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Design tips for printing business cards in the UK Business cards are highly effective advertising tools that are not just cost effective but easy to share. They go beyond serving as a means to exchange names and phone numbers .Here then, are design tips to create the perfect UK business card: Express your offer In addition to informing who you are and where you can be reached, your business card should have a call to action. Your business title probably indicates what you do, but if it does not, add a line or two to express your offer to make it distinctive. Add a slogan or tagline that tells people why they should do business with you. You could also offer a free consultation or discount through your card, depending on the type of business you are in. It is absolutely okay to use your UK business card as a promotional tool to generate business. Give your business card a professional look Contact a reputed printer like Print Project for professional quality UK business card printing. Full color business cards are worth the expense as they add credibility to your business. Maintain a consistent design across your business stationery and this includes your flyers and leaflets. Show attention to details such as paper quality, fonts, colors, card size, your business logo and print quality. Your printer can help you select the right type of paper for the specific type of stationery and recommend a design that is ideal for your needs. Make sure you update any details that may have changed with fresh UK business cards rather than striking off information, which looks shabby. If you are not sure about the right layout, you might want to use Print Project’s four step process for your UK business card printing. A professional template can be a good starting point to help you design and customize your card according to your needs.

Leverage your business card’s content and usability Make full use of the space available on your business card. Use the back of the card to provide information such as a route map to your office, a list of clients or your products and services. Take care to leave a little space since people have a tendency to write on business cards. Use your UK business card as a note to jot down information and give it away. Strategic distribution of your business cards Your business cards are literally mobile advertisements that can be used to attract your target audience to your business. Therefore, think about all the places where you could distribute them to get the maximum mileage. This means all the locations your potential customers are likely to be. For a construction contractor, this might include a hardware store or paint supplier, while for a sound technician it might be a music equipment store. Every business needs well designed business cards. To ensure that yours gets top quality UK business cards, contact Print Project for professional quality cards. You can also connect with them on Facebook, besides signing up for their newsletter for regular updates.

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Design tips for printing business cards in the UK  

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