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Looking for the Fountain of Youth Why do people want to live longer? For many years, people have been looking for the way not to get older and die. The population around the world has developed many products that retard the years. In relation with this many companies make products for this problem called age. But, people forget it is not what we use in our body; it is how we handle and treat it in order to get benefits in our life. Eating healthy, it is and will be one of the major pieces of advice that doctors tell us. You must eat fruits, grains and vegetables to have your body healthy. In my opinion, healthy food depends on the place you live. You might hear consuming this: fruit or vegetable reduces the risk of getting a disease, but it all depends on the region you live in and whether you can find this type of food. In order to be healthy you must eat healthy, food but that does not mean that you cannot eat chocolates. You should have a balanced diet!

Exercising, moving your body or just a simple walk will help you to have a great body and live longer. This is what everyone says, but for real how many of us do exercises every day? Doing exercises is fundamental. One of the major causes of death is heart attacks and you can avoid this if you work out. What you can do to exercise is looking for a partner. In this way you will not feel alone and would like to do it. Do whatever you can to be healthy and then you will feel great. Another piece of advice that you need to consider is being surrounded by your family. You are not going to feel good; if you do not have a good sentimental life. You will not have a very nice life even if your body is healthy. Many people think they are alone and they can do whatever they want by themselves, but for how long will this last? Having a good relationship with your relatives can help you live longer if that is what you want. Living longer does not mean to have a life apart from your family. Instead you can include them in your new life style. For many reasons people have been looking to be healthy but the major reason is because they want to live for a longer period of time. As I just said the food is very important if you want to have a wonderful and long life. Also, moving your body will help you with your diet and you will feel great. One other behavior that supports yourself having a long life is having a very good relation with you family. That can contribute to your life. Many situations could happen even if you do not exercise yourself , eat well and have a good relationship with you family but these little activities can make big changes in your life.

Priscilla Vargas