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“Mother” Pierre & Florent / FR. Photography 90 x 60 cm

Available Artworks December 2013

Dear Collector, As we know the importance of showing your love this holidays, we wanted to make something special for you. That’s why we invite you to see our collection specially commissioned for this season, with limited pieces by artists who have been working with us. That perfect gift or the next addition to your collection could be yours sooner than expected. Happy Shopping, Pristine Galerie Team.

“Gold Edition” Shahram Entekhabi / DE Acrylic and Metal on Photograph 97 x 61 cm

“Death by Misadventure” Emma McCagg / USA Acrylic on Canvas

“Family Portrait: Le Bain Turc” Pierre & Florent / FR Photography 78 x 150 cm

“Fuego en la Nave de los Locos” Enrique García Saucedo / MX Oil on Canvas 110 x 160 cm

“Untitled” Juan Carlos Granados / MX High Impact Sculpture 110 x 61 x 98 cm

“Prehispanische Gedächnis I” Sarit Lichtenstein / DE-MX Pastel and Pencil on Paper 42 x 58 cm

“Vignette” Zachari Logan / CA Graphite on Paper 280 x 535 cm

“Super Size HappyMeal Series, Blood Diamonds” Riiko Sakkinen / FI Silk screen print on Cardboard 32 x 20 x 20cm

“Gold Girls 2” Shahram Entekhabi / DE Acrylic and Metal on Photograph 140 x 100 cm

“Raging Balls” Oreet Ashery / UK Single Screen Video Loop / Audio 10.33 min

“De la Serie: Lo Fántastico Diminuto” René Morales / MX Digital Photography 50 x 50 cm

“Autoportrait: Florent” Pierre & Florent / FR Photography 45 x 67 cm

“Autoportrait: Pierre” Pierre & Florent / FR Photography 45 x 67 cm

“Death by Proforol” Emma McCagg / US Oil on Canvas 131 x 162 cm

“Capitalism with Salt and Lemon� Riiko Sakkinen / FI watercolor, acrylic color, pencil, color pencil, felt-tip pen and stickers on paper 112 x 76 cm

“Monkey Bumprints Factory 9 of 22” Oreet Ashery / UK Acrylic on Paper 78 x 66 cm

“Leyenda neolítica” Rafael Teniente / MX Ink on Paper 60 x 46 cm

“De la Serie, Las Últimas Personas” Enrique García Saucedo/ MX Oil on Canvas 145 x 95 cm

“Specimen #5” Zachari Logan / CA Blue Pencil on Mylar 13 x 18 cm

Pristine Galerie. Monterrey, MĂŠxico. 2013.

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Available Works December 2013