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The Gift of Giving


“The students have learned that no matter how young they are, they can make a difference in the world.”

Experiencing the gift of giving is a remarkable lesson for everyone, but is particularly heartwarming when one has the opportunity to witness a kindergarten child’s experience with the adage “it is better to give than to receive”. This year at The Priory, our focus was on giving within our own community, locally and globally. The tragic events in Haiti provided us with an opportunity to rally the school community and learn first-hand that giving feels good and that yes, we can make a difference no matter how young we may be! Our “Hugs For Haiti” campaign had the children doing chores at home to raise funds for Haitian Relief. It would have been easy to ask for donations from our parents but we wanted the campaign to be meaningful for the children. Asking each child to do a chore for a toonie ensured that they were engaged in the process of helping and giving. It was delightful to hear about the many types of chores that were being accomplished at home and especially moving to hear that younger siblings not yet attending school, wanted to help out and participate in the campaign as well. The pride our students took in their individual contributions to this very successful school campaign indicat-


The Priory Journal

ed that they had truly experienced the “gift of giving”! The children knew that Haiti would require on-going support from people around the world in order to rebuild their country. We were thrilled with the opportunity to have Gazette reporter, Sue Montgomery visit The Priory and share her first-hand experiences of being in Haiti right after the earthquake. After hearing her speak, we knew that there was much more that we could do. Sue’s stories about a devastated orphanage that was literally left with nothing provided the impetus we needed for another fundraiser. This time staff and students brainstormed ideas together and came up with two very different and unique projects. Grade Five decided to perform their own version of “Wavin” Flag and produce a DVD for sale to family and friends. The rest of the school decided to “rebuild Haiti one book at a time” by holding a Used Book Sale. Together these two initiatives raised $2,357.00 for the Haitian orphanage. The award-winning Priory SWAT Team (Students Working To Advance Technology) is an inspiring story of how technology, teamwork and entrepreneurial skills came together to make a big differ-

ence for the parishioners of St. Gabriel’s Church in Montreal. Under the guidance of Mrs. DiStefano, the students ran their own small business, creating, producing, marketing and selling a DVD of our Christmas concert. This student-run project raised $1447.00 and was donated to St. Gabriel’s Food Bank. The Christmas season was a little more joyous for many St. Gabriel families because of the entrepreneurial skills of The Priory SWAT team. To say that we are proud of our students’ achievements this year would be an understatement. The students have learned that no matter how young they are, they can make a difference in the world. This learning experience has so motivated our students that they are already planning next year’s projects!

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The Priory Hugs Haiti

By Working Together, We Can Make A Difference

The Rebuilding Haiti Book Fair was a huge success, raising an astounding $2,357.00!


ovel ideas are often born from the simplest experiences. This is especially true of the fundraising efforts that Priory students made this year to support an orphanage that was devastated during the Haiti earthquake. After hearing the Young Canadian Artists’ version of K’naan’s song “Wavin’ Flag” in support of Haitian Relief, a group of grade five students became inspired and decided to create their own rendition of that song. With the students as lead vocals, hand-crafted flags, and images representing hope, freedom, and strength, their unique music video was transferred onto DVDs, mass-produced, and sold to the school community, as well as family and friends.


riory students and staff from other grades approached their fundraising efforts in a very different way, deciding to “rebuild Haiti one book at a time”. A “Used Book Fair” organized by grade six, provided our students with the chance to increase their own home libraries, all the while giving back to a devastated Haiti. Kindergarten created special book marks for sale while grade one made handmade “Haiti bracelets”. A very successful $2,357 was raised, all demonstrating that by working together, we can make a difference!

Also sold in the Book Fair were special bracelets of hope and lovely bookmarks designed by our Priory children.

Grade 5 students created a DVD that featured their own music video of K’naan’s song “Wavin’ Flag”.

The Priory Journal


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Hands Montreal Alouette players bring inspiring messages to The Priory.


ith their “Playbook for Success” in hand, six members of the 2009 Grey Cup winning Montreal Alouettes brought their inspiring message and considerable basketball talents to The Priory School on March 17th. Grades 3-6 were treated to “words of wisdom” from players Anwar Stewart, Brian Chiu, Avon Cobourne, Stewart Mayne, Scott Flory and Joel Wright who encouraged the children to challenge themselves to become a champion in their own lives by establishing goals and staying focused and determined. Priory students, in wanting to do their part in giving back to the community, brought in non-perishable food items for local food banks as their admission fee for the big basketball game - Montreal Alouettes vs. Priory Staff.


n its sixteenth year of supporting The Terry Fox Research Foundation, Priory students and staff walked, skipped and ran around Beaver Lake in honor of Terry Fox, a true Canadian hero, and raised $5661.08 in his memory.


The Priory Journal

Students and teachers do their part to keep the memory of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope alive.

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Nesbert from Zimbabwe and Faith from Kenya will once again have nourishing food to eat and new clothes to wear because of the generosity of Priory students. Through a bake sale organized by this year’s Student Council, The Priory was once again able to sponsor these two foster children.

The Christmas season is a time of caring and sharing for young and old alike and Ms. Sherriff’s grade 5 class did just that when they visited the Montclair Seniors’ Residence this past December. The Scattergories game that the class created and played with the residents, as well as the treats and entertainment that our Priory students provided, brought smiles to the faces of all involved.

The Priory School Choir once again lent their voices to the annual Christmas and Hanukkah Toy Tea which was held on December 8th at Ogilvy Tudor Hall. This festive event sponsors women’s shelters and provides meals to needy children in Montreal schools. It was definitely a cause worth “singing” about!

As part of the Priory outreach program, grade one students learned first-hand what giving is all about. Just before Christmas, they were asked to donate a well-loved toy in good condition to a child less fortunate than themselves. Each student brought in a book, game or toy, showed it to the class and then explained why they felt that another child would want it. They then wrote about their donation, expressing why they felt it was a good choice to give away. The gifts were packaged and sent to the YMCA in Pointe St. Charles, where happy smiles and cries of delight abounded at the sight of grade one’s generosity.

Santa’s elves once again had some help this Christmas, as The Priory’s Grade 6 class organized their annual Santa’s Flea Market. Not only did our students delight in choosing just the right gifts for their moms and dads, they also raised $1479 for the N.D.G. Food Bank. The spirit of giving was indeed evident at The Priory School!

In the firm belief that even the youngest of its students can make a difference in someone’s life, The Priory Kindergarten brought the “songs in their hearts” to the senior ladies of Fulford House on May 4th. Classic poetry, multinational chants and classroom favourites could be heard echoing throughout the Seniors’ Residence. After a scrumptious snack shared with old and young alike, the kindergarten class left the ladies with a beautiful plant to enjoy for Mother’s Day and the feeling that they had brought smiles and laughter to their new found friends. The Priory Journal


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Helping Hands

Community Service

The Priory SWAT Team put their tech skills to good use and proved that everyone can make a difference.


oung or old, experienced or neophyte, each and every one of us can make a difference. This was particularly true this year at The Priory, as grade 6 students from the school’s SWAT Team (Students Working to Advance Technology) decided that they wanted to do something to help others through the use of their technological skills. With true entrepreneurial spirit, they came up with the idea of filming the annual Priory Christmas Concert and selling personalized DVDs to parents who were interested. A record sixty-seven copies were ordered and an astonishing $1447.00 was donated to St. Gabriel’s Parish Food Bank. Young minds …. Big ideas, all making a difference!

Priory craft fair boosts local and school library resources.


appy shoppers were enticed by handmade collectible boxes, framed prints, quilts, jewelry, hand-knitted hats and scarves and delicious edibles at the second annual Priory Craft Fair. Besides showcasing our wonderful parents’ talents, this special event raised $800.00 for both The Priory Library and the Atwater Children’s Library. A “win/win situation”!


The Priory Journal


n response to a cry for help from a wounded country, The Priory undertook a campaign to “Hug Haiti” after its devastating earthquake. Convinced that there is no better way to console someone in a time of need than with a hug, Priory School students were asked to do a chore at home each day for 5 days. Priory parents were asked to contribute a “toonie’ for each chore that was completed. Each chore was deemed a “hug” for the people of Haiti and collectively a grand total of $2,450.00 was raised and then matched by the Canadian government. Priory students witnessed first hand that one person can make a difference and an entire school can make a great difference!

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I Love To Read Week

In celebration of I Love To Read Week, students make Mad Hatter hats.

A Wonderland Week of Reading!


icture books, novels, theatrical productions and poetry took center stage at The Priory School as students and staff alike took part in our annual “I Love To Read Week”. Kicking off the celebration was a Reader’s Theater of “Alice In Wonderland” performed by the school’s teaching staff. This was then followed by animated presentations by two celebrated children’s authors, Monique Polak and Ryan Costello. Class presentations entertained parents and friends at our “Drop Everything and Read” assemblies and the school was “turned upside down” for Wonderland Wednesday when students participated in a ‘Contrarywise Day’ filled with activities right out of Alice In Wonderland. The older children were invited to a Mad Hatter Tea Party where they enjoyed heart-shaped cookies lovingly prepared by grade 3 students, while the younger ones enjoyed mini

Students show off their Cheshire Cat smiles while participating in Alice in Wonderland activities.

cupcakes with birthday candles at their “Un-Birthday Party”. This special week culminated with Pajama Day and Read In, a day when everyone came to school dressed in PJs, and snuggled up with blankets, stuffed animals, flashlights and favourite books to read! It was indeed a ‘Wonderland Week of Reading’ at The Priory School!

Students read their favourite books in PJs.

The Priory Journal


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Exploring & Experimenting Science Week

Grades 4 through 6 took part in a hands-on workshop exploring the forest floor.


eeds, our water cycle, extreme weather, and rock formation were but a few of the topics that Priory students explored and experimented with during this year’s Science Week. With “Earth Science” as our main focus, all grades decided to use what was right in our own backyard - Mount Royal - as our focal point. From “scavenger hunts” to “rock walks”, students from kindergarten to grade 6 rediscovered their beautiful mountain and all that it had to offer. A special assembly highlighted the in-class science activities of Cycle 1, while The Science Olympics afforded Cycle 2 & 3 students an opportunity to perform experiments and share what they had learned with each other. Danielle Delhaus’ workshop on “The Forest Floor” captivated our senior students while “Waste Not, Want Not” imparted words of “recycle wisdom” to the junior classes. A photo rally culminated this fun-filled week of nature walks, experiments and hands-on workshops.

Grade 4 students explored science and engineering in an interactive and hands-on way by participating in an egg drop experiment.


The Priory Journal

Kindergarten through grade 3 students learned the importance of recycling from the "Waste Not, Want Not" workshop.

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eeds, seeds and more seeds! This is what kindergarten focused on during the month of April. What is a seed, where does it come from, how does it grow and what does it need to grow were all questions we asked ourselves. Hypotheses, experiments, and record taking were all part of a hands-on program that turned The Priory kindergarten classroom into a vegetable garden!


urn off the tap while washing your hands and brushing your teeth, safely dispose of pollutants instead of dumping them down the drain, and walk or bike to school instead of driving a car were but some of the suggestions offered by the grade 1 class after learning the importance of conserving and preserving water. Through hands-on experiments and actually taking a nature walk, the children saw firsthand, the impact and responsibility that they have in conserving this precious commodity.


sing their five senses and a lot of creativity, the Grade 2 class participated in a scavenger hunt on Mount Royal. They searched and found unusual items such as a heart-shaped rock, soft fur and something edible, among other items. Thanks to their parent volunteers, the children were very successful hunters!

Hypotheses, experiments, and record taking were all part of this year’s kindergarten hands-on science program.

History Comes To Life Heritage Fair 2010 Edition


Kindergarten students create murals of the Nootka and Haida tribes for this year’s Heritage Fair.

espite the fact that the Regional and National Heritage Fairs across Canada were no longer being funded, The Priory felt that it was important for their students to remember their roots and decided to continue the tradition of an annual Heritage Fair on their own. To no one’s surprise, Priory students did not disappoint. From the murals of the Nootka and Haida Indians by kindergarten, a Canadian Coin display by grade 1, native Canadian Olympic symbols by grade 2 and a Canadian Trivia Game created by grade 3, visitors to the exhibit hall were overwhelmed with a sense of what it was to be Canadian. Projects on the origins of The Streets of Westmount, The Labrador Retriever and The Montreal Association For The Blind were but a few of the many presentations prepared by our senior students. It was evident to all in attendance that Priory students had not only put tremendous effort into their presentations, but had also learned a great deal about Canadian history in the process.

Heritage Fair projects involve much more than doing research on a topic of interest.

The Priory Journal


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La Franco Fête EN FRANÇAIS


Les fabuleuses assemblées

aviez-vous que Suzie a eu une très bonne surprise pour son anniversaire ? Les élèves de troisième année ont présenté leur premier court métrage avec Suzie et ses amis !


aviez-vous que le français est parlé dans plus de 70 pays à travers le monde ? Les élèves ont visité virtuellement certains de ces pays lors d’une présentation spéciale !

Des élèves de troisième année.


aviez-vous que la baleine mange un petit poisson, une pieuvre, un barracuda et un requin ? Les élèves de maternelle ont chanté une petite chanson qui a bien fait rire les petits et les grands !

Des élèves de première année.


aviez-vous que l’arbre ungali réussit à faire venir la pluie dans un pays d’Afrique où il y fait très chaud ? Les élèves de deuxième année, déguisés en lion, en guépard, en tortue, en zèbre et en d’autres ont présenté une magnifique pièce de théâtre !


aviez-vous que les corbeaux adorent déguster les chenilles, mais ils évitent à tout prix les papillons ? Les élèves de quatrième année ont résolu le problème en présentant une petite saynète.

Des élèves de quatrième année.

Des élèves de deuxième année.


aviez-vous que les coccinelles ont failli brûler leurs ailes car elles voulaient aller voir le soleil? Les élèves de cinquième année ont présenté une petite saynète et ils ont sauvés les coccinelles !

Des élèves de maternelle.


aviez-vous que le renard réussit à manger la galette dans l’album jeunesse roule galette… ? Les élèves de première année ont lu ce livre devant tous leurs camarades !


The Priory Journal

Des élèves de cinquième année.

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Les élèves découvrent le plaisir de la danse.


aviez-vous qu’une fleur n’est jamais perdue si on se donne la peine de la chercher ? Les élèves de sixième année l’on démontré lors d’une petite représentation théâtrale !

Les Sortilèges



aviez-vous que les élèves de l’école The Priory adorent danser ? Encore une fois, la troupe de danse les Sortilèges nous a fait voyager à travers le monde. Chaque classe a appris une danse folklorique d’une collectivité d’ici ou d’ailleurs (il y avait l’Afrique, l’Inde, le Mexique, la Roumanie et le Québec). Ils ont ensuite présenté leur nouvelle chorégraphie devant toute l’école. Il y avait des sourires sur toutes les lèvres des danseurs, des professeurs et de leurs parents !

Une activité préférée: la piscine! Les élèves de sixième année présentent leur pièce de thèâtre.


aviez-vous que la semaine de la FrancoFête s’est terminée par une journée mémorable au CEPSUM. Les élèves ont pu profiter d’une journée pleine d’activités sportives, et ce, en français ! Quelle incroyable façon de terminer cette semaine extravagante !


aviez-vous que les élèves de l’école The Priory parlent en français ? Grâce à un tirage au sort, certains ont reçu un crayon spécial pour souligner leurs efforts pour parler en français !

Un élève montre fièrement son crayon.

Les élèves pratiquent une danse énergique.

Un élève se transforme en vrai acrobate.

The Priory Journal


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The Priory Panthers Sports Beat

Boys’ Soccer The Priory Panthers Boys’ Soccer Team competed in quite a season this past year. Through hard work, determination, skill, and sportsmanship, the boys managed to grow both as a team, and as teammates. During the LCC Tournament, the boys battled through adversity and injuries, making it all the way to the Quarter-Finals. In that battle with LCC, the game was decided on a single penalty kick awarded during regular time. The boys held their heads high after the game, knowing they left it all on the field and did their very best. Way to go Panthers!

Girls’ Soccer The 2010 version of The Priory Panthers Girls’ Soccer Team was predominantly one of “rookies” who through skill building and teamwork, showed their determination, cooperation and competitive spirit in every game that they played. Their short season was one of close games and one very rewarding win that left the girls excited about next season. Go Panthers Go!

Girls’ Basketball 12

The Priory Journal

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The Priory Panthers Girls Basketball Team experienced a roller-coaster season they are not likely to forget! The girls were always the hardest working team in the league, and prided themselves on tenacity and team spirit. Half-way through their season, Ms. Pelletier had to step down as coach and Mr. Gentile was called in to take over. Even with a coaching change and challenging season, the girls stayed positive through it all. At the LCC tournament, the girls played some of their best basketball of the season, coming away with one very memorable “come from behind win” that cemented their passion for the game, and confidence in their teammates. Well done team!

Boys’ Basketball The Priory Panther Boys’ Basketball Team went from rags to riches during the 2009-2010 basketball season. The young team started the year off at the Selwyn House Tournament, losing all of their games. At that moment, the choice was made… work harder than ever before, and make an impact. With that, the team began to improve individually and collectively. By the end of the season, the team was a well-oiled machine. The Panthers made it all the way to the Consolation Championship Finals, and faced off against their arch-nemesis: Notre-Dame de Sion. The Championship game went to overtime, and having grown throughout the season, the Panthers were ready for the challenge. They won! Congratulations boys!

Basketball – B Team The Priory Panther B-Team was a microcosm of The Priory School itself. With a diversity of grade levels, cultures, sizes, shapes, and experience levels, the team came together to create a supportive basketball community. Encouragement and enjoyment were the names of the games during their two tournaments. With each game, the team improved dramatically. In the end, the wins, losses, and ties, meant very little, compared to the glorious memories that will last a lifetime. This team, like the school itself, was the little team that could! The Priory Journal


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Priory Pride Achievements


hat do technology and community service have in common? At The Priory School, plenty! Under ICT teacher Anita DiStefano’s guidance, a group of nine talented and innovative grade six students decided to work together to advance technology at their school and to use their creative talents to help others. With this in mind, the S.W.A.T. Team (Students Working to Advance Technology) decided to produce a Priory School Christmas Concert DVD that would be sold to family and friends. The resulting $1447 raised was donated to a very grateful St. Gabriel’s Food Bank to help needy families in the area. The S.W.A.T. Team then decided to enter the 12th Annual Quebec Entrepreneurial Contest and collaboratively put together a beautiful Memory Book and insightful wiki page to share their community service endeavors with others. The many long hours and hard work preparing this project reaped enormous rewards as The Priory S.W.A.T. Team won first prize in the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest, Montreal Region for Elementary Cycle 3 and received a cheque for $500.00 which was donated to the United Nations Organization. The team project has been chosen to go to the Quebec National Competition.


hat would you put in a time capsule that will be opened in 2085? On Friday, May 6th, The Priory’s Grade 5 and 6 students witnessed the sealing of the Montreal Neurological Institute’s time capsule. Last year, both classes participated in a contest to submit their ideas of what to put into the new time capsule. Winning ideas came from Priory students William Roper and Caterina Alfieri. Both students had the opportunity to be a part of Montreal’s scientific and historic legacy and were asked to place selected items into the capsule. The capsule was placed in the cornerstone of the Neurological Institute and will be reopened on the Neuro’s 150th anniversary in 2085!

Grade 5 and 6 students witnessed the sealing of the Montreal Neurological Institute’s time capsule.


The Priory Journal

The Priory SWAT Team won first prize in the 12th Annual Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest.

Currently in its 127th year, the Commonwealth competition is highly regarded and annually receives thousands of entries from schools around the world.


very year students in grades 4, 5 and 6 participate in the Commonwealth essay contest. This year out of more than 100 entries, three Priory students’ work was recognized. Grade 6 student Charles Regimbal was “highly commended” for his entry while fellow classmates Jia Qi (Jade) Zeng and Caterina Alfieri were both “commended” on their writing pieces. Well done!


rom thousands of entries from almost five hundred schools across Canada, three students from The Priory grade five class were chosen to have their poems and short stories published in an upcoming Polar Expressions Anthology. Congratulations to Damian Fitz, Ryota Yanagisawa, and Alexander Milovan for a job well done!

Congratulations to this year’s published authors.

Congratulations to our Halo Road Race medal winners.


riory Halo Road Race winners this year are to be especially congratulated as they competed against students older than themselves. Congratulations go to bronze medal winner Luca De Carolis grade 3, and silver medalists Chloe Dluhosh and Chase Sinclair, both from grade 5. We are proud of you!

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here is nothing like experience when it comes to being successful in life. Priory students Eric Zimmermann, Damian Fitz, Alexis Benali-Marletta and Laurel Xiang demonstrated this with their bronze medal performance at the Montreal Scholastic Chess Team Tournament at Brébeuf College in December 2009. In February 2010, The Priory School Chess Team of Laurel Xiang, Alexis BenaliMarletta, Michael Sixta, Alexander Lancry, Lorenzo Fufaro, and Scott Matthew improved upon their previous bronze medal performance and placed first overall in their second Brébeuf Chess Tournament. Congratulations one and all!


010 Graduation Recipients: Principal’s Award: Matheus Da Silva; Ballantyne-Howlett Award: Benjamin Stix and Caterina Alfieri; Exemplary Student Award: Abel Laplante; Leadership Award: William Roper; Alumni Award: C.Y. Huynh-Purdy and Harrison Yue; Student Life Award: Aidan Reckziegel; Dreamcatcher Award: Thomas Pineau-Valencienne. Congratulations one and all!


010 Graduation Recipients: Principal’s Award: Matheus Da Silva; Ballantyne-Howlett Award: Benjamin Stix and Caterina Alfieri; Exemplary Student Award: Abel Laplante; Leadership Award: William Roper; Alumni Award: C.Y. Huynh-Purdy and Harrison Yue; Student Life Award: Aidan Reckziegel; Dreamcatcher Award: Thomas Pineau-Valencienne. Congratulations!


riory students once again showed their true mettle at this year’s 15th Annual Priory School Chess Tournament. With over seventy QAIS participants engaged in this age-old game of strategy and logic, Priory students had their work cut out for them, but did not disappoint. Grade 3 students Michael Sixta and Lorenzo Furfaro each garnered a gold medal in their category while grade 4 student Eric Zimmermann won gold in his. Grade 3 student Laurel Xiang brought home the bronze, rounding out a very successful tournament for “the little red schoolhouse on The Boulevard”.

Next Steps

DESTINATIONS: CLASS OF 2010 Here’s where our graduates are going. Anna Beata Arkulinska * Caterina Alfieri Reda Belhadfa Nicole Beneda Nicholas Cherbaka Matheus DaSilva C.Y. Huynh-Purdy Jan Jeczmyk Abel Laplante Thea Palmer Thomas Pineau-Valencienne Brad Powell Aidan Reckziegel Charles Regimbal Michael Respicio William Roper Benjamin Stix Harrison Yue *Jade (Jia-Qi) Zeng * scholarship offered

Ashbury College (Ot) Sacred Heart LCC Kuper Academy St. George’s LCC Kuper Academy Collège de Montréal Pensionnat St. Nom De Marie St. George’s LCC Australia LCC LCC St. George’s LCC St. George’s Collège de Montréal Elmwood ( Ottawa)

In keeping with the grade 6 legacy tradtion, the graduating class of 2010 donated a custom made Marinelli Bell crafted in Agnone, Italy.

Upcoming Events: Homecoming Class Reunion of 2010 Wednesday, October 13, ‘10

Open House: October 24, 2:00-4:00 pm October 26, 9:30-11:30 am January 19, 9:30-11:30 am

The Priory Journal


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What’s New At The Priory


riory Learning Specialist Karen Eley and husband Mark are thrilled to announce the arrival of their first child, Jack William, born on December 28th, 2009. The joys of parenthood are just beginning for this little family and we wish them nothing but the best!


he bright and cheery face that one sees first thing in the morning belongs to Wanda Kozak, The Priory’s new administrative assistant. Wanda’s experience as a mother of two growing boys as well as her expertise as an administrative assistant has greatly benefitted the school. Her love of children is evident and we are so pleased to welcome her into The Priory family!

Administrative Assistant Wanda Kozak.

Karine Eley with her bundle of joy.

D Anna Cavaleri reads to her kindergarten students.


he Priory was blessed to have Anna Cavaleri join the kindergarten teaching team this year. Anna is a past parent and former substitute teacher for The Priory. Her caring ways, ready smile and love of children are very much appreciated by the entire Priory community. Welcome aboard, Mme. Cavaleri!


he Priory is pleased to welcome Molly McKay as our new Development and Alumni Relations Officer. Molly is a graduate of the University of King’s College and has been involved in the not-for-profit sector for nine years. She is a most welcome addition to the administrative team!

Molly McKay our new Development Officer.


The Priory Journal

r. Seuss, move over, Mikaela Sandler is in town! While Mrs. Eley is away on maternity leave, The Priory is thrilled to welcome the “rhyming” Miss Sandler into our family. Her expertise as a Learning Specialist combined with her genuine love of children and unique sense of humor have truly enhanced life at The Priory!

Mikaela Sandler awards a reading certificate.

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Newbies Put Their Own Special Mark On The 2009 Priory Fall Mixer FALL MIXER 2009


Parents, teachers and friends of The Priory gathered together at Restaurant Le Crystal to show their support.

Staying Connected

rganizing the school’s major fundraising activity of the year is a daunting task for an experienced Priory parent, not to mention a newcomer. This year, after a warm welcome from their Priory Family, two new parents, Trina Foster and Joan Kelley, took on this mammoth project with contagious enthusiasm and boundless energy. Returning to the ever popular Restaurant Le Crystal, parents, teachers and friends of “The little red schoolhouse on The Boulevard” were treated to cocktails and appetizers followed by a sumptuous four course meal complete with wine. MC Jim Wyzykowski did a masterful job of both ‘entertaining the troops’ with his wit and starting bidding wars on the numerous live auction items up for grab. Not to be outdone, the Silent Auction tables were filled with handcrafted jewelry, paintings, vintage wine baskets and so much more, all generously donated by Priory staff and parents. PPA Fall Mixer Committee members Sian Matthew, Sylvie Koutroubis, Johanne Di Silvestro, Lucia Alfieri, Emidio De Carolis and Jana Motivans along with cochairs Trina Foster and Joan Kelley had much to be proud of a fund-raiser that raised over $18,000 that will directly benefit the children of The Priory School, as well as a friend-raiser that brought the entire Priory community together for a wonderful productive evening.


The 2010 Alumni Reunion Unveils The Priory Facebook Page!


ho can resist pizza, jello fluff and getting together with former Priory classmates? Certainly not the excited and enthusiastic alumni who attended the latest Priory Reunion on May 7th! Graduates from as far back as 2000 found their way to the “little red schoolhouse on The Boulevard” and joined with former teachers and classmates in reminiscing conversation, zany games and supper Priory-style. An engaging scavenger hunt had the alums scouring the school looking for clues all the while catching up with each other’s news. Mr. Gentile’s zany games once again proved to be both successful and fun as the alumni were once again divided into “Field Day teams”. The Blue Llamas of Science” were triumphant this year and their name will be inscribed on the Alumni trophy. The evening ended with the unveiling of the Priory Facebook Page, yet another way for Priory Alums to stay connected.

Paré-Howlett Hall was filled with warmth, fun and laughter, when over sixty alumni returned to their “home away from home” to reconnect with old friends and staff.

The Priory Journal


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Alumni News


Bill Nolan: Visited The Priory recently and was one of the first students to be a part of the school. Moved to the USA when he was ten. Lived most of his life in California. Worked in the telecom department of Pacific Gas. Is retired now, living in Michigan with his wife Linda and is the proud grandpa of one granddaughter.

Company. He and wife Tonia are the proud new parents of Tristan Matthew Laflamme born on May 6th 2010. A thrilled Nana Jocelyn was on hand to help out with the new arrival!


Jennifer Wong: Recently became the proud mother of Chloe Emily Sherman.

Sonia Scalise: Graduated from McGill with a B.Sc. in Food Science in 2004 and is presently working in Italy with plans to return to Montreal this summer.


Krystyna Bruce: Graduating from the University of Montreal’s Faculty in Veterinary Medicine in French and is going out to British Columbia as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


Peter Frem: Working as a software engineer at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington.


Bill Nolan

Val Edward: Volunteers at The Royal Vic Hospital, JDRF, Benedict Labre House, NDG FoodBank and Repercussion Theatre. Translator from French into English. Has fond memories of the teachers, pupils and Mrs. Seymour.

Chloe Emily Sherman


Emmanuelle Khoury: Now a proud mother of two – Charlotte (20 months) and Olivier (4 months). Recently attended her 20th anniversary reunion with fellow Priory classmates Nicholas Cadotte, Caroline Dhavernas, Jessica Karpat, Eyal Gamiel, Matthew Rouleau and David Williams.

20th Anniversary Reunion Stephane Laflamme and family


Stephane Laflamme: Is living the “good life” in San Diego California with wife Shanie and children Briggan and Jazlin. Mom and Nana, Jocelyn Laflamme (former Priory grade 1 teacher) lives nearby and is thoroughly enjoying her grandchildren. Stephane is Vice President of First Allied Alternative Investments Company in San Diego.

David Williams: Has been living in England for the last ten years, researching and teaching English at Oxford University. Is getting married this summer and is moving back to Canada.


Francie LoBianco: Became a new Mom and adores her little Matthew!

Stephanie Khoury: Presently completing her PHD in sociology focusing on human rights law. Lives in Evian, France with her husband, Jean-Christophe Mathis.


Patrick Bruce: Graduated from the faculty of Law at the University Of Western Ontario and will be taking up a position at the firm of Alexander Holburn Beaudin and Lang LLP in British Columbia.

Christopher Merritt: Completed his second year teaching English and Theatre at WIC. Coached Juvenile Boys Flag Football, Juvenile Girls Basketball and Juvenile Girls Flag Football. Was in charge of WIC’s Outreach Program and community service projects. Jonathan Scalise: Is married and expecting his first child in the near future.


Sherwin Kong: Graduated from McGill last May in Engineering. Traveled to California to participate in a competition and has now been hired by Microsoft.

‘98 ‘99

Adrian Cardoso: Resides in Montreal and is working as a Futures Trader.

Halina Bruce: After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she is working in Ottawa in research. Plans to take a year off to travel before continuing her career. Francie LoBianco with son Matthew

François Laflamme and family


François Laflamme: Is living in Chicago and is the Associate Principal at McKinsey &


The Priory Journal


Camille Khoury: Working at CIDA in Ottawa and is the proud father of Joseph Camille born

last August.

Max Graham: Completing his third year in Engineering at McGill University. Jonathan Merritt: After receiving his B.A. in Honours History, is pursuing his Education degree at McGill University. Was named “Coach of the Year” as the AAA midget coach of the West Island Lakers.

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Tanya Wong: Graduated from Cornell University last May and is currently living in Dallas Texas as an analyst for a hotel real estate company.


Oliver Cardoso: Graduated from Queen’s University this spring with a Commerce degree. Will backpack around Europe this summer, then off to a job with Goldman-Sachs in New York City. Will enter the Harvard MBA program in two years time. Tracey Frem: Completing her third year in Dietetics at McGill University. Joseph Kucera: Graduated in Civil Law in French from the University of Ottawa.

Heritage Festival, plays basketball, soccer, track, badminton, volleyball, football and NDG AA intercity soccer. Tiffany Lai: Attending Villa Maria in Sec. IV. Visited Costa Rico last summer and had a blast! Kimberley Slessor: Currently attending Kuper Academy in Sec. IV. Chelsea Thompson-Quartz: Presently in Sec. IV at Sacred Heart. Visited England and France for two weeks with her school in March. Scored in the 96th percentile in the PSATs and will represent her school at the National Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. She will be studying animation as part of the journalism and mass communication program.

Sonia Toy and Alexander Toy


Stephanie Constance: Presently attending Sec. II at The Study. Was nominated Class Prefect and was on the soccer, basketball, Halo and track teams.


Andrea Cavaleri: Will attend Concordia University in Graphic Design this fall. Continues to help out at The Priory as a lunch monitor and has shared her expertise in graphic design with Priory students.

Stephanie Constance Chelsea Thompson-Quartz and Tiffany Lai


Alexander Ducic: In Sec. III at Loyola. Plays Dorval soccer, was elected class president and won a silver medal at the history fair.

Maeve Dowdall: Presently attending Académie Michèle Provost in Sec. II. Went on a school trip to Philadelphia in April and participates in a group that makes crafts for children in Africa.

Andrea Cavaleri


Evan Eames: Presently studying Physics at McGill and will attend the University of Melbourne in Australia next fall.

Thomas Gagnon: Currently attending LCC in Sec. II.

Tara Frem: Completing her first year in Psychology at McGill. Sofia Lysy: Has been living in California since leaving The Priory and is currently a student at Concordia University. Thoroughly enjoying being back in Montreal!

‘05 ‘06

Lawrence Angel: Completed his first year at Marianopolis College in Honors Social


Alexander Flores-Respicio: Presently attending St. George’s High School in Sec. IV. Is a member of the JKA Shotokon Karate club and Shidokon Judo club. Eduardo Gonzalez: Cuurently attending Kuper Academy in Sec. IV.

Mara Howard: Presently in Sec. IV at Trafalgar. Was involved on the NYC Music

Valeria Cori-Manocchio: Attending Sec. II at Sacred Heart. Was on the soccer, basketball and touch football teams and received the Athlete of the Month Award. Went to a soccer tournament in Toronto.

Alexander Ducic and Mara Howard

Phyllis Le: Presently in Sec III at Villa Maria. Plays on a tennis team, and is involved in a literary magazine, class council and concert band. She has been playing violin for 10 years. Amanda Larosa: Currently attending Sacred Heart in Sec. III. Plays in a concert band, is the editor of a literary magazine and is a class representative. She has played the piano for ten years. Garrett Pouliot: Attending St. George’s High School in Sec. III. Enjoys playing rugby and muaythai fighting. Alexander Toy: Currently attending LCC in Sec. III. Enjoys robotics, soccer, cross country skiing, and science. Participated in an exchange program to Australia and won a French award.

Christine Ha: Presently attending Villa Maria in Sec. II. Participated in cross country running ( placed 23rd), basketball, badminton ( made the finals), flag football and completed the Halo Road Race. Was chosen to participate in the Science Fair and had some of her paintings published in her school magazine. Often helps out at The Priory and works with Mme. Kuska. Christy Lo: Currently in Sec.II and enjoys piano Erin Masson: Presently in Sec.II at LCC. Enjoys sports, hip hop and jazz dancing. Giordano McLeod: Currently in Sec. II at Loyola. Plays tight-end on the football team and plans to join the song writing and poetry club as well as try out for the basketball, football and rugby teams next year. Sophia Quach: Attending Kells Academy in Sec. II. Likes to play sports, especially volleyball. The Priory Journal


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Keith Egger: Presently in Sec. I at Selwyn House. Plays on the football and rugby teams there.

Brandon Rudolf: Presently in Sec. I at Selwyn House. Played on the school’s soccer and basketball teams.

Rebecca Gekht: Currently in Sec. I at Trafalgar. Made the Advanced Math class there.

Sandrine Servant: In Sec. I at Villa Maria. Plays soccer and volunteers every Saturday at The Priory Sports Camp.

Saima Haneef: Presently in Sec. I at Villa Maria. Is a member of the table tennis club, enjoys art and basketball and volunteered in Grade 1 at The Priory. Sophia Quach, Lina Yu and Christy Lo

William Provencher: In Sec. II at LCC.

Emily Schwartzman: Presently in Sec. I at Trafalgar. Played on the Traf basketball team that won second place in its division and won first place in the Canadian Student Achievement League. Paris Sinclair: Currently in Sec. I at Villa Maria. Was a member of the Villa swim team and plays Westmount soccer.

Liam Reckziegel: Presently in Sec. II at Loyola. Played center on the football team and team doubles in tennis.

Devin Soosai Heronimus: In Sec. I at Selwyn House. Was a member of the Selwyn basketball team.

Amanda Mastrogiacomo and Saima Haneef

Sophia Koper: Currently in Sec. I at Sacred Heart. Plays basketball and soccer and is a member of the school band. Liliane Lai: Presently in Sec. I at Villa Maria. Plays “kickball” for her school. Giordano McLeod, William Provencher and Liam Reckziegel Brandon Rudolf, Devin Soosai Heronimus, Amritpal Padda, Keith Egger and Cedrik Moore

Lina Yu: Currently in Sec. II at Collège de Montréal. Enjoys working with video making programs.

Tom Stronach: Currently in Sec. I at Loyola. Does track and field and plays on his school hockey team. Plays in a band with Egan.


Zoe Campbell-Hionis: In Sec. I at Trafalgar. Enjoys playing football!

Egan Chambers: Currently in Sec.I at Selwyn House and plays in a band.

Liliane Lai

Amanda Mastrogiacomo: Currently in Sec. I at Villa Maria. Was a “Big Sister” on Visitor’s Day at Villa and volunteered in Kindergarten at The Priory.

Sonia Toy: Presently in Sec. I at LCC. Plays soccer and basketball and went to Camp Nominigue last September. Katya Zappitelli: In Sec. I at Sacred Heart. Plays football, soccer and basketball for her school and enjoys guitar and piano.

Rebecca McPherson: Presently in Sec. I at Sacred Heart. Plays soccer and basketball, is a class representative, is getting straight “A’s” and enjoys playing the flute.

Egan Chambers

Andrew Ciricillo: Presently in Sec. I at Selwyn House. Enjoys playing Ironman on Wii. Yasmine Dabbous: In Sec. I at Kells Academy. Is the class rep for her grade and enjoys hip hop dancing. 20

The Priory Journal

Yanni Michakis: In Sec. I at Centennial Academy. Made the Honor Roll three terms in a row and plays on the school soccer team. Cedrik Moore: Presently in Sec. I at Selwyn House. Is on the school wrestling team and placed first in his category, is a member of the robotics club and recently returned from a school trip to Banff in March. Amritpal Padda: Currently in Sec. I at Loyola. Plays on the school basketball team.

Sophia Koper, Paris Sinclair, Katya Zapitelli and Yasmine Dabbous

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Thank You PPA!

Johanne DiSilvestro and Sylvie Koutroubis part of the organizing committee of The Priory Fair.

PPA Co-Chairs Diana Scalia and Sian Matthew.

Have you ever wondered where The Priory’s playground equipment came from, who supplied the astroturf for our soccer pitch and purchased the audio-visual equipment for our dramatic presentations? The answer is very simple – The Priory Parents’ Association (PPA), a group of dedicated parents working together with the staff and administration to enhance the quality of life for the entire school community. Under the direction of present Co-Chairs Diana Scalia and Sian Matthew and 2010-11 Co-Chairs Sylvie Koutroubis and Johanne DiSilvestro, this organization assists in the planning and organization of fund and friend-raising activities, providing much appreciated funding for the extras that tuition is unable to cover. From the annual Fall Mixer Dinner/ Dance in November to the end-of-year Spring Fair and Barbecue, Priory parents have consistently shown their support for “the little red school house on The Boulevard”. Proceeds from the annual PPA Halloween Party, Christmas Bake sale and Fall Mixer have purchased SMARTboards for our classrooms, provided safety mats for the gym and a stage and sound system for our yearly concerts. In addition, The PPA has been instrumental in helping out in our library, comforting worried students during vaccination campaigns and making sure that the children are “picture perfect” for school photos. In short, The PPA is an integral part of The Priory School. It personifies what The Priory is all about…. a family all working together to create an environment where our children can flourish!

The Potter Boutique

Service at its best!

Need a new tunic? Is your school tie looking a little raggedy? The Potter Boutique is at your service! Run by The PPA under the direction of Jana Motivans and her team of Lisa Pittman, Eva Jiran and Catherine Lee, this “in house” store will meet all of your uniform needs and then some. Experienced motherly advice on what to buy and how many items you need, accompanies all purchases “free of charge”. Parents are also given the luxury of simply filling out an order form, sending it to school with their child, having the order filled and then picked up at the office by their child. In addition, all profits from this parent-driven enterprise go to The PPA and are then reinvested back into the school. “A win/win situation!”

The Priory Boutique ladies always serve with a smile.

The Priory Journal


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Annual Giving Campaign A WORD OF THANKS

A Friend & Fund-Raising Endeavour!


e all know the adage “money does not grow on trees”, but at The Priory School, it does! As incentive for this year’s Annual Giving Campaign, each class was given a barren tree that “grew leaves” as their parents participated in the school’s fundraising endeavor. The trees were exhibited in the main hallway of the school and many literally “bloomed” as the campaign progressed. The barren forest of “winter” gradually transformed itself into the lush forest of “summer”. Under the leadership of Co-Chairs Courtenay Price-Gallagher and Geoffrey Chambers, this year’s campaign emphasized family participation rather than just dollar amounts. “Friend-raising” was considered as important as “Fund-raising”, all the while keeping in mind that tuition does not cover the costs of all of the extras that The Priory does so well. Buying new basketball uniforms for the girls’ and boys’ teams, installing plexiglass basketball backboards in the gym and purchasing new soccer equipment for both soccer teams are but some of the ways that these much- appreciated funds were spent. The $30,000 raised in this year’s campaign, will be used to upgrade classroom computers where needed. As always, the mission of The Priory School and its fund-raising partners is to nurture each child’s inherent curiosity, develop an enthusiasm for learning and encourage intellectual and creative initiative. This continues to be possible through the generous parental and alumni support that is given during Annual Giving Campaigns, allowing The Priory to maintain its special place in the English educational community.

A special thank you to all parents of new children at The Priory who made donations to our New Beginnings Fund between June 1, 2009- June 1, 2010. Funds raised are used to support the school’s immediate priorities. New Parents Family Welcome Donations: The Barin Family The Béchard Family The Buggé Family The Csik Family The Davies Family The Desjardins Family The Ghazal Family The Gospodinov Family The Hrit Family The Jeanty Family The Juneja/Sehgal Family The Kruszewski Family The Lin Family The Lustig Family The Marsilii Family The Nasedkina Family The Price-Gilchrist Family The Salvati Family The Stix Family The Sugimura Family

Where do your tuition dollars go? Tuition dollars cover the ongoing costs of running our School. Your donation dollars keep us at the forefront of educational excellence.

Teaching/Academic Expenses 75%

Miscellaneous 1%

Facilities Maintenance 5% Technology 1%


The Priory Journal

Administration and Advancement 18%

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A ‘Swinging’ Good Time!


hat do manicures, massages, eighteen holes of golf and good food all have in common? They were all components of the very successful 10th Annual Priory Golf Tournament held at the Ile Perrot Golf Club on Thursday, June 4th. Over seventy golfers took to the greens on a cool, overcast but rain- free day to demonstrate their prowess with a putter or just have a good time with friends. The Tournament’s “raison d’être” was to raise funds for The Priory Bursary Program as well as the greatest needs of the school. Under the leadership of Golf Committee members Jim Wyzykowski (Chair), Darren McGuire, Sian Matthew, Courtney PriceGallagher, Matthew Price-Gallagher, Frank Csik, Jack DiSilvestro, Debbie Heuff, and Wanda Kozak, this year’s event “hit a hole in one”! From the first tee-off of the day to the last putt of the final hole, both avid and recreational golfers entered the clubhouse with smiles on their faces. Massages and manicures greeted the ladies upon their return and refreshing cocktails awaited all in the spacious dining room. After a sumptuous three course meal, participants demonstrated their love and support of the school through their bids on silent auction items, a live auction and raffle. The generosity of those present was apparent as $40,000 was raised “fore” the kids!

Dining with new Priory parents. EDITORIAL STAFF PUBLiCATiON WRiTER/EDiTOR:

Debra Merritt


Magda Bruce, Anna Trionfo SPORTS BEAT WRiTERS:

Mark Gentile


Hélène Martineau


Anita DiStefano

The Priory Journal is published annually by The Priory School 3120 The Boulevard Montreal, Quebec, H3Y 1R9 Tel. 514-935-5966 ext. 224 fax: 514-935-1428

Golfing with past Priory parents and alumni.

Printed on recycled paper

The Priory Journal


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Priory children making a difference by selling books, bookmarks, and bracelets of hope at the “Rebuilding Haiti One Book at a Time” Fair.

The Priory School 3120 The Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec H3Y 1R9 514-935-5966

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