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Tips for Designing a Leaflet You may need a leaflet for a one time event like selling your car or for promoting your new business. It is a good way of getting the attention of your target audience. Locals are more likely to pay attention to offers in their neighbourhood. In case they have any questions, they may even ask you or your staff while the leaflets are being distributed. Select the colour of the paper you wish to choose. Find out the thickness of the paper available with the leaflet printing company. The paper should be thick enough to be readable, but you do not need very thick paper, because the life of a leaflet is short lived. Once the event is over, it is likely to be thrown away. You should also determine the number of leaflets you wish to print. Leaflet printing costs are likely to decrease if you order more leaflets. In case you can use them at periodic intervals, consider ordering several leaflets at one time. Decide on the information you want to convey. Think of a short headline for maximum impact. If it is arresting enough, your audience will read further. Use a bolder, bigger font for the headline to draw attention. Leaflet printing options for using both sides of the paper are also available. If your budget permits, you can include some graphic elements. They will make your leaflet look visually attractive, so that readers become interested in visiting your outlet. Use a minimum number of words, rather than rambling copy. Be to the point, so that the reader has all the important information, such as the time period of the promotion, the address, and the discount you are offering. In case you are offering a discount, you can create a coupon on the leaflet. This will immediately catch the eye of the reader. You can

also track the number of coupons redeemed through leaflets, when your customers bring them in. If you are advertising by other methods, you can compare the results you get from leaflet printing with other means of promotion. Resist the temptation to fill the entire space available to you on the leaflet with words. Leaflet design will determine whether the readers will at least skim through the information given. Find out where and when you can distribute pamphlets by checking the government regulations on this subject. A4 size pamphlets can also be used as small posters. A5 pamphlets printing are also possible, and bear in mind that these are easier for your potential customers to keep in their purses. If you know the target audience, consider flyer printing in colour. Otherwise, black and white leaflets will serve your purpose. For more information click -

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Tips for Designing a Leaflet  

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