Printswell Holiday Lookbook 2021

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Holiday Lookbook

C E L E B R AT I N G 3 0 Y E A R S !


P hoto Cards

AVAILABLE SIZES: 5x7 in. • 5.625x7.75 in. folded and flat • 5.25 in. circle • 5.25 in. square

Glorious Garland MJ1049 Imogene & Rose


Foil Snowfall Border D8SH3053-F Stacy Claire Boyd

Signature Season D7MH7195 • Picme!Prints also available in foil: FD7MH7195

Beautiful Bough CC21H107 LLD Designs


Merry Christmas Collage FD7J4217-V2U Modern Posh

Welcome in the New D7MW0084 Picme!Prints


Just Joyful D7SH3009-F Stacy Claire Boyd


Bright Marquee D8SH2670-F Stacy Claire Boyd

Radiant Holiday D7MH7228 • Picme!Prints also available folded: D8MH7228

Christmas Colors D7SH3007 Stacy Claire Boyd


Holiday Reflection D7MH7225 • Picme!Prints also available folded: D8MH7229

Juniper Berry Frame FV01H010A Flower and Vine


Timeless Season D7SH2996-F Stacy Claire Boyd

D7SH3047 D7SH3034 Stacy Claire Boyd

Foil Antique Beaded Border FDFL6278 Sweet Pea Designs

FV01H0062 FV01H0063 Flower and Vine

Christmas Boughs D7SH2984 Stacy Claire Boyd


Christmas Vineyard D8SH2993 Stacy Claire Boyd

Brightly Framed D8SH2680-F Stacy Claire Boyd

Side Merry Christmas CC20H109 LLD Designs

Bow Garland FV01H059 Flower and Vine

Love Family Joy D8MH7209 • Picme!Prints also available in foil: FD8MH7209

Beach Stripes D7SH3037 Stacy Claire Boyd


Beaming Border FD8MH7225 Picme!Prints

Festive Fronds FV01H0066 Flower and Vine

Furry Friends ph982 Kelly Hughes Designs



Christmas Whimsy D7SH3045-F Stacy Claire Boyd

Botanical Frame D7MH7234 Picme!Prints

Festive Foil Merry Christmas FDFL6240 Sweet Pea Designs

Signed Holiday LCPCH701 Lauren Chow Designs


FD8MH7224 Picme!Prints


Elegant Christmas CC21H111-Foil LLD Designs

LCPCH705 Lauren Chow Designs


Heart of Joy D7SH2974 Stacy Claire Boyd

Joyful Simplicity D8SH2890-F Stacy Claire Boyd

Fiesta FV01H057 Flower and Vine


Lush Garland FV01H060 Flower and Vine

Simply Grateful D8SH3052-F Stacy Claire Boyd

Classic Dot Border Blue and Gold DFL6164C Sweet Pea Designs



Shimmering Wishes D8SH3025-F Stacy Claire Boyd

This Is Joy D7SH3048 Stacy Claire Boyd

Rainbow Merry Happy Love D7MH7241 Picme!Prints

Holiday Colors D7SH2975 Stacy Claire Boyd

Arch Frame CC21H114-Foil LLD Designs

Christmas Wishes D7MH7242 Picme!Prints

ph718 • ph716 Kelly Hughes Designs

Woof Meowy D7SH3057 Stacy Claire Boyd

D7J4221-V2U Modern Posh

Merry and Bright CC21H120 LLD Designs


Simply Merry D8SH2961-F Stacy Claire Boyd

Traditional Border D8MH7226 Picme!Prints

Photo Tree LCPCH712 Lauren Chow Designs

HOHOXO D7SH3006 Stacy Claire Boyd

Big Name D8MH7210 Picme!Prints

What A Year! D7MH7227 Picme!Prints

Merry Happy Love Hope Joy Peace D7MH7230 Picme!Prints

Brushed D7J4222-V2U Modern Posh

Flourishing Holiday CC20H116 LLD Designs

Pink Garland FV01H0073 Flower and Vine

Year In Review Highlights LCPCH711 Lauren Chow Designs

Nativity Scene FV01H049 Flower and Vine

Magical Season D7MH7224 Picme!Prints

D7MH7233 • Picme!Prints also available folded: D8MH7227

Invitations and


G3re2e2ting Cards AVAILABLE SIZES: 5x7 in. • 5.5x8.5 in. • 5.25 in. circle • 5.25 in. square

Shining Snowflake FI7MH7222 Picme!Prints


Holiday Frame FV01E264A Flower and Vine

Wishing You the Merriest FD7MH5928 Picme!Prints

Holiday Sparkle Tree HSTIH Bonnie Marcus

Grandeur FI7MH7225 Picme!Prints

Enchanted Forest I7MH7178 Picme!Prints

Holiday Topiaries in Blue Pots 410-2490 Rosanne Beck


Personalized Character Family SA-HCFOC4 Starfish Art

Nutcracker h720 Kelly Hughes Designs

Christmas Balls F141509P Inviting Company

Woodland Flora I7MH7179 Picme!Prints


Gilded Holly FI7MH7224 Picme!Prints

Winter Garland I7MH6788 Picme!Prints

I7MH7221 Picme!Prints

Let's Get Lit F144394P Inviting Company

BCC21H116 LLD Designs

Santa Face 410-2469 Rosanne Beck

Mistletoe IV18C127 LLD Designs

O Holy Night I9MH5764 Picme!Prints

Reindeer I7MH5767 Picme!Prints

Winter Wreath BCC19H103 LLD Designs

Astonishing Season MJ1053 Imogene & Rose

Winter Pine h714 Kelly Hughes Designs

Finishing Options FOIL COLOR OPTIONS Our foil-pressed designs are hand pressed with real foil. Available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold, Red, Holographic, Holographic Glitter and Gold Glitter.

Round Corners

Double Round


PERSONALIZED FOIL Pick your foil, pick your text, available on most designs. Choose from any of the foil colors shown above.



DIE-CUT SHAPES A popular and easy way to add an extra flourish to any card. Available in 6 different shapes.







Enclosure2 Cards and Sticke2rs

Christmas Tree Truck Enclosure: FV01E05Q Sticker: FV01E05QS Flower and Vine

AVAILABLE SIZES: 2x3.5 in. • 2.5x3.5 in. • 2.75 in. square • 3 in. round

Welcoming Wreath Enclosure: CQMH7182 Sticker: SCQMH7182 Picme!Prints

Prosperity Enclosure: CQMH7183 Sticker: SCQMH7183 Picme!Prints

Winter Crest Sticker: s696 Kelly Hughes Designs

Bethlehem Scene Enclosure: FV01E23Q Sticker: FV01E23QS Flower and Vine

Merry Christmas Calligraphy Enclosure: CQMH7091 Sticker: SCQMH7091 Picme!Prints

Vine Wreath Enclosure: CQMH7176 Sticker: SCQMH7176 Picme!Prints

Celeste Wreath Sticker: GS20H115 LLD Designs

Furry Friends With Wreaths Enclosure: e7004 Sticker: s7004 Kelly Hughes Designs

Navy Christmas Sticker: s716 Kelly Hughes Designs

Mistletoe Wishes Enclosure: CQMH7180 Sticker: SCQMH7180 Picme!Prints

Holly Enclosure: CQMH7172 Sticker: SCQMH7172 Picme!Prints

Holiday Cookies Enclosure: SQ308 Sticker: ST308 Starfish Art

Joyful Sticker: s614 Kelly Hughes Designs

Peace on Earth Sticker: s713 Kelly Hughes Designs

Gloria Angels Enclosure: FV01E22Q Sticker: FV01E22QS Flower and Vine

Watercolor Wrapped Presents Sticker: GS17H153 LLD Designs

Garland Red & Green Enclosure: EFL1207C Sticker: ST1207C Sweet Pea Designs

Classic Edge Red & Chocolate Enclosure: EFL1610C Sticker: ST1610C Sweet Pea Designs

Merry Monogram Enclosure: CQMH7061 Sticker: SCQMH7061 Picme!Prints

Evergreen Wreath Enclosure: CQMH7181 Sticker: SCQMH7181 Picme!Prints

Solid Ruby Enclosure: CXMH4808 Sticker: SCXMH4808 Picme!Prints

Nutcracker Sticker: s720 Kelly Hughes Designs

Labrador Love Sticker: s644 Kelly Hughes Designs

Noel Aspen Enclosure: CQSH0180 Sticker: SCQSH0180 Stacy Claire Boyd

Cool Checks Red & Lime Enclosure: EFL1156CH Sweet Pea Designs

Christmas Robin Enclosure: CQMH7175 Sticker: SCQMH7175 Picme!Prints

Modern Tree Sticker: GS18H130 LLD Designs

GS21H123 LLD Designs

Hanging Gift Tags

Intricate Merry Christmas CHT21H121 LLD Designs

AVAILABLE SIZES: 2x3.5 in. • 2.375x4.75 in.

Rainbow Cheers tag6111 Kelly Hughes Designs

Fir Wreath tag633 Kelly Hughes Designs

Merry Christmas Confetti HTMH5816 Picme!Prints

Elegant Holiday Wreath GTSH009 Stacy Claire Boyd

Holiday Antlers on Kraft HTMH5896 Picme!Prints

Winter Greenery Frame FV01E28T Flower and Vine

Christmas Robin HTMH7167 Picme!Prints

Classic Wreath GT1726C Sweet Pea Designs

Enchanted Forest HTMH7165 Picme!Prints

Berry Wreath GTSH012 Stacy Claire Boyd

Holly HTMH7162 Picme!Prints

Beautiful Bough CHT21H107 LLD Designs

Watercolor Ornaments CHT20H124 LLD Designs

Christmas Tree FV01E251T Flower and Vine

Mistletoe Wishes HTMH7175 Picme!Prints

Prosperity HTMH7177 Picme!Prints

Merry Christmas Calligraphy HTMH6824 Picme!Prints

Ivory HTMH5780 Picme!Prints

Cheers & Stripes HTMH5825 Picme!Prints

Holiday Topiary CHT21H117 LLD Designs

Merry Christmas Stripes HTMH5890 Picme!Prints

Evergreen Wreath HTMH7176 Picme!Prints

CHT21H112 LLD Designs


A. CRS134 Stacy Claire Boyd - B. TGTY Bonnie Marcus - C. CQME7237 Picme!Prints D. t7004 Kelly Hughes Designs - E. YGPP Bonnie Marcus - F. NP7J21016 Modern Posh G. NJ21024 Modern Posh - H. FSE1742 Stacy Claire Boyd - J. FME7230 Picme!Prints












Desk Calendars

Personalized Monogram CCS123 Calendar with Easel CCS123refill Calendar Refill

Painted Pattern CRS125 Calendar with Easel CRS1253refill Calendar Refill

Each month of this 2022 Stacy Claire Boyd desk calendar contains a hand-sparkled design. Hand Sparkled Desk Calendar CRS139 Calendar with Easel CRS139refill Calendar Refill



Bright Colors Foil CRS133 Calendar with Easel CRS133refill Calendar Refill

Solid Cream Foil CRS134 Calendar with Easel CRS134refill Calendar Refill

Personalized Pet CCS138 Calendar with Easel CCS138refill Calendar Refill Choose from many different breeds of dogs and cats to reflect your own pets

Includes a bamboo inspired gold metal easel and is packaged ready for gifting!

This 2022 desktop calendar from Flower & Vine features twelve beautifully hand-drawn and watercolored designs displayed on an 8” black wooden artist easel. Calendar with easel is packaged in an acrylic top box ready for gifting! Watercolor Floral Desk Calendar FVCAL107 Calendar with Easel FVCALR107 Calendar Refill

Sales Schedule2 O CTO BER 15 - NOVEMBER 2

20% off Holiday Photo Cards and Greeting Cards, Holiday Return Address Imprinting and Holiday Return Address Labels Promo Code: PC1021

NOVEM BE R 24 - NOVEMBER 29 BLACK FRIDAY SALE 15% off Holiday Photo Cards and Greeting Cards, Promo Code: BLK1121

PRODUCTS ON FRONT COVER: CC21H108 LLD Designs • D7SH3055-F Stacy Claire Boyd FI7MH7225 Picme!Prints • FD7J4216-V2U Modern Posh FV01H0075 Flower and Vine