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Chapter 1: In the beginning My grandparents names on my father’s side are Maria and Prisciliano Chavarria. On my mother’s side they’re Gregorio and Paula Mora. They were all born in Mexico, but specifically my grandparents from my father side are from Tamaulipas and from my mother’s side are from Guadalajara. My parent’s names are Prisciliano and Maria Chavarria. My dad’s birthday is August 16 and my mother’s birthday is March 30th. My father is from Star county Texas and my mother is from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. I only have one brother, Josue, I’m the oldest. Generally speaking, my childhood was good. I remember when I was either lower or in 1st grade, being bit by ants (I don’t remember stepping in an ant pile) and my friend, Mariah, getting me alcohol to put the bites. I also remember her house being way nicer than mine. I remember catching grasshoppers with the same friend. We would put them into a jar with poked holes on the lid. I learned about moving around, and getting over things. When I was younger we moved back and forth from Mission, Texas (In the valley near McAllen) and Houston. So I never had a really good friend in elementary. For grades 1-6 it was a different school. I remember when we use to Mission I would cry and tell my parents I want to move back to Houston, then when we did move I would cry to go back Mission. One thing that I never learned untill literally right now, while writing this paper, that the grass IS ALWAYS greener on the other side. Till’ this day I would rather live in Mission, but if I did move it would probably be the same situation.

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Dreaming about what i want to do and thinking about life.