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LEGO was part of my childhood, it was and still is an innovative toy. When you combine LEGO with Batman, the result is an extremely addictive game with so many features to keep you from turning off your PSP. I have never played LEGO Star Wars but I've played LEGO Indiana Jones (demo). I think LEGO Indiana Jones is an average game, probably because I am not a huge fan of the series. On the other hand, I've always loved Batman series so its only naturally for me to love LEGO Batman as well. Story and controls The story is no brainer, all your well known villains are in this game including Penguin, Poison Ivy, Joker, Riddler, Clayface and Mr.Freeze are here terrorizing Gotham City. Your job obviously is to clean up the mess. The controls are very simple with jump, punch and switch between the two characters etc. Anyone will be able to figure out the controls almost immediately. Tips will show up when you are near key areas so most of the time you will know what to do and how to get to a particular area. Player friendly is one of the reasons why I think this game is worth the money. Auto aim also exists so that your character will punch whatever is breakable (if in range). Game play and graphics As I mentioned the controls are easy to get a hang on, this also makes the game play more enjoyable because you can actually PLAY the game instead of constantly trying to figure out what is what. I assume because the target audience is kids since its rated E for everyone. When you destroy objects, you will get LEGO pieces, those are actually your money that you can spend on upgrading your suits and other "toys". This greatly increases the replay value of this game because of the unlockable and upgradable items. After the first chapter, you are given either to continue to next chapter or back to the Batcave. Instead of picking continue which will load the next chapter, you can save the game and enter your Batcave. After finishing the first episode as Batman/Robin, you can then play as Riddler/Clayface by unlocking the option in the Batcave or you can choose to continue with the other two Batman episodes. The Batcave is amazingly designed with detailed textures (when comparing to PS2 graphics) and the cave is really big separated by different areas. The main area will allow you to pick one of the 3 episodes using one of Batman's vehicles which are made of LEGO. You can jump from episode to episode and don't have to play them in order. You can also go back to the mansion and check your trophies from your accomplishments. Aside from having detailed buildings, the characters all have detailed facial expressions as well

which make the cut scenes so much more fun to watch (the cut scenes are hilarious by the way!). Sound The Batman themed music is pretty much from the Batman movies starred Michael Keaton (personally I think he was the best Batman) if not exactly the same. The music is so good that as I'm writing this review, its still in my head playing non stop. But I'm guessing I might get bored of it sooner or later. Final verdict LEGO Batman is a perfect casual game for those looking to kill some time. It might not have online component but the shear amount of unlockables will keep you playing for hours and hours. I also suggest you buy this game for PSP instead of for PS3 and/or XBOX360 because it doesn't utilize the graphic capabilities of the two next-gen consoles. So there is no point getting it for them but to get it for your PSP and even the DS if you have one. I am sure I have not covered EVERYTHING this game has to offer but I hope this helps those that are planning/thinking about getting this game a bit. I also want to apologize for the quality of the pictures as I took them using my digital camera while playing the game. 8/10

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LEGO Batman Review For PSP  

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