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The Best Home Security System Accounts for Your Pets, Too! Most residential security systems are designed and installed based on the needs of the family and the home. Family pets, however, such as dogs and cats, are part of the family ecosystem as well, and in order to achieve the best home security system possible, they should be factored into the equation. Ideally, the alarm technician will recognize the presence of the animals and design the system accordingly, but that isn’t always the case and is likely to come up short of a more proactive design. Motion Detection The most common false alarm received by alarm monitoring services is a motion alarm. False motion alarms can trigger because someone forgot to deactivate the alarm system or because an open window lets the wind rustle a curtain. The most common reason, however, that these false alarms occur is that a household pet sets them off. That occurrence can usually be avoided simply by raising the angle of the sensors. Plan Your Security System with Pets in Mind When you contact a security company about installing a system in your home, let them know what pets you have and what pets you plan to own. Ask them to configure the system with those pets in mind, and talk to them about the products and services for pets that are available from their company. If your pets are currently causing accidental alarms, have the company come out and adjust your sensors. Also, ask about what your other options are about pet-oriented products and services. Home Surveillance System Modern surveillance systems no longer need a dedicated console, and you can access them from any computer device in the home. If someone’s at the front door or there’s a noise downstairs, you can check the surveillance system first. A surveillance system also allows you to keep an eye on your pets wherever they may be in the house. This way, you know if they’re getting into any trouble or accessing areas they’re not supposed to be. Remote Access A surveillance system will be much more useful if the home security system also has remote access capabilities. With remote access, you’re not limited to viewing the video feeds from devices that are locally connected to the system. You can instead watch those video feeds from any Web-enabled devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets and even dashboard systems. Imagine checking in on

your beloved family pet as you sit in traffic on the drive home. Smart Access Most of the best modern systems also integrate smart capabilities, which mean that the security system is part of an overall home automation system. The automation system can allow you to control your entertainment devices, access points, thermostat, lighting and so forth, remotely. If you have remote access, that integrates as well. If you forgot to shut off your lights before leaving for work, you can do that from your cell phone. With smart access, you can even control the temperature for your pets. Special Detection The best home security systems for pets also take into account their wellbeing. Consider the area you use to store household cleaners and other poisons. Now, imagine an alarm that alerts you or the alarm monitoring service when that area is compromised while you’re away from the house. Other popular options include water sensors for aquariums and monitoring for heat/AC failure.

The best home security system accounts for your pets, too!  

Family pets, however, such as dogs and cats, are part of the family ecosystem as well, and in order to achieve the best home security system...

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