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→ 简介

→ 关于我们 PRISMA Impianti 由三家公司合并而成,自 1980年以来便已从事于民用设施及工业设 备工程领域。作为“一揽子”解决方案供应 商中的佼佼者,我公司专注于现有设备改造, 这主要得益于公司在电镀设备、机械设备及 自动化设备领域方面发展而来的优势。

这些经验的积累及专业技能的发展使 PRISMA Impianti 成为从钢铁到石油天然气 等一系列产业中的领先者。PRISMA Impianti 公司现作为集工程设计-采购-施工 为一体的承包商已能向客户提供全套新型设 备。PRISMA Impianti公司的专业技能及卓 越品质使其能够完成在意大利及国外的复杂 项目及设施的改造。

→ Who we are

PRISMA Impianti was created from the merging of three companies, operating since 1980 in the field of civil and industrial plant engineering. Our company, a leading supplier of turnkey plants, is specialized in revamping existing plants, thanks to the competences developed in electro-instrumental, mechanic and automation fields. This experience and the development of specific know-how has helped PRISMA Impianti become a benchmark in a variety of industries, from Iron&Steel to Oil&Gas. Our company is in fact able to operate as an EPC Contractor supplying entirely new plants. Expertise and excellence have allowed PRISMA Impianti to successfully develop complex projects and plants both in Italy and abroad .

年工程时间 200.000 Engineering hours per year 员工 100 Employees

→ 地点 where


周转 25/40 Turn Over

→ 主要参数

mln €

→ Genova 销售部 120 sq/m Sales Offices

→ Sannazzaro De’ Burgondi (PV) 车间与仓库 1250 sq/m Workshop and Storage 办事处 Offices

→ Taranto 车间与仓库 495 sq/m Workshop and Storage 办事处 Offices

285 sq/m

800 sq/m

→ Basaluzzo (AL) 总部 1800 sq/m Head Offices

940 sq/m

车间与仓库 Workshop and Storage

→ Values and Ethics

→ 我们的宗旨 我公司的使命是提供精确、可靠、力所能及 的服务,与客户建立稳定、互惠互利的关系。 PRISMA Impianti公司的宗旨是全力满足与公 司相联系的各方的需求,包括客户、员工及 其所在的团体、合作伙伴及供应商,这有助 于建立起往来合作关系网,满足市场需求。 这份社会责任感,始于对工作场所的特殊关 注,同样延伸到了资助改善南亚历山德里亚 地区环境及社区的各项活动上,包括 “Sentiero Vallemme”活动,该活动始于2008 年5月,旨在促进公司所在地区的发展,将其 中部分地区作为步行街,成为有利于旅游业

发展的绝佳地带。公司旧部位于亚历山德里 亚的巴萨卢佐,是该地区最早使用太阳能的 地方之一,这主要得益于能够提供其大部分 能量需求的光伏电站。

PRISMA Impianti是一个基于现代综合管理体系的组织机构,符合ISO 9001:2008关于质量及 ISO 14001:2004关于环境与OHSAS 18001:2007关于职业健康及安全管理的标准。该体系 受众多优秀典范,如欧洲质量管理基金会的启发,通过更为有组织的方法提高了经济效益, 并符合了综合质量管理的八大原则。

ISO 14001

> > > >

由Vincotte 颁发的VCA 安全操作主管培训证书 由TUV颁发的SCC个人安全通行证与培训证书 资深项目工程师参与压力设备指令(97/23/EC)实施 资深项目工程师参与防爆指令(94/9/EC)实施 TUV功能安全工程师----安全仪表系统

PRISMA Impianti organisation is based on a modern Integrated Management System conforming to ISO 9001:2008 (for Quality), ISO 14001:2004 (for the Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (for occupational Health and Safety) standards. This System is inspired by Excellence Models such as EFQM, which improve business performance and make it possible to conform to the eight principles of Total Quality Management (Customer Focused Organisation - Leadership - Involvement of People Process Approach - System Approach to Management - Continual Improvement - Factual Approach to Decision Making - Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships).

OHSAS 18001

→ 我们的工作人员具有以下认证 >

area, including the “Sentiero Vallemme” (Vallemme Towpath), an initiative started in May 2008, aimed at enhancing the area where the company was founded, assigning part of it as a pedestrian area, the ideal location for the development of tourist activities. The historical headquarters of the company in Basaluzzo (province of Alessandria) is one of the first in the area to employ solar energy thanks to a photovoltaic plant that meets most of its energy needs.

→ Certifications

→ 组织机构认证

ISO 9001

Our company mission is to provide an accurate, reliable and competent service, developing a stable, mutually beneficial relationship with our Client. PRISMA Impianti's aim is the complete satisfaction of all parties dealing with the Company: Clients, Employees and the Communities in which they live, Partners and Suppliers, with whom it has been able to build a network of contacts and partnerships in order to address the needs of the market. This social responsibility, starting from a specific attention given to the work place, also extends to the numerous activities financed for the benefit of the environment and the communities of the southern Alessandria

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

→ Our engineers have the following certifications >

“VCA Safety Operational Supervisors Training Certificates issued by Vinçotte”


“Experienced Project Engineers in Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) implementation”

> > >

“SCC Personal Safety Passes and Training Certificates issued by TUV”

“Experienced Project Engineers in ATEX Directive 94/9/EC implementation” “TUV Functional Safety Engineers – Safety Instrumented Systems”

“我们为客户提供机械、电气、 自动化系统整合的建设与服务方案, 真正实现项目承包。” Valerio Eugenio Alfonso (President and Founder)

Prisma Impianti 股份公司是顶级的“交钥匙”工程承包商,尤其专于为工业生产过程自动化系统提 供系列解决方案;此外,得益于多年大量专业技能的发展,Prisma Impianti已成为改造现有设备 领域的领航者。 作为系统整合商,Prisma Impianti能够使用各种产品,因此有着相比于专门整合自有产品的公司 更为广泛的服务范围。在新型设备领域,公司从“绿地”建设开始,是集工程设计-采购-施工为一 体的承包商。 作为自动化系统供应商,Prisma Impianti则是自动化主承包商。随着公司获得开发了“自动化软 件包”,主承包商也从工作负担及工作任务的减少中受益不小。

Prisma Impianti S.p.A. is a leading supplier of “turnkey” plants, particularly in the field of Automation Systems for Industrial Processes; furthermore, thanks to the extensive know-how developed over the years, Prisma Impianti has become a leader in revamping existing plants. Being a system integrator, PRISMA Impianti is able to use any type of product, and therefore has greater scope than a company which exclusively integrates its own components. Concerning new plants, our company is able to operate as an EPC Contractor, starting from the green field. As an automation supplier, Prisma Impianti can also perform as a Main Automation Contractor. As our company acquires and develops autonomously the “automation package”, the Main Contractor benefits from the reduction of work load and responsibilities.

→ 基础及前端工程设计 Basic and Front End Engineering Design (BED, FEED)

→ 测试 Testing

→ 详细工程设计 Detailed Engineering Design

→ 运转调适 Commissioning

→ 产品与服务

→ 程序设备自动化 Prisma Impianti 自“交钥匙”工程及设备自动化领域中起家,如今,该项业务对 Prisma Impianti 公司新建设备及改造现有设备来说仍是一项核心业务。 公司主要业务范围: > > > >

> >

可行性研究 设备设计 软件开发 指挥、控制设备供应 ● 金属镀层、变压器、电源中心及发动机控制中心 ● 交流电/直流电转换/驱动面板 ● 可编程逻辑控制或集散控制系统面板 ● 人机界面监测控制及数据采集 ● 项目传感器、制动器 设备安装 检测调适

PRISMA Impianti同时还提供以下专业服务: 机械性能研究、风险分析及相关文件编制,设计及现场干预,确保设备合法化。

→ Process & Plants Automation

PRISMA Impianti developed in the Turnkey Process & Plants Automation field. Nowadays this is still PRISMA Impianti’s core business, both for new plants and when revamping existing plants. Our main activities are: > > > >

> >

Feasibility studies Design of plants Software development Supply of command and control equipments ● Metal Clad, Transformer, Power Center e Motor Control Center (MCC) ● AC/DC Inverters/Drives Panels ● Control Panels with PLC or DCS ● SCADA systems for human-machine interface ● Sensors and actuators for the field Plant installation Test and commissioning

PRISMA Impianti is also able to offer specialistic activities like: Studies for machinery compliance, risk analysis and the relating documentation, design and on-site interventions to ensure that the plants comply with legislation.

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→ 工业炉 PRISMA Impianti公司将工业热处理项目中的专业技能应用到热处理炉的建设、改造,如:

> > > > > > >

步进梁板,钢坯电炉 推送式电炉板,坯 金属薄片热处理炉 热镀锌炉——水平式 热镀锌炉——直立式 连续退火炉 画线炉

Prisma公司的技术实践使得新的热处理及程序自动化的整合成为可能,使用现有熔炉可有以 下好处: > > > > > > >

提高产量 节约能源 提高产品质量 减少有害气体排放,遵循现有法律法规 优化温度管理,使用先进控制系统(燃烧数学模式化) 控制集中化,便于操作员操作 优化维护,强化错误诊断功能

→ Industrial furnaces

PRISMA Impianti has applied its expertise in the field of industrial heat engineering into the construction and revamping of hot treatment furnaces like: > > > > > > >

Walking beam furnaces for slabs and billets Pusher furnaces for slabs and billets Heat treatment furnaces for sheet metal Furnaces for hot-dip galvanising lines - Horizontal Furnaces for hot-dip galvanising lines - Vertical Furnaces for continuous annealing Furnaces for painting lines

PRISMA’s technological practices allow the integration between new thermal solutions and process automation. The main benefits that can be achieved with existing furnaces are: > > > > > > >

Increased production Energy saving Improved product quality Reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and adaptation to current regulations Better temperature management and implementation of advanced control systems (mathematical model of combustion) Centralisation of controls and ease of use for operators Optimisation of maintenance and greater fault diagnostics

→ 工业信息技术 Prisma Impianti公司工程师能够在项目原始设计到开发投放的各个阶段协助客户,确保优化设 备管理。Prisma Impianti提供由专业技师提出的点对点解决方案,满足您的业务需求:

> > > > > > > >

集散控制系统软件开发与应用 可编程逻辑控制系统软件开发与应用 人机界面与监测控制及数据采集软件的开发与应用 不同信息技术层面间数据交换协议及界面的开发 与企业资源规划系统链接的网页开发 数据存储、报告及产品检测软件的开发 数学模式的研究与开发 信息技术网站的设计、应用及认证

→ Industrial IT

PRISMA Impianti engineers are able to assist the Client in each stage of the project, from the initial design stage to the development and launch stages to ensure better plant management. PRISMA Impianti offers end-to-end solutions, developed by our technical experts in order to meet your business objectives: > > > > > > > >

Development and implementation of software for DCS systems Development and implementation of software for PLCs Develop and implementation of HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA software Development of protocols and interfaces for data exchange between different IT levels Development of web pages to interface with Enterprise Resource Planning systems Development of data storage, reporting and product tracking software. Study and development of mathematical models Design, realization and certification of IT networks

→ 产业

→ 钢铁工业 Steel Industry

石油与天然气 ← Oil & Gas

→ 有色金属工业 Non Ferrous Metals Industry

石油化学产品 ← Petrolchemical

→ 基础设施 Infrastructures

→ 水泥厂 Cement Factories

化工产业 ← Chemical Industry

食品产业 ← Food Industry

→ 能源 Energy

→ 环境 Environment

交通 ← Transportation

操作 ← Handling

→ contact us / contatti

→ Head Offices

via Asti, 7 15060 | Basaluzzo | AL | Italy T : +39 0143.48.98.91 F : +39 0143.48.98.94

→ Genova Offices P.zza della Vittoria, 14 16121 | Genova | Italy T : +39 F : +39

→ Sede Legale | Prisma Impianti S.p.A.

Corso Italia, 6 - 15076 | Ovada | AL | Italy - Partita IVA / VAT: IT01339540062 - Codice Fiscale: 01339540062 CAP. SOC. 1.000.000 Euro i.v. REA N° 155035 C.C.I.A.A. AL

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