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Less Than 1 Week Until… Praise Reports: Praising God for the $1,200 I am still trusting Him for South Africa Praising God the 20 monthly ministry partners that will join my team for at least $50 a month Praising God for my openness to relate to others this summer Prayer Request:

Lately I have been saying that the world is coming to a “Crashing End.” The signs are all around us, it only makes sense that God would be raising up armies of soldout soldiers who will take the truth of Jesus Christ all over this world. The world has been waiting and the time has come. In less than one week, God is using the Impact movement and thousands of kingdom minded supporters to send over 50 African American missionaries and college students to Africa. One team of 25 will be heading to Ghana, and two other teams of 15 will be heading to difference areas in South Africa. Together we will all make an impact that will have rippling effects until eternity! God is enlarging our territories and we are taking South Africa for Christ!

That God would bless our South Africa Team indeed. That He would give us more territory for His glory and more opportunities to touch more lives this summer! That God’s hand and Spirit would be on us and fill us so that we rapidly spread the Good news over all of Cape Town, South Africa! Do you want to Help me reach South Africa for Christ? Send your one-time donation to my WI address before June 28th or give online. If God leads you to give more send your check to the FL address or give online at anytime. 9810 W. Good Hope (53224)

My Cape Town South Africa Team

In Cape Town, South Africa, my team will work for three weeks in the community spreading the message of love and hope by working in cooperation with the “Heal the Hood” YMCA program and aids orphanages. For the remaining three of the six weeks we will be on the college campuses participating in creative evangelism and discipleship. I don’t want to expect anything because God always does what He wants anyways (which is what I prefer). One thing I do expect the Lord to do is work on me, open my eyes to who He truly is and who He wants me to be, and I expect to be at least one more step closer to my destiny and life’s purpose. . . Thanks to you Partners!

April’s Recap What happened in Missouri? This past April, Impact hosted Students at Missouri ILI 4 Impact Leadership Institutes (ILI) throughout the nation where hundreds of college students answered the call to fulfill the Great Commission! At this weekend event 52 black students were equipped and trained in leadership ministry skills. A New Worship Experience... At the conclusion of the ILI weekend, the Impact staff headed back to Orlando, FL...on a Sunday! As we had our debriefing meeting at Ruby Tuesday’s before boarding our plane, we conversed about the overall effectiveness of the event and prayed to improve our methods for next year and thanked God for what He had done...but it was Sunday! That’s when I realized that I was participating in a new worship experience, a worship of obedience to God, outside of the four walls, and miles from my church home. God was pleased with our sacrificed lives of obedience and dedicated service unto Him to make disciples of all nations. March’s Recap Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) is what I call an exciting Faith Rollercoaster! I find it fun to trust and watch God to provide for me. For the entire month of March I raised hardly any funds which was discouraging. But God used the discouragement to remind me that “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Duh! I should know that right? Regardless of how many no’s I hear, I should stay encouraged, right? That is exactly what God wants us to do. Be encouraged based on the truth, that He is Jehovah Jireh, there are way more than enough funds and financial stewards to support the spread of the gospel, and just like the birds, He will take care of me. Which is my testimony, because for the last seven months I have had everything that I needed! See...that’s why I call it a faith rollercoaster...a rollercoaster on which my faith expands and my relationship with God is enriched as I cling to Him and trust him like NEVER BEFORE, and I’m only 23! This is going to be a great RIDE! More importantly, in March while presenting an opportunity to many to invest into something that has eternal consequences, I was used by God to pray, encourage (in spite of my discouragement), inspire and speak the word of God into the lives of many people. He has enlarged my territory and I have more space and opportunity to give Him Glory!

(Give online) * * Your Partner, His Laborer, Priscilla 2418 Titus Ct. Orlando, FL 32817 * W: 407-826-2608 * C: 414-732-7325 * Make checks out to the Impact Movement Memo include this # 0599870 and send to: Campus Crusade for Christ PO Box 628222 Orlando, FL 32862

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That God’s hand and Spirit would be on us and fill us so that we rapidly spread the Good news over all of Cape Town, South Africa! Your Part...