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Welcome to the safe world of buildings’ technologies!

Pristis has renewed Pristis is buildings’ technologies specialist in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Pristis provides companies with a stable work and business environment, where technology-related risks are minimal.

Matter of heart Buildings’ technologies are a matter of heart for us. Pristis engineers and technician are known as the highest qualified specialists. Technology teaches us - we constantly cooperate with technology companies in order to provide clients with more effective solutions.

Full package To reduce business risks we offer complete buildings’ technologies solution package from systems design to installation and maintenance.

20 years of experience We know where threats end and safety begins. 20 years in security industry has taught Pristis to understand and manage safety and operation-critical situations of our customers.

In front line of innovation Innovative and efficient high quality technology is the best way for supporting our clients’ businesses and providing their buildings with better functionality and higher profitability.

We act quickly There is no problem in buildings’ technology we cannot solve. We are ready to act quickly and find professional solutions. We don’t underestimate any crisis as it may result in financial setback for our client.

Reputable partner Pristis is a reputable partner with a stable business culture. Pristis is known for its discipline and fast, flexible service directed at customers’ safety.

System design and installation

Security and low voltage solutions - Intrusion and access control systems - CCTV and POS monitoring systems - Automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems - Electronic article surveillance and secure display systems - Public address, conference and interpretation solutions - Data and cable networks - Nurse call and intercom systems - People counting and queue systems - Pneumatic transportation systems

System design and installation

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions - Ventilations systems - Air conditioning systems - Heating systems

Electricity and automation solutions - Electricity systems - Building automations systems


- Maintenance of security and low voltage solutions - Maintenance of fire protections solutions: fire detection, sprinkler, gas extinguishing, fire extinguishers, hoses; - Operation of electrical systems (Competence A) - Maintenance of ventilation systems - Maintenance of smoke extraction systems - Maintenance of building automation - Maintenance of heating systems - 24/7 response to alarms - 24/7 consultation on customer hotline 1552 - Service 1 – maintenance service with full guarantee Pristis Ltd Estonia Tammsaare Ă„rikeskus, A.H Tammsaare tee 47 Tallinn, 11316 Phone: +372 684 1111 Fax: +372 684 1121 E-mail: Latvia Dzelzavas 117 Riga, LV-1021 Ph:+371 67336399 Customer support: +371 6700 1552 Fax:+371 67336398 E-mail: Lithuania UkmergĂŠs g.283A Vilnius, LT-06318 Ph:+370 5243 1222 Customer support: + 370 5 236 3344 Fax:+370 2431221 E-mail:

Customer support

+ 372 684 1111

Pristis EN  

Pristis Security and low voltage Ventilation, air conditioning, heating Electricity, automation Maintenance

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