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March 2011

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Hello and welcome to another issue of SHOUT, the essential business guide for Marlow.

We all worry about our children - their health, their confidence, their performance in school. Matt Collins has his own answer to all three - martial arts! Matt’s Little Samurai classes turn out confident, disciplined, focused and well-rounded young individuals, according to their parents and teachers. Something to think about, perhaps. This year, the Marlow Language Centre is celebrating 20 years of bringing language to life. Read about them on page 23. Is this the year you finally get round to learning the new language you’ve been promising yourself?


With the arrival of March, we feel we are beginning to turn the corner from winter into spring and Dave’s gardening column highlights this with his focus on spring-flowering rhododendrons and the anticipation of glorious blooms to come. This month we welcome a new contributor, Tracey of Floribundi, who gives us professional advice on making the most of cut flowers so, between them, she and Dave have got all things horticultural covered! Rachel continues with her campaign to get us fit and healthy with advice on sensible eating and the right sorts of fats we should be including in our diet whilst Lyn Williams offers good counsel and practical help for coping with that perennial bugbear - worry. Karly of Diva’s and Dude’s Hair and Beauty is in the grip of wedding fever with her own Big Day coming up later this month and she has an attractive offer for all SHOUT readers who wish to pamper themselves, whether they’re getting married or not! And White Knight Laundry Services offer a really super solution to the problem of how to care for your special dress after the wedding - see page 9 for details.

In the Spotlight this month, we have Burgers, a business that sums up the quintessential, traditional Marlow we all wish to preserve. High Street coffee chains may come and go but Burgers offers a different sort of experience with its commitment to high quality, home-made patisserie, artisan baking and good, old-fashioned service. Our recipes in this issue are delicious and easy to make: do try them out! But if you’re thinking of a treat, why not book your spot in the OTT? The food is wonderful, the welcome warm and the views over the Thames glorious. So there we are - your March issue of SHOUT is full of useful information and ideas. Enjoy! The Team at SHOUT DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in SHOUT Directory are not necessarily the views of the publisher. Whilst all reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of our content, the publisher shall not be held responsible in any way for any inaccuracies or omissions or for any loss arising from such. This publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without express and prior consent of the publisher. 3

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Broccoli Soup • 350g/12oz

broccoli leek, sliced • 1 celery stick, sliced • 1 garlic clove, crushed • 350g/12oz potato, diced • 1ltr/1.75 pints vegetable stock • 1 bay leaf • Freshly ground black pepper • Crusty bread or toasted croutons, to serve •1

Cut the broccoli into florets and set aside. Cut the thicker broccoli stalks into 1cm dice and put into a large saucepan with the leek, celery, garlic, potato, stock and bay leaf. Bring to boil, reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

Quick, easy & healthy Recipe

Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 30 mins Serves 6

Add the broccoli florets to the soup and return to the boil. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for a further 3 to 5 minutes or until the potato and broccoli stalks are tender. Remove from the heat and leave the soup to cool slightly. Discard the bay leaf. Purée the soup in small batches in a food processor or blender until smooth. Return the soup to the saucepan and heat through thoroughly. Season to taste with pepper. Ladle the soup into warm bowls and serve immediately with the crusty bread or croutons. Enjoy!







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Eat Essential Fats!

The truth is that some fats are essential to a healthy and well functioning body. They are Omega 3, 6 and 9 and they must be present in your diet because the body doesn’t produce them itself. These fats have been shown to improve insulin resistance which fights weight gain and contributes positively to brain functions and your overall health. Foods that contain high levels of Omega fats are salmon, mackerel, sardines and avocado. Many seeds such as sesame seeds are a great source of these essential fatty acids. Aim to eat some of these foods every day. Swap Your Chips! If you struggle with cravings for salty foods try these alternatives which are healthier: roasted chick peas, parsnip chips, olives or maybe home-made popcorn.

Juice all three together in a juicer or blender, including the skin. These ingredients combine to make an excellent stress-busting juice drink. I often make it first thing in the morning if I know I’m going to have a busy day as it’s full of vitamins A, B, C, E, folic acid, niacin, fibre, potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, sodium and essential amino acids. The blend also helps weight loss, and improves kidney and nervous system function as well as relieving constipation! It lowers cholesterol and contains anti-cancer compounds. Always look for more options and vary your diet. As you can see, natural fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are vital to a healthy body and lifestyle.

Fitness & Health

Many people think that if they eat fat they are going to get fat!

My Favourite Detox Drink You’ll needs 5 sticks of celery, half a cucumber and 1 ripe pear.

Rachel Callow Tel: 07733 266201 Email: info@lifestyle-unlimited 5

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Is your child a budding samurai? Having taught children from age 3 up to 18, I have noticed the importance of confidence. Confident kids ask questions, are willing to try new things, to make mistakes and subsequently they are exposed to a wider spectrum from which they can learn. I also have a keen interest in self-protection and know the benefit the right type of confidence can play in avoiding victimisation and negating conflict. It is for these reasons I agreed to teach my nephew Kickboxing when he eagerly asked whether I could teach him and his friends, aged four. I have trained in Tae kwon-do, Judo and kickboxing and over 12 years I have seen firsthand the benefits a disciplined, structured and enjoyable martial arts class can have on one’s life. I was, however, apprehensive about how these benefits would sit with such a young audience. I undertook a trial class with my nephew and then invited five of his friends to join the lessons. That original class has since developed into my full-time job and I currently teach 14 children’s classes a week. As I mentioned, I have taught academically and loved it so I knew I’d enjoy teaching kickboxing but what surprised me was the impact such a

class can have on a child’s daily life. One of my 8 year old students had benefitted so much from her training that her teacher could not comprehend the transformation in the child. She knew the girl as a timid and quiet pupil and was so shocked with the girl’s new found confidence that she rushed to get the Head and Deputy Head to watch her train. When I later relayed this to her mother she said she was delighted with the transformation. Her daughter had been so shy she had difficulties speaking to people but recently she had boldly told a boy who was bothering her to leave her alone, something her mother thought was unimaginable previously. The benefits of martial arts classes for children extend beyond increasing their confidence. Reputable martial arts classes have a set discipline and structure and this can instill respect in children and can significantly enhance concentration. As obesity figures rise, the importance of exercise has become a ‘hot topic’ but its impact on the mental well-being of both adults and children is also becoming more widely understood. This is evident in the comments I

have received from teachers and parents who notice the improvement in children’s behaviour and concentration after training in a martial arts class. With so much on offer to children, it is difficult to find the time for additional activities, but if you can make the time for your child to attend a martial arts lesson, it is an enjoyment that will not only benefit them now, but for many years to come.

For more information on the classes Matthew Collins teaches or his martial arts organisation please visit: Alternatively, to search for a martial arts class in your area use:


01494 429383

for Children Benefits: Specialist classes for ages 3 to 12 Lessons separated by age group to match child developmental stages Non-aggressive, friendly classes Maximum class size of 15 students ‘Life Skills’ – confidence, social interaction, self discipline, self-protection ‘Physical Skills’ – fitness, strength, balance, coordination £6 per class – money back if you don’t like the 1st lesson

Classes in Pinder Hall, Cookham at 9am on Saturdays Other classes in Marlow, Taplow & Windsor x of an excellent mi “The classes are ork, mw tea g gin ura co fun games, en overall learning… The combined with mutual the class is of in ere ph os atm cipline…” respect and dis class Parent, Cookham

The qualified instructor is CRB checked, teaches in Berks & Bucks schools and has over 12 years of martial arts experience.

For more information call the Chief Instructor Matt Collins on Mini Samurai, Little Samurai, and Young Samurai are all part of The Samurai Fitness Group Limited

07828 534817 7

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Happy March to you all! I hope February was a great month for you. I am getting married later this month so guess what my topic is! If you too are getting married: Congratulations! Planning your wedding can be stressful but it should also be fun and exciting: your wedding day is the day you embark on the great adventure of married life and you want it to be a happy time with you looking your best. So, focusing on looking your best: you will find lots of ideas for wedding hair and make-up in magazines and on the internet and you can book trial sessions with your hair and make-up artists, remembering to take along any hair-pieces or extensions you wish to use. Don’t wash your hair on the day of your wedding or the night before; your hair is better when it has settled down so try to wash it at least 24 hours before the time of the wedding. Your make-up should be an enhancement of what you normally wear. For example, if you usually go for a natural look, stick to natural colours but slightly stronger. You should feel comfortable in the make-up you are wearing; this is not the time to try out anything drastic. You don’t

want to try out blue mascara and red lipstick on the day of the wedding! Remember your fiancé is marrying you, so he should at least recognise you! Here are some recommended pre-wedding treatments you might want to book before your big day: Facial - to give your skin a boost so your skin is glowing for your special day. Massage - to relax and destress you. Manicure - you want your hands and nails looking beautiful for when he puts that ring on! Pedicure - if your shoes are open-toed or just to give your feet a treat. Waxing - make sure you’re hair-free and feeling smooth. Eyelash Tint - having your eyelashes tinted defines your eyes and enhances them Eyelash Extensions - Eyelash extensions are the hot new rage: semi-permanent eyelash extensions give you longer, thicker and such naturallooking eyelashes that no one will know they are not yours. Each lash is applied one by one to your own natural lashes. With proper care and touch-up visits they can last a very long time.

Spray Tan - why not add a lovely natural tan to your day? Having a tan makes us all feel better in ourselves. St.Tropez is the best fake tan on the market, voted the best and most natural colour in many popular magazines, a favourite with many celebrities and it is an aloe vera-based product so it’s moisturising for your skin. Please feel free to see a full range of our hair and beauty treatments on our website

I am offering all SHOUT readers 20% discount on all my recommended pre-wedding treatments (Facials, Massage, Jessica Manicure, Jessica Pedicure, Waxing, Tinting and St. Tropez Spray Tanning) and a special price of £50 for your first full set of eyelash extensions. Please quote SHOUT03 when booking. Tel: 01628 477728 Have a great month! Love, Karly Howard, Diva’s and Dude’s Hair and Beauty


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Hair & Beauty

The bells are ringing…

What will you do with your dress after the Wedding? Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive garment you will ever wear and the most precious. But what happens to it after the big day? Will you simply pack it away in the box it came in and put it in the attic? Or hang it up in its plastic cover in the garage? Surprisingly, standard plastic/PVC bags or covers are silent fabric killers and will, in the long run, accelerate the decline of the dress as will cold, damp storage areas. With the correct care and storage conditions your dress should

last forever. To help protect your dress from future decay it is important to have it professionally cleaned before storing. Some stains are colourless and in time will discolour the fabric: perspiration and body oils can oxidise and turn yellow and sugar stains from spilt alcohol and soft drinks may turn brown. White Knight, established in 1904 and a Royal Warrant holder, takes great pride in its wedding dress cleaning service. Your wedding dress will be collected from your home or workplace, carefully

cleaned, then wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and packed in a beautiful acidfree, archival box to protect it from damage and decay for years to come. It is then returned to you by a team of Franchisees, dedicated to providing the best laundry and dry cleaning collection and delivery service in the South and South-East of England.

To find out more call 0845 459 1276 or visit


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British Cuisine at its best On The Thames restaurant is made unique by its magnificent setting overlooking the river at Bourne End Marina. During the summer months it is one of the few restaurants in the county where you can dine al fresco amazingly close to the river. OTT has a regular clientèle who return time and again throughout the year for the exceptionally priced cuisine. During the winter, when the superb views can’t be enjoyed quite

as much, Richard Garratt, restaurant owner, offers an incredibly reasonable three-course set dinner which runs alongside their à la carte menu. Lunch is always a treat and at £11.95 the two-course set menu is a firm favourite with ladies who lunch and local business people. The restaurant also hosts special events and parties and its location offers a wonderful back-drop for

on the thames

wedding receptions. Head Chef Hywel Richards has been at the restaurant since it opened in 2005 and knows his clients’ tastes exceptionally well. His menu offers an excellent choice of meat, fish & vegetarian dishes. The house fish pie has become something of a classic. Opening hours: Open for lunch (Mon-Sun) Open for dinner (Mon-Sat) Normal Pricing: £11.95: set 2 course lunch £16.95: set 3 course dinner

restaurant and bar

• al fresco dining on the terrace overlooking the Thames • children dine free on Sundays, one child per adult throughout 2011 • fully air-conditioned • dietary needs catered for • disabled access lift available • children’s high chairs & booster cushions • parking

Bourne End Marina, Wharf Lane, Bourne End, Bucks SL8 5RR Tel No: 01628 531111


01494 429383

on the thames restaurant and bar


6--,9-69 4(9*/









6--,9-69 (7903



on the thames OTT, Wharf Lane, Bourne End Marina, Bourne End, SL8 5RR | | Tel: 01628 531111


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professional pest prevention

People insure homes and businesses against all kinds of damage, but have you considered the risk of damage caused by pests? Wasps, rats, moles, flies, birds and cockroaches are just a few of the common pests that can cause havoc and devastation to property. They also pose a huge health and safety risk by carrying a variety of diseases, and aren’t fussy about where they spread the disease to. Prokill Pest Prevention have caught all sorts of horrible and dangerous pests, including one of the UK’s only venomous spiders. They advise that the only way to prevent the risk of infestation is to have a thorough prevention or treatment plan in place.

Prokill are a local company who offer the most professional, accredited and insured pest prevention service in the Thames Valley. They are used by hundreds of homes and businesses in the area, from shops and restaurants to large estate management companies and golf courses. They have a solution for every pest problem.

discuss a solution to meet your requirements. Whether it’s a one-off treatment or an ongoing programme, they can help! Make sure your home or business is protected. Call today for a free survey: 07525 828074 or email: For more information visit

As well as some of the traditional methods of pest prevention that Prokill use, such as proofing and baiting, they also have a friendly Harris hawk who loves to meet customers. If you have a pest problem Prokill can carry out a free survey in your business or home and propose and


01494 429383

rats, mice, moles, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, moths, bedbugs, ants, flies, wasps, hornets, mites, fleas, cockroaches, pigeons & other bird species

6WUXJJOLQJWRJHWRII WKHVRID" )HHOLQJXQILW" For a gentle introduction to running, stretching and getting fit

Answer: Magnolia stellata


Will Hartley Drop-In Centre for Bereaved Parents 2nd/4th Mondays every month from 10am - 12 noon 2nd/4th Thursdays every month from 7.30 - 9.30pm The Friends Meeting House, 25 London Road, High Wycombe

To book or for more information call Rachel on 07733 266201 or email

Contact Gill Hartley

01628 522883 13

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This ‘comfort food’ casserole is easy and quick to make and the dumplings only take a few minutes to prepare. It is a delicious and hearty meal for colder nights. Ingredients ●

1 lb braising steak (cut into 1” pieces) 2 large carrots (thickly sliced) 1 stick celery sliced 1 large onion (diced) 2 bay leaves 1 heaped teaspoon paprika 1 rounded teaspoon Marmite 1 tbsp tomato purée 1 tbsp olive oil Small amount of flour for coating beef About half pint water or stock

Dumplings ●

6 oz self-raising flour 2 oz margarine or butter 1 rounded teaspoon mixed herbs Quarter pint water or enough to mix Salt and pepper to taste

Method Coat the braising steak in the flour. Add the olive oil to a pan and heat. Add the braising steak, onion, carrots and the bay leaves and sauté over a moderate heat for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in the paprika and about half a pint of water/stock (just enough to cover), tomato purée and the Marmite and stir. Transfer into an oven-proof dish. Cover and cook in a moderate oven at 150°C or Gas mark 2 for 1½ hours. At this point make the dumplings: Add the mixed herbs and salt and pepper to the self-raising flour, and rub in the margarine or butter. Add the water and gently mix to a sticky/soft consistency. Spoon the mixture onto the goulash using a desert spoon, leaving spaces between each dumpling. Replace the lid and return to the oven for a further 30 minutes at 180°C, Gas mark 3.


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Grandma’s Country Kitchen

Beef Goulash & Herb Dumplings

PLASTERING Plaster Boarding, Coving, Artex Ceilings Smoothed


Call Mark on: 01494 439353 or 07793 237876

R.S. HALL UPHOLSTERY 30 Years Experience ALL UPHOLSTERY WORK UNDERTAKEN + Re-upholstery + Pubs & Clubs + Sofas & Chairs + Schools + Loose Covers + Hospitals + Antiques + Office Chairs Large Contracts, Over 300 fabrics available &REE%STIMATES #ONTACT"OBs4EL EMAILCONTACT RSHALLUPHOLSTERYCOUK WWWRSHALLUPHOLSTERYCOUK 15

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In the Spotlight 16

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Near the bottom of Marlow’s bustling High Street and opposite Higginson Park, discover the delights of Burgers Artisan Bakery. A family-run business, established in 1942, and the second oldest independent trader in town, Burgers brings the taste and a touch of Switzerland to The Causeway. The tearoom, chocolates and bakery, enjoyed by many over the years, remain a continuing success, which is testament to the family’s high standards and enduring commitment down through the years. Our on-site craft bakery produces a wide range of breads and pastries, fresh out of the oven each morning, accompanied by a wonderful aroma. There are the traditional breads, such as farmhouse, cottage, bar, white, wholemeal and malted as well as some less traditional breads, like spelt & honey, rye & walnut, donker and light rye. Then, don’t forget our special breads like tomato and garlic, beer

(made using beer from the locally-based Rebellion Brewery) and cheese and mustard. Those searching for something a bit sweeter, will find our bakery’s own Danish pastries, croissants and other goodies. There are little treats for our younger customers: the smiley faces and gingerbread men remain a favourite! Our cream cakes are a must for those seeking something a bit more self-indulgent. Our waitress-operated tearoom is open all day and caters for all appetites! Be tempted by a traditional English breakfast or perhaps something more Continental! When lunchtime arrives, choose from soup, sandwiches and salads, or go for our Welsh rarebit, from our own unique recipe. Or simply have a drink and a cake, while chatting with friends. Following a recent refurbishment of our shop, we now have a “self-service area” for those of you who

fancy a coffee, snack and a sit down. A full range of drinks are on offer, plus whatever you might fancy from the scrumptious selection clearly on display. We defy you not to be tempted! Need a little something for lunch? We can make you a sandwich of your choice on a range of breads for you to take away - perfect for a wander through the park to the river … .and for a small charity donation, we can even supply you with some bread as a treat for the ducks!

In the Spotlight

From Switzerland with Love...

Celebrating? Need a cake? We offer a made-to-order celebration cake service. Be it for birthday, wedding, Christening - whatever the special occasion - we can personalise it to suit your requirements. All we need is a week’s notice. So, why not pay us a visit to see if we can entice you with any of our delightful and tasty treats? We are open Monday to Saturday, from 8.30am to 5.30pm.


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Roses are red... or pink, or yellow, or white…. So the mad “red rush” of Valentine’s is over….. And hopefully many of you were lucky recipients of red roses, or indeed any colour roses! As a passionate floral designer, Floribundi not only wants to provide gorgeous flowers, but make sure that you enjoy them for as long as possible! So here are a few easy steps to prolong the life of your flowers… If your flowers come with flower food it’s worth checking that it’s the correct food for the bouquet i.e. bulb, lily, rose or a generic food variety. Most supermarkets and florists will attach the right variety to the packaging but do not use it if it’s not the correct variety for your flowers - no food is better than the wrong food. Also, flower food is useless if you don’t mix it with the right quantity of water -too diluted and it has no effect, too strong and it could shorten the life of your flowers.

Before you put your roses in water, recut the ends (remove approx. 1 inch) and cut at an acute angle - DO NOT CRUSH THE ENDS. The acute angle maximises the amount of exposed stem to drink up the water. Make sure that no foliage is below the water line as this will turn your water green very quickly. Place your blooms in tepid water and keep out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat sources -flowers like to be kept cool and dry. Change your water every few days and recut the stems if necessary to encourage further blossoming. This applies to any fresh flowers, not just roses. No flowers like crushed stems and they all love fresh water… Now, vases. How many vases in your house are discoloured with water marks and debris from previous flowers?

Bacteria can be harboured here which will considerably shorten the life of your flowers So when your flowers are finished, pour some bleach into the empty vase and give it a good rinse with warm water - not only will your glass be sparkling like new but ready and waiting for your next bunch of flowers !! *Please take the appropriate precautions whenever using knives, scissors and bleach.

By following these few simple guidelines, I hope you enjoy your blooms a little longer next time someone spoils you! And a reminder for all those sons and daughters out there! Mothering Sunday is April 3rd. Tracey, Floribundi

Bundles of creativity in flowers


Weddings | Celebrations | Remembrance | Flowers for all occasions 18

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Company No 5674

Reg 67






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So don’t delay! Call the team today on 01494 429383 or email us at or via website 20

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What it is The Kinect is a single sensor bar that contains two depth sensors, and a standard RGB camera. Depth is a huge feature of the Kinect, and the cameras can track both your movement from side-to-side, as well as front-to-back and up and down, potentially making the entire range of movements game controls. The Kinect also features a built-in microphone that allows voice-activated commands when applicable, and the vocal feature does pop up in games now and again. After a quick calibration, the hardware is ready to go, and you can activate it in the dashboard at any time by simply waving your hand. When you do, it brings up a specially designed interface called the Kinect hub that allows you to navigate through the dashboard without a controller. The Kinect features video chat between you and other Kinect-enabled Xbox users who are Xbox Live Gold members. The video chat also works with Windows Live Messenger, so while this feature may not be prominently displayed in most of the commercials, it is an excellent addition to the unit. So far the launch titles for the Kinect range in theme from the average sports games designed for simplified controls, to dancethemed games, which require your movements to match the on screen prompts. Kinect’s hardware typically incorporates the movement of your own body in ways that interact with the games. If you want to kick a

ball, you actually kick. To throw a punch, you physically throw a punch. The Kinect offers a full range of motion tracking, so if your character needs to jump, you need to jump. Unlike the PlayStation Move, the Kinect requires games to be made specifically for it — there is no simple way to allow games to become Kinect-compatible. So this is not a replacement for a controller, it is something new altogether. The limitations One thing to keep in mind while using the Kinect is that you will need space. The Kinect requires players to stand six to eight feet from the sensor, and you will need roughly six feet to move from side to side. This might not be an issue for most, but if you live in, say, a studio apartment, the Kinect might not work for you. It shouldn’t be a major issue, but it is a limitation worth noting. Poor lighting can also cause problems, as can direct sunlight, but both are problems that can be easily solved. Unlike the Wii, the Kinect is only capable of accepting two players at a time. Most games that can do still feature four player modes with players switching off, but in that respect, the Wii does have a slight advantage. Even though it is inevitable, it really is somewhat unfair to compare the Kinect and the Wii. The two systems are different in so many ways, but they are both going to target the same demographics. Microsoft wants the Kinect to appeal to an audience that is not typically into video games.

There will of course be a huge crossover of long-time gamers, but odds are they will use it more for party games and the occasional change of pace than as a new way to play games. The titles out so far are fairly basic in their offerings, but that is true for the launch of most video game consoles. There may be titles coming in the future from very clever developers who have discovered a way to unleash the true gaming potential of the Kinect, but that is still a long way off, if it ever happens. The biggest problem for gamers (most casual fans might not see it as a major issue) is that there is a lag of roughly half-a-second. For most games this is a non-issue, especially games that require actions as basic as jumping. But when you try to transfer that system over to a fighting game for example, or any game that requires quick reaction speeds, the delay is going to be tough for long-time gamers to accept. Again though, the Kinect is not for long time gamers, but rather casual players, and that is where the Kinect shines, because at the core of everything is the one simple fact that the Kinect is fun. Conclusion If you are a hardcore gamer, the Kinect is not for you (at least not yet). The Kinect is an attempt to establish Microsoft in the same rich market that the Nintendo Wii erupted into and maybe go even further. After truly having the chance to test it out (we have 2 at home), I have to admit that Microsoft may have a winner on its hands.

Gadgets & Gizmos

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

By Ermanno Antonelli 21

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‡ Replacement of broken down sealed units - misting up inside glass ‡ Adjust front & back doors that do not shut ‡ New handles, hinges and door locks ‡ Replacement of patio door wheels ‡ New security handles with keys ‡ 1HZGRRUSDQHOVDQGFDWÀDSV ‡ New Georgian style or leaded style sealed units ‡ $OOLQVXUDQFHZRUN‡%XUJODU\GDPDJH‡6HUYLFLQJ


No call out charge

FENSA Registered Company

Friendly Family Established Business

Cowling & Co.

Mobile: 07860 435742 Tel/Fax: 01494 483567



s"OILERS replaced s&ULL systems installed s0OWER flushes carried out s!LL natural gas work undertaken


RESIDENTIAL SERVICES • Regular Cleaning • Spring Cleans • Tenancy Cleans • Carpet Cleaning • Upholstery Cleaning


Let our professional cleaning team make your home sparkle! Our staff are experienced, highly trained in the Tri-Colour™ cleaning process, and know exactly the right treatment for every surface. We supply all our own equipment and professional cleaning products... We’re confident you won’t find a better cleaning service.

References from satisfied local customers available Fast, friendly service at a fair price!

0845 226 1293

For a free estimate call: 07941 286747


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Celebrating 20 years of Language Learning Excellence Going abroad? Need to learn the lingo? If you are fed up with not being understood, want to lose your inhibitions and communicate with the locals without hesitation then come to the Marlow Language Centre for a tailor- made language course! Situated in the heart of Marlow in a Victorian schoolhouse with ample car parking, the Marlow Language Centre (MLC) offers a wide range of services such as tuition, translation & interpreting in more than 50 languages – all the European languages, plus

Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and dozens more‌ Learning a foreign language can be daunting but it is fun at the MLC. The Centre deals with all sectors of the community, from business people, aupairs, children from age 4 to 16, GCSE & A level students to retired people, those with property abroad and those who want to learn for pleasure. Lessons are held at the Centre and on corporate clients’ premises and can be scheduled from 7.30am to 8.00pm. Whether a private individual or corporate client, MLC will

arrange a free-of-charge consultation to discuss your needs. Courses are available six days a week ranging from one-to-one tuition, tutorial (1 to 2) or groups of up to six. Teachers are fully trained native speakers whose main aim is for their students to make the best possible progress whilst ensuring that the learning process is fun. You’ll be surprised at just how rewarding learning a language can be. Call 01628 890516 for your free-of-charge consultation or visit www.

3,(95 (3(5.<(., -(:; *6<9:,:(=(03()3,(33@,(9(96<5+056=,93(5.<(.,:


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Managing Stress Successfully – A Life on the Ocean Waves From time to time, we all experience stress in life. It usually arises from a combination of circumstances; a particular situation mixed with how we appraise what is happening to us and our own individual personality and ways of coping. We know that certain life events increase vulnerability to stress and these include situations such as bereavement, divorce and even ‘pleasurable’ events such as Christmas or family holidays. Stress is not necessarily a negative factor. In the short term it can act as a positive force which increases our performance because it makes us more alert, vigilant and increases energy. However, excessive stress over time is likely to seriously affect functioning and health. What we can definitely say is that stress occurs when the demand upon us outweighs our ability to cope. Issues arising in the workplace are one of the most common causes of stress and one study suggested that 60% of absences from work are caused by stress-related disorders. Researchers have found that some people with what has been termed ‘stress-resistant personalities’ can cope with high levels

of stress and yet have low levels of illness. This type of person seems to have three personality characteristics – and they all begin with ‘C’! The characteristics are: a sense of Control which means they have a feeling of purpose and direction in life; a sense of Commitment to interests such as hobbies, family and work; a sense of Challenge, whereby they view change as something normal and positive, rather than as a threat. Of course, fostering a more helpful way of behaving and thinking is not easy when you are under stress, but here’s one little technique that can be useful to try. We all know the story of Titanic and the reason that she sank was the iceberg ripped a hole in her side; once the water went over the bulkheads and filled four compartments she sank to the ocean floor. So imagine your life as being like an ocean-going ship. Use a diagram like the one below to fill in each compartment with different aspects of your life. So for example in one compartment you might write ‘work’ and in another ‘playing golf’ (if that’s your hobby), or ‘being with partner’ etc. What you are doing here is literally compartmentalising your life into as many different

areas as you can. Now take a look at the ones in which you have written life areas where there may be problems that could be difficult (or temporarily impossible) to solve. Decide on which ones you can work upon. Look to see which areas can be improved. For example, maybe your relationship with your partner is good, but what can you do to make it even better? Think about planning enjoyable events and nice times together. By doing this you are putting to one side the areas of your life where you may not be able to make immediate changes and focusing instead on those where you can make positive improvements. You are strengthening those ‘bulkheads’ in these areas so the ‘water’ (stress) can’t overflow into all the compartments and ‘sink’ you. It is typical, when we are under stress, especially at work, to ignore the positive things in life and concentrate only on the stressful situation. So if you are facing stress, do try out the technique above, but if you need a little help to keep your life ‘seaworthy’, consider some cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) sessions to help you learn other ways of doing this. Lyn Williams


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March in the Garden Welcome to the gardening page!

Seasonal Top Tips: There are some shrubs which flower on the same growth they make this season, so they can be pruned back now without worrying as they will still flower later on in the year. The butterfly bush, or Buddleia, can be cut back hard and will respond by putting on a good 4 feet of growth with flowers in late summer. They come in pink, white, lilac, or for a really dark purple, a variety called ‘Black Knight’ is widely available.

A group of plants grown for their winter stem colours of red, yellow or orange are the dogwoods (Cornus), and willows (Salix). The younger growth of these can be more vibrant in colour, so plants that have not been pruned over the years may have lost their edge a little. They can be cut down hard and they will grow quickly during the year to produce striking stems for next winter’s garden. If you want to propagate more of these cut the stems into 6” sections and pop them in the ground; they root really easily. A quick tip for the lawn: In April the grass will be ready to take its food reserves from the roots and draw them into action putting on a sudden spurt of new growth, and before you know it that late first cut becomes a nightmare. If we get a mild day before then, there’s no harm in taking the top off in March; that light early trim could save time in the long run.

Favourites: The Rhododendron family have a massive catalogue of dwarf, small, medium, or large shrubs with amazing displays of pinks, reds, purples, whites, and even yellows. One or two early flowerers should be opening up by now, with others flowering right up to the summer. A couple of favourites of mine are not only for their flowers but they are small or dwarf growers to suit a small garden: ‘Blue Tit’ grows to around 1m high and wide with blue flowers, ‘Moupinense’ is white to pink and 1.2m high, or Rhododendron ‘Cilpinense,’ white to pink, 1m high. The garden centres will no doubt be full of Rhododendrons now, but don’t forget they like acid soil, and won’t do well on alkaline or chalky soil. They may do well in neutral soil but an acid additive should be used to help them flourish.


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In the Garden

March is upon us and the beginning of spring beckons. February has already seen snowdrops and crocus flowering, and the Hellebore, otherwise known as Christmas Rose, have flowered well from what I have seen last month. Now early daffodils should be popping their heads up true to their fashion, and we should prepare for the start of the growing season before things start to get busy.

Daveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mystery Plant: I am a deciduous compact and bushy shrub, reaching a height of about 3 metres over a long period of time. My striking feature begins early to mid spring with silky buds opening to a pure white profusion of star shaped flowers. My other family members are generally larger than me with more cup-shaped flowers, but I like to be different!

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