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Prisciliano Chavarria III Mrs. Miller HST II 10 October, 2011 All About Health Care The America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. It was an act in the attempt of the Democratic Party in leadership to establish health care reform. This bill could help all Americans able to afford health care with the help of the Nation. This would mainly only help those who can’t afford health care, but would cost those who already can. The best quality of this act is that it makes health care more affordable everyone would have health care. The bad that comes with it make people question if this act is actually worth passing. It would increase the taxes and make spending cuts. Some people thing that the federal spending will actually increase as coverage expands. I think that this bill is helpful, but I also think that the tax increase is something that would stop me from agreeing with this. If someone who can already afford to pay for health care on their own would have to pay more to help someone out. There are also those who take advantage of these type of things. Then again, it will help millions of people afford health care so maybe if it means that we have to give more to help then we should. This was a big controversy between the Democratic and Republican Parties. The Democrats were the ones trying to pass the bill and Republicans were against it. The Republicans are a federal party who make decisions on bills such as these. They campaigned all over the country to try to get the repeal a bill like this. Health care reform sounds good but costly. Its purpose is to make health care affordable to everyone and reduce the federal spending on health care. However, it will raise the taxes of all Americans and whether or not the bill will actually will reduce the federal spending on health care will be seen.

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