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Life Expectancy When we are going to talk about longevity we can imagine our future. It is important to know that our future would depend on our behavior with the life and whether we care to be health or not. In our mind we have the main idea and it could be positive or negative. For example, many people think that they do not want to live more than 60 years, but on the other hand we have people who want to live a lot of time. For those reasons, we have to be



not to live more or

what we can do or less years.

In general, we

already know that we

have to be careful

with our healthy. It is

our responsibility to

visit the doctor and

have a good control

with our lives. Do not





affect you. If you waste your time doing bad things like smoking, drinking alcohol or doing something like that, it is possible that you are going to have some diseases in the future and it will be too late to do something. Be conscious about what risks you are able to pass for living more.

Another option to keep our lives in a good way is to do exercises. Scientifics said that is recommended that old people do exercise minimum twice a week. It would help them to be active. Also, it helps to have the

mind busy and thinking about healthy things. Doing exercises is an excellent reason to wake up early and to be anxious to continue living the life. The last and not less important than others reasons to live more be being happy and enjoy your own life. You do not have in any way to waste time feeling stressed or worried about all around you. You have to take it easy and do not worry about insignificant things that normally happen in life. It is completely usual to have problems but we have to be able face them. Enjoy your life to the maximum level that you can because it is only one. In conclusion, we can say that we learned good aspects to have more years living in this beautiful word. We have to think in positive ways and do some of the simple recommendations. We have only one opportunity in life to be happy and we have to enjoy it. Try to find the perfect reason to live more. Finally, you would be happy if you did the best to yourself and thought about people that are surrounding you.