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Girls Retreat 2013

The Disciple Now Retreat

Feb 15-17

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

We gathered with youth from H20 Church, First Presbyterian Church, and Four12 for this Orlando retreat. It was like a big weekend-long sleepover. We stayed at a host home near the church. We had group discussions and played games in the evenings. During the day, we a?ended group worship and sessions. Also on Saturday, we put on a carnival for children in the Mercy Drive community.

Theme: The Gospel Message: We have a problem– sin. It shows up in our lives in different ways. Sin keeps us from knowing God. Jesus is the only one that can fix it our problem and restore our broken relaonship with God. Challenge: Live out your relaonship with God now. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way! Do you remember your teen years? For many, adolescence is a me of intense peer pressure, low self esteem, inconsistency and poor decision making. It’s a me where making friends and just “fi#ng in” is of utmost importance. For our girls, these same challenges are true. But thank God, there is hope…

Leaders: Shaunese and I (pictured below) Girls: Shoshanah, Reese, Ta)ta, Zuleyka, Ashli, Sabrina, Niki, Chris), and Taylor.

God is intervening in their lives. He’s revealing His love for them. He’s showing them that they have value because He made them, and more than that… He sent Jesus to die a death as payment for their sins! Each girl is on her own journey of discovering God’s truth. Shaunese and I are so grateful to be a part of the process. Working with them is challenging. But, it’s such a blessing to see them grow and become more open to God!

PRAISES from the Retreat! • They are interested in spiritual things… they asked us

to take them to this retreat & raised the money. • They got to experience biblical conflict resoluon. • They asked good, honest quesons about God. • Each girl made an effort to speak kind, affirming words

Serving in the Community and Having fun!

to each other. • Some of them asked us for prayer and for help in how to live for God.

Prayer Requests •

Pray for all the girls to grow closer to the Lord.

Pray that each one would respond to the gospel.

Pray that peer pressure wouldn’t hinder their individual spiritual growth.

Pray that God would give us wisdom as we connue to mentor these girls.

Retreat newsletter