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The Best Security Systems and Preventatives for Summertime Crime Unfortunately, crime rates rise dramatically in the summer months in all states. While reasons for high summer crime are still largely unknown, a leading suspicion is vacation for juveniles and college-aged individuals who find temptation all-too alluring. July and August are the months when burglaries and violence occur the most, and according to the FBI, crime rates rise up to 16 percent. For homeowners to feel safe at all times, they need to remember to stay especially cautious and take preventative measures in the summer months. Summer usually brings warm weather, and warm weather invites activity into communities. People go on vacation, others party the night away, and parents take it easy outdoors. It's this easygoing atmosphere that creates a perfect setup for crime. To stay protected, it's important for homeowners to always enlist the best security systems in both their homes and vehicles so they can keep predators at bay at all times. Security systems should include alarms, technology that alerts the local authorities when a break-in or theft occurs, and security cameras so thieves and predators can be caught on tape. The best security systems begin with knowledgeable homeowners who are aware of their surroundings and are prepared with a plan of action. A homeowner should know how his or her home alarm system works and have a family plan of what to do including where to go and who takes what action in the event of a break-in, violent attack or other crime. If children are in the home, the plan should be reviewed regularly so they memorize the course of action. A home alarm system can help a family feel safe, but it’s not the only recourse a person has against burglary. Leaving some lights on during day, keeping windows closed, making sure doors are locked at all times, setting the alarm every time you leave (even if for a short period of time), and keeping cars in garages are all tactics to help to deter thieves and predators during the summer months. If you’re on social media, keep your vacation plans private or among friends only, at least until after you return. When opening the blinds, be sure to keep valuables out of sight of anyone who might peek in and keep the outside of your home well-lit so as to deter criminals from hiding in surrounding dark areas. This is also the season when scam artists peruse neighborhoods, looking for people in their yards or knocking on doors offering some kind of service at a bargain price. Be aware of these scams! The service itself can be illegitimate with shoddy workmanship or stolen materials and even if you initially turn down the service, letting the salesperson into your home gives them a chance to scope it out to possibly return to later. A homeowner can never be too safe, and even with the best security systems at their disposal should always be prepared to protect themselves in the event of danger with a plan of action. With proper

precaution, preventative measures and care, a homeowner stands a greater chance of not falling victim to the seemingly inevitable summertime crime increase.

The best security systems and preventatives for summertime crime  

For homeowners to feel safe at all times, they need to remember to stay especially cautious and take preventative measures in the summer mon...