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Depression affects 121 million people worldwide. In can affect a person's ability to work, form relationships, and destroy their quality of life. At its most severe depression can lead to suicide.

About 5% of elderly people suffer from depression. The rate increases significantly for those who have other chronic health problems, especially medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and cancer that interfere with functional abilities. Depression also occurs in some elderly people who require home healthcare or


One way to defeat the depression is to get outside and get some lights. Exposure to bright sunlight for 30 minutes a day either through sunlight or a light made for this helps keep your internal clock set. This circadian rhythm helps to regulate our sleep.wake cycle and insures a good night sleep which helps our

physical and mental health.




Found an article about the effects of light therapy on depressed elders.

Light boxes examples

Light can affect your productivity, mood, and mental activity.

Bed table examples

Bed Table Use it as a bed table since many old people have difficulty of walking or moving around.

Light Therapy Box It is designed to enhance the life environment even when not in use as a table. Once you turn the table over, it works as a light box which helps you to have enough lights for a day. By interacting with this, it enhances your mood to be more active.

Projector To enhance its experience, it will project the image of nature while it is in use. It will project the image of nature on your bed sheet, floor, or on the wall to bring in the feeling of nature into your room.

Brings the nature into the room. By projecting the image of nature, it will enhace the moment while you are with your companies. This will brings the feelings of nature into your room and make your mood more calm and peaceful.

Bedroom Lamp Once you are done with the light therapy time, simply turn it on and set the time to turn it off automatically. It will fuction as a bedroom lamp to enhance the experience of staying in bed all day.

Form and structure Because it is intended to be a bed table with the light box on the bottom, the form needs to be considered functionality as well as aesthetics. Overall form kept simple yet elegant to emphaize the functionality and the patterns in the table.

Engineering Once you rotate the table upside down, the light will turn on and activate the therapy light.

Activation The way of turning on the light box was inspired from the observation of old people. “Staying Active� was the main idea of interacting of this product.

Materials and Process To emphaize the feelings of nature, wood material is used as the main part of the product. It strenghtens the aspects of tree branches. All the other parts kept as simple yet organic shapes to be more natural and flowing overall. These parts will be injection molded with glossy white finishings.

Materials and Process The frosted clear palstic will be placed on the top and bottom of the product to represent the lights more calm and subtle.

Mind Mapping Mind Mapping helped me to think various things that are related to the light.

Narrow it down After I did the mind mapping, I narrow it down to certain things about the light and concentrated on those by branching out the ideas.

Visited Council on Aging to observe elders. (March 23, 2012)

Observed elders to find out particular movement or gestures that can be applied to the activation of devices, features, or objects. “Staying Active� - Brings positive mind.

Brainstorming Started to brainstorming what are sick people need and that can possibly combine with the lighting therapy box.

Concept 1. Wall decoration

Concept 2. Cane

Concept 3. Chair

Concept 4. Bed table

Decided on the bed table where sick people need it the most of time while they are in the bed.

Inspiration Reflection from the tree branches, Shadows of the trees in the forest

3 openings

5 openings

4 openings

6 openings

Tree branches panel From the inspiration of tree branches shadow, I realized that there are various thicknesses which creates the depth on the ground. These panels represents its thicknesses and these layers will create interesting irregular patterns of the tree branches.

Combination With these four different wood panel, It created similar shape from the shadow of tree branches. It mimics the randomness of branches as well as the thicknesses and depth of it.

Generating the form This is the picture of tree branches in black and white. I divided some sections based on similar thickness of it and colored the areas with different colors. This acitivity helped me to see the characteristics of the shape of tree brances.

Symetrical Method From the shapes of each colored area, I applied the symetrical method to see if it creates interesting forms.


1st Mock up

2nd Mock up

3rd Mock up

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Light Therapy Bedtable  

Concept light therapy bed table