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ach person carries with them a story, the narrative of their life. Our stories are made up of the collective experiences of our lives—the good and bad, the successes and failures. Unfortunately, many of these stories are tragic ones because people have not yet encountered the life-changing love and power of Jesus. Their stories are filled with disappointment, failure, loss, obsession, and despair. You are probably familiar with many of these stories. Perhaps one or more of them belong to you. But many of us know that when our stories link with the grand story of Christ the narrative begins to change, and the stories of our lives begin to move in new and exciting directions, the direction God planned for us all along. Each week our services are full of these kinds of stories. Pause for a moment, and ask yourself what you have experienced over the years while being at Skyline. Think about the times of sorrow and uncertainty. Think about the most intense moments of joy and praise. Each of us have stories of the ways we have met with and been changed by God during our time at Skyline, stories that are testaments to God’s dramatic, renewing, and direction-changing work in the lives of his people. For every seat there’s a story, and now is the time to start making room for more stories. During this next year we will be building a new facility that includes a cafe, chapel, atrium, family room, and—of course—a new worship center. This project is not just about constructing a building. In fact, it’s much more than that; it’s about looking to the future with an understanding and expectation that God has a great deal more story-changing wonders to do at Skyline. Our new worship center will create more seats for more people so that our church will experience more stories of God’s miraculous and life-changing work. We are building the legacy—the story—of this church, and it will take all of us working together to make it a reality. Your prayers and financial support are needed.

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Blessings upon you as you browse through this brochure. Please pray over each page and consider your part in making this God-given dream a reality.


Jim Garlow

Lead Pastor Skyline Church

For every seat there’s a story…

…and now is the time to start making room for more stories. NOW THE TIME TO BUILD

STEVE MORAN For every seat there’s a story. Steve came to Skyline almost twelve years ago with his wife, Katie, and their two daughters. When Katie was diagnosed with cancer and discovered that it was terminal, they turned to the church for support. “We didn’t have a family to turn to,” says Steve. “The only family we had that had continued to rally around us was the church family and the people of Skyline.” When Katie passed away, Steve’s church family was there. “Every time a need came up there was someone within the church who stepped up. There was just such a love. Every moment, every need was met. How can I not be grateful to a church like that? How can I not be grateful to a place that says, ‘We’re going to take care of hurting people?’” Now Steve is a part of that same mission. “As I worked through all this grief and loss, I ended up thinking, ‘Well, God, that pain is always going to be there. What do you want me to do?’ And God said, ‘Serve,’ so I did.”



We’ve been waiting for a new place to worship. We know that God has blessed us greatly where we are, but we’re ready for more. We’ve been waiting patiently for our dreams to be realized.


He’s been waiting for just the right moment. We know that God’s ways are not our ways, and his plans are not our plans. He’s been waiting until our hearts, our vision, and our means are in just the right place.




Hurting people are waiting to be healed. We serve a God who loves and restores his creation, and he uses his people to extend his hands to the lost and the broken. Hurting people are waiting for a place where they can find hope.

More room for more stories.


44,448 square feet

• state-of-the-art worship center • traditional chapel • convenient cafe and bookstore • comfortable family room • spacious atrium


For every seat there’s a story.


With the added ability to expand the seating onto the patio and into the adjoining atrium, the Cafe will also be an ideal venue for concerts, small group get-togethers, art galleries and other creative events. The Cafe will be a place for sharing and expanding the stories of God’s work in our lives.


The Cafe is the place where these kinds of conversations will become a natural part of our faith. The 1,400 square foot space will include a coffee bar where you can also get tea and snacks, a bookstore, and bistro-style seating.


will be the place to grab a cup of coffee and settle in for good discussions with good company. Some of the most meaningful moments of our lives happen when we’re in everyday conversations with friends: swapping stories, sharing our thoughts, and asking questions. In seemingly ordinary situations we can often find ourselves both encouraged and challenged.




With comfortable seating, a two-story glass entryway that allows natural light to fill the room, and over 4,000 square feet of space, the Atrium will be an ideal place for connecting with friends both new and old.


will be at the center of our new worship center and act as our very own Grand Central Station. Whether you’re entering the worship center from the outside or coming from the cafe, the chapel, or one of the services, all of our paths will cross in the Atrium. With so many of us moving between various weekend Encounters, Connect groups, and Serve opportunities, it can be easy to lose track of one another, but the Atrium will be a place where we can find each other, reconnect, and share life.



For Kris and Kinder, Skyline was more than just the place where they were married; it’s the place where they first met. Kris is a third-generation Skyliner. “To me,” he says, “Skyline has meant family. I was born and raised at this church.” He met Kinder three years ago when she began leading worship at The Cause service on Saturday nights.

Kinder first noticed Kris in that same service. “I could tell he was just so different than anyone else I knew at the time.” For both of them, Skyline has shaped the people they are today. “Skyline is where I became an adult,” says Kinder, “and people at Skyline played such a huge part in me growing up and setting examples for me of what I wanted to be like.” Skyline is also an integral part of their new life together. “The church is our common denominator,” says Kris. “It’s what brought us together. It’s always been a focal point of my life, and it will continue to remain that.”


will be a place where many stories will begin, and where many fond memories will be remembered. It will be unlike anything we’ve ever had before in its fusion of modern technology and traditional styling. With pew-style seating for 200 and room for even more when the rear doors are opened to the patio area, the Chapel will be a beautiful and intimate setting for services, prayer gatherings, funerals, and weddings. In the in-between times it will serve as a quiet place away from the hectic pace of everyday life, a place to which you can escape and spend a few moments or a few hours in prayer. The Chapel will be a place where God’s still, small voice will be heard and our stories will continue to unfold

KEN & MEAVE HANNIBAL For every seat there’s a story.

Meave came to Christ just as her marriage with Ken was falling apart, but when he came to Christ a short time later they discovered a new foundation for their relationship. They’ve now been married for 54 years. When Meave was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2004 her situation was bleak. “She went down to the lowest depths,” says Ken, “but God had His hand on her.” The doctors had given up on her, but Meave knew the fight wasn’t over. “I wasn’t depending on them. It’s amazing the faith he gives you when you go through this type of thing.” Through the whole ordeal, Ken and Meave were loved by their friends at Skyline. “I’ve never been ministered to the way Skyline mistered to me during my cancer,” says Meave, “and I didn’t realize all the love that came from Skyline until it was directed at me.” How fitting that she was at church for a Bible study when she received the news that she was cancer-free. Through it all they’ve loved the Lord and grown closer to one another. “We’ve had a great time together,” Ken says, “and we’re looking forward to more.”


will be where families can go when the inevitable happens. At Skyline, family is important, and not just because it’s on our bumper stickers. As the stories of our lives adapt, expand, and begin to include some “new additions,” Skyline will adapt and expand too. Sometimes, as new parents, it can be necessary to have our children in weekend services with us for one reason or another, but there will come a day when things won’t go quite as planned. In addition to our primary childcare and children’s ministries in our current building, the Family Room in our new worship center will be a place that’s for kids and parents with comfortable seating, toys for the kids, a private nursing area, and large television monitors so that you don’t have to miss a minute of the service. We want to see you each week in our weekend Encounters, but when a meltdown occurs the Nursery will be a place where you can deal with the fallout.


will be the place where we gather to celebrate. It will be the place where we come to lift up our hearts, open up our minds, and let loose our praise. Our new Worship Center will have twice the capacity of our current space, and with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and video systems we will have the opportunity to be even more creative in helping people experience a story-changing encounter with Christ. We’ll also have the chance to impact thousands of new people in our community by providing a venue for concerts, meetings, and other events. The Worship Center is the physical place where the spiritual happens, where the old becomes new, and death becomes life. Each seat is an opportunity for someone to experience the power and love of Christ. For every seat there’s a story, and now is the time to start making room for more stories.

• 2,000 theater-style seats • Over 22,000 square feet

• State-of-the-art sound, lighting, and video • Additional room for future expansion

CHRISTINA STEVENS For every seat there’s a story. Christina was raised and found Christ at Skyline, but she left in high school when she began making decisions that would drastically alter the direction of her life. “I started becoming involved with homosexuality. I didn’t see myself fitting in at church. I didn’t think that they wanted me there.” Several years later, the repercussions of her lifestyle began to weigh heavily on Christina, and she began to consider returning to Skyline. “There’s a lot of pain in that lifestyle,” she says. “I just felt a tugging, and I know it was God.” Even after returning to Skyline, Christina kept her pain a secret and stayed quiet about the life from which she’d come. “It’s so taboo, and it’s so something that people hush and throw under the rug. It really wasn’t until Proposition 8 happened that I felt like I could actually talk about things because it was being discussed so openly. I felt safe.” When Skyline began a support group for those dealing with issues of homosexuality, Christina decided to go. “I went to the first meeting extremely nervous but also extremely excited.” Through the group she found the healing and support she needed. “God is definitely doing an awesome work in me. I have never been happier than I am right now because I know that God is amazing. He loves me, and he brought me out of such a painful place. If he did it for me he can do it for anyone.”


This is a two year financial commitment in order to build the new worship center, chapel, atrium, family room, and cafe. Our goal is to move into the new worship center in late 2010 or early 2011. Nearly half of the estimated $9 million that is needed has already been raised, but reaching our goal will require all of us. What can you do?   Begin now to pray about your overall financial commitment. Pray about the total amount you can pledge toward building the new worship center.

No one is to show up in the Presence of God empty-handed; each man must bring as much as he can manage, giving generously in response to the blessing of God, your God. Deuteronomy 16:17, The Message

GIVING On October 31 & November 1, Skyline Church will hold a Commitment Weekend— a Harvest Festival. Each of us will bring our pledge cards reflecting our total financial commitment to the worship center and offer the commitment to God at this service.   November 7 & 8, during our regular weekend Encounters, Skyline will hold a First Fruits offering where you can bring as much of your total commitment as you can up-front. The remaining amount can then be spread over two years in monthly contributions. Please see the included Commitment Card for more information.

WAYS TO GIVE • Checks - make checks payable to "Skyline Church" and in the memo write "NOW campaign" • ACH - automated checking withdrawal • Cash • Credit cards • Stocks, Bonds or other asset transfers

HOW TO GIVE • Put your contribution in an envelope and place it in the offering during service • Call (619) 600-5000 and ask to speak with our finance office • Go to and click the word "Giving"

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT THAN MY TITHE? The ministries of Skyline Church will continue to expand during this building campaign, so please continue to bring your tithe in addition to the offerings God leads you to give for this building campaign. When there is a meaningful opportunity like this, God asks us to go above and beyond the tithe, which is our minimum worship requirement.

For every seat there’s a story, and now is the time to start making room for more stories. NOW THE TIME TO BUILD

NOW Campaign Brochure  
NOW Campaign Brochure