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Tips to grow your business with business cards

Business cards are often aptly referred to as a business’s “real estate” because they perform five critical marketing activities: • • • • •

Introduce the business Increase its exposure and visibility Generate leads Build professional relationships Help their potential clients remember them

To optimize the marketing benefits of UK business cards, companies make the effort to create memorable cards that match their business and go a long way to work for their business. Because of their convenient size, business cards are powerful marketing tools that can grow your business when you view them as more than a contact card. Here are some ideas:

Use your UK business cards to brand your business Business cards make a great alternative to printing custom gift cards and tags. As a flexible and cost-effective method to promote your business, you can use business cards on gift boxes, as tags, pocket calendars, as entries to raffles and contests, as thank you cards and in just about any promotional activity you can think of. If you need to give someone additional information, you can use your UK business card to write it on. Use them at events you attend. Special promotions If you are announcing a clearance sale or a special discount, use your business card to promote the offer. Add them to your business receipts, your invoices, your correspondence and any other communication that leaves your office. Encourage everyone to share them with their contacts. Another innovative use is printing business cards to use as price tags so that customers can have your contact information handy. • Offer your customers free gift cards with your business details printed on the reverse. • Use your UK business cards as referral cards and offer incentives for each referral. • Your business card can be used as a little billboard that advertises your business. • Use your cards as coupons with coupon codes that can be redeemed • Growing your mailing list Run a simple contest where participants can answer some simple questions to win a discount or a special price off on their next purchase. Get their contact information so you can send out future offers with their permission.

As appointment cards If you run a service business your business card can be used as an appointment card. Rather than verbally informing the client or visitor about an appointment, hand out a business card with the time and date, which the recipient will retain for future reference. If they are happy with the service, they’re likely to refer you to others and when they do, they will have your details handy. On the back of your card, add an invitation to sign up for your newsletter or connect with you on your Facebook profile. These are only some of the ways you can leverage your UK business cards and the best way to begin is by printing business cards that stand out from the crowd. Call Print Project for all your business card printing needs. To stay tuned to their latest offers, “like” them on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter.

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Tips to grow your business with business cards  

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