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doing it the DIGITAL way

Printed on 300gsm Silk Matt Laminated on 1 side

Printed on 300gsm Gloss

Digital [digitl] adjective Print utilising a Xerox digital press. Reproduction of print on paper for short and fast turnaround runs. Process differs from Litho as every print image can be different. Printing plates are not required.

Printed on 100gsm Uncoated

doing it the SMART way

Smart [smahrt] adjective Having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability. Exhibiting astuteness in the print decisions that you make.

Printed on 200gsm Uncoated

doing it the COLOURFUL way

Colourful [colourful] adjective Having striking and interesting colour Striking in variety and interest and print presentation.

Printed on 135gsm Silk

doing it the GREEN way

Green [green] adjective Environmentally sound or beneficial. Printing that is beneficial to both you and the environment.

Printed on 150gsm Silk

doing it the EASY way

Easy [ee-zee] adjective Not hard or difficult; requiring no great labour or effort. We strive to make the digital printing process easy for you.

Printed on 200gsm Silk

doing it the FRUITFUL way

Fruitful [fruit-fuh] adjective Producing good results, benficial, profitable. Digital printing with conventional quality at lower costs for the shorter run

Printed on 250gsm Silk

doing it the QUICK way

Quick [kwik] adjective Done, proceeding, or occuring with promptness or rapidity, as an action or process. Ever shortening lead times are easily accomplished.

Printed on 300gsm Silk

doing it the PERSONAL way

Personal [pur-suh-nl] adjective Intended for use by one person, related to, directed to. DarwinŠ personalisation software enables you to contact and communicate with the right people

We are able to digitally print a large variety of short run products including: ■ Technical and Training Manuals ■ ■ Brochures ■ Leaflets ■

■ Business Cards ■ Posters ■

■ Property Schedules ■ Menus ■

■ Presentation Documents ■ Reports ■ ■ Targetted Personalised Mailings ■

■ Invitations ■ Orders of Service ■

Printed on 300gsm Silk Gloss Laminated on 1 side


Printwell [print-well] adjective To print, with ability and quality. To achieve high standards in print.

3 Callon Street, Airdrie ML6 6BW (tel) 01236-752102/752523 (fax) 01236-752083 (email) (web)

Printwell - Digital Booklet  

Printwell Ltd - digital booklet

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