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Health Services  Guides Options  guide ● Medical  Services: I  am  looking  for... ● medical  services  on  campus ● health  services ● health  care ● to  see  a  doctor ● to  make  an  appointment ● medical  emergency 1.  For  all  your  medical  needs,  contact  Health  Services­‐services.html#faq-­‐5 2.  Make  an  appointment  at  Health  Services. 3.  If  it’s  a  medical  emergency,  try  to  remain  calm  and  call  315-­‐443-­‐4299.

Free Form  Guide ● hours  of  operation I’m  looking  for ● hours  at  the  health  center ● health  services  hours  of  operation ● when  is  the  health  center  open What  are  the  hours  of  operation  at  Health  Services? 1.  For  the  most  up-­‐to-­‐date  information,  check  Health  Services  homepage

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● ambulances on  campus  and  medical  transport I  am  looking  for... ● ● ● ●

ambulances on  campus medical  transport ride  to  the  doctors medical  emergency

1. Health  Services  offers  general  ambulatory  care.­‐services.html#faq-­‐1 2.  Learn  about  Syracuse  University  Ambulance  (SUA),  the  student-­‐operated  organization within  Health  Services. 4.  If  it’s  a  medical  emergency,  try  to  remain  calm  and  call  315-­‐443-­‐4299. 4.    If  you’re  in  need  of  a  non-­‐emergency  medical  transport  due  to  a  temporary impairment,  let  us  know.­‐services.html#faq-­‐5

Free Form  guide ● insurance  questions I’m  looking  for: ● health  insurance ● questions  about  my  health  insurance ● what  to  do  if  i  don’t  have  health  insurance ● health  insurance  for  students I  need  health  insurance  or  have  questions  about  my  current  plan? 1.  Reach  out  to  Health  Services’  insurance  coordinator­‐services.html#faq-­‐5 Options  Guide ● std  testing

● ● ● ● ●

free flu  clinics help  with  allergies immunizations  available  on  campus HIV  testing vaccinations

1. Get  assistance  with  managing  your  allergies­‐services.html#faq-­‐5 2.  Make  an  appointment  to  get  tested  for  HIV  and  other  STDs.­‐services.html#faq-­‐5 3.  Learn  more  about  immunizations  and  vaccinations  provided  at  Health  Services.­‐services.html#faq-­‐5 4.  Get  your  free  flu  shot.­‐clinic.html

Options Guide ● men’s  health  questions ● women’s  health  questions ● health  education ● nutrition  services  and  help I’m  looking  for ● nutritional  support ● nutritionist ● women’s  health ● men’s  health

1. Learn  about  the  health  services  available  to  men.­‐services.html#faq-­‐7 2.  Learn  about  the  health  services  available  to  women.­‐services.html#faq-­‐8

3. Let  us  know  if  you  need  nutritional  counseling­‐services.html#faq-­‐12 Options  Guide

● lab services ● fill  prescriptions

I’m looking  for ● prescription  refills ● how  to  refill  my  prescription ● blood  work ● lab  testing 1.  Get  your  prescriptions  filled  at  our  pharmacy  on  campus.­‐services.html#faq-­‐10 2.  Have  your  lab  testing  done  at  Health  Services.­‐services.html#faq-­‐9

Free Form  Guide: ● Appointments I  am  looking  for... ● appointment  at  health  center ● health  center  appointments ● see  a  doctor ● need  medical  attention ● I’m  sick Are  you  not  feeling  well? 1. Schedule  an  appointment  at  Health  Services  and  get  the  medical  attention  you need. 2. For  after-­‐hours  care,  call  us  at  315-­‐443-­‐9005­‐hour-­‐care.html Options  Guide ● Forms

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Health Forms Meningitis  Form Medical  Records  Release Medical  Transport  Request

I am  looking  for... ● health  forms ● meningitis  forms ● release  for  medical  forms ● medical  transport  form ● immunization  forms 1. Fill  out  your  required  health  form.­‐form.pdf 2. Complete  your  required  meningitis  form. 3. Get  your  medical  release  form. 4. Fill  out  the  medical  transport  form. Free  Form  Guide ● immunization  requirements I’m  looking  for ● immunization  requirements ● information  on  immunizations ● immunizations  I  need  for  school What  are  the  immunization  requirements? 1.  Health  Services  outlines  this  information  for  you.

Free Form  Guide ● health  and  wellness  fee I’m  looking  for ● health  and  wellness  fee ● info  on  health  and  wellness  fee ● health  fee

Can I  waive  the  Health  and  Wellness  Fee? The  Health  and  Wellness  fee  is  mandatory  fee Can  I  waive  the  Health  and  Wellness  Fee? Free  Form  Guide ● missing  class I’m  looking  for ● excuse  note ● sick  note ● missed  class  because  i  was  sick Will  I  be  able  to  get  an  excuse  note  for  class? Health  Services  does  not  provide  notes  to  verify  visits Will  I  be  able  to  get  an  excuse  note  for  class? Free  Form  Guide ● filling  prescriptions  from  outside  doctors I’m  looking  for ● prescriptions  from  outside  doctors Does  Health  Services  fill  prescriptions  from  “outside”  doctors? Yes,  the  pharmacy  accepts  prescriptions  from  other  health  care  providers Do  you  fill  prescriptions  from  "outside"  doctors? Free  Form  Guide ● calling  in  prescription  refills I’m  looking  for ● refilling  prescriptions ● how  to  refill  my  prescription ● calling  in  prescription  refills Can  I  call  in  a  refill  for  my  prescription? Yes.  You  are  encouraged  to  call  in  your  refills  48  hours  in  advance Can  I  call  in  a  refill  for  my  prescription?

Free Form  Guide ● medical  leave  of  absence I’m  looking  for ● to  take  a  medical  leave  of  absence ● leave  school What  do  I  need  to  do  to  take  a  medical  leave  of  absence? Contact  the  Office  of  Student  Assistance  in  306  Steele  Hall  at  315-­‐443-­‐4357 What  do  I  need  to  do  in  order  to  take  a  medical  leave  of  absence? Free  Form  Guide ● special  parking  consideration I’m  looking  for ● help  with  parking

What should  I  do  if  I  need  special  parking  consideration? If  you  have  a  current  parking  permit  and  wish  to  request  a  special  parking  consideration,  apply here What  should  I  do  if  I  need  special  parking  consideration? Free  Form  Guide ● special  housing  consideration I’m  looking  for ● medical  request  for  housing ● special  housing  need What  should  I  do  if  I  need  special  housing  consideration? If  you  wish  to  make  a  medical  request  for  special  housing  or  meal  plan  consideration,  apply  here What  should  I  do  if  I  need  special  housing  consideration?

Free Form  Guide ● away  from  campus

I’m looking  for ● someone  to  tell  i’ll  be  away  from  campus

Who should  I  inform  if  I  will  be  away  from  campus  for  a  few  days? Contact  the  Office  of  Student  Assistance  in  306  Steele  Hall  at  315-­443-­4357. Who  should  I  inform  if  I  will  be  away  from  campus  for  a  few  days?

Free Form  Guide ● medical  records I’m  looking  for ● access  to  my  medical  records ● how  to  get  a  copy  of  my  medical  records Will  you  send  me  copies  of  my  medical  records? Yes.  There  is  a  $10  fee  for  this  request. Will  you  send  me  copies  of  my  medical  records? Free  Form  Guide ● disposal  of  needles I’m  looking  for ● dispose  of  needles ● a  way  to  get  rid  of  needles

What if  I  have  needles  that  need  to  be  disposed  of? Don’t  use  the  trash.  Health  Services  can  dispose  of  them  for  you. What  if  I  have  needles  that  need  to  be  disposed  of?

Free Form  Guide ● food  allergies

I’m looking  for ● help  with  my  food  allergies ● food  allergy  support What  if  I  have  a  food  allergy? Contact  Food  Services  at  315-­443-­9884.  They  can  help  you. What  if  I  have  a  food  allergy?

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Health services guides