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The Oreo Connection

Eden Ben-Haim Priscilla Dominguez Jennifer Gavens Leonie Geyer Sarah McKinney

Brand Associations • lifetime of memories • food culture artifact • togetherness • bringing people together • variety • oreo for every person • family • friends

The Oreo Tribe

The Millennials

The Snackers 24/7 Snacker • Skip Meals: Smaller bites throughout the day Hungry Snacker • Cookies are the last resort • No time for breakfast • absorbed in other activity Social Snacker • party snack • gossiping cookie • comfort food

The Work Snack • people don’t have traditional meals anymore • social snack • still won’t interrupt your work • reward yourself every time you finish a task by eating an oreo

The Oreo Break • Creates smart watch app to work with various brands • Measures your body’s level of stress • Calm and restore attention • Allows 15 second interaction with strangers • Shareable

Why It Works • solves a problem • connects people • sharable

The Playful Cookie • a fun snack • entertaining • more creative engagement with cookie

Oreo Art • Collaboration between Oreo + The Ring • Draw and write their own creations on cookie • Connect with other oreo fans Ring Demonstration Link

Why It Works • playful • reward incentive • connects people • sharable

The Oreo Connection  

360i Agency Workshop Presentation

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