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How to choose the right marketing materials for your business Marketing is one of the primary activities for any business, regardless of its size. This must be well supplemented with the appropriate marketing materials that not only attract business, but also build the business’ brand. After the business owner decides on a business name and logo to suit its activities, it is time to take a look at the various marketing materials necessary to grow the business. Here are the options: •

Business cards

Printing business cards is the first thing a business must choose as it contains the business’s name, logo, address, tagline, contact numbers and other relevant information the business wants to print on its card. •


These are usually A4 sized good quality paper with the business’s address and logo printed on them and used for written communication. •

Flyers and leaflets

Printing flyers and leaflets is the most popular promotional material used to showcase and sell the company’s products and services with a call to action.

Compliment cards or slips

These are little slips with the company’s name and contact details that can be attached to documents and cheques sent to customers or prospects. •

Bills and Receipts

Most businesses use computer generated bills and receipts but some still use the printed versions as duplicate or triplicate books that are filled out manually. • Envelopes and address stickers Envelopes are usually ordered in various sizes, either printed with the business’s address or left blank. • Greeting cards These are printed with the business’s details on it and sent to the customer to show appreciation. •

Post cards

Postcards serve as reminders for payments or to inform about special offers and other communication to stay in touch with prospects and customers. •


Booklets are sometimes used instead of printing leaflets and flyers particularly when the business has a large product offering or sells from a catalogue and wishes to offer detailed information.

Some of all of the above can be used to promote your business, depending on your type of business. The important thing to remember is to use a consistent design through all these so that customers and prospects can associate the design with your company. This involves the overall look including colour theme, font choices, graphics, taglines etc.

Some things to consider when you design your stationery: •

How to use your stationery to build your business

What do you need

What is your budget

Which printer to approach

What to legally print on your stationery, depending on the type of business

What type of paper to use

Your business stationery can influence the way people see your business and when chosen well, build your brand and image. Getting the right marketing materials together in a coherent manner can help you present your business in the best way. Print Project offers a wide range of printing options for printing business cards, flyers and leaflets, comp slips, letterheads and much more. Call today for your printing needs. Say hello on Facebook for the latest deals and subscribe to their newsletter. About The Company:

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How to choose the right marketing materials for your business  

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