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Gynaecomastia Surgery in Chennai Gynaecomastia or enlarged breast is one of the common hormonal disorders in men. Gynaecomastia is a medical condition in which the breast gets enlarged because of the abnormal increase in the fatty tissue or glandular.

Gynaecomastia Surgery in Chennai Usually, Gynaecomastia begins at adolescence and even affects middle-aged men also. It is not a harmful medical condition but it affects the confidence and causes psychological discomfort. Many people are not aware of the Gynaecomastia and because of the reason they do not visit a doctor to get the proper treatment. Moreover, some people have uncertainty whether to undergo the knife of a surgeon for Gynaecomastia Surgery in Chennai or not.

They hide the condition by avoiding physical activities like swimming etc. even some men try various exercise to treat this medical condition. But exercise is not the solution to get rid of the enlarged men surgery is the only solution.

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Gynaecomastia surgery in chennai