard. Nom-Nom bracelets in a variety of colours, featuring a miniature 1/50 oz, 22ct gold Krugerrand and the number 50, are now available from Elegance Jewellers in Melrose Arch and from the South African Mint’s retail store in Centurion. The bracelets are available in eight colours, and in two variations: one with a thick, knotted string pattern and the other more smooth and feminine. For the Krugerrand, the global economy has driven consumer demand for gold, keeping this precious metal relevant, not only as a coveted jewellery product, but also as an investment and a collectable. Fifty years is a respectable age for any business, but heritage and history aside, it is often reinvention and dynamism that keep a brand relevant and exciting. For Elegance, keeping up with current trends in fine jewellery and retailing exclusive watch brands is a given and has ensured that the business has thrived. But there is something special and indefinable about a business established by generations of family. It is the true foundation of a brand.

For more information, visit


IT WAS AN EVENTFUL YEAR 1967; a year of innovation, turbulence and change. Skirts were short, music was loud and the world was in a state of flux. The Vietnam War raged on against a backdrop of violent protests across the USA and Greece was in the throes of a political coup. In December of that year, South Africa made global news headlines when Dr Chris Barnard performed the world’s first successful heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. Advancing banking and personal finance, Barclays Bank introduced the world’s first ATM in ’67, giving new meaning to the term ‘fast cash’. It was also in this year that the world’s leading gold bullion coin, the Krugerrand, was introduced at the peak of South Africa’s gold-mining output. The promotion of gold became a priority when South Africa’s output of this precious metal averaged 75% of the world’s total. The Krugerrand release paved the way for an ordinary person to invest in gold. The time was right to begin to build a business, a family business, which would set its sights on a distant and very different South African landscape. In one of Johannesburg’s eastern suburbs, Springs, Elegance Jewellers was founded by the Mavrodaris family, offering exceptional quality jewellery and exclusive watches. Still a student at the time, Nick Mavrodaris joined Elegance in 1970 and his wife Rena followed shortly thereafter. They would not only create the foundations of a strong business but a legacy for their future family. Today, Elegance is a multibranch premium jewellery business run by Nick Mavrodaris’ sons, Dino, Alexi and Oresti, from Johannesburg’s top retail locations: Melrose Arch, Sandton City and Bedford Centre. That first store in Springs thrived before the business expanded to Benoni and



Africa’s Golden Hues Of all the rare diamonds in the world, South Africa steals the show with its rare and exotic natural fancy yellow diamonds. Words LES AUPIAIS


IT IS SOMETHING OF A MIRACLE that in the turmoil of earth in creation billions of years ago, something as exquisite as a diamond is born in darkness, deep within the earth’s mantle. Few diamonds of exceptionally high quality will make the cut for jewellery. It is only when the discerning eye of the collector sees the potential in a gemstone and the hand of a master craftsman releases its light, that a diamond realises its full beauty and arguably, its true purpose: to symbolise love, to celebrate life and recall special moments. While colourless diamonds, revered for their scintillation and cool brilliance, still capture the majority of attention, the earth has in store even rarer treasures. South Africa is the main source of the world’s most beautiful natural fancy yellow diamonds and, in particular, the ‘sunburst’ natural fancy yellow diamonds from the West Coast and Orange River regions. These are diamonds made for the limelight; from light to vivid shades, natural fancy yellow diamonds, graded according to the intensity of their colour, are difficult to craft and need the vision of an expert to unleash their maximum brilliance and colour. But the first step that culminates in a spectacular piece of jewellery lies in the expert sourcing of the diamond. Shimansky, leading jewellers in the industry, create an unbroken and integral chain directly from the mine itself, which begins with a special viewing and selection process, and ends in their inhouse design studio where expert craftsmen create a setting of the highest quality. The challenge, met over and over by Yair Shimansky, is to balance the warmth and exoticism of the stone with the precious metal in which it is set. The natural fancy yellow diamond is in itself a bold statement; the design, the cut and the polish in expert hands must then present the piece for maximum impact. Today’s rare and natural fancy yellow diamonds are ‘descendants’ of legendary finds, making them even more desirable: the Tiffany Yellow Diamond discovered in South Africa in 1878 was cut into a cushion shape of 128.51 carats and designed into a piece that almost eclipsed Audrey Hepburn when she wore it for a publicity shoot for Breakfast at Tiffany’s; the canary yellow Red Cross Diamond, which weighed 205.07 carats, was found in Kimberley in 1901... but the present owner remains a mystery; The Oppenheimer is a magnificent 253.7-carat stone, one of the largest in the world. Discovered in South Africa in the mid-’60s, it remains today in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC in homage to financier and philanthropist Sir Ernest Oppenheimer. Extraordinarily rare and mesmerising, natural fancy yellow diamonds sparkle with the most magical golden hues. Capturing the warmth of the South African sun, these valuable stones are extremely rare, making them highly sought after. In Yair Shimansky’s words, ‘A natural fancy yellow diamond is your very own piece of the South African sun that remains with you wherever you go.’ Discover yellow diamonds as well as other diamond jewellery collections at one of Shimansky’s exquisite showrooms. Visit






Notes on the classic beauties, audacious moderns and singular spoils in the world of jewellery

ASIAN ODYSSEY Local, ready-to-wear jewellery brand Pichulik have brought a new collection to the party. Inspired by Japan and featuring low-tech black rope and wood with sophisticated gold trims, pendants and details, the new offerings by designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik was inspired by items found in her grandmother’s trousseau. One of the key pieces is the Ama neckpiece, featuring a scattering of pearl divers – a reference to the legendary female Mermaid pearl divers of Japan. The statement necklace was recently worn by Emma Watson and though it’s a hit with global superstars, we love that you can buy it straight from the source on our shores.

BOLD STYLE In 1882 Peter Carl Fabergé took over his father’s very ordinary jewellery business, and together with his brother Agathon, he quickly transformed it into an international phenomenon. Today, the necklace is the centrepiece of each Fabergé collection or series. Each piece is dramatic, yet light, wearable and versatile, conjuring stories of life in Russia’s glorious Silver Age and jewelled Romanov elegance. This Menuet Opal pendant (pictured left) makes a striking statement with its unusual mix of materials and bold colour at its centre.

CLASSIC CHOICE While contemporary lines are constantly evolving in the world of fine design jewellery, there is no denying a resurgence in vintage-inspire style, featuring delicate settings, intricate detailing, metals and stone cuts our greatgrandmother’s would have been absolutely au fait with. Award-winning jeweller Julie Mancini is the Cape Town based owner and founder of Anvil & Oyster and though she lives in the mother city, she has been steadily building an international following for her handcrafted pieces that are surefire heirlooms in the making.



A statement ring with a classic edge from one of the world’s most well loved luxury brand, the Flip Ring from the Bulgari Bulgari collection is a 21st century cocktail ring with a magnificent presence. Set in 18k pink gold, this mother of pearl and pavé diamond beauty is a dress-me-up-dress-me-down piece, which would do well on the red carpet but be equally at home with a jeans-and-tee combo. Look for it in other metals and gem detailing – after all, the more the merrier.

RARE BEAUTY A thousand times more rare than a diamond, magnificent Tanzanite can only be found along a 4km strip of land in Tanzania, which is the only known source of tanzanite in the world. The Shimansky Ayanda Queen of Tanzanite jewellery collection comprises some of the rarest and most beautiful tanzanite in the world. This design (pictured above) is available from 1.50ct to 10.00ct and can be manufactured to order in any finger size in platinum,18K white and 18K yellow gold. The collection is certified in accordance with the Tanzanite International Grading Standard.





Smoke and Mirrors The weed war continues with medicinal marijuana and its loudly trumpeted benefits up against the recreational version now under the spotlight as a legal low-grade drug – at home anyway. Words KATHY MALHERBE

THE RULING in the Western Cape High Court in March this year that you may grow and use weed in the privacy of your home came hot on the heels of legislation in February regarding medicinal marijuana. The court ruled that banning the use of recreational cannabis in the privacy of your home is unconstitutional. In theory, you can nurture your weed among your organic herbs and consume it at home. In reality, however, you can still be arrested but can apply your constitutional right to use, grow or possess dagga as a legitimate defence in court. Legalising medicinal marijuana has also been hotly debated for many years and the two announcements appear to have created more confusion than clarity. Medical marijuana has been demoted by the Medicines Control Council (MCC), South Africa’s drug regulatory authority, from a Schedule 7 to a Schedule 6 drug. The Department of Health also announced that the growing of medicinal marijuana will be legalised, but under strict regulations and stringent security to ensure a quality-assured product for medical, scientific and clinical-research purposes. So, while it appears that the door is open for medical marijuana to be grown, that’s where the roll-out plan stops. Legislation for its manufacture whether in oil, capsule or patch format as part of an integrated approach to healing and palliative care is missing. It takes about five years just to register a medicine, so it will be a very long time before we see this product on pharmacy shelves. Which is surprising since scientists globally have been studying marijuana for years. To date 10 countries (aside from the US) have legalised medical marijuana. Father of marijuana research, Raphael Mechoulam, has been studying the plant for more than 50 years. While at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, Mechoulam ingeniously secured confiscated hashish from the head of Israel’s investigative branch of the national police for use in his studies. His research led to the identification of the endocannabinoid system, a major physiological system in the human brain and central and peripheral nervous systems. It consists of cannabinoid receptors, located throughout the body, whose main role is to maintain the body’s internal equilibrium like sleep, appetite, stress, mood, memory, reproduction and fertility and pain regulation. Most importantly, they play an important part in regulating inflammation, which is said to be the root cause of all disease. It’s not at all surprising given the plant’s ‘secret stash’ of health benefits.

There are more than 100 cannabinoids identified in the marijuana plant, of which tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – this psychoactive cannabinoid causes the legal issues – and cannabidiol (CBD) have been studied the most. They both interact with the cannabinoid receptors found in the human body. CBD is usually extracted from hemp and is used legally all over the world including South Africa. Huge quantities of hemp are needed to make CBD oil so the end product is expensive. Epidiolex is one of the better known CBD oils available locally and is a 99% oil-based CBD extract from the cannabis plant. The medicinal quality of the CBD oil, coupled with its failure to produce a ‘high’ effect, make it popular for medical applications. It is when the THC content in the oil is too high that it becomes illegal. THC has a profound effect on your state of mind. It works by imitating the effects of anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced naturally by the human body to help modulate sleeping and eating habits, as well as the perception of pain. Anandamide is also noted to result in relaxation, fatigue, hunger and reduced aggression. Even though THC will mimic these, it is when the quantity of THC is increased dramatically through ingesting or smoking that the brain becomes overactivated and the negative effects outweigh the positive – both mentally and physically. Currently doctors and specialists may not and do not prescribe marijuana oil and don’t get involved if their patient is taking it. The patient sources the oil from a supplier they have ‘heard about’. The medical application and the reason why the oil containing both CBD and THC is being taken by patients, is that research indicates it may be able to treat anything from the negative side effects of chemotherapy to helping to reduce the pressure inside the eye in glaucoma and stimulating the appetite in AIDS patients. Apart from the palliative effect on cancer patients, can cannabis ‘cure’ cancer? Mechoulam says: ‘There are many reports on the treatment of various cancers in mice; unfortunately, well-designed human trials have not been done. It is unbelievable that neither government agencies nor private foundations have gone ahead or encouraged clinical trials – but this is a fact!’ When there is this amount of debate and interest, there must be money to be made in the medicinal-marijuana market. Those with investment savvy have already tapped into the market where research predicts a 30 percent compound annual growth in the US between now and 2020.

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Hygge is lekker The Danish are the happiest people in the world according to a recent survey. Is it because of hygge?



‘HYGGE IS A LAZY Sunday afternoon at home when you’re all cosy and eating a big bowl of ice cream,’ my Copenhagen friend Kasper Horlyk explains. Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish concept and it is all about finding those moments in time when everything is just right. Yes, hygge can be ice cream on a lazy Sunday. But it can also be a night out in a restaurant with old friends when happy conversation is effortlessly bouncing around the table, spending some time with your children doing nothing much but being together, or even just a quiet moment alone by the fire reading an enjoyable book. And there is a good chance that that book by the fire will soon be about hygge, because a string of them are currently on the bookshelves as the rest of us search for an answer as to why the Danes are considered to be the happiest people in the world. Indeed, in 2014, a study by the University of Warwick in the UK went as far as to conclude that the further a nation was genetically from the Danes, the lower their wellbeing. Never one to turn down a bit of wellbeing myself, I decide a visit to the Danish capital is in order to learn more about this hygge. Kasper, a social worker, is tall, with the golden hair of his Viking forefathers. He doesn’t do stress. But he does do hygge, he tells me. We head to Jernbanecafeen (The Railroad Pub), a popular watering hole near the railway station. Its appearance is as much of a gallery as it is bar, with gold-framed oil paintings, black-and-white prints, plates and other collectables filling every centimetre of wall space. Low-hanging art-deco lights and small, round marble-topped tables covered in coffees and brandies give Jernbancafeen the feeling of a central European café. There is a buzz of chatter and relaxed, happy contentment

hangs in the smoky air. ‘This is why I brought you here,’ says Kasper. ‘This is hygge.’ Chances are you’ve enjoyed hygge many times yourself but never really thought about it. It’s a bit like happiness: when it’s there it is there but when you try to grab it, then ‘whoosh’, it disappears in a puff of smoke. You can try to create hygge, of course – with scented candles, nice music and good food perhaps – but there are no guarantees. It is either there or it isn’t. The next day I meet up with a former colleague Thomas Noppen, a digital newspaper editor who has worked in South Africa. We enjoy espressos at Café Mandela, a chilled place near the city’s former meat-packing district. ‘Yes, I have heard that hygge is really starting to get some attention from people outside of Denmark lately,’ he says. ‘We grew up with it and knowing what it means, I suppose we instantly recognise it. When it comes to South Africa, you’d almost certainly find hygge when you are at a braai. That seems to be the most likely place.’ He’s right. When you’re enjoying the good company of friends and family, with the smell of chops cooking in the air, a good glass of Stellenbosch red in your hand and the sun is shining, could life really get any better? Hygge is lekker. Later that evening at Kasper’s apartment I realise I am getting the hang of it. While his dad (who tells me he always finds hygge at Schønnemann or Husmanns Vinstue, his favourite Copenhagen restaurants) and I are swapping tales from previous encounters, our girlfriends are cooing over baby Frida, whom we have just met for the first time. Then, when Frida is tucked up in bed, Kasper brings out a bottle of quality Japanese Nikka whisky and we all raise our glasses to toast our friendship. This is hygge I realise.

Denmark was ranked first in the World Happiness Report in 2016, a United Nations initiative. Sadly, South Africa did not even make the top 50.

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God’s Windows Why is it that with any form of architectural brick-and-mortar wonder – even the most lavish and opulent – it must, in fairness, always give way gracefully to a hero view. This is what sells and seduces. Private Edition selects a handful of view ‘icons’ that make you deeply and madly desire to be there – or own it – even for a moment. Words LES AUPIAIS


ON ONE OF THOSE EVENINGS when Cape Town stills as if holding its breath and the late, late summer is suspended in 25°C mode, 5 Nettleton Road seems to float above the ocean unanchored by the cliff face it has carved. While any architectural description of the Stefan Antoni design will give you the list – a Zen garden of stone, water and wood; an infinity pool suspended by architectural magic over a void; vast bedroom suites; and linear genius, modernity and innovation – it is the entertainment level that frames the magical shot of sea and sky. No 5 is famous

Nettleton Road’s starship. Open to 180 degrees of glassy ocean and the last green flash of a setting sun, the early evening is this property’s crescendo. Later that night, the butler slips a tall bank of sliding glass doors across the expanse of the entertainment area against the chill and midnight ocean. From a level above, bedrooms share the view and your last thoughts are of flying. For further information and and to book a stay at 5 Nettleton, visit

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A DRAMA IN TWO ACTS With an exceptional architectural blank canvas and a mesmerising cityscape, interior design rises to the challenge. You can’t beat nature when she offers up a framework that could almost steal the show. But rather than fight it, interior designer Wanda-Michelle Hadlow, managing and creative director of WMI, describes how she embraced this panoramic view. ‘Despite being ever-present, the view offers a breathtaking new perspective every time you take it in: it can be crisp and

'The strong, dramatic lines of the architecture and large unstructured spaces are a natural framework for my preferred styles.'



clean, hazy and hot, elegant at night with the millions of lights punctuating the skyline or powerful in a storm. How could one not be inspired to reflect all of this, advance it and embrace it? ‘The strong, dramatic lines of the architecture and large unstructured spaces are a natural framework for my preferred style,’ says Wanda. ‘I love creating “closed-down” spaces within an open expanse, offering a welcome reprise of comfort and cosiness quite often lacking in such environments. Each piece was designed and placed specifically to shine in its own right, yet also to blend and float into the background, almost mirage-like, becoming a part of the painting – the backdrop – that frames the lifestyle that this space offers.’ Given the impact of the natural sky and cityscape, Wanda meticulously selected the interior colour palette. ‘I chose an opulent, almost monochromatic theme – touches of silver and platinum and gold in luxurious textures to create a mirage-like feel, with pops of white and black, and bold, colour-rich artwork for elegance and drama.’


Wanda meticulously selected the interior colour palette with the impact of the natural sky and cityscape in mind. She opted for an opulent, look, with touches of silver, platinum and gold in luxurious textures to create a mirage-like feel. Pops of white and black and bold, colour-rich artwork add elegance and drama.


PARADISE UNLIMITED Many of us have a fantasy of holidaying on an idyllic tropical island but what if that holiday turned out to be a little more permanent? May we tempt you with Pemba Island, Mozambique? This story begins with a small adventure. Coaxed to Mozambique by a friend passionate about this area of Africa, our writer sets off to explore one morning. ‘As an independent person,’ she says, ‘I decided to take a long walk early in the morning, going first through kilometres of big baobabs and large palm trees. I could feel the presence of the sea and decided to walk in that direction. After climbing a dune, I was met with an amazing view. A few mother whales and their offspring were jumping out of the water just in front of me. I will never forget this image. It was so beautiful. I learned later that whale mothers make their way here every year to give birth. And I said to myself, this is paradise. ‘At the end of my stay, I discovered that this very special place, named Praia Das Rochas, was for sale. I didn’t know this when I first arrived. I was leaving the next day, but I made the decision in just an hour. I wanted this place. I wanted to own Praia Das Rochas, those 22 000m² of golden beachfront beaches, sea caves and coral reef. I wanted to swim there with my children and dive and snorkel.’

But circumstances change and the property on the sandy shores of Pemba in Northern Mozambique (a mere 26km from Pemba Airport) is now waiting for the imagination and vision of a new owner. Inspired by architect Ian Gray's eye for detail, composition and materials, the current owner had enlisted him to design a unique place for her. (Gray's eperience includes working in London, the Caribbean, San Francisco and the Middle East before settling in Cape Town to cofound Craft of Architecture.) ‘The foundations are partly laid and local natural materials have been sourced for a luxurious lodge that optimizes the spectacular location and seamlessly harmonizes with the stunning natural surrounds,’ she explains. The existing plans are for a five-unit lodge, but Gray says that there is potential for considerably more development on the site. All the groundwork and research has been done, so the new owners need simply step in and instill their personal style on the project. The buyer will have full access to the approved plans by architect Ian Gray as well as the relevant permits that have been granted.

For further information on this magnificent property, visit

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The Numbers Game WE’RE OFTEN ASKED what limited-edition prints are all about. What’s the difference between an original work of art and a print? Should I buy an original or a limited-edition? What are their respective artistic and financial values? Things get confusing from the word go as limited-editions are also called multiples and original prints. To keep it simple, printmaking entails transferring an original artwork onto paper using a variety of engraving tools, chemicals, quality paper and a printing press. The artist, or sometimes his printmaker or dealer, decides on the edition size, that’s to say the number of prints, which is then fixed. Each print is normally signed by the artist and is numbered using a fraction



notation (for instance 1/25) to indicate the unique number of that impression and the total edition size. In some cases there’s only one print, which is then called a monotype. Monotypes are typically more expensive than editions. So, what’s the difference between an original artwork and a limited-edition print? They are both original artist works, but limited editions – where each impression is actually slightly different from the next through the mechanic print process as opposed to simple reproduction – are multiples. The impression number is important as it often has an impact on future value. Print collectors want to know at what stage in the ascending edition a print was made. The lower


The print is not the poor cousin of the original. Far from it, prints now have their own cache and currency. Words ALEXIA WALKER and FRED SCOTT


(Left) ‘Cat’ by Sanele Omari Jali, who specialises in printmaking works as a freelance master printer at Prints On Paper at Assemblage in Johannesburg. (Below right) ‘Cactus Man’ by Norman Catherine, a South African artist whose oeuvre spans painting, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media.

numbered pieces are usually the most sought after because, traditionally, the first impressions were of better quality as the plate would become gradually worn out. Nowadays, however, thanks to better technologies, there’s little loss of quality. What we sometimes see today is that as the edition goes up, the price of the print goes up too. Gallerists and dealers recognize that it takes more conviction, confidence and, perhaps, acumen to buy early in a limited edition rather than after many successive buyers have added their own stamp of approval. And, of course, scarcity drives prices up too. Although printmaking has a long history, with early examples of printing on paper in China dating back to the 5th century, its popularity as an art form has widely fluctuated over time. Here in South Africa, it was long considered a lesser art form even though artists of the calibre of Pierneef used it as part of their artistic vocabulary. It was only in the 1980s and 1990s, with the establishment of The Caversham Press, The Artists’ Press and Artist Proof Studio, that these negative perceptions started changing and that printmaking became viewed as a way for artists to make their work available to a wider audience all the while producing original art and not compromising their artistic integrity. There are many printing techniques, eg, linocutting, etching, aquatint, lithography and silk screening. Etching and aquatint form part of the intaglio method, in which the ink is carried in the incisions of the metal etching plate allowing artists to generate various tonal effects. It requires real mastery on the part of the artist to be able to modify the plate to obtain the desired effects. Picasso was famous for being able to create the impression of plain white cotton in a print

and further manipulate the plate to make some areas appear like satin. Once an edition is completed, the metal plate can sometimes look like it’s been worked by a sculptor. Limited-edition prints have now become highly collectable and we usually advise our clients to include them in their art collections. They are more affordable than say paintings, because they are multiples and the materials are cheaper. Good limited-edition prints tend to retain their value over time and can in some instances generate great returns. In April this year, Pop Up With hosted its now biannual one-day event ‘Modernist Limited Edition Prints Pop Up Shop’, drawing large enthusiastic crowds and selling over 100 artworks, a rather healthy posting. Other places to buy editions include The Artists’ Press studio, David Krut Projects and Assemblage in Johannesburg, and Warren Editions and the South African Print Gallery in Cape Town. Prices vary hugely. Expect to pay as little as R3 000 for the work of young, talented artists like Isaac Zavale, Minenkulu Ngoyi or Io Makandal, and as much as R60 000 for the work of more accomplished artists like William Kentridge, Diane Victor or Sam Nhlengethwa, all of whom are famous for their prints – bearing in mind that a very large print by Kentridge can easily set you back in excess of a million rand.

Walker Scott is an art advisory offering end-to-end art management services. Visit

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Notes on décor and design news to spark direction and creativity

GO WITH THE GLO Retro style takes on a modern twist


Designed by iconic architect and designer Carlo Colombo for Italian illumination specialists Penta, this collection of cutting-edge table, floor and pendant lights evokes retro style – with an undeniably modern twist. Grouped together, they have something of a celestial presence and on their own, they’re nothing short of sculptural. Thanks to modern technology, materials and design trends, they also come in a host of colours, from white to black and rose gold – the perfect finishing touch for any space and interiors scenario. Available in South Africa at Casarredo Collezione.

ITALIAN CLASS Good news for designophiles, architects and those in the market for some changes at home – Italian kitchen, furniture and bathroom brand Boffi now has a foothold in South Africa. Much loved for its clever and contemporary take on interiors essentials, Boffi has been around since the 1930s when it started life as a company specialising in hand-crafted kitchens. The new stand-alone store is situated in the heart of Cape Town’s buzzing De Waterkant district and is brimming with on-trend inspiration.

STAR SOFA The Ardmore ceramicists and artists are famous around the world for their unique and vibrant interpretations of nature. The Zambezi Sofa is inspired by one of the mightiest rivers in Southern Africa – emblazoned with crocodile skin patterning, monkeys and beautiful Birds of Paradise flowers and incorporating a selection of fabrics by the brand. The heritage piece is a collaborative effort between Ardmore’s design team and Sidney Nyabeze who handpainted some of the detailing – it looks set to become a modern talking piece of our times.


COLLECTORS’ COLLECTABLES Aside from her award-winning builds, Zaha Hadid leaves a legacy with the Hadid Collection of beautifully designed homeware that her team continues to produce, thanks to a priceless bank of sketches and documents she had amassed before her death. Among the latest offerings are new vases and bowls added to the Serenity and Braid collections and a range of glasses called Sketch, inspired by some of her paintings.

Ghidini Bosco of Villa Carcina, in the province of Brescia, Italy, specialises in die casting brass, aluminium and zamak. The company excels in combining advanced technologies and rapid prototyping with traditional craft skills. Their catalogue includes thousands of products, ranging from lighting fixtures and furnishings to decorative items and handles. Pictured here is the Nika Zupanc flamingo corner lamp, part of the designer’s unique collection.

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High on a Five Funny how an iconic brand can stamp its mark on your memory. For this fan, it was heritage with a colourful history. Words JIM FREEMAN

NOSTALGIA, AS WE ALL KNOW, is not what it used to be. When BMW South Africa launched its seventh-generation 5 Series sedans recently, it took me back to 1985 and the first car I could afford to buy on my meagre journalist’s salary – a second-hand BMW 520i from what I gather was the second iteration of the series. I was the editor of a daily newspaper in Windhoek, Namibia, and my girlfriend owned the funkiest clothing boutique in town. I dressed like Miami Vice’s Don Johnson and my hair hung three quarters of the way down my back. I was pretty ‘cool’. None of the previous statements still hold true. Note that I said nothing about the car. Simply because time has not been kind to my memories of that clunker. It came with a serious design flaw. In really hot weather, the fuel would evaporate on the way from the tank to the carburettor and the vehicle would just stand still till the pipes cooled off. Then it would start again. And stop again 10 minutes later. Try driving 360km from Windhoek to Swakopmund and back again in the height of the Namibian summer when



temperatures reach 40˚C and you can imagine the exasperation! I had to drive at night but that just increased the risk of hitting a kudu or warthog, both of which are designed to inflict maximum damage on a German sedan and its occupants. Nonetheless, when offered the chance to drive the new generation for this ‘heritage’ edition of the magazine, I didn’t hesitate. The realities of history be damned, I remember feeling like a king cruising around the city in my silver-blue Beemer and even Lucky Luke, a local politician whom I regularly had to drive home from the bar at Parliament late at night, was impressed. Not long after, his wife tried to shoot him when she discovered he was having an affair and, on the day of his eventual marriage to his erstwhile paramour in Windhoek’s grand Christuskirche, a gust of wind blew the church door open with a bang, causing many of us to duck for cover. BMW describes the 5 Series as having ‘been the heart of the BMW brand throughout the years since 1972’. The company further dubs the new generation as ‘the most athletic business sedan in its class’ and two days of intensive and dynamic driving


around the central Garden Route gave me no reason whatsoever to challenge this statement. It has become almost de rigueur to describe BMWs as sharklike in appearance and it is hard not to think, feel and act like Gordon Gekko when you climb behind the wheel of the 530i and, even better, the 540i (the two vehicles I drove during the launch). It’s damned intimidating to see one bearing down on you in your rear-view mirror. I did not drive the 520. Perhaps if I had, I would have put the mechanical shortcomings of its three-decade-old ancestor behind me but, given the choice, I unashamedly plumped for the two top-of-the-range offerings.

Having said this is a business sedan, it is one for the businessman who is still going places and wants to get there on his own volition. It is not like the 7 Series that is designed for the head honcho who is content to sit in the back seat and be driven by chauffeur while puttering on the touchscreen climate-control system or motion-influenced entertainment system. No, the new 5 Series is all about rock‘n’roll and a strong dollop of punk. Anyone for some ‘Anarchy in the UK’? The 520d and 530d diesel variants have a base price of R770 500 and R952 500 respectively, While the standard petrol-driven models currently retail at R838 700 (for the 530i) and R985 300 (for the 540i).

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Force of Nature Not even the possibility of a hurricane deters Ferrari fans from the launch of the GTC4Lusso. Words ZEYD SULAIMAN SOCIAL MEDIA had gone nuts again. The biggest storm in 30 years was about to hit the Western Cape and almost every WhatsApp group was ablaze with messages of caution and video clips of fake tornados touching down over the city. Stay at home. Lock all doors and windows. And I would’ve bought into all the hype, too, if it wasn’t for a rather special event that was to take place at the all-new Scuderia dealership in Cape Town that evening. So venture outside I did and, amid the gale-force winds and horizontal rainfall, I arrived to be met by a 12-cylinder Grand Tourer that has not just raised the standard, but completely obliterated it. If you recall in a previous issue, I had discovered the meaning of the words Grand Tourer when we became acquainted with the Ferrari FF during a test drive in Cape Town. Her four-seat, four-wheel-drive configuration presented one of the best driving experiences in its class that we have had to date. So when Ferrari started talking about the replacement for this icon, I thought about the kind of engineering sorcery

required to hand over the crown without losing a drop of that FF magic. Let me report that this incredibly challenging task has been accomplished in the shape of the new GTC4Lusso. The number 4 resonates in all aspects of her identity. Four seats, four-wheel drive and now with an incredible four-wheel steering system, I can’t imagine many potential passengers who would turn down the opportunity to experience the 507kws that rocket this beautiful motor car from 0 to 100 in 3.4 seconds. And if that doesn’t adequately put a grin your face, then keep your foot planted until she reaches a top speed of 335km/h – utterly illegal on South African roads, of course, but you get the idea. With Ferrari now boasting this new facility at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, their inclusion of an espresso bar and entertainment area is sure to encourage you to extend your Ferrari experience. Occupying over 1 000m2 of space, this fully accredited dealership includes extensive workshop facilities in full view of the public to enjoy the mastery at hand.


Notes on modern classics and super performers to inform your choice of wheels PROJECT HERO


MASERATI LEVANTE: UPWARDS AND ONWARDS Most of the world’s luxury motoring marques – and their sportscar counterparts – are raising their games: not just in performance but also in elevation. Everyone seems to be bringing out sports utility vehicles these days. The Germans have been doing it for years – Porsche with its Cayenne and Mercedes Benz with its GL models seem to be leading the field but BMW and Audi are not far behind with their respective X and Q ranges. The British (or Indians, whichever way you want to look at it) are wowing the world with the Jaguar F-Pace and at last its the turn of the Italians. The Lamborghini Urus goes into production next year as does the Alfa Stelvio Quadrifoglio, somewhat unkindly dubbed the Ferrari SUV that Ferrari will never build. So bragging rights from the broader precinct of Bologna must go to Maserati, which has already brought the Levante to market, both in Europe and South Africa. Levante means ‘rising’ in Italian and is also the name given to the warm Mediterranean wind that can change from mild to gale force in an instant. Maserati says its new offering ‘bears a duty to the spirit of Neptune’s trident [the company’s logo] ... highly crafted to stir senses at every turn, at every touch, at every crest of a hilltop, and charge down new roads like a wind that rips ahead and never dares to look back’. Yes, well, I don’t know if I can wax quite so lyrical about its performance after a day’s driving around the Western Cape Winelands in fairly torrential rain but its styling is sufficiently different from many other vehicles in its category to turn the heads of a South African public that says SUVs are increasingly androgynous and virtually indistinguishable. It’s muscular rather than beefy. The interior is predictably magnificent. There’s tons of space, enough gadgetry to keep a Dubai duty-free shop in business for a year (though these are mainly featured on the touchscreen centre console) and finishes are as luxurious as Croesus could wish for. Active and passive safety features are so numerous as to thrill a European Union motor nanny. The Levante currently comes with a 3.0 V6 turbo-diesel engine that can take the 2.2-ton vehicle to 100km/h from standstill in 6.9 seconds. Top speed is 230km/h. Base price for the Maserati is R1.65 million, quite a bit more than its German competitor models (the Cayenne Diesel or BMW X5 xDrive30d), with the model tested retailing at about R2.1 million.

Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has designed and engineered a bespoke version of the all-new Land Rover Discovery for use by the Austrian Red Cross. ‘Project Hero’ was presented to the world’s media for the first time earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Project Hero is an advanced communication vehicle, created to support Jaguar Land Rover’s partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and Red Crescent Societies, the world’s largest humanitarian network. SVO collaborated with the Austrian Red Cross to develop a unique Land Rover that will be trialled by their emergency response teams. It is hoped it will help the Red Cross save lives by speeding up response times to disasters. Land Rover has supported the Red Cross for 64 years and supplied 120 vehicles to the IFRC for deployment in all corners of the globe, including South Africa. Project Hero is the first with a roofmounted drone.

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A couple strolls along the Piazza San Marco or St Marks Square at sunrise


To Live and Dine in Venice During a month's sojourn in Venice, one writer is not just seduced by the food but lets the physical beauty and rich history of one of the world’s most alluring cities, capture her heart. Words SHARON FEINSTEIN

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THERE IS A NEW WAVE of travelling that bears a resemblance to The Grand Tour of 18th century Europe, an educational rite of passage, mainly the province of upper-class young men and women. Lately it has revived for those with taste, time and means. Not the three-day-postcard, glam-hotel kind of tourism, but a cultured, educational style of travel; an attempt to live like a local, learn the language, understand the culture, history and way of life. So I came to Venice for a month to live like a Venetian. Venice, where The Grand Tour always ended. This most exquisite, floating city was where you had to be. Lord Byron, Robert Browning and Henry James visited in the 1800s after Napoleon had smashed and dismantled its 1 000-year glory. They found poetry in its melancholic, tragic state but Venice was reborn as a centre of carnival, fashion, gambling and feasts. Today, Venice is in a similar situation, beset by serious threats to its existence but, as before, the city deals with its adversity by wowing the world… reviving the Carnival of Venice, creating the Art Biennale, the Venice Film Festival, drawing in the crème de la crème. If you want to live like a nobleman or woman in a palace on the Grand Canal built by one of the great families of the 15th century and virtually unchanged, you must know Filippo Gaggia of Views on Venice. They even used him as a character in The Tourist, which was filmed here. The director stayed in his Piano Nobile apartment in the gothic Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciatore, where two ancient Doges lived. So did I, masquerading as the first English Dogaressa of Venice, stretched out in my ornate home furnished with the grandeur of dreams. I woke up to the very particular sounds of Venice on the Grand Canal... a city with no cars, bells pealing out the half hours, gulls wheeling, gondoliere shouting their cries of ‘Oye’ as they turn in the canals, and always the water lapping, slapping against the stone, carrying the ubiquitous boats. Sign up at the Venice Italian School, San Polo, for personalised, quality lessons, giving structure to your days and the chance to start communicating with locals, so that soon you can order in Italian when you stop for ombra and cicchetti sometime between 6 and 8, before dinner. These are small, delicious local delicacies, eaten standing up with a glass of Veneto wine. To understand real Venice and its secrets from someone with a rare storyteller’s gift, there’s only one guide for me. Luigina Romor became my jewel in the crown, turning the city into a kaleidoscope of history and legends. Venice isn’t just a city, it’s a feeling, a kind of poetry, a journey of the imagination.

DINING IN VENICE If you know where to dine, the food is Italy’s best. I made an art out of good eating, pounding the streets to discover the best Venice has to offer. My top is Do Forni – traditional, home from home, world class, dramatically romantic and beautifully positioned behind Piazza San Marco. Owner Eligio Paties is the heartbeat, always beautifully attired with real old-school charm. You’re looked after like a royal, the dishes are superb, always





Then there’s Do Ivo, good enough for Clooney’s stag night, Elton John’s celebrations, Kate Moss’s proposal, and run by the bear-like, charismatic Giovanni Fracassi whose handshake can knock you over and heart of gold melt you. Antiche Carampane is in the Rialto, the banking and trading heart of Venice. The restaurant is small, intimate, run by bustling, passionate Francesco and his parents. It specialises in creative fish dishes, particularly the legendary raw fish antipasto but everything here is optimum. In my own hood of Campo San Barnaba, Oniga is a gem I kept returning to – so quirky and relaxing with its shiny brass pots hanging from wooden beams, coloured lampshades and inspired dishes of only organic produce. Riviera has the triumph of being on the Zattere, the magnificent promenade facing the Giudecca Canal and three of architect Palladio’s most glorious churches. Owned by former pop star GP Cremonini, who serves dishes as an art form with a touch of class, and only on offer if everything is utterly fresh on the day. This is a must experience. Local, Ponte dei Greci, was launched by a young brother-and-sister team who gutted an old electrical shop and created a smart, minimalist eatery offering creative dishes. I love Canova, deserving of its Michelin star, hidden in the Baglioni Hotel Luna outside Piazza San Marco on a small canal, with its great hospitality, sense of comfort, quality dishes and first-class wines. Cannaregio is a Sestiere full of secrets and silence, broader canals, swirling seagulls. I discovered a hidden restaurant, L’Anice Stellato, where the food is unexpectedly good, fresh and really imaginative, and lovely owner Elisa has the broadest smile.

SHOPPING IN VENICE For shopping go to Empresa if you like arty, hand-made, pieces which last a lifetime. Atelier Segalin di Daniela Ghezzo, where Sean Lennon and the Aga Khan fly in to be fitted, has the finest bespoke shoes. Living like a local means fresh vegetables from the boat moored in Campo San Barnaba, fish from the Rialto

made from the freshest produce. It’s as close to perfect as I’ve eaten. I was allowed into the hallowed kitchen to cook with head chef, Mimo, every Sunday night, something rare and special. I did consider proposing to him, on condition he cooked for me forever. Then there’s Do Ivo, good enough for Clooney’s stag night, Elton John’s celebrations, Kate Moss’s proposal, and run by the bear-like, charismatic Giovanni Fracassi whose handshake can knock you over and heart of gold melt you. Antiche Carampane is in the Rialto, the banking and trading heart of Venice. The restaurant is small, intimate, run by bustling, passionate Francesco and his parents. It specialises in creative fish dishes, particularly the legendary raw fish antipasto but everything here is optimum. In my own hood of Campo San Barnaba, Oniga is a gem I kept returning to – so quirky and relaxing with its shiny brass pots hanging from wooden beams, coloured lampshades and inspired dishes of only organic produce. Riviera has the triumph of being on the Zattere, the magnificent promenade facing the Giudecca Canal and three of architect Palladio’s most glorious churches. Owned by former pop star GP Cremonini, who serves dishes as an art form with a touch of class, and only on offer if everything is utterly fresh on the day. This is a must experience. Local, Ponte dei Greci, was launched by a young brother-and-sister team who gutted an old electrical shop and created a smart, minimalist eatery offering creative dishes. I love Canova, deserving of its Michelin star, hidden in the Baglioni Hotel Luna outside Piazza San Marco on a small canal, with its great hospitality, sense of comfort, quality dishes and first-class wines. Cannaregio is a Sestiere full of secrets and silence, broader canals, swirling seagulls. I discovered a hidden restaurant, L’Anice Stellato, where the food is unexpectedly good, fresh and really imaginative, and lovely owner Elisa has the broadest smile.

SHOPPING IN VENICE For shopping go to Empresa if you like arty, hand-made, pieces which last a lifetime. Atelier Segalin di Daniela Ghezzo, where Sean Lennon and the Aga Khan fly in to be fitted, has the finest bespoke shoes. Living like a local means fresh vegetables from the boat moored in Campo San Barnaba, fish from the Rialto market, wine from Al Bottegon in San Trovaso, Seraphino the cobbler whose deft hands can repair anything, running along the glorious Zattere beside the Giudecca Canal looking out to the islands, up and down the bridges, waving to fellow keep-fit fanatics.

JOURNEY'S END Venice is, in the end, about the water. Her myth is that she is a virgin born from the lagoon. Ironically the city’s only hospital faces its only cemetery on the island of San Michele, unless you’re Jewish and taken to the historic cemetery on the Lido. Until a few decades ago coffins were rowed by gondola to San Michele, but now only gondoliere and Patriarchs (Venetian Popes) have that romantic privilege. The rest are taken on a small motorboat hearse, rather poetically, across the lagoon. So you’re brought to the hospital by ambulance boat to be born, and taken to your final resting place on water again. That is the incredible connection Venetians have with their water, their lagoon, canals, tides. The water that has been their fortress, sewage system, streets, defence... that gave them such richness and glory, their very existence.

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Natural Heritage Southern Africa is blessed with an embarrassment of natural riches. The jewel in the crown is the delta region of northern Botswana. Words and photography JUSTIN FOX




UNLIKE THE DEVELOPED north where, after two centuries of industrialisation, wild lands have been severely curtailed or destroyed, Africa is still a treasure trove. One of the richest corners is the region where Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe meet. This ecological hotspot is being developed as a giant transfrontier park, known as Kaza (Kavango-Zambezi Conservation Area). Perhaps the most diverse and beautiful parts of this great wilderness are the wetlands and deltas forged by two rivers, the Cubango and Cuando. These mighty watercourses flow eastwards from the highlands of Angola to irrigate the Okavango Delta and Linyanti Swamp. Both of these marshy, inland ‘deltas’ come about as a result of tectonic depressions in the Kalahari, forming vast oases in what would otherwise be arid desert. On 22 June 2014, the Okavango Delta became the thousandth site granted Unesco World Heritage status. Together, the Linyanti and Okavango form a spectacular waterland wilderness unlike any other on earth. The ecology here is endangered by the threat of dams being built upstream, by rampant poaching to the north of Botswana and by the greed of plunderers of every kind. But the Botswana government, transfrontier initiatives and tourism ventures such as those of Wilderness Safaris are bulwarks against the destruction.

INTO THE DELTA The Cessna Caravan splashed down on a muddy airstrip in the heart of the Okavango, its wheels sending up curtains of spray. We clambered out into spitting rain. Our group had come to the delta during the wet, summer season to visit two Wilderness Safaris camps. It’s the best time of year for migrant birds and dramatic storms. All around us, the land was swampy or under water, and above, the sky brooding and noisy. Abu is a luxurious, top-end camp (named after the delta's famous elephant Abu), set in a riverine forest overlooking a lagoon. It’s owned by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen and run by Wilderness Safaris. No luxury is spared and each unit has its own swimming pool, (outdoor) Victorian bath and drawing room. The décor and styling is impeccable, as is the service. With rates starting from around R25 000 a night, they should be. The best thing about Abu is its elephants. The object of your stay is to experience being part of a herd in its natural habitat. Abu’s elephants have been rescued from circuses and culls, and reintroduced into the wild. They still spend their nights in camp, but guests have the chance to go walking with them during the day. We soon got to know each one individually, from the wise matriarch, Cathy, to the energetic and unruly youngster, Naledi. A highlight was gliding through the swamps in a mokoro (dugout canoe) while escorted by the elephants. We poled silently through the channels, the grey giants splashing beside us. Naledi and the other youngsters couldn’t resist the temptation to swim and frolic in the shallows. It was a most delightful and somewhat surreal encounter.

THE LEGENDARY LINYANTI From Abu, we flew northeast to the more rustic DumaTau (meaning ‘roar of the lion’) in the heart of the Linyanti Swamp. As we arrived, the camp rang with the calls of emerald-spotted wood doves, hooting away like children practising their recorder scales.

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DumaTau is a 10-roomed, tented camp in the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, bordering the western edge of Chobe National Park. The camp is raised on stilts to take advantage of dreamy views over Osprey Lagoon. In keeping with their low-impact policy in a wilderness-heritage environment, the lodge has a light carbon footprint and runs on solar energy. Our days were spent either on game drives or boating the swamps. The Linyanti is famed for the huge number of elephants and DumaTau lies on an important elephant corridor. It was not long before we ran into a large maternal herd, hastening towards a pan of water. There was much trumpeting, splashing and mud flinging. Babies in loose pyjamas with spaghetti trunks suckled beneath their behemoth mothers. Bat-wing ears disturbed the still air like punkah fans.



The camp also lies in the midst of the profitable hunting grounds of lion and critically endangered wild dog. One morning we were out walking when, suddenly, our guide held up his hand and indicated that we should take cover behind a termite mound. Just then, a wild dog bounded past us, coming within a few metres of our hiding place but paying us no heed. We rushed back to the vehicle and took up the chase. Rounding a bend, we came upon the dog, standing in the road over the body of an impala it had just taken down. After a few loud yelps, the rest of the pack joined him and the antelope was devoured in no time. It was a gory and shocking but, at the same time, elemental scene. Evenings were spent exploring the swamps and papyrusfringed channels by boat or river barge, serenaded by hippos


and waterfowl of every kind. The skies roiled with the promise of showers. Tall thunderheads built overhead. On our last evening, we stopped for sundowners and watched

the purple clouds propelled from the east by a tropical cyclone. The bank was lit from within by splinters of lightning. It was a thing of violence, drama and sublime beauty. Wilderness unplugged.

GETTING THERE Airlink offers daily flights from Johannesburg to Maun, and five days a week from Cape Town. Visit All-inclusive rates start from $1 892 per person sharing at Abu and from $985 at DumaTau. Rates include all meals and game activities. Go to Wilderness Safaris offers special rates to African residents. Contact to book or to join their membership programme. Visit for more information.

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The Elephant Café Five-star cuisine on the banks of the Zambezi.



SO HERE WE ARE, pretty much in the middle of culinary nowhere, sipping perfectly chilled 2008 Pecan Stream Pebble Hill and dining on a lunch menu that includes Mongu rice and nzembwe with peppery leaves, mixed nuts and cranberries. It is the work of a ‘journalist-activist’ chef, Annabel Hughes, who has made Zambia her home, bringing with her the kind of imaginative and beautifully plated cuisine you’d expect from an award-winning Cape Town restaurant – except that she’s 2 500km from all mainstream organic vegetable farms and charcuterie




suppliers that have popped up conveniently for the urban super-chef. What could have been an African bundu supply challenge has ended up as a presentation of sophisticated dishes with arguably the lowest carbon footprint in Africa. Jolly easy to impress your guests with exotic imports but Annabel can boast that most of her ingredients come from markets and farms in a 20km radius. Expect menus to feature deliciously unfamiliar items like marula ice cream with a mongongo nut florentine, or chilled roasted red pepper and masawa soup. And the setting is unrivalled; under a canvas

sky on the banks of the Zambezi, just metres from the elephants who give the camp and restaurant its name. They are rehabilitated orphans this herd, but have found ‘family’ here and allow guests to interact as closely as one could ever wish. There’s no tourist elephant-back riding here, just a respectful interaction watched over carefully by minders. Read Annabel’s riveting blog SavannaBel for a bigger picture and the story of how a bornand-bred African but widely travelled chef ended up here.

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Notes on far-flung places, exotic spaces and diary notes for your next escape

A UNIQUE HERD Meet and interact with rescued elephants... Camp Jabulani safari lodge situated in the Kapama Private Game Reserve in Hoedspruit has recently updated its elephant experience to allow for a more immersive interaction, where human and elephant meet on equal terms. Guests are invited to one of the waterholes on the reserve to watch the elephants enjoying their daily swim, before joining a senior trail guide, a senior elephant keeper and a ranger to track the Jabulani elephants within the reserve. Tracking takes place from the comfort of a safari vehicle, and under the guidance of the Jabulani team. Guests learn how to use their senses to detect the animals in their natural habitat. Once the herd has been located, the afternoon is spent watching the animals, hearing more about their individual stories and personalities and how to identify them.

A SENSE OF CALM An imaginative journey that began over two decades ago, the Soneva story continues with Soneva Jani, the name inspired by a word that means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit. The brand’s latest luxury-resort offering in the Maldives boasts a collection of water villas and island sanctuaries set within crystal-clear waters, fringed by pristine beaches and blanketed in lush tropical greenery. The islands on which the resort is situated are surrounded by 5,6 kilometres of private lagoon; an aweinspiring azure spectacle.

AFRICAN LUXURY The renowned, and now newly rebuilt Duba Plains Camp sits in the heart of the Okavango Delta. A matrix of palm-dotted islands, flood plains and woodland, the 77 000-acre private concession typifies the region’s unique landscape. Duba Plains Camp has five bespoke tents, in addition to a two-bedroomed suite, all designed by Dereck Joubert to nestle neatly into the trees and evoke the classic African safari of the 1920s. It’s a wildlife connoisseur’s dream getaway offering the ultimate wildlife experience.


CREATIVE ESCAPE Full of character and high-spec finishes but exuding the warmth of a private home, Majeka House is undeniably seductive. Set in a leafy suburb in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, the space is packed with quirky design features that won it the Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence – Best Design Hotel this year. A must-visit is the Makaron Restaurant, which for the past three years has been nominated as one of the top-20 restaurants in South Africa by Eat Out. With a recently renovated interior by Etienne Hanekom and the owners’ passion for authentic, elegant food (which the kitchen team translates with flare and creativity), it’s a dining experience not to be missed.

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Investment Whiskies


A few months ago, a selection of Scotch single malts aged between 50 and 65 years went up for auction. The Macallan Lalique Legacy Collection fetched a jaw-dropping R13.1 million. The sale begs the question: can one actually drink these whiskies?



WELL, technically you could, but should you? Lalique chief executive Silvio Denz said: ‘The unprecedented price achieved … reflects the exceptional nature of the piece – a complete one-off and highly collectable work of art.’ The truth, however, is that there are whiskies that are so rare that they are bought and stored for their investment rather than entertainment value, though I dare say some purchasers might regale their friends gleefully of their expensive acquisitions. The whiskies that came up for auction consisted of the Macallan 50YO Exceptional Oak Cask, 50YO Natural Colour, 57YO Finest Cut, 60YO Curiously Small Stills, 62YO Spiritual Home and 65YO Peerless Spirit. The collection fetched nearly double the high-end estimate of auctioneers Sothebys. The top-grade investment whiskies are generally single malts from Scotland and collectors have fetched significant returns by focusing on age, limited-edition bottling runs, purchases from distilleries that have since closed their doors and limited number of bottles produced. Local wine and spirits website recently featured ‘a few fantastic investment-grade whiskies that are affordable, considering their scarcity and age statement’. These included the Chival Royal Salute 38YO at R11 999 a bottle, Glenlivet 1964 Cellar Collection 40YO at R83 499, Glenglassaugh 40YO at R24 999 and Talisker 1977 35YO at R15 499. And the most expensive bottles of whisky in the world? Top of the pile is the Balvenie 50YO that sells on average at around R490 000 a bottle but has fetched as much as R660 000, followed by the aforementioned Macallan Lalique 62YO that has commanded a premium of R626 000 (average R403 000) and Gordon & MacPhail Generations Mortlach 75YO (R441 000 and R334 000 respectively). At these prices, the bottles belong in a bank vault and not a liquor cabinet where thirsty teenagers can get at them! The most expensive non-Scotches come from Japan, with three offerings from Karuizawa occupying the 12th to 14th spots on the list.

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Notes on dining out, special tastes and brilliance in a bottle – wherever you are in the world

FRUIT AND SPICE What to drink this winter... Elegant and complex, the latest release Uitkyk 10-year-old potstill Grand Reserve is a beautiful rendition of a true estate brandy. Autumn amber in colour, the brandy is rich with lively fruit and spice, and laced with berries, vanilla, cloves and hints of tropical fruit. The finish is smooth and complex, with lingering spice and earthy notes in the background. The Uitkyk tasting room on the estate offers a brandy tasting and food pairing.


WHEN IN LISBON Fans of the famed elBulli restaurant in Spain, which closed in 2011, will be pleased to know that longtime friends chefs José Avillez and Diego Muñoz are making culinary magic at Avillez’s Peruvian restaurant, Bairro do Avillez, in Lisbon. They met as interns at elBulli and have been wanting to work together ever since. It wasn’t until 2015 when Muñoz visited Lisbon and fell in love with the city, that the concept starting taking shape. Muñoz believes Lisbon is ‘open and ready for a dialogue between Peruvian and Portuguese cuisines’.

Those who have not meandered high up the Hemel- enAarde ridge near Hermanus in the Overberg for Creation wine’s legendary tasting menu might miss out on one of life’s great pleasures. Creation Reserve Merlot is matched with cauliflower, celeriac and onion soup with blueberry and walnut and gorgonzola crumble. The Reserve Merlot has dark berry fruit flavours with a hint of mocha and cedar wood; a great tannin structure makes it ideal for ageing. Creation Art of Pinot Noir is served with springbok loin, topped with king oyster mushroom, aubergine, braised leek, thyme jus and violet. On the palate, opulent layers of cherry and plum mingle with earthy flavours of mushroom and an elegant sprinkling of spice. The delicate, slightly sweet springbok is a perfect match for the elegant Pinot Noir, the king oyster mushrooms bring out the earthiness, aubergine that natural acidity, braised leek and thyme the umami and the sweet violet the exquisite floral bouquet. Creation Syrah Grenache sinfully ends an evening with milk chocolate crémeux with Syrah cherries, pomegranate, black olive shortbread, and liquorice bubble. This well-endowed, full-bodied Rhône-style blend has intense flavours of ripe plum, black pepper, tapenade and umami. It pairs beautifully with the fruit in the dish, highlights the black olive in the shortbread and balances the sweetness and richness of the chocolate crémeux.


FINE FLAVOURS John Dewar & Sons’ fine Scotch whiskies are finally available in South Africa. Dewar’s 12- and 15-year-old, and a 12- and 18-year-old from their soughtafter Aultmore Distillery can now be enjoyed locally. These and other whiskies in the portfolio were among an impressive 15-medal haul at the 17th San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) in May. (Dewar’s is one of the most awarded whiskies, recently also winning the Monde Grand Gold across their range.) To launch these fantastic Scotch whiskies in South Africa, the Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club, which has wowed whisky lovers around the world, will soon be hatching on local shores.


The Crying of Lot 234

GONE FOR GOOD, though, is one of Marilyn Monroe’s white mesh-netting brassieres. Somebody has rushed home already to spend quality time with it, having scooped it up for $32 000, while two pairs of her cup liners flew off the shelves for $10 625. This is small beer, nevertheless. A lacy showgirl leotard, in which she sheathed herself for the film Bus Stop, fetched $100 000 and, in QT terms, would seem to promise experiences mesmerisingly on the scale of the Marquis de Sade’s The 120 Days of Sodom. These and myriad other star-touched items were up for grabs in April this year in the Hollywood Legends online extravaganza curated by Julien’s Auctions, a company in Los Angeles that gives celebrities or their estates an avenue for selling career and personal effects to investors, collectors and fans. Its auctions have gone into the Guinness World Records, and this was another high-turnover affair – not to mention an indication of how far behind South African celebs and their business minders lag in their approach to marketing pop-cult memorabilia. A case in point is the controversial highlight of the Hollywood Legends auction: a collection of items from the estate of Patrick Swayze, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2009. Lisa Niemi, his wife of 34 years, told reporters she decided to put them up for bid after moving from the ranch where they’d lived for most of that time, saying that if the items were placed in storage, nobody would see and enjoy them. A counsellor had also recommended that auctioning them ‘would be really healthy’ for her. With a portion of the revenue earmarked for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, hundreds of Swayze’s possessions went under the hammer, this in spite of opposition by his niece, Danielle Swayze, who launched an internet petition calling for the auction to stop and the items to be returned to his direct family, ‘the only people who would truly cherish [them]’. She had no issue with the disposal of showpieces such as the actor’s wetsuit and surfboards from Point Break, or his Dirty Dancing leather jacket. Anything to do with his movies, she said, ‘wasn’t him’. Nor was she concerned about ‘the materialistic things money paid for, a reference to a teeming catalogue of brica-brac from Swayze’s personal life: cigars, passport, jeans, ties, cowboy hats, knives, tap shoes, curios, table lamps, wood-stained cupboards and, amidst it all, like a regression of mirrors-inmirrors, his own stash of fan memorabilia. What did cause her anguish was the loss of ‘family heirlooms, in particular those contained in Lot 234. It featured items from Swayze’s infancy, including a teething ring, shorts, a first-



birthday card, and his teddy bear, of whom he had written: ‘For many years Teddy was my only friend, he was the only person I could trust with my secrets.’ Lot 234 sold for $3 520. There’s a buyer for everything. William Shatner’s kidney stone, Justin Timberlake’s toast, Truman Capote’s ashes, one of Britney Spears’ pregnancy tests, a jar of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s exhaled air – all have found buyers on eBay and elsewhere. A dude in California even purports to sell A-list faeces from film sets to those wanting ‘something more than an autograph’. Compared with this spirit of enterprise, South Africa’s merchandising is woefully unimaginative. One can score Schuster posters, autographed albums from Just Ginger, and paintings of, or by, Arno Carstens. But one googles gainlessly for a souvenir crack pipe from this or that kwaito star, let alone a lounge suite and urine sample from Trevor Noah, an X-ray of Hugh Masekela’s chest, a weed eater from Nataniël, or the president’s toilet seat and existentialist high-school diaries. What about Steve Hofmeyr? Played right, he could be JSE-listed. Some years ago, you could have a charity lunch with Archbishop Tutu and the like. Why stop there? Take the celebs home with you, on long-lease, as companions, trophies, playthings; delectate in their proximity, feast on them as electrifying biomass. Snooze, you lose: South Africa, as in so many ways, stops at lunch.


You snooze, you lose. It’s unsold and still at large. James Bond’s dinner suit, as worn by Daniel Craig in Spectre was yours for the taking to exhibit under recessed lighting or, if fancy dictates, to wear at the office, in the queue at the bottle store, or when making an impression around a braai. Words ANDRÉ WIESNER

Magnificent stately Georgian home, immaculate with grand proportions and luxurious finishes. Gourmet kitchen open-plan to family room, gracious lounge and dining room to superb patio, pool and stunning garden. Fitted library, 3 bedroom suites plus self-contained guest flatlet. Upstairs TV lounge / gym. Luxury 2 bedroom staff flatlet and 3 garages. Asking R14.9 million. Contact: Manuela Coelho 082 552 7119, Ester Kruger 082 771 8389 Office: 011 463 8337 Web ref: 2105975



Price reduced to sell… Feel on top on the world - Magnificent duplex penthouse with spectacular views… This light and bright unit consist of 3 bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area, air conditioning through and fireplace in living areas. 2 undercover parking bays, 24 hours security and communal swimming pool. ±185m². Asking R11.950 million. Contact: Simony Santos 076 898 0359 Office: 021 439 3903 Web ref: 1991545

As it is in Heaven. Ocean views from every level in this 6 bedroom, all en-suite home with 6 levels and elevator access to all floors. 2 Rim-flow pools and pool bar. Triple garaging and dual living is an option too. First Floor - Entrance, lounge, dining room, kitchen, pool. Guest cloakroom and elevator access. Second Floor - Master bedroom en-suite, lounge, safe room and terrace. Third Floor - 4 Bedrooms all en-suite. Fourth Floor - Office, TV room, steam room and guest cloakroom. Fifth Floor - Kitchen, pool room, pool and guest suite. asking R90 million. Contact: Lara Kaplan 073 711 4111 Fran Segal 084 983 5278 Office: 021 439 3903 Web ref: 1986081



Minimalist modern masterpiece with mesmerising Atlantic Seaboard views. Brand new state of the art home, ultra modern open concept living area with gas fireplace, wine cellar, solid wood flooring and kitchen with scullery. 5 Bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and 2 double garages, with a total of 5 parkings including 1 off-street. Jenny Mills design, maximising sea views. Level garden and inviting heated pool on the slopes of Lion's Head. Asking R37.5 million. Contact: Lara Kaplan 073 711 4111 Fran Segal 084 983 5278 Office: 021 439 3903 Web ref: 1676429

You are invited to view this cutting edge designer home. Magnificent views, bespoke high quality finishes all set in a tranquil cul de sac. Generously proportioned, this home boasts an abundance of uncluttered space and light. Triple garage, feature lift, water features, stunning pool / outdoor entertainment are but a few of the features on offer. Our serious seller is looking for a serious buyer who expects nothing but the very best! Asking R39 million. Contact: Denise Schmidt 083 653 6824, Sandy De Oliveira 083 261 3458 Office: 021 439 3903 Web ref: 2171207

To view these properties visit Each office is independently owned and operated.



The epitome of elegance, refinement and luxury - French chateaux romance! Enchantment – a true love affair! Awakens all ones senses, evokes the allure of romance and entices one to dream! Inviting quadruple volume entrance sets the tone for grand entertaining with an emphasis on luxurious comfortable living. A home with perfect proportions and symmetry with doors opening to vistas of lavender, lemon trees, manicured gardens and sparkling pool. 4 bedroom suites and so much more. Self contained private guest house. Asking R50 million. Contact: Tasha Rossen 082 561 1675, Daniella Apteker 082 412 1273 Web ref: 2103819

If high ceilings, massive reception rooms, natural light and generous spaces are what you’re looking for, then look no further! Built to exacting standards in a superb, quiet & private position and employing the finest finishes. Ideal for the entertainer or the larger family with teens with recreation rooms flowing out onto the enormous patio with antique lights and exquisite gardens with water-feature and duck ponds. 4 Bedroom suites plus a jacuzzi room, fabulous kitchen, butler’s pantry, pajama lounge / study, staff acc and garaging for 3 cars. Asking R12.5 million. Contact: Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462, 011 803 3380 Web ref: 2218223



A home well built and designed that has stood the test of time! Built with three separate wings and central core. Pivotal entrance hall, lounge, sep. cigar lounge / bar, dining and TV room, all opening out onto the most spectacular patio and uninterrupted view of the golf course. Down stairs kitchen onto atrium, self-contained bedroom wing with lounge, TV room, bathroom and own entrance. Upstairs branches off to 2nd wing with huge lounge, 1 bed and loungette or 2 beds, bath & dressing room, main en-suite wing with lounge, bedroom & dressing room plus views! Staff cottage & 4 garages. Asking R11.5 million. Contact: Charlene Leibman 082 448 0440, Marina Konidaris 083 307 3882 Web ref: 2113421

±1000m² residence on ±3981m² of manicured gardens, behind guarded boom. Kitchen, breakfast patio and family room on top floor. Two further floors. Dining room with feature wine cellar, lounge and patio. Sash windows and handmade wooden flooring. En-suite bedrooms, gym, his and her studies, staff acc, tennis court and guard house. A borehole and full load generator complete this offering. Asking R26.9 million. Contact: Wayne Brownhill 078 023 5462 Office: 011 803 3380 Web ref: 2126852

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Much loved luxurious owner-built home with master bedroom suite, all living areas and the perfect country kitchen leading out to bougainvillea filled terraces and beautiful established garden with borehole. Further accommodation comprising two bedroom suites and extensive covered terrace is situated at garden and pool level – perfect for older children or visiting family. Asking R27.5 million. Contact: Barbara Manning 083 407 3656 Office: 021 673 1240 Web ref: 2169739

Elegant and inviting grand manor house in a tranquil cul-de-sac. Built in 1927 and stylishly renovated and restored to its original magnificence recently. Currently run as a successful guesthouse it is zoned GR4 with full business rights and offers many other options. Well appointed lounges, a dining hall, Victorian slipper baths, four-poster beds, fire-places and chandeliers reminiscent of “Downtown Abbey” welcome you to the luxury and comfort of a bygone era. Covered patio leads to a circular pool surrounded by palm trees and lush vegetation. Self-contained separate wing with 2 bedrooms. Furniture and business to be sold separately. Asking R12.95 million. Contact: Dawn Bloch 072 496 9458, Lee-Ann Davis 082 412 6579 Office: 021 701 2446 Web ref: 2240888


STEENBERG GOLF ESTATE, CAPE TOWN Elegant home offering generous living areas, entertainment options and superb views. Superior wood work and fittings throughout complete with a most impressive wine cellar and bar. Asking R22.5 million. Contact: Dave Burger 083 658 3333, Brenda Pretorius 083 442 1318 Office: 021 701 2446 Web ref: 2246455

Enjoy spectacular views over Noordhoek valley from one of the premier homes in this exclusive security estate. Open- plan living, dining & kitchen area, reception rooms, spacious en-suite bedrooms, guest suite with separate entrance & study/ gym. There is even an elevator, solar heated pool & the list goes on... A must to view. Asking R8.9 million. Contact: Sonja Ballenden 073 949 1049, Peter Stingl 076 315 0014 Office: 021 784 1940 Web ref: 2091449

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The epitome of perfection! The personification of 21st century lock and leave lifestyle. Simply stunning, spacious, secure, sophisticated north facing wind sheltered executive family home with mountain views. The double volume entrance hall & well proportioned open plan living areas flow unrestricted through stack doors to a covered patio with built-in BBQ leading onto small garden & feature pool; fully fitted kitchen with Silo finishes & centre island is open plan to living areas; spacious separate scullery; separate TV / informal lounge / playroom; guest cloaks; 3 double bedrooms all en suite; 4th bedroom or study; double automated & integrated garage. Asking R7 million plus vat. Contact: Herculene Visser 083 658 2686 Office: 021 701 2446 Web ref: 2176024

The floor plan encompasses six spacious bedrooms with plenty of room for study, sleep and storage, six luxurious en-suite bathrooms, and a sleek and stylish kitchen that flows through to the dining room and Family Room. The master bedroom, complete with own seating area and en-suite, ensures parents have a private space where they can enjoy the view. Asking R26.9 million. Contact: Jo Thomas 084 404 4120, Rouvaun McKirby 071 671 0821, Phyl McCance-Price 082 593 1624 Office: 021 701 2446 Web Ref: 2016431



Spacious elegance in prime Silwood area. This elegant family home is nestled down a panhandle in a quiet cul-de-sac. The heart of the home is centred around the spacious eat-in gourmet kitchen. Entertaining areas flow from formal to informal living areas, all secured with internal metal shutters. Large lounge, dining room, family room, cinema room plus a study. Five spacious bedrooms, three en-suite and a full family bathroom. Staff accommodation and triple garage with direct access. Lush garden with swimming pool, covered braai area and plenty of secure off street parking. Asking R11.5 million. Contact: Lesley Payne 082 455 4808, Graham Knoop 083 500 5141 Office: 021 673 1240 Web ref: 2210601

“Castle� in Bergendal Estate. Classic enchanting three level home with an ambiance of refined grace and elegance. Privately situated in a 24 hour security estate. Double volumed reception areas consisting of formal lounge with Victorian fireplace, dining room and family room lounge. Chefs kitchen with picture marble walls, scullery and laundry. Double automated garage with parking for ten cars. Plunge pool and barbeque

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patio. Indigenous garden set around the rocks. Asking R6.5 million. Contact: Terri Steyn 082 777 074, Ursula Heppner 083 457 52888 Office: 021 701 2446 Web ref: 2161879



Spectacular Victorian home with traditional front stoep and stunning garden. Comprising entrance hall, formal lounge, separate dining room, library / study, gourmet kitchen, 4 bedrooms and wine cellar. Also with pool, double garage, borehole and mini vineyard. Asking R12.5 million. Contact: Bev Malan 082 901 6966 Office: 021 876 8480 Web ref: 1480942

This newly completed masterpiece, set on your own farmstead, is a wonder to behold. The main homestead is pure luxury, with 3 massive en-suite bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, office, bar and pool. There are 2 self-contained loft style apartments, 7 garages and staff accommodation. Asking R38.5 million. Contact: James Penlington 076 356 4993 Office: 021 876 8480 Web ref: 1922683



When it comes to your coastal dream home offering the ultimate in relaxing beach house chic, with casual yet elegant appeal, this home has it all! Newly built it offers large spacious & sunny living area with breath-taking sea-views across False Bay. Modern finishes & fittings, high ceilings & full length glass stacker doors create a lovely easy flow to balcony & private courtyard. Modern open plan kitchen, with centre island in Caesar stone, separate scullery room & pantry. Master sea-view bedroom suite with walk-inwardrobe. 2nd Bedroom en-suite leads out to sheltered sunny atrium. Downstairs separate entrance flatlet with bathroom. Direct access automated double garage & storeroom. Asking R4.6 million. Contact: Bev Goldhill 082 445 7239 Web ref: 2251915

Very rarely does an opportunity present itself for totally secure elegant living in an area of superb natural beauty. The developer of this unique and luxurious estate has cut no corners in ensuring a lifestyle second to none. Spacious living spaces have been skillfully blended with manageable gardens and high end features throughout. Priced from R8.59 million including vat. Contact: Dave Burger 083 458 3333, Brenda Pretorius

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083 442 1318 Office: 021 701 2446 Web ref: 1858087



Spacious family home with beautiful views over False Bay. Set high on the slopes in the popular suburb of La Sandra, this extremely spacious family home is attractive and highly desirable. With spacious reception rooms leading out onto a large pool and entertainer's patio, the home offers comfort and style with an ambience of warmth and charm. The home offers quality finishes including Stucco Italia flooring and solid Oak floors as well as air conditioning throughout. The chef's kitchen is well equipped with a walk in cold store as well as a laundry and scullery. Asking R8.75 million. Contact: Sonia Jacobs 082 878 5840 Office: 021 851 4450 Web ref: 2111486

We are very proud to have this beautiful property to market. On entering this home you are struck by the views through the glass doors, over the patio and pool on to the golf course and beyond. Positioned overlooking 3 fairways with uninterrupted views directly on to the iconic Simonsberg mountains this is an immaculate 4 bedroomed home that has been planned and maintained with such attention to detail. Asking R12.75 million. Contact: Annelize Reinmuller 076 788 9918, Leigh Robertson 082 882 8243 Office: 021 870 1011 Web ref: 2197223



Countryside living in De Zalze Estate. This colonial style north facing home is situated on the most idyllic position within the Estate. The beauty of the lake captures your attention the moment you enter into this inviting home, with endless views from the large framed windows onto the sparkling water. The enormous patio is situated on the edge of the lake where the restful sounds of the bird life create a peaceful and magical atmosphere. Nature surrounds one and the feel is that of living in a peaceful and private lakeside villa. Asking R32 million. Contact: Monique Stephens 076 383 2189 Office: 021 809 2760 Web ref: 2115878

Architectural designed home well positioned in exclusive upmarket residential estate. This exquisite home awaits the discerning buyer who cares for spacious interiors and design for lavish entertaining. Ground floor glorious double volume main entrance to an exemplary open plan living areas. An exceptional entertainers open plan kitchen with scullery, dining room, combustion fire place in spacious living room with stacking doors overlook and offers access to the well maintained garden with sparkling pool. Up a sweeping staircase to a further 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms spacious family room,

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while enjoying and be surrounded by immaculate mountain views and study. Asking R8 million. Contact: Chantal Botes 083 702 5460 Office: 021 851 4450 Web ref: 2065150



The perfect package – business and leisure in the “City of Oaks”. This established guesthouse is frequented by both local and international guests, who enjoy the peaceful setting on the slopes of the mountain in this popular residential area. The expansive garden is exceptionally private with a huge pool and various entertainment areas. Guests can relax under the thatched lapa, have an alfresco meal under the shade of the trees, or lounge on the patio. Living areas open to the garden as do several of the rooms which lend a great flow for social interaction. Asking R12.7 million. Contact: Colleen Van Rensburg 082 887 5064, Elize Liebenberg 079 467 7557 Office: 021 809 2760 Web ref: 2084329

Majestic house in historic area. A one-of-a-kind house that will just make your creative juices flow. This house offers endless spaces and a beautiful, large garden. It is any socialite's dream come true with a big, covered patio overlooking the garden. The two lofts offers so much potential to any buyer to be used as extra bedrooms or living spaces. A two bedroom flat is perfect for family and friends enjoying their stay at your stunning home. A rare find and a opportunity not to be missed. Once inside.... this house captures you to stay! Asking R3.999 million. Contact: Jackie Sollberger 083 227 1879, Mariette Rossouw 082 578 3000 Office: 021 873 0260 Web ref: 1983173



Pearl Valley Golf Course stand with magnificent views. Make the Valley of Life your home. Very few remaining opportunities available in this unique position on the 12th Fairway. Pearl Valley Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course now part of the Val de Vie Estate offers the ideal lifestyle with the best security and an abundance of leisure activities available. Various Plot & Plan options available. Overlooking the 12th fairway. Price includes vat & membership joining fee. Asking price from R2.745 million. Contact Sandra Steenkamp 083 659 2988, Jacques Nortje 082 084 0860 Office: 021 870 1011 Web ref: 1172790

New Release Phase 2 now selling on Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate - Located just 5 minutes outside Stellenbosch and surrounded by rolling vineyards and majestic mountains. Luxury home packages are now available to suit every taste from the selection of plot and plan options available. The homes have wonderful views and are positioned next to the well-known Devonvale golf course and around the new executive golf course as well as a large dam with jetty. Asking from R7 318 000 Contact: Derek Cohen 082 776 8282 Office: 021 809 2760 Web ref: 2212787

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Secure country living in the Winelands. For the lover of large in- and outdoor spaces combined with secure luxury living in a tranquil setting, this unique home certainly delivers. Situated in a bijou Country Estate in the Winelands, the spacious open plan thatch home holds the key to various possibilities. Built to accommodate the large family, it makes provision for dual living or guest accommodation with two split level three en-suite bedroom sections. Large main kitchen opens to the lounge area with wood burning fireplace, which in turn flows out to various undercover patio areas with magnificent sunset and mountain views, pool and the cosy braai area. Asking R10.5 million. Contact: Bronwyn Boyd 083 420 1747 Web ref: 2159346

A secret hideaway in a top location with stunning views overlooking Paarl. Tucked well off the road, this lovely 4 bedroom home offers low maintenance grounds and the flexibility of separate accommodation levels. For parents, the upper floor provides a quiet retreat with its own en suite whilst the lower level features 3 bedrooms (or optional office). This warm and inviting home offers privacy and serenity in tranquil natural bush surroundings. The spacious lounge and family room have a superb indoor /outdoor flow to the undercover patio with a built in barbeque which makes entertaining a breeze. Asking R4.895 million. Contact: Adele de Almeida 082 780 0067 Miranda Coetzee 083 414 7212 Office: 021 870 1011 Web ref: 2064689



Well-constructed and maintained 4 bedroomed family home on Pearl Valley at Val De Vie. An elegant 4 bedroom spacious home with impressive finishes overlooking two fairways with a double volume entrance hall, separate formal lounge, open plan dining room / kitchen with scullery, a fitted bar, an enclosed patio leading opening onto an established garden bounded by trees and solar heated pool. The home is in perfect condition and is ideal for a family and entertainment and has many added features such as ducted air-conditioning, gas fires, Jacuzzi baths, underfloor bathroom heating and towel rails. Asking R8.4 million. Contact: Leigh Robertson 082 882 8243, Annelize ReinmĂźller 076 788 9918 Web ref: 2233930

The Village at Diemersfontein Wine Estate. Set on the most sought after position in 'The Village' and designed to provide a luxurious level of comfort and privacy. This working wine estate is situated only 1,5 km from Wellington centre with 24/7 manned security. Entrance onto double volume and open plan: lounge with fireplace, dining, kitchen with separate scullery and laundry room, guest bathroom. Spacious main bedroom with full en-suite bathroom, inter-leading consulting room / office with separate

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entrance - Doctor's, Lawyers... work from home. Asking R3.85 million. Contact: Eddie van Pachtenbeke 071 003 0363 Office: 021 873 0260 Web ref: 2050672



This majestic home of splendid proportions situated in a prime address close to Durbanville Golf Course, top schools and centre of Durbanville. Step into a double volume entrance with spacious open living areas. Enormous kitchen with centre island breakfast nook and separate scullery. Enclosed cinema room with built in bar. 6 Bedrooms with 6 en-suite bathroom. A luxurious master bedroom with open plan bathroom and dressing room. Fully fitted study, 5 living areas with sundowner balconies. Private swimming pool and undercover braai area with built in bar and pizza oven. 3 Garages, domestic quarters and storeroom. Asking: R11.995 million. Contact: Dawie du Plessis 083 293 0449 Office: 021 910 1697 Web ref: 1564795

An exquisite 5 bedroom beachside family home with uninterrupted views of Table Mountain and Robben Island. This home comprises 750m² of family living designed to maximise the breathtaking views. Open plan reception rooms, indoor pool, entertainment lounge, 6 person lift, cherry wood gourmet kitchen, top of the range appliances, jacuzzi & sauna room are a few of the luxuries you can expect upon entering this home. Melkbosstrand is located 35km north of Cape Town and is a mere 35 minute drive from the International Airport. Asking R25 million. Contact: Dawie du Plessis 083 293 0449 Office: 021 910 1697 Web ref: 2089431



Symphony of light and glass. A lifestyle fit for the Connoisseur awaits you from the moment you step into the double volume entrance hall... Spacious entertaining, a neutral palette of good quality finishes, large sliding doors and windows ensure the home is fitted with light and views, and the extended patios offer easy entertaining. 4 Bedrooms en-suite plus complete flatlet with own spacious lounge and separate entrance. 2 Studies, one leading to garden. All set in enclosed garden in well established area close to schools. Boutique guest house possibility. Asking R6.9 million. Contact: Wendy 082 688 8022, Eileen 083 263 9688 Office: 021 910 1697 Web ref: 1700777

As you walk into this 3 bedroom easy flowing apartment you will be touched by the clean and modern finishes which run throughout the apartment. Adding to this modern look is the open plan layout where one could be cooking in the kitchen while looking out to a large patio. The dining room area opens with glass panel doors to this patio allowing for an indoor or outdoor experience. To make this apartment even more appealing the large patio wraps around in a C-shape with a beautiful view of Table Mountain. Asking R2.9 million. Contact: LeandrĂŠ 082 943 8735, Justin 082 789 1821 Web

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ref: 2244573



This home is just magnificent! Combination of sleek industrial and classy finishes makes this a wow home! The gourmet kitchen with a splash of green forms part of the open plan living areas. Ceasarstone tops and upmarket finishes and light fittings compliment the industrial look. The New York skyline adds intrigue to the dramatic black and white minimalistic layout. Three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, the main bedroom has an open plan bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. Attention to detail on a scale that surpasses all others. Double automated garage with space to store all you toys. Enclosed garden with plenty of grass to play on. Asking R4.2 million Contact: Louise du Plessis 079 892 6776 Office: 022 772 1186 Web ref: 1868693

Dramatically situated on the rocks, this exquisite house is designed to allow you panoramic sea views. Built on three levels, the top floor contains two suites leading out to sundecks, the middle floor contains a spacious kitchen that views over the living and dining room with panoramic ocean views. The sundeck has a beautifully designed lapa with infinity pool fitted with underwater bar stools. The lower floor contains two en-suite bedrooms with their own private balconies, a spacious study literally 20 meters from the waves, a cellar with oak floors and entertainment area. An elevator connects all the floors. Asking R9.8 million. Contact: Melanie Mouton-Creugnet 079 378 0000 Office: 022 772 1186 Web ref: 348201



Sophisticated family home set in the ‘Bishopscourt’ of Hermanus. Rolling lawns meet this beautiful double storey home with stunning northern views of the surrounding mountains and southern views of the ocean and neighbouring Hermanus Championship Golf Course. Four en-suite bedrooms, homely kitchen, three reception rooms, private office, large cellar and double garage complete the picture. Asking R14 million. Contact: John Quincey 082 798 0221 Office 028 312 4970 Web ref:

This spacious two-storey holiday home has accommodation for an extended family with panoramic ocean views from the balcony upstairs with built in braai plus dining and family room, open plan bar and three en-suite bedrooms on the lower level. There is an abundance of natural light captured through all the windows surrounding the living and dining areas. The centrally located kitchen flows into the open plan living area that leads out to a large veranda with northerly sun. Asking R3.9 million. Contact: Adam Barnard 078 192 7622 Office 028 312 4970 Web ref: 1838700

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Brand new modern contemporary 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home located in one of South Africa’s most sought after estates, with beautiful ocean and mountain views (spectacular sunrises!). Clever design with open plan living areas flow seamlessly to a covered patio and onto an established indigenous garden and swimming pool. The quality kitchen with separate scullery and pantry opens to the dining and family rooms with wood burning fire place. The master suite is a private upstairs sanctuary. To fully appreciate this home a viewing is essential! Asking R7.2 million. Contact: Janet Sapire 083 344 4065 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 2146162

The architectural design of this north facing home maximizes the breath-taking views of the ocean, river and mountains. This home consists of 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, open plan lounge and dining room, kitchen with separate scullery and laundry, undercover patio and under cover balcony with outdoor dining areas and lounge, pub and entertainment area on ground floor that leads out into the manicured garden with plunge pool. An elegant lifestyle is created by exceptional quality throughout and peace of mind by the access control. Asking R6.5 million. Contact: Paul Jordaan 082 876 0577 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 1418826



Magnificent spacious 5 en-suite bedroom home situated on a prime site in the front row of Brackenridge Estate, with elevated stunning views stretching from Beacon Island to Robberg Nature Reserve. The top level also boasts a bar area and large tiled patio with a jacuzzi for entertaining. 2 double garages (and extra space for a golf cart), modern spacious main kitchen separate TV room. All rooms have elevated stunning views, music system, gas, central vacuum system, porcelain tiles, quality finishes throughout and great attention to detail. Asking R14 638 400. Contact: Carrie Maclean 082 566 1881 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 2140269

Quartet Hotel & Retirement Estate: new luxury modern contemporary studios, one bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom houses situated in landscaped gardens with dams providing an idyllic setting. The central hotel and management facility provides high quality services that go beyond average retirement facilities, like housekeeping, maintenance (indoor and out), 24 hour security and flexible on demand services (transport, catering and medical care) tailored to individual needs, heated pool, library, salon, wellness centre, etc. Come and enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve! From R1million to R2.75million (incl. vat). Contact: Sue Harvey 083 306 7499, Brenda Rohde 082 469 0092, Janet Sapire 083 344 4065 Office: 044 533 2529 Web ref: 2177511

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This majestic home boasts breathtaking lagoon & mountain views, enjoyed from the wrap-around patio overlooking the rim-flow pool & 7th hole. Ample space with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms; master suite occupies the 2nd level of the west wing, with outdoor shower. The 2nd en-suite and third & fourth bedrooms with shared bathroom are above the triple garage. A fifth en-suite is downstairs with private patio. Double-volume living areas, built-in bar & sunken living room. Gourmet kitchen has separate laundry & scullery. Family room adjoins the main living area. Features include under-floor heating, built-in sound system and vacuum system. Set on ±1925m². Asking R9.5 million Contact: Barbara Wilson 082 377 1830, Samantha Osman 072 356 9245 Web ref: 2226783

This imposing home has beautiful views of the waves breaking onto the rocks at The Heads as well as lagoon views. A staircase with wrought iron balustrades leads to the open plan living area. The kitchen has SMEG appliances, scullery, laundry and pantry. There is a separate TV area and a sunroom that opens to an entertainment patio with a large pool. There are 3 bedrooms en-suite upstairs and an outdoor jacuzzi. The home has a lift. Downstairs you will find a flat, family room, staff accommodation and double garage. The price includes the contents of the house and two vehicles. Asking R14.5 million. Contact: Moira Gething 082 872 9102 Office: 044 382 0600 Web ref: 2087198



Wake up to the sound of breaking waves and a breathtaking view of an altering ocean. A definite opportunity to own this immaculate family home for sale in this unique location, a sought after holiday destination called Brenton-on-Sea, 15km from Knysna town. Enjoy the white waves crashing against the rocks until the sun sets in the sea just in front of the house. 5 Spacious bedrooms with ample cupboard space, large kitchen with separate laundry and storage. A rare position in this amazing location. Asking R6.7 million. Contact: Trish Hoff 071 603 5958, Franco Narbonese 082 886 3029 Office: 044 382 0913 Web ref: 2010202

Magnificent home perched against a cliff with breathtaking views of the Swartvlei estuaries and mountains. This impressive and private home is set on 37 hectares of prime land and bordered by water on one side; it offers a unique lifestyle for those who enjoy being close to town yet appreciate solitude, open spaces and tranquillity. Extending right down to the water’s edge, it includes six bedrooms and four bathrooms (2 en-suite), a gourmet industrial-sized kitchen, a separate lounge and dining room and four large auto garages. Ideally suited to frequent entertainers, an extended

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family or as a fabulous guest house. Asking R6.995 million. Contact: Angela Page 084 555 7248 Office: 044 343 2011 Web ref: 2205675



Spacious family home, set within a large and immaculate garden, with custom-built wooden deck and sizeable sparkling swimming pool. Inter-leading living areas, including a braai room with built-in gas braai, special lighting and plenty of natural light. The kitchen, fitted with darkwood cupboards, granite tops, a gas hob with integrated microwave, steam oven and separate scullery will please the discerning chef. A tiled study with large built-in cupboards, sets the ideal private environment to work from home. Four bedrooms are served by three bathrooms. All bathrooms sport underfloor heating. Automated garaging for 4 vehicles. Asking R4.8 million. Contact: Marsha Brand 083 266 7294 Office: 044 873 2519 Web ref: 2175458

A naturally terraced garden, rolling lawns, a gently flowing stream bordered by pristine indigenous forest and an enchanting variety of wild life. Well-proportioned rooms, inter-leading living areas and an open plan kitchen set the scene for modern day entertaining. Three bedrooms, with master en-suite, are positioned on the ground level, with stairs leading to a huge study, living room and guest bedroom suite. A self-contained studio, with own access, is situated above the double garage and laundry. The expansive and secure parking area, creatively laid out vegetable garden and indigenous trees and shrubs, create a sense of privacy and maturity. Asking R4.45 million. Contact: Ronél Thiart 083 627 6806 Office: 044 873 2519 Web ref: 2146629



Grand home on Nahoon River! This unique family home is set in a park like garden setting measuring 6764m² and offering 5 bedrooms, 2 lounges, library / study, cocktail bar, expansive patio, pool entertainment lounge with pub, thatched gazebo and much more, namely a large office block, flatlet, domestic quarters and storerooms. The property has 45 meters of river frontage, a private slipway to launch a boat and offers the developer a unique proposition to subdivide and create a residential complex along the banks of the Nahoon River. Asking R18 million. Contact: Ann Nel 083 445 1163 Office: 043 726 0111 Web ref: 2075815

Classic, elegant and timeless architecture for a contemporary lifestyle along the banks of the Nahoon River! With its sweeping river views, this contemporary masterpiece of 930m² is an unprecedented multisensory experience to view. The 4 sumptuous bedrooms with 4.5 bathrooms all have river views. The home offers 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms, 4 lounges, rim flow pool, garaging for 7 cars, slipway with electric winch, jetty, 2 entertainment pubs and many more features! Generous reception areas are effortlessly presented with exceptional class offering the executive buyer every modern convenience. Entertainment options are numerous and are all accompanied by magnificent river views. Asking R16 million. Contact: Ann Nel 083 445 1163 Web ref: 2077705

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Perfectly positioned above the 17th green of the Zimbali Golf course, with outstanding sea views for days. Warm multi-level entertaining that’s always in touch with the heart of this home. The open plan design throughout the house gives it a spacious, free-flowing and light atmosphere. Entertainment options – enjoy a braai in the covered patio or laze around the pool. For the golfing enthusiasts, enjoy a round of golf in the estate. Asking R15.9 million. Contact: Colin Moses 082 553 7576, Shirley Ridings 083 499 5372 Office: 032 943 2008 Web ref: 2176321

From the moment you enter this house, you’ll be spellbound by the quality and glamour it exudes. Supreme architectural design and tastefully decorated. Enjoy endless sea views from all levels of the house. Feel the warmth of natural north coast weather while watching the dolphins at play or ships and yachts passing by. Selling at a generous price (furniture optional). Asking R13.8 million. Contact: Colin Moses 082 553 7576, Shirley Ridings 083 499 5372 Office: 032 943 2008 Web Ref: 2224618



Spacious and elegant freestanding 4 Bedroom (all en-suite) townhouse. The entrance hall on ground floor has a beautiful iron balustrade which leads to the upstairs floor of the house where you'll find the 3 bedrooms and study nook. The en-suite guest room with its own private entrance is on the ground floor. The home is designed with open plan living areas. fully kitted kitchen for the aspiring chef. Extras include covered patio, built in braai and swimming pool. Asking R5.8 million. Contact: Colin Moses 082 553 7576 Web Ref: 2165143

Recently refurbished and painted beach house with sea views you can only dream of. Currently run as a guest house but also has all the potential to be a full time residential home. Boasting 5 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 en-suite), 2 open plan lounges and a swimming pool nestled in a tropical garden giving you that “island feel”. The double garages are below the covered wooden deck area. You really can’t go wrong with this investment. Asking R5.4 million. Contact: Colin Moses 082 553 7576, Shirley Ridings 083 499 5372 Office: 032 943 2008 Web ref: 2224353

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Quaint 3 bedroom home situated in prime area of La Lucia. This is a gorgeous family home not to big not to small just right. This cute home offers 3 bedrooms 2½ bathrooms main en-suite, beautiful garden with pool and under cover patio, entertainment area with stunning sea views. A double garage additional secure parking for 3 cars or more, staff quarters, excellent security finish off this well priced offering. This neighbourhood is becoming more and more popular every day and who wouldn't love to live here? Asking R4.725 million. Contact: Maria De Luca 076 393 2913 Office: 031 561 5150 Web ref: 2188769

Quaint Durban North home offers 4 expansive bedrooms and effortless entertaining in the entertainment area over looking the pool. Spacious kitchen, open plan lounge, dining area and many more features. Double automated garage, staff quarters, laundry and extra parking round off this immaculate family home. For this price you must view! Asking R3.3 million. Contact: Maria De Luca 076 393 2913 Office: 031 561 5150 Web ref: 2137008



Live your dream and feel like you're in paradise. Ultimate luxury awaits you. Open plan living offering 5 bedrooms all en-suite,3 reception areas and a large entertainment room leading out onto the pool area. This east facing master piece has specular sea views from all rooms. Ample parking for up to 20 cars.No need to do anything extra as this home has it all. Experience all the benefits this home has to offer and the remarkable ethos of an executive lifestyle. Call now for an appointment to view. Asking R13.95 million. Contact: Maurizio Dalle-Vedove 083 301 1946 Office: 031 561 5150 Web ref: 2138284

Elegant immaculate family home in a sought after location. Two lounges, dining room and huge open plan kitchen allow for family evenings or A- list dinner parties. Property is perfect to work from home. Excellent security, double garage with secure off-street parking for lots of cars. Beautiful level completely private granny flat too! Asking R8.9 million. Contact: Michelle Taylor 083 653 3696 Office: 031 566 5150 Web ref: 2219288

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Immaculate double story home with spectacular inland views capturing the breathtaking sunsets over the Drakensberg. Superb finishes and gracious reception areas with a built-in bar flowing out to a large under cover patio. Beautiful kitchen an elegant staircase leads to 4 bedrooms, 2 en-suite bathrooms with a separate pyjama lounge and bathroom. Downstairs is the guest bedroom en-suite bathroom with a large entertainment room leading out to the sparkling pool area. Asking R3.5 million. Contact: Maurizio Dalle-Vedove 083 301 1946 Office: 031 566 5150 Web ref: 2151409

This ultra-chic modern home is nothing less than perfection. The effortless flow throughout the home with 5 generously sized bedrooms and 5 bathrooms makes for easy living. Beautiful entertainment room leading onto a balcony. The main bedroom has a walk-in closet and a bathroom that overlooks the ocean. The entrance hall presents high ceilings with optic fiber lighting and artfully gives you the feel of the night sky. Pristine gourmet kitchen and scullery comprises the heart of this home. The home also boasts a sparkling pool with a stunning water feature. Endless sea views top of this magnificent bastion which dares you to experience life to the full. Asking R10.9 million. Contact: Mandy Testa 082 337 6257 Roxanne Du Plessis 081 771 0609 Web ref: 2205068



Whispers of refined elegance and character with the perfect indoor outdoor flow to patio, exquisite gardens with water features, pool and ponds. Bright and airy reception areas consisting of a formal lounge, dining room and family room, gourmet kitchen with a separate scullery and laundry, 4 bedrooms, 2 en-suite, an extra bathroom and a separate study. These features are all introduced to you by a double volume staircase which is the heart of the home. Adding value to this gorgeous home are 2 separate cottages and a large work from home area or playroom. Asking R8.9 million. Contact: Maurizio Dalle-Vedove 083 301 1946 Office: 031 566 5150 Web ref: 2075772

The glitz and glamour of a Hollywood lifestyle, city and sea views, sunsets, sundowner deck with jacuzzi, sheer penthouse indulgence. Step into this coastal lifestyle set in the bustling precinct of Umhlanga Rocks. 311m² of ultra-secure, luxury living with flowing open plan spaces enhancing the innovative architecture and exceptional finishes. This home leaves one breathless. The value of this Penthouse will go up by up to 30% when The Oceans Umhlanga development is complete. The Penthouses in The Oceans Umhlanga sold for R60 million. Cash in now and make an offer. Asking R6.5 million Contact: Michelle Taylor 083 653 3696 Office: 031 566 5150 Web ref: 1662575

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The charms of country living! An entertainers dream, this kitchen will steal your heart! Gorgeous stylish and spacious kitchen is the centre of attention in this well planned 4 bedroom double storey home with a heated pool, staff accommodation, triple garages, manicured gardens and more than enough parking space. Enjoy the early morning sunrises overlooking the inland dam from your balcony. Small herds of Blesbok, Impala, Springbok, Black Wildebeest and Red Hartebeest roam the plains of Westlake Country & Safari Estate where 80 hectares are set aside exclusively for wildlife. Experience the peace and tranquility of your new lifestyle. Asking R2.995 million Contact: Isabel Gouveia 073 995 4613 Office: 012 244 3300 Web ref: 2260462

Private sanctuary of comfort and charm. A gourmet kitchen built for function and flexibility. Windows and sliding doors open the dining room to the light and views. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases in the main living space, is an intrinsic feature of the room. 5 spacious bedrooms. The main is an oasis of peace and relaxation complete with gas fireplace, generous en-suite bathroom and walk in wardrobe. This home has been exquisitely designed to capture never-to-be-built-out views of the Hartbeespoort dam. Asking R4.995 million. Contact: Sandy Carneiro 083 301 0689 Office: 012 244 3300 Web ref: 2049264



The orientation of this home ensures natural light is maximised throughout. Situated on a double stand, grounds that are extensive and spacious. The open plan dining room, kitchen and living room with guest suite on the first floor, spill onto balconies where you can enjoy views of the dam that stretch as far as the eye can see. Lower level comprises of 3 bedrooms, TV lounge and dining room which all lead out to green garden and shimmering blue swimming pools. Special features of this home include a gym with a view, 25m Lap pool, Jacuzzi, and outside shower. Multiple entertaining areas that will effortlessly cater for any occasion. Asking R14.2 million Contact: Sandy Carneiro 083 301 0689 Office: 012 244 3300 Web ref: 2071590

Something truly unique, surrounded by wide open spaces, fresh air and soothing green vistas - tucked strategically in the middle of a safe and friendly country estate. Open plan living with a functional kitchen offering all the extras – scullery, pantry, kids study nook and more. A diverse entertainment area with an incredible ability to invite the outside in. The master bedroom is a large, light and airy space, complete with walk-in

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wardrobe and en-suite. The additional 3 bedrooms are generous for sleep and play. A separate outside cottage for guests, live-in folks or work from home, currently a stunning beauty salon. Asking R6.8 million Contact: Peta-Ann McBean 082 894 6097 Office: 012 244 3300 Web ref: 2129883



Negotiating from R5.99 million. ‘Millionaires Drive’ - Sensational views & crimson sunsets... Perched on the exclusive Constantia Kloof Ridge, this magnificent architectural masterpiece boasts a unique multi-level design - 'Camps Bay style' with unbelievable windowscapes from every room! The perfect residence for an executive family that adores entertaining. 6 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, formal study, kiddies play room. Private cinema room. Beautiful Caesarstone kitchen with pantry, scullery & large breakfast nook. An outdoor oasis in the garden terrace with wooden deck & sparkling pool. 3 Garages. Staff acc. Excellent security. Asking R6.75 million. Contact: Ronell Oosthuizen 083 464 9830, Ulrich Oosthuizen 082 568 8048 Office: 010 020 1478 Web ref: 2144417

This elegant custom designed residence graces a private and quiet location. Built to meticulous standards, it is set on a prime stand overlooking the Ruimsig Golf course. Showcasing rich Tuscan influences that marry casually elegant old world style with the most modern and decadent amenities. Exclusive finishes include: gorgeous draperies, hand laid stone work, exclusively designed below ground level wine cellar, unique fireplaces and specialist designed cabinetry. Special features include air conditioning, under floor heating, jacuzzis and state-of-the-art security with guard house. Asking R17.995 million. Contact Chris Liebenberg 074 117 4971, Henno Mentz 082 800 2132 Office: 010 020 1478 Web ref: 1773617



Contemporary residence in security estate. Living is easy in this impressive, generously proportioned contemporary residence with golf course views. The downstairs area combines a lovely entrance hall walking into a dining area, TV lounge, study and flows exceptional into the kitchen area. The kitchen with stone tops, white cupboards and SMEG stove are easy accessible to both lounge and dining area. A view from both lounge and dining area overlooks the pool area with access through sliding doors onto an elevated lounge area with build-in braai area. A playroom with grass turf gives the kids a large indoor play area. Asking R2.695 million. Contact: Pieter Kritzinger 084 587 2222 Office: 011 867 3339 Web ref: 2223008

Balinese treasure, clean lines, top class finishing’s, textures to touch, caesarstone tops, great entertainment - are just a few phrases to wet your appetite, but seeing is believing and this home is beyond belief! Come view this magnificent home in the heart of Meyersdal's Eco Estate – where lifestyles meet wildlife! Asking R7.2 million. Contact Genevieve Hutton 082 897 1548, Dean Hutton 082 415 3339 Office: 011 867 3339 Web ref: 1635469

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Extraordinary 5 bedroomed, 5 bathroom home in La Montagne, Pretoria. Fully airconditioned with loads of living space both inside and outdoors. Four reception areas - a pyjama lounge on the upper level, large lounge area and veranda area. Kitchen with granite tops and centre island, eye-level oven and hob. Leading from the kitchen is a scullery / pantry area with lots of cupboards and storage space. A separate laundry with fittings for all appliances. Other extras includes a squash court with change rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, sparkling pool, lapa, braai room, gym and 3 staff rooms. ±1000m² under one roof. Lots of potential! Asking R4.5 million. Contact: Lurinda Calitz 083 463 0777 Office: 012 460 9261 Web ref: 2219092

This immaculate home features gracious open plan living areas, with a well-planned kitchen. There is an enclosed braai room ideal for entertaining friends and family which can also be used as an extra living area. Private and beautiful manicured garden with an irrigation system. The welcoming entrance with an impressive staircase leads you to 3 bedrooms upstairs and a guest bedroom downstairs. This very exclusive estate offers walkways, beautiful parks and dams. The home is located close to some of the most popular amenities in the area - Elarduspark Primary and High schools as well as shopping centres. Easy access to the R21 and the N1. Asking R2.9 million. Contact: Letania Venter 071 642 9400 Office: 012 460 9261 Web ref: 2095184



Build your dream house on an exceptional stand - only three left! 360° views, various indigenous plants and also small buck. Services include electricity and water connections as well as a security fence. This is a sensitive Eco environment and no further sub-division will be allowed. The total extent of the original property is 16.3478 hectares which have been divided into three stands: 1) Erf no. 3 a portion of Portion 20 in extent 5 hectares. There is a beautiful natural lake on this portion. 2) Erf no. 4 a portion of Portion 20 in extent 2.7830 hectares. 3) Remaining Portion of Portion 20 in extent 8.5847 hectares. Asking price from R5 million per stand. Contact: Tobie Bruyns 072 349 9691 Office: 012 460 9261 Web ref: 2088936

Connoisseurs of Life are invited to view this magnificent, close to perfect residence in the popular Newmark Estate in the East of Pretoria. The incredible architecture impresses from arrival and one is left in awe and wonder of quality fittings and finishes throughout. A home and haven to be proud of and to look forward to coming home to every day. The inviting walk-over Koi pond and landscaped entrance creates an expectation of wonder! Interior decorator finishes are evident and compliments the

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house with comfortable living spaces inter linking with each room. Asking R3.75 million Contact: Juanita du Plessis 082 322 3407 Office: 012 460 9261 Web ref: 2160939



Contemporary greenbelt family home on offer - hosting awe-inspiring sunsets and a warm feeling of home. This well-designed home offers open plan living space. A modern kitchen with Smeg appliances and a scullery. Dining room opening onto a private courtyard. Leisure lounge leading to a covered patio and entertainment area. Formal lounge. Upstairs hosts 3 spacious bedrooms. Full bathroom. The Master bedroom offers a modern en-suite, closet space and balcony with beautiful sunset views over the greenbelt. Asking R5.9 million. Contact: Tina de Waal 083 771 8709, Vicky Lee Coffen 061 615 3248 Office: 011 312 5218 Web ref : 2191032

This gracious home is nestled on the Kyalami Ridge, offering panoramic sunset views of the Magaliesburg mountains, and indigenous bush that secludes this private estate. A magnificent family home emanating warmth, comfort and a feeling of coming home. Built for those whom love to entertain, with generous living spaces and a charming French Provencal kitchen, flowing onto a courtyard with scented lemon trees, abundant bird life and peace. Featuring 4 en-suite bedrooms with private balconies hosting breathtaking views, a home with this distinction is a rare find. Asking R8.9 million Contact: Tina de Waal 083 771 8709, Vicky Lee Coffen 061 615 3248 Office: 011 312 5218 Web ref: 1899315



Elegant and architecturally designed, this home is a blend of traditional and rustic Mediterranean comfort. Nestled in the Eldo Park Estate, a well-established neighbourhood, families can embrace a tranquil and charmed lifestyle. The estate runs a biometric access control system, CCTV cameras, control room operators that monitor the perimeter, controlled access points, and residential alarm system, enabling security to immediately dispatch skilled armed response units patrolling the area 24 hours of the day. Asking R6 million. Contact: Samir Jhina 079 812 9007 Office: 012 492 4868 Web ref: 2232197

Coming through the main door, you’ll be met with floor to ceiling glass windows, delivering a spectacular touch of taste. The exceptional open plan will lead you to the main lounge which provides drop ceilings, folding glass doors, and a gas fireplace which divides the main lounge into two cozy areas. All around the lounge there are flat private panel track sliding shades. This room overlooks the pool in the patio. You will transit to the dining room which takes you the wonderful kitchen that has been built with Ceasarstone countertops, a Teppan Yaki grill cook top, stove top steamer, and an entire gas stove. Also, with a scullery, walk in pantry and wine cellar. All appliances are Gaggenau. Asking R7.5 million. Contact: Samir Jhina 079 812 9007 Office: 012 492 4868 Web ref: 2190543

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